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  • Izuku Midoriya - Deku

    Izuku Midoriya - "Deku"
    Fledgling Symbol of Peace

    "I'll do my best! Whatever you say, All Might...I'll step up to the challenge!"

    Abilities & Skills
    STR 2
    • Athletics 6 (+8)

    STA 4

    AGI 3
    • Acrobatics 4 (+7)

    DEX 3
    • Ranged Combat: Smashes 5 (+8)

    FHT 5
    • Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+9)

    INT 3
    • Expertise: Supers 7 (+10)

    AWE 6
    • Insight 2 (+8)
    • Perception 4 (+10)

    PRE 3
    • Persuasion 4 (+7)

    • Agile Feint
    • Defensive Roll 4
    • Improved Critical (Unarmed)

    • Inspire 2
    • Luck 2
    • Ultimate Effort (Detroit Smash)

    • Assessment
    • Extraordinary Effort
    • Teamwork

    Powers & Equipment
    One For All • Deku can channel incredible energy through his body, but it comes at a heavy price. • 13
    Delaware Smash: Damage 10 [Air], Increased Range +1r, Penetrating 8, Activation: Move -1, Side Effect -2r (suffers damage to fingers) • 11
    AE: Detroit Smash: Damage 10 [Strength, Energy], Side Effect -2r (4 ranks, suffers equal damage to arm) • 8/1
    Super Leap: Leaping 4 (120 feet), Side Effect -2r (suffers damage condition to legs) • 1

    Detroit Smash +9 • CloseDamage 8-12 • A super-powered punch!

    Delaware Smash +8 • RangedDamage 10 • Deku creates super-strong blasts of wind by flicking his fingers.

    Dodge 7 • Parry 8
    Toughness 7 (4) • Fortitude 8 • Will 10

    Abilities 58 • Skills 18 • Advantages 14 • Defenses 15 • Powers 13 • Total: 115

    Doing Good: Midoriya has always been a helpful, protective youth. Since childhood he has wanted to be the kind of hero that others look up to, who shows up with a fearless smile even in the darkest hour to let everyone know that it will be alright, because "I am here!"
    Rivalries: Deku's nature invites challenge even as it inspires those around him to try harder. His childhood bully-and-sometimes-friend, Bakugo, is a good example, but Midoriya managed to make rivals out of many of his classmates.
    Secret: Born Quirkless, Deku now bears One For All, a Quirk passed on to him by All Might—and he also knows that All Might is quickly losing his powers.
    Side Effects: Using One For All at its full power is too dangerous on Deku's body. Using Delaware Smash will break his fingers, for instance, one by one, and Detroit Smash will break his arm. Whenever he uses his full strength, he suffers damage conditions to his limbs, which can also cause a loss of Dexterity or Agility (GM's discretion).

    80% of the world's population are born with amazing powers called "Quirks." These people become either heroes, who undergo rigorous training at hero academies, or villains who terrorize the rest of the population.

    Young Midoriya is one of the unfortunate ones who doesn't have a Quirk. He grew up idolizing All Might, the world's greatest hero, who always gave it his all with a fearless smile, letting the frightened masses know that he was there to see them through any crisis. Despite being "powerless," Deku (as his bully called him) always strove to do better, to be better, to help out those who needed it (even his bully!), hoping beyond hope to one day be a hero. Though everyone told him it was impossible, Deku never gave up on the dream—and it was realized when he finally met his hero, All Might. By acting bravely in a crisis situation when even pro heroes stood helpless, Deku inspired even All Might, the world's mightiest hero, the world's symbol of peace, who was himself once a Quirkless boy with a heroic dream. Seeing in Midoriya a worthy successor to One For All, a Quirk that isn't genetic but instead passed like a torch, All Might granted Midoriya the chance to finally become the hero he was all along.

    Now, under All Might's guidance, Midoriya is trying to learn how to control One For All and make it his own. He has enrolled at the prestigious U.A. High School in Japan, a premier training academy for young heroes. Studying hard and using is Quirk at best he can, Midoriya hopes to live up to the legacy of his idol.

    Note:This is Midoriya circa the Sports Festival.
    Midoriya is the very essence of a hero. Always concerned about the well-being of others, even in bad situations, he works hard every day to prove he can be a hero. Unlike some who were born into great power, Deku has had to earn his, and he doesn't stop there. He is very studious and observant, constantly examining both his own actions and those of others in order to learn. Incredibly strong-willed and driven to be that shining symbol of peace and justice he grew up idolizing, Deku is an inspiration to those around him.

    Powers and Abilities
    At first, Deku was a scrawny boy without any Quirk. Since he began training with All Might, he has honed his body into a highly athletic shape in order to be a better hero—and a proper vessel for his Quirk. That power, One For All, is an incredible gift born many generations ago of the merging of two Quirks: one that accumulates power, and another that could transfer itself to others. Since then, One For All has become a torch passed down each generation to the young hero with the greatest potential.

    One For All enhances Deku's physical powers to incredible levels. However, his lack of experience and control with the ability means that it costs him dearly. Without full control over it, using his full strength tends to break Deku's bones in response to the extraordinary forces involved. He can fire his Delaware Smash by flicking his fingers, but it breaks his fingers. His powerful Detroit Smash punch can level even giant robots or blast holes in buildings, but it will break his arm if he uses its full strength. Likewise, if he launches himself at an enemy at full speed, the force of the jump will shatter his legs.

    One day, Deku may learn how to properly control One For All. Currently, he channels its vast power into a single point in his body (fingers, arm, sometimes just a fingertip), but it's slow to do so and leaves him vulnerable.
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    • Dusk, the Evening Star

      Dusk and Night Sky

      Jessica James

      Dusk Jessica James
      Legacy of an Ancient Outlaw
      PL 8 152

      "I ride because I want to protect people. Because it's what Grandma would do. Justice? Justice isn't a six-shooter, a steed, or punching a bad guy's teeth out. No, justice is when good people ride for their fellow men and women because it's the right thing to do. Because they can. Because sometimes, the law overlooks those most in need of its protection."

      Abilities & Skills
      STR 3
      Athletics 7 (+10)

      STA 5

      AGI 4
      Acrobatics 6 (+10)

      DEX 7
      Ranged Combat: Guns 1 (+8)

      FHT 5

      INT 3
      Expertise: Science 6 (+9)

      AWE 5
      Insight 3 (+8)
      Perception 5 (+10)

      PRE 3
      Intimidation 4 (+7)
      Fascinate (Intimidation)

      Accurate Attack
      Defensive Roll 3
      Quick Draw
      Takedown 2

      Ultimate Effort (Aim)

      Extraordinary Effort

      Skill Mastery: Athletics

      Powers & Equipment
      Calamity Jane Array 18 (23), Easily Removable -10, Indestructible 1 (Total: 14) An enchanted six-shooter passed down through the generations
      Trick Shot: Damage 8, Increased Range +1r, Homing +1, Precise +1 18
      Silver Bullet: Damage 8 (magic), Affects Insubstantial +2, Increased Range +1r 18/1
      Electric Cowgirl: Afflict 6 (EMP; Impaired, Disabled, Transformed), Affects Only Objects +0, Area: Burst +1r, Increased Range +1r 18/1
      Campfire Tale: Damage 8 (fire), Area: Line +1r, Secondary Effect +1r, Split +2, Fades -1r 18/1
      Fan the Hammer: Damage 8, Increased Range +1r, Multiattack +1r, Distracting -1r 16/1
      Eagle's Piercing Gaze: Damage 8, Increased Range +1r, Penetrating +8, Distracting +1r 16/1

      Summon Night Sky 12 Dusk summons her horse, Night Sky, from the starry night-tales of the Old West.
      Speed 5 (60 MPH) 5
      Movement 4 (Safe Fall, Sure-Footed 2, Water-Walking); Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling), Limited: Only While Moving -1r 9
      Activation: Standard -2

      Legendary Cowgirl 50 When Jessica assumes the mantle of Dusk, she becomes as a folk hero walking straight out of legend.
      Feature 2 (Quick Change, Special Effect) 2
      Fastest in the West: Enhanced Abilities 18 (Agility 4, Dexterity 5, Presence 3, Stamina 3, Strength 3) 36
      Running Horse Leap: Leaping 2 (30 feet) 2
      Eagle-Eyed Outlaw: Senses 5 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Extended Vision, Low-Light Vision, Rapid Vision) 5
      Tough as Old Horseshoe Nails: Immunity 6 (cold, disease, heat, poison, radiation, suffocation), Limited: Half Effect -1r; Regeneration 2 5

      Old River Trail (Enchanted Bullwhip) 10 (6), Easily Removable -4 A super-strong bullwhip that can be used to swing from high places or bind foes.
      Movement 1 (Swinging) 2
      Damage 4, Disarming, Grabbing, Reach 2 8

      Lucky Canteen 3 (1), Easily Removable -2 A bulletproof canteen that can produce an endless supply of drinkable water for the dusty trails!
      Feature 3 (create drinkable water, 1/8 cft./round) 3

      Calamity Jane +8 Ranged Damage 8 A variety of effects can empower each shot from the magical revolver

      Dodge 8 Parry 8
      Toughness 8 (5) Fortitude 8 Will 8

      Abilities 28 Skills 12 Advantages 16 Defenses 13 Powers 83 Total: 152

      Responsibility: As the latest in a long line of legacies, Jessica owes her heritage to use her gifts in the pursuit of justice.
      Honor: As Dusk, she must be better than the thugs and thieves she battles.
      Power Loss: If deprived of Calamity Jane for an extended period of time, Jessica loses her Legendary Cowgirl powers.
      Quirk: Even in her civilian guise, Jessica often finds herself drawn to the presence of outlaws and injustice, and strange things hinting at legends echo in the world around her.
      Secret Identity: Jessica James takes on a disguise when she becomes Dusk, but her enemies might learn who she is and use it to threaten her. Plus, she's still a college girl, new to this lifestyle.

      Jessica James was an average girl with keen mind and a desire to study the worlds of people past. She pursued archaeology and related fields in college. Nothing special, or so she thought. A year ago, she was called by her aunt Maya: their grandmother, Julia James, had passed on and Maya needed Jessie's help for the estate sale. Wishing she'd spent more time getting to know her grandmother's amazing life, Jessica traveled to the deep south to help her aunt take care of the sale. In cleaning out her grandmother's house, she found in the attic a dusty old box full of old western-style pictures, a well-worn hat...and a silver revolver inscribed with many runes from different cultures. She took up the revolver and, to her surprise, found that she had changed. Walking through legend and memory, she was a gunslinger on an ancient trail, fanning the hammer of justice! Returning out of the vision, she found her aunt awaiting with an explanation. Julia, Jessica's grandmother, was the heir to an ancient legacy: the wielder of the artifact Calamity Jane, which transforms a James woman into a legendary folk hero straight out of the Old West. In this time where vigilantes must fight against injustice, Jessie's grandmother had thought her worthy of taking up the mantle of Dusk, the Evening Star.

      Since then, under her aunt's guidance (who served as the previous Dusk's sidekick for many years), Jessica now must balance fighting injustice with college life!

      Jessica James is a rather quiet, shy girl, more focused on studies and pursuing her goals than socializing. She's more at home in the dusty ruins of an ancient civilization, or unearthing the artifacts of a lost people and telling their stories. Even so, she has a quiet strength about her, and despises the strong preying upon the weak. Since becoming Dusk, elements of that larger-than-life persona have infused her personality. Jessica finds herself drawn to greatness and grand gestures even without wanting to, and when transformed, she becomes a living legend, capable of inspiring the good, frightening the bad, and all definitely without being ugly!

      Powers and Abilities
      Jessica is a bright girl, with a quick wit and a natural athleticism that she hones in the gym and in the field. Since taking up the mantle of Dusk, she became greatly enhanced by the artifact's magic. Calamity Jane's power infuses her body, granting her heightened physical abilities like a legendary folk hero. She can run faster, leap higher, endure longer, all befitting a servant of justice fighting on the hot, dangerous trails of the Old West. Her senses are sharper, and her reflexes are quicker. In addition, she can summon Night Sky, a steed literally conjured from the starry night skies of the Wild West, who can run much faster than any mortal steed, or even across water and up walls! She also has access to a canteen that can create an endless amount of pure water, and a bullwhip that can bind up her foes or let her swing upon chandeliers.

      The revolver itself, Calamity Jane, is a powerful weapon with an array of magical effects. The standard shot allows for some fancy shootin', Tex, but by spinning the chamber, she can unleash other effects: a Silver Bullet that can affect supernatural foes, the Electric Cowgirl which functions as an EMP, a Campfire Tale that is a handheld flamethrower, and she can Fan the Hammer to unload a lot of rounds at once, or Eagle's Piercing Gaze, an armor-piercing bullet.
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