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  • Second Attempt Original Concept: Marshall

    Name: Marshall
    Identity: Michael Song and Liam Winthrup
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26 (Michael Li)
    Height: 5'9" (6' 2" as Winthrup)
    Weight: 175 (210 as Winthrup)
    Eyes: Brown (Blue as Winthrup)
    Hair: Brown
    Group Affiliation: NA
    Base of Operations: House
    Power Level: 10
    Power Points Total: 150


    Str: 0
    Agl: 0
    Fgt: -1
    Awa: 2
    Sta: 2
    Dex: 0
    Int: 1
    Pre: 0


    Dodge: 0 + 2
    Parry: -1 + 5
    Fortitude: 2 + 7 + 3 (3 pp)
    Toughness: 2 + 7 + 6 + 1 (1 pp)
    Will: 5

    Winthrup's Colt +14 ranged, damage 6
    Winthrup's Noose (Stamina) +6 close, Weaken Stamina Rank 10
    Winthrup's Noose (Affliction) +6 close, Affliction Rank 10 (Fear, Immobile, Incapacitated) cumulative


    Comprehend Spirits rank 2 (4 pp)

    Winthrup's Colt Single Action Army .45 cal (17 pp)
    -Blast (Necromantic Bullets) 6 ranks (12pp)
    --affects insubstantial (2 pp)
    --multiattack (6 pp)
    --Homing 1 rank (1 pp)
    -Removable (-4 pp)

    Winthrup's Noose (24 pp)
    -Weaken Stamina 10 ranks (10 pp)
    --Progressive (20 pp)
    -Alt Effect: Affliction 10 ranks (10 pp) (+1 for alt)
    --fear, immobile, incapacitated
    --cumulative (10 pp)
    --Alt Resist by will
    -Removable (tied to colt) (-6 pp)

    Winthrup's Clothes (86 pp)
    -Enhanced Trait (66 pp abilities + 8 pp Advantages + 18 pp skills)
    --str 3
    --agl 2
    --fgt 5
    --awe 4
    --sta 7
    --dex 10
    --pre 2
    --Advantages: All-out attack, Improved critical (16-20, colt), Precise attack (ranged- conceled and cover), Quick draw (8 pp)
    --Athletics 4
    --Close Combat (Noose) 2
    --Expertise (criminal) 6
    --Insight 4
    --Intimidation 8
    --Investigation 2
    --Perception 6
    --Ranged Combat (Colt) 4 (18 pp)
    -protection 6 ranks (6 pp)
    -Regeneration 5 ranks (5 pp)
    --persistent (5 pp)
    -Removable (tied to colt) (-22 pp)

    Advantages (3 pp)
    Equipment (15 points) (3pp)

    Motivation: Excitement (Michael)
    Motivation: Breaking the curse (Liam)
    Secret Identity
    Possession (When using the Colt, Michael is not in control)
    Haunted by ghosts (Michael attracts them)

    Car (10 equip points)
    house (0 ep)
    computer (1 ep)
    cell phone (1 ep)
    Multi-tool (1 ep)
    Garage (1 ep)
    Security System DC 20 (1 ep)

    Skills (total, ability, ranks, other)
    Acrobatics (x,0/2,0,0)
    Athletics (0/7,0/3,0/4,0)
    Close-Combat (Noose) (0/6,-1/4,0/2,0)
    Close-Combat (Unarmed) (0/4,-1/4,0,0)
    Deception (0/2,0/2,0,0)
    Expertise (Buisness) (5,1,4,0)
    Expertise (Criminal) (x/7,1,0/6,0)
    Insight (0/10,2/6,0/4,0)
    Intimidation (0/10,0/2,0/8,0)
    Investigation (x/3,1,0/2,0)
    Perception (2/12,2/6,0/6,0)
    Persuasion (0/2,0/2,0,0)
    Ranged Combat (Colt) (0/14,0/10,0/4,0)
    Sleight of hand (x/x,0/10,0,0)
    Stealth (0/2, 0/2, 0,0)
    Technology (3,1,2,0)
    Treatment (x,1,0,0)
    Vehicles (2/12,0/10,2,0)

    This is the first character I have made with the advice from Nunya. (The other characters were made before I published that first one.) With his/her advice in mind, I made sure the effect and attack modifiers were as close to maxed out as I could manage. I also loved this character concept. It was fun to build.

    Liam Winthrup was a corporal in the confederate army. When the south lost, Liam Winthrup, Reed Taylor, Everett Patterson, and Cathrine Blythe joined together to form the Pickett's Gang. This gang moved west while stealing, conning, and occasionally offering their services to take out worse criminals. This continued for about a year until they came upon several families of sharecroppers in Louisiana. Somehow, the families had gotten a hold of four valuable items: A gold topped cane, an abalone vanity box, an ivory handled union sword, and a silver inlaid colt. While planning on how to rob the sharecroppers, they were hired to find three missing girls. After a short amount of investigation, they came upon a swamp cabin. Inside was a drifter and the bodies of the three girls. Before they told anyone about the drifter, Reed realized that they could kill two birds with one stone. Frame the sharecroppers for the murdered girls, take the valuables from their homes, and get paid for the job. The Pickett's Gang agreed.

    Estelle White was twelve when the mob came onto their property. Three dead girls were found in their well with what passed as voodoo marks drawn on their bodies. Her mother shoved her under the bed where she hid while men dragged her mother, brother, and father away. She watched as they beat her family. She listened to them cry as they were hung. And she watched as the Pickett's Gang broke into her house and ransacked the place. They rooted around until they found her fathers colt and her mothers vanity. All the while she listened to them laugh about how easy it was to frame her family. Estelle had been trained in actual hoodoo and decided that she should show these thieves what it is capable of. When the Pickett's Gang fell asleep, drunk, Estelle snuck in and took clothing, hair, anything she could. She cursed them and left a note telling them of what she did. "You killed my family so you could possess your treasures. Now when you die, your treasures will possess you.

    Liam and the rest of the Pickett Gang didn't take the letter seriously. They put a mild search out, but knew no one would believe the girl if she talked. Six months later, Everett Patterson was shot in a batched burglary. The gang watched as his soul was ripped out of his body, screaming, into his cane. Realizing the curse was real, Cathrine tried to rid herself of the cursed item and left for Wyoming. The vanity followed her. Reed decided that if he was going to permanently die and reside within the sword, then he would ensure that the sword was put to good use. He joined a scalping crew. Liam decided that he was going to find a way to break the curse. It took five years of searching, all the while he backtracked through their old haunts. He saw the families he destroyed, ripped off, and left for dead. By the time he found Estelle, he couldn't pull the trigger on the gun he stole from her. He knew he deserved his punishment. He begged her anyway. Begged that he be spared. Swore that he had changed and that he would fix everything. Estelle just asked how he intended to fix her dead family.

    Liam went to Texas. Instead of trying to skirt the law, he now upheld it. He hoped that if he did enough good, that maybe God or someone would give him reprieve from his just punishment. He worked as a peacekeeper and later a marshal. One day in July of 1878, Liam was asked to go to New Mexico to calm down the local populace and maintain civility if necessary. When he arrived, the battle of Lincoln was underway. He tried to make the combatants stop shooting each other. He was rewarded by being shot six times by Billy the kid. His soul was ripped from his body and trapped in his colt.

    The colt passed from collector to collector over time. Eventually it ended up in an estate sale. Michael Song was asked to organize the sale, but the owner didn't want to pay the companies fees. Michael noticed the colt, and being an old west aficionado, told the client that he would wave the fees and half the commission if he could keep the gun. The owner agreed and when the sale finished, Michael went home with his prize. Michael was born a medium and what that meant mostly was that spirits would bother him. Frequently. Largely this didn't affect his work, but every-so-often he was seen talking to the air in yet another attempt to get some ghost to shut up. On the day of the estate sale, he touched the gun and found himself possessed by Liam.

    Liam Winthrup finally had a chance to free himself from this curse with the body of Michael. This was the first chance he had had in over 100 years and he was not about to give it up. Michael fought him and eventually freed himself. Before he could put the accursed gun back into its case, Liam pleaded with Michael. He told Michael the while story. His time with the Pickett Gang, the frame job, the curse, his time as a marshall, everything. Michael sat enthralled at this piece of history. It was like a dream come true. He had the weapon and soul of a gunslinger. He could live a life as an actual gunslinger, just like the movies. He agreed to help Liam break his curse, but only if he helped him live his dream as a hero, a cowboy, a Marshall.


    He is intended to be used as a RP heavy cowboy. Right now, he is just a great range character, but with more pp, he could get other ghost abilities like incorporeal. While the gun is removable, I decided against making it easily removable because so much of this characters effectiveness relies on possession of the colt. In game, I imagine this is because a strong magical force binds the two together and that it would take magic to separate that two.

    Once again, thoughts?
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