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    The Orca
    PL 10 150

    Strength 10, Stamina 11, Agility 2, Dexterity 1, Fighting 6, Intellect 1, Awareness 4, Presence 1

    Aquatic Immunity 3 (drowning, cold, pressure),
    Swift Swimming 6, AE: Speed 2, Leaping 4
    Echolocation Senses 5 (Accurate Hearing, Extended Hearing 2, Ultra-hearing)
    Sonic Wave Burst Affliction 12, Resisted by Fortitude, Impaired/Disabled/Paralyzed, Accurate, Reach
    Teeth & Claws Strength-based Damage 1, Improved Critical

    Advantages: Favored Environment (Underwater), Improved Initiative, Ranged Attack 2, Startle, Takedown 2, Tracking, Ultimate Toughness

    Skills: Close Combat (unarmed) 3 (+9), Expertise (naval search and rescue) 4 (+5), Expertise (superhero) 4 (+5), Insight 3 (+7), Intimidation 15 (+16), Investigation 2 (+3), Perception 13 (+17), Persuasion 2 (+3), Stealth 6 (+7)

    Initiative +6
    Unarmed +9 Damage 11
    Sonic Wave Burst +8 Affliction 12

    Dodge 9, Parry 9
    Toughness 11, Fortitude 11, Will 8

    Abilities 70+Powers 31+Advantages 9+Skills 26+Defenses 14=150

    Enemy Levi is watched by his creator, the demon Croatoan, who wants him under his control, or killed.
    Project Inferno Levi was created to be a superhuman warrior to help conquer the earth for demons. Those who are aware of this are likely to be suspicious of him.
    Rival With another creation of Project Inferno, Ellis, the Devil's Own.
    Part of a Set There are others like Levi out there somewhere, who may have their own plans for him.
    Prejudice Levi is clearly non-human, and cannot maintain a proper secret identity.
    Motivation: Doing Good Levi considers it his duty to use his power to help people however he can, to counteract the dark purpose he was made for.
    Aquatic While Levi is comfortable on land, prolonged periods without exposure to water will leave him dehydrated and weak.

    There is a place called The Ninth Circle, located not in the deepest depths of hell, but rather in an isolated part of the Canadian wilderness. There a demon named Croatoan created a facility to create cloned, loyal superhumans to serve as a vanguard for his own army of techno-demons. For decades, going back as far as the 1930s, this Project has functioned as a secret arm of Canada's government, ostensibly to create super-soldiers, but always headed by corrupt beuarecrats and mad scientists. Every time it gets shut down, it never stays buried for long.

    Most recently, in 2017, Croatoan urged the Project's latest directors to keep in mind that earth's surface was largely made of water, and its newest creations should be able to function in the deepest, coldest oceans. Of course being aware that most of the planet's population didn't actually live in the water, the scientists decided to get themselves a man who could do both.

    Combining human genetics with those of the killer whale, along with old-fashioned forbidden magics, the scientists soon had a fairly sizable force of stable, healthy orca-human hybrids, designed to be elite hunter-killers. However, as mad scientists are wont to do, the spent countless hours needlessly tinkering with the design even after they had a proven mass-production model: this one faster, this one stronger, this one augmented with magic or on-board cybernetics. So well before they were ready to unleash them on an unsuspecting populace, Team Canada showed up to shut the facility down, tipped off by former 'guest' of the Project, Ellis, the Devil's Own. The few hybrids already loyal to Croatoan were killed, the lab was destroyed, and most of the rest were kept in the state of suspended animation they were in.

    However, one was already awake, yet not indoctrinated to its demonic creator. This one was educated by the government, and offered a place on Team Canada. However the orca-man, who was given the name Levi (short for Leviathan) politely refused, wanting to be farther away from the land of his creation, finding it a strange reminder of his unnatural 'birth.'

    So Levi moved to Freedom City, where he's been operating as a part time deep sea salvager, rescue diver, and superhero ever since. Aware that he'll never quite fit in among most humans, Levi refuses to let that stop, finding great joy and satisfaction in using gifts that were meant for evil to help and protect people.

    Powers/Abilities: Levi, as a strange hybrid of killer whale and human that is an improvement on both, is superhumanly strong, able to lift 25 tons, resist small arms fire, and withstand the hostile environment of the ocean. In addition, he is faster than his size would suggest on the land, and much quicker in the water, being capable of sudden speed as well as tight maneuvers. Designed to hunt down targets on land or in the water, all of Levi's senses are almost preternaturally sharp. In addition to the echolocation common to whales, Levi's organs were modified to be able to create dangerously high frequency noises and project them outward as a sort of sonic stun weapon (perhaps an ability unique to his 'batch' of hybrids) a weapon he uses against softer targets.

    Appearance Levi stands out in crowd, standing just under seven feet in height, and built along sleek, yet large lines. His 'eye patches' are stark white, while his skin has an almost glistening sheen to it. Unencumbered by the need for clothing but aware of the necessity of decency, Levi frequently dresses in formal wear to appear more 'human', though his costume resembles a diver's suit (which he also has no need for). Somewhat surprisingly, given his size, his voice, while fully fluent in human speech, is rather high-pitched.

    •Created for a Freedom City based game in the Game Room and taking inspiration from some background in the Atlas of Freedom, Orca is basically what Gang Orca from MHA would look like if I ever built him, squeezed into points per and maybe one PL lower than what he would be.
    [I]Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart![/I]