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[Fainting Goat Games} Way too Darn Early - Here's Krampus for M&M3e!

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  • [Fainting Goat Games} Way too Darn Early - Here's Krampus for M&M3e!


    Available NOW on DriveThruRPG

    From Jacob Blackmon (author of the fan-favorite Super Powered Legends Line) comes a new creepy (but also festive) foe ready to menance your M&M game!

    You better watch out...
    You better not cry...
    You better not pout...
    I'm telling you why...

    Over the years, these lyrics to a popular Christmas song have been altered to refer to the ever-watchful eye of the cheerful holiday gift-giver: Saint Nickolas, aka Santa Claus. However, the original character to whom the lyrics referred is a more sinister individual.

    Krampus is a monster in every way. He is determined and merciless in hunting his prey (traditionally, wicked children..but in your game, it can be whoever he deems worthy of holiday-themed vengeance.)

    The monsters to be found in these "YOUniversal Monster" products are new builds, designed to be supervillains in their own right. This build is PL 9 with a variety of powers and abilities, ambitions, goals, and three different adventure ideas.

    This book requires the Third Edition Mutants & Masterminds Heroes Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for use.