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    Re: Bothrops' Pit

    "I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with all. I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine. And rage the likes of which you would not believe.
    If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other."

    PL 7 (90p: Abilities 50 + Skills 20 + Advantages 10 + Powers 5 + Defenses 5)

    Strength 6 Stamina 9 Agility 3 Dexterity 0 Fighting 5 Intellect 3 Awareness 2 Presence -1
    Athletics 7 (+12), Close Combat (unarmed) 3 (+8), Insight 5 (+7), Intimidation 11 (+10), Perception 6 (+8), Stealth 8 (+10)
    Chokehold, Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Jack-of-all-Trades, Languages 1, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown
    -Languages: German, English, French, Italian (rudimentary)

    Artificial Creation (2p)
    Immunity 2 (aging, disease)
    Large Frame (3p)
    Growth 1 (Permanent, Innate)

    Initiative +3
    Unarmed: +8 (DC 21)
    Grab: +5 (vs 6 [+2])

    Dodge 5 Parry 5 Fortitude 9 Will 5 Toughness 9

    Motivation- Acceptance/Revenge: The Creature desperately seeks a place to belong, and suffers greatly from his loneliness. Therefore he craves a (female) companion who'd accept him despite his looks, and so he demanded from his creator, Dr Victor Frankenstein, to provide him with one. Should his wish not be fulfilled, then he would turn his vengeful rage against the world, and destroy everything Dr Frankenstein holds dear.
    Identity: Being stitched together from the body parts of multiple corpses, Adam is unsure of his own identity. This insecurity of self greatly contributes to his alienation & frustration.
    Prejudice: The Creature is hideously scarred & deformed, inducing fear, loathing & hatred in nearly all humans who see him.
    Temper: Adam is prone to bouts of violent fury.

    Oh, c'mon...

    This build represents Frankenstein's Monster from Mary Shelley's original novel and 1994's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (the so far most accurate movie adaption, starring Robert De Niro as The Creature). Unlike Boris Karloff's iconic interpretation, the original "monster" was NOT a lumbering simpleton, but actually very intelligent, erudite & articulate, as well as physically agile.
    I gave him Jack-of-all-Trades, to both represent his ability to quickly pick up new skills and the varied skills "inherited" from the people he's comprised of.
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      Re: Bothrops' Pit

      PL 10 (140p: Abilities 62 + Skills 18 + Advantages 8 + Powers 40 + Defenses 12)

      Strength 5 Stamina 4 Agility 8 Dexterity 0 Fighting 8 Intellect 2 Awareness 4 Presence 0
      Acrobatics 8 (+16), Athletics 4 (+9), Close Combat (unarmed) 2 (+10), Expertise (assassin) 3 (+5), Insight 3 (+7), Perception 4 (+8), Ranged Combat (throwing) 8 (+8), Stealth 4 (+12/20)
      Agile Feint, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Hold, Move-by Action, Skill Mastery 2 (Acrobatics, Stealth), Takedown, Uncanny Dodge

      Apostle (8p)
      Immunity 4 (aging, cold, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 2 (darkvision)
      Bladed Tentacles (8p)
      Extra Limbs 2 (Sustained), Strength-based Damage 2 (unarmed; Improved Critical 3, Split 1)
      Tatterdemalion Body (8p)
      Elongation 1, Enhanced Stealth 8 (Limited to darkness & shadows), Feature 1 (reduced mass: 1 rank), Feature 1 (easily fits through any opening big enough for his head), Immunity 2 (critical hits; Sustained, Unreliable), Protection 4 (Limited to physical damage)
      Inhuman Mobility (7p)
      Leaping 4 (Check Required 3 [acrobatics]), Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1), Speed 4
      Demonic Form (Activation 2; 9p)
      Elongation +1, Growth 3 (Permanent), Regeneration 5 (Sustained, Quirk 2 [no Staggered or worse conditions]), A Thousand Wings (AE of Inhuman Mobility: Flight 6 [Wings, Good])

      Initiative +8
      Unarmed: +10 (DC 20)
      Bladed Tentacles: +10 (DC 22; Crit 17-20)
      Grab: +8 (vs 5 [+3])

      Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fortitude 8 Will 8 Toughness 8

      Demonic Form (tattered wraith)
      STR 8 STA 7
      Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fortitude 11 Toughness 11
      Acrobatics +14, Athletics +10, Steath +9/17
      Unarmed: +10 (DC 23)
      Bladed Tentacles: +10 (DC 25; Crit 17-20)
      Grab: +8 (vs 8 [+4])

      Motivation: Rakshas is a self-indulgent hedonistic killer, who considers the act of murder an art-form. It's nothing personal though, and he's never hateful or sadistic. He likes to toy with is victims, yet he's always oddly respectful & polite towards them.
      Responsibility: As an apostle, Rakshas answers to the Godhand in general, and to Griffith/Femto in particular. His loyalty is somewhat questionable, though, and he's quite open about it (to Griffith: "One day, I'll lop off your beautiful head, and make it mine. Until then, I'll let no harm come to you.").
      Prejudice: Unlike most other apostles, Rakshas' basic form is completely inhuman (resembling a tattered animated black cloak wearing a white mask). His Demonic Form is just a larger, stronger & scarier version of this.
      Quirk: Rakshas is quite attached to his prized mask - destroying it would greatly upset & demoralize him.
      Weakness: When in their demonic form, apostles retain a body-part equivalent to their basic humanoid form (the head in Rakshas' case). Attacks against this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) gain a +2 circ. bonus on Damage-DC, and ignore the apostle's Regeneration.
      Weakness: Rakshas is vulnerable (+2 save DC) against light- & fire-based effects.

      Description, Personality & Background
      see here
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        Re: Bothrops' Pit

        PL 12 (165p: Abilities 50 + Skills 18 + Advantages 9 + Powers 70 + Defenses 18)

        Strength 8 Stamina 7 Agility 1 Dexterity 0 Fighting 9 Intellect 1 Awareness 3 Presence 0
        Athletics 2 (+9), Expertise (soldier) 7 (+8), Insight 5 (+8), Intimidation 11 (+12), Perception 5 (+8), Ranged Combat (guns) 6 (+6)
        Benefit 2 (status: legendary warrior, officer in the New Band of the Hawk), Equipment 3, Interpose, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown

        Apostle (9p)
        Immunity 5 (aging, cold, heat, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 2 (darkvision)
        Giant (5p)
        Growth 2 (Permanent, Innate)
        Demonic Form (Activation 2, Reduced Traits [DEX -3, Fort -3]; 56p)
        Growth +7 (Permanent), Protection 5 (Armor), Impervious Toughness 19, Immunity 5 (fire damage), Regeneration 5 (Sustained, Quirk 2 [no Staggered or worse conditions]),
        Fire Control (Array 20)
        BE Fire Breath: Cone Area Damage 10
        AE Pyrokinesis*: Cone Area Damage 10 (Selective, Limited to existing fire)

        *see Power Profiles pg 71

        Initiative +1
        Unarmed: +9 (DC 23)
        Warhammer: +9 (DC 26)
        Shield-Cannon: +6 (DC 23)
        Grab: +9 (vs 8)

        Dodge 7(9) Parry 7(9) Fortitude 12 Will 8 Toughness 11

        Equipment (13p, 2 free)
        Full Plate: Protection 4,
        Arsenal (Array 8)
        BE Warhammer: Strength-based Damage 3 (Smashing) + Shield: Improved Defense 4 (Dodge 2, Parry 2)
        AE Shield-Cannon: Ranged Damage 8 (Unreliable [1 use; reloading requires several rounds])

        Demonic Form (crystal dragon)
        STR 15 STA 14 DEX -3
        Dodge 5 Parry 5 Fortitude 16 Toughness 19
        Athletics +12, Intimidation +15
        Unarmed: +9 (DC 30)
        Fire Breath: Area DC 20 (DC 25)
        Grab: +9 (vs 15)

        Motivation: Similar to Zodd, Grunbeld lives for combat, and seeks ever stronger opponents to test his mettle against. Yet his is a considerably more disciplined & less bloodthirsty approach to it.
        Disability: Grunbeld's Demonic Form lacks hands, preventing him from easily manipulating objects while transformed.
        Honor: Despite being an apostle, Grunbeld retained some moral standards, and follows a code of personal honor. He despises acts of depravity & wanton cruelty, and generally avoids unnecessary violence. He also won't take unfair advantage of an opponent, and usually spares non-combatants.
        Reputation/Fame: Grunbeld is widely known (& feared) as a legendary & extremely powerful warrior. Even other apostles do not dare indulging their baser urges in his presence (see "Honor"), being fearful of incurring his wrath.
        Responsibility: As an apostle, Grunbeld answers to the Godhand in general, and to Griffith/Femto in particular.
        Prejudice: Besides his massive size, Grunbeld has several features betraying his inhuman nature (reptilian eyes and sharp fangs, for example).
        Weakness: When in their demonic form, apostles retain a body-part equivalent to their basic humanoid form (his face sitting on the front of the apostle form's snout in Grunbeld's case). Attacks against this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) gain a +2 circ. bonus on Damage-DC, and ignore the apostle's Regeneration.

        Description, Personality & Background
        see here
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          Re: Bothrops' Pit

          PL 11 (165p: Abilities 60 + Skills 22 + Advantages 18 + Powers 48 + Defenses 17)

          Strength 6 Stamina 5 Agility 4 Dexterity 0 Fighting 8 Intellect 2 Awareness 2 Presence 3
          Acrobatics 3 (+7), Athletics 4 (+10), Close Combat (polearms) 1, Expertise (knight) 8 (+10), Expertise (riding; uses AGL) 8 (+12), Insight 6 (+8), Intimidation 5 (+8), Perception 7 (+9), Persuasion 2 (+5)
          Accurate Attack, Attractive, Benefit 2 (status: legendary knight, officer in the New Band of the Hawk), Equipment 3, Improved Charge, Improved Critical 3 (polearms), Move-by Action, Sidekick 5, Takedown

          Apostle (8p)
          Immunity 4 (aging, cold, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 2 (darkvision)
          Demonic Form (Activation 2; 40p)
          Feature 1 (can absorb his steed into his body when transforming), Growth 4 (Permanent), Protection 4 (Armor), Impervious Toughness 13, Improved Defenses 4 (Dodge 2, Parry 2), Leaping 3 (Check Required 2 [athletics]), Regeneration 5 (Sustained, Quirk 2 [no Staggered or worse conditions]), Speed 4, Stength-based Damage 3 (lance; Reach 1)

          Initiative +4
          Unarmed: +8 (DC 23)
          Sword: +8 (DC 24; Crit 19-20)
          Lance: +9 (DC 25; Crit 17-20)
          Grab: +8 (vs 6)

          Dodge 9(11) Parry 9(11) Fortitude 10 Will 8 Toughness 9

          Equipment (13p, 2 free)
          Full Plate: Protection 4, Shield: Improved Defense 4 (Dodge 2, Parry 2),
          Knight's Weapons (Array 4)
          BE Sword: Strength-based Damage 3 (Dangerous 1)
          AE Lance: Strength-based Damage 4 (2 ranks Limited to charging, Reach 1)

          Demonic Form (metal centaur)
          STR 10 STA 9
          Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fortitude 14 Toughness 13
          Acrobatics +5, Athletics +12, Intimidation +10
          Unarmed: +8 (DC 25)
          Lance: +9 (DC 28; Crit 17-20)
          Grab: +8 (vs 10)

          Motivation: Locus serves Griffith out of genuine idealism, sincerely believing the latter would bring forth a better world.
          Honor: Many apostles let themselves sink into depravity to silence the pesky voice of their conscience. Yet Locus has chosen the exact opposite, devoting himself wholeheartedly to the knightly code of chivalry. Further, he takes any insults directed at his liege, Griffith, very personally.
          Reputation/Fame: Locus is the famous Moonlight Knight.
          Responsibility: As an apostle, Locus answers to the Godhand in general, and to Griffith/Femto in particular.
          Weakness: When in their demonic form, apostles retain a body-part equivalent to their basic humanoid form (his face in Locus' case). Attacks against this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) gain a +2 circ. bonus on Damage-DC, and ignore the apostle's Regeneration.

          Description, Personality & Background
          see here


          SIDEKICK: Warhorse
          PL 6 (25p: Abilities -10 + Skills 6 + Advantages 2 + Powers 17 + Defenses 10)

          Strength 5(6) Stamina 5 Agility 2 Dexterity -4 Fighting 0 Intellect -4 Awareness 0 Presence -3
          Athletics 1 (+4/12), Close Combat (unarmed) 5 (+5), Perception 6 (+6)
          Equipment 1, Move-by Action

          Large Body (8p)
          Growth 3 (Permanent, Innate), Enhanced Strength 1 (Limited to lifting)
          Equine Senses (1p)
          Senses 1 (acute scent)
          Fleet of Hoof (5p)
          Speed 3, Enhanced Athletics 8 (Limited to running & jumping)
          Trained Steed (3p)
          Enhanced Interpose (Affects others, Limited to rider & steed), Enhanced Will 4 (Limited to when ridden)

          Initiative +2
          Unarmed: +5 (DC 20)

          Dodge 3 Parry 4 Fortitude 6 Will 2(6) Toughness 8

          Barding: Protection 3

          Disability: Horses are animals, being unable to speek to humans and lacking hands.
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            Re: Bothrops' Pit

            PL 11 (165p: Abilities 54 + Skills 25 + Advantages 11 + Powers 58 + Defenses 17)

            Strength 4 Stamina 5 Agility 6 Dexterity 0 Fighting 6 Intellect 2 Awareness 4 Presence 0
            Acrobatics 1 (+7), Athletics 7 (+11), Ranged Combat (bows) 12 (+12), Expertise (hunter) 8 (+10), Expertise (musician; uses PRE) 5 (+5), Insight 3 (+7), Perception 8 (+12), Stealth 6 (+12)
            Benefit 1 (officer in the New Band of the Hawk), Defensive Roll, Equipment 1, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 3 (bows), Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack 1 (ranged cover), Tracking

            Apostle (8p)
            Immunity 4 (aging, cold, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 4 (darkvision extended vision 2)
            Demonic Bow (18p)
            Ranged Strength-based Damage 2 (Extended Range 3, Multiattack), Senses 1 (extended vision 1)
            Skirmisher (2p)
            Speed 1, Leaping 2 (Check Required 1 [athletics])
            Demonic Form (Activation 2; 30p)
            Growth 4 (Permanent), Regeneration 5 (Sustained, Quirk 2 [no Staggered or worse conditions]), Protection 1 (Armor), Speed +2, Ranged & Multiattack on Growth-STR, Secondary Effect on Demonic Bow

            Initiative +6
            Unarmed: +6 (DC 19)
            Hunting Knife: +6 (DC 21; Crit 18-20)
            Demonic Bow: +12 (DC 21; Crit 17-20)
            Grab: +6 (vs 4)

            Dodge 12 Parry 9 Fortitude 9 Will 8 Toughness 8(6 without Def Roll)

            Equipment (5p)
            Leather Armor: Protection 1
            Hunting Knife: Strength-based Damage 2 (Dangerous 2)

            Demonic Form ("stag-wolf")
            STR 8 STA 9
            Dodge 10 Parry 7 Fortitude 13 Toughness 12(10 without Def Roll)
            Acrobatics +5, Athletics +13, Stealth +8
            Unarmed: +6 (DC 23)
            Demonic Bow: +12 (DC 25; Crit 17-20)
            Grab: +6 (vs 8)

            Motivation: Irvine serves Griffith out of genuine idealism, sincerely believing the latter would bring forth a better world.
            Relationship: Probably the nicest apostle in existence, Irvine has formed a tender relationship with Griffith's medium Sonia. He's fiercely protective of her.
            Responsibility: As an apostle, Irvine answers to the Godhand in general, and to Griffith/Femto in particular.
            Secret: Irvine hides his more friendly nature from his fellow apostles, as he fears being seen as weak. Therefore, he prefers keeping to himself.
            Weakness: When in their demonic form, apostles retain a body-part equivalent to their basic humanoid form (his torso growing out of the demonic form's croup in Irvine's case). Attacks against this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) gain a +2 circ. bonus on Damage-DC, and ignore the apostle's Regeneration.

            Description, Personality & Background
            see here
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              Re: Bothrops' Pit

              RAVANI DEVI
              Concept: Man-Eating Femme Fatale
              PL 10 (150p: Abilities 70 + Skills 16 + Advantages 5 + Powers 47 + Defenses 12)

              Strength 7(6) Stamina 5(4) Agility 7 Dexterity 0 Fighting 7 Intellect 2 Awareness 5 Presence 4
              Acrobatics 3 (+10), Close Combat (unarmed) 4 (+11), Deception 8 (+12), Expertise (performance artist; uses PRE) 6 (+10), Expertise (criminal) 3 (+5), Insight 5 (+10), Perception 3 (+8), Persuasion 0 (+4/10)
              Benefit 2 (wealth), Connected, Languages 1, Taunt
              -Languages: Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Urdu

              Demonic Flight (6p)
              Flight 2 (Perfect)
              Demonic Trickster (Array 20; 21p)
              BE Deception Weaver: Illusion 8 (visual & auditory; Distracting [4 ranks])
              AE Hypnotic Gaze: Cone Area Affliction 10 (resisted & overcome by will; Entranced, Compelled, Controlled; Cumulative, Sense-Dependent [visual])
              Shapeshifter (Array 10; 11p)
              BE True Form (Reverting Default): Enhanced Strength 1 (Permanent), Enhanced Stamina 1 (Permanent), Speed 2, Strength-based Damage 2 (unarmed; Improved Critical 2)
              AE Rakshesha: Morph 2 (female humanoids; Flawed [reverse palms], Standard Action) +Linked Enhanced Advantages 3 (Attractive 2, Fascinate [deception) +Linked Enhanced Persuasion 6
              True Rakshasa (9p)
              Immunity 2 (aging, disease), Protection 6 (Limited against magical, blessed or silver weapons), Regeneration 2, Senses 2 (darkvision)]

              Initiative +7
              Unarmed: +11 (DC 21)
              Fangs & Claws: +11 (DC 24)
              Grab: +7 (vs 7/6)

              Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fortitude 9(8) Will 9 Toughness 11(10)

              Motivation: Ravani Devi is a hedonistic control freak who gets the kicks out of wrapping people around her finger. She doesn't take "no" for an answer.
              Addiction/Dependence: As a Rakshasi, Ravani must regularly feast on fresh human meat or begins to starve.
              Fame/Responsibility: Ravani's career as a performance artist is quite demanding.
              Relationship: Her father Vikram wants his daughter back in India. He's quite patient for now, but may soon put her under pressure.
              Secret: Ravani keeps her true nature & her sinister habits a well guarded secret.
              Power Loss: A Rakshasa's Regeneration power doesn't work against wounds inflicted by magical, blessed or silver weapons.

              Description & Personality
              Ravani Devi usually appears as a sensual, stunningly beautiful Hindi woman (exact details may vary), while her true form is that of a graceful humanoid tiger. However, her hands are "reversed", with the palms facing outward. This treacherous feature always remains (Flawed Morph), so she conceals it with specially tailored gloves or her illusion powers (yet both methods aren't foolproof). She typically dresses in revealing high-quality clothing which still allows for unrestricted movement.
              Ravani is an extremely confident, assertive woman who exudes a sensual yet predatory charm. She's quite flirtatious, but also domineering & manipulative. A true Rakshasi, Ravani Devi also shares her species' ravenous appetite for human flesh. While she sees humans as a lesser species & has no qualms about preying on them, she's also never contemptous or needlessly cruel. She has a habit of taking human lovers (both men & women, but preferring the former), who usually become meals once they start to bore her.

              Born into a long, prestigious line of noble Rakshasas hailing back to legendary king Ravana, Ravani was named after her (in)famous ancestor. Her father Vikram, a powerful mob boss in Raipur, India, doted on her, raising her in the lap of luxury. Yet she always had a rebellious streak that drove her to break free from her father's controlling grasp & to evade her familial duties. So when she came off age, she eloped to the US. There she first made easy money as a con artist & grifter, and then pursued a successful career as performance artist. She soon added the ephitet "Devi" (Goddess) to her name, for both enhancing her stage persona's mystic flair and flattering her own ego.

              Design Notes
              This is the third build in my "classic monsters from folklore"-collection. After Nikolaj Varnov (vampire) and Carnassial (werewolf), I just wanted to make a Rakshasa.
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                Re: Bothrops' Pit

                PL 6 - Minion (75p: Abilities -32 + Skills 11 + Advantages 4 + Powers 86 + Defenses 6)

                Strength 0(4) Stamina - Agility 0 Dexterity -4 Fighting 0 Intellect -2 Awareness 0 Presence -5
                Acrobatics 14 (+14), Perception 8 (+8)
                Favored Environment (roads), Fearless, Improved Initiative 1, Move-by Action

                Motorcycle Chassis (14p)
                Speed 7, Enhanced Strength 4 (Limited to carrying & driving), Enhanced Defenses 6 (Dodge 4, Parry 2; Limited to when driving)
                Robot (41p)
                Immunity 40 (fortitude, mental effects), Feature 1 (internal computer)
                Sensor Suite (4p)
                Senses 4 (infravision, rapid vision 1, radio, communication link [with skynet])
                Sturdy Contruction (19p)
                Impervious Protection 7, Immunity 10 (crash impacts; Limited to half effect)
                Twin Plasma Cannons (18p)
                Ranged Damage 6 (Accurate 5, Split 1)

                Initiative +4
                Plasma Cannons: +6 (DC 21)

                Dodge 1(5) Parry 0(2) Fortitude - Will 5 Toughness 7

                Disabilty: MotoTerminators cannot speak to humans, and are physically self-piloted motorcycles. This means they suffer all the drawbacks that come with such a vehicle body (no manipulative limbs, cannot reach many places etc).
                Quirk: An immobilized MotoTerminator can be hacked via accessing its interface-port.

                Description & Background
                see HERE

                Being an avid rider myself, it's no surprise that the MotoTerminators from Terminator: Salvation were my personal highlights. These things were so impossibly cool & badass, I just have to stat them...
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                  Re: Bothrops' Pit

                  INDOMINUS REX
                  PL 9 (90p: Abilities 16 + Skills 19 + Advantages 2 + Powers 37 + Defenses 16)

                  Strength 8 Stamina 9 Agility 2 Dexterity -2 Fighting 7 Intellect -2 Awareness 2 Presence -2
                  Athletics 4 (+8), Intimidation 11 (+12), Expertise (survival; uses AWE) 1 (+3), Perception 9 (+11), Stealth 13 (+8)
                  Great Endurance, Startle

                  Bonecrushing Jaws (6p)
                  Strength-based Damage 3 (Fast Grab, Improved Critical 2)
                  Cuttlefish Genes (2p)
                  Concealment 4 (all visual; Blending, Passive)
                  Huge Size (17p)
                  Growth 7 (Permanent, Innate), Speed +2
                  Keen Senses (3p)
                  Senses 3 (low-light vision, acute tracking scent)
                  Thick Hide (9p)
                  Protection 2 (Armor), Impervious Toughness 7

                  Initiative +2
                  Unarmed: +7 (DC 23)
                  Bite: +7 (DC 26; Crit 18-20)
                  Grab: +7 (vs 8)

                  Dodge 5 Parry 7 Fortitude 12 Will 6 Toughness 11

                  Motivation: Being an intelligent social predator brought up in total isolation since birth (no social contacts, no guidance, no role models), Indominus Rex has become the dinosaur-equivalent of a deranged, ultra-agressive psychopath. She hunts & kills for sheer pleasure. Be afraid, be VERY afraid.
                  Disability: I-Rex is an animal (if extremely intelligent), so she can't speak to humans.
                  Temper: Due to her isolated upbringing (& also being bred for aggression), I-Rex is extremely unstable & aggressive.
                  Quirk: I-Rex is completely unfamilar with the outside world (having only known her small pen for all her life). That means she only has her predator instincts & raw intelligence to fall back to.

                  see HERE

                  This one is my second favourite fictional dinosaur in cinematic history (the first being King Kong's V-Rex, due to its sheer brutishness).


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                    Re: Bothrops' Pit

                    PL 9 (75p: Abilities -6 + Skills 11 + Advantages 1 + Powers 54 + Defenses 15)

                    Strength 10 Stamina 12 Agility 0 Dexterity -4 Fighting 6 Intellect -4 Awareness 0 Presence -3
                    Expertise (survival; uses AWE) 5 (+5), Perception 7 (+7), Ranged Combat (fire breath) 10 (+6)
                    Fast Grab

                    Gigantic Size (21p)
                    Growth 10 (Permanent, Innate)
                    Immunity 5 (fire damage)
                    Night Vision (1p)
                    Senses 1 (low-light vision)
                    Semi-Aquatic (2p)
                    Swimming 2
                    Twin Jaws (5p)
                    Strength-based Damage 2 (unarmed; Improved Critical 1, Split 1), Feature 1 (can use Split with Fire Breath)
                    Twin Fire Breath (20p)
                    Ranged Damage 12 (fire; Diminished Range 3, Split 1, Quirk 2 [single blast capped at 6 ranks])

                    Initiative +0
                    Unarmed: +6 (DC 25)
                    Bite: +6 (DC 27; Crit 19-20)
                    Grab: +6 (vs 10)
                    Fire Breath +6 (DC 27)

                    Dodge 2 Parry 5 Fortitude 12 Will 4 Toughness 12

                    Motivation: Typical animal motivations, but with a tendency towards mindless destruction.
                    Disability: The Eborsisk is an animalistic creature, so it can't speak to humans. It also lacks manipulative limbs.
                    Disability: Eborsisks are very slow & ponderous on dry land. Despite its size, an Eborsisk's land speed is only 30ft. It also cannot use the charge maneuver.
                    Weakness: Physically blocking the Eborsisk's throat (for example by impalemant) causes the afflicted head to explode as soon as it attempts to breathe fire, killing the whole creature.

                    see here

                    One of the highlights of the 1988 fantasy movie Willow, I was hugely impressed by this odd 2-headed monstrosity as a young kid. As a one-scene-wonder, information about this creature is scarce, so I had to improvise about its actual stats. Unlike the legendary Hydra, destroying a single head is fatal for the Eborsisk, I decided against using a Summon effect for representing its two heads - a Split extra on both its bite and fire breath will do fine.
                    By the way, the name "Eborsisk" was based on the famous film critic duo Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel.
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                      Re: Bothrops' Pit

                      THAGZ (Stewart "Stu" Taylor)
                      Concept: Brutish Jobber Villain
                      PL 7 (105p: Abilities 34 + Skills 20 + Advantages 12 + Powers 29 + Defenses 10)

                      Strength 8(9) Stamina 8 Agility 0 Dexterity 0 Fighting 4 Intellect 0 Awareness 0 Presence -1
                      Athletics 4 (+11), Close Combat (unarmed) 2 (+6), Expertise (criminal) 5 (+5), Expertise (soldier) 5 (+5), Intimidation 12 (+11), Perception 6 (+6), Stealth 6 (+5)
                      Benefit 2 (well-connected backers), Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Charge, Improved Smash, Ranged Attack 4, Startle, Takedown

                      Large Frame (4p)
                      Growth 1 (Innate, Permanent), Enhanced Strength 1 (Limited to lifting)
                      Powerful Legs (2p)
                      Leaping 2 (Check Required 1 [athletics]), Speed 1
                      Rapid Recovery (2p)
                      Regeneration 2
                      Saurian Senses (2p)
                      Senses 2 (low-light vision, acute scent)
                      Scaly Hide (9p)
                      Protection 2 (Armor), Impervious Toughness 7
                      Spiked Tail (9p)
                      Extra Limbs 1 (tail), Thagomizer (Inaccurate 1, Reach 1): Strength-based Damage 2 (unarmed; Improved Critical 1) +Linked Affliction 10 (Resisted by Strength; Dazed, Prone; Alternate Resistance (strength; +1), Limited Degree 1, Instant Recovery)
                      Curbstomp (1p)
                      Trigger 1 on unarmed damage: when a foe falls prone within his reach

                      Initiative +0
                      Unarmed: +6 (DC 23)
                      Thagomizer: +4 (DC 25/20; Crit 19-20)
                      Grab: +4 (vs 8 [+1])

                      Dodge 4 Parry 4 Fortitude 10 Will 4 Toughness 10

                      Motivation- Greed & Respect: Stu wants money, as well as the respect he thinks the world is owing him.
                      Phobia: Due to his stegosaurus genes, Thagz has an instinctive fear of large reptilian predators.
                      Power Loss: Thagz cannot use his Thagomizer against grappling opponents.
                      Prejudice: Thagz is an obviously inhuman sight.
                      Reputation: Thagz is a wanted super-criminal, and his reputation among criminals & supervillains is "useful idiot".
                      Responsibility: For getting him out of prison multiple times, Stu is heavily indebted with anonymous "benefactors", who regularly demand services from him as payback.

                      Description & Personality
                      Stewart Taylor (or Thagz, as he calls himself now) is a 7' tall massively built reptilian humanoid with a long powerful spiked tail, tough scaly skin and a double-row of upright spade-shaped plates running along his spine. He usually just wears specially tailored shorts (for accomodating his tail), yet he's also got a penchant for flashy "bling-bling" jewelry.
                      Stewart was a petty thug before his "upgrade", and the latter had not changed that. He coped remarkably well with his new monstrous form, intending to make the most out of his new superhuman strength. He craves money & respect, but he's oblivious to the fact that he'll always be a henchman for smarter villains. Stu is a bit slow-witted & gullible, making him not too difficult to trick or outmaneuver. But he's NOT an incompetent buffoon, so he should never be taken lightly.

                      Stewart "Stu" Taylor was your typical low-level criminal hoodlum - highschool dropout, bad conduct discharge from the army, a stint in prison, meager existence as a hired legbreaker. In short, a perfect test subject for the Labyrinth's ongoing DNAscent program. They abducted him and spliced his genes with those of a stegosaurus, turning him into a powerful (but clumsy) reptilian brute with a deadly spiked tail. As usual, the Labyrinth staged his "escape" from the lab, setting him loose. He was quickly defeated by M'Bogo after his initial rampage, yet managed to break free again during his transport to Blackstone. Since then, he's worked as hired muscle for various criminals & supervillains, who keep getting him out of prison when captured, due to his general usefulness.

                      Design Notes
                      This build is nothing special, just a generic (but recurring) jobber villain for a NYC campaign. His background is, admittedly, quite stereotypical - lowly thug given some superpowers just for repeatedly getting his ass handed to him by the heroes. Mea culpa.
                      I found the stegosaurus a fitting totem - massive dumb dino with dangerous tail weapon.
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                        Re: Bothrops' Pit

                        "Come to Freddy."

                        FREDDY KRUEGER
                        PL 8 (150p: Abilities 32 + Skills 18 + Advantages 5 + Powers 86 + Defenses 9)

                        Strength 4 Stamina - Agility 3 Dexterity 0 Fighting 7 Intellect 2 Awareness 3 Presence 2(5)
                        Deception 5 (+7/10), Expertise (mechanic) 3 (+5), Insight 7 (+10), Intimidation 5 (+7/10), Investigation 3 (+5), Perception 5 (+8), Stealth 5 (+8), Technology 3 (+5)
                        Beginner's Luck, Close Attack 1, Favored Foe (dreamers), Improved Initiative 1, Taunt

                        Eternal Undeath (42p)
                        Immortality 1, Immunity 30 (fortitude), Protection 9, Regeneration 1
                        One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You (7p)
                        Movement 2 (dimensional movement 2 [dreamscapes]; Activation 1, Limited to those of elm street kids & people afraid of his legend), Senses 8 (Accurate Acute Extended 3 Ranged Detect Dreamers [mental]; Dimensional 1, Limited to elm street kids & people afraid of his legend), Feature 1 (dreamers sharing a dreamscape with Freddy are very difficult to wake up)
                        Dream Demon (4p)
                        Enhanced Presence 3 (Limited to dreamscapes), Enhanced Fascinate 2 (deception & intimidation; Limited to dreamscapes)
                        Dream Mastery (Array 24; 27p)
                        BE Dreamweaver: Perception Area (mental) Cumulative Affliction 8 (resisted by Will; Figment, Phantasm, Immersion; Limited to Dreamscapes, No "Area" Save)
                        AE Worst Nightmare: Perception Range Damage 8 (Alternate Resistance [Will; +1]; Limited to Dreamscapes, Limited to immersed targets [3 ranks], Precise, Variable Descriptor 2)
                        AE Brain Drain: Perception Range Weaken Will 8 (resisted by Will; Limited to Dreamscapes, Insidious, Subtle) +Linked Cumulative Mind Reading 8 (Concentration, Feedback, Limited to Dreamscapes, Subtle)
                        AE Nightmare Rider (Activation 1): Perception Range Cumulative Affliction 8 (resisted by Will; Controlled; Dimensional, Limited Degree 1 [3rd only], Limited to Dreamers, Merge with subject)
                        The Glove (Removable [-2]; 6p)
                        Strength-based Damage 2 (Accurate 1, Affects Incorporeal 2, Improved Critical 3)

                        Initiative +7
                        Unarmed: +8 (DC 19)
                        The Glove: +10 (DC 21; Crit 17-20)
                        Grab: +8 (vs 4)
                        Dreamweaver: Area Perception (DC 18)
                        Worst Nightmare: Perception (DC 15/18)
                        Brain Drain: Perception (DC 18)
                        Nightmare Rider: Perception (DC 16)

                        Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude - Will 8 Toughness 9

                        Motivation: Freddy is a sadistic serial killer of children & teenagers. Originally he only targeted the "elm street kids" (the children of the enraged people who burned him alive), but he now wants more. Much more.
                        Addiction/Dependence: Krueger's life-elixir is the fear people feel of him. Before he finally kills his victims, he first just stalks them in their dreams, feeding on their fear and causing them to tell others of their horrid nightmares - he spreads his legend (and with it his influence & power) like a contagious disease.
                        Disability: Freddy only exists inside dreamscapes (he normally resides within his own "dream-core"). While he can be forcibly dragged into the real world (see Weakness, below), he cannot do this by himself (his only way of acting in the real world is by possessing a dreamer's body with his "Nightmare Rider" power). When trapped in our world, he can escape into the dreamscape by either using Extra Effort (stunting his Dimensional Movement power, only possible at the end of the scene) or by using the aforementioned "Nightmare Rider" power (using a dreaming person as a "bridge").
                        Power Loss: Freddy's "Dream Mastery" Array is both dependent on the sum of the amount of general fear he caused and the absorbed souls of his murdered victims (GM's decision): If he's gorged, it functions normally. If he's hungry, it's impaired. If he's very hungry, it's disabled. And if he's starving it's nonfunctional. In the latter case, he's still able to haunt his target's dreams & using interaction skills to cause the fear he needs.
                        Weakness: A dreamer who manages to successfully use an offensive dream/mental power or interaction skill against Freddy and then IMMEDIATELY wakes up (HP-use or external help) can drag him into the real world (if so intended), temporarily trapping him there.

                        Description, Background & Personality
                        Oh c'mon...

                        Design Notes
                        Ta-daaa! Here's my interpretation of everybody's favourite pizza-faced wisecracking nightmare-slasher. The tricky thing about statting Freddy is, of course, how to simulate the dream-world he normally inhabits: Either treat it as a purely mental affair with a more colorful descriptor, or as an actual dimension of its own (and with its own "physical laws").
                        I finally opted for a compromise: The dreamscapes are treated as actual temporary dimensions created by every dreaming person. These may "overlap" (creating a communal dreamscape), and mental contact with a dreamer also enables access (and thus interaction with Freddy). Yet any interaction is resolved by willpower, dream- & mental powers, and interaction skills. Physical traits (& -powers), physical laws and spatial distances are completely meaningless. This also means that Freddy's STR, toughness and physical combat traits (including his iconic Glove) are only used when he'd been dragged into the real world. "Physically" attacking someone in the dream world is instead resolved with his "Worst Nightmare" power.
                        Please take note that I used the optional "illusion as afflictions"-rule presented in the Power Profiles (pg. 79) for his "Dreamweaver" power.
                        Further, for enabling "non-psychic" characters to fight back against Freddy, the GM should allow stunting impromptu dream powers from other traits ("Dream Warriors!"), and also be generous with HPs.
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                          Re: Bothrops' Pit

                          THE PACK
                          Concept: Bestial Duplicator Villain
                          PL 10/7 (150p: Abilities 44 + Skills 20 + Advantages 9 + Powers 75 + Defenses 2)

                          Strength 2(4) Stamina 5 Agility 6 Dexterity 0 Fighting 7 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence -2
                          Acrobatics 6 (+12), Athletics 8 (+10/12), Expertise (criminal) 3 (+3), Expertise (survival; uses AWE) 1 (+5), Intimidation 8 (+6), Perception 8 (+12), Stealth 6 (+12)
                          Close Attack 2, Defensive Roll 1, Fearless, Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Teamwork, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

                          Duplication (61p)
                          Summon 6 (duplicates; Continuous, Heroic, Mental Link, Multiple Minions 2 [4 minions], Survival)
                          Feral Agility (2p)
                          Leaping 2 (Check Required 1 [acrobatics], Speed 1
                          Feral Senses (2p)
                          Senses 2 (low-light vision, acute scent)
                          Feral Transformation (Activation 1; 7p)
                          Enhanced Strength 2 (Permanent), Fangs & Claws: Strength-based Damage 1 (Improved Critical 1), Regeneration 1, Speed +2 (Quirk 1 [must run on all fours])
                          Pack Mind (2p)
                          Enhanced Will 4 (Permanent, Limited to mental effects)
                          Unrecognizable (1p)
                          Feature 1 (no one can precisely remember the basic human form)

                          Initiative +6
                          Unarmed: +9 (DC 17/19)
                          Fangs & Claws: +9 (DC 20; Crit 19-20)
                          Grab: +9 (vs 2/4)

                          Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 6 Will 4(8) Toughness 7(5 without Def roll)

                          Motivation: The Pack is mostly driven by its primal survival instincts, with hunting prey being the foremost one.
                          Identity: The Pack is a collective identity now, having foregone all individuality long ago. Combined with its predatory & feral instincts, it has great difficulties with blending into normal human society. It really doesn't care much, though.
                          Reputation: The Pack is feared (& wanted) as a gang of savage thugs & killers.
                          Temper: The Pack has a savage & bestial disposition, and thus is easily provoked to violence.
                          Weakness: Due to its collective mental link, any mental effect successfully used on one member works on the whole pack.

                          Description & Personality
                          The Pack (or rather, its individual members) all look identical (like clones): A smallish, scrawny (but wiry) plain-looking runt of a teenage boy with unkempt dirty-blonde hair & wearing ratty clothes. Despite this seemingly unassuming appearance, there's something very unsettling about him/them, as his/their eyes show a feral hungry gleam, and his/their behavior resembles that of a pack of stalking hyenas (complete with a menacing "giggle"). When he/they unleash(es) the feral form, he/they partially transform(s), gaining traits reminiscent of leopards, spotted hyenas & jackals - short fur, a bristly crest running down the back, and sharp fangs & claws.
                          The Pack had long lost all individuality, it's now a collective identity. It functions mostly by primal instinct, living for hunting foremost, but still possesses enough cunning & pragmatism to function in the modern world. It's also clever enough to always keep one member back in reserve, making it very difficult to capture or kill.

                          The individual (or rather "gang") known as "The Pack" was once a mentally ill (severe schizophrenia & dissociative identity disorder) half-feral homeless teenage boy. Abducted by the Labyrinth & subjected to the DNAscent process (splicing his genes with that of various mammalian carnivores), the trauma of this procedure promptly triggered the boy's actual innate mutant power, duplication (probably the underlying source of his mental illness). Intrigued, the Labyrinth set him loose again, eagerly wanting to see how he'd fare in the field. Since then, he (or rather "they") had fully abandoned his/their individual identity, referring to himself/themselves in the first-person plural - "we", "us", "our" etc. He/they now make(s) a living as hired muscle for various criminals & supervillains, especially for jobs requiring to track down & kill a human target. They're literally a pack of vicious attack dogs for hire.

                          Design Notes
                          I just wanted to make a duplicator with a specific theme. While the whole build's PL is set at 10, the individual pack members' PL is actually only 7. The "Survival" extra on The Pack's Duplication power means that when the "original" is taken out, the nearest duplicate becomes the new original. Oh, and The Pack has the same supernatural ability as Princess (of The Sentinels), being unrecognizable outside its super identity.

                          DUPLICATE - Heroic Minion
                          PL 7 (90p: Abilities 44 + Skills 20 + Advantages 9 + Powers 15 + Defenses 2)

                          same as original
                          same as original
                          same as original

                          same as original, with the following exceptions:
                          - no "Duplication" power
                          - Feature 1 (can "borrow" the original's Duplication power, but the total number of duplicates is still limited to 4)

                          same as original

                          same as original
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                            Re: Bothrops' Pit

                            Concept: Plant Controller, Corrupt Dryad
                            PL 10 (150p: Abilities 52 + Skills 16 + Advantages 6 + Powers 65 + Defenses 11)

                            Strength 4(2) Stamina 5 Agility 2 Dexterity 0 Fighting 5 Intellect 1 Awareness 8 Presence 3
                            Deception 10(+13), Expertise (druid) 9(+10), Insight 2(+10), Persuasion 5(+8/10), Stealth 6(+8)
                            Animal Empathy, Defensive Roll 1, Equipment 2, Ritualist, Taunt
                            -Languages: Gaelic, English

                            Forest Stride (3p)
                            Movement 3 (Permeate 3; Limited to plant-material)
                            Green Thumb (Array 36; 41p)
                            BE Fellwood (Accurate 5): Create 10 (plants; Moveable, Damaging, Permanent, Source [soil], Diminished Range 1, Innate, Precise)
                            AE Plant Animation: Burst Area Move Object 9 (Medium [plants], Damaging, Diminished Range 1, Precise, Selective)
                            AE Entangle: Ranged Burst Area Cumulative Affliction 9 (resisted by Dodge, overcome by Damage; Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile; Extra Condition, Limited Degree 1, Medium [plants], Selective)
                            AE Pollen Cloud: Cloud Area 2 Cumulative Affliction 9 (poison; resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep)
                            AE Evil Seed (Accurate 2): Progressive Affliction 11 (resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Impaired & Vulnerable, Disabled & Stunned, Controlled & Transformed [into "seedlings"]; Extra Condition, Injected, Mental Link)
                            AE Greensight (Activation 1): Remote Sensing 16 (visual & auditory; Concentration, Feedback, Medium [plants]) and Green Memory (Activation 1): Senses 4 (postcognition; Limited to areas of vegetation) and Tree-Gate: Teleport 7 (Extended only, Medium [plants], Portal [Sustained])
                            Hamadryad (Array 8; 9p)
                            BE True Form (Reverting Default): Concealment 2 (normal vision; Blending, Limited to areas of vegetation), Enhanced Strength 2, Protection 6 (Armor, Limited against fire or cutting/chopping weapons)
                            AE Human Guise: Morph 2 (humans; Limited to women, Standard Action) +Linked Enhanced Advantages 3 (Attractive 2, Fascinate [deception]) +Linked Enhanced Persuasion 2
                            Plant-Kin (9p)
                            Immunity 3 (starvation & thirst, suffocation), Immunity 2 (cold, heat; Limited to partial), Immunity 2 (disease, poison; Limited to those not affecting plants), Regeneration 5 (Source [soil]; 4 ranks), Senses 1 (low-light vision)
                            Tree of Life (3p)
                            Immortality 1 (new body grows in a pod sprouted by the life-tree), Immunity 1 (aging)

                            Equipment (10p)
                            HQ: Sacred Grove (Size M, Toughness 8; Concealed, Defense System, Grounds, Intelligent, Isolated, Living Space, "Power System", Self-Repairing 1)
                            Thorn-Spear (free, created via Fellwood): Strength-based Damage 3, Reach 1

                            Initiative +2
                            Unarmed: +5 (DC 19/17)
                            Thorn-Spear: +5 (DC 22/20)
                            Fellwood: +10 (DC 25)
                            Plant Animation: Area DC 19 (DC 24)
                            Entangle: Area DC 19 (DC 19)
                            Pollen Cloud: Area DC 19 (DC 19)
                            Evil Seed: +9 (DC 21)
                            Grab: +5 (vs 4/2)
                            Grab (Fellwood): +10 (vs 10)
                            Grab (Plant Animation): Area DC 19 (vs 9)

                            Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 9 Will 8 Toughness 13 (11 without Def Roll)

                            Dependence / Power Loss: Mandragora's lifeforce is tied to her life-tree (which is the nexus of her Sacred Grove). She must physically touch this tree at least once a week or lose 1 rank of STA (dying at -5); touching the tree completely restores lost STA. To keep the tree alive, she must - during a full moon night - ritually sacrifice human beings to it, the younger the better (each remaining life-year the victim had left extends the tree's life for 3 days). In case of the tree's death, she'll lose her "Tree of Life" power, and must consecrate another suitable tree (a naturally grown one of appropriate size & age) with a similar sacrifice of 3 victims, to avoid dying permanently.
                            Motivation-Sadism: Inflicting emotional pain is Mandragora's first & only joy in her eternal life, she goes out of her way to make people suffer. This habit has caused her trouble on multiple occasions (even jeopardizing her sacrificial schedules), but she's not the type of person who learns from mistakes.
                            Phobia: Mandragora greatly fears fire.
                            Weakness: Due to her plant-like metabolism, Mandragora is vulnerable (+2 save DC) to plant-harming agents (herbicides, defoliants etc).

                            Description & Personality
                            Mandragora is a hamadryad who usually assumes the form of a gorgeous young woman of varying appearance, while her true form looks a bit less pleasant, similar in general shape but featuring greenish-brown bark-like skin that looks somewhat mouldy.
                            Mandragora displays a kind, sweet & seductive persona, but this is just a ruse. In truth, she's a spiteful & cruel misanthrope supreme. Besides permanently looking for suitable victims to sacrifice for her holy tree, she devotes her time to spreading misery, sorrow & pain wherever she roams. While certainly not afraid of using physical violence & murder, Mandragora loves inflicting emotional pain most. Therefore, she prefers targeting young children for her sacrifices – they're rich in lifeforce, are easily abductable, and their loss causes maximum grief for the poor parents. Yep, Mandragora is a NASTY piece of work.

                            The entity known today as Mandragora was once an ordinary, nameless hamadryad (tree-spirit) bound to a great ancient oak tree in an Irish forest, living in harmony with nature & the seasons like all proper dryads. But during the middle ages, farmers slash-and-burned the forest for clearing land, destroying her oak and thus dooming her to die. With her life-force quickly ebbing away, the desperate dryad called out to dark powers (perhaps Mr Infamy?) to save her. They promptly answered, offering a deal: Her survival, great power and mobility (by being able to claim new life-trees) at the price of regular blood sacrifices. She accepted eagerly, and hasn't looked back since that night. As a result, the trauma of her original tree's destruction, combined with vindictive feelings and the corrupting influence of her dark bargain, has twisted her into the depraved monster she is today.

                            Design Notes
                            I felt that a plant controller archetype had been missing in my roster, so I made Mandragora. While the build is quite straightforward mechanically, I opted for a twist in her background & personality, defying conventional stereotypes: Mandragora is neither a friendly hippie tree-hugger nor a misunderstood eco-warrior. Instead I made her PURE EVIL!
                            She's also directly inspired by William Friedkin's 1990 horror movie The Guardian, featuring a very similar evil dryad as the main antagonist (I've borrowed her portrait). And her sinister "Evil Seed" power (it works by infecting victims with a parasitic plant, turning them into "seedlings" - short-lived slave-minions - until they're gruesomely consumed from the inside out) is, of course, derived from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
                            Of all my original VILLAINS, Mandragora is, alongside Carnassial, the single most VILE one (Carnassial wants you to die in pain, Mandragora to LIVE in pain), making the others appear almost sympathetic in comparision: A.R.A.C. and Dagon are typical calculating master villains pursuing grand schemes, with no interest in depravity. Similarly, Bloody Nick and Ravani Devi are ruthless predators but still having some standards. Shogg and The Big Bad Wolf are tragic monsters driven by urges beyond their control. Overchill is just callous & selfish, Thagz a simple hoodlum, and The Pack merely animalistic.
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                              Re: Bothrops' Pit

                              THE KEEPER OF THE HOUNDS
                              PL 9 (100p: Abilities 36 + Skills 12 + Advantages 5 + Powers 37 + Defenses 10)

                              Strength 4 Stamina 6 Agility 2 Dexterity 0 Fighting 6 Intellect -1 Awareness 3 Presence -2
                              Athletics 2 (+6), Expertise (kennel master) 6 (+5), Insight 2 (+5), Perception 9 (+12), Persuasion 0 (-2/+6), Stealth 5 (+7)
                              All-out Attack, Animal Empathy, Fearless, Power Attack, Takedown

                              Apostle (10p)
                              Immunity 4 (aging, cold, disease, poison), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance; Permanent), Senses 4 (darkvision, acute tracking scent)
                              Demonic Form (Activation 2; 25p)
                              Enhanced Strength 3 (Permanent), Enhanced Stamina 2 (Permanent), Enhanced Parry 2, Extra Limbs 2 (animated guts; Limited to when wounded), Growth 3 (Permanent), Regeneration 5 (Sustained, Quirk 2 [no Staggered or worse conditions]), Speed 1, Bite: Strength-based Damage 2 (unarmed; Improved Critical 2)
                              Kennel Master (2p)
                              Enhanced Persuasion 8 (Limited to animals)

                              Initiative +2
                              Unarmed: +6 (DC 19)
                              Grab: +6 (vs 4)

                              Dodge 8 Parry 6 Fortitude 8 Will 5 Toughness 6

                              Demonic Form (bulldog-thing)
                              STR 10 STA 11
                              Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 13 Toughness 11
                              Athletics +10, Stealth +4
                              Unarmed: +6 (DC 25)
                              Bite: +6 (DC 27)
                              Grab: +6 (vs 10 [+2])

                              Motivation-Gluttony: Probably the most primitive apostle in existence, The Keeper of the Hounds exists only to gorge himself, particularly with those bearing the Brand of Sacrifice (whom he will pursue to the end of the world).
                              Disability: The Keeper seems to be mentally handicapped, and he's incapable of forming complete sentences (he speaks only in crude monosyllabic words).
                              Prejudice: Even in human form, the Keeper does more resemble a filthy deformed beast. Together with his behavior (see Disability), this means he's mostly unable to normally function in human society.
                              Relationship: The Keeper affectionally cares for a pack of vicious demon-possessed hounds. Harming them will send him into a murderous rage.
                              Responsibility: As an apostle, the Keeper answers to the Godhand.
                              Weakness: When in their demonic form, apostles retain a body-part equivalent to their basic form (his human face & arms under the demon form's chin in the Keeper's case). Attacks against this spot (natural 20 or 3 degrees of success on the attack roll, Finishing Attack or expenditure of a HP) gain a +2 circ. bonus on Damage-DC, and ignore the apostle's Regeneration.

                              Description, Personality & Background
                              see here
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                                Re: Bothrops' Pit

                                Telling Man, Telling Man,
                                What do you see?
                                I see people full of vanity.
                                Telling Man, Telling Man,
                                Where do you hide?
                                In closets and wardrobes, full of pride.
                                Telling Man, Telling Man,
                                Will you come for me?
                                Look in the mirror and wait and see.
                                THE TELLING MAN (Myrus Tell)
                                Concept: Horror Villain, Monstrous Supernatural Slasher
                                PL 7 (135p: Abilities 54 + Skills 18 + Advantages 9 + Powers 45 + Defenses 9)

                                Strength 5 Stamina 7 Agility 2 Dexterity 0 Fighting 7 Intellect 0 Awareness 3 Presence 3
                                Deception 2 (+5/13), Expertise (fleshcrafting) 5 (+5), Insight 2 (+5), Perception 6 (+9), Persuasion 0 (+3/5), Sleight-of-Hand 10 (+10), Stealth 11 (+13)
                                Diehard, Favored Foe (vain persons), Fearless, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery (sleight-of-hand), Taunt

                                Beguiling Song (4p)
                                Enhanced Deception 8 (Quirk 1: requires singing or humming), Enhanced Fascinate 1 (deception)
                                Patchwork Body (8p)
                                Immunity 7 (aging, cold, critical hits [Unreliable], disease, poison, transformed-condition), Regeneration 1, Feature 1 (Keeping: can remove & replace his body parts with stolen ones)
                                Mind of the Mists (5p)
                                Immunity 10 (mental effects; Limited to half)
                                Mist Powers (Array 14; 18p)
                                BE Haste: Multiattack on Strength-based Damage (7 ranks) + Speed 4 + Quickness 3
                                AE Temporal Fugue: Burst Area Affliction 7 (resisted & overcome by Will; Dazed & Vulnerable; Extra Condition, Limited Degree 2, No Area Save)
                                AE Masque of the Form: Morph 3 (humanoids; Standard Action) +Linked Enhanced Persuasion 2 and Choking Fog: Environment 1 (visibility 2, no oxygen; Quirk 1 [easily countered], Selective)
                                AE Mist Form: Insubstantial 2 +Linked Flight 1 (Good, Subtle)
                                AE Mental Scan: Close Range Cumulative Mind Reading 7 (Effortless)
                                Mist Senses (4p)
                                Senses 4 (low-light vision, vision counters fog, ranged detect vanity)
                                Taker & Keeper (Easily Removable -4; 6p)
                                Strength-based Damage 2 (cutting; Affects Insubstantial 1) +Linked Cumulative Affliction 7 (poison; resisted & overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Stunned, Paralyzed; Injected)

                                Initiative +6
                                Unarmed: +7 (DC 20)
                                Taker & Keeper: +7 (DC 22 + Affliction DC 17)
                                Temporal Fugue: - (DC 17)
                                Mental Scan: +7 (DC 17)
                                Grab: +7 (vs 5 [+2])

                                Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 9 Will 5 Toughness 7

                                Motivation/Addiction: The Telling Man solely exists for fullfilling his (or rather, its) insane craving - harvesting the prized physical attributes of vain people and adding them to his own patchwork body, seeking perfection & beauty for himself (that said, his rapidly shifting standards of beauty are "alien" at best). Unfortunately, he's cursed to be NEVER satisfied for long, so his ghastly quest will go on forever.
                                Identity: The Telling Man has long forgotten his original human identity. This, combined with his obsession & strange behavior, makes functioning in normal society almost impossible for him.
                                Infamy: The Telling Man has become a dread legend, which is often used as a cautionary tale warning of vanity.
                                Obsession: Since the Telling Man single-mindedly pursues vain persons, he usually ignores people who are either humble or do not pose a threat to him / get in his way.
                                Prejudice: Whenever his Masque of the Form power is inactive, the Telling Man's true hideous patchwork body is revealed.
                                Quirk: The Telling Man often feels compelled to leave a written note at the scenes of his crimes - "I take what I keep."
                                Bound to the Mists: The Mists of Ravenloft will irregularly rise & shunt the Telling Man to other locations, a phenomen he has no control over. The new destination is usually ripe with new potential victims.

                                Description & Personality
                                While he can use his powers to disguise himself as an innocous human, the Telling Man's true body is, although humanoid, a qrotesque, ever-changing & mismatched collection of stolen parts, crudely stitched together with wire & string. Formerly human, he's now a monstrous supernatural being who's sole obsession is this "collection". The Telling Man targets only vain persons for surgically taking away their most prized attributes, gruesomely mutilating or killing them in the process. He will then stitch the stolen parts to his own body, as he was granted the power to savely & painlessly remove & replace his own body parts - even vital organs. For example, there once was a rich & somewhat snobbish young lady, who was famous for her striking blue eyes - guess what the Telling Man did to her... Similarly, a soldier fancying himself brave had his heart cut out, a smartass scholar was lobotomized, and an arrogant prizefighter's meaty arms were amputated.
                                Due to the constant "updating" of his body with both male and female parts, and having long forgotten his original identity as Myrus Tell, the Telling Man is an ageless androgynous being. He displays distinct effeminate mannerisms, and speaks in a crooning, singsong-y way. This voice is actually very dangerous, as it can confuse & lull his victims into a trance, setting them up for his attack. He usually fights with a pair of arcane surgical instruments, Taker & Keeper.
                                Despite his single-minded obsession, the Telling Man is dangerously cunning, patiently stalking his intended victim. He normally avoids direct violent confrontations, yet he's a lethal opponent if forced into one, combining his time-altering powers, great strength and razor-sharp blades to viciously slash his foes into bloody ribbons.

                                Now a legendary monster, the Telling Man was once a young human vagabond named Myrus Tell, who made a meager living as a peddler. Even then, he was a strange antisocial oddball, and with an unhealthy obsession with beautiful things. Therefore, his offer of trading gold for a lock of a pretty young noblewoman's hair was rudely rebuffed. Myrus clubbed the woman to death and scalped her. He then kept the scalp as a trophy, and often wore it like a wig. He wanted more, so he became a serial killer targeting vain people and taking their most coveted body parts for his growing "collection". One fateful day, he tried to stitch a harvested ear to his own head, for replacing his original one. At this moment, the Dark Powers intervened, granting Myrus the ability to replace his body parts (as well as an array of other supernatural powers), but also cursing him to forever roam the land & punish vanity.

                                Easily my favourite villain (together with Toben the Many) from D&D's gothic horror campaign world Ravenloft. According to his designer, the Telling Man was directly inspired by Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb from The Silence of the Lambs, in an attempt to "make effeminate frightening". He also resembles the titular monster from the horror flic Jeepers Creepers. The other way around, the Telling Man partially served as an inspiration for my original villain Shogg (an identity-stealing amoeboid shapeshifter with a similar motive & MO).
                                IMHO The Telling Man is a memorable & really creepy horror villain, who can be easily introduced to other settings. I intended him as a villain for a street-level game, therefore PL 7. The build itself is more streamlined, with simplified mechanics, for easy conversion from D&D-3e to M&M. For his Choking Fog power (an Environment effect), I set "no oxygen" as a 2p/rank - condition.
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