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  • Prowlers & Paragons

    Does anybody know the Powers & Paragons RPG ?

    If yes, any feedback ? My reading of it has very pleased me .

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    Re: Prowlers & Paragons

    I'm going to be trying out a session of it in a few weeks to see how it plays. Its clearly in the same general school of design as Supers! (or the more obscure Triumphant!). It seems to clearly have some virtues over Supers! (because the success totals are compared die per die instead of the total roll, there's more variance since so you're a little better off if fighting someone uphill from you, and a little less certain if you're fighting someone downhill).

    Unfortunately, it did sacrifice one of Supers! virtues in doing it; generally speaking as long as they're applicable, its probably more attractive to have a small number of really strong powers than a trade-off between that in a wider variety of weaker ones, since you only take a 2D penalty for successive defenses. So it probably pays a bit too well to have, say, a large value of Athletics and use it to defend against (almost) everything, than to spread out. Same is probably true of offenses.


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      Re: Prowlers & Paragons

      I'm a fan and there's going to be an Ultimate edition kickstartered this summer.

      I have Supers RED as well, and there are things I like about it, but I find P&P to hit the sweet spot.
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