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Icon Escapade 01: A Divergence in Time - any good?

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  • Icon Escapade 01: A Divergence in Time - any good?

    Came across this on Drivethru and despite the name its a new M&M adventure - anyone able to review?

    Icon Escapade 01: A Divergence in Time

    Crime, villainy and disaster strikes the citizenry of Angel City and only a valiant group of neophyte superheroes can take on the challenge!

    In A Divergence in Time a powerful adversary is bent on disrupting the timeline and a group of superheroes, destined to meet one year later, are forced to join forces prematurely. Will they be able to thwart the villain and his time displaced minions before he wreaks destruction on the city and the Heroes future?

    Icon Escapades are superheroic adventures using the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition rule set. This introductory module may be used to kick off your own campaign.

    At $7.50/5.60 its not an impulse buy so anyone able to help fill in some details of what you get for the money?

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    Re: Icon Escapade 01: A Divergence in Time - any good?

    There is a six-page pdf preview of the adventure that includes a plot summary and the first few encounters. That should help.
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      Re: Icon Escapade 01: A Divergence in Time - any good?

      The preview wasn't working when I initially posted - I still wanted to know if it included herolab files at the time which unfortunately it doesn't however the publisher has supplied some additional information - A PL 10 Adventure
      10 scenes for action, combat and/or roleplay with full colour reference maps
      Writeups for Five different Minions
      Writeups for Seven Super Villains Adversaries

      Will be buying a copy after Christmas - hopefully there will be more adventures from this publisher to follow if this is supported.