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    Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

    I watched a fun movie length LP of the most recent Lara Croft game. I heard that they made some major changes but I didn't realize how significant of a difference.

    May I make a few suggestions? I'd love to see what you could do with:
    Jade from Beyond Good and Evil
    Anybody/everybody from The Wolf Among Us
    Anybody/everybody from Jolly Jack's Collected Curios
    Engie-tan from Nerf Now!!

    (Sorry, lots of ideas I've been wanting to do but too much writer's block )

    I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

    Thank you!
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      Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

      I like the ideas there. I'll try to make them happen sometime.

      In other news, tomorrow is mah birthday!


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        Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

        Happy Birthday for tomorrow


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          Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

          Originally posted by Gilliam View Post
          Happy Birthday for tomorrow
          Thanks, but now it's today, technically. The 22nd. I'm hoping for a good one this year!


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            Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

            Happy birthday!


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              Re: Lara's Treasures: Lara, Samus Aran, Spider-Woman, Elsa, Claire Redfield, Chell, Chun-Li

              Has it been a year already? Almost my birthday again! I should celebrate with a build. But who? What? Optimus Prime? Grimlock? Spider-Gwen? Choices, choices.


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                Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

                Hey, you're back! Thanks for the Poison build! I used it for research in my own build for the character. Plus a 90-paragraph assessment of her history .
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                  Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

                  Spider-gwen! Of course!
                  "I warned you not to mess with the timeline, Barry" - Harryson Wells (Flash Season
                  "I am not fighting pops, I standing up for something" - Wildcat III (Kingdom Come)
                  "Give me a sword, I'll win this war for you." - Madmartigan (Willow, movie)
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                    Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

                    Spider-Woman (Earth-65)
                    Gwendolyn Stacy
                    Power Points: 165

                    Strength 9, Stamina 5, Agility 10, Dexterity 4, Fighting 2, Intellect 4, Awareness 4, Presence 2

                    Hit 'em with the proportionate strength of a spider!
                    • Hit +7 vs. Parry
                    • Close
                    • Damage 9

                    Spinning webs to entangle foes.
                    • Hit +8 vs. Dodge
                    • Ranged
                    • Affliction 8

                    Dodge 12
                    Parry 12
                    Toughness 5
                    Fortitude 8
                    Will 8

                    Combat • Defensive Attack, Move-By Action
                    Enhanced • Evasion 2, Improved Initiative
                    General • Equipment 1
                    Skill • Agile Feint

                    Agility • Acrobatics 6 (+16)
                    Awareness • Insight 4 (+8), Perception 4 (+8)
                    Dexterity • Ranged Combat: Web-Shooters 4 (+8)
                    Fighting • Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+7)
                    Intellect • Investigation 5 (+9)
                    Presence • Expertise: Perform 6 (+6)

                    Powers & Equipment
                    Spider-PowersGwen has the proportionate strength and speed of a spider, as well as the ability to cling to walls and leap tremendous distances.Enhanced Abilities 28 (Strength 9, Stamina 5, Agility 10, Dexterity 4), Increased Duration: Continuous +1/R, Permanent -1/R; Leaping 4: 120 feet; Movement 2: Wall-Crawling 2; Speed 3: 16 MPH • 67 points

                    Spider-SensesAn uncanny sixth sense warns Spider-Woman of impending danger. Her normal senses are sharpened like that of an arachnid predator.Enhanced Advantages 3: Evasion 2, Improved Initiative; Senses 5: Danger Sense [Mental] 1 (Extended 1, Unreliable -1/R), Low-Light Vision 1, Radio 1, Ultra-Hearing 1; Enhanced Skill 4: Perception +8, Linked: Danger Sense, Limited: Danger Sense Only -1/R • 9 points

                    Web-ShootersThese ingenious devices utilize ambient moisture to produce super-strong webbing capable of entangling foes, enabling Gwen to swing through the city, or other clever tricks.Array, 29 points, Removable (-6) • 23 points
                    Web ShotSpider-Woman douses a foe in webbing, pinning them in place or wrapping them completely up in silk as strong as steel.Affliction 8, Hindered + Vulnerable, Defenseless + Immobile, Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Cumulative +1/R, Dynamic +1, Extra Condition +1/R, Increased Range: Ranged +1/R, Split +1, Tether +1, Diminished Range -2, Limited Degree -1/R • 25 points
                    DAE: Web ConstructsGwen quickly spins crude objects out of webbing.Create 6: Web constructs, Increased Duration: Continuous +1/R, Innate +1, Permanent -1/R • 13 (2) points
                    DAE: Web SwingAs only a Spider can!Movement 2: Safe Fall 1 (Affects Others +1/R), Swinging 1 • 5 (2) points

                    Abilities: 24 • Defenses: 19 • Advantages: 4 • Skills: 19 • Powers: 99 • Total: 165 Power Points

                    Responsibility: Gwen has learned the hard way that she must use her powers responsibly because it's the right thing to do.
                    Wanted: The police have orders to arrest Gwen Stacy for the alleged murder of Peter Parker.
                    Enemy: The likes of Earth-65's versions of the Rhino, the Vulture, and Kraven the Hunter, among many others.

                    Gwen's story is a familiar one: a young woman bitten by a radioactive spider. Rather than killing her, the venom mutated her, granting Gwen Stacy spider-like powers. She soon used these powers (and some equipment given to her by mentor and retired crimefighter Janet van Dyne) to fight crime and (more importantly) gain fame in the process. Tragedy struck when her friend Peter Parker experimented on himself, trying to gain powers like the Spider-Woman he idolized, and became the Lizard. Gwen stopped his rampage but Peter died in the aftermath, and Gwen was branded a murderer. Since then, inspired by her father, Gwen has fought to help people, rather than garner media attention. She met the most famous Spider-Man of Earth-616 in an interdimensional crossover event, but has since returned to her own universe to uphold her strong code of justice.

                    Gwen has all the attitude of a typical teenager: she's sarcastic, sometimes withdrawn, and very spirited. After learning what it means to hold such power, she is driven to help people, but she swings into action as Spider-Woman with a quick wit and a quicker tongue. Deep down, Gwen just wants to make the world a better place, and she does that the only way she knows how. When not fighting, she can be found playing with her friends in their band, The Mary Janes.

                    Abilities & Resources
                    When the radioactive spider bit Gwen, it transformed her physically. She gained the proportionate speed and strength of a spider, enabling her to lift upwards of ten tons, cling to walls, leap huge distances, and move faster than any human. The spider powers also grant her a perfect sense of equilibrium and make her body more limber than even the finest Olympic gymnast. She also gained a measure of the spider's keen senses, including a "Spider-Sense" that warns her of impending danger. Gwen has yet to master this ability, or even reach her full potential, having taught herself how to fight (poorly, according to her friend Cindy Moon) from watching old kung fu movies. With her speed, agility, and strength, Spider-Woman is a slippery opponent capable of holding her own against her superhuman enemies.
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                      Re: Lara's Treasures: Chun-Li, Poison, Cammy, Rose

                      Trying out a new format. I wanted it to look slick and fancy without being too cluttered, while also containing lots of information (I'm weird that way; I like my character sheets to have as much info as possible without being a complete mess). Also, I've only read a bit of Spider-Gwen stuff, so some of this is simply based on research and estimation. I like the character, so here's hoping the build looks good. Tell me what you think of the formatting, particularly Skills, Advantages, and Powers.


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                        Re: Lara's Treasures: Spider-Gwen!

                        I wish good birthday to you!
                        "I warned you not to mess with the timeline, Barry" - Harryson Wells (Flash Season
                        "I am not fighting pops, I standing up for something" - Wildcat III (Kingdom Come)
                        "Give me a sword, I'll win this war for you." - Madmartigan (Willow, movie)
                        You are Australian. We're impossible to kill - Frederick Bishop (Battlefield 1)


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                          Re: Lara's Treasures: Spider-Gwen!

                          So I'm going to revisit some Dragon Ball builds up next, largely because I want to run a Dragon Ball game. I have this really cool planet called Medina, which is a vast (much larger than Earth) planet that basically combines every high fantasy/JRPG-style steampunk/epic fantasy world with the wackiness of DB Earth (where mass condensing technology exists and dinosaurs still roam). It's a great place for adventures, and for having lots of challenges present, not just in fighting ability, but in any area. My issue is that only a few systems really seem like they'd work at all for high-level Dragon Ball games. M&M is one, and right now my top contender, but I am having trouble with certain things. Doing some builds will help, as will seeking input from longtime system-users here.

                          With these builds, though, I do want to head off an argument like what happened last time. Particularly as regards physical strength, which is just one area where the numbers don't really make sense. Toriyama, much like his Western counterparts, actually has no idea what proper numbers for mass are. In the same way that DC overinflates the numbers for their lifting capacities without actually being anywhere close to "correct," and Marvel constantly underinflates theirs (Stop using the damn "Class-100" thing already!), Akira Toriyama pretty much just picks a number that sounds large without actually doing real physics-work. I don't blame him for this, it's just the way it is. Now, this wouldn't really be a problem, except for the 40-ton thing that everyone who doesn't know Dragon Ball likes to use as "proof" against Goku in the inevitable "Goku vs. Superman" debates. (Also, Death Battles' figures and research and wholesale made-up "conclusions" are a joke. We won't be using their stuff here.) But basically, on another world with unspecified gravity levels, Goku is shown to be using 2-ton weights on each limb, and then those are changed to 10-ton weights that he really struggles with until transforming to Super Saiyan, at which point it's too easy. The problem is that this is not at all consistent with the other things we see.

                          Kid Goku lifted and threw a car, and pushed a huge boulder through dirt
                          As just a child, without any real training, Goku lifted Bulma's car and threw it. When training, he and Krillin also pushed boulders that had to weigh at least as much as a car (2 tons, easily, anyway) through the dirt, which means all that friction resisting his push. So that's already dealing with greater effort than lifting 2 tons.

                          Goku also threw a giant Piccolo who weighed 116 tons according to the official sources. A Piccolo who is presumably resisting him, as well.

                          Goku trained in 100Gs
                          Let's assume Goku weighs, say, 150 lbs. That seems about right. He's pretty tall, but we'll err on the conservative side. So in 100x Earth's gravity, shouldn't he weigh 15000 lbs.? So that right there is 7.5 tons, and he was jumping around, did like ten thousand sit-ups, etc. On a related note, Vegeta trained in upwards of 500Gs. By the end of it, he was flipping around through the air with Spider-Man's agility, dodging lasers. He got to the point that it was easy for him. So, if we assume Vegeta is around 120 lbs. (he's short, but don't tell him that!), that's putting him at around 30 tons of weight. While doing Spidey-esque acrobatics and dodging laser fire. Also, he was only in his base state, not transformed. Super Saiyan increases the Saiyan's power level by fifty times. While I'm not sure that "50x power level = 50x strength/speed exactly" is true, it's still going to be a significant increase in speed and strength.

                          Katchin, Hardest Metal or Densest Metal?
                          This one is speculation, but when the Supreme Kai summoned a block of Katchin, the "hardest metal in the universe" for Goku to throw, was what they really meant "densest?" The way it's written seems like it is, but it's possible that it's merely meant to be "hardest" and that its weight is thus unknown. This would be a nice answer to have, because Goku throws the block with such force that its density would be really nice in figuring out rough estimates of Goku's brute strength.

                          Speaking of dense, just how dense is King Kai's planet?
                          King Kai's planet is small, not even the size of a sports stadium, and yet its gravity is ten times that of Earth. Does this just mean the planet is super-dense? Goku punches a hole through it while fighting Beerus, God of Destruction. Also, the first time he went to train there, he was wearing 100kg weighted clothing on a planet with 10x Earth's gravity. So if we assume roughly 70kg for Goku's base weight, plus 100kg for the clothing, that's 1700kg while on King Kai's planet, or close to 2 tons. Well before we get to any of the higher gravity training stuff.

                          Goku's physical attacks clashing with Beerus' were enough to destroy the entire universe
                          This one's a bit of a give-and-take to the overall point here, because Dragon Ball characters might not lift as much in pure numbers as Western superheroes, but their ki enhances their physical attacks to insane levels. To wit, Goku as a Super Saiyan God fighting Beerus, God of Destruction, saw just 3 collisions of their physical blows at full power be enough to shatter the entire universe, other dimensions and all. The only reason it didn't is because Goku figured out how to cancel the force of Beerus' punch with his own before the third hit. They both had godly ki enhancing their blows; no doubt neither one could just straight up "punch the universe out," but they were hitting really, really hard.

                          Conclusion: What's the point? Why do we care?
                          The conclusion is this: the 40-ton thing is wildly inconsistent with what we see in the actual series. It honestly doesn't make sense past early Dragon Ball, let alone late in the series. As such, I will not be limited to those kinds of figures, even if one has scans of that particular panel, because it isn't near the truth. However, because we're limited on what kinds of estimates we can make, I just go based on a combination of striking force and what "feels" appropriate to me. Frieza's blows clashing with Goku's were shattering ocean bays and stuff. Could Frieza at 100% power lift a submarine? I think so. I'm pretty sure Super Saiyan Goku could, as well.

                          Bonus: What about speed?
                          Light-speed vs. subluminal. The ever-present debate rages on. I've seen some pretty interesting calculations based on various things: Goku traveling Snake Way (1 million KM) in 28 hours, compared to his later speed and the multipliers from various power-ups, etc., Gotenks circling the globe a few dozen times in seconds and then taking a nap while waiting for Piccolo to catch up (and his fusion to end a minute later), and so on. We do get some other stuff way later on, like Whis being able to literally travel across multiple galaxies in 22 minutes or so (and is claimed to be the fastest in the universe), even into other dimensions. For our purposes, I don't think I would tag anyone less than Super Saiyan Gotenks at light speed, though. Gotenks' feat is debatable because, as is often the case, we just don't have any real hard numbers to go with anything. Whereas Western comic writers attach numbers with no sense of meaning to their feats, a lot of manga writers attach meaning with no sense of numbers to their feats. So, a lot of this is speculation. Basically, I would probably peg Super Saiyan Gotenks at speed rank 27-28, although he gets much stronger after training in the Room of Spirit and Time.

                          They get considerably faster afterward (as is the case with growing power levels), especially considering that Goku and Beerus at god levels are so far beyond even Super Saiyan Gotenks as to render him irrelevant. So it'll sort of be a bit of an educated guessing game. I'll never claim anything is perfect and consistent, because Akira Toriyama himself is anything but as a writer.

                          Super Bonus 2: Energy Blasts, and The Absurdity Thereof
                          The one problem I will run into is with the way Area Attacks work in M&M. Okay, so, Frieza in his first and weakest form can blow up planets. Easily. Looking at that clip, you can see that he isn't even straining himself. Frieza can casually blow up planets. Of course, that Supernova attack is basically his ultimate attack. There seem to be about two or three different tiers to energy blasts:

                          Ki Blast: The generic kind, most often exemplified by rapid attacks (which, sadly, never really do anything). They can also destroy cities or mountains, as exemplified by Majin Buu, who offhand destroys a whole city with one.
                          Super Attack: These are your Kamehamehas and the like. Capable of destroying a planet if not used properly. Cell knew that Goku firing a Kamehameha from on high at Cell would destroy the Earth, but Goku teleported and actually aimed it away from the planet. Vegeta's Final Flash against Cell would have easily destroyed the planet, but Vegeta aimed it properly. Where Goku deflected the fat Majin Buu's imitation Kamehameha which landed on the planet and exploded, killing about 10% of the population of Earth.
                          Ultimate Attack: I suppose we could go one higher tier, and place something like Final Flash, Supernova, Spirit Bomb, and such here. Cell's so-called "Solar Kamehameha" was going to destroy the entire solar system. We could also assume these are just basically the same as a "Super Attack," just with the characters not holding back which is another thing important to note. The fighters tend to hold back massively during their fights, so that they don't destroy the planet around them (and kill themselves in the process). Sometimes they do this by just reining in the power of their blasts, or they "trick shot" it like Vegeta, Goku, etc.

                          According to Steve Kenson's original blog post and now the Cosmic Handbook and Gadget Guides, a planet like Earth has a Toughness of around 33. That means that a Damage 48 (63 DC) attack can destroy it in one go since that's 3 degrees of failure right there. If we assume objects just do 10 on their Toughness, then the planet rolls Toughness at 43, requiring a damage DC of 58 to kill it in one go. So that means, really, you need a minimum of 43 Damage, or at least 40 with some added effort and such. Frieza, as we have seen, can pretty easily destroy planets, so he needs this level of attack, and it only goes up from there.

                          How do we work this with auto-hit area attacks? For one thing, a lot of these attacks are tied to energy blasts that can be dodged or even deflected, but detonate upon impact with a target (intended or not). While basically every fighter would have Evasion 2, that still doesn't solve this particular problem. Frieza lobs a similar Supernova at Super Saiyan Trunks on Earth, but Trunks catches it and then it explodes at a lesser power than it would have otherwise. Frieza holds back his own power when he goes to blow up Namek, "only" delivering about two degrees of failure to the planet, rupturing the core and setting the world on a self-destruct sequence.

                          I think the general lesson here is that uncontrolled energy blasts are capable of destroying the planet, but the same blast when properly aimed and controlled won't. Trick shots are part of it. However, I'm not sure how to handle the "Non-area blast gets fired and then detonates into an area attack) part. Any ideas? This is rather important. A few times we do see someone just do an area blast from point blank range, such as when Frieza destroys Earth later on. But those are pretty few and far between, and you could even make a case that Frieza just attacks the planet directly there. So I'm more curious how to handle the normal "Launch an attack that can detonate into a huge blast" but doesn't start off as a pure area attack.

                          I welcome your thoughts and input as I continue work on my Frieza build, whom will serve as a benchmark for most of my other builds.


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                            Re: Lara's Treasures: Spider-Gwen!

                            Well, I just wish you luck, because DB can be even more inconsistent than comics, and DB Super is more inconsistent than ever XD
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                              Re: Lara's Treasures: Spider-Gwen!

                              Originally posted by danelsan View Post
                              Well, I just wish you luck, because DB can be even more inconsistent than comics, and DB Super is more inconsistent than ever XD
                              It can, but as a fan of cosmic stuff, for instance, and comics in general, I'm no stranger to inconsistency. Generally I will try to find a happy medium. The main things with which I am concerned are figuring out the area attacks, at least for now. Most everything else is just playing around and trying to get numbers that much the general feats we see.


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                                Re: Lara's Treasures: Spider-Gwen!

                                Originally posted by Lara Croft View Post
                                However, I'm not sure how to handle the "Non-area blast gets fired and then detonates into an area attack) part. Any ideas? This is rather important. A few times we do see someone just do an area blast from point blank range, such as when Frieza destroys Earth later on. But those are pretty few and far between, and you could even make a case that Frieza just attacks the planet directly there. So I'm more curious how to handle the normal "Launch an attack that can detonate into a huge blast" but doesn't start off as a pure area attack.
                                On this regard, just throwing out whatever comes to mind:

                                have you considered the big explosions as especial effects for the most part / occasional complications when you have to draw the bad guy away from a populated center or something like that? As Shonen fights are often one on one, you rarely see Areas used for the purpose of hitting multiple people, it is just a side effect of throwing huge energy blasts that the surrounding region becomes a crater. Reserve the Area attacks for the Supernovas and Super Spirit Bombs, maybe? I think you are gonna need to do a bit of handwaving to handle that kind of power in M&M. "risk destroying the entire universe with our punches" is pretty much PL X territory Complications

                                One house rule I adopt when doing ultra-powered games like this (well, currently I'd use Shonen Final Burst instead of M&M for DB gaming, the house rule is kept more for cosmic superheroes) is to turn the Area extra into a 1 point flat extra (thus easily allowing HUGE areas) when applied to a stunt. Maybe add to that "Area Attack Stunts can break PL Limits by Y" whatever reasonable number Y would seem to be? Double PL or something?

                                Like, at some point PL20 Vegeta has Ki Blast (Damage 20, Ranged) and can stunt it as Final Flash (Damage 40, Line Area 26, Tiring, Distracting)?

                                As for how they can dodge huge area attacks and stuff...perhaps import Targeted Areas from second edition, and make that the default (or maybe even the only option)? It also allows Power Attacking with Area attacks, which helps portray stronger super attacks

                                Trunks smashing apart Cyber-Frieza's attack might be an example of using a hero point for Instant Counter using Strength?
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