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    PL 10 201

    Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 7, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 3

    Windriding Flight 6
    Wind Manipulation Move Object 5
    Shield of the Winds Sustained Protection 6, Enhanced Active Defenses 2
    Self-Acclimating Immunity 2 (heat, cold)
    Local Weather Control Environment 3 (Visibility -5, Extreme Heat (AE: Extreme Cold), Impede Movement) 26
    Broad Weather Control Environment 10 (Visibility -2, Action Flaw)

    Mini Blizzard Fortitude Blast 8, Burst Area, Reduced Range 31
    Lightning Blast 12, Indirect 3, Improved Critical
    Localized Tornado Blast 10, Shapeable Area

    Advantages: Defensive Roll, Fascinate (Deception), Favored Environment (airborne), Ranged Attack 4, Taunt

    Skills: Deception 9 (+12), Expertise (con artist) 6 (+6), Expertise (weather) 10 (+10), Insight 8 (+10), Intimidation 6 (+9), Investigation 4 (+4), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 7 (+10), Ranged Combat (powers) 1 (+8), Sleight of Hand 6 (+9), Stealth 6 (+9)

    Initiative +3
    Lightning +8 Damage 12

    Dodge 10/8 (5), Parry 10/8 (1)
    Toughness 10, Fortitude 8 (5), Will 9 (7)

    Abilities 46+Powers 94+Advantages 8+Skills 35+Defenses 18=201

    Look out for #1 James is very selfish and suspicious of others, to the point of being paranoid.
    Identity Stormfront's true identity as James Hailey is a matter of public record, and he is a wanted criminal.
    Enemy Stormfront frequently battled Captain Thunder before his retirement and subsequent power-up, he now avoids the much-stronger hero.
    Changes the Weather, doesn't make it Stormfront manipulates the weather but he can't turn the Sahara into the Arctic with a snap of his fingers-such a massive change would require a lot of time and energy. Also, when he changes the weather, it affects weather in other, nearby weather systems as well.

    •James Hailey was a mutant with the ability to manipulate the weather, that first developed as the ability to make it rain when he was only eight. He was taken in by a con-artist 'reverend', learning the tricks of graft, cheating at cards, and that all that mattered was making money and putting yourself first. He eventually broke away from the other con-artists, since he was the one with the real talent anyway. James decided becoming a supervillain was a path to even greater wealth, and became Stormfront, bedeviling cities all over the US with strange weather patterns. A sometime foe to Captain Thunder, he's in the expanded Crime Union but has a hard time working with anyone because of his cynical suspicious nature.

    •Stormfront is your basic weather controller with decent interaction skills as well. His expense comes mostly from the fact that I split some of his powers that could have been in one big array, so he's got his weather manipulation, his TK, and his offensive powers all separate. In a fight, he only has a few options, but outside of a fight, he can cause all kinds of problems that heroes can't just fight away. Trying to flood a town so other villains can rob might leave a nearby town in desperate need of water, or other similar plots that force the heroes to really worry about civilians.
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      PL 9 135

      Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 3, Intellect 4, Awareness 3, Presence 2

      Energy Propulsion Flight 7 (250 MPH, 1/2 mile per round)
      Energy Shield Sustained Impervious Protection 9
      Crimson Blasts Blast 9, Ricochet
      Crimson Flash Visual Dazzle 9
      Energy Constructs Create 9

      Advantages: Connected, Inventor, Move-by Action, Ranged Attack 3, Teamwork

      Skills: Deception 1 (+3), Expertise (science) 6 (+10), Insight 6 (+9), Investigation 4 (+8), Perception 4 (+7), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Combat (powers) 4 (+9), Technology 7 (+11)

      Initiative +2
      Crimson Blasts +9 Damage 9

      Dodge 7 (5), Parry 7 (4)
      Toughness 11, Fortitude 6 (4), Will 11 (8)

      Abilities 36+Powers 53+Advantages 7+Skills 18+Defenses 21=135

      Identity While not public record, those connected to MERLIN know that Whitespot is Henry Carver, a scientist with ties to the organization.
      Enemy/Guilt Henry's greatest enemy is Redspot, who is also his brother Terry. As Henry is responsible for him gaining his powers, he feels tremendous guilt about his crimes.
      Power Loss Henry's powers are a result of his mutated body absorbing and transforming solar energy. Prolonged withdrawal from the sun (about 24 hours or so) will cause his powers to fade away.

      •Whitespot is Henry Carver, a scientist working for MERLIN who came up with a way to make human beings living solar batteries, capable of manipulating great amounts of energy. He tested the procedure on himself and his brother, Terry. While both of them gained powers, Terry was driven mad by the process, and so the procedure has been shelved. In the meantime, Henry has become a superhero, both to test his newfound powers and to stop his brother.

      •Your basic energy controller with decent tech skills, Whitespot is a notch below your average super, but still a competent fighter. He has a nice mix of accuracy and power, but is plenty hard to hurt for his PL. While not a gadget genius like Tony Stark or even Batman, he would make a good addition to a team both as a flying blaster and a dedicated tech guy.
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        PL 9

        Strength 1, Stamina 4, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 2

        Runs Hot Immunity 1 (heat)
        Enhanced Vision Senses 1 (Infravision)
        Energy Propulsion Flight 7
        Solar Beam Blast 11
        Energy Explosion Damage 9, Burst Area 2, Distracting
        Blinding Beam Visual Dazzle 11
        Solar Oven Environment 11 (Extreme Heat)

        Solar Shields Sustained Protection 6, Impervious Toughness 9

        Advantages: All-out Attack, Fearless, Ranged Attack 5, Startle

        Skills: Athletics 3 (+4), Expertise (firefighter) 4 (+5), Insight 4 (+6), Intimidation 12 (+14), Perception 4 (+6), Stealth 3 (+5)

        Initiative +2
        Solar Beam +7 Damage 11

        Dodge 8 (6), Parry 8 (4)
        Toughness 10/4, Fortitude 9 (5), Will 7 (5)

        Abilities 36+Powers 56+Advantages 8+Skills 15+Defenses 20=135

        Madman Terry Carver is insane-he suffers from paranoia, bouts of unexplained rage, and also experiences hallucinations.
        Motivation: Power When Terry is lucid, he is decidedly immoral, taking whatever he wants and exploding at anyone who draws his ire.
        Power Loss Terry loses his powers when deprived of sunlight.
        Enemy Terry believes that by killing his brother Henry he will absorb his power and become an even more powerful lifeform.
        Identity The authorities know Redspot is Terry Carver, and he is a hunted man.

        •Terry Carver was a firefighter, a guy who had always wanted to spend his life helping other people. Naturally he agreed to help his brother test his theory, to support Henry and to be able to help more people than ever before. But he emerged from the procedure twisted and angry, mind aflame. Screaming, he burst his way out of the MERLIN facility, killing two scientists and wounding nearly a dozen others. Since then, the authorities and his brother have been after him, hoping to capture or cure him, respectively. For his part, Terry has no real goals or motivation, he is a man lost in his own pain and with his powers all he does is share that pain with others.

        •Redspot is similar but different from his brother. He's built to be more aggressive, and is slightly less durable, which will only make him lash out even more as his position in a fight grows more tenuous. He's a scary guy, who will rant and rave at a crowd while he blows up buildings before someone shows up to drive him off. His madness makes him unlikely to be a villain team, but a cunning master villain could control his mind or offer him a cure for his madness or a way to increase his bothers, both things that would earn his (likely short-lived) loyalty.
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          Tongue Twister
          PL 8 120

          Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 10, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 1

          Stretchy Tongue Elongation 4 (Limited to tongue), Enhanced Skill 4 (Sleight of Hand, Limited to using his tongue), Movement 1 (Swinging)
          Super Tongue Senses 2 (Acute Olfactory, Extended Olfactory)
          Super Strong Tongue Strength-based Damage 4, Enhanced Strength 6 (Limited to grabs with his tongue)

          Advantages: Agile Feint, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Fast Grab, Improved Defense, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Move-by Action, Skill Mastery (Sleight of Hand), Taunt, Tracking

          Skills: Acrobatics 9 (+13), Athletics 4 (+6), Deception 9 (+10), Expertise (criminal) 4 (+4), Insight 4 (+5), Perception 6 (+7), Sleight of Hand 7 (+11/+15), Stealth 9 (+13)

          Initiative +8
          Tongue lash +10 Damage 6

          Dodge 10 (6), Parry 10
          Toughness 8/2, Fortitude 7 (5), Will 7 (6)

          Abilities 48+Powers 16+Advantages 13+Skills 25+Defenses 17=120

          Motivation: Greed Robert is only out for money, and he doesn't really care what he has to do to get it.
          Toady Robert doesn't have a lot of confidence, and is often relegated to subordinate status by any real super villains or hardened criminals he's around.
          Enemy Robert frequently fights (and loses to) Johnny Rocket.
          Secret Robert Inagram keeps his identity as Tongue Twister a secret.

          •Robert Inagram has the dubious honor of being one of the last DNAscendents to be produced by the Labyrinth before the criminal organization was dismantled. A Freedom City pickpocket, he stole the wrong guy's wallet and was given to Labyrinth scientists to experiment. He came out of the process with a super-human tongue, but was regarded as both gross and only a minor success. Left to his own devices, he fell right back into crime, using his tongue to snatch purses and wallets from dozens of feet away, which meant he nearly always got away with hit. Until he ran into Johnny Rocket, who often takes the criminal down and leaves him wrapped up (sometimes in his own tongue) on his way to deal with a real threat.

          •Tongue Twister is a D-list villain, and he knows it. But that's ok because he's not out to rule the world or even get revenge on Johnny Rocket. He's out to make money without having to work for it, and is built to be pretty good at that. He's moderately effective in a fight, a good sneak and thief, and adds a lot in visual excitement with his somewhat gross mutation. Expect plenty of off-color tongue jokes while he swings through a fight.
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            Skarn the Shaper
            PL 15 577

            Strength 10, Stamina 11, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 10, Intellect 5, Awareness 6, Presence 8

            Cosmic Thaumaturgy Variable 9 (Limited to while in the Congeries) 54

            Reshape Area Transform 15 (Anything to Anything, Burst Area, Increased Area 7, Flaw-takes two Standard Actions, Dynamic) 166
            Sorcerer's Star Blast 18,
            Spellbreaking Bolt Nullify Magic 18, (Broad, Effortless)
            Power Boost Variable 4, for magic traits, Affects Others Only, Ranged, Dynamic
            Reshape person Ranged Affliction 18 (Impaired/Disabled/Transformed, Precise)
            Create Dimensional Gate Movement 3 (Dimensional, Portal), Dynamic
            Gate Snatch Movement 1 Attack, Dimensional, to the Congeries, Increased Mass 4, Ranged, Increased DC 17 (DC 28 Dodge), Dimensional)

            Godly Might Comprehend 4 (Languages), Immunity 11 (life support, aging) 19

            Shields Of Skarn
            Mystic Wall Create 16, Impervious, Dynamic 49
            Mystic Shield Enhanced Will 3, Sustained Protection 8, Impervious Toughness 19, Dynamic

            Living Hole in Space Sustained Immunity 80 (Toughness, Limited to half effect)

            Claws and Teeth Strength-based Damage 3, Improved Critical
            Pounce Between Dimensions Teleport 4, Increased Mass 5, Dimensional 3 16
            Predatory Speed Speed 2, Leaping 2, Swimming 2
            Keen Senses Senses 17 (Vision Penetrates Concealment-blocked by magic force fields, Ranged Detect Magic, Acute, Analytical, Mental Awareness, Dimensional (Astral Plane) Auditory & Visual), Acute Scent, Darkvision, Ultrahearing, Tracking-Scent)

            Advantages: Artificer, Benefit 10 (Lord of the Congeries), Fearless, Ranged Attack 7, Ritualist, Seize Initiative, Tracking, Trance

            Skills: Acrobatics 9 (+12), Athletics 6 (+16), Close Combat (unarmed) 7 (+17), Expertise (The Congeries) 10 (+15), Expertise (the Mutliverse) 6 (+11), Expertise (magic) 11 (+16), Insight 8 (+13), Intimidation 8 (+16), Perception 10 (+15), Ranged Combat (magic) 2 (+12), Stealth 9 (+12)

            Initiative +3
            Claws and Teeth +17 Damage 13
            Sorcerer's Star +11 Damage 18

            Dodge 10 (7), Parry 10
            Toughness 19/11, Fortitude 16 (5), Will 14/11 (6)

            Abilities 112+Powers 381+Advantages 23+Skills 43+Defenses 18=577

            Weakness Even in his Hole in Space Form, affects that warp dimensions or otherwise reach across multiple levels of existence do extra damage to Skarn.
            Vulnerable Unexpected dimensional movement or other forms of instantaneous travel, like being teleported, can harm Skarn if he's not prepared for it.
            Competitive Skarn cannot resist a challenge, whether it be for a stylizied, structured magical duel, or a simple brawl.
            Motivation: Reshaping Skarn is driven to force all creation into one dimension-the Congeries, and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.
            Honor Skarn never lies and never breaks his word.
            Ego Skarn believes himself to be a true god, and demands obediance and respect.
            Temper If Skarn feels embarassed or humialited in some way, he will fly into a berserk state.

            Skarn the Shaper is one of three major multidimensional threats from the Champions universe, the other two being Empress V'han and Tyrannon the Conqueror. Skarn was born when a sorceror, (also named Skarn but definitely not the same guy) saved his world by destroying two warring cosmic entities-The Beast and Nomarch Phase. However, by destroying them, they actually merged, the two gods and Skarn becoming one. The new Skarn had a passion to change the world, and a will to force people to live in harmony with the environment, along with a strong messiah complex. This 'new' Skarn, born thousands of years ago, conquered his own world, reshaped it to his own ineffable whims, and then merged other dimensions with his homeworld to improve them. He has done this dozens of times, creating a realm called the Congeries, where he rules as a god. He came to Earth, as they all do, but was defeated by Divinos in a match of arms wrestling and agreed to spare the Earth. But while Skarn keeps his words, there may be certain loopholes he might exploit in his madness, making him a threat once again.

            Yikes on bikes, this build was a pain. Skarn can do a lot, and even more in the Congeries (the Variable is really just a place holder for Plot-level stuff-if you let his Variable add to his main array, that's when he starts doing stuff like dragging planets into the Congeries or creating a Sun of Submission-which is Mind Control with crazy area, dependent on sight), but even without his Variable he's a beast. Blasts, nullifying magic, transforming huge areas of land into whatever he wants, turning people into whatever he wants, or turning himself into a Living Hole in Space and just effing stuff up while laughing off most counter attacks. The trick to besting Skarn is to use his honor and competitive streak against him-tough guys might boast about beating you with one hand behind their back, Skarn will actually try it. He can be talked into using magic only, not using magic at all, or whatever the PCs can do to give themselves the edge.
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              PL 12 251

              Strength 5, Stamina 5, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 7, Intellect 4, Awareness 3, Presence 5

              Practiced Thaumaturgy (Array, 34 points)
              Sorcerer's Star Blast 14, Improved Critical
              Aura of Elan Move Object 7, Precise
              Gate Attack Ranged Dimensional Movement Attack 1, Resisted by Dodge, Increased DC 13
              Soul Binding Ranged Affliction 14, Dazed/Stunned/Paralyzed, Resisted by Will
              Dimensional Contraction Shrinking 8
              Dimensional Expansion Growth 6
              Gate Movement 3 (Dimensional, Portal)

              Deflecting Disk Sustained Protection 9, Impervious Toughness 13 22

              Demigod Immunity 1 (aging), Comprehend 4 (Languages) 9
              Slide between Dimensions Teleport 4, Increased Mass 2 10
              Mystic Perceptions Senses 6 (Dimensional (Astral Plane) for Auditory and Visual, Ranged Acute Analytical Detect Magic)
              Living Hole in Space Sustained Immunity 80 (Toughness effects, limited to half)

              Advantages: Artificer, Benefit 5 (Noble of the Congeries), Defensive Attack, Improved Defense, Move-by Action, Ranged Attack 5, Ritualist

              Skills: Deception 9 (+14), Expertise (the multiverse) 9 (+13), Expertise (magic) 11 (+15), Expertise (Tactics) 1 (+5), Insight 9 (+12), Intimidation 8 (+13), Perception 6 (+9), Persuasion 2 (+7), Ranged Combat (Thaumaturgy) 3 (+10)

              Initiative +2
              Sorcerer's Star +10 Damage 14
              Unarmed +7 Damage 5

              Dodge 8 (6), Parry 8 (1)
              Toughness 14/5, Fortitude 10 (5), Will 12 (9)

              Abilities 66+Powers 121+Advantages 15+Skills 28+Defenses 21=251

              Watched Arthon's behavior is carefully observed by his father Skarn at all times.
              Arrogance Arthon demands respect and obedience, and likes to teach violent 'lessons' if he doesn't get them.
              Power Hungry Arthon will do whatever he can to gain more magical power.
              Rival His brother Torvost
              Weakness Like his father, Arthon is vulnerable to being teleported by surprise, or to other dimensional attacks.
              Power Loss Many of Arthon's magics rely on incantations, objects of focus, and the like, without them, his magic can be Impaired or Disabled.

              •Arthon is more straight-forward than his father Skarn: he's not insane, he's just a jerk. He inherited his father's magic ability, and often acts as Skarn's proxy, either on military missions or even for the odd diplomatic task-not that he's much of a diplomat. He's a schemer, constantly trying to get one up on those around him, and will exploit anyone to get what he wants. He lacks his father's nobility, and that, combined with his lower power level, makes him a more suitable foe for your average team of heroes. Still, Arthon is aware that he isn't all powerful, and often travels with hordes of soldiers to hide behind. In combat, he'll play defensively and cut and run at the first sign of trouble.
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                Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                Ah Skarn, probably my close second favorite of the Interdimensional big three of Champions (Behind Istvhatha V'han and ahead of Tyrannon) and yet the only one of them I have yet to use in the crinoverse directly.

                I have mentioned him of course. I have mentioned that he is one of the major players in the multiverse, in par with Una the Unmerciful but behind Tyrannon, Istvhatha and the TSAB in terms of land controlled. He also has a long history with the Dimensional Pirate Fandango, who had a thing with his daughter Brell. You can imagine how well that went over with daddy.

                And of course then there was Skarn's failed invasion of the Hazardverse, where Aum Ra made him swear off invading by beating him in a pie eating contest.

                And of course Skarn was part of Professor Zed's plan to destroy worlds which were considered a threat to Earth (Including Mid Childa and Vha, two of skarn's major foes). Of course Zed intended to destroy the Congeries as well, but Skarn found out about this from Una and destroyed the spire in his realm.

                As for what Skarn's kids were up to during the Zed incident. Both Torvost and Arthon were stationed in Vha to protect the spire hidden there, and ended up holding off most of the Imperial Battalion and the Avengers who had gone there before being recalled by Skarn. As for Brell, she was sent to oversee the operations on Phyrexia (Since Brell's Shapeshifting mastery made her resistant to being corrupted by the Phyrexians) alongside the Goblinslayer. Of course Brell was only there to find out what Zed's plan was and to liberate Kin from the Goblinslayer. Now Kin works as the librarian in Skarn's palace.
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                  Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                  I remember Brell's part-the whole New Phyrexia adventure was pretty cool. I always liked that block.

                  Arthon and Torvost versus the Avengers would have been pretty sweet, too. I might make Torvost a PL higher than Arthon because he lacks the Living Hole in Space power.

                  When I do my own dimensional trip adventure in MTA, I might have to get Skarn and his family involved in some way.
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                    Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                    Yeah, I'm sorry that adventure fell apart like it did.

                    Anyways, the reason my posting has been sluggish because I am getting back into magic by playing MTGO, So eventually I'm gonna do a magic the gathering post on the various new Planeswalkers (Who got majorly powered down after the time spiral block) and looking at some of the major planes aside New Phyrexia (Including Ravnica, Lorwyn/Shadowmoor, Theros, Kamigawa, Alara, and Zendikar.) And how they interact with most of the major multiversal factions.

                    As for the Phyrexians, they're basically on everyone's list. The only reason that the TSAB hasn't sent their main forces in to obliterate the place is because they are deathly afraid that someone will bring some of that oil back to Mid Childa, or that a heavy hitter like Nanoha or Fate will be infected or converted.
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                      Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                      The only planeswalker I've touched on is Jace, who is one of Vanguard's big three, but he hasn't quite ascended as a walker yet. I imagine most of the others are from other dimensions, and as far as the powering down of Planeswalkers go, in the Crinoverse I imagine they can be as strong or weak as they need to be for the plots they're in.

                      Bolas for example is probably still a monster-I'd peg him at PL 16 or so, and for the others I'd put the main five (Jace, Garruk, Chandra, Ajani, and Lilliana) at fairly high levels of power too, if only cause of their main character status.

                      Sorin is another character I'd love to use, and he lends himself to many plots because he's so old and has plenty of connections be they favors, grudges, or allies, throughout the Multiverse.

                      Once I wrap up 365 Supers and Champions stuff, MtG characters might be my next big project.
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                        Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                        Yeah, Bolas is PL 16, but prior to the time spiral block he and the rest of the planeswalkers were PL X.

                        Other lands I need to cover are Dominaria, Rabia, and *Snerk* the Homelands.
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                          Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                          Planeswalkers power levels always had fluctuating power levels depending on the fluff. Before Urza, Taysir of the Five Colors was the most powerful and he got banned from his original plane by Nailah, the Sorceress Queen.


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                            Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                            Yeah, its always been a variable thing.

                            Post-Mending, Liliana is still strong enough to kill a super-powerful demon (Griselbrand) who went toe-to-toe with an Angel that was basically a god for the plane of Innistrad. And she's roughly on par with guys like Garruk and Chandra.

                            It all depends on how much preparation they've had and their role in the story.
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                              PL 13 245

                              Strength 12, Stamina 15, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 10, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 6

                              Brick Tricks (Array, 29 points)
                              Pressure Wave Cone Area Damage 13
                              Shockwave Burst Area Extra on Strength Damage, Increased Area, Limited-Torvost and target must be on the ground
                              Groundquake Burst Area Affliction 13, Resisted by Dodge, Vulnerable/Defenseless, Limited-Torvost and target must be on the ground, Increased Area
                              Thunderclap Burst Area Close Range Auditory Dazzle 13, Increased Area)

                              Claws and Fangs Strength-based Damage 2, Improved Critical, Affects Insubstantial 2
                              Divine Resilience Impervious Toughness 15, Immunity 1 (aging)
                              Predatory Speed Leaping 2, Speed 2, Swimming 2
                              Demigod Senses Senses 7 (Astral Plane Visual and Auditory, Darkvision, Extended Vision, Extended Hearing, Acute Scent)
                              Universal Translator Comprehend 4 (Languages)
                              Super-healing Regeneration 1

                              Advantages: Accurate Attack, Benefit 5 (Noble of the Congeries), Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Fast Grab, Improved Defense, Improved Hold, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Close, cover), Ranged Attack 6, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

                              Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+12), Athletics 4 (+16), Close Combat (unarmed) 2 (+12), Expertise (The Congeries) 5 (+6), Expertise (the multiverse) 4 (+5), Insight 7 (+10), Intimidation 6 (+12), Perception 8 (+11), Stealth 8 (+12)

                              Initiative +4
                              Claws +12 Damage 14

                              Dodge 11 (7), Parry 11 (1)
                              Toughness 15, Fortitude 16 (1), Will 10 (7)

                              Abilities 110+Powers 72+Advantages 21+Skills 26+Defenses 16=245

                              Rival His brother Arthon, who Torvost sees as a cowardly schemer.
                              Honor Torvost does not lie, cheat, or break his word. He also does not back down from any sort of physical challenge.
                              Loyal/Watched To his ever-watchful father, Skarn.
                              Temper Torvost has a legendary rage, usually when he's the target of trickery or other dishonorable actions.
                              Ego While not as arrogant as his brother, Torvost is still a demigod and Prince of the Congeries, and expects a certain amount of respect.

                              Torvost is another son of Skarn, the half-brother of Arthon, and a marked opposite to his cold, calculating brother. Torvost likes two things-fighting, and partying. Aside from ripping people's heads off if they offer him a serious insult, he's really a nice guy. Torvost is commonly found on the front-lines of the Congeries wars, working with the rank and file soldiers, who all respect and admire him. While he lacks the magical skills of his father and brother, he combines his natural great strength with years of deadly combat experience.

                              •Torvost is a mixture of power and skill, and can go toe to toe with most "big guns" and stand a fair chance of victory. However, his honor and love of fighting make him easily manipulated, and smart PCs can outmanuever him if they can't outfight him.
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                                Re: Eld's Builds-3E

                                Yeah, Torvost is total bros with Fandango, and is one of the few beings who can drink the pirate under the table.

                                Interestingly enough, in Invasion, when Fandango mentions to Asuza that he could introduce his daughters to nobles he's met, he was referring to Arthon and Torvost.

                                I then constructed this entertaining scenario where Arthon and Torvost came to Jurai, Arthon tried dating Ayeka, and Torvost decided to pursue Ryoko (As opposed to Sasami, who is just a kid after all).

                                I figure Ryoko and Torvost would hit it off, while Ayeka and Arthon would be at least cordial (They're actually interesting parallels in that its a pair of one intelligent cultured sophisticate with a specialty in non physical powers, and a super strong chunk head with unmatched physical strength both of whom despise one another with a deep passion).

                                And then of course both of them get the idea to try and kill Tenchi because he's getting in the way of them romancing the girls, and things go downhill from there.
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