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    Character Index

    Quarn - Krolotean Inventor/Cosmic Explorer
    Prism - Last Light of Illuminar
    Ratfield - Wererat of London
    The Flarewitch - Demonblooded Heroine
    Thorn - Teenage Plant Boy
    Jessica 'Jessie' Weaver - Spirit-bound Psychology Student
    Rosie Dutchlan - Symbiotic Hero
    Cher'Shar - Alien Space Pirate/Thief
    Arvis Dawn - Journeyman Wizard

    Identity Lost - IC - OOC
    Lake Heaven Defenders - IC - OOC
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    Re: Gallery of Glyph

    Quarn – Krolotean Inventor
    Appearing in: Cosmic DC Adventure


    Even as a child, Quarn’s intelligence was evident. Great things were expected of him. It was taken for granted that this keen young mind would go farther to join the greatest Krolotean scientists to push forward Krolotea’s greatest industry, genetically engineered bio-weapons. Quarn certainly found the principles of genetic manipulation and alteration an easy enough concept to grasp and biology an interesting subject for science sake, but he couldn’t find himself passionate enough about matters biological to apply himself to genetic studies. What did fascinate the young Gremlin was building things. He found his place as an engineer and technician, designing and build all matter of devices for the service of his people, weapons, mechs, even machine used for the ever progressing gene experiments around which all Krolotea revolved.

    For a long time he was satisfied with his work, helping his world in its prosperity, then he was given a position on a research ship as a engineer, to oversee the maintenance and operation of the a new gene splicer prototype. It was his first time exposed to the cruel practices of the Krolotean experiments. Aliens abducted then subjected to all manner of treatments, many of them did not survive, others twisted beyond recognition, all in the name of science and profit. While a firm believer in science, Quarn found the methods... unnecessary, wasteful, and all in to pursuit of a produce to sell. This was what the Kroloteans were known for throughout space. It opened Quarn’s eyes, and he was not comfortable with what he saw. He couldn’t see the point, or the worth in the grand plan.

    He tried to ignore it, this was after all the Krolotean way, however it was one thing to understand the theory behind an experiment and another to witness it in practice. Each experiment he witnessed, many with devices of his own design made him increasingly disillusioned.
    Eventually he could no longer keep his head down and ignore what he saw. He would not be a part of it. He hacked into the ship’s systems, disabled the security, sabotaged a number of key systems, and released the test subjects. In the following chaos, Quarn managed to steal a ship and leave the vessel, effectively turning his back on his people.

    Knowing he would be branded a traitor, Quarn pilots the ship, damaged in his escape, as far as it will carry him away, looking for a station where he might disappear into a crowd while he plans his next move.

    Strength: 0
    Stamina: 2
    Agility: 4
    Dexterity: 4
    Fighting: 4
    Intellect: 10
    Presence: 0
    Awareness: 1

    Accurate attack, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 2, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Luck, Power Attack, Skill Mastery (Technology)

    Expertise: Science 5(15), Expertise: Engineer 5 (15), Perception 6(7), Ranged Combat: ‘The Lady’ 6, Stealth 6(14), Technology 10 (20), Vehicles 4 (8)


    Krolotean Stature – Shrink 4, Permanent, Innate (-1 Str, +2 Def, +4 Stealth, -2 Intimidation)

    Genius - Quickness 4 (limited to Mental)

    ’The Lady’ Easily Removeable(-14) Array
    -Assault Blaster – Damage 10 (Ranged, Multiattack)
    -AE-Cryo Burst – Affliction 10 (Cumulative, Area Cone, Hinder/Immobile/Paralyzed)
    -AE-Photon Beam – Damage 10 (Ranged, Penatration 6, Feature: Improved Critical 4)
    -AE-Shock Grenade – Affliction 10 (Ranged, Area Burst, Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated)
    -AE-Graviton Projector – Move Object 10 (Perception)

    Phase Manipulator Belt Removable (-4)
    Enhanced Defense 12 (Dodge6, Parry 6)
    Linked Protection 6 (Sustained)

    Gadget Harness Removable (-4)
    Flash Teleport - Teleport 4 (Accurate, Change Direction, Turnabout, Mass 1 (100 lbs)
    AE-Long Range Teleport- Teleport 4 (Accurate, Extended, Extended Only, Activation-Standard Action, Change Velocity, Mass 4 (800 lbs)
    AE-Phase Shift Veil-Concealment 5 (Affect others, All Visual+Scent)
    AE-Bio-regenerator – Healing 7 (Persistent)
    AE- Construction Harness – Quickness 6 (Limited to Physical)
    - Extra Limbs 4 (Sustained)
    - Enhanced Strength 4


    Initiative: +4
    Attack: Melee +4, Ranged +4/+10 ‘The Lady’
    Saves: Dodge +6/+12*, Parry +6/+12*, Will +8 Fort +8, Toughness +2/+8*
    *Phase Manipulator Belt

    Equipment: Universal Translator(4), Commlink, Flash Goggles, Computer, GPS, Mini Tracer, Flashlight

    [52]+[9]+[21]+[56]+[12]= 150


    Krolotean: Abductors of citizens and creators of monsters, weapons of war, and good supplier to many a warlord, mad god and conquering army, Kroloteans do not have the greatest reputation among good honest folk.

    Outlaw: In the wake of his sabotage and desertion of the research ship he served on, the once resepected inventor is now considered a traitor and outlaw to his people.

    Motivation: Redemption: Quarn feels guilt for his contributions to the Krolotean arms race and war profiteering. As such he feels a need to make amends, usually through acts of heroics, that may place him in over his head, especially when bullys and explotation is involved.
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      Re: Gallery of Glyph

      Appearing in: Heroes Unlimited

      Real Name: Princess Valvalla Leota Shard
      Alias: Valerie Bright

      I am Princess Valvalla Leota Shard, 7th born of King Leotus, and last heir to the broken throne of Illuminar.
      Our priests say that the Light was a gift to the royal line of Shard from the Goddess as a means to defend Illuninar from the Darkness, and to guard its people from its enemies. As a princess of Illuminar, the Light was my birthright, and my responsibility. I was trained as a warrior, just as my brothers and sisters before me to stand as part of the Illuminarian Royal Guard, sworn to the protection of Illuminar and its people, to serve with honour and courage. The burden and the responsibility of all Illuminarian’s born with the Light in their veins. I was honoured to be counted among them. The youngest and newest member of the Guard. To serve and protect. It was a time of pride as I helped maintain peace and prosperity within the realm. That was until the day Darkness descended upon my world.

      There was a coup, led by one Fenris Shard, brother to our King and my uncle. Though older then our Lord Leotus, Fenris had been born without the Light, and as such lacked the power to protect our world as a sovereign is required to do, and as such could not become King. He had grown bitter and resentful over the throne he had been denied, and had spent years scheming and plotting, and had formed a pact with a long forgotten enemy, a great Darkness, who promised him his throne. All that was asked was that the Light of Illuminar be extinguished. The attack came seeming from nowhere, without warning or mercy. Cities and villages attacked seemingly at random while Fenris, with a legion of nightmare creatures at his back fell upon the palace. We fought valiantly, we fought bravely, but one by one my siblings fell. Even my father, one the mightiest warriors our world had seen fell to the attackers.

      I am would have died as well, if it wasn’t for the Master of Arms, who while not blessed with the Light was a fierce and skilled fighter, and a mentor to us all. He pulled my injured body to safety, and literally carried me from the battle to an emergency one man space pod. He proceeded to strap me in, despite my protests. I was badly wounded, and lacked the strength to offer much of a fight. The last thing he said to me before sealing the pod was that the Light must continue to shine, even if it must do so far from Illuminar. I slipped into unconscious, either from my injuries or as the ships cryo-hibernation systems took effect, as the vessel shot itself into space, aimed for only the Light knew where. As I drifted through space away from the world that needed me, I slept and dreamt of a planet in flames.

      I don’t know how long I slept, or how far my ship travelled, decades, centuries. I have no way to be sure. Eventually however, my vessel found landfall. I don’t remember the crash, simply waking and climbing from the battered pod in a smoking crater on an alien world known by its inhabitants as Earth. By the grace of the Light, I was able to observe this new world and its inhabitants. Disguised, I walked among them while I searched for any indication of a way home. It became quickly apparent that return to Illuminar was next to impossible. Between the limited space travel available and with no point of reference to where to find my home among the stars of this alien sky, I resigned myself to be exile. Unsure if Fenris would send someone to follow me, I remained hidden among the humans, took up a human name and identity. I missed home, and the guilt of my failure was a constant companion, but I have found some measure of peace on this new world among its people during my short time here. It is peaceful and safe here, so I thought for a long time

      That was until I witnessed a criminal robbing a bank. Not just some thug holding the place up, petty crime is hardly unique to earth, but this was a powerful individual, a warrior of this world turned to assaulting and stealing from his fellows. A supervillian. I witnessed his cowardice as he turned his power against the regular people, and I saw those who came to stop him. True warriors of Earth, locally titled superheroes. They stood against him and brought him low after a hard fight. I was ashamed to say at the time I stood by and did nothing more then watch, though I have no doubt I would have been a match for him. After that day I began to notice, in the news, the papers, TV and talk in the street, these villains were everywhere. This peaceful world was at war under the surface on many fronts. Only its champions stood against these numerous forces of chaos. I had made a vow to defend my world and protect its people. While the world of my born is lost, Earth has become my new home, and I will stand as one of its champions, my duty as a daughter of the house of Shard.

      From my observation of the humans culture, it is custom that their heroes to carry a moniker to serve as symbols for the heroic ideal. I am an agent of the Light. It shines through me so I may channel it, focus it. Such on this world are known as prisms. So Prism I shall be as I wield the Light as I have sworn to do. To stand again the agents of Darkness, not matter what form it may take.


      Humanoid in structure, Prism has indigo skin and long, wild, ivory hair. Her large eyes are solid orbs of amber gold that glow with in inner energy. With a slender figure, crystal Implants are visible on the back of her hands, feet and the centre of her stomach. A small crystalline horn protrudes from the centre of her forehead.
      She wears gold bracers on her forearms and shins, gold tank top, short pants and a long sash down her front from her waist.

      In her human disguise, Valerie Bright, she appears as a lean female with short, wild brown hair. Wearing a long worn coat, she peers at the world from behind a pair of rectangler spectacles, most of her face hidden behind a collection of scarves draped around her neck.

      PL11 / 170

      Strength 1
      Agility 6
      Fighting 5
      Awareness 2
      Stamina 2
      Dexterity 4
      Intellect 0
      Presence 2

      Skills: Acrobatics 8(14), Athletics 4(5), Intimidation 3(5), Investigation 4, Perception 8(10), Ranged Combat: Energy Control 4(8), Insight 6(8), Persuasion 3 (5)

      Advantages: Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All out attack, Leadership, Power Attack, Benefit: Illuminarian Royal - Heir to the Throne


      Light Control - [38]
      Energy Blast (Ranged Damage 14, Dynamic)
      DAP: Light Construct (Create 14)
      AP: Dazzle (Cumulative Ranged Affliction 14, Resisted by dodge, overcome by Fortitude, Impaired/Disabled/Unaware, Limited to one sense – Visual)
      DAP: Telekinesis 14
      AP: Energy Blade (Damage 14, Accurate 3, Penetration 11)
      AP: Light Flare (Cumulative Affliction 11, Burst Area of Effect, Resisted by dodge, overcome by Fortitude, Impaired/Disabled/Unaware, Limited to one sense – Visual)
      DAP: Enviroment Control – Light 14 (Full light – 2pts per rank)

      The Royal Tongue: Comprehend 3 (Languages – understand all, understood by all at once)[6]

      The Light Protects Me: (Immunity 10) Life Support [10]

      Forcefield (Impervious Protection 12, Sustained) [26]
      AP: Invisibility Veil (Concealment 2, Normal Sight, Affects Others, Area of Effect Burst, Selective)
      AP: Holographic Disguise (Morph 3 – humanoids)

      Flight 7 [14]

      Dodge +8, Parry +5, Fort +7, Tough +2/14(with FF), Will +8

      [44]+[14]+[6]+[94]+[12] = 170


      Motivation: Responsibility. Prism has been raised, and sworn an oath to uphold the principles of the Light of Illuminar; Honour, Courage, Serve and Protect

      Alien: Prism is an alien. While usually not an issue for a superhero, her understanding of human culture has gaps. Her inhuman origin can make others uncomfortable or suspicious. There may even be an organisation or two interesting in her physiology for malicious and ill intended interests.

      The last Light: The old enemy still seeks to extinguish the Light of Illuminar, no matter how far it has run or what world it is hidden on.

      Secret Identity: In order to blend into human society, Prism maintains the human identity of Valerie Bright, a mysterious young lady seen volunteering at local soup kitchens and shelters, bringing words of comfort to the needy, despite, as far as anyone can tell, living on the streets herself.
      Valerie maintains a number of friendships, including Father Conner Macdean a Priest active in his local communtiy, as well as a a number of the homeless.

      Iliterate: While perfectly versed in the written language of her people, her grasp of written Earth languages, including english is very limited.

      Unspend PP: 2
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        Re: Gallery of Glyph

        RatfieldWererat of London
        Appearing in: London Calling

        We remember a man. He had a family, but we cannot remember they’re faces, even the man’s name has been lost. We remember he as a good man, a loved man, before the Mistress took him from the streets of the city. A meddler in black things, the Mistress dragged him into her lair, then filled the man with dark magics, twisting his body and chaining his mind. We became one of many that served the Mistress, claws bound to her will. Hers was a black, emtpy heart, greedy and small and we stalked and killed and stole so that Mistress could fill her pockets with gold, her den with slaves and her hands with power. For many years we were a good, loyal claw. We even protected out Mistress when the monsters fell from the sky. Then, the night of change came. The Mistress lost her power and all her claws fled when the power that held them to her shattered. We lost out mind, whatever was left of the man gone. We fled to the sewers beneath the city, our mind dark, lost. We forget the man, and became a beast. Our life became a blur of scavenging, hiding, stalking. We scavenged for food, and defended our lair, and survived, hidden beneath the city.

        In recent moons, a light has sparked in our mind. We think, and remember shattered visions of the man and the Mistress. We miss the man, and wish to be like the man again. We hear the screams in the streets above us. The rats in the sewers do not care, or they do not hear, but the man would not ignore the screams, he was a good man. He would help. So we help the screams, and stalk the bad men when their hearts like the Mistress, black and greedy and hateful. We will protect the city from black hearts and bad men. We will be good, we will be brave, we will be the man again.

        Character Sheet

        PL 10 PP:150

        Strength 7
        Stamina 6
        Agility 8
        Dexterity 1
        Fighting 9
        Intellect 1
        Awareness 3
        Presence 1


        Agile Feint, Evasion 2, Great Endurance, Power Attack, All Out Attack, Improved Critical (Claws), Chokehold, Hide in Plain Sight


        Acrobatics 8(16), Athletics 4(11), Insight 4(7), Perception 6(9), Stealth 10(18)


        Rodent Reflexes; Enhanced Advantages 6 (Close Attack 4, Improved Initiative 2); Quickness 2; Enhanced Defenses 4 (Dodge 2, Parry 2)

        Thick Skin: Protection 2; Impervious Toughness 8(Limited – No effect on magical or Silver Weapons)

        Beastial Senses: Senses 5(Danger sense, Low Light Vision, Acute and Tracking Olfactory, Ultrahearing)

        Rodent Agility: Leaping 3(60 Feet); Speed 4 (30MPH); Wall Crawling

        Sharp Claws: Penetration 5 on Strength Damage

        Rat tail: Extra Limb 1 (tail); Elongation 2(Limited to Tail only)

        Sewer Dweller: Immunity 2(Disease, Poison), half effect.


        Dodge: +2(12); Parry: +1(12); Fortitude +5(11); Toughness +0(8 Impervious); Will +6(9)

        [72]+[8]+[16]+[40]+[14] = 150


        Motivation: Redemption. Ratfield is looking to restore some of his humanity but fighting the good fight and protecting the city from those who wish to do harm.

        Ratman: He is a 6 foot ratman. This tends to make things awkward at parties, and pretty much any interaction that involves normals. Suspension, fear, disgust are all reactions Ratfield expects from people.

        Enemy: The Mistress lives, and still remembers the time before the Change. Whether she has regained her powers of old remain to be seen, but she remains at large all the same.

        Lost Past: Ratfield is aware that he use to be someone else, but remembers only tiny fragments of that old life. He knows he was a good man, and that he had a family.
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          Re: Gallery of Glyph

          The Flarewitch - Demonblooded Heroine of Freedom City
          Application for; How Heroes Are Born

          Strength 1
          Stamina 2
          Agility 4
          Dexterity 3
          Fighting 3
          Intellect 0
          Awareness 2
          Presence 2

          Advantages: All out Attack, Power Attack, Extraordinary effort, Great Endurance

          Skills: Ranged Combat: Hellfire Control 5(8), Intimidation 7 (9), Investigation 4, Perception 4(6), Insight 4(6), Persuasion 4(6)


          Quick Change: Feature 1(Change into costume as free action)

          Hellfire Control: Array, Hellfire Describer
          Hellfire Blast: Ranged Damage 12
          AE Brimstone Cloud: Ranged Burst Area Visual Concealment 4 Attack
          AE Hellfire Blade: Penetrating Damage 12
          AE Hellfire Explosion: Ranged Burst Area Damage 8

          Hellfire Immunity: Immunity 5 (Hellfire Damage)

          Hellfire Shield: Imperious Protection 10, Sustained

          Sense Hellfire: Sense 1 (Hellfire awareness)

          Hellfire Aura: Reaction Damage 4, Activation (Standard action)

          Flight: Flight 7 (250MPH)

          Dodge 8, Parry 4, Fortitude 7, Toughness (2/12FF), Will 8


          My name is Scarlet Baird, and I am cursed by blood and by birth. See, my mother, with the infinite wisdom of youth used to run with a pretty twisted crowd. She was young and stupid, and a major Black Magic groupie. No, that’s a not a band. I’m talking like proper occult ‘meddle in weirdness not meant to be meddled in’ black magic. Part of a cult, candles, robes, the whole bit. So one day, she participates in this ritual to call forth a creature from the burning wherever, and she came away from it with a bun in the oven, that was be little old me. She has never discussed the details with me, but whatever took place that night also gave her a new perspective on the direction her live had taken and she didn't like it, so afterwards she ran away from the cult, moved to Freedom City where I was born, and life was pretty normal and quiet.

          That was until my 13th birthday, where at a party, instead of blowing out my candles I ended up blowing them up and setting fire to half the house. Needless to say, that complicated things. My mother was terrified. That's when I learned that my father wasn’t even human, but some kind of demon, a creature of fire and flesh. I learned that I had inherited something, something that was inside me that I couldn’t control, and it made me a danger to everyone around me. So I was sent to Claremont Academy where they taught me not just to control my powers, but that their origins did not decide my destiny. I don’t know what my father or the madmen who called him to this plane had planned for me, but I do know that I won’t be part of it.

          As the Flarewitch, my powers will be used to stop creatures like them, and to defend this mortal realm.


          Motivation: Redemption: Scarlet feels the need to prove to herself as much as everyone else that despite her demon blood, she can be a good person

          Weakness: Holy: Powers with a Holy describer are more effective against Scarlet

          Temper: Scarlet tends to run hot in more ways than one. She can be quick to anger especially when insulted. Her inhuman blood is a particularly sore spot

          Demon blood: Despite looking quite human, Scarlet is half demon, and may be susceptible to wards, summonings and other magic designed to effect demons

          Enemy: The Burning Eye: It may have been years, but her father and his cults have not forgetting about their plans
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            Re: Gallery of Glyph

            Thorn - Teenage Plant Boy
            Appearing in: Freedomverse: Claremont Academy Class of 2020

            It all starts with a mad man. Jealous of the successes of others, and converting all that he could not have to the point of insanity. His name was Doctor Samuel Mandrake, a brilliant and talented bio-chemist, botanist and geneticist.

            After years of ridicule for his research into animal/plant splicing, of being overlooked for scientists with more relevant and practical projects, without the needed funding or facilities to continue his research, he turned to crime. He used his research to create monstrous animal/plant hybrids to do his bidding and began plotting his revenge on the world at large.

            All his creatures were largely mindless monsters, and eventually he turned his sights to creating something greater, something intelligent, something powerful. He would need lieutenants to serve in his army of monsters at it's head. So using his own blood with a number of different plant strains, he sought to create his masterpiece.

            His experiment produced three brothers, who not only show signs of budding intelligence, but appeared remarkably human. He named them Leaf, Bark and Thorn. Like his previous creations he sought to bend them to his will. In the beginning they were loyal and obedient and appeared to be the perfect tools for his plans, but they were what he had created them to be, intelligent, more intelligent then he had anticipated and in time they developed minds of their own.

            Dr Mandrake's activities came to the attention of AEGIS when he started kidnapping civilians for his latest experiments and they raided his lab. The intrusion was sudden, while his plant creatures were ordered to kill everyone who entered, they proved no match for the well prepared AEGIS teams. During the panic, the doctor called the brothers to him for protection. As Thorn prepared to defend his father against the intruders, Bark and Leaf saw their chance to be free, and killed him instead. They wanted Thorn to come with them, but he was too shocked by what they had done. With the AEGIS agents closing in, they made their escape without him.

            When the agents first found him, they thought he must have been one of the doctor's victims. It wasn't until he was being examined by a medical team that they discovered he wasn't human at all but one of Mandrake's plant creatures. He was immediately detained by AEGIS.

            After weeks of tests and months of observation and evaluation, it was deemed that he was as much a victim of Mandrake's as the people he had helped kidnap. It was suggested that he be admitted into Claremont Academy where he would be under a watchful eye and could learn to 'be a person."


            Motivation: Redemption. Most of his life has been in service to an evil man. He wants to prove to himself as much as to anyone, that he is more then just his father's monster.
            Motivation:Acceptance. Determined to be a person, and without the only family he ever knew, Thorn is determined to find acceptance and his place in this new world.
            Prejudice: Between being a humanoid vegetable, an abomination of science and a reformed evil minion, there is plenty of negative feelings to be thrown his way.
            Enemy: The Mandrakes. Thorn's brothers Leaf and Bark are still at large and have plans for a great plant uprising. They want Thorn by their side and they won't take no for an answer.
            Weakness: Herbicides. While he is immune to most poisons, he is a plant, and is highly susceptible to herbicides and defoliants.

            Thorn - PL 8

            Strength 2
            Stamina 4
            Dexterity 4
            Agility 4
            Fighting 6
            Intellect 2
            Presence 0
            Awareness 2

            Acrobatics 4(8), Athletics 2(4), Close Combat[Spores & Thorns] 1(8) Expertise: Gardening 6(8), Insight 2(4), Investigation 4(6), Perception 4(6), Stealth 4(8), Sleight of Hand 4(8)

            Agile Feint, Interpose, Set up


            Spores & Thorns{26}
            Thorn Whip: Damage 8
            Linked-Affliction 8 (Resist Fortitude; Impaired & Vulnerable, Disabled and Defenceless); limited degree, extra condition, cumulative.
            -AP; Choking Spores: Affliction 8 (Resist Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated); cumulative, secondary effect.
            -AP; Spore Pod: Affliction 8 (Resist Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned); limited degree, area(cloud), ranged, triggered.

            Wild Growth{11}
            Wood/ Plant Constructs: Create 8; touch, Innate, Precise
            -AP; Thorn Skin: Protection 6; sustained
            Linked- Damage 1; reaction(touch)

            Plant Physiology{14}
            Immunity 6: Aging, Critical Hits, Poison, Suffacation(no need to breath)
            Wall Crawling 2
            Additional limbs 4; sustained
            Elongation 2

            Saves: Toughness: 4(10)*, Fortitude: 6, Will: 2, Dodge 4, Parry 6

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              Re: Gallery of Glyph

              Jessica 'Jessie' Weaver - Spirit-bound Psychology Student

              Jessie never knew her real parents. She was found abandoned, outside a hospital no more than a few weeks old. Most of her early life was spent shuffling from one foster home to another, despite the best effects of those trying to help her, it was a depressing lonely time, until she was adopted by the Weavers at the age of 12. Life from that point on was fairly normal, loving parents, school, friends etc, abandonment issues and therapy not withstanding.
              It has been Jessie's ambition to become a social worker or a councillor, her wish to help kids who'd been like her, lost and confused or angry. So she decided to study psychology and was accepted into the University of Toronto.

              Then the dreams started. Dreams about a pair of creatures, one born of Fire, the other of ice and cold, two elemental forces in conflict. Ever night for months she would dream of them. At first her dreams were about them in deep debate about something she could not understand, then they began to show the creatures arguing fiercely, until eventually she would fall asleep to find them locked in furious combat.

              Every night she would simply watch their conflict as it escalated, until one night, in her dreams, she brought herself between the two forces, interceding into their combat and forcing them apart. When she awoke the next morning, the back of both her hands bore a mark. On her right, a red symbol full of swirls and waves, on her left, blue, full of hard lines and jagged edges. She could also tell that she was not alone.

              She still dreams of the creatures, though not every night, but they come to her, sometime together, sometimes one at a time. They spoke to her, pledged their loyalty, and taught her how she could tap into their power. She doesn't know where they came from or how they came to be bound to her. She's asked the entities, but either they don't know, or they simply will not tell her. She can't help but wonder if there is a connection between these spirits and her mysterious parentage.


              Motivation (Responsibility): Jessie has no wish to be a hero, but she is not the kind of person to stand by when she can do something to help people.

              Unknown Origins: Raised as an orphan, Jessie has no knowledge of her parents or where she came from, though she suspects the powers she now possesses are linked somehow to her origins.

              Opposing Forces: The Walker and the Wyrm, while united in their loyalty to their host, do not get along and are opposed. This can occasionally cause conflicts while Jessie is trying to draw power from both spirits at once or if they have both been summoned to the same field.

              Hearing Voices: The Walker and the Wyrm speak to her. As primal elemental beings, the concept of morality, right & wrong are not something they really understand. They are more concerned with things like survival, power, the fulfilment of needs and the thrill of conflict.

              PL 10 -150pp

              Strength 0/10*, Stamina 2, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 3, Awareness 4, Presence 2

              Advantages: Inspire 3

              Skills: Acrobatics 2, Athletics 4, Close Combat: Unarmed 4, Expertise:Psychology 4, Insight 4, Perception 4, Persuasion 4, Ranged Combat(Hand of the Wyrm) 4, Vehicles 2


              Hand of the Wyrm
              The Red Wyrm: Summon 10 (Heroic, Feedback, Mental Link) 31 points
              - DAP Fiery Aura: Damage (Reaction-touch) 4pt/rank[\i]
              - DAP Fire Blast: Ranged Damage 2pts/rank
              - DAP Dragon's Breath: Cone Area Damage [2pts/rank]
              - DAP Flight [2pts/Rank]

              Hand of the Walker
              The Winter Walker: Summon 10 (Heroic, Feedback, Mental Link) 31 points
              - DAP Ice Shapes: Create (Continuous) 3pts/rank
              - DAP Ice Shield: Impervious Protection (Sustained) 2pts/rank
              - DAP Walker's Strength: Enhanced Strength 2pts/rank
              - DAP Icy Snare: Cumulative Affliction (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage, Hindering and Vulnerable, Immovable and Defenseless. Extra condition, limited to Two Degrees)

              Savesodge +8, Parry +8, Fortitude +3, Will +9, Toughness 2/12*(10 Impervious)

              Attack: Ranged 2/6(Hand of the Wyrm), Melee 2/6(Unarmed)


              The Red Wyrm

              Strength 1, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 3, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 1

              Advantages: Agile Feint, Accurate Attack, Improved Initiative

              Skills: Acrobatics 6, Deception 4, Expertise: Elements 6, Perception 4, Ranged (Fire Control) 6

              Body of Fire: Immunity 17 (Critical Hits, Life Support, Fire Damage)
              - Insubstantial 3 (Permanent)

              Flaming Aura: Damage 4 (Reaction - touch) [16]

              Flight 6 (120mph) [12]

              Fire Control
              Fire Blast: Ranged Damage 12
              - AP - Fire Breath: Cone Area Damage 10, Penetration 4
              - AP - Fire Shapes: Shapeable Area Damage 6, Sustained

              Saves: Dodge +9, Parry +5, Fortitude +9, Will +9, Toughness +2 [20]

              Attack: Ranged: 2/8(Fire Control), Melee 3

              The Winter Walker

              Strength 2/10*, Stamina 2, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 2

              Advantages: Daze: Intimidation, Startle, Power Attack, Interpose

              Skill: Close Combat(Unarmed) 6, Expertise: Elements 6, Intimidation 6, Perception 4, Ranged Combat(Ice Control) 4

              Body of Ice: Immunity 19 (Critical Hits, Life Support, Cold Damage, Ice Effects)
              - Enhanced Strength 8
              - Impervious Protection 10

              Senses 2 (Tracking, Infavision) [2]

              Ice Slide: Flight 5 (60 mph, Platform) [5]

              Ice Control
              Ice Blast: Ranged Damage 10
              - Ice Shapes: Create 6 (Continuous, Innate)
              - Cold Blast: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted & Overcome by Fortitude, Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated)
              - Icy Snares: Cumulative Affliction 10 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage, Hindering and Vulnerable, Immovable and Defenseless. Extra condition, limited to Two Degrees)
              - Icy Surfaces: Environment 10 (Impede Movement)

              Saves: Dodge +5, Parry +6, Fortitude +10, Will +7, Toughness 12(10 Impervious) [19]

              Attack: Ranged 1/5(Ice Control), Melee 4/10(Unarmed)

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                Re: Gallery of Glyph

                Rosie Dutchlan - Symbiotic Hero
                Appearing in: Glaive

                Rosie was a very active child, and had always had dreams of being an athlete. She loved sport, and she was part of a gymnastics team, and was showing real talent. Then at the age of 12 Rosie was among several children seriously injured in a disastrous carnival ride malfunction. The accident left her with severe spinal damage and permanent paralysis from the waist down. It was made very clear to her that she would never walk again. For an athletic child, like Rosie it was a heartbreaking reality to be faced with. The years that followed were a hard road of recovery, and coming to terms with the loss of her legs.

                After graduating from school, Rosie found herself largely directionless, unsure what to do with her life. To celebrate their graduation, Rosie and a group of her friends made a plan to go on a road trip that summer, Rosie’s older brother Matt came along, offering the use of his van for the trip. The holiday itself was a great break from the stress of final exams and the uncertainty of the future. It wasn’t until the road home that everything went horribly wrong.

                While taking a scenic coastal cliff road on the return journey, a refrigerated truck was also travelling the same road. The truck was transporting a secret cargo, and was the target of a high speed robbery attempt. The resulting chase drove the truck straight into the Matt’s van, and both vehicles off the side of the cliffs. The last thing Rosie remembers is laying broken in the wreckage as… something slithered from the crushed remains of the truck, in her direction before blacking out.

                When she awoke in the hospital a few days later, she was surprised to find herself relatively unharmed. The doctors told her she had been very lucky, when the rescue crews had found the crash, she was the only one alive, and with only minor injuries. The news that her friends, and her brother had die hit her hard. So much so that it was days after she had been released that she noticed two things. The first was a perpetual feeling of being watched, like she was never alone in the room, like a whisper she couldn’t quite hear, and the second and more astonishing was that she could feel her legs.

                She quickly discovered that her legs were now as whole and strong as the rest of her, and that the rest of her was stronger than she could have dreamed. She could run and move like she never had before. It was exhilarating, and frightening. She didn’t know exactly what had happened, but something had definitely changed.


                Motivation - Responsibility : Rosie has been given a gift at a great cost, and she feels that it is a gift that should be used wisely.

                Survivor’s Guilt: The accident that resulted in Rosie’s empowerment also caused the death of her friends. It haunts her that not only did she survive, but came out of it stronger imaginable at the cost of their lives.

                Power Loss - Cold: Prolonged exposure to extreme cold will cause the organism to begin to hibernate and shut down, weakening the power it bestows, eventually to the point of losing its benefits all together, including Rosie’s ability to walk.

                Paralysed: As a result of a serious injury when she was young, Rosie is actually paralysed from the waist down. It is only by the grace of the organism that she can walk.
                In addition, in order to maintain the secrecy of her new abilities, Rosie must remain bound to a wheelchair in public to maintain the fašade of her injury.

                Dual Consciousness: The Organism is an intelligent creature with a mind of its own. Up until now it has been quiet, but its mind has begun to stir over the months. As much a part of Rosie’s body as she is, it may exert some measure of control on her if it decides to follow its own agenda.

                Enemies: Someone was transporting the Organism somewhere, and someone else had intended to take it. What will that do when they learned what became of the truck's cargo.

                PL 8 – 120pts

                Strength: 2/8* Stamina: 2/8* Dexterity: 1/3* Agility: 0/6*
                Fight: 0/6* Intellect: 0 Presence: 4 Awareness: 2

                [22](*provided by Organism)

                Advantages: Agile Feint*, Attractive 1, Great Endurance*, Improved Initiative*, Instant up*, Interpose*, Uncanny Dodge*
                [1](*provided by Organism)

                Skills: Acrobatics 2/6*, Athletics 2/6*, Insight 4, Intimidate 4, Perception 4, Persuasion 4, Stealth 2
                [11](*provided by Organism)


                The Organism

                Enhanced Physiology:
                Enhanced Traits: Strength +6, Stamina +6, Dexterity +2, Agility +6, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative
                Symbiotic Whip: Damage 2 (Strength based, Reach 2)
                Speed 4
                Leaping 3
                Regeneration 1

                Enhanced Instincts:
                Enhanced Traits: Fighting +6, Interpose, Agile Feint, Instant Up, Uncanny Dodge, Acrobatics +4, Athletics +4

                Psionic Organism:
                Enhanced Will +4
                Mind Reading 3 (Limited to Surface Thoughts, Sensory Link)
                AP-Telepathy: Communication 1 (Mental)
                AP- Telekinesis: Move Object 2 (Concentration, Damaging, Perception)

                Combat: Close +0/6*, Ranged +3, Init +0/10*.
                Damage: Unarmed +2/8*(DC 23), Whip +10(DC 25), Telekinesis +2(DC 17)
                Saves: Dodge +0/6*, Parry +0/6*, Toughness +2/8*, Fortitude +2/8*, Will 2/6*
                (*provided by Organism)

                [22]+[1]+[11]+[86]= 120
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                  Re: Gallery of Glyph

                  Cher'Shar - Alien Space Pirate/Thief


                  Raised by pirates after his egg was found among a shipment of captured cargo, Cher’Shar was raised outside the law and into a life of crime. Having slain all anyone who might have known the egg’s origins, the pirates found themselves with a creature of an unknown species. As a child, his small size proved useful in tight spaces and a great asset during a heist, however as he matured it became apparent that his body generated a significant electrical charge, which he was encouraged to learn how to utilize.

                  By the time he was an adult and struck out on his own, he was an accomplished thief. Possessed with a wanderlust and carefree attitude, he left his pirate family on his own to see the galaxy, stealing and cheating to make his way and to avail himself of all the pleasures and experiences that it had to offer, and if he was lucky maybe he might mean another of his kind

                  He pulled jobs all over, sometimes on his own, occasionally sign up with a crew for a big score and generally focused on enjoying life to it’s fullest. Eventually he made the mistake of partnering up with the wrong guy. Double crossed by his partner on a heist, he ended up in the hands of the Authority and trapped in a box for what was supposed to be a long time.

                  Lucky for Cher’Shar someone screwed up, and he got the chance to get out of his box. Of course now he’s shipwrecked on a no where dirtball, but it could be worse.

                  Character Sheet

                  PL 8 PP:120

                  Strength 2
                  Stamina 4
                  Agility 10
                  Dexterity 6
                  Fighting 4
                  Intellect 0
                  Awareness 2
                  Presence 2

                  Agile Feint, Defensive Roll

                  Acrobatics 6(16), Athletics 4(6), Deception 6(8), Insight 4(6), Perception 6(8), Ranged Combat (Electric Discharge) 4(10), Sleight of hand 6(12), Stealth 6(16), Vehicles 4(10)


                  Teleport 4 (Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Increase Mass 2)

                  Electric Discharge: Damage 6 (Ranged, Multiattack)
                  - Focused Bolt: Damage 6 (Ranged, Penetrating 5, Extended Range)
                  - Electromagnetism: Move Object 8 (Perception, Limited: Metals, Precise, Subtle 1)


                  Dodge: +10; Parry: +8; Fortitude +4; Toughness +4(+5*); Will +2
                  *With Defensive Roll

                  [58]+[2]+[23]+[33]+[4] = 120


                  Motivation: Survival. At the end of the day, the only thing Cher'Shar wants less then finding himself back in prison is to end up dead on some backwater planet. As they say, there is safety in numbers.

                  Kleptomaniac: Cher'Shar is a thief, and has a fondness to pretty things. Especially pretty things that fit nicely in someone's palm.

                  Criminal: Cher'Shar is a convicted criminal and inmate of the Redemption.

                  Raised by Pirates: After spending his formative years among pirates, bandits and brigands Cher'Shar's sense of right and wrong is alittle skewed.

                  Unsual Specimen: Cher'Shar has never met another of his species, nor has he met any one else who has. This can garner a variety of reactions. It also means those of a medical persuasion may find some of his physiology confusing, which may hamper medical attention in some circumstances.

                  Power limitation - Insulation: Cher'Shar can not teleport through materials that insulate against electricity such as rubber.


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                    Re: Gallery of Glyph

                    Arvis Dawn - Journeyman Wizard

                    Born Adin Willow, a humble farm boy, Arvis began to show signs of magical talent at a young age, a gift that neither he nor his family knew how to control. It was fortunate then that an incident that resulted in the family barn burning to the ground also caught the attention of a Sorceress that was travelling through the area at the time. Seeing his potential, she offered to take the boy under her wing as her apprentice. So at the age of 7 he left behind his home, his family, and his name to begin a new life.

                    His master, the sorceress Lyandra Sol, proved a patient and wise teacher. While he had talent for the craft, but he was reckless, and once he had been given a taste of mysteries that were the magical arts, he thirst for more often sneaking looks at Lyandra's more advanced tomes, and trying the spells within, spells he was often not ready to handle.

                    While she admired Arvis's curiosity and passion, she recognised the dangers of power without wisdom, and for the many years that Arvis spent under her tutelage she tried to temper his passion with restraint. Eventually she began to feel that his power was beginning to out pace his wisdom and control and the grimores in her collection, too great a temptation for such an eager mind.

                    For this reason, she turned him away from her tower to walk the world a while and learn from the lessons it had to teach him. When he was ready to resume her teachings, she would seek him out again. Excited by the prospect of adventure, Arvis followed his master's wishes and struck out on his own.

                    Str 0 Sta 2 Dex 2 Agi 2
                    Fig 0 Int 5 Awa 3 Per 3

                    Skills: Expertise: Magic 5(10), Insight 3(6), Persuasion 3(6), Deception 3(6), Perception 3(6), Investigation 2(7), Ranged Combat: Staff of Elements 3(5)

                    Advantages: Ritualist, Contacts, Ultimate Effort- Expertise: Magic, Eidetic Memory, Langauges 3 (Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Elvish)


                    Environmental Control 1 (Light 1)
                    -Move Object 1 (Concentration)

                    Staff of Elements (Easily Removable, Activation- Move Action)
                    Fire - Firebolt - Damage 5 (Ranged)
                    -Fire - Witchlight - Control Enviroment 5 (Light 2)
                    -Earth - Stone Shaping - Create 5
                    -Earth - Entangling Vines - Affliction 5 (Ranged, Cumulative, Limited degree. Hindering/Immobile. Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage)
                    -Air - Wind's Grasp - Move Object 5
                    -Air - Wind's Freedom - Flight 5

                    Mystic arts
                    Lightning Bolt - Damage 5 (Ranged, Accurate 1, Penetration 5)
                    Linked Affliction 5 (Ranged, Limited Degree, Daze/Stun. Resisted/Overcome by Fort)
                    -Sleep's Burden - Affliction 5 (Perception, Cumulative, Subtle. Fatigue/Exhausted/Asleep) 21
                    -Acid Spray - Damage 5 (Area Cone, Secondary Effect, Unreliable, Incurable)
                    Linked Weaken Toughness 5 (Area Cone, Fort save)
                    -Flesh to Stone - Afflication 5 (Perception, Cumulative, Extra Condition, Unreliable, Reversible. Impaired & Vulnerable/Disabled & Defenseless/Paralysed & Unaware, Resisted by Will, Overcome by Fortitude)
                    -Ghost Shroud - Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal, Concentration, Affects Others, Precise)
                    -Acardia's Veil - Concealment 5 (All visual Sense+Normal Hearing, Affects Others, Area, Selective, Passive, Precise)
                    -Summon Imps – Summon 5 (Multiple 1 {2 minions}, Active, Feedback, Mental Link)
                    -Wards of Protection – (Activation-Move Action, Sustained) Protection 5 (Impervious 5), Enhanced Dodge 1, Enhanced Parry 3, Enhanced Will 3, Immunity 10 – Magic (Limited to Half Effect)


                    Saves: Toughness +2/+7, Dodge +2/+3, Parry +0/+3, Fort +2, Will +3/+6


                    Human Racial Bonus - 8 points Skills: Expertise: Magic 2, Insight 3, Persuasion 3, Deception 3, Perception 3, Investigation 2
                    7 points Advantages: Ritualist, Connected, Ultimate Effort- Expertise: Magic, Eidetic Memory, Langauges 3 (Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Elvish)


                    Motivation: Knowledge. In the pursue of both understanding and power, Arvis has a thirst for knowledge. He can act recklessly and take risks in the pursue of forbidden secrets and ancient knowledge.

                    Lover: Arvis is a sucker for a pretty face. His judgement when it comes to a beautiful woman is less then sound. Be it a damsel in distress or a hauntingly beautiful sorcerous, he will always give them the benefit of the doubt.

                    Powerloss: Arvis must be able to speak and gesture in order to cast spells.


                    Str -1 Sta 3 Dex 5 Agi 5
                    Fig 0 Int -1 Awe 3 Per -2

                    Skills: Stealth 1(10), Sleight of Hand 4(9), Perception 6(9), Acrobatics 4(9), Ranged Attack: Fireball 1(6), Investigation 4(3)

                    Language: Abyssal


                    Shrinking 4 (Permanant, Innate)

                    Immunity 5: Fire Damage (Limited Half effect)

                    Extra Limb 1 - Tail

                    Fireball - Damage 4, (Ranged, Multiattack)

                    Winged - Flight 4 (Wings)

                    Sense Magic: Magic Sense (Acute, Accurate, Ranged), Smell (Extended, Accurate, Tracking)


                    Saves: Toughness +3, Dodge +7, Parry +7, Fort +3, Will +3

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