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Kong: Skull Island

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  • Kong: Skull Island

    Anyone here checked this out yet?

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    Re: Kong: Skull Island

    Yes, I saw it a little while ago.

    Its solid. If you take the feel of Apocalypse Now and combined it with the Peter Jackson Kong, you'd get this.

    The characters are more or less cliches you've seen before-with the slight exception of Larson's character and the BIG exception of Reilly's-but there's not a moment of what i would call bad acting (Tom Hiddleston says at one point: "I guess no man ever comes home from war. Not really" but he says it with enough gravitas that I didn't laugh.), Jackson is pushing 70 and is still a believable action lead because he's Samuel L. GD Jackson, Goodman is always proficient, and Brie Larson works as a female in an action movie who isn't there to show she's "one of the guys" but she isn't a damsel in distress, either-except for one moment that feels earned by the movie and is a nod to the earlier "Kong falls in love with a pretty blonde" plot the movie otherwise mostly (thankfully) ignores.

    A note about Larson-there's this theme throughout the movie that Skull Island as a place, while incredibly, stupidly dangerous is also incredibly, stupidly beautiful but the movie doesn't make the mistake of telling you this (except for a brief line from one character whose "Aw, shucks" country charm was the single most grating thing in the film for me, but maybe I'm just a cynical Yankee bastard) and just shows you this (it also helps that Vietnam, Australia, and Hawaii, where the movie filmed are all very very beautiful places-especially noteworthy about Vietnam since its not necessarily known in America for the scenery) mostly through Larson's character looking awestruck and happy to see the sights. One reviewer thought this was stupid, but I thought it worked.

    This movie doesn't reinvent the wheel. But it gets you where you want to go.
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      Re: Kong: Skull Island

      Thanks for the review, and based on it, odds are I'll be checking this out soon.


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        Re: Kong: Skull Island

        Added to my list of DVDs to buy.