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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    There, within the abandoned cottage, sat Toben the Many. He had infected the body of a young woman this time. The body was slumped by the window. I approached it carefully and saw the woman's body raise its head. Its dead eyes lolled lifelessly within its rotting skull. Its dead purple tongue uttered a greeting. "Welcome", the dead woman said, giving the semblance of a grin.
    I stepped back as I saw what Delilah had warned me of. The woman's body was holding a dead child. Its infant hand clutched the air toward me, and its bloated lips partet to speak. "How nice of you to drop in..."
    It spoke with that same gravelly rasping voice, Toben's voice.
    "How dare you?" I raised a trembling hand to smite the blasphemy from existence.
    "How dare I WHAT?" asked another gravelly voice. I came from outside the window. I looked up and saw a host of bodies, wandering the once empty square. The monster had infected the entire village. He and the villagers were now one.
    Concept: Sentient Zombie Plague, Joker Expy
    PL varies / pp: varies

    Template: Toben-Zombie (minion)

    Strength 5* Stamina - Agility ** Dexterity ** Fighting ** Intellect 3 Awareness 2 Presence 2
    as original, plus Deception 6 Perception 6 Stealth 6 -if the original has higher ranks, use these instead
    as original

    as original; plus:
    Grinning Sickness (49p)
    Affliction 8 (disease; resisted & overcome by Fortitude; dazed & impaired, disabled & stunned, controlled & transformed [into toben zombie]; Linked to unarmed attack, Contagious, Cumulative, Extra Condition, Progressive [Flaw: daily interval], Mental Link, Sensory Link)
    Hivemind (12p)
    Immunity 10 (mental effects), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Fearless, Teamwork)
    Undeath (varies)
    Immunity 30 (fortitude), Protection 5 (modified by growth/shrinking, or equal to original's STA, whichever is better), Senses 2 (darkvision)

    Initiative varies
    other attacks: varies
    Grinning Sickness: DC 18

    Dodge ** Parry ** Fortitude - Will 10 Toughness 5 (or better)

    *modified by growth/shrinking, or as original if better
    **as original

    Motivations-Thrills: Toben lacks a purpose, and has no real idea of what to to with his immortal existence. So he fights his boredom by playing morbid sadistic "pranks" to hapless people, and generally causing all kinds of chaos & mayhem.
    Quirk-Completely Batshit: Toben is a psychotic madman, who normally acts totally unpredictable. That said, he's capable of carrying out very complex schemes. He's also supremely arrogant & fearless, believing himself invincible (this is actually somewhat justified, though).
    Weakness: Any effect that can cure diseases can potentially destroy a host body. Toben makes a Will check against a DC of effect rank+15, failure means the body is rendered dead & cleansed.

    Description & Personality
    Toben the Many is a unique form of undead without a body of his own (not even an incorporeal "ghost-body"). He exists solely within the bodies of his victims, whom he infects like a contagious disease (his "Grinning Sickness"), transforming them into undead zombies when they finally succumb. They're then imprinted with Toben's personality (becoming a part of him & forming a "hive mind"), and their faces rot in peculiar way, giving them bulging eyes and a hideous leering rictus grin. Toben is the polar opposite of a split personality, being instead a single mind occupying multiple bodies. If one body perceives something, so do all, and Toben's capable of perfectly coordinating his "army's" actions. While his individual bodies can be defeated without much problems, Toben as a whole is a completely different story: The only way to truly vanquish him once & for all is by destroying every single body of his - good luck with that.
    Toben is essentially a sentient zombie plague with the mind of a psychotic prankster motivated by cheap thrills, and with an extremely sadistic sense of humor. He's got no interest in murder in itself (he kills only for collecting new bodies and causing emotional pain to others), reveling in the shock & horror of his "audience" instead. Luckily, Toben lacks ambition and any desire for power & control, and this stops him from being a potentially world-threatening menace. Makes sense from his POV: Where's the fun with no hapless mortals around for him to torment?

    Toben's origins are a mystery - even he himself has probably forgotten. One popular legend tells that Toben was once a villainous con-artist & thief, who used his mastery of disguise to frame others for his crimes. Once, he posed as a gypsy (vistani), and even managed to befriend a clan of other gypsies (by claiming he's distant family). Under this disguise, he stole from a tyrannical noble, causing the latter to execute the whole clan by impalement. As this happened, the clan's wisewoman recognized Toben within the crowd of jeering spectators. When she was about to be put to the stake, she uttered a dire curse: "Since you hide in the skin of others, may you forever live in their skins - and in their skins only!"

    My other fav Ravenloft villain, Toben the Many is clearly an expy of The Joker (yes, that one) - Joker as an infectious zombie-hivemind in a gothic horror scenario, to be precise. Even Toben's "Grinning Sickness" is highly equivalent to Joker's trademark "Joker-Gas" - making its victims die with a smile...
    The handy thing about Toben from a GM's POV is that he's merely a template which can be applied to hosts of wildly variable power, making him suitable for campaigns of any PL (he still functions best in low-powered street-level campaigns, though).
    My reasoning for giving the "Grinning Sickness" both the Cumulative AND the Progressive extra (the latter with its own "Slow" flaw): Victims who are merely infected will take their time (at least 1 day) before finally succumbing, but the ones directly killed by Toben will transform & reanimate within seconds.
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      Re: Bothrops' Pit

      - "These spiders have no reproductive organs, almost like worker bees or soldier ants."
      - "Hell, if these are the soldiers I'd hate to see the general!"
      Arachnophobia (1990)

      THE GENERAL (aka Big Bob)
      Concept: Crafty Killer Spider
      PL 5 (75p: Abilities 4 + Skills 6 + Advantages 10 + Powers 47 + Defenses 8)

      Strength -3 Stamina -1 Agility 4 Dexterity -2 Fighting 3 Intellect -2 Awareness 4 Presence -3
      Acrobatics 1 (+10), Expertise (survival; uses AWE) 1 (+5), Insight 1 (+5), Perception 8 (+12), Stealth 1 (+15)
      All-out Attack, Benefit 1 (status: spider-hive patriarch), Defensive Roll 1, Evasion 2, Fearless, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Initiative 1, Ultimate Toughness, Uncanny Dodge

      Arachnid Senses (2p)
      Senses 2 (low-light vision, tremorsense)
      Dinner-Plate-Sized (21p)
      Shrinking 10 (Permanent, Innate)
      Hunting Spider (10p)
      Feature 1 (produce webbing), Leaping 1, Movement 4 (Slithering, Swinging, Wall-Crawling 2)
      Neurotoxic Venom (14p)
      Progressive Affliction 7 (resisted & overcome by Fortitude; impaired, disabled, dying; Injected)

      Initiative +8
      Venomous Bite: +3 (DC 17)

      Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fortitude 6 Will 4 Toughness 1 (-1 without Def Roll)

      Disability: The General is an animal (albeit a highly intelligent one), and thus can't speak to humans.
      Motivation: Similar to regular animals, the General is mainly interested in survival & continuing his species. Yet he's also a ruthless conqueror who seeks to claim & dominate new territories.
      Power Loss: While the General's huge powerful fangs can easily penetrate even thick leather boots, any stronger armor might neutralize his deadly bite, forcing him to target more vulnerable spots.
      Prejudice: Unlike his innocous-looking offspring, the General must avoid being seen in his new Californian habitat, as a tarantula-sized spider would invoke horror & disgust there.
      Relationship/Responsibility: The General is devoted to & fiercely protective of his mate & offspring. Harming them is a surefire way to piss him off.
      Temper: The General is highly aggressive & vindictive, and clearly capable of holding a grudge. In the latter case, he may indulge in blatant sadism (if he feels save enough) to the point of postponing the fatal bite for savoring his foe's fear.

      Description & Personality
      The General is a large hairy spider resembling a tarantula at first glance, with a 1' legspan. Yet his facial structure (particularly the arrangement of his eyes & jaws) is actually that of a jumping spider, though, and he's armed with an ultra-potent neurotoxic venom capable of killing a grown man in less than a minute.
      The General's other striking feature is his extreme intelligence (for an animal, let alone an arthropod), enabling him of thinking ahead, utilizing tactics, recognizing individual humans on sight, and understanding the concepts of revenge & cruelty. This intelligence begot a far more sinister nature unimaginable in other animals. Yet just like other good villains, the General is not without admirable qualities: He clearly cares for his "family", and he displays great bravery & resourcefulness in the face of adversity during the movie's climax, he fearlessly engages the human protagonist (who's armed with an improvised flamethrower) in a deadly game of cat & mouse.

      The General is a member of an unknown spider-species hailing from a huge Venezuelan tepui, where it evolved in isolation for millennia. These spiders occupy the top of the food chain & utterly dominate their habitat, because they've developed an extremely lethal venom, high intelligence, and an eusocial caste-system similar to ants or bees, with a fertile leader caste producing large numbers of sterile soldiers. This isolation ended when renowned entomologist Dr Atherton led an expedition to the tepui. Atherton's photographer, Jerry Manley, stomped on a spider, enraging a witnessing young male of the leader caste the future General, who hitched a ride in Manley's backpack (for seeking revenge as well as escaping his confined environment & founding his own hive in virgin territory). Back at base camp, the General assassinated Manley and then, hidden in his victim's coffin, traveled to the idyllic Californian small town of Canaima (Manley's home). Shortly after arrival, he mated with a common house spider and spawned not only an army of hybrid soldier-spiders (who inherited their mother's innocous looks and their father's deadly venom) but also a young queen soon capable of producing fertile offspring. Mayhem ensued.

      Recently re-watched 1990's Arachnophobia, and promptly remembered what an awesome BADASS villain the main antagonist of this classic gem was. Forget Shelob, Kumonga or Eight-Legged Freaks IMHO the General is THE most terrifying spider ever shown in a movie, period. This is partly because of his semi-realistic & plausible nature (no silly honking CGI monstrosity). While the movie is notable for its quirky humor, there's nothing funny about the General, as he's a sneaky, crafty & nasty little killer with an attitude.
      On the topic of realism: While the General's toxicity & intelligence are clearly exaggerated, there's actually some scientific foundation for both. The Golden Lancehead is a species of pit viper evolved in isolation on a single island off the Brazilian coast. These snakes are the dominant predators in their habitat and feed almost exclusively on birds, so they've developed a highly potent & fast-acting venom (5 times as strong as that of their already dangerous mainland relatives). And Portia, a genus of jumping spider, displays a degree of advanced learning- & problem-solving ability that scientists cannot explain with mere instinct anymore. Did I mention that the General resembles a tarantula-sized jumping spider? Sweet dreams...
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        Re: Bothrops' Pit

        JENNY ARC
        Concept: Electrical Speedster
        PL 10 (150p: Abilities 26 + Skills 11 + Advantages 6 + Powers 79 + Defenses 28)

        Strength 0 Stamina 3 Agility 0 Dexterity 0 Fighting 6 Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Presence 2
        Deception 8 (+10), Expertise (musician; uses PRE) 6 (+8), Perception 5 (+7), Persuasion 3 (+5)
        Improved Initiative 3, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge

        Living Lightning (36p)
        Environment 1 (light 1; Permanent), Flight 1 (Perfect), Immunity 11 (life support, electrical shock effects), Insubstantial 3 (electricity; Permanent, Innate), Protection 6 (Limited to energy attacks), Strength Affects Corporeal 1
        Electrosense (2p)
        Senses 2 (Ranged Detect Electricity)
        Ride The Lightning (Array 18; 19p)
        BE Flight +9
        AE Accurate Teleport 9 (Distracting, Extended, Medium [power lines])
        AC/DC (Array 20; 22p)
        BE Shocker (Accurate 3): Damage 8 (electricity) +Linked Cumulative Affliction 8 (resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Vulnerable, Stunned; Limited Degree 1) + Enhanced Takedown 2 (Limited to Shocker)
        AE Thunderstruck (Activation 1): Enhanced Strength 10 (Affects Corporeal [9 ranks], Distracting) + Enhanced Close Combat (unarmed) 4
        AE Blackout: Burst Area Cumulative Affliction 10 (resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Incapacitated; Affects Only Objects, Limited to electrical devices)

        Initiative +12
        Unarmed: +6 (DC 15)
        Unarmed (Thunderstruck): +10 (DC 25)
        Grab: +6 (vs 0)
        Grab (Thunderstruck): +6 (vs 10)
        Shocker: +12 (DC 23 + DC 18)
        Blackout: Area DC 20 (DC 20)

        Dodge 11 Parry 11 Fortitude 10 Will 7 Toughness 3/9

        Dependence/Power Loss: Jenny Arc must regularly feed on outside sources of electricity to recharge her powers and to sustain herself. Failure to do so will eventually cause her "AC/DC" array to become first impaired, then disabled, and finally nonfunctional. At this point, she'll also begin starving.
        Motivation Doing Good: Haunted by the deaths of her bandmates (see Background), Jenny swore to honor their memory by using her powers for protecting innocents & combating threats (albeit in her own way).
        Secret: Jenny's human family (who thinks her dead) is still around. Even if it's painful, she doesn't dare to reveal herself to them, as she fears for their safety.
        Temper: Jenny has a short fuse, it doesn't take much to set her off. An angry Jenny is prone to reckless actions & excessive force.
        Weakness: Jenny is vulnerable to magnetism (+2 DC, & counts as being composed of iron). She's also vulnerable to electrical power drains (+2 DC).

        Description & Personality
        Jenny Arc is a being of pure electrical energy, with a blueish-white glowing female-shaped "body" consisting of crackling electricity.
        Jenny was permanently transformed into her current state courtesy of being hit by lightning (which apparently triggered some dormant mutation). While she clearly enjoys her powers, she does often miss her former human life & its pleasures (especially her budding musical career). Somehow gaining the ability to switch between human- & energy form would be a dream come true for her. Jenny is a passionate, fun loving (& sometimes reckless) person, yet also suffers from a textbook case of survivor's guilt.

        Jennifer Kay Archer (nicknamed J-K, even by her parents) came from a typical suburban middle class family in Arcadia, Louisiana. Influenced by her older brother, she became a HUGE fan of classic hardrock at an early age. She soon proved to be a gifted musician herself, playing guitar in several high school bands. When she came of age, J-K naturally pursued a career in music, with a scholarship allowing her to study at a prestigious music school. With a few friends, she founded the AC/DC cover band "Thunderstruck", which soon became locally famous. Spotted by talent scouts, they were invited to perform at the city's annual open air festival. During the gig, a thunderstorm was brewing. Underestimating its speed, they wanted to complete their last song, which proved to be their undoing. Lightning hit the stage, fatally electrocuting the band. With the exception of Jenny, who's body was apparently atomized. Yet days later, she somehow pulled herself together again, and awoke to realize she'd been transformed into a woman of living electricity. Being declared legally dead & mourning the loss of her bandmates, she grimly realized that her human life was over, so she decided to make the best out of her situation.

        Yup, this is more or less a shameless expy of DC-supervillainess Livewire (even her origin story is very similar), yet re-imagined as a hero (& lacking a weakness to water).
        Unlike a more traditional energy controller (ranged attacks, moderate mobility), I added the typical traits of a speedster (melee attacks & extreme speed) Jenny Arc doesn't shoot lightning, she rather IS lightning!
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          Re: Bothrops' Pit

          PL 7 (75p: Abilities 40 + Skills 13 + Advantages 6 + Powers 8 + Defenses 8)

          Strength 8 Stamina 9 Agility 3 Dexterity 0 Fighting 6 Intellect -1 Awareness 0 Presence -1
          Athletics 3 (+10), Intimidation 11 (+11), Perception 6 (+6), Ranged Combat (throwing) 6 (+6)
          Great Endurance, Improved Charge, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Startle, Takedown

          Spliced-up Behemoth (5p)
          Growth 2 (Permanent, Innate)
          Sports Boost (3p)
          Leaping 2 (Check Required 1 [athletics]), Speed 2

          Initiative +3
          Unarmed: +6 (DC 23)
          Grab: +6 (vs 8 [+2])

          Dodge 5 Parry 5 Fortitude 10 Will 4 Toughness 9

          Motivation/Addiction: The Brute Splicer is primarily motivated by his craving for ADAM.
          Prejudice: Excessive splicing & ADAM-withdrawal transformed the Brute into a huge deformed monstrosity, and also caused his mind to deteriorate.
          Quirk: When left alone, splicers tend to talk to themselves.
          Secret/Hatred: The Brute Splicer is outspokenly & violently homophobic. A typical case of compensation/projection, since he's a closeted self-hating homosexual himself.
          Temper: Like all splicers, the Brute has been turned into a foul-tempered ranting ax-crazy lunatic by his ADAM addiction. In particular, questioning his masculinity will send him into a blind frenzy.

          see HERE
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            PL 12 (165p: Abilities 58 + Skills 25 + Advantages 13 + Powers 54 + Defenses 15)

            Strength 6 Stamina 6 Agility 0 Dexterity 0 Fighting 7 Intellect 3 Awareness 4 Presence 3
            Close Combat (blades) 2 (+9), Deception 6 (+8), Expertise (magic) 4 (+7), Expertise (warfare) 9 (+12), Expertise (statecraft) 7 (+10), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 7 (+10), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion 7 (+10)
            Benefit 5 (ruler of the Kushan Empire), Benefit 5 (wealth), Equipment 2, Ritualist

            Apostle (9p)
            Immunity 4 (aging, cold, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 3 (darkvision, vision ignores mist/fog)
            Body of Mist (20p)
            Insubstantial 2 (Precise, Reaction [being attacked], Subtle), Immunity 6 (electricity damage, electrical shock effects)
            Mist Projection (Array 24; 25p)
            BE Mist Avatar (Activation 1): Ranged Summon 6 (Concentration, Controlled, Extra [can merge body; +1], Feature 1 [can use interaction skills through avatar], Feedback, Flaw [body is immobile & defenseless; -2], Heroic, Mental Link, Sensory Link, Quirk 1 [cannot switch off Sensory Link])
            AE Fog Bank: Environment 9 (visibility 2)

            Equipment (10p)
            Scimitar (Strength-based Damage 3, Dangerous 2)
            Lamellar Armor (Protection 3)
            Light Shield (Dodge 1, Parry 1)

            Initiative +0
            Unarmed: +7 (DC 21)
            Scimitar: +9 (DC 24; Crit 18-20)

            Dodge 8 Parry 8 Fortitude 9 Will 9 Toughness 9

            Enemy: Ganishka is an apostle, but he's in open rebellion against the God Hand.
            Motivation-Power: Ganishka's thirst for power is insatiable. He wants to conquer the whole world, and ultimately seeks a way to defeat the God Hand. The true reason for this is simply not wanting to be afraid anymore.
            Phobia: Despite all his power as the ruler of a mighty nation (& as an apostle), Ganishka is actually half-insane with paranoia & crippling fear, sensing enemies everywhere. Yet his greatest fear is his personal nemesis, God Hand member Femto (Griffith).
            Reputation: Ganishka is widely feared & loathed as a heinous warmongering tyrant.
            Responsibility: Ruling a vast empire with millions of subjects is a highly time-consuming task.

            Description, Personality & Background
            see here

            MIST AVATAR (Heroic Minion)
            PL 12 (90p: Abilities -54 + Skills 0 + Advantages 2 + Powers 114 + Defenses 28)

            Strength 0 Stamina - Agility -4 Dexterity -4 Fighting -4 Intellect - Awareness 0 Presence -
            Intimidation 7 (+20)
            Improved Initiative 1, Power Attack

            Thundercloud (57p)
            Growth 20 (Reduced STR -20, Permanent & Innate [8 ranks]), Immunity 37 (critical hits, electricity damage, fortitude), Insubstantial 2 (Permanent, Innate), Protection 3, Regeneration 5
            Lightning Barrage (39p)
            Ranged Multiattack Damage 10 (Accurate 9)
            Fog Bank (18p)
            Environment 9 (visibility 2)

            Initiative +0
            Lightning Barrage: +14 (DC 25)

            Dodge 0 Parry 0 Fortitude - Will - Toughness 23

            Weakness: Ganishka's Mist Avatar is vulnerable (+5 DC) to heat- or wind-based area attacks, with the latter also treating its toughness as 0. Further, natural wind of at least moderate strength can disperse the avatar, inflicting rank 2 damage each round (also against toughness 0). For every higher wind-category (see Gamemaster's Guide; p 176), increase damage rank by 2.
            Weakness: Between the Mist Avatar's eyes lies its "astral focus point". Striking this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) with an attack capable of harming gaseous/insubstantial targets (such as a certain oversized sword...) ignores toughness (treat as 0), Immunity to critical hits and Regeneration.

            Design Notes
            Ganishka is the most advanced apostle so far. Unlike his brethren, he doesn't transform into a corporeal "Demonic Form", but instead forms a gigantic electrified cloud of living mist (bearing his face & housing his mind). He can either dissolve & integrate his physical body into this cloud ("merge body"-extra) or project his avatar elsewhere (leaving his body behind).
            This build represents the "basic" Ganishka, as his final ascension into his titanic "Shiva"-Form is closer to PL X (& very difficult to stat).
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