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Superhero subgenres ?

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  • Superhero subgenres ?

    Hello everybody,

    I want to make a superhero poll on my personal forum and I want them to choose between several subgenres of comics like : street-level, avengers' like, cosmics...

    I am looking if I can find a website detailing various superhero subgenre but I don't find any website on comics genre. Does someones know a webstite/blog/wiki which details various super subgenre ?

    or can you give me a list of subgenre here ?
    God forgive...not me

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    Re: Superhero subgenres ?

    No answer ?
    God forgive...not me


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      Re: Superhero subgenres ?

      I'm not aware of any existing resource for your question and don't know if any formal academic work has been done to identify subgenres so finely. Generic definitions in fiction tend to be driven as much by marketing categorizations as they do by aesthetic differences, and so far as I know most comic book shops don't shelve their superhero books by subgenre. Heck, they mostly don't shelve by any genres at all, with horror and science fiction landing alongside superhero stuff by accident of alphabetization.

      All that said--and be warned I'm thinking exactly as fast as I'm typing when I write this--I can think of a few aesthetic markers beyond the largish Golden/Silver[Bronze]/Dark[Iron] distinctions most everybody knows about. Superhero subgenres might include:

      Big Science/Exploration: Fantastic Four, Challengers of the Unknown
      Space Opera/Big SciFi: Guardians of the Galaxy, Legion of Super-heroes
      Soap Opera: 1980s Uncanny X-men, New Teen Titans, Legion of Super-heroes
      Recursive: Astro City, maybe Powers
      Deconstructive: Watchmen, maybe Powers
      Street Level Loners: At various times in their careers Batman, Daredevil, Green Arrow, Punisher, Spider-man, Black Lightning
      Government Sponsored: At various times Avengers, Alpha Flight, probably others
      The Biggest Superteam in the World: Avengers, Justice League
      Secret or Reformed Super-villains: Secret Six, Suicide Squad
      Literal Gods: Thor, Hercules, Sandman
      Aliens Among Us: WildCATS (I think), Martian Manhunter, technically Superman
      Cosmic Supercop: Green Lantern, was the Marvel Captain Marvel ever one of these?
      Heroes for Hire: Power Man and Iron Fist, I think the Wally West Flash for a little while

      The list, as they say, goes on.


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        Re: Superhero subgenres ?

        Thanks for your answer Armada, that is a start .
        God forgive...not me


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          Re: Superhero subgenres ?

          There's also the Weird Western genre, as Western comics were folded into the Marvel and DC Universes as the "history" of those. Obviously, Jonah Hex is the most famous example.