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  • Tracer

    "Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!"

    Lena Oxton • Power Points 165

    STR 1, STA 3, AGI 7, DEX 7, FHT 4, INT 3, AWE 4, PRE 2

    Elite Athlete • 7 • Tracer is an exceptional athlete honed through battle and Overwatch training.
    • Acrobatics 6 • AGI 7 • +13
    • Athletics 8 • STR 1 • +9

    Overwatch Operative • 6 • As one of Overwatch's best and brightest, Tracer is an experienced combatant with skill that defies her seemingly young appearance.
    • Close Combat: Unarmed 4 • FHT 4 • +8
    • Insight 3 • AWE 4 • +7
    • Ranged Combat: Guns 5 • DEX 7 • +12

    Bright-Eyed Pilot • 7 • Before she was fighting the good fight, Lena Oxton was an incomparable pilot with a keen eye.
    • Perception 6 • AWE 4 • +10
    • Vehicles 8 • DEX 7 • +15

    Agile Feint • Skill • Use Acrobatics instead of Deception to feint and trick in combat
    Beginner's Luck • Fortune • Spend Hero Point to gain 5 ranks in a skill; Lena is very lucky
    Benefit 2 • General • Ambidextrous, Status (Overwatch Agent)
    Connected • Skill • Overwatch connections
    Defensive Attack • Combat • Blinking about the battlefield
    Defensive Roll 5 • Combat • +5 Toughness unless vulnerable or defenseless
    Evasion 2 • Combat • +5 to Dodge area effects
    Great Endurance • General • +5 to hold breath and resist fatigue and environmental damage
    Improved Critical • Combat • Pulse Pistols
    Improved Initiative 2 • Combat • +8 Initiative
    Luck • Fortune • 1 re-roll/session
    Move-By Action • Combat • Move before and after standard action
    Quick Draw • Combat • Draw weapon as free action

    Dodge 12 • Parry 10 • Toughness 8/3
    Fortitude 8 • Will 10

    Pulse Pistols +12 vs Dodge • Ranged • Damage 4+
    • Lightweight but rapid-firing SMG pistols used on the run.

    Powers & Gear
    Chronal Accelerator • 30 • This ingenious device not only stabilizes Tracer's temporal position, it allows her to alter her own temporal state at will.
    • 1 • Enhanced Advantage 1 • Ultimate Resistance (Dodge) • Modifiers • -
    • 1 • Feature 1 • Temporal Inertia • Modifiers • -
    • 31 • Healing 10 • Modifiers • Energizing +1/r, Persistent +1, Restorative +1/r, Limited: Self -1/r
    • 2 • Teleport 1 • 60 feet • Modifiers • Turnabout +1, Limited: Only places Tracer can access or has been in the last 3 seconds -1/r
    • 2/1 • AE: Speed 2 • 8 MPH • Modifiers • -
    • 2 • Movement 1 • Safe Fall • Modifiers • -
    • -8 • Device • Removable • The Accelerator is a harness Tracer wears into battle.

    Pulse Weapons • 10 • Tracer's signature weapons are rapid-fire pistols and a powerful Pulse Bomb.
    • 12 • Damage 4 • Modifiers • Increased Range: Ranged +1/r, Multiattack +1/r
    • 6 • Damage 10 • Modifiers • Area: Burst (30 feet) +1/r, Increased Range: Ranged +1/r, Activation: Move -1, Diminished Range -3, Distracting -1/r, Fades -1/r
    • -8 • Device • Easily Removable • Pulse Weapons are handheld.

    Temporal Desynchronization • 1 • Tracer's experience with the Slipstream disaster rendered her immune to the ravages of time.
    • 1 • Immunity 1 • Aging • Modifiers • -

    Abilities 62 • Skills 20 • Advantages 20 • Defenses 22 • Powers 41 • Total 165

    Doing Good: Tracer is an irrepressible force for good, fighting to protect the innocent and do the right thing. The world could always use more heroes!
    Enemy: The global organization Talon and its own super-powered operatives.
    Power Loss: If Tracer's Chronal Acclerator is damaged or destroyed, she begins to lose temporal stability.

    Lena Oxton is the youngest person inducted into Overwatch's experimental flight program. She piloted the prototype teleporting aircraft called Slipstream, but something went wrong. Lena's molecules were desynchronized from the normal flow of time. Now uncontrollably teleporting through time and unable to maintain corporeal form, young Oxton seemed lost forever. When all seemed lost, brilliant scientist (and gorilla from the moon) Winston created the Chronal Accelerator, a special harness that allowed Lena to control her own temporal position. With this power, Lena (call sign "Tracer") joined Overwatch as a time-jumping adventurer, carrying out daring operations across the globe.

    Tracer is irrepressibly positive, believing in the original goal of Overwatch: saving the world from threats too great to contain. She wants to help everyone, and is willing to risk herself to protect the innocent. Lena never doubts in the goodness of people, or the core belief that Overwatch stood for something good. She is cheerful to the extreme, encouraging others to be their best and showing them how it's done.

    Powers & Abilities
    As a trained Overwatch agent, Tracer has experience with weapons and fighting strategies on many fields of battle. She is also one of the world's best pilots. Though the accident with the malfunctioning teleportation matrix aboard the Slipstream altered her temporal stability, the Chronal Accelerator Winston built allows her to turn this drawback into a great power. She can blink rapidly across space and even rewind her own temporal position to several moments earlier, undoing damage and deleterious effects she received in the meantime. Her natural athleticism and speed combined with the ability to blink so rapidly through time make Tracer an incredibly mobile hero.


    • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Tracer - Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!

      Trying a few new things with the formatting, will probably continue to tweak it. Let me know what y'all think! Cheers, loves!


      • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Tracer - Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!

        Originally posted by Lara Croft View Post
        Trying a few new things with the formatting, will probably continue to tweak it. Let me know what y'all think! Cheers, loves!
        Formatting definitely stands out, makes all the details on her skills, advantages, etc. clear even before reading the Powers & Abilities section. Glad to see you back, LC.


        • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Tracer - Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!

          while already part of Talon, I'd include Widowmaker a specific nemesis

          and of course, we can't forget Emily as a Dependent-NPC for Tracer


          • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Tracer - Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!

            Originally posted by Lara Croft View Post
            Trying a few new things with the formatting, will probably continue to tweak it. Let me know what y'all think! Cheers, loves!
            I'd shift back the SIZE=1 bits to size 2, as the small characters make these parts hard to read, especially for us older people.

            It may not be typographically wise to use bullets as both line starters and in-line delineators. I'd use something else to start lines, perhaps a simple → .

            I'd also add some colour, but then Captain Ultra is me role-model.


            • Mei

              Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou • Power Points 135

              "Our world is worth fighting for!"

              STR 1 • STA 3 • AGI 2 • DEX 3 • FHT 2 • INT 6 • AWA 4 • PRE 2

              • Athletics 7 (+8)
              • Expertise: Science 10 (+16)
              • Perception 6 (+10)
              • Ranged Combat: Blaster 5 (+8)
              • Technology 4 (+10)

              Defensive Roll 4 • +4 to Toughness
              Equipment 2 • Various cold-weather gear and environmental tools
              Favored Environment • Cold/arctic environs
              Great Endurance • +5 to rolls to endure
              Improvised Tools • Mei is astonishingly clever at building things
              Inventor • Mei is a technological wizard
              Luck • Mei often perseveres where others would falter
              Quick Draw • Sorry! Sorry, sorry sorry sorry
              Sidekick 24 • Snowball, Mei's faithful weather drone companion (see below).
              Teamwork • Few people are as supportive as Mei

              Powers & Equipment
              Endothermic Blaster • Array 30 (+3), Easily Removable (-14) Total 18 • A handheld device capable of flash-freezing targets or instantly creating structures made of ice.
              • Freezing Spray Affliction 10 (Resist: Dodge, Hindered + Vulnerable, Defenseless + Immobilized) Mods Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased Range, Limited Degree Cost 3/r Total 30 • A deadly freezing spray that stops targets in their tracks.
              • Icicle Damage 8 Mods Increased Range Cost 2/r Total 16/1
              • Cryo-Freeze Healing 10 Mods Self Only Cost 1/r + Protection 10 Mods Impervious Cost 2/r Total 30/1
              • Ice Wall Create Ice 10 Mods Impervious, Permanent Cost 2/r Total 30/1 • Mei summons a large ice structure instantly.

              Snowball • 120 • Mei's robotic sidekick, empowered by the same weather-control technology as her other devices.
              • Abilities STR 1, STA -, AGI 4, DEX 2, FHT 0, INT 2, AWA 2, PRE -2 Total 8
              • Defenses Dodge 8, Parry 4, Toughness 8, Fortitude -, Will 4 Total 10
              • Skills Expertise: Environmental Science 8 (+10) Total 4
              • Robot Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects); Protection 8 Mods - Cost 1/r Total 38 • Mei is an advanced weather drone powered by AI.
              • Hovering Flight 2 (4 MPH) Mods - Cost 2/r Total 4
              • Blizzard Affliction 10 (Resist: Dodge, Hindered + Vulnerable, Defenseless + Immobilized) + Environment 4 (Cold 1, Impede Movement 1, Visibility 2) Mods Area: Burst I, Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased Range, Limited Degree, Tiring Cost 3/r (4/r Environment) Total 46 • Snowball can generate a small windstorm and drastically crashing temperatures over an area.
              • Weather-Shielded Sensors Senses 10 (Darkvision 2, Direction Sense, Infravision, Time Sense, Ultra-Hearing, Detect Environmental Conditions 4 [Acute, Radius]) Mods - Cost 1/r Total 10

              Unarmed • Close +2 vs. Parry • Damage 1
              • Hyeugh!

              Endothermic Blaster • Ranged +8 vs. Dodge • Affliction 10 (or Damage 8)
              • A freezing mist spray or a deadly icicle launcher.

              • Dodge 7
              • Parry 7
              • Toughness 7 (8 in cold-weather gear)
              • Fortitude 8
              • Will 10

              Abilities 42 • Skills 16 • Advantages 37 • Defenses 21 • Powers 19 • Total: 135

              Doing Good: As a former member of Overwatch and now an independent scientist on a crusade, Mei works out of an honest desire to make the world a better place.
              Enemy: Any of Overwatch's enemies might hold a grudge against Mei, and she suspects that the environmental calamities threatening the planet have an unnatural origin.
              Responsibility: Mei feels it is her duty to protect the world from threats both environmental and human.

              A brilliant environmental scientist, Doctor Mei-Ling Zhou joined Overwatch to study unexplained climatic phenomena. She was stationed at Eco-point: Antarctica to study one such anomaly. Zhou was a genius who personally invented many technologies used across the world. During her studies in Antarctica disaster struck, a sudden and fierce storm completely cutting off her station. When supplies dwindled and safety systems began to fail, Mei and the other researchers put themselves into cryo-storage until Overwatch to come for them. Something went wrong. Overwatch imploded with catastrophic worldwide consequences, and Mei's team was left stranded for nine years. She awoke to further tragedy: only her cryo-pod had remained intact, and her colleagues had perished.

              Despite the setbacks, Mei persevered, endlessly positive in the face of challenges. She gathered the valuable data the station had acquired, and with Snowball's help managed to assemble several potent devices to help her escape the Antarctic trap. Returning to the world to find Overwatch disbanded, Mei nevertheless pursued her goal of protecting the world's environments from any and all threats. Now she wanders the world seeking answers and adventure everywhere they can be found.

              Mei is positive, energetic, and relentlessly cheerful. Her brilliant mind drives her to create new wonders in order to further her conservationist goals. She won't let anything keep her down for long. The enthusiasm she displays toward her work is infectious, and few who meet Mei are ever the same afterward.

              Powers and Abilities
              Mei's greatest weapon is her scientific intellect. She personally invented, tested, and pioneered many new technologies in the environmental fields. When trapped in Eco-point: Antarctica with a minimum of supplies, she still managed to invent her endothermic blaster, repair damaged equipment, and escape otherwise certain doom. If forced into battle on behalf of Earth or its innocent people, Mei uses these inventions to turn the tide. With her advanced endothermic blaster, she can freeze opponents solid or instantly generate volumes of ice. Her droid companion, Snowball, is well-suited to working in harsh environmental conditions, and can even generate a dangerous local blizzard in times of great need.
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              • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Overwatch - Mei-rry Christmas!

                Nicely done, keep them coming.


                • Ridley, Space Pirate Leader

                  Space Pirate Leader

                  The Space Pirates' military commander, Ridley is as ruthless as he is formidable. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and delights in tormenting his prey.

                  Abilities & Skills
                  Strength 9
                  • Athletics 6 (+15)

                  Stamina 8

                  Agility 6
                  • Acrobatics 4 (+10)

                  Dexterity 2
                  • Ranged Combat: Fire Breath 10 (+12/+10)

                  Fighting 8
                  • Close Combat: Natural Weapons 4 (+12/+10)

                  Intellect 3
                  • Expertise: Military 8 (+11)
                  • Technology 4 (+7)

                  Awareness 5
                  • Perception 6 (+11)

                  Presence 7
                  • Intimidation 4 (+15)

                  Combat — Ridley is a brutal combatant
                  • Chokehold
                  • Daze (Intimidate)
                  • Favored Environment (Air)
                  • Improved Critical (Tail)
                  • Power Attack

                  • Diehard
                  • Equipment (Communicators)

                  Powers & Equipment
                  Alien Dragon • 16 • A winged terror, capable of even flying in space
                  • Extra Limb • 1
                  • Flight 5 (60 MPH), Winged -1/r • 5
                  • Immunity 4 (cold, heat, high pressure, vacuum) • 4
                  • Senses 6 (Darkvision 2, Smell: Acute; Track, Ultra-Hearing, Vision: Extended) Mods • 6

                  Huge Beast • 10 • Ridley towers over his prey, so much so that sometimes he can surprise people by showing up where they thought he couldn't!
                  • Growth 6, Innate +1, Permanent +0; Size 0, +6 STR, +6 STA, +1 Speed, +4 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 active defenses/attack • 10

                  Armored Hide • 10 • Ridley's armored hide can withstand missiles, energy blasts, and the blows of powerful aliens.
                  • Protection 4, Impervious +1/r • 8
                  • Impervious Toughness 2 • 2

                  Cunning God of Death • 9 • Having cheated death many times, Ridley can regenerate from terrible injuries, eventually even shedding cybernetic replacements as he regrows limbs and organs.
                  • Immortality 2 (two weeks), Limited (Destruction of most of body/head) -1/r • 4
                  • Regeneration 5, Persistent +1/r, Source (Consume organic material) -1/r • 5

                  Claws, Fangs, & Bladed Tail • 5 • Description
                  • Damage (Strength) 3, Reach +2 • 5

                  Fiery Breath • 25 • Ridley can disgorge a powerful fireball, or brace himself and spit forth a stream of fiery devastation.
                  • Damage 10, Area: Burst (30 feet) +1/r, Increased Range +1/r, Distracting -1/r + Damage 2 (direct hit), Increased Range +1/r • 24
                  • AE: Damage 10, Increased Range +1/r, Multiattack +1/r, Distracting -/1r • 20/1

                  Claws, Fangs, & Tail • Skreeeee!
                  Melee +10 vs. ParryDamage 12 (kinetic)

                  Fireball • A powerful blast of fire meant to incinerate his foes
                  Ranged +10 vs. DodgeDamage 12 (fire)

                  Fireball Stream • A stream of fireballs erupts from Ridley's mouth to engulf his prey
                  Ranged +10 vs. DodgeDamage 10+ (fire)

                  • Dodge 8
                  • Parry 10
                  • Toughness 12 (Impervious 6)
                  • Fortitude 12
                  • Will 10

                  Abilities 72 • Skills 23 • Advantages 7 • Defenses 19 • Powers 75 • Total: 196

                  Enemy: Ridley unknowingly created his own worst enemy when he destroyed the K-2L colony and killed Samus Aran's parents.
                  Responsibility: As a Space Pirate military leader, Ridley often personally carries out sensitive missions.
                  Weakness: Shooting Ridley in his open mouth bypasses his Protection (though it's not easy, typically accomplished only when he's about to launch fireballs).

                  Little is known of the creature called Ridley. Federation forces first encountered him as a ruthless and cunning military leader for the Space Pirates. Ridley personally carried out brutal strikes on colonies and transport ships in order to gain the resources the Space Pirates sought. On one such raid, he killed Virginia and Rodney Aran—inadvertently creating his own worst enemy in the galaxy's deadliest woman, Samus Aran, the Hunter. As Ridley rose through the ranks, favored by High Command for his ruthless efficiency, he encountered Samus many years later on the planet Zebes. As the Space Pirates attempted to use the Metroids, perhaps the galaxy's most dangerous life-form, to their advantage, Ridley and the other Space Pirate commanders battled Samus and Galactic Federation forces. Eventually Samus defeated Ridley and seemingly destroyed him, but Ridley soon returned, surviving the destruction of Zebes.

                  After a battle that saw the Metroids all but rendered into extinction, Ridley went to the planet Tallon IV to acquire an extremely volatile and dangerous mutagen: Phazon. His body rebuilt as Meta Ridley, he once again encountered his old nemesis. Despite the Phazon enhancements to his already-powerful form, Ridley fell again and met yet another apparent demise. With his incredible healing powers, he returned again, this time under the control of Dark Samus, a being made of pure Phazon. As "Omega Ridley," he hunted Samus and Federation forces until his defeat at her hands. With the destruction of the planet Phaaze purging the galaxy of Phazon, Ridley somehow survived long enough for the Space Pirates to graft cybernetics to his body. Eventually he regenerated and discarded the cybernetics, in time to face Samus a final time for the fate of the last living Metroid.

                  Ridley journeyed to the Ceres Space Colony, where Samus had left the final Metroid to be studied by Federation scientists, and captured the baby Metroid. Samus returned and gave battle, but Ridley escaped and flew under his own power to the planet Zebes—where the Space Pirates had rebuilt in the wake of their earlier conflict with the Hunter. Samus pursued him, and while Ridley directed his troops and began to enact Mother Brain's ultimate plan, she hunted him down for a final battle. They fought deep beneath the planet's surface and Samus once more vanquished the space dragon. He perished shortly before the planet Zebes exploded.

                  Even after truly meeting his end, Ridley again cheated death. Federation scientists unwittingly cloned him from strange organic material that clung to Samus' Power Suit. Reborn in his larval form, that of a small cat-like creature, Ridley soon began to grow, and his clone retained all the malice of the original—as well as his hatred of Samus. Was Ridley's soul returned to terrorize the galaxy once more? This Ridley met his end at the hands of a Metroid Queen, his life-force completely drained and leaving him a lifeless husk. He was truly and finally gone.

                  ... or was he? Biologic Space Laboratories, an alien research institution, took Ridley's frozen corpse for study on a BSL research station. Their secret Metroid breeding experiments and the escape of an X Parasite, the natural enemy of the Metroid Species, soon consumed the station in deadly peril. Deep in their hidden labs, Samus encountered clone Ridley's corpse, and an X Parasite imitation of it burst from the body, mimicking Ridley's body and adding new, even more dangerous traits to it. Though Samus defeated this creature, just before it emerged from Ridley's frozen corpse, seemingly killing him forever, the dragon's eyes flashed, as though somehow he was still alive....

                  Ridley, in any incarnation, is a ferocious and remorseless killer. He will use anyone and anything to get what he wants and cares little for others. Ridley will toy with his prey when he takes the field, as he often does on the most important missions. The space dragon seems relatively fearless, even challenging Samus Aran when all other Space Pirates fear the coming of the Hunter. He gleefully taunts her about killing her parents, though this overconfidence can prove his undoing. He is a cunning tactician and under his command the Space Pirates have accomplished many victories.

                  Powers and Abilities
                  Ridley's great size and strength make him a formidable foe. When he enters the battle, he prefers to do so with his own natural weapons, eschewing gear. Sometimes he is augmented by cybernetics, but eventually his regeneration causes him to reject them, and he seems to prefer using it that way. Ridley can also belch forth torrents of devastating fireballs. His armored hide can withstand missiles, energy blasts, and powerful blows from dangerous creatures. Ridley uses his wings to gain an advantage, preferring to fight in the air, though he will land to grapple with his foes and rend them limb from limb.
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                  • Mother Brain, the Mad Overseer

                    Mother Brain
                    The Mad Overseer

                    The true leader of the Space Pirates, Mother Brain wishes to use the Metroids as the perfect tool to reorder the universe according to her grand designs.

                    Abilities & Skills
                    Strength 10
                    • Athletics 6 (+16)

                    Stamina 10

                    Dexterity 4
                    • Ranged Combat: Energy Weapons 10 (+12)

                    Agility 2

                    Fighting 6
                    • Close Combat: Natural Weapons 4 (+8)

                    Intellect 10
                    • Expertise: Military 8 (+18) • Expertise: Science 10 (+20) • Technology 10 (+20)

                    Awareness 8
                    • Perception 8 (+18)

                    Presence 8
                    • Intimidation 4 (+16)

                    Combat • Daze (Intimidate), Improved Critical (Energy Attacks)
                    General • Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Equipment (Communicators), Startle, Well-Informed

                    Powers & Equipment
                    Titanic Body • Mother Brain towers over many life-forms. • Growth 6, Innate +1, Permanent +0; Size 0, +6 STR, +6 STA, +1 Speed, +4 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 active defenses/attack; Protection 3; Impervious Toughness 12; Regeneration 10, Persistent +1/r • 45

                    Biological AI • Created by the Chozo, Mother Brain is a powerful AI capable of controlling the world around her. • Array 20 • 22
                    • Affliction 5 (Dazed, Compelled, Controlled vs. Will), Cumulative +1/r, Increased Range: Perception +2/r • 20
                    • AE: Affliction 10 (Controlled vs. Fortitude/Technology), Area: Burst +1/r, Cumulative +1/r, Increased Range: Perception +2/r, Affects Objects Only -0, Computers Only -1/r, Limited: 3rd Degree Only -2/r • 20/1
                    • AE: Claws & Fangs • Sharp enough to rend metal. • Damage 2 • 2/1

                    Weapons Systems • Mother Brain wields a variety of lasers, bombs, and energy attacks. • Array 71 • 73
                    • Laser Brain Attack • A destructive ray that channels all of Mother Brain's massive power, damaging enemies and draining energy. • Damage 15, Area: Cone +2/r, Activation -2, Distracting -1/r + Weaken Toughness/Technology Weapons 15, Affects Objects +1/r, Area: Cone +2/r, Broad +1/r, Simultaneous (Toughness + Tech Weapons) +1/r, Activation -2, Fades -1/r, Tiring -1/r • 71
                    • AE: Damage 10, Increased Range +1/r, Multiattack +/1r • 30/1
                    • AE: Damage 12, Area: Burst +1/r, Increased Range +1/r • 30/1

                    Advanced AI • Designed by the Chozo to help them plumb the galaxy's mysteries. • Comprehend 5 (Speak/read all languages, Machines); Communication (Mental) 3 • 22

                    Claws and Fangs • Rending metal as easily as flesh and bone. • Melee +6 vs. Parry • Damage 12 (kinetic)

                    Energy Attacks • Powerful destructive lasers. • Ranged +12 vs. Dodge • Damage 10+ (energy)

                    Laser Brain Attack • A powerful combination of draining and searing energy. • Area vs. Dodge • Damage 15 (energy) + Weaken 15

                    • Dodge 8
                    • Parry 10
                    • Toughness 13 (Impervious 12)
                    • Fortitude 14
                    • Will 12

                    Abilities 92 • Skills 30 • Advantages 7 • Defenses 22 • Powers 162 • Total: 313

                    Enemy: Mother Brain has many enemies, including the Galactic Federation and, most notably, Samus Aran.
                    Obsession: Believing she can bring order to a chaotic universe, Mother Brain seeks to manipulate all life-forms to further her goals.

                    The Chozo were one of the galaxy's most advanced races, a birdlike people whose technology was so incredible it seemed magical. Mother Brain was one of their creations, an extremely advanced AI given the purpose of helping them control their technology. In time, Mother Brain began to develop her own ideas, and betrayed the Chozo to take command of the militarily superior Space Pirates. Through them she saw a chance to reorder a lawless universe according to her own design, shaping all creation in her image. Leading the Space Pirates in the acquisition of useful technology and resources, she waged war for the sake of her vision.

                    Mother Brain had helped create and foster many miracles during her time as an ally of the Chozo—not least of which was a young Samus Aran's training and Power Suit. Later, Samus would come to the planet Zebes to destroy the Metroids and stop Mother Brain's schemes. Though Mother Brain directed her forces with cunning, Samus fought her way to the heart of Zebes and defeated the biological computer. The Space Pirate base self-destructed in a final retaliatory act by Mother Brain to take down Samus, but the Hunter escaped. While Samus journeyed to the planet SR388 to destroy the last remaining Metroids, the Zebesian Space Pirates rebuilt their base and made it much larger, occupying the very heart of the planet. A revived Mother Brain then enacted her plan to gain control of the sole surviving Metroid, again drawing Samus into battle with the Space Pirates.

                    This time, Samus journeyed into the depths of the pirate base after slaying Mother Brain's elite generals, and battled the rogue AI once more. Their initial battle went as it had before, with the Power Suit's weapons prevailing over the stationary Mother Brain—but this was only a ruse. Seemingly defeated, Mother Brain arose again, now attached to an extremely powerful cyborg body built with the most advanced Chozo technology. With her knowledge of Chozo tech, and her potent destructive powers, Mother Brain overwhelmed even Samus. The intervention of the Baby Metroid, which had imprinted upon Samus as its mother, spared the Hunter, but it cost the Metroid its life. The Metroid bestowed upon Samus all the power it had absorbed, granting her the Hyper Beam and the power to destroy Mother Brain once and for all. Even as her remains crumbled, a planetary explosive system was set in motion and destroyed Zebes in its entirety. Samus escaped, and Mother Brain was erased from the universe.

                    Galactic Federation forces, utilizing recovered Chozo technology, built Aurora Units, biological supercomputers, who shared a haunting resemblance to Mother Brain. The Aurora Units governed data and communications across Federation space...until several were corrupted by Dark Samus using Phazon, requiring Samus to destroy them, just as she had the Mother Brain. Several of the AUs had begun to exhibit individuality and traits not unlike that of Mother Brain....

                    Mother Brain sees herself as the only visionary in a blind universe. She wants to use the Space Pirates and the Federation both to "reset life to zero," allowing her to guide the evolution of life according to her designs. She wishes to use the Metroids for this, but in truth, Mother Brain cares about no one other than herself and her vision. She leads the Space Pirates but they are only tools to her. Mother Brain has no true attachments, only a god-complex that drives her to see her vision become reality, no matter the cost.

                    Powers and Abilities
                    In her original form, Mother Brain resembled a giant neuron mass with cybernetic enhancements. She was immobile, but from her chamber could link up with planetary systems to carry out her plans. After her original defeat on Zebes, Mother Brain had a new body built for her, a terribly powerful battle-form that stood like a giant. This body was built utilizing advanced Chozo technology, packing raw destructive power capable of even overwhelming Samus Aran's fully-powered Power Suit. Mother Brain's ability to endure harm was likewise heightened; a brief skirmish with Samus left her none the worse for wear, and she survived being attacked and drained by a huge Metroid—something which kills most living things. She recovered quickly enough to slay the Metroid while it attempted to revive Samus. It wasn't until Samus received the Hyper Beam that she could finally defeat Mother Brain.


                    • Kraid, the Awakened Behemoth

                      The Awakened Behemoth

                      A Space Pirate general, Kraid rules Brinstar with unrivaled size and strength.

                      Abilities & Skills
                      Strength 12

                      Stamina 9

                      Dexterity 2
                      • Ranged Combat: Natural Weapons 12 (+11)

                      Agility 0

                      Fighting 7
                      • Close Combat: Natural Weapons 12 (+11)

                      Intellect 3
                      • Expertise: Military 7 (+10)

                      Awareness 5
                      • Perception 7 (+12)

                      Presence 6
                      • Intimidation 8 (+18)

                      Combat • Power Attack
                      General • Diehard, Great Endurance, Equipment (Communicators), Startle

                      Powers & Equipment
                      Draconic Behemoth • Kraid is the largest of Space Pirates, with strength to match. • Growth 9, Innate +1, Permanent +0; Size 1, +9 STR, +9 STA, +2 Speed, +6 Intimidation, -6 Stealth, -3 active defenses/attack; Protection 6; Impervious Toughness 14; Regeneration 5, Persistent +1/r; Senses 6 (Acute Smell, Extended Vision, Infravision [Tracking], Low-Light Vision, Ultra-Hearing) • 64

                      Natural Weapons • Kraid is able to launch spines and claws from his massive body. • Array 37 • 39
                      • Belly Spines • Kraid launches spines from his belly like biological missiles. • Damage 13, Increased Range +1/r, Multiattack +1/r, Activation -2 • 37
                      • AE: Missile Fingers • Clawed fingers that Kraid can detach to harm his enemies, instantly regrowing replacements. • Damage 12, Increased Range +1/r, Homing +2 • 26/1
                      • AE: Claws & Fangs • Damage 3, Penetrating +8 • 11/1

                      Claws and Fangs • Capable of tearing cruisers apart. • Melee +11 vs. Parry • Damage 15 (kinetic)
                      Belly Spines • Missiles like bony thorns. • Ranged +11 vs. Dodge • Damage 13+ (kinetic)

                      • Dodge 2
                      • Parry 10
                      • Toughness 15 (Impervious 14)
                      • Fortitude 12
                      • Will 9

                      Abilities 52 • Skills 23 • Advantages 5 • Defenses 12 • Powers 103 • Total: 195

                      Enemy: The Galactic Federation and, more notably, Samus Aran.
                      Weakness: A called shot to Kraid's eyes often causes him to recoil, exposing his mouth for a turn, which does not benefit from Protection or Impervious Toughness. Treat this as a Disarm action.

                      Kraid is another mystery of the Space Pirates, a high-ranking combatant in their forces. His species and origins lie beyond Federation knowledge. Kraid's most well-known attack on Federation space came when the Pirates took the planet Zebes to use its Metroids as the ultimate weapon. Kraid ruled the region called Brinstar, barring passage from any save Samus, who managed to venture therein and defeat him. As they had with Ridley, the Space Pirates recovered the gravely-wounded Kraid and revived him, aided by his own durability. He once again served as the muscle on their ensuing operations, returning to Zebes to guard Brinstar as the final plans were set into motion. However, he would fail again when Samus returned, slaying him in battle and leaving his body to be destroyed when the planet exploded.

                      Kraid is as cruel and ruthless as his comrade, Ridley. He is accustomed to throwing his weight around, both literally and figuratively. With his great size and power, Kraid serves as the muscle on missions where brute force is needed, shattering defenses and scattering foes before his might. He takes great pleasure in tearing apart the works of lesser beings.

                      Powers and Abilities
                      Kraid's tremendous size and strength are his biggest weapons—pun not intended. He can decimate lesser beasts and military forces with ease. His armored hide can repel all but the heaviest weapons, rendering him virtually invincible in combat. Whatever his species, Kraid can form and launch thorny spines from his belly, and often grotesquely launches his own fingers (at no harm to himself), which will hurtle about and even home in on foes using a similar infravision that many reptile species display. Kraid eschews technological weapons, favoring instead his own strength and abilities in battle.
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                      • Metroid (Larva)

                        Metroid (Larva)
                        Galactic Apex Predators

                        Created by the Chozo to be the ultimate predators, Metroids feed on the energy of living creatures.

                        Abilities & Skills
                        STR 7

                        STA 7

                        AGI 3

                        DEX 1

                        FHT 5 —
                        • Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+10)

                        INT 0

                        AWE 4 —
                        • Perception 5 (+9)

                        PRE 1

                        Combat —
                        • Improved Hold

                        Powers & Equipment
                        Drain Life-Force • What makes Metroids so feared is their hunger for—and ability to drain—the very energy from living creatures. • 10
                        • Weaken Stamina 10, Concentration +1, Grab-based -1 • 10

                        Impervious Hide • Owing to their energy-manipulation abilities, Metroids are very resistant to harm. • 22
                        • Protection 4, Impervious +1 (plus Impervious Toughness 6) • 14
                        • Immunity 8 (disease, heat, high pressure, poison, radiation, suffocation 2, vacuum) • 8

                        Alien Physiology • Metroids float by unknown mechanisms, and their sensory powers are poorly understood. • 13
                        • Flight 3 (16 MPH), Subtle +1F • 7
                        • Senses 6 (Mental Sense: Accurate, Radius, Ranged; Direction Sense, Ultra-Hearing) • 6

                        Energy Drain +10 • Close • Weaken Stamina 10 • The Metroid latches onto its prey and drains away its energy until its husk crumbles into dust!

                        Dodge 7 • Parry 9
                        Toughness 11 (Impervious 10) • Fortitude 10 • Will 7

                        Abilities 56 • Skills 5 • Advantages 1 • Defenses 14 • Powers 45 • Total: 121

                        Enemy: Many, notably including the X Parasite (for which Metroids were created), and Samus Aran.
                        Weakness: Cold-based effects inflict an additional degree of effect on Metroids. Explosive attacks and the like made within the creature as it feeds on something also ignore its Protection and Impervious Toughness effects.

                        Long ago, the Chozo deemed the X Parasite, an entity capable of devouring and assimilating the forms and abilities of other living creatures, too dangerous to go unchecked. They created the Metroids from Aeion energy that infused the planet SR388 and set them loose upon the X. The Metroids performed their roles well (indeed, the word "Metroid" in Chozo tongue means "Ultimate Warrior"), but soon grew out of control and turned on their Chozo creators. Whether this was responsible for the apparent extinction of the Chozo none can say, but ever since then, Metroids have been a true danger on any world they reach.

                        Samus Aran encountered these creatures first on Zebes, where Space Pirates (and, later, the Galactic Federation) tried to use the creatures as bio-weapons. When the Federation (at great cost) managed to capture some Metroids, they drew the attention of the Space Pirates, who stole the Metroids and took them to the planet Zebes. There they exposed the creatures to radiation that caused their numbers to multiply, intent on using them to shake galactic civilization. Samus was hired to invade Zebes and destroy the Metroids as well as Mother Brain, when all other attempts had failed. Despite the odds, Samus succeeded.

                        Afterward, Samus pursued Space Pirates carrying Metroid cargo through space, to the planet Tallon IV, where a strange mutagenic substance called Phazon had transformed them. One such creature eventually became the Metroid Prime, a powerful mutant that Samus destroyed deep beneath the planet's surface. Unknown to her at the time, this action created her would-be nemesis, Dark Samus, when the failing Metroid Prime absorbed some of Samus' DNA along with her Phazon Suit armor. Dark Samus then began to wield Phazon as a weapon across the galaxy, threatening the stability of life as we know it until Samus defeated her, eventually destroying the planet Phaaze and excising Phazon from the galaxy forever.

                        Samus would eventually journey to SR388 to destroy Metroids forever, but ended up returning the last Metroid into captivity with the Galactic Federation—not realizing their illegal experiments to harness the Metroid's power was as much of a threat as the Space Pirates! But the Federation scientists were slain and the Metroid recaptured by a resurrected Ridley, who returned to Zebes, likewise rebuilt since Samus' first visit. Samus pursued him and eventually found the Baby Metroid (which had imprinted on her as its mother) just before battling Mother Brain for a final time. The Baby Metroid gave its life to save Samus from Mother Brain, enabling her to destroy the evil cyborg. Metroids were now extinct.

                        It was not to be. Federation scientists cloned the Metroids (along with, unwittingly, Ridley, Samus' greatest enemy) at one of their facilities. They also resurrected Mother Brain in the form of an android who soon turned against them. Samus once again battled her old enemies and destroyed them, and with them it seemed the Metroids might finally perish—but they defied extinction yet again. When Samus first encountered the X Parasite and was infected by it, Federation scientists managed to save her by infusing her with stored Metroid DNA. This made Samus the last living bearer of Metroid DNA in the galaxy, and how fitting that she should carry it on a mission to wipe out the X. She hunted the X through the Federation's Biological Space Laboratories station, battling her own doppelganger, the SA-X, until a cloned Omega Metroid stood in her path of escaping the doomed space station. The SA-X, attacking its natural enemy, inadvertently left itself vulnerable to absorption by the Metroid-infused Samus, who then gained the Ice Beam, negated any weaknesses in her genetic code gained from the Metroids, and fought her way to freedom.

                        The Metroids are all but extinct now, as far as anyone in the galaxy knows. However, given their durability and their tendency to defy oblivion, who knows what awaits out there among the stars...?

                        Larval Metroids are pure hunger given form. They are not mindless, and indeed are capable of even showing compassion (as the Baby Metroid did toward Samus, its surrogate "mother"), but most simply desire to feed. They relentlessly hunt down strong creatures and feed upon them with an endless appetite.

                        Powers and Abilities
                        Metroids are large, jellyfish-like creatures with translucent hides that are somehow impervious to most conventional weapons. As they hover and detect their prey by unknown means (a sort of spatial awareness, and inherent ability to use stored energy for anti-gravitic propulsion, perhaps), they quickly become an ecosystem's dominant species through their power and ferocity. Their most feared tactic at this stage of growth is to simply latch on to their prey, where they are incredibly difficult to shake off, and begin draining away their bio-energy. Dislodging them is nearly impossible at this stage without detonating powerful weapons into the creature's innards. They do, however, have a severe vulnerability to cold-based effects, which are able to harm them or even freeze them solid.


                        • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Ridley, Mother Brain, Kraid, Metroid (larva)

                          So, with this, I think I finally hit on a format that I like enough to keep using. Blending between having it "all on the character sheet" and not filling the listing with every single thing (because you really can't have it all on the sheet), I like the way it looks and also the amount of information and flavor imparted. It's organized but looks snappy, I think, without being too cluttered or too sparse. I'm a bit biased, of course, but I think I'll try more like this and see how it looks.

                          More Metroid builds to come. I'll also probably sneak in a build before the next one from another sci-fi/fantasy-esque series that I think will be fun.


                          • Awoken Dawnblade


                            "Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven you into the unknown. Now, our enemies are the only thing that stands between you and the lost wonders of our Golden Age."

                            In the world of Destiny, Warlocks are those Guardians who channel the Traveler's mysterious Light into powerful arcane forms. These spells grant them mastery over elemental forces, from fire and lightning to energy, even space itself. Warlocks seek knowledge at all costs, and some stray too far into dark lore best left as smoldering embers in the ruins of their enemies. Most simply use the gifts bequeathed them by the Traveler to fight the forces of the Darkness.

                            Awoken Dawnblade

                            Spread your wings and set the sky ablaze.

                            Dawnblades use searing fire against their foes. They fly above the battlefield upon wings of flame and take up burning swords to sear away the darkness. Their angelic forms inspire allies as much as they terrify enemies, but these are no peaceful cherubs. Dawnblades are the avenging angels of the Guardians, scorching the Traveler's enemies to dust and scattering them on the wind. Their signature power allows them to soar and summon a sword made of pure Solar light.

                            Abilities & Skills
                            STR 2
                            • Athletics 4 (+6)

                            STA 3

                            AGI 5
                            • Acrobatics 6 (+8)

                            DEX 4
                            • Ranged Combat: Guns 4 (+8)
                            • Ranged Combat: Fire Powers 6 (+10)

                            FHT 3

                            INT 4
                            • Expertise: Alien Lore 6 (+10)
                            • Expertise: Solar System 6 (+10)
                            • Investigation 6 (+10)
                            • Perception 5 (+9)
                            • Technology 5 (+9)

                            AWE 6
                            • Insight 4 (+10)

                            PRE 4

                            Combat —
                            • Defensive Roll
                            • Favored Environment (Air)
                            • Move-By Action

                            General —
                            • Equipment 6

                            Powers & Equipment
                            Dawnblade • The Guardian soars upon Solar wings, summons a blade of immense power, and rains fiery doom upon her foes. • 24
                            • Flight 3 (16 MPH), Tiring -1R • 3
                            • Solar Slash: Damage 10, Increased Range: Ranged +1R, Secondary Effect +1R, Distracting -1R, Linked: Flight • 20
                            • AE: Solar Sword: Damage 4 (Strength-based, Fire), Secondary Effect +1R, Linked: Flight • 8/1

                            Solar Grenade • A summoned bolt of Solar fire that continuously damages enemies caught inside. • 14
                            • Damage 7, Area: Burst +1R, Secondary Effect +1R, Unreliable (5 uses) -1R • 14

                            Phoenix Dive • The Dawnblade can leap and float gracefully even while regenerating health in combat. • 11
                            • Leaping 2 (30 feet) • 3
                            • Immunity 5 (Fall damage) • 5
                            • Regeneration 3 • 3

                            Pistol +8 • Ranged • Damage 3 • A semi-automatic pistol good for last-ditch defense
                            Solar Slash +10 • Ranged • Damage 10 • A cleaving blade of fire hurled from a burning sword

                            Dodge 8 • Parry 7
                            Toughness 8 (3) • Fortitude 7 • Will 10

                            Abilities 62 • Skills 26 • Advantages 9 • Defenses 15 • Powers 49 • Total: 161

                            Enemy: All Guardians are hated and feared by all creatures of the Darkness.

                            You, like many before you, were resurrected several centuries after the fall of humanity to fight a losing battle against an insurmountable foe.

                            You are intensely curious and thoughtful, your bright eyes often searching the horizon for answers to the questions others hadn't even thought to ask.

                            Powers and Abilities
                            As a Guardian you wield the best weapons humanity can cobble together in the shadow of the Golden Age. On top of these, you can channel the Traveler's powerful Light into fiery spells. With them, you can soar aloft on blazing wings and rain down fire on your enemies, heal from grievous wounds, and hurl explosive bolts.


                            • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Ridley, Mother Brain, Kraid, Metroid, Destiny (Warlock)

                              Realistically, this Awoken should have some racial powers (though in the game they're not given any, it's implied), and a whole lot of statted gear, and a Ghost companion with that nifty ability to just keep resurrecting the Guardian, etc. Plus a speeder that is decent enough. This is just a baseline template meant to be customized.


                              • Re: [Lara's Treasure] Ridley, Mother Brain, Kraid, Metroid, Destiny (Warlock)

                                Last year I did some birthday builds that spoke to what shaped my imagination growing up. This year I think I'll do the same! Not sure who would be on the list, though. I'm sure I will come up with something.