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Unleash the Snake Quake!

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  • Unleash the Snake Quake!

    Tired of criminal clowns? Bored of intergalactic overlords? Are multiversal crises just ho-hum now?

    We've got what you need to liven up your M&M game.

    It's time to inject to cheesy insanity into your game. It's time to make your heroes exclaim:
    "Iím sick of this giant gosh darn snake causing massive gosh darn earthquakes!"

    It's time for the Snake Quake!

    To the Norse, this beast was known as Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent. To the Egyptians, it was Apep; also known as Apophis. The Greeks called it Typhon; husband of Echidna and the Father of All Monsters. Despite the different names and legends, the World Serpent is a beast of massive proportions.

    When this creature moves, the earth trembles and destruction is left in its wake. The sundered ground opens into fissures, causing poisonous gas to blot out the sky and ophidian horrors to walk the world.

    Available at RPGNOW.

    For M&M 3rd Ed from Green Ronin.