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Kickstarter Preview: Larger Than Life

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  • Kickstarter Preview: Larger Than Life

    On Thursday the 29th of January Blackwyrm Publishing will launch a new Kickstarter project: Larger Than Life: Tall Tale Adventures! We've made a preview available for your consideration. To view it, click HERE.

    Heroes, villains, legends Ö the folklore of America features all of this and more. In this volume you will find pirates and soldiers, lumberjacks and steel drivers, mountain men and lawmen, cowboys, Indians, inventors, and eccentrics. All of whom are just waiting to be included in your roleplaying game campaign! And donít let the time period fool you, just because these characters existed in the 18th and 19th Centuries, doesn't mean you canít use them in your pulp, superhero, fantasy, or even science fiction campaigns! After all, these characters are Larger Than Life!

    "So, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Pecos Bill, Davy Crockett, and Annie Okaley walk into a bar..."

    "Sure, that's impressive, but let me tell you about that time that I..."

    Larger Than Life features 20 archetypes, ranging from Blackbeard the Pirate to the man who invented the 20th Century: Nikola Tesla. In addition, there are a total of 24 full character sheets, each with a detailed history and description of the character in question. But thatís not all! You also get over 124 biographies of other people related to each archetype, as well as six famous ocean-going ships, famous outlaw gangs, Paul Bunyanís entire logging gang, and innumerable other historical tidbits. Each archetype also comes with at least one template, allowing you to build your own version of that archetype. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and start discovering those tidbits of American history you never new existed. But watch your step, because after all, these characters areÖ Larger Than Life!

    This groundbreaking 240 page, black-and-white paperback book was previously printed in an extremely limited ashcan edition of two dozen copies at GenCon 2014 for the Hero System. Due to popular demand, Blackwyrm Publishing is dedicated to releasing three new editions: one for Savage Worlds (book dimensions 9.61 x 6.69), one for Mutants & Masterminds (9.69 x 7.44), and another new edition for Hero System (11 x 8.5). With new artwork, new layout, and new systems, your campaign can be larger than ever!

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    Re: Kickstarter Preview: Larger Than Life

    Given that some of the kickstarter sponsors from your last effort (the Algernon Files) are still waiting for some of the items they paid for (the hero lab files they paid extra for and which were delivered by the writer to you last month), will this one deliver everything offered within a reasonable timeframe..? Will customer communications be better as well (no reply to emails sent via your website)?

    This is one customer that is very reluctant to buy-in to another of your kickstarters as a result.
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      Re: Kickstarter Preview: Larger Than Life

      We apologize for that. Links for Hero Labs downloads have been sent to all the appropriate backers of both Algernon Files books by myself. The files for the new project are nearly complete, and backers will receive links promptly should the project succeed.


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        Re: Kickstarter Preview: Larger Than Life

        I'm glad to hear though I'm still to receive my link - how do I raise this issue given that it took sometime for your website to reply to an inquiry and then for that to not be followed up with the link you mention..?
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          Re: Kickstarter Preview: Larger Than Life

          I loved the HERO system version, so I have high hopes for the final products for M&M and SW.

          Everybody, jump on this so it can be made. There's a place on my bookshelf waiting for this baby.