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Mister CD's Builds: Dove, Atlas, The Walking Tank(!)

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    Re: Mister CD's Builds: just trying this out

    MIGHTY (Sharon Slatter)

    Original Image/Image Source is "Ms. America", from Marvel Comics

    A recent fixture of the city's skyline, the young Mighty (and that's Mighty, not Ms. Mighty, not Ms. America, or, god-forbid, Little Ms. Mighty) has already made a name for herself amongst the ranks of the city's heroes - as can be expected for a twenty-something that can juggle dumpsters like sand-bags. The attitude hasn't really hurt her, either - well, it has, but the local media loves her for it, and they all tend to come with high-definition cameras, so she lets it slide. If anything, the one person all this hasn't been easy on is her father. The levitation-thing was charming at first, really, and the super-strength that came shortly after was nice for helping-out around the house, but, everything else? The late-night vanishing acts? The red stains on the carpet and the couch, and the gauze and bandages missing from the bathroom when he wasn't looking? That - that - hasn't been treating him well. But he understands: he served four years as a combat medic in the marines before that IED took his leg off, he knows it means to feel the need to put yourself at the service of others. He just wishes he didn't have to worry about her; bullet-proof or no. (and he still feels bad about getting her the costume).

    And, to be honest, she's starting to feel that same worry, too. The superpowers were fun at first; stopping a bank-robbery here, helping the city knock-down a building there, rubbish clean-up, putting the fear of god into some local low-life - it was just ... fun, and helping people out doing it wasn't a bad side-effect, either. It didn't really even cut into her school life, either. For Sharon Slatter, she considers her life blessed with good fortune; sharing that with others was the only logical step forward from there - her father did it, and now she's doing the same thing as he did (or at least in the same realm of thing). Gaining her powers a few years ago, she since spent the last few months half-in-half between her school life and her super-heroic life, learning about her abilities, and how best to use them. The strength and that is obvious, but the weirder changes to her body have taken some getting used to; her joints and her muscles are all ... rubbery, for lack of a better word, and there's a lot more muscle around her joints as well. Something to do with how her body has adapted to her powers, Dad says. She's practically triple jointed at this point, and she only has to concentrate for a few moments and stretch to let herself turn into a living rag-doll. Which has been fun. Horrifying at times, but fun. That high-speed footage her father got her of how her body reflexively compresses about half a foot for about a half-second whenever she rams into something was something she could have probably gone without, but, you know, good to know. Its really just all been a bit of a balancing act, but she's managed. But recently a few things have started to change that.

    A run in with some other local heroes has brought her a bit further into the spotlight than she'd like - an argument over her name by Atlas, a bereaved friend of the recently passed hero 'Mighty 'Oh Mighty', inflamed by the local tabloids, almost made her come to blows with the hero-in-turmoil, before being stopped by the arrival of Dove, Mighty-O's other former colleague and friend. The costume didn't help much either; it wasn't her fault that the similarities between it and the former heroes where what some blockheads might call 'more than coincidental', she even offered to change the damn thing for something else. But, when Dove instead said that, intentional or not, the young lady had proven herself worthy of Mighty-O's legacy, and Atlas actually agreed with her over it, well, it certainly put a feather in her cap, and a few things into perspective. She even made some new friends out of it all.

    After that high, though, there came the low. When a fire broke out in a downtown apartment complex, Sharon raced in to the blaze to save as many lives as she could. And she did, by all accounts - not a single person got out of their with anything worse than a few days in a hospital bed. But, what isn't in the accounts, however was the fear; she'd never dealt with anything like that before, and when the first person she rescued - a young boy, not even half as old as she was - was choking on smoke even when she held him up in the open air - well, she did what anyone would do in that situation; panic set in and, after racing off to find the nearest hospital to drop the boy off - too worried to wait for the ambulances, even as she heard them approach - she raced back in a panic, and almost tore the building in half trying to put the fire out. Again, everyone was saved, and she was held up a hero for it, but, even though nothing in there could have hurt her, she's felt more helpless in her life, as she was when she was holding that boy in her arms.

    But, life continues. She's been learning first aid from her father - really from anyone willing to teach her - and she's been thinking about what she wants to do with the rest of her life; schools finished now, and maybe something in medicine might be good for this little hobby-come-career of hers. And, recently, she's been going to therapy with a friend of the family; she's not a psychologist, but she remembers reading somewhere that PTSD tends to be, more than anything else, caused by the helplessness one feels in those situations so often linked with the disorder. She's not sure if she has it, mind you, but ... the nightmares, and the shakes, and the sleepless nights, well, it can never hurt to be sure.

    A flying brick with a few extras on the side. There isn't much to her aside from the above; a lot of her abilities come from that enhanced joint-structure she's got, as already stated, but, aside from that? Young, temperamental flying brick. Play her as a more argumentative and confrontational Peter Parker, and you shouldn't be too far off the mark - that end bit about the therapy might be a good way to introduce her into the campaign/to the players; either she just happens to meet one of the PCs through a coincidental meeting a psychologist, and turns out they're both superheros on the sly, or even have them in a session together - have them work through some of their problems by talking about it with someone else that's gone through the same thing. Hell, that might even by a half-decent way to start of a campaign/get the PCs together.

    As for improving the character, expanding on the abilities below is where you'd probably want to go; have the triple-jointed-ness go from just that to full blown Mr. Fantastic stretching was something I thought about when building her, and I can't think of anything that would put the fear of god in someone faster than facing a flying brick that can also stretch and shape-shift on top of that - even if it was just Mr. Fantastic-esq, and not full-blown Plastic-Man, that'd be a hard combination to beat.

    Anyway, Enjoy. And sorry for this taking a while, too; I've been meaning to post more often, but ... well, I'm lazy, really. Anyway, enjoy!


    Mighty – Sharon Slatter PL: 8, pp: 120

    Abilities: 52 points

    STR 8 STA 8 AGL 1 DEX 0 FGT 4 INT 1 AWE 2 PRE 2

    Powers: 33 points

    A Living Ram-Jet: Strength-based Damage 2 (Flaws: Limited – Only When Charging)

    Brick Tricks (AE’s based off of Strength)
    - Crush: Damage 10 (Flaws: Grab-based)
    - Sleeper Hold: Cumulative Affliction 8 (1st degree: Fatigued, 2nd degree: Exhausted, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Cumulative; Flaws: Grab-based)
    - Stunning Strikes: Cumulative Affliction 8 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, Resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Cumulative; Flaws: Limited Degree 1)
    - Tremendous Strength: Enhanced Strength 1 (+1 STR, Advantages: Ultimate Effort: Strength) (Flaws: Limited to Lifting)
    - Triple-Jointed, in Essence: Shrinking 4 (-1 STR, -2 Intimidate, +4 Stealth, +2 active defences, -1 size rank) (Extras: Innate; Flaws: Activation 2 (standard action), Concentration, Distracting)
    - Wicked Pitching Hand: Enhanced Trait 8 (Advantages: Improvised Weapon 2, Throwing Mastery 6)

    Flying High: Flight 6 (Advantages: Move-by Action)

    Light Sleeper: Feature 1 (Notes: No penalty for hearing when sleeping)

    Tough Tissue & Reinforced Joints
    - Tough Tissue & Reinforced Joints: Immunity 4 (Critical Hits, Environmental Condition: Cold, Heat) (Extras: Sustained)
    - Tough Tissue & Reinforced Joints: Impervious Toughness 8

    Equipment: 3 points (13 EP)

    Cell Phone (Smartphone), Padded Costume (Brass Knuckles, Leather Armour), Utility Belt (Binoculars, Flashlight, Multi-tool, Restraints, Toolkit (First-Aid), Collapsible Baton (Club, Subtle 1), Pepper Spray)

    Advantages: 12 points

    All-out Attack, Close Attack 2, Improved Grab, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Interpose, Power Attack, Takedown 1, Equipment 3, Move-by Action

    Skills: 13 points (26 ranks)

    Deception 4 (+6), Insight 4 (+6), Intimidation 4 (+6), Perception 2 (+4), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Attack 2 (+2) Throw, Stealth 2 (+3), Treatment 4 (+5)


    Initiative +1, A Living Ram-Jet: Strength-based Damage 2, +6 (DC 25) (Crit 20), Brass Knuckles, +6 (DC 24) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Collapsible Baton, +6 (DC 25) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Crush: Damage 10, +6 (DC 25) (Crit 20), Grab, +6 (DC Spec 18) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Pepper Spray, +6 (DC Dog/Fort 14) (Chemical), Sleeper Hold: Cumulative Affliction 8, +6 (DC Fort 18) (Crit 20), Stunning Strikes: Cumulative Affliction 8, +6 (DC Fort 18) (Crit 20), Throw, +2 (DC 23) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Unarmed, +6 (DC 23) (Bludgeon, Crit 20)

    Defensive: 10 points

    Dodge 5 (4), Parry 6 (2), Fortitude 8 (0), Toughness 9, Will 6 (4)

    Total Abilities 52 + Powers 33 + Advantages 12 + Skills 13 + Defenses 10 = 120

    Identity: Secret
    Motivation: Doing Good
    Relationship: with her father, Mr. (Aaron) Slatter.
    Temper: I don’t know what you’re talking about
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      Re: Mister CD's Builds: just trying this out

      DOVE (Luciel Jandice)
      (Also, apologies for the giant image ahead)

      Original Image/Image Source is "Scythian Wonder Woman", by AncaXBreby (DeviantART)

      A study of State University, and a passionate reader and researcher of ancient history - particularity ancient Mediterranean/Greek-o-Indian - Luciel Jandice found herself in the business of super heroics quiet by accident; a common statement for the business, though her own tale has a few unique twists to it.

      While the origin of the powers of her and her fellow heroes, Atlas and Mighty-oh-Mighty, are common knowledge nowadays, being that the three were zapped by a burst of gamma radiation during an experiment at one of the on-campus labs, the source of the accident that gave rise to them still stands out as unique, as the "experiment" itself was in fact nothing more than a few students setting off a baking-soda volcano. It was just an attempt at something that they hadn't done since childhood, and the end result of it - the burst of what would have been a normally lethal amount of radiation - and its cause - is still unknown today. While everyone in the room recovered from the burst, despite several tools in the room clearly noting that they all should have been killed almost instantly by the burst, Luciel and her two friends instead gained powers from the blast via unknown means, and soon became local celebrities for it - both from their powers, and their actions during the accident (with Luciel diving over the volcano in an attempt to shield the rest of the room from the burst, while Mighty instead moved to do the same by standing in front of several of his classmates, (with Atlas often being included in such descriptions, despite the fact that his involvement being nothing more than poking his head in during the burst)). Despite the development of her phenomenal powers - her incredible strength and stamina - Luciel instead continued with her studies, rather than taking up the mantle of a member of the super hero community, continuing her studies in ancient history, and finishing her courses with high honors. It would only be latter in her life, while working on a dig of an ancient Parthian tomb, did her life take another turn.

      During the dig, two helmets - one of solid gold, covered by tattered cloth, and the other of black iron - as well as numerous other curiosities, were recovered from what turned out to be some sort of mass grave from an ancient battle in the area's past. Reports of strange activity - dreams and weird visions - were widely reported by members of the camp, it was only latter, when an unknown group of individuals attacked the camp, that the helmets revealed themselves as anything other than what they appeared to be. She admits herself that she has trouble remembering much of the day - or indeed, much of the expedition itself - but, somewhere during the attack, as she used her powers to defend the rest of the camp, she found herself in the possession of the golden helmet. She doesn't remember the battle, but her memory does pick up only shortly after, as she suddenly found herself floating several feat in the air near half a mile away, chasing the remainder of the attackers away while the expedition - all alive and well because of her - went for help.

      After that, things became something of the blur. She never found out who the group was, or why they attacked - though she desperately wants to know, especially since the rest of the camp, despite being made up of near thirty individuals, have much the same memory problems as her when it comes to the events of that day - but ever since she first wore the helm, her and it have become near inseparable. She's tried giving it up several times, but several increasingly improbable scenarios have led to it finding its way back to her, and more than that, ever since she gained it, she has had strange dreams, often leading her to situations and people that need her help. The jump to super-heroics didn't come far behind - and the lasso that came with it (another item from the dig, though one donated to her by its former museum-owners) didn't hurt. She even got her own rival out of the deal - "The Iron Dog". Richard, as she prefers to call him; another old friend, and the current "owner" - slave, really - of the iron helmet that was recovered from the dig.

      The last few years have been something of a whirl, really. Despite going back to her passion at every opportunity, to the point of wearing her costume at work to avoid any spent seconds getting it on, Lucile - "Dove", as the press calls her - has found herself in love with the work she does. The recent death of her friend, Mighty, hasn't dampened that - it's arguable anything could, though it has brought her closer to her other friends, and pushed her to become better at her calling, and to live every day with more life than the last. The visions have been their own can of worms, too; she's seen cities that appear on no known map burning, friends she's never met dying, and wonder unknown on the earth unveiling themselves before her eyes. She's always the hero in those ... memories. And that iron helmet is often there, too - not always, not always as an enemy, but there's some history there she can't quiet piece together. Helping her friend escape from its influence is something always on her mind - and that something similar might happen to her with her item is often close behind. But it leads her to where she's needed, and it's saved her life - and several others - more times than she can count, so for now it stays (even if it does weigh near ten pounds). Currently, she plans on doubling down on her search for answers - she's got the resources, and the friends, she just needs a few more of each before she's golden, and can get down into the dirt of his mystery.


      Wonder-Woman. Well, my version of her, anyway. There isn't much else to the build. She's got the whip, she's got the hair, she's got everything. Her helmet's the one thing that's a little strange about her, as it essentially has an alternate form: one version is when she's wearing it, and the other is when she's just holding it in her hands. She can wrap the lasso around herself if she want's, using its ability to grow in length to give herself a bit of protection by taking advantage of its invulnerability, but aside from those, if you're familiar with a Wonder-Woman build, then you should be comfortable here. I'd play her as a more bookish version of her, too. A very lead-by-example type of person. Anyway, enjoy.


      The Dove – Luciel Jandice PL: 10 pp: 145

      Abilities: 56 points

      STR 8/7 STA 8/7 AGL 1 DEX 1 FGT 5 INT 3 AWE 2 PRE 4/2

      Powers: 35 points

      Device: Magical Lasso - 14 (Easily Removeable -9) points (Indestructible)
      - Putting That Indestructability to Task: Enhanced Trait 4 (Traits: Parry +2 (+9); Advantages: Weapon Bind, Weapon Break; Flaws: Limited – Cannot use ranged whip abilities during), Protection 2 (Extras: Impervious (4 ranks), Sustained; Flaws: Activation 2: standard action, Limited – Cannot use ranged whip abilities during).
      - Whip it Good: Cumulative Affliction 6 (1st degree: Hindered, Impaired, 2nd degree: Defenceless, Stunned, Range: 20ft) (Extras: Alternate Resistance (Dodge to Avoid, Strength to Recover), Cumulative, Extra Condition 1, Reach (melee) 4: 20ft; Flaws: Limited Degree 1).
      --AE: Crack the Whip: Strength-based Damage 1 (Range: 20ft) (Advantages: Improved Critical; Extras: Accurate 1, Precise, Reach (melee) 4: 20ft).
      --AE: Golden Tape: Strength-based Damage 2 (Advantages: Improved Critical, Power Attack; Extras: Penetrating 4).
      --AE: Whip It Good: Strength Effect (Advantages: Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold; Extras: Precise, Reach (melee) 4: 20ft).

      Putting That Strength to Good Use: 4 points
      -Strong Back: Enhanced Strength 1 (+1 STR) (Flaws: Limited to Lifting).
      -Strong Legs: Leaping 1, Speed 2

      Device: The Golden Helm – 17 (Removable -9) points (Indestructible)
      -Bestowed Ability: Enhanced Trait 6 (Traits: Strength +1 (+8), Stamina +1 (+8), Will +2 (+10)).
      -Bestowed Ability: Enhanced Trait 8 (Traits: Presence +2 (+5), Insight +2 (+11), Persuasion +2 (+9), Advantages: Animal Empathy, Leadership) (Flaws: Limited 2 – Only with horses).
      -Ever-Returning: Feature 1.
      -Peaking Out Under the Cap: Environment 1 (Heat, Light).
      -Sharpened Senses: Senses 3 (Acute Smell, Extended Hearing 1 (x10), Low-light Vision).
      -Up Through the Air: Flight 5.

      Alternate Device: The Hollow in The Helm 16 (Easily Removable -9) points (Indestructible)
      -Ever-Returning: Feature 1.
      -The Hollow in The Helm (Array) (24 points, 19 Maximum *).
      --Blinding Light: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 6 (1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Unaware) (Extras: Alternate Resistance (Dodge to Avoid, Fortitude to Recover), Cone Area 2, Cumulative; Flaws: Limited – Affects Sight Only).
      --Bright, Blazing Light: Environment 4 (Heat (Extreme), Light (Bright)).
      --Conjure Food and Water: Create 6 (Extras: Innate, Variable Descriptor 2: broad group – Any Food or Drink; Flaws: Reduced Range: Close).
      --Healing Waters: Healing 5 (Extras: Energizing, Stabilize).
      --Hornet Swarm *: Progressive Cone Area Affliction 5 (1st degree: Impaired, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Stunned, Exhausted, resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Cone Area 1, Extra Condition 1, Progressive; Flaws: Activation: move action, Limited Degree).
      --Thorns & Vines: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 5 (1st degree: Impaired, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Immobile, Defenceless) (Extras: Alternate Resistance (Dodge to Avoid, Strength to Recover), Cone Area 1, Cumulative, Extra Condition 1; Flaws: Limited Degree).
      Equipment: 1 points (5 EP)

      Armoured Costume (Undercover Shirt), Cell Phone (Smartphone), Commlink

      Advantages: 12 points

      Assessment, Beginner’s Luck, Benefit – Wealth 1, Close Attack 2, Great Endurance, Improved Defence, Improved Trip, Interpose, Takedown 1, Teamwork, Animal Empathy, Equipment 1, Improved Critical: Crack the Whip: Strength-based Damage 1, Improved Critical: Golden Tape: Strength-based Damage 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Leadership, Power Attack

      Skills: 22 points (44 ranks)

      Athletics 2 (+10), Close Combat: Magical Lasso 2 (+7), Deception 2 (+7), Expertise: History & Anthropology 8 (+11), Expertise: Science 6 (+9), Insight 6 (+11/+9), Investigation 6 (+9), Perception 6 (+9), Persuasion 2 (+9/+7), Technology 2 (+5), Treatment 2 (+5)


      Initiative +2, Crack the Whip: Strength-based Damage 1, +11 (DC 24) (Crit 19-20), Golden Tape: Strength-based Damage 2, +9 (DC 25) (Crit 19-20), Grab, +7 (DC Spec 18) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Throw, +2 (DC 23) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Unarmed, +7 (DC 23) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Whip it Good: Cumulative Affliction 6, +9 (DC Dog to Avoid, Str to Recover 16) (Crit 20)

      AD - Blinding Light: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction (DC Dog to Avoid, Str to Recover 16) (Crit 20), Hornet Swarm: Progressive Cone Area Affliction 5 (DC Fort 15) (Crit 20), Thorns & Vines: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 5 (DC Dog to Avoid, Str to Recover) (Crit 20)

      Defensive: 12 points

      Dodge 7 (5), Parry 7 (2), Fortitude 8 (0), Toughness 10, Will 10/8 (5)

      Total Abilities 64 + Powers 35 + Advantages 12 + Skills 22 + Defenses 12 = 145

      Motivation: Doing Good
      Motivation: Finding out who the group that attacked her the dig site was – and finding out more about the items recovered there-in.
      Motivation: Responsibility
      Quirk: The Golden Helm – Dove periodically receives visions – sleeping and awake – which often lead her into strange situations or compels her towards certain actions.
      Relationships: With her friend Atlas (despite their often grating interactions), and with Richard Butcher – “The Iron Dog”, as he calls himself under the influence of the Iron Helm, which she hopes to free him from.
      Weakness: Directed radiation effects (Damage and the like) have their rank and critical hit chance increased by two when used against Dove.
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        Re: Mister CD's Builds: Panktria, Mighty, Dove

        Is her name War Dove or just Dove?

        Also, is that Alternate Device bit really legal?
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          Re: Mister CD's Builds: Panktria, Mighty, Dove

          Is her name War Dove or just Dove?
          Huh. I honestly didn't notice that till now. I think that was actually from when I first built the character ages ago, before it morphed into what it is now, and that got left in while I was doing the write-up. Hmm. I honest kind of like "War Dove", as clunky as it is; maybe it's something some people like to call her. I'll fix it for now, though.

          Also, is that Alternate Device bit really legal?
          Funnily enough, I'm not sure. Most of my characters are made in Hero Lab, and one of the options for the character to have when you're making devices for them is having an "alternate device", done in the same way as an AE on any other power. I can't recall anything about it in the book, however - legal or not - but it makes sense of the power; having two different versions of its affects, based on how its used - worn on her head, or held out in her hands like some sort of mystical fire-hose - and I don't see any reason for it not to be legal. Lets call it a house rule for now, and I'll come back and change it later if it ends up revealing itself as the most broken thing in the game.

          Thank you for pointing those two out, though; I basically jumped into bed the moment I hit submit reply - for this any other builds I make - so it tends to take a little while for me to catch anything that slipped through the cracks of my super-stringent, near-infallible proof-reading.


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            Re: Mister CD's Builds: Panktria, Mighty, Dove

            ATLAS (Joshua James)

            Original Image/Image Source is "Character Design: Powerbeam" by Gaston25 - who is a fantastic source of superhero designs if you're looking for inspiration
            The image above, however, does appear to be an edit of the original image. I didn't do it myself, and I can't remember where I got it from in the first place - so any help on that front would be appreciated, if anyone found out where the edit came from. I of course hold no rights to the above image, it is owned by the original creator - etc, etc

            For Joshua James, the track into super-heroism was largely the same as his fellows, though his character was as different from his fellows as their career-paths were the same. Attending state university on a sports scholarship, Joshua - 'JJ' to his friends - emerged from high-school, by his own admittance, a bright, blonde-haired douche, and entered into university life much the same way, if a bit more mellow for his time away from school. The prototypical meat-head jock, JJ was largely unknown to his fellow class-mates-soon-to-be-superheroes until the day he was caught in the same freak accident that gifted them with their powers, catching a blast of the strange pseudo-radiation on his way past the door, pausing just in time to peek his head in to see what was happened, and getting blasted for his curiosity. Recovering quickly from the blast, JJ, like Dove and Mighty Oh' Mighty (a stupid name, though these days he'll be the last one on Earth to say that - and the first to correct you if you do), gained from the radiation phenomenal powers and abilities far beyond the human norm. While it can be difficult to say given the nature of the blast, it's assumed that the large percentage of energy he received in comparison to his fellows is what resulted in his incredible gifts - exhibiting levels of strength and stamina days after his recovery that took days for the other two to even scratch, and growing further beyond that. But, like the two of them, it was a little while before he would appear on the scene as a member of the masked population.

            Finishing a degree in mathematics (and showing a remarkable degree of talent in the subject at the same time), JJ - 'Atlas', as he goes by these days while on the job - soon revealed himself to be something of a loner in the game of masked vigilantism; his own personality - meat-head jock through-and-through - coupled with his amazing aptitude with his powers right out of the gate - left the man with a reputation as a bit of an ass in the superhero community. A good-meaning one, mind you, and one that mellowed over the coming years, but still; 'ruining it at the last second', as Mighty Oh' Mighty once put it in regards to his interactions. His life went forward normally - at least as normally as one's life can go in these sorts of circumstances - with the only real long-lasting even being his battle with the nefarious Doc. Atom and his reality-bending Atom-Smasher. The ensuing battle rocked the foundations of the city, as he fought his way to the heart of the mad-mans lair in an attempt to stop the machine, and, as the Atom-Smasher went critical, he fought his way back out again with the doctor on his shoulder, having pulled him from ruble as the base of rattled around them as the machine spasmed and died. The ensuing explosion rocked the surrounds for miles around, and, while the Doc. was thrown clear and unharmed, the same couldn't be said for Atlas. When he awoke a week later, the rest of the city was just calming down after dealing with the aftershocks of the Atom-Smashers demise - impossible materials, unpossible entities, and a whole wave of new super-powered individuals to deal with - and the skin around his shoulder had just finished healing. A gift from the good doctor before he escaped, to replace the one he lost in The Smashers death-throws, and a note from the man that they'd have to try this again soon. Back to work as usual.

            And then Mighty died.

            The death of the man sent ripples throughout the community, and it was perhaps no-surprise - at least to some - that Atlas was hit the hardest. He'd never been especially close to the others - though they often worked together in the past (with Mighty even remarking that the three of them seemed almost drawn together - by the nature of their powers, presumably) - but he none-the-less called them his friends, and when news of his death reached Atlas, it almost killed him as well. Now, in the weeks and months after Mighty's death, Atlas has been doing some serious soul-searching - or something like that, at least. He was more surprised than anyone else with how much the man's death had affected him - at the weeks of sorrow he felt afterwards, and the sudden rage he felt upon hearing even the whiff of a rumor that someone had tried to take Mighty's mantle (which still peeves him even now - though he knows that it shouldn't) - and these few months have been something of a watershed moment for the man. Most people have noted how much he's changed now, though many say that he's just the same jerk with a heart of gold that he was before. 'Heart of Lead', Mighty would say. Hmm.

            He still fights crime - that hasn't changed much - and nowadays, he's found himself stepping into some of the same shoes Mighty used to wear - or trying to, at least. That's been what's surprised most folk, but it makes perfect sense to Atlas; he never got to apologize to Mighty for all the just .. stupid things he said to him over the years - even back when they just used to know each-other as faces in the Uni. halls. This, trying to be the man that Mighty just was - was put on his earth to be - this. This is the closest can get to being the man he always deep-down wanted to be.

            Wanting to apologize? What? Oh, no. No-no-no-no-no-no-no. No. He would never do that. Ever. Mighty would never let him live it down.


            Our second of the three. I did think about doing up Mighty Oh' Mighty himself, but I think I'll leave it for now, maybe come back to it at a later date. The personality for Atlas originally came from an out-of-context panel from Invincible of all places; Invincible yelling at The Immortal about how the guy's too weak to be doing the thing they're doing at the moment. It makes sense in context, but, out of it, Mark comes off as a right douche of a man. Aside from that, though, Atlas is meant to be ye-ol' flying brick. He takes his hits, and he gives them back, though in this case he's meant to be a bit on the underdeveloped side when it comes to his contemporaries - though that arm of his gives him a few options outside of taht. He's spent most of his career fighting street-thugs and street-level supers, so I figure PL 9 would be a-ok for the man, though putting points into Fighting and skills and advantages - and generally becoming a better person - would be first on the list when it came to 'upgrading' him, if needed.

            Roll-play-wise, I figured that how Atlas was before Mighty's death, and how he is after it, would be a good contrast for any potential interactions between him and any other characters; the characters could have heard about him - or even met him before - as an overbearing jerk of a man (a school-yard jock with superpowers, as has already stated and re-stated), so there'd be an expectation for the same sort of thing going forward. But, next time they meet him - or the first time they meet him in person - he's a quiet, withdrawn and even morose man. It might be an interesting thing for the characters to interact with and play off, if that's what you're looking for.

            Anyway, enjoy. I might have to set up a directory soon for these characters of mine. Eh, I'll leave that for a couple pages in the future. Anyway, again, enjoy.


            Atlas – Joshua James PL: 9 pp: 158

            Abilities: 60 points

            STR 10 STA 10 AGL 1 DEX 3 FGT 4 INT 1 AWE 2 PRE 1

            Powers: 60 points

            Device: Alchemical-Cybernetic Arm – 18 (Removable -5) points
            - A Surprisingly Good Shield: Protection 2.
            - A Surprisingly Good Substitute
            -- Build to Last: Strength-based Damage 1.
            -- Steady as a Rock: Enhanced Dexterity 2 (+2 DEX) (Flaws: Quirk – Left Arm Only).
            --- AE: Ignoring the Warnings: Enhanced Strength 2 (+2 STR) (Flaws: Feedback). (Notes: Feedback is meant to represent how straining the arm past its normal means can damage its sometimes delicate inner-workings - like how you hear stories about people getting so full of adrenaline that they can lift cars up off of people. Generally the result would be up to the GM - anything from a simple bruised hit for the using it, to having it become outright disabled and useless till it can be fixed; it all just depends on the situation.
            -- Stunning Touch: Cumulative Affliction 5 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Paralysed, resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Cumulative, Reaction 3 (being touched); Flaws: Instant Recovery, Unreliable (5 Uses)).
            -- AE (off of 'A Surprisingly Good Substitute): Built-in Laser: Damage 5 (Extras: Accurate 2 (+4), Increased Range (Ranged), Precise, Subtle).

            Brick-Tricks (AEs off Strength Damage) – 6 points
            - Living up to the name: Enhanced Strength 4 (+4 STR) (Flaws: Limited to Lifting).
            - Out of The Way: Burrowing 5 (Extras: Penetrating).
            - Stunning Blows: Cumulative Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Cumulative; Flaws: Limited Degree 1).
            - Tearing Touch: Weaken 10 (Affects Stamina, resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Affects Objects Only).
            - Throttle: Cumulative Affliction 10 (1st degree: Fatigued, 2nd degree: Exhausted, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Cumulative; Flaws: Grab-based).
            - Thunder-Clap: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 5 (1st degree: Dazed, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Stunned, Prone, resisted by: Fortitude) (Extras: Cone Area 1, Cumulative, Extra Condition 1; Flaws: Instant Recovery, Limited Degree 1).

            Incredible Flight: Flight 8 (Advantages: Move-by Action, Takedown) – 18 points
            Playing up to The Name: Enhanced Strength 2 (+2 STR) (Flaws: Limited to Lifting) – 2 points
            Thick-Skinned – 16 points
            - Thick-Skinned: Immunity 6 (Critical Hits, Disease, Environmental Condition: Heat, Cold, High Pressure), Impervious Toughness 10.

            Equipment: 2 points (9 EP)

            Armoured Costume (Flash Goggles, Undercover Shirt), Cell Phone (Smartphone), Commlink, Utility Belt (Flashlight, Multi-Tool, Restraints).

            Advantages: 14 points

            All-out Attack, Close Attack 2, Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Interpose, Power Attack, Takedown 1 (2), Equipment 2, Move-by Action, Takedown 1

            Skills: 14 points (28 ranks)

            Athletics 4 (+14), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+6), Deception 2 (+3), Expertise: Mathematics 6 (+7), Insight 2 (+4), Intimidation 4 (+5), Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 2 (+3), Technology 2 (+3)


            Initiative +1, Built to Last; Strength-based Damage 1, +6 (DC 26) (Crit 20), Grab, +6 (DC Spec 20) (Crit 20), Stunning Blows: Cumulative Affliction 10, +6 (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20), Stunning Touch: Cumulative Affliction 5, +6 (DC Fort 15) (Crit 20), Tearing Touch, Weaken 10, +6 (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20), Throttle: Cumulative Affliction 10, +6 (DC Fort 20) (Crit 20), Throw, +3 (DC 25), Thunder-Clap: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 5 (DC Fort 15) (Crit 20), Unarmed, +8 (DC 25) (Crit 20), AE: Built-in Laser: Damage 5, +7 (DC 20) (Crit 20).

            Defensive: 10 points

            Dodge 5 (4), Parry 6 (2), Fortitude 10 (0), Toughness 12 (Impervious 10), Will 6 (4)

            Total Abilities 60 + Powers 60 + Advantages 14 + Skills 14 + Defences 10 = 158

            Motivation: Doing Good.
            Quirk + Reputation: Up-Chumped College Jock.
            Quirk: Fake Arm - while sophisticated enough to mirror the original it was built to replace (even able to let Atlas feel stuff as if it were real), it still plays up every now and then; it's not quiet right. That, and that it's made by Doc. Atom - a man to whom science is more art than science - and, well, things can go wrong every now and then. Like that time it stopped working. Or started moving on its own. Or that time it started sprouting teeth, and hair. And a great, big, angry-looking eye.
            Relationship: Dove, Mighty Oh’ Mighty, several others.
            Weakness: Directed radiation effects (Damage and the like) have their rank and critical hit chance increased by two when used against Atlas.
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              Re: Mister CD's Builds: Mighty, Dove, Atlas

              THE WALKING TANK!

              Original Image/Image Source is 'The Human Tank', copyright Storn-art

              Starting in 1951, the Nevada Test Site, located some 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, was the site of over 100 atmospheric nuclear detonations over its lifespan as a nuclear testing ground for the U.S government. The detonation of 'Little Feller' in 1962 was to be the last above-ground nuclear test detonation (in accordance with the Partial Test Ban Treaty) performed by the U.S government, and was to mark the end of the life of the Testing Grounds as part of the research and development of nuclear weapons by the U.S, and would have no doubt been the start of its life as a tourist attraction in the area; a historical touch-stone for the looming specter of the bomb that dwelled so heavy over the era.

              However, on July 7th, 1962, history would mark an all-together different path in the life of the testing grounds, when the 'Little Feller' warhead was detonated, and its supposed 22 ton TNT yield sent a mushroom cloud towering into the sky, and sent a wave of concussive force ripping across the hot, dry Nevada desert. Personal - both on site and abroad - were sent into a flurry, falling over themselves as they sought to determine the cause of the seismic detonation, but it was only a few minutes after the blast that a player in the event, if not the cause, was found, when a spotter reported a figure, standing - towering - at ground zero, then reported again when it was spotted moving.

              Calls for assistance went out when the figure - this 'Walking Tank', as it was dubbed by some nameless member of the staff - when the path of the figure was determined to be leading right towards Nellis Airforce Base, and then calls for help were sent out when the figure shut down the base's communications; firing upon fighter-jets scrambled for reconnaissance, and resisting every attempt to return fire by the base's personnel. In the minutes that followed, assistance arrived in a trickle, then a torrent as the situation unfolded; both military units and heroes from the surrounds turning up to help fight the creature. Thanks to said heroes no one was hurt during the battle, but even then, it was grind, and with even heroes like The Cape barely able to slow the entity, and military assets like The Silver Bullet far away from the area, it was unknown how long such a state could be kept up. No communication was made by the entity, and all such attempts to do the same on the part of the heroes were unsuccessful, and it was only when The Ray, retrieved from his home in Ohio by The Cape in a blur of super-speed, arrived to Nellis Airforce Base, was any headway made on the situation. Joining forces with several of the other heroes, The Ray was able to shrink down a contingent of those present, following a hunch and the readings from his own attempts to communicate and understand the rampaging creature to head inside the monster, and put an end to its rampage.

              It's unknown how long the team were truly inside the entity for - time moves at strange paces when you shrink down far enough - but, in the moments after the team left, the machine stalled, and stopped, and stood still on the hot sand, and, when the team returned a few minutes later, they had such a story to tell the others. Shrinking down into the machine, they found themselves within a colossal construct; room after room, level after level - and all filled with all manner of life; a thousand different forms in every turn of the head, some like humans, many more unlike mankind, all linked together with magic and machine, and all united by a single, burning desire to destroy the 'overlanders'. When the team communicated with the collective crew of the colossal contraption, and were able to convince them of their peaceful intent, and asked why they were attacking them in the first place - though many had already figured out the reason why, to their own terror, the crew ejected them from their machine, and, when they were back with the others, told them their story.

              Rare in the microverse (as it's most commonly known today) is there signs of intelligent life - at least, intelligent life on the scale of the crew of The Walking Tank; an entire galaxy - a universe - teeming with life is virtually unknown. But, at ground zero in our own universe, an entire universe of life lived and thrived - as much as any universe can live and thrive, at least. In that universe, just as in ours, their are the master-mystics; the scientist-supremes; the heroes and visionaries of their ages. And, in that universe, much like in ours, such minds turned themselves towards answering some of the most basic, yet most important questions in life - none of which, were more important, more far-reaching, than the wave of heat-death that marked the start and end of every age in that land of lands. Each generation puzzled it, and each generation worked towards solving it, sending a piece - a kernel - of what they discovered onward's to the next; each generation saving more; preserving more; working together - growing together - until, finally, they were able to discover the source of the destruction they so-often weathered.

              And they were not well-pleased.

              And so, a means of revenge - of justice - of retribution - was designed and created, a crew - numbering in the millions - was trained to operate it, and, with the trapped energy of the overlanders last death-wave, it was brought up into our world. But, the attack was stopped. The Walking Tank was halted in its assault mere meters from Nellis. And, it is to the kindness and understanding of the crew that, when asked for forgiveness from the assembled heroes, they accepted. In the years since then, the Nevada Testing Ground - the 'Nevada Protectorate', as it is more often known today - has settled into a unique place in U.S history and on the larger world stage. The collective within rarely interacts with the outside world - at least on any large scale - but, when it does, the protectorate has shown itself to be a powerhouse on the international stage (who else, after all, can claim to equal to the collective resources and might of an entire universe?) The only regular contact it maintains with the outside world, outside of delegations and diplomatic to various parties, is in scientific expeditions into other parts of the microverse; since the Nevada Protectorate's discovery in 1962, efforts have been made all over the world to find similar pockets of hyper-life on other parts of the planet, either in the hopes of sparring it or searching it. No others have been found so far - at least, not on the same scale - to the collective reactions of all involved, but the search continues. Outside of the protectorate, the reaction on the greater world stage has been mixed, while within, many of the members of the protectorate still favor thoughts of revenge over thoughts of peace - or even justice. Only time will tell what will happen next at that dusty bit of Nevada desert, but, safe to say, it'll be anything but 'small'.

              As for The Walking Tank itself, it currently resides at the same military base it had once attacked decades ago, motionless after the destruction - some say theft - of some of its most vital internal parts. Its own history before that is as varied and spectacular as the weapons that were once used at its home, taking part of a score of pivotal battles over the years, stolen and recaptured and re-stolen and gone rogue and gone mad, the only thing that can be certain about it is that, just as it started in a flash and a roar of thunder, its unlikely The Walking Tank - 'Little Feller', as some call it - will end in anything but the same.


              ... Holy. Crap. That took a while to do - I actually wrote this thing up a couple of days ago, but I ended up having site issues just as I was finishing up with the write-up; I wasn't able to access the site for a couple of days, and the work I had done was lost. The only solace I can take, is the hope that other people had the same problem I had - if only so that we can support each-other in our collective misery.

              Anyway, the write-up above at least approximates the original, heaven-sent, should-have-sent-a-poet write-up I originally did. As for the build itself, it's a, well, it's a giant, walking tank. It uses it's pilot(s) mental stats for its own, its attack bonus's are either its own, or those of its pilot(s) (which-ever is lower). It hits hard from a million miles away, shrugs of the return fire, and should be a hassle for anyone that tries to take it on face-to-face. It's internal space is just that, meat to represent its internals, and, while the internal space does have the 'personal' feature, I thought that, given the size and varied skill of its crew, they deserved their own stats entirely; a massively over-costed minion - though even that gets a bit wiggly if you were to shrink down inside of the machine; that'd be an adventure all in itself. For weapons, almost everything The Walking Tank has has the variable modifier on it, to represent the huge and assorted arsenal of weapons it has its disposal, though its Antomatic-Atomiser (1) - a horrid weaponisation of various size-and-substantiality-altering devices - is probably its most effective.

              I do hope this build makes sense to look at; I know it does to me, but I was always a bit unsure about how to actually build the thing once I'd seen the image and started thinking about it. Anyway, enjoy!


              ‘Little Feller’, The Walking Tank! PL: 15, pp: 321

              Abilities: 2 Points

              STR 16 STA - AGL 0 DEX 0 FGT 5 INT - AWE 5 PRE -

              Powers: 263 Points

              Giant Tiny Construct – 128 Points
              - Auto-Repair: Regeneration 1 (Every 10 rounds)
              - Giant Machine, Radiation-Shielded: Immunity 42 (Common Descriptor: Radiation, Critical Hits, Fortitude Effects, Will Effects)
              - Giant Size: Growth 10 (+10 STR, +10 Tough, +5 Intimidate, -10 Stealth, -5 active defences, +2 size ranks, +10 mass ranks) (Extras: Innate; Flaws: Permanent)
              - Giant, Hyperdense Structure: Protection 10 (+10 Toughness) (Extras: Impervious [10 extra ranks])
              - Hyper-Strong Internal Super-Structure: Enhanced Strength 4 (+4 STR) (Flaws: Limited to Lifting)

              Internal Structure – 71 Points
              - Command & Control: Enhanced Trait 6 (Advantages: Improved Initiative 6) (Flaws: Limited – only for matching Internal Crew’s Initiative (Before or After, or nearest to choice))
              - Internal Communications: Radio Area Communication 4 (Range: Anywhere on earth) (Extras: Area, Rapid (1)).
              -- AE: Radio-Waves & Magnets & Screamers Oh-My! : Cumulative Cone-Area Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20) (Extras: Cone-Area 2: 120 feet, Cumulative; Flaws: Instant Recovery, Limited Degree 1)
              - Internal Sensors: Senses 30 (Accurate (Type), Acute (Type), Analytical (Type): Sight, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Extended: Sight 2: X100, Extended: Hearing 1: X10, Extended: Radio 2: X100, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 4: atom-sized, Radio, Radius (Type): Sight, Rapid: Sight 2, Time Sense, Ultra-Hearing, Ultravision)
              - Shrinking Rays & Tractor Beams: Movement Attack 6 (Dimensional: Microverse/Internal Structure 2: group, 800 lbs., Extra Ranks 4, DC 16) (Extras: Attack: Dodge, Increased Mass 4)

              Stunningly Quick: Speed 4 – 4 Points (5 Points with AE)
              -AE: What do you mean, ‘It can fly’!?: Flight 2

              Weapons Array – Array 53 – 59 points
              - Antomatic-Atomiser: Weaken 15 (Affects Stamina, resisted by: Fortitude, Range: 1500/3000/6000 ft., DC 25) (Extras: Extended Range 2, Increased Range: Ranged)
              - Cannon Array: Burst-Area Damage 12 (Range: 2400/4800/9600 ft. DC 27) (Extras: Burst-Area: 30 foot sphere, DC 22, Extended Range 3, Increased Range: Ranged, Secondary Effect, Variable Descriptor 2: Broad Group - Any conceivable ranged descriptor) (53 points)
              - Cannon Array: Damage 12 (Range: 1200/2400/4800 ft., DC 27) (Extras: Extended Range 2, Increased Range: Ranged, Multiattack, Secondary Effect, Variable Descriptor 2: Broad Group - Any conceivable ranged descriptor)
              - Null-Rays: Nullify 12 (Counters: Computer/Communication Technology, DC 22) (Extras: Broad, Increased Range: perception)
              - Pin-Point Weapons: Damage 10 (Range: 8000/16000/32000 ft., DC 25) ( Advantages: Improved Critical 4) (Extras: Accurate 2: =4, Extended Range 5, Increased Range: Ranged, Precise, Variable Descriptor 2: Broad Group - Any conceivable ranged descriptor)
              - Reinforced Fists: Strength-based Damage 4
              - Shoot it Down: Deflect 10 (Range: 2000/4000/8000 ft.) (Extras: Extended Range 3)
              - Turbo-Round: Damage 10 (Range: 8000/16000/32000 ft., DC 25) (Advantages: Improved Critical 2) (Extras: Extended Range 5, Increased Range: Ranged, Penetrating 10, Variable Descriptor 2: Broad Group - Any conceivable ranged descriptor)

              Equipment: 9 Points (42 EP)

              Internal Space: Custom Headquarters
              Toughness 20, Size Rank: Awesome, Features: Combat Simulator, Communications Computer, Deathtraps, Defence System, Dimensional Portal, Dual Size: Fine, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Hangar, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Sealed, Security System 4, Self-repairing 2, Temporal Limbo 2, Workshop

              Advantages: 35 Points

              Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Diehard, Minion: Internal Crew – 16, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4, Takedown 1, Equipment 9, Improve Critical 2: Turbo-Round: Damage 10, Improved Critical 4: Pin-Point Weapons: Damage 10, Improved Initiative 6

              Skills: 11 Points (22 Ranks)

              Athletics 2 (+18), Close Combat (Unarmed Attacks) 4 (+9), Insight 2 (+7), Perception 4 (+9), Ranged Combat (Weapons Array) 10 (+10), Stealth – (-10)


              Initiative +24, Radio-Waves & Magnets & Screamers Oh-My!: Cumulative Cone-Area Affliction 10 (DC Fort 20) (Cone-Area DC 20) (Crit 20), Antomatic-Atomiser: Weaken 15, +14 (DC Fort 25) (Crit 20), Cannon Array: Burst-Area Damage 12 (DC 27) (Crit 20), Cannon Array: Damage 12, +14 (DC 27) (Crit 20), Grab: +5 (DC Spec 26) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Null-Rays: Nullify 12 (DC Will 22) (Crit 20), Pin-Point Weapons: Damage 10, +18 (DC 25) (Crit 16-20), Reinforced Fists: Strength-based Damage 4, +5, (DC 35) (Crit 20), Shrinking Rays & Tractor Beams: Movement Attack 6, +5 (DC Dog 16) (Crit 20), Throw, +4 (DC 31) (Bludgeon, Crit 20), Turbo-Round: Damage 10, +14 (DC 25) (Crit 18-20), Unarmed, +9 (DC 31) (Bludgeon, Crit 20)

              Defensive: 10 Points

              Dodge 0 (5), Parry 5 (5), Fortitude Immune (0), Toughness 20 (Impervious 20), Will Immune (0)

              Total Abilities 2 + Powers 262 + Advantages 35 + Skills 11 + Defenses 10 = 321


              Quirk: Crew and Compartmentalized – The Walking Tank (!) is crewed by an army numbering in the millions; without its crew, The Walking Tank (!) can only perform the most basic of functions, amongst other issues

              Machine Nature: The Walking Tank (!) is an impossibly complex machine, made and manufactured via the collective efforts of billions of beings; it’s somewhat vulnerable to effects that can affect other machines. In addition, its nature of being what is, to the crew, a colossal, plannet-spanning machine, can cause all sorts of problems for its crew members; the very nature of its make-up making it vulnerable to an attack from an oblique angle

              Not From Around Here: The Walking Tank (!) required an immense amount of power and planning to come from the microverse to our own, much less from the blue-print to the picture; effects that can affect or alter its size - or nullify such affects all-together - or can otherwise alter its structure, can have incredibly dangerous results for The Walking Tank, its crew, and everyone around it.


              Internal Crew – Minion Rank 16 PL: 10, pp: 236

              Abilities: 30 Points

              STRSTA 0 AGL 0 DEX 5 FGT 5 INT 5 AWE 5 PRE 5

              Powers: 143 Points

              A Million, Million Tiny Hands – Array 23 – 25 Points
              - Don’t Even Aim, Just Fire Everything!: Damage 7 (Range 175/350/700 ft., DC 22) (Extras: Increased Range: ranged, Multiattack, Subtle: subtle 1)
              - REPAIR! REPAIR! REPAIR! REPAIR! HEAL! HEAL! HEAL! HEAL!: Healing 5 (Extras: Affects Objects, Persistent, Restorative, Stabilize, Subtle: subtle 1)
              - Wear It Down!: Burst Area Weaken 5 (Affects: Stamina, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 25) (Extras: Effects Objects Only, Burst-Area: 30 foot sphere DC 15, Selective, Subtle: subtle 1)

              Millions & Millions & Millions & – 116 Points
              - All-Together: Immunity 12 (Aging, Disease, Environmental Conditions (All), Poison, Sleep, Starvation & Thirst, Suffocation (All)
              - Can’t Kill us All!: Immortality 2 (Return after 1 week)
              - Coordination, People!: Enhanced Trait 60 (Traits: Intellect +10 (+15), Awareness +10 (+15), Presence +10 (+15)) (Flaws: Limited – Awareness does not contribute to Will Defense (20 ranks), Unreliable (Roll))
              - Linguistics Department: Comprehend 3 (Languages – Read All, Speak All, Understand All)
              - Millions & Millions & Millions of Minds: Enhanced Trait 11 (Traits: Will +10 (+20), Advantages: Ultimate Effort: Will) (Flaws: Limited – not against area mental attacks): Impervious Will 20 (Flaws: Limited – Not against area mental attacks)
              - Millions & Millions & Millions: Insubstantial 2 (Gaseous) (Extras: Innate; Flaws: permanent): Protection 10 (+10 Toughness): Quickness 10 (Perform routine tasks in -10 time ranks)
              - So Tiny: Concealment 10 (All Senses) (Extras: Innate; Flaws: permanent)

              Tiny & Big: Movement 1 (Dimensional: Microverse and Back 1: one dimension – 2 Points

              Equipment: 0 Points (0 EP)

              Advantages: 22 Points

              Assessment, Beginner’s Luck, Benefit 4: Wealth & Resources, Connected, Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Extraordinary Effort, Fearless, Improved Initiative 5, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Jack-of-all-trades, Speed of Thought, Teamwork, Well-informed, Ultimate Effort: Will

              Skills: 36 Points (72 Ranks)

              Deception 6 (+11), Expertise: Science 6 (+11), Expertise: Warfare & Military 6 (+11), Insight 6 (+11), Intimidation 6 (+11), Investigation 6 (+11), Perception 6 (+11), Persuasion 6 (+11), Technology 8 (+13), Treatment 8 (+13), Vehicles – (+5)


              Don’t Even Aim, Just Fire Everything!: Damage 7, +5 (DC 22) (Crit 20), Wear it Down: Burst-Area Weaken 5 (DC Fort 15) (Crit 20)

              Defensive: 5 Points

              Dodge None (0), Parry 5 (0), Fortitude 0 (0), Toughness 10, Will 20/10 (5)

              Total Abilities 30 + Powers 143 + Advantages 22 + Skills 36 + Defenses 5 = 236


              Hatred: The Giants – While their relations with the overlanders have somewhat cooled over the recent years, some of the peoples of the Nevada Test Site still bare a mighty grudge against their attackers.

              Quirk: A Million, Million Voices – the internal crew of The Living Tank (!) is made of literally millions of members, from all manner of groups, organisations and species; while they all try work in concert towards their combined goal of revenge upon the giants, the focused-on word here is ‘try’
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