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[Misfit Studios] Double Team: Exile VS Starbound Now Available

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  • [Misfit Studios] Double Team: Exile VS Starbound Now Available

    Double Team: Exile VS Starbound Brings the Stars to Your Game

    Buy it now

    Double Team: Exile VS Starbound provides two characters for your Super-Powered by Mutants & Masterminds games: Exile, former extraterrestrial ruler turned intergalactic murderer, and the reluctant hero, former astronaut and sometimes-monster, Starbound.

    Exile and his people once befriended a renegade Celestial Legionnaire, and their entire planet was lost because of that mistake. Altered to become his people's vengeance as their last act before extinction, Exile now wanders the stars in search of his kind's murderer -- and any other Celestial Legionnaire he crosses paths with.

    Starbound is a former astronaut who was subject to a failed experiment for the purpose of space exploration. When his own DNA was spliced with that of an unknown alien species, he was transformed into a rampaging monster! Now having reverted to a form that is a bit more normal, Starbound has dedicated himself to space exploration -- but the danger of becoming the monster again is always hanging over his head.

    Super-Powered by M&M and its associated logo are Trademarks of Green Ronin Publishing and are used under the provisions of the Super-Powered by M&M Trademark License (see for details).

    Requires the Mutants & Mastermindís Heroís Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for Use.

    Buy it now and bring home Double Team: Exile VS Starbound for Mutants & Masterminds to your game.
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