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Populating a world created by someone called "Skunkheart" (that's me!)

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  • Populating a world created by someone called "Skunkheart" (that's me!)

    So I recently floated around to creating Mutants & Masterminds characters on a bit of a whim. And as these things do, the seed of that whim has rather well sprouted towards a shrubbery ~ I do fair believe that it has ambitions toward being a tree!

    Anyway, florid and poetical metaphors aside, I've been posting said characters to my blog, and I thought I'd post them here for general review and commentary. I think I tend towards a supers genre that might be less common around these parts (though I freely admit that I may just not have run across it yet), more Heroes than Superman, more Unknown Armies than Exalted, more Sailor Moon than Bourne Supremacy. I enjoy the strange and the uncanny and the weird. Take the powers away from many of my characters, and many of them are (rather nebbish) ordinary people with medium-to-low abilities and skills. I'm curious what y'all will think.

    Also, I'm genderqueer, and queerness is starting to build into a theme in the setting i seem to be creating. It will be a while before I really delve into the multigenerational homophobic supervillain team, and the heroic queers that fight them, but it was there from the beginning, and you'll see it build over time. Thought you should know.

    Fully written characters
    Catspaw (Dikadora Kelly)
    Emberwight (Donald Ebberman)
    The Hummingbird Thief (Professor Clive Cullen)

    Mostly statted, but not written characters
    Corporal Cadmus (Dana Cadmus)
    Paraclete (Eugene Pope)
    Slum Lord

    Planned characters with no work done on them just as yet
    Αιδως (Aedos, "Shame")
    Αιθηρ (Aether; "Upper Air")
    Ammit the Devourer of Souls, Great of Death
    Απατη (Apate; "Deceit")
    Αρτεμις (Artemis)
    Αθηνη (Athena)
    Brother Silentius
    Δειμος (Deimos; "Fear")
    Δολος (Dolos; "Guile")
    Don Vincenzo Sangiovanni
    Ελεος (Eleos; "Compassion")
    Επιφρων (Epiphron; "Prudence")
    Ερεβος (Erebus, "Darkness")
    Ερις (Eris; "Strife")
    The Ερινυες (Erinyes, "Furies")
    Ευφροσυνη (Euphrosyne; "Good Cheer")
    Helen of Troy
    Γηρας (Geras; "Old Age")
    Greyhound (Gamal Chases-Socks)
    The Ἑσπεριδες (Hesperides; "Of the Evening")
    Ἡμερα (Hemera; "Day")
    Ὑβρις (Hubris; "Wantonness")
    Ὑπνος (Hypnos; "Sleep")
    The Invisiblizer
    The Κηρες (Keres; "Violent Death")
    La Malinchista (Concepcion Lopez)
    Miseria (Misery)
    The Μοιραι (Moirai; "Fates")
    Μωμος (Momos; "Blame")
    Μορος (Moros; "Doom")
    Ναρκισσος (Narcissus)
    New Covenant Revelator (Gabriella St. Ives)
    Νικαιη (Nicaea)
    Νυξ (Nyx, "Night")
    Οιζυς (Oizys; "Misery")
    The Ονειροι (Oneiroi; "Dreams")
    Pastor Repressor
    The Patriarch (Bobby Lirdenham)
    Pertinacia ("Obstinacy")
    Φιλοτης (Philotes; "Friendship")
    Πονος (Ponos; "Toil")
    Puss in Boots
    Ravella the Riverboat Queen
    Roy Cohen
    Σοφροσυνη (Sophrosyne; "Moderation")
    Στυξ (Styx; "Hatred")
    The Τελχινες (Telkhines)
    Θανατος (Thanatos; "Death")
    Θεμις (Themis, "Divine Law")
    Tonka Truck
    Trademark (Pierce Draper)
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    either e/em/eir pronouns or fey/fem/fear pronouns
    {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}
    Many gods, no masters. Re-enchantment or bust!
    "So I donít even want to hear about reality. I donít want reality. Reality will only ever be exclusionary." --Aevee Bee, "Toward a Cutie Aesthetic"

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    Re: Populating a world created by someone called "Skunkheart" (that's me!)

    Δικαδώρα (Dikadora; "Gift of Justice") Kelly

    In the shadows of the world stalk many monsters, including a wide range of beasts that can choose their form, either animal or human or some combination thereof. Amongst these are the werecats, sensual and mysterious and oh-so-haughty.

    There is a breed of werecat, often called the Ceilican, who were once enslaved by the great lords of Faerie. Dikedora's grandmother, however, seems not to have cared overmuch about the ancient grudge born therefrom. She quested through all the weird realms to find herself a sidhe lover. Cluracan Kelly was the result of their union, mixing fey blood with felianthrope blood. The combination, like some strange gravity, pulled his life uncomfortably close unhappily often to the world of masks and capes. He often used the name Puss in Boots on these adventures and capers.

    It was during one of those times, when the struggles of superpowered vigilantes consumed the life of a simple-if-feytouched werecat, that Cluracan met the ancient Titan Νεμεσις (Nemesis). She was exploring the possibilities of a return to an overt practice of her mission, pursuing villains who gained undeserved reward. Cluracan was a born swashbuckler, filled with the dazzle of the fey and the dexterity of the cat. His flashing smile and preening ways attracted the Inescapable Lady.

    Some time later, Ολυμπος (Olympus) found that its population had grown by one. Δικαδώρα Kelly split her childhood between that sacred mountain's feasting heights and the obscure corners of the world where her father's people made their dens. She only ever visited her grandfather's people a handful of times during her youth. It was the last such when she learned of the strange effects of her blended heritage. Her mother's work was within her, twisted towards the fairy's ways. No direct strike for Dikadora against those undeserving of their luck; instead, she would bring them down by appearing to help them in their end-runs around the Μοιραι's (Fates') decisions.

    Finally, a young Dikadora was present during one of the times Puss in Boots was needed. Though her father tried to keep her safe and to the side, not wanting his teenaged child to become a target, Dikadora saw a moment where a seeming betrayal of her father and his allies could allow her powers to turn the tide of the battle. The experience was invigorating in a way that she suspected only her mother would understand.

    The ongoing and very real arguments Dikadora and Cluracan had about her desire to join the ranks of the heroes only helped to establish the veracity of her seeming turn to evil. She proceeded to serve a series of villains as their minion, taking the name Catspaw and trusting her powers to bring the justice her mother raised her to seek.

    1961 ~ Cluracan Kelly first takes on the mantle and identity of Puss in Boots.
    1970 ~ Cluracan Kelly meets and has a fling with Nemesis, which results in the birth of Dikadora Kelly.
    1986 ~ Dikadora Kelly first begins operating as the undercover superhero known as Catspaw.

    Home Base: Las Vegas.
    Gender: Soft butch cisfemale
    Sexuality: Pansexual dominant
    Romantic Identity: Polyfidelitous

    Recurrent Foes:
    Greyhound: For most of his life, Gamal Chases-Socks thought he was a typical greyhound, doped up and abused by an underground track in Las Vegas. One race, his handlers pumped him too full of too many strenge chemicals. As his heart began to give out, his werewolf heritage revealed itself. No human left the raceyard that day. Now he follows his rage, always seeking the dominance he wishes would balm the inferiority he feels chasing him constantly.
    Notable Powers: (PL 11) Lycanthrope from Supernatural Handbook. Run on Water, Run Up Walls, Running Jump, Running Speed, Fast Healing, Raging Strength, Terrifying Bark (Roar), Protective Hide, Animal Senses (acute olfactory, ultra-hearing) from Power Profiles. Big-Ass Claws (Strength-based Damage), All-Out Attack, Close Attack, Diehard, Extraordinary Effort, Fearless, Improved Smash, Leadership, Power Attack, Takedown, Teamwork, Tracking, Ultimate Effort, Weapon Break, Movement (sure-footed), Senses (analytical hearing, analytical smell, direction sense, infravision, low-light vision, tracking 2)
    The Patriarch: A committed misogynist, Bobby Lirdenham has delved deep into both fringe science and the occult in his quest to eliminate feminism and build the world of the free sexual use of women. Catspaw's first time fighting him led to a bit of a conundrum afterwards, as a small number of his liberated victims asked her to give them access to his pills and tech, claiming that they found liberation in its effects and oppression only in doing so under the Patriarch's thumb.
    Notable Powers: (PL 11) Pink pills (array: Enhanced Trait 2: Attractive with Affects Others and Reduced Trait 3: Awareness or Enhanced Trait 3: Presence with Affects Others, Quirk: Increases Libido, and Reduced Trait 3: Intellect), bimbo-maker raygun (Weaken: Intellect with Quirk: Increases Libido), pheromone spray (Emotion Control from Power Profiles with Area and Limited to Horniness). Artificer, Inventor, Ritualist, Very Attractive, Fascinate, Daze. Bitter Lash of Bal'Hemoth and the Enchantment of Ios and Mists of the Modrossus and Shatachna's Seal of Silence and Somnambulent Silence of Sirrion from Power Profiles
    New Covenant Revelator: Gabriella St. Ives was a preacher's daughter, but she was always too consumed with studies of science and engineering to rebel. She believed that God designed the world as an act of beauty, and that witnessing that beauty by understanding how it works brings one closer to God. Her father's church dwindled and she barely noticed, until finally he had to close up shop. He didn't have to turn to the bottle to find the comfort he might once have hoped to find in God, but he did. Finally noticing something outside her workshop, Gabriella spent a decade designing and building the suit she now wears as a way to bring followers to her father's new church. She is a devout Christian, but anything can be justified to keep her father sober.
    Notable Powers: (PL 10) Battlesuit. Inspire, Contacts, Connected, Leadership, Luck. Startle, Trance, Defensive Attack, Evasion, Improved Aim, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Move-By Attack, Power Attack, Precise Attack, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind, Fearless, Interpose, Second Chance, Inventor, Create (Limited to Food), Healing. Feature (flashlight, personal spotlight, light show, data-storage drive, remote), Blinding Aura, Dazzling Burst, Laser Weapon, Light Absorption, Photonic Shield, Lightflight, Healing Light, Illuminate, Solar Sustenance, Vision Enhancement, Strength Enhancement, Life Support System, Mind Shield, Sensory Shield, Communication System from Power Profiles.
    Paraclete: Nemesis isn't the only Titan to have given birth to a mixed-race child in the modern world. Her "better half" Τυχη (Tyche) gave birth to the fruit of a one-night stand with a נפיל (nefil; a half-angel) around the same time Dikadora was born. They were raised together. Now, Eugene Pope goes around rewarding those he thinks are deserving with good fortune, often without regard for the complexity of the situation or the effects of such luck. Too frequent or too excessive happiness is a dangerous thing.
    Notable Powers: (PL 10) Every Fortune Advantage and maxed out Luck. Luck Control and basically every Luck power from Power Profiles. Olympian and angel archetypes from Book of Magic.
    Trademark: There was never any question for Pierce Draper what he would do with the powers his mutated genome gave him in and over genes: he'd make lots of money. The advertising and marketing industry proved unduly excited about the level of brand penetration he offered. Making money hand over fist as the freelance contractor Trademark, he has been engaged in the creation and manipulation of cool ever since.
    Notable Powers: (PL 9) Benefit (wealth), Connected, Inspire, Trance. Features (Fast Sleeper, Light Sleeper, Lucid Dreamer), Sleepless, Dream Mastery, and Psychic Vampirism (Asleep as third degree) from Power Profiles.
    Colonel Cadmus: "I will sow dragon's teeth in the desert, and raise soldiers like the world has never seen." Colonel Dana Cadmus first came to Las Vegas in charge of an effort to use the tech and alien DNA in Area 51 to build super-soldiers. Given a broad and independent mandate to act, she has continued to recruit test subjects for a variety of "new soldier" initiatives.
    Notable Powers: (PL 8) Super-normal. A large collection of combat-related advantages, Connected, Contacts, Equipment, Fearless, Inspire, Leadership, Minion, Sidekick, Teamwork, Extraordinary Effort, Ultimate Effort, Benefit (Government Backing), Well-Informed, Great Endurance. Fearsome Presence, Striking Power, Tough, Unfazeable, At A Glance, Brilliant Deduction, Light Sleeper, and Situational Awareness from Power Profiles.
    Emberwight: Donald Ebberman came to Vegas desperate in 1980. His daughter's condition was getting worse, the treatment more expensive, and he'd just lost his job. He needed his meager savings to be significantly more than meager, and gambling was the only option he could think of. Sadly, the casino caught fire that night. Less sadly, the life insurance policy just barely covered his daughter's treatment. Now he haunts the city, possessing people (like Catspaw) and watching out for his husband and daughter.
    Notable Powers: (PL 8) Skin-rider from Supernatural Handbook. Death Stare, Death Touch, Death's Gate, Death Sight, Death Vision, Speak With the Dead, Feature (deathly aura, tiny flame, cooking from the inside, flaming Presence bonus), Fireball (Soulfire), Fiery Breath (Soulfire), Fire Blast (Soulfire), Flame Aura (Soulfire), Immolate (Soulfire), Heatstroke, Melt, Smoke Cloud (Linked to Suffocation with Area), Fire Shield, Heat Absorption, Immunity to Heat, Infravision, Pyrokinesis, Warm from Powers Profile.
    Characters from Greek myth: Because of her mother, Catspaw often finds herself running into Αρτεμις (Artemis), Αθηνη (Athena), Ναρκισσος (Narcissus), Νικαιη (Nicaea), her grandmother Νυξ (Nyx, "Night"), her grandfather Ερεβος (Erebus, "Darkness"), her half-sister Helen of Troy, her half-brothers the Τελχινες (Telkhines), Αιδως (Aedos, "Shame"), the Ερινυες (Erinyes, "Furies"), Θεμις (Themis, "Divine Law"), her uncle Μορος (Moros; "Doom"), her aunts the Κηρες (Keres; "Violent Death"), her uncle Θανατος (Thanatos; "Death"), her uncle Ὑπνος (Hypnos; "Sleep"), her uncles the Ονειροι (Oneiroi; "Dreams"), her uncle Μωμος (Momos; "Blame"), her aunt Οιζυς (Oizys; "Misery"), her aunts the Ἑσπεριδες (Hesperides; "Of the Evening"), her aunts the Μοιραι (Moirai; "Fates"), her aunt Απατη (Apate; "Deceit"), her aunt Φιλοτης (Philotes; "Friendship"), her aunt Γηρας (Geras; "Old Age"), her aunt Ερις (Eris; "Strife"), her aunt Σοφροσυνη (Sophrosyne; "Moderation"), her uncle Επιφρων (Epiphron; "Prudence"), Porphyrion, Epaphus, Miseria (Misery), her aunt Ὑβρις (Hubris; "Wantonness"), her aunt Ευφροσυνη (Euphrosyne; "Good Cheer"), her aunt Ελεος (Eleos; "Compassion"), her aunt Στυξ (Styx; "Hatred"), her uncle Αιθηρ (Aether; "Upper Air"), her aunt Ἡμερα (Hemera; "Day"), her uncle Δολος (Dolos; "Guile"), her uncle Δειμος (Deimos; "Fear"), her uncle Πονος (Ponos; "Toil"), and her aunt Pertinacia ("Obstinacy")
    Several mind-controllers: As you can imagine, mind-controlling villains are prime targets for Catspaw's particular brand of vengeance, and so she has built up a rogue's gallery full of novel ways to control minds.

    Physical Appearance: I can't draw, so I really like providing a few reference pictures and trusting in your imagination to build a good image of Catspaw. She looks like some combination of these four pictures:

    Catspaw (PL 10)
    STR 0* AGI 2 FGT 2 AWE -1
    STA 0 DEX 3 INT 1 PRE 2
    * -2 when shrunk
    Demi-Titan: Feature 1 (temporal inertia), Immunity 1 (aging), Morph 4 (any form, increased action 1: move, quirk: always has cat-eyes), Movement 3 (dimensional travel 3) • 23 points
    Fairy Sight: Illusion 5 (visual, Insight DC 15, 30 cu. ft.), Senses 11 (dimensional, low-light vision, mental divine awareness, tracking scent 2, vision counters all concealment, vision counters illusion) • 32 points
    Nemesis-born: Luck Control 5 (insidious, limited to those using me, subtle 2, uncontrolled), Weaken Abilities 1 (Will DC 11; broad, extended range 7, increased range, indirect 4, insidious, limited to those who use me, progressive, simultaneous, subtle 2, uncontrolled) • 26 points
    Werecat: Claws (Strength-based Damage 2; Toughness DC 17), Leaping 3 (60 feet), Shrinking 8 (3 pounds, 1/16 cubic foot, quirk: maximum rank only), Tail (Extra Limb 1) • 21 points
    Agile Feint; Assessment; Attractive; Daze (Deception); Diehard; Evasion; Fascinate (Deception); Favored Foe (people using me); Improved Grab (free with Extra Limb); Redirect; Taunt
    Acrobatics 9 (+11); Close Combat: Claws 2, Deception 8 (+10; +12 to deceive, seduce, or change attitude of those attracted to me; +12 or +14 v. those who use me); Expertise: Arcane Lore 6 (+7); Expertise: Art 2 (+3); Expertise: Theology & Philosophy) 2 (+3); Intimidation 0 (+2; +4 v. those who use me; -2 or 0 when shrunk); Insight 6 (+5; +7 v. those who use me); Perception 0 (-1; +1 v. those who use me); Stealth 5 (+7; +15 when shrunk)
    Initiative +2
    Claws +4: Close, Damage 2 (0 when shrunk)
    Grab +2 (+3 with all three limbs): Close, Strength/Dodge DC 10 (8 when shrunk)
    Weaken +3: Ranged, Will DC 11
    Unarmed +2: Close, Damage 0 (-2 when shrunk)
    Dodge 2 (4 to avoid area effects; 6 or 8 when shrunk)
    Fortitude 0
    Parry 2 (6 when shrunk)
    Toughness 0
    Will -1
    Ground speed rank 0 (-1 when shrunk)
    Motivation ~ Doing Good
    Power Loss: Like those of many on their father's side, Catspaw's illusions can be dispelled with the touch of cold iron. If Catspaw themself touches cold iron, all of their illusions are immediately dispelled; they would thus be unable to create new illusions until they were no longer in contact with the cold iron.
    Reputation: Though fighting on the side of the heroes, Catspaw appears on the surface to be a minion traded around by a bunch of villains.

    Power Point Totals: Abilities 18 + Powers 102 + Advantages 10 + Skills 20 = 150
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    either e/em/eir pronouns or fey/fem/fear pronouns
    {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}
    Many gods, no masters. Re-enchantment or bust!
    "So I donít even want to hear about reality. I donít want reality. Reality will only ever be exclusionary." --Aevee Bee, "Toward a Cutie Aesthetic"


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      Re: Populating a world created by someone called "Skunkheart" (that's me!)

      I can't seem to post my second character to this thread for some reason. I wonder if I can post a simple test reply like this one......
      either e/em/eir pronouns or fey/fem/fear pronouns
      {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}
      Many gods, no masters. Re-enchantment or bust!
      "So I donít even want to hear about reality. I donít want reality. Reality will only ever be exclusionary." --Aevee Bee, "Toward a Cutie Aesthetic"


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        Re: Populating a world created by someone called "Skunkheart" (that's me!)

        Professor Clive Cullen
        Colonizers have been getting the religions of those they colonized for centuries. The tradition dates back to long before the current European-dominated colonialist backwash. Professor Clive Cullen is just one more of a sadly long line. He doesn't realize it, of course ~ do they ever? ~ but then again he has a bit of an excuse. His misinterpretation somehow managed to drum up some actual magickal power. I blame chaos magick; it's got too much insight into the way the world works with too few of the imprecations to introspection that serve to water the twin ferns of morality and ethics.

        Clive began as a rather nebbish professor, with a paunch somewhat larger than the one he sports currently and stock in the company that manufactured the leather-elbowed tweed coats he loved so much. His specialty was the anthropology of religion; he'd earned his Ph.D. with a thesis exploring Middle Eastern folktales involving the interactions between the androgynous peacock-winged archangel Abbridon who was invoked to reveal truth, Lamal the Law-Giver who was another of the Three Powers of the Modrossus, and the pain demon Shatachna who was known as the Iron Queen. Specifically, Clive was fascinated by a genre of tale in which the three worked together to achieve some necessary end. Two angels and a demon, all united in the revelation of reality ~ a simply engrossing challenge to traditional moralities.

        Clive would have walked through the world this way, pipe in hand, all his life, had it not been for a chance encounter at a conference in Amherst, which introduced him to things like the quetzal bird, and Fray Diego Duran's theory that Quetzalcoatl was St. Thomas, and the huehuetlatolli, and Nezahualcoyotl's haunting meditations on the interplay between earthly pleasures and the certainty of death, and all manner of such things. Intrigued, Professor Cullen began several years of a slow, creeping total shift in his research from one continent to another. He didn't fully abandon his original research, however, turning in his spare time to the interminable and interlocking initiations of any number of magickal secret societies (he himself certainly lost count). Somewhere along the way, he even began to unlock the secrets of a couple of spells, two invoking Abbridon, two in Lamal's name, and a fifth calling Shatachna's dread power.

        He finally got himself a job at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas studying pre-Columbian Nahua religion. His explorations continued, as did the intrusions of what he thought he knew into what he was trying to learn. The ways of the teteo became twisted by interpretations founded in Middle Eastern religions and Christian theology and Freud. It's always fucking Freud, isn't it? But somewhere along the way, he had the bright idea of mixing in what he thought he knew to the thaumaturgies he'd begun to comprehend.

        Colin never understood the Aubin Codex. Not really. He thought he'd come up with a radical new interpretation of how Huitzilopochtli had stolen the Chichimeca, turned them into Mexica, and done somewhat similar with his sister's heart. It was complete bullshit, of course, but mixing it into some Hermetic practices with a lot of Nahua dressing and some plumas turned out, somehow, to have some sort of power. He discovered a spell that allowed him to harvest the motion of those whose blood he spills and concentrate it within himself, dramatically increasing his speed.

        He quickly crossed paths with the hero known as Catspaw when the two happened to be robbing the same casino museum on the same night. Dikadora was allowing herself to be used as a cat burglar by New Covenant Regulator, stealing artifacts brought to this continent in the bloody hands of the conquistadores, relics of the Lord of Peace which battered upon the heads and bodies of the Native Americans. Clive sought a tecpatl, a sacrifical obsidian knife, that was supposed to have belonged to a powerful and ancient Quetzalcoatl Totec Tlamacazqui. The two fought like a cat and a bird. Clive got away with the tecpatl, but Catspaw failed to nab the relic she sought, distracted by the fight and the failed chase. She broke back in to the casino museum that night only to find the relic gone, but that story has nothing to do with the Hummingbird Thief, as she dubbed him. I'm sure I'll get around to telling it sometime.

        Home Base: Las Vegas.
        Gender: Cismale
        Sexuality: Straight vanilla
        Romantic Identity: Monogamous aromantic

        Recurrent Foes:
        Vincenzo Sangiovanni: Vincenzo is older than the Mafia, but few people know that outside of the other vampires in the city. He fled the last gasps of the Renaissance on the mainland to Sicily, and history was made. Now he owns a casino and has a position in the Mafia far below what he deserves. He likes it that way: fewer people bothering him about the kind of minutiae the living seem to think are so important. He ran afoul of the Hummingbird Thief for the first time when he opened an Aztec-themed casino on the Strip. Clive, oblivious to his own cultural appropriation, was unduly incensed at Vincenzo's.
        Tonka Truck: This Lakota wicasa wakan comes from a post-apocalyptic future where they lead a combine of truckers supplying a wasted west with food, medical supplies, and mail service. One of the artifacts on display in one of the casinos when the bombs dropped had some sort of reaction with the radioactivity and tore a rip through time. Tonka Truck found it and came here, now, hoping to prevent his future from coming about. He claims that defeating the Hummingbird Thief is somehow part of that mission.
        Catspaw: As mentioned in Catspaw's description on my blog, they ran into each other trying to steal different things from the same museum. Since then, they have engaged off and on in, shall we say, cat and bird chases whenever they would run into each other. On more than one occasion, werecats of the Qualmi, Pumonca, and especially the Balam tribes have contacted Catspaw to task her with frustrating one of Clive's schemes or recover something he had acquired that he shouldn't have.
        The Hummingbird Thief tends to be a more straightforward opponent for Catspaw than her usual targets, as he isn't trying to exert influence against her. This sometimes comes as a relief to the werecat, but at other times feels frustrating; she has once or twice tried (and failed) to educate him out of his unconsidered racism. (PL 10)
        Ravella the Riverboat Queen: Younger than Don Sangiovanni, but immortal nonetheless, she began making big bets and keeping cards up her sleeve on the Mississippi some 200 years ago or so. Her death was gambled away to a demon, and so she's still kicking aorund. Ravella's come to love the thrill. She'll bet on anything, with anyone ~ as long as it's big enough, and she's been around to see some big pots. Catspaw had heard of her and called her in to challenge the Hummingbird Thief to a game of cards with his knowledge of the Nahua at stake. Ravella still hasn't forgiven him for winning.
        Trademark: Pierce Draper, the dream-controlling advertising agent, sees lots of value in the Hummingbird Thief and his image. At first, he simply appropriated the Hummingbird Thief as a mascot, seeding dreams throughout the nation of him wearing various brands of shoes and other clothing. Clive did not take well to such non-academic fame, which led to Trademark trying again, but this time to advertise a line of children's books about the Aztecs. That fell apart over arguments about money. Mr. Draper had the most success when trying to use his powers to "convince" Professor Cullen to film commercials for his clients. The relationship between the two has continued in this fashion, with contentious alliance after contentious alliance.
        La Malinchista: UFO abductions don't just happen in the States. Concepcion Lopez is one such abductee; it was the scariest moment in her life. Concepcion's proudest moment was when her daughter, Marina, joined the AEM. Little did she know that this would bring Marina into contact with the species that implanted her within Concepcion's egg. Falling in love over interstellar radio with one of the aliens, Marina agreed to serve as the invading force's agent on Earth, preparing it for easier conquest as the supervillain La Malinchista. Area 51 was part of that plan, so she emigrated to the US, where she ran afoul of both Corporal Cadmus and the Hummingbird Thief. The first was because of her mission, the second because of how poorly he treated the culture of her ancestors.

        Recurrent Allies:
        Emberwight: Professor Cullen might be over-focused on (his interpretations of) Huitzilopochtli-as-hummingbird, but he hasn't forgotten that he was also a sun god, or had been raised to such exalted status by the cihuacoatl Tlacaelel I. This has led him to team up from time to time with the fiery ghost Emberwight. Usually, he allows Emberwight to possess him, allowing them to combine both the Hummingbird Thief's superspeed and Emberwight's control over flames. They often go by the name of Solar Flare in this form.
        either e/em/eir pronouns or fey/fem/fear pronouns
        {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}
        Many gods, no masters. Re-enchantment or bust!
        "So I donít even want to hear about reality. I donít want reality. Reality will only ever be exclusionary." --Aevee Bee, "Toward a Cutie Aesthetic"