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  • My Junk Drawer of Builds.

    Neutron. - A Energy Controller.

    Tachyon. - A Cybernetic Speedster. ( If Deadpool, Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, Quicksilver, Professor Zoom and Lobo all had a love child. :shock: )

    Lightweight. - A Character for Teen Heroes/Wild Cards/Paragons campaigns.
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    Re: My Junk Drawer of Builds.

    Real Name: Lloyd Edward Price.
    Alias: LP.
    Profession: Former handyman turned full time superhero.
    Gender: Male.
    Ethnicity: African American.
    Age: 32.
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 190 lbs.
    Hair: Black (almost always shaved bald).
    Eyes: Black.
    Place Of Birth: Freedom City, USA.
    Religion: Baptist.
    Identity: Public.
    Group Affiliation: Independent.
    Base Of Operations: Freedom City.
    Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record.
    Marital Status: Divorced.
    Family: Walter (father, deceased), Glenda (mother, deceased), Devin (son), Tanya (ex-wife).
    Education: High School Graduate.
    Quote: "It's time to be a hero!"
    Power Level - 10
    Power Points - 150
    Hero Point - 1
    Concept - Energy Controller.
    Bodycast - Israel Idonije.
    Celebrity Voiceover - Michael Dorn.
    Theme Song:

    Abilities -

    Strength - 3
    Stamina - 3
    Agility - 3
    Dexterity - 0
    Fighting - 3
    Intellect - 0
    Awareness - 2
    Presence - 3

    Advantages - All-out Attack, Benefit 1 (Status - As a publicly known superhero), Defensive Attack, Evasion 2, Favored Environment (Airborne), Instant Up, Interpose, Precise Attack 1 (Ranged, Cover), Teamwork.

    Skills - Ranged Combat: Energy Control (Plasma) 5 (+0), Expertise - Current Events 6 (+0), Intimidation 7 (+10), Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 4 (+7), Insight 4 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+7).

    Powers - Note - All powers have the Plasma Descriptor.

    Energy Control (Plasma) Array (25 points) with 3 Alternate Effects. =

    Base power - Pinpoint Blast - Ranged Damage (Plasma) 12, Extra - Precise. (25 pp)

    Alternate Effect - Energy Manipulation - Deflect 12, Extras - Reflect, Redirect. Flaw - Limited to energy attacks. (1 pp)

    Alternate Effect - Neutrino Energy Burst - Burst Area Damage (Plasma) 10, Extra - Penetrating 4. (1 pp)

    Alternate Effect - Dazzle - Ranged Affliction 12, (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware), Extra - Cumulative, Flaw - Limited to one sense (vision). (1 pp)

    Energy Immunity - Immunity 5 (Plasma damage). (5 pp)

    Plasma Force Field - Protection 10, Extra - Sustained. (10 pp)

    Energy Sense - Senses (Mental) 1 (Energy Type Awareness). (1 pp)

    Plasma Energy Form - Insubstantial 3 (Plasma), Flaw - Activation (Move Action). (14 pp)

    Flight 7 (250 mph, 2640 ft/Rd.). (14 pp)

    Offense - Initiative +3, Energy Control +5, Unarmed +3, Grab +3, Ranged Damage 12, Burst Area Damage 10, Dazzle 12 (Resistance Check = Fort. vs 22), Close Damage 3.

    Defense - Dodge +4/7, Parry +2/5, Fortitude +5/8, Toughness +3/*13, Will +6/8

    * - Only when Plasma Force Field is activated.

    Complications -

    Motivation (Responsibility) = Neutron is quite aware of the potential collateral damage his powers can cause and so must control himself during combats. He also tries to be as heroic as possible, hoping to set a good example for the people of America.

    Motivation (Acceptance) = Despite his fame and good deeds, Neutron is regarded as a "sell out" by many if not most of the people in the West End area in Freedom City, his hometown. Thus he seeks to gain their respect.

    Fame = Neutron's "secret" identity as Lloyd E. Price is well known across the country and thus must deal with the pressures and problems that fame often brings.

    Relationships = Several people define Lloyd's life for better or worse -

    Tanya Cooper (ex-wife), Devin (8 year old son). Though divorced and rarely sees his son, Neutron still looks after their best interests.

    Corrina Cadeau ( His agent. See history below.).

    Reverend Darren Morris ( His pastor in the Holy Divinity Church back home in The West End. Neutron counts him as a close friend and adviser although he does not go to the church as often as he would have liked, not wanting to bring trouble to the church such as supervillains seeking vengeance or pesky paparazzi.)

    Enemy = Blackstar (from the Cosmic Handbook pages 101-104). He and Neutron had clashed several times and are bitter foes. Blackstar had made the enmity between them even worse by publicly threatening to kill Neutron's son.

    Powers -

    Neutron can create, shape and manipulate plasma, a state of matter consisting of highly ionized and super heated white gaseous-like energy of low density. He uses the plasma for various effects such as creating an energy blast similar to heat lasers or to release the blast over a wider area, a glowing plasma force field around his body and intensely bright bursts of light.

    Neutron can also transform his entire body into pure plasma energy and can even manipulate other forms of energy by channeling and altering its direction. This type of energy manipulation also allows him to fly.

    Neutron can resist plasma energy damage including his own and has a kind of "sixth sense" for detecting types of energy nearby.

    Neutron in his plasma energy form:

    History -

    Lloyd Price never seemed to have all the lucky breaks after high school especially living in The West End neighborhood of Freedom City despite a promising career in football. But the talent scouts who sometimes attended the high school football games never bothered with Lloyd. Not affording a college education was one strike against him while holding down menial jobs to barely make ends meet was another. Facing a bitter (and costly) divorce and child custody battle, Lloyd swallowed his pride and took a shady job with no questions asked for a equally shady company called PureTek.

    Lloyd was supposed to transport some containers of toxic waste to an illegal dump site. He was led to believe by his employers that it was somewhere at sea, far off the coast of Freedom City. But when he found out the site was actually located at Hawkins Lawn, a public park right near the Trinity Hospital in West End, he outright refused to continue and go along with the whole damn thing and threatened to go to the police...

    ...And almost got his body riddled with bullets for his noble though rash defiance as he quickly jumped out the way. There was an sudden explosion, some glowing goo from the ruptured steel drum canisters, intense white-hot energy...then screams as Lloyd suddenly hovered in mid air and then flew straight at the gunmen in rage, his body glowing with the same intense white energies.

    To this day, no one not even Lloyd knew how he gained superpowers (was it because of the radiation of the toxic waste, latent mutant genes or something else entirely?) but he knew after talking to his pastor he was given them for a reason. He helped the FBI and the city's district attorney turned states evidence against PureTek and shut down their illegal operations.

    Shortly afterwards Lloyd made his first public appearance as Neutron (He had chosen the name at the last minute, based on his misunderstanding on how energy physics actually worked.) when he saved several people from the deadly Blackstar who nearly caused an downtown office building to collapse on them while attempting to steal a prototype portable energy cell. They fought each other to a standstill before Blackstar fled the area when AEGIS agents showed up in force.

    One of the civilians he had saved was an aspiring fashion designer/advertising consultant named Corrina Cadeau who in gratitude created a new black and white costume for Neutron to replace the drab hooded leather duster and khakis ensemble he was wearing during the fight with Blackstar.

    She also made him her first client for her new PR company, CC Promotions, promoting and licensing his name and image for endorsements such as his own comic book series in Castle Comics and the Neutronix Wheat Pops™ breakfast cereal and Neutron Energy Drink™ from the Fordham Foods company.

    Of course most of the money he makes goes to various charities throughout the country and to his family while saving just enough to support himself.

    While Lloyd was not entirely comfortable with all of this somewhat shameless media exposure and knows that other superheroes would (perhaps rightly) accuse him of being a corporate shill, he reluctantly realized that given the present day and age of constant web blogs, one needed all the good press one can get.

    Personality -

    Even though he has fame and fortune, Neutron remains at heart a stoic and level headed hero and so far resisted the lure of materialism which killed the minds and souls of other commercially endorsed superheroes a dollar at a time. Neutron can come across as an old fashioned stick in the mud, a throwback to the days where having superpowers meant responsibility not entitlement but that's how Neutron rolls. He doesn't agree with everything he is made to do for the sake of publicity but he has enough dignity to turn down offers if they even remotely had a hint of illegality.

    Behind closed doors however, he lives a life of lonely solitude. Neutron knows that any woman interested in him just wants his money (most of which he gives away to charity.) and hoping that fame would rub off them so he keeps his distance. He doesn't know what to make of all this. From out of abject poverty, he has become one of the most recognized superhumans in the country, a role model for thousands of kids. People who wouldn't given him the spare change from their pockets now envy him. He can go anywhere, do anything. For once he can look down on the world and everyone else is looking up.

    But he found that fame was a unbearable prison and because he is often hounded by adoring fans, sleazy managers wanting him to sign on the dotted lines of numerous contracts and supervillains looking to make their mark on history by fighting or killing Neutron, he sometimes wishes he was a nobody.

    But as long as the world needs him, then he'll be ready as ever even if it means posing for autographed selfies.

    Abilities - 34, Powers - 72, Advantages - 10, Skills - 17, Defenses - 17, = 150 total.
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      Re: My Junk Drawer of Builds.

      Tachyon PL 9 (150 Power Points)

      Real Name: Aileen Baker
      Alias: The Memphis Belle, Ally, Tachy (pronounced tacky)
      Race/Origin: Human. Caucasian/Cyborg - Artificial Limb and Organ.
      Occupation: (Former) waitress, (Current) part time superhero and aspiring country music singer.
      Age: 25
      Height: 5' 6"
      Weight: 130 lbs.
      Hair: Blond
      Eyes: Blue
      Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee.
      Family: Leigh (daughter), Buford (father), Bella (mother), Pappy Moe (grandfather), Buck (uncle), Dottie (aunt), Big Jeb (uncle), Clara Puckett (aunt), Josh, Billy Joe and Little Ronny (brothers), Linda and Tammy Sue (sisters), Jesse Calhoun, Bubba, Lulabelle, Clyde, Floyd, Annie May, Wally, Zeke (cousins), Daniel Foreman ( aka The White Knight, cousin)*, Leroy Owens (ex husband), Colonel (USMC) Curtis Owens (father in law).
      Legal status: American citizen with a minor criminal record (Drunk driving, speeding, public indecency, disturbing the peace and other misdemeanors.)
      Marital status: Divorced.
      Religion: Methodist. (She hasn't attended church in years.)
      Level of education: High school dropout at the eighth grade although she still has a diploma via an GED program.(Actually she bribed someone to take the classes and final exam for her while she partied at New Orleans during Mardi Gras.)
      Base of Operations: Formerly Memphis, Tennessee. Currently mobile (pun intended).
      Group Affiliation:
      Identity: Publicly known.
      Quote: "Y'all as slow as molasses, sugah. I be adoin' this all day wit' mah eyes closed."
      Character Concept: Failing at everything superhero who needs to get her act together.
      Hero Point: 1
      Theme Song:
      Celebrity Bodycast: Amber Heard.
      Celebrity Voiceover: Lenore Zann ( Voice Actress of Rogue from the X-Men 1990's animated series.)

      Strength 2
      Stamina 2
      Agility 5
      Dexterity 3
      Fighting 4
      Intellect 0
      Awareness 2
      Presence 2

      Advantages: Agile Feint, Evasion, Instant Up, Interpose, Move-By Action (5 pp)

      Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+11), Athletics 8 (+10), Perception 4 (+6), Close Combat (unarmed) 6 (+10), Expertise 10 - Singing (+10), Expertise 6 - Current Events (+6), Insight 4 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+6) (24 pp)


      Quick Change: Feature 1 (transform into costume as a free action) (1 pp)

      Super Speed - Movement 3 (Wall-crawling 2, Water Walking), Limited to While Moving; Quickness 10; Speed 15 (64,000 MPH) (28 pp)

      "Too fast fer y'all slowpokes!" - Enhanced Dodge 8, Enhanced Parry 8, Enhanced Advantages 3 (Defensive Roll 2, Improved Initiative 1) (19 pp)

      Speedster Stunts - Array (20 points) Base Power: Rapid Attack: Multiattack (Strength Based Damage) 6, Accurate 2, Selective (20 pp)

      Alternate Effect - Cowgirl Shuffle: Insubstantial 4 (1 pp)

      Alternate Effect - Squaredancin' Spin: Cumulative Affliction 9 Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Accurate 2 (1 pp)

      Alternate Effect - Lightning Disarm: Burst Area on Strength for Disarming, Selective. 2 Ranks (maximum rank equal to Strength) (1 pp) (23 pp)

      Offense: Initiative +9. Grab: +2. Unarmed: +10. Close, Damage: +2. Rapid Attack: Close, Damage 6, Multiattack 6, Selective 6, Accurate 2

      Defenses: Dodge +5/+13, Parry +4/+12, Fortitude +7, Toughness +2/+4*, Will +7 (10 pp)

      * - With Defensive Roll.


      Temper: Tachyon always has something of a short fuse (pun intended) and tends to act impatient and impulsive against those who move slower than she is (almost everybody except her daughter).

      Relationships: Her family (see above). While sometimes she is not on very good terms with them, they are still family and she tries to help them out if she can. Also her two year daughter, Leigh occupies much of her time when she is not "superheroing".

      Addiction: Tachyon always has a serious hankerin' for caffeine and alcohol. (Not necessarily in that order.)

      Enemy: Her "Hit Parade Of Crooks!", a sort of rogue gallery of bad guys who always want to beat up on or even kill Tachyon. The Parade includes: Bulldog and Tailgator (From Watchguard), Professor Jackanapes (From Threat Report. "Ah mean what in tarnation is it with the idea of speedsters and talkin' evil monkeys? Is it one of those Chocolate and Crunchy Peanut Butter combos fanboys dream up?"), White Knight (rarely!) and Goanna (From Freedom City) and the Thieves' Guild (The Bola, the Firebug, the Huckster, Looking Glass, the Mad Maple, the Weather Mistress. From the core rulebook, deluxe edition.)

      Reputation: Reckless speedster with a stereotypical redneck attitude problem out for glory, fame and especially wealth instead of fighting the good fight.

      Power Loss: The cybernetic limbs are subject to severe damage from intense magnetic attacks and they also need constant repairs, parts and maintenance from the Promethean Institute.

      Disability: Without her cybernetic limbs, she cannot walk much less move.

      Secrets: Tachyon secretly distrusts and dislikes most superhumans though she manages to keep a smiling face and act like a southern belle albeit one with anger issues when fighting alongside them (one must not look bad in front of the media). Also one of her kin is the infamous superpowered racist White Knight (Aileen and Danny Boy still fight over the TV remote at their very infrequent family gatherings like Thanksgiving). Both are aware of each other's identities and make a serious effort to avoid one another.

      Abilities: 40, Skills: 24, Powers: 71, Advantages: 5, Defenses: 10 = 150 pp total.


      One wouldn't blame himself at keeping an wary eye on Aileen Baker despite her occasional good deeds. She grew up in Nashville, the center of country western music and like so many girls with stars in their eyes, she wanted to make it in the big city as a country singer while she was waiting on tables at the local Chili's restaurant.

      Until the car accident which made her a paraplegic... So she was driving drunk and texting at the time. It was the other guy who ran that red light and wrecked her daddy's station wagon who was really responsible!

      Her good for nothing husband, Leroy, a state trooper left her and their baby daughter for another woman and in desperation to pay the mounting medical bills, Aileen had agreed (against her family's wishes) to be part of an statewide medical experiment sponsored by the Promethean Institute, a private think tank based out in Memphis to help the physically handicapped by surgically implanting cybernetic components directly inside limbs (or so they said).

      Of course, in her eagerness to walk again (and getting the money offered to her), Aileen didn't bother to read the fine print...

      Roughly 57% of the organs, tissues and bones of both Aileen's arms and legs were replaced by mechanized parts instead merely operating on just her legs which she was initially led to believe but she found that she couldn't do a thing about it as she already signed the legally binding contract allowing the Institute to do what they wished to her body. At least the scientists covered the limbs with a special synthetic polymer which closely resembled human skin and linked to the nerve ends of the few organs (muscles and tendons) still left in her limbs that allowed Aileen to touch and feel things.

      While the Institute's board of directors did not anticipate her survival after a few days of wearing the implants due to the high chance that her body might violently reject them, no one not even they realized that not only Aileen had survived with no side effects whatsoever but there was the unexpected things from the implants that happened right after the surgery as well like the time when Aileen was suddenly jogging a bit too fast and almost colliding upon a wall at a very high speed (nearly 100 MPH) in the Institute's gymnasium.

      Silas Moore, the Director in charge of the Promethean Institute and its chief scientist found out what was happening and after learning that the experiments could never be repeated with other volunteers (test subjects really; luckily, the Institute had its own morgue complete with incinerators...), decided to expose Aileen to further field testing by having her become a superhero and promoting the Institute's best interests by being its public spokesperson.

      Aileen of course was reluctant. She wanted to be famous to be sure but to become a famous freak like those muties she often saw on TV? No way!

      But Moore was nothing if not persuasive, stating that as the cybernetic parts were the legal property of the Promethean Institute, they would by all rights have them removed and then have Aileen thrown out onto the streets while at the same time making certain that she will be sued for breach of contract. At least by going along with the plan, she can have free room and board in the Institute premises and financial support for her daughter as well as regular maintenance and repairs on the implants by some of the best technicians in the state if needed.

      It took Aileen only one second to think about all this and say: "Deal, but i want a few of those big fancy plasmee tvs fer me and mah family and hooked up with all the cable channels like Netflix."

      "That's Plasma, my dear Ms. Baker and of course we at the Institute can provide a entire package. 400+ channels..." began Dr. Moore before Aileen held up a hand to shush him.

      "Quit yer gabbin', Doc. Ya had me at plasmatic."

      The next few weeks were like a literary blur (no pun intended) as Aileen was subjected to more tests and was given the codename of Tachyon which to her sounded like a type of vacuum cleaner; she much preferred White Lightning but was overruled. Tachyon was even given a spot in a television commercial endorsing products such as the short lived Tachyonize@ brand of personalized sports gear, all under the aegis of the Promethean Institute.

      But her arrogance and crass sense of commercialism made her unpopular with the general public and many "traditional" superheroes where she became "the bad girl" almost everyone loved to hate, especially on internet blogs where she is paradoxically both adored and loathed. More celebrity than a real heroine to many people, Tachyon wasn’t really taken seriously. Not by the public, nor by her sponsors from Promethean, and especially not by her opponents. The recording contracts she was expecting from the Country Western Music Industry never came her way. Worse, Tachyon's impulsive, erratic behavior was scaring her little daughter, Leigh and alienating the rest of her family. Tachyon to her credit had noticed all this and tries to change her attitude with mixed results.


      Tachy is a simple country gal with a taste for hot food, cold drinks (a hell of a lot of drinks) and having a grand ole' time. That being said Aileen Baker suffers from what could be charitably called “personality deficit disorder.” In other words, she is a jerk (or more crudely according to her many detractors, "A Real Grade-A B@#%h!"). She has an uncanny ability to rub everyone she encounters the wrong way.

      Perversely proud of her trailer park background and southern ways, she is arrogant, impulsive, stubborn, impatient, rude, crude, flirtatious, shallow, greedy, selfish and self centered as well as borderline intolerant toward what she calls the "Miscellaneous Races" (a polite politically correct way of saying she's mildly racist). Since getting her implants, those attitudes had gotten even worse as well as making her more foolhardy and reckless. But despite all her faults, Tachy isn't at heart a cruel or evil person and never willingly wants to hurt anyone (even muties) unless she loses her temper.

      While many people don't like her much, just as many people are endeared to her southern belle like charms and brutal honesty. Plus she has a great singing voice though she rarely has a chance to put her talent to good use except in karaoke bars.

      Outside her "job", when she gets a chance to spend time with her family, one can be amazed on how much the egotistical Tachyon can be a warm, loving woman toward her kin, especially to her little daughter Leigh. (though those crazy enough to be that nosy to sneak around the Baker residence is going to have to face an angry mob armed to the teeth with pitchforks, torches, rifles and rope and led by a even angrier Tachy which several paparazzi found out to their painful regret.)


      - "Mah Family, the Bakers."

      Leigh is her primary reason that she is doing all this silly cosplaying (that and having to walk again) which fuels Tachyon's two private fears: 1. losing her child and 2. being broke and becoming a cripple again.

      Growing up poor has had a profound effect on Tachyon and she has privately promised herself that she and her daughter will never lack for money again.

      The hero business is exactly that - a business - to her. She's interested primarily in the potential for financial gain in any enterprise, and is always on the lookout for new ways to cash in on her powers though she is often too naive to follow more complicated plans. Those she leaves up to her sponsors.

      Superheroes who are motivated primarily by altruism or a search for justice are oftentimes offended by Tachyon's mercenary approach to heroing.

      She doesn't much care. In her mind, many so called "heroes' can afford to be smug altruists when they are not paying their own bills.

      Notes: * - yes That White Knight and no he's not a undead fire demon (well not yet anyway).
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        Re: My Junk Drawer of Builds.


        PL 6, 90 Power Points

        Real Name: Erin Murphy
        Alias: Feather
        Race/Origin: Human/Caucasian
        Occupation: High school student; star pitcher and shortstop for the school softball team, the Ravens.
        Age: 14
        Height: 5' 7"
        Weight: 98 lbs.
        Hair: Blond
        Eyes: Brown
        Birthplace: St Louis, Missouri.
        Family: Charles (father), Debra (mother).
        Legal status: American citizen with no criminal record, still a minor.
        Marital status: NA
        Religion: Roman Catholic
        Level of education: High school student.
        Base of Operations:
        Group Affiliation:
        Identity: Secret.
        Quote: "Oh, lighten up!"
        Character Concept: Gravity controller
        Hero Point: 1
        Theme Song:
        Celebrity Bodycast: Ashlea Rae
        Celebrity Voiceover: The same as above.

        STR 0
        STA 0
        AGL 1
        DEX 2
        FGT 0
        INT 0
        AWE 0
        PRE 1

        Advantages: Equipment 1(Smartphone), Grabbing Finesse, Instant Up, Throwing Mastery 1. (4 pp)

        Skills: Athletics 6 (+6), Expertise: Campaign City 2 (+2), Expertise: Current Events 8 (+8), Expertise: Popular Culture 8 (+8), Expertise: Softball Player 6 (+6), Expertise: Sports Trivia 8 (+8), Persuasion 6 (+7). (22 pp)


        Note: All of Lightweight's powers has the Weight Descriptor - Page 72 of the Power Profiles book.

        Feature: Erin can reduce gravity on relatively small masses (Rank -5 or less), making them float weightlessly so long as she maintains the effect. (1 pp)

        Gravity Control - Array (24 pp) Base power - Nullifying Gravity Field: Burst Area Move Object 12, Limited to lifting upwards, Limit = Close Range ( Must touch object to activate power).

        Alternate Effect - Nauseate - Affliction (Resisted by Fortitude, Impaired, Stunned, Incapacitated Conditions) 7. Limit = Close Range (Must touch subjects) (1 pp) (25 pp)

        Gravitic Deflect - Burst Area Deflect 10, Limit = Must be able to perceive what she trying to "deflect". (Bullets move far too fast for her to see.) (10 pp)

        Gravitic Immunity: Immunity 2 (Gravity Effects) (2 pp)

        Low-G Leap: Leaping 5 (250 Feet) (5 pp)

        Low-G Lifting: Enhanced Strength 5 (1,600 lbs), Limited to lifting. (5 pp)

        Free Fall: Movement (Safe Fall). (2 pp) (50 pp)


        Motivation - (Doing good).

        Relationships - Her parents, Charles Murphy who is a lawyer and Debra Murphy, a CPA. Her best friend, Arlene Cross who knows about Erin's special powers.

        Combat: Offense: Init +1, Grab +2, Unarmed +0 (Damage 0). Defense: Dodge 2, Parry 2, Fort 2, Tou 0, Will 1.

        Totals: Abilities 8 + Powers 50 + Advantages 4 + Skills 22 + Defenses 6 = 90 pp.


        Erin Murphy was an average teen tomboy when her power to manipulate gravity recently manifested during a softball practice game with her team, the Ravens. In her excitement, Erin patted her friend, Arlene on the back and suddenly Arlene was floating helplessly a half dozen feet in the air for a few seconds before landing on the ground. Fortunately there was no real damage done and no one else was around to see the event. The two girls agreed to keep this a secret between them while Erin learned to control her power and figured out what to do with it.


        Erin has the power to influence gravity in a localized field around her by lowering the effects of gravity or mass on objects by touching them. For example by reducing an object’s weight, it makes things easier to lift (giving Erin apparent superhuman strength) or even causing lighter objects to have a negative weight and “fall” upwards to the limits of her power’s range, which extends 30 feet from her. Also by reducing their weight, Lightweight can deflect slow-moving solid projectiles within 30 feet of her, provided she can see them. Bullets are a problem for her as they move too fast for her to see.

        By lowering the effects of gravity on herself, Lightweight can leap great distances, up to fifty times normal for a girl of her strength. Theoretically, she could “leap” an unlimited height upwards (by giving herself a negative weight) but she doesn’t for fear she would catapult herself out of the breathable atmosphere. At the same time, in lowering her mass Erin can also fall from almost any height without harm, landing as light as a feather

        Lightweight has learned to focus her gravity power to upset a person’s inner-ear balance by touching them, causing temporary disorientation, vertigo and nausea.

        By lightening weight or mass, Erin also discovered that her powers has given the small objects she touches and holds in her hands the extra momentum to travel faster and farther than ever before. (This is reflected in the Throwing Mastery Advantage as well as her considerable skill as a softball player.)