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Titans/Doom Patrol live-action

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  • Titans/Doom Patrol live-action

    I haven't seen the Titans show yet (not sure if I'll ever get around to the DC Nation streaming service, though season 3 of Young Justice is a temptation), but the trailers and episode reviews I've seen have done NOTHING for me. And apparently the Batman of their universe KILLED all the Gotham Rogues?

    Not where I expected Berlanti to go with the Titans.

    Oh, the DP teaser? Holy cow, the production values look sub-Dr. Who....and I mean, 1980s Dr. Who. Yikes.

    All my best.

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    Re: Titans/Doom Patrol live-action

    Titans has been really good so far. Better than the Marvel shows Netflix had by leaps and bounds. And after seeing them in action on Titans, I am stoked for Doom Patrol


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      Re: Titans/Doom Patrol live-action

      I like Doom Patrol more than Titans, NGL. You should be watching this! It's honestly really great, and the cast is honestly really good. Plus it's nice to see Brendan Fraser working again.

      I think one of the things that makes it work so well is that there are things going on in the world, big things happening, and yet both the audience and the Doom Patrol are just not in on it. Robot Man is also very good at voicing what the audience (at least, in my house) are thinking. I like it a lot. I think more so than Titans, and honestly even Flash.


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        Absolutely agree with you on the above, Kythkyn-after viewing the DP, I'm absolutely loving the cast and writing,. The deviations from the comics are all really well done, and don't detract from the more famed story lines. While the production values are REALLY low-budget, I'm OK with that. And yes, its good to hear Brendan Frasier on screen again.


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          Titans is an interesting story, and the action is well done, but it's somewhat jarring with the tone be different than earlier Teen Titans shows and the New Teen Titans comics. If you can put that behind it's good.

          I think overall I like Doom Patrol better. Maybe it's just as off-tone as Titans (I have no experience with the Doom Patrol outside of this show), but it's been good so far.
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