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  • LEGION - FX series

    So have any of you guys been watching this?

    It is really, really good; though the X-men connection doesn't seem as pronounced as some might expect/desire.

    Just wondering, as the identity of the "demon with the yellow eyes" has me and a friend in a debate over who it will be revealed as.

    If you guys have seen it, who do you think it is?
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    Re: LEGION - FX series

    I've been watching it with friends, and we're hooked. Yes, it's really, really good; the tone is unique for a supers show, the imagery is impressive, and the lead actor is excellent.

    We're pretty convinced the person you're discussing will wind up being (potential spoiler) -> The Shadow King.

    I wouldn't be too surprised for it to be someone else; the show has some twists. But I'd be surprised.
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      Re: LEGION - FX series

      I'm not a fan personally. It's super grimdark which isn't my thing. Glad that others are enjoying it though.