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  • Crisis and Conroy

    With Kevin Conroy slated to play an older Batman and the CW looking to expand,wouldn't it be a no brain to do a Batman Beyond TV series?

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    There's been talk about Brandon Routh playing Kingdom Come Superman in CW's Crisis. I'm guessing that Kevin Conroy is playing Batman from that universe instead of the one from Batman Beyond. Plus, the Batwoman show is starting in a month or two, so I don't know if they would want two that are so similar.

    That said, if a live action Batman Beyond is made with Conroy as Bruce Wayne, it would be insanely cool and I'd be completely on board.

    I also wonder if the Batman from the main Arrow/Flash universe will appear. In the Elseworlds crossover they mention that Batman disappeared 3 years ago and the Batwoman trailer shows the batsuit from Batman Begins for a few seconds. If they're going to resolve the storyline of where Batman went, then Crisis would be a great place to bring it up.


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      I don't think the 2shows are similar because Batman Beyond takes place in the future but seeing commissioner Barbra Gordon and if they could get Mark Hamill involve would be awesome