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First attempt at a villain (Pathos)

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  • First attempt at a villain (Pathos)

    Name: Pathos (Based upon Puppetman from Wild Cards)
    Identity: Carl Hausmann
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 170
    Eyes: green
    Hair: Blonde/brown (dirty blonde)
    Group Affiliation: US Senete
    Base of Operations: Mansion
    Power Level: 10
    Power Points Total: 150


    Str: 0
    Agl: 0
    Awa: 8
    Sta: 1
    Dex: -1
    Int: 4
    Pre: 12


    Dodge: 0
    Parry: -1
    Fortitude: 1
    Toughness: 3/1
    Will: 8

    Stun gun -1 Affliction electrical, close
    Unarmed -1 Close Damage 0
    Mind Control +8 Ranged Will save Cumulative (dazed, compelled, controlled) Emotions only


    Mind Control 8 ranks
    -Feature - Grants a 'mark' on targets the frst time ability succeeds
    -Feature - Marked individuals do not need to be visible (distance rank 4)
    -Flaw - Unmarked individuals need to be in physical skin on skin contact.
    -Flaw - Only controls emotions
    -Extended range - +2
    -Subtle 2 ranks

    Languages (English and Spanish)
    Benefit - Wealth 4 (Multi-millionaire)
    Minion (3 secret service agents 75 pp each)
    Equipment 25 points

    Sitting US Senetor
    Popular and Famous
    Split-Personality (Carl and Pathos)
    Sadistic - Pathos is driven to cause suffering (he 'feeds' on it)
    Uneasy truce - Pathos helps Carl as long as he is 'fed'
    Skeletons - While hidden well, he has many dead bodies in his past.

    Cell phone
    stun gun (5 pts)
    undercover shirt (toughness +2)
    - Security system (DC 30), Personnel, Living space, fire prevention system, Library, Garage

    Skills (total, ability, ranks, other)
    Acrobatics (x,0,0,0)
    Athletics (0,0,0,0)
    Close-Combat (Unarmed) (-1,-1,0,0)
    Close-Combat (Stun gun) (-1,-1,0,0)
    Deception (20,12,8,0)
    Expertise (Law) (12,4,8,0)
    Insight (10,8,2,0)
    Intimidation (20,12,8,0)
    Investigation (10,4,6,0)
    Perception (10,8,2,0)
    Persuasion (20,12,8,0)
    Ranged Combat (none) (-1,-1,0,0)
    Sleight of hand (x,-1,0,0)
    Stealth (0, 0, 0,0)
    Technology (6,4,2,0)
    Treatment (x,4,0,0)
    Vehicles (1,-1,2,0)

    This character is based upon my favorite super villain from any series. While people worried about Kilgrave, this was the monster who kept me up at night. This version of the character is intended to be a hidden super-villain. He hides in the background, manipulating the visible bad guys, the good guys, and the populace. I imagine him working to initially help heroes with "Super-Samaritan" laws. He might initially appear unsure of whether to trust the supers and might require some good deed be done. Ultimately, Carl wants a politically expedient way to the White house and doesn't care what it takes to get there. His alter-ego Pathos on the other hand, only wants to satisfy his craving for human suffering. Carl indulges Pathos with a steady supply of street criminal beatings, domestic abuse, rape and murder.

    I intended to use him as a background character that, once "won" over, sets out to occasionally help the heroes on whatever goal they have in mind. Eventually the heroes will discover a string of people who "lost control" and snapped, doing something horrid. After a time of investigation, dead ends, "lucky" breaks, and perseverance, they will come across info that suggests this person is Hausmann or someone he knows personally. Once confronted, Carl will attempt to use his ability to make the heroes lose their minds and attack each other. Carl will then escape with the help of the secret service and begin a campaign against the heroes. He will attempt to make vigilantism illegal, and with some careful manipulation, the heroes outlaws. Meanwhile, Pathos and Carl will fight it out with Carl wanting to lay low for the presidential election, and Pathos demanding ever increasing misery. Eventually Pathos wins and Senetor Carl Hausmann finds himself subservient to the entity he once appeased. I imagine the final battle to be at his mansion with the villain hiding in his safe-room, and the heroes hounded by security, secret service, and every meat puppet civilian he can find.

    Mechanically his mind control is weakened in that players who become controlled become unable to stop themselves from attacking others, or becoming frightened. The players have partial autonomy in-so-far as they attack something (other than Hausmann and friends) or run away. Enough control that the players become enraged at this monster, but not so much it feels cheap. Of course this weakness will be less apparent in NPCs who will be much easier to manipulate.

    Once again, I am new to this game and would love feedback on any and all of this.
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