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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    Yet another paragon, and pretty much my first paragon. She first came about as a "rule 63" Superman (sound familiar? Yeah at one point I considered pulling "rule 63" on the entire Justice League but I never really finished that project). I like Gleam, nothing in particular stands out about her but she was fun to role-play, was a solid build (with a little help from lucky rolls one other player and I absolutely OWNED a villain who was five PL's above us) and Gleam sort of remains my go-to reference for how I build Paragons now, with some tweaks of course. Too bad the game got cancelled, maybe it was a side-effect that almost none of the rolls I made towards the last few moments of the game's lifespan got above 10.


    Gleam Bio

    Code Name: Gleam
    Secret Identity: Eleanor "Ellen" Bright
    Gender: Female
    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
    Early 30's (appears early 20's) 5'9" 142 lbs blue blonde

    Ellen is an affable and intelligent young woman who enjoys the company of others. She remains an incurable idealist and can be emotionally winded when suddenly confronted with those moments when reality doesn't meet her ideals, but then she remembers how something to strive for has kept her going in her darkest moments, and she remains resolute that ideals are what is most worth striving for. She treasures her mother and Robert, and longs to find her father, ideally before tying the knot with Robert but she won't wait just for that; that wouldn't be fair to her or Robert. Ellen has only recently realized that she hasn't aged noticeably, and has secretly begun to worry that she'll far outlive everyone she cares about.[/SPOILER]

    Gleam Crunch

    Power Level 10
    Abilities = 44pts
    *Due to enhanced trait
    Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
    0/12* 10 2 0 6 2 2 0
    Powers = 60 points

    Gleam Power: 24 point array.
    • Great Strength: Enhanced strength 12 = 24 points
    • Kinetic Vision: ranged damage 10 (kinetic), accurate, precise, affects insubstantial 2 = 1 point
    • Kinetic Breath: close cone area move object 10 (limited direction: directly away or toward user), linked to cone area affliction 10 (resisted by dodge; hindered & vulnerable, prone & defenseless) extra condition, limited degree, instant recovery = 1 point

    Enhanced vitality: Immunity 12 (life support, need for sleep, aging), regeneration 5, immortality 1 = 19 points

    Super-Movement: 14 point array.
    • Flight: Flight 7 (250mph) = 14 points
    • Fleet-Footed: Speed 7 (250mph) Quickness 7 = 1 point

    Advantages: interpose, move-by action, all-out attack, power attack, eidetic memory, attractive, teamwork, agile feint = 8 points

    Skills: Athletics 0 (+12), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+8), Expertise: Superhumans 6 (+8), insight 5 (+7), investigation 1 (+3), perception 5 (+7), persuasion 8 (+8), Ranged combat: Kinetic Energy 8 (+8 [+10]), stealth 0 (+2), technology 4 (+6), treatment 1 (+3) = 20 points

    Defense = 20 points
    Dodge 10
    Parry 10
    Toughness 10
    Fortitude 10
    Will 10
    Initiative +2
    Unarmed +8 Close, Damage 12 (DC27)
    Kinetic Energy +10 Ranged, Damage 10 (DC25)
    Kinetic Breath - Cone area, move object to or away 10, affliction 10 (DC20)
    Abilities: 44 + Powers: 60 + Advantages: 8 + Skills: 20 + Defenses: 20 = 152 points

    Power Descriptors

    Fast: [Phase] [Physical]Gleam is quick, like, very quick. If a task is something she can do without tremendous difficulty she can do in one minute what most would take an hour to do. This was one of the first superpowers that Ellen noticed she had and has gotten slightly faster since then.

    Great Strength: [Phase] [Physical]Gleam possesses superhuman strength capable of lifting 100 tons, also great for punching self-proclaimed super-villains. Like her speed this was one of the first powers Ellen realized she had.

    Kinetic Vision: [Phase] [Kinetic] Gleam first learned about this power trying to subdue a man with out-of-control pyrokinesis when she accidentally discharged beams of kinetic force from her eyes. It used to exhaust her to use this power, but now it simply drains her strength temporarily, maybe one day she'll be able to use it without affecting her strength at all. She's a good shot with this power.

    Kinetic Breath: [Phase] [Kinetic] [Air] Harnessing strong lungs and her kinetic energy Gleam can inhale or exhale enough air to move objects in front of her towards her or away from her.

    Enhanced Vitality: [Phase] [Physical]Gleam's health and ability to withstand punishment have become innate to her, but the Phase gene also makes the necessities of others entirely optional for her, and she can comfortably withstand harsh environments. It also grants her incredible recovery, so incredible in fact that over a long-period of time she may return from the dead (not that she knows that latter part).

    Flight: [Phase] [Kinetic] At first Gleam could leap incredible distances, something she at first attributed to her great strength, but during one leap she noticed she wasn't touching ground. She, correctly, suspects that this has something to do with the kinetic energy she can emit; this is indeed another facet of kinetic manipulation enabling her to fly.

    Speed: [Phase] [Physical] Gleam is able to run at superhuman speeds.


    Motivation - Answers: Ellen wants to know more about her mysterious father and, by extension, his studies into the Phase Gene. However there is a reason he disappeared before Ellen was even born.

    Motivation - Doing Good: Gleam does her best to put her powers to good use, she feels her powers are one more facet by which to make the world a better place.

    Identity: Only her mother and Robert know that Ellen and Gleam are the same person.

    Responsibility: Ellen is a professor of Superhuman studies at ABU. To everyone at the University she only plays up her super-speed, making her the "super-fast professor." While this helps her get her work done in short order it doesn't change the fact that she has to keep up with her student's grades, prepare lessons, continue her own research, and keep up with the latest breakthroughs in her chosen field.

    Relationship: Ellen is engaged to Robert Dawn, a professor of business at ABU. Her mother Joan Bright also lives in across the country.

    Gleam backstory

    In a small nowhere town of Nevada, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in a mini-skirt, jeans and walking shoes sips her tea in a diner; Ellen, had been going cross-country on foot all the way from South Carolina, and it'd been a while since she'd last had anything to eat or drink. At the counter there's a man who looks like he's in pain, but is about to thrown out for causing a ruckus. Ellen takes pity on the poor soul and gets up to go and see if there's anything she can do to help.


    With a cry of anguish mixed with others screams of panic the man bursts into flames, setting the diner to flame and sending Ellen flying out a window into a nearby alley. No one can seem to get close to the burning man, and in his desperation to put a stop to the pain he tries to approach someone, anyone who can help, but only puts them at further risk. But before he can touch a poor woman about to meet a burning death the flaming man is suddenly tackled to the ground. Ellen, having wrapped her head in a bandanna to hide her face, pushed the man out of the way.

    Yes Ellen was one of many people who possessed superhuman powers, and this was not the first time Ellen used them to intervene in situations like this. But even with her incredible strength, speed, and vitality the burning man was beginning to overwhelm her, and the damage to the streets and buildings was beginning to show. Ellen managed to lift a section of the street the flaming man was standing on, before she took a mighty leap to the outskirts of the town, landing with a thud as the stone melted away due to the heat. With less need to concern herself with the surroundings Ellen began to turn the tide, but in one last ditch attempt to get the man to calm down without further violence, he lashed out and had the young super on the ropes. It looked as though this could be the end until.


    Much to both her surprise and the flaming man's bright blue beams of kinetic force launched from Ellen's eyes and knocked the flaming man unconscious. Though surprised, Ellen soon decided it best to move on, leaving yet another urban legend of the "wandering super," behind her as she ran through the desert.

    This battle, this journey, shortly after Ellen graduated high school she discovered old documents that belonged to her father, whom Ellen had never met; documents indicating that he had been experimenting with controlling the results of the "Phase Gene," and that Ellen may have been a subject of this experiment. Ellen was, at first, furious with her mother Joan for keeping this from her, but once tempers had cooled Joan explained that she hid this from her for her own protection; as shortly after Ellen's father arranged for their lakehouse in South Carolina, he disappeared. Joan didn't know if it was because he went into hiding or worse, but "Maybe he's still out there Ellen, all I do know is that you were meant for great things," she hugged her daughter, "It isn't always going to be easy, but I know you're strong enough to do whatever you think is best, and I'll always be here to support you if it ever gets too tough."

    Now Ellen had made it to Azure Bay, where she would spend the next few years getting her education, following in her father's footsteps, and using her powers as one of the city's newest superheroes, Gleam! Today Ellen is a professor in Superhuman studies, and engaged to the man of her dreams. She still hopes that either her research or her super-heroics will lead her to her father, but for right now something bigger is going on. The Sapphire Guard is missing, and Gleam alone cannot stem the tide of criminals; these last few outings have been trying for her, but she will not give up! Without the Sapphire Guard someone needs to stand up for this city, and if she can't do it alone she will find someone who will also stand up for Azure Bay!
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      Re: Builds by a Geek

      I had almost completely forgotten about this build; but then again the game died after a very one-sided fight in the favor of us PC's at the very beginning of the game. If memory serves at the time I wanted an element controller but I didn't want to default to fire/ice/lightning, so I came up with something functionally similar to fire and heat controllers - hot-ass steam! The build is nothing particularly special really and if given the chance I might try this again. Still I rather enjoyed the concept of a wife that had a secret life, and given the chance I'd like to try again.

      Build's gonna be moved to the next post since this topic seems absolutely PLAGUED by the "kicked to the front page" glitch.
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        Re: Builds by a Geek

        Note, this creation predates my discovery of Hero Machine, hence her lack of an image.


        Haze Bio

        Hero name: Haze
        Secret Identity: Mrs. Mary Constance
        Gender: Female
        Age: 25
        Height: 5'4"
        Weight: 124 lbs
        Eyes: Brown
        Hair: Brown

        Description: Her "Costume" is simply her becoming a human-shaped body of steam. Her hair and her clothes becomes intangible wisps of steam that trail behind her while the rest of her still tangible body is simply covered in a form fitting layer of hot steam, which even outlines her (now blank) eyes, nose, and mouth. When she changes back her clothes resume her normal appearance, oddly anything she was using to hold her hair in place becomes lost when she initially transformed and thus her hair is "let-down" when she changes back.

        Haze Crunch

        Power Level 8
        Abilities: 16 Points
        Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
        0 0 2 1 0 2 3 0
        Powers: 74 Points
        Quick Change: feature 1 (change between normal appearance and Haze appearance as a free action) = 1 point
        Steam Shield: sustained impervious toughness 10 = 20 points
        Heated Body: immunity 11 (cold environment effects, all heat-based effects) = 11 points
        Flight: flight 7 (250 mph) = 14 points
        Steam Control: 24 point array = 28 points
        • Hot Steam: reaction damage 6 (touch) = 24 points
        • Steam Blast: ranged damage 10 (heat), precise = 1 point
        • Steam Cloud: ranged cloud area affliction 8 (resisted by fortitude; fatigued, exhausted, incapacitated) = 1point
        • Scorching Fog: continuous environment 4 (extreme heat, extreme visibility), selective = 1 point

        Advantages: accurate attack, benefit 1 (well-off), move-by action, power attack, precise attack (ranged; concealment) = 5 points

        Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+4), Athletics 0 (+0), Close Combat: unarmed 0 (+0), Deception 0 (+0), Insight 4 (+5), Intimidation 0 (+0), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 7 (+10), Persuasion 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: Steam Control 5 (+6), Stealth 3 (+5), Treatment 1 (+3) = 13 Points

        Defense: 12 Points
        Dodge Parry Toughness Fortitude Will
        6 2 10 4 5
        Offence: Initiative +2
        Unarmed +0 Close, Damage 0 (DC 15)
        Hot Steam +0 touch reaction, Damage 6 (DC 21)
        Steam Blast +6 range, damage 10 (DC25)
        Abilities: 16 + Powers: 74 + Advantages: 5 + Skills: 13 + Defences: 12 = 120 Power Points

        Haze Complications

        Motivation - Thrills: While ultimately a good woman being Haze gives Mary a freedom she doesn't have as a housewife.

        Relationship: Though she hates being just a housewife she still loves her husband and four children.

        Identity: Is terrified of letting others, especially her family, know that Mary and Haze are the same person.

        Accident: Her high body temperature makes prolonged skin contact painful.

        Prejudice: Besides being one of those inflicted by the particles she is also a woman in a patriarchal society.
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          Re: Builds by a Geek

          This forum glitch is REALLY getting under my skin.

          Haze Backstory

          Mary Mayor grew up as a young girl with a keen mind and keener eyes in the Northern United States in the early 19th century. Though she wept when her father was taken away by "government doctors," the Mayor family held together, and eventually at the age of 20 Mary was happily wed to Johnathan Constance. John was a businessman of moderate success, and Mary had four children with him; Emily, Susan, John II, and Annie.

          For a while Mary was happy with this family life; her husband even gave his blessing in running a tailoring business of her own. However sometime after giving birth to Annie Mary began suffering from a high fever that baffled all of the doctors. It was even more baffling to them when she ended up being able to function normally even while still possessing that abnormally high body temperature. The doctors and John decided it was simply a strange quirk she'd have to live with; unfortunately her high body heat would warp needles and other tools she used to make dresses and thus she had to quit working. John made sure the business would persist by hiring the right people as a way to console her, and Mary knew he meant well but it did little to make her feel better about being stuck as a housewife.

          Eventually Mary discovered the reason for her high body heat; she could emit and control heated steam! At first Mary didn't know where this power came from until rumors of people changed by the particles reached her ear. This caused some concern for Mary as it painted the "Government Doctors" that took her father away in a different light. Still these powers allowed her to do things one normally could not do; Mary took this as a sign from God and an answer to her prayers. Disguised as "Haze," she could enjoy freedom like never before!
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            Re: Builds by a Geek

            Some greta characters in both story and design so far.

            Only critique id have is a flaw I'm seeing in the attributes. lots of 0s in stats that could have and in the case of some archetypes should have actual stats. like high agility characters who hav e 0 dex that sort of thing or people who have no fighting attribute but are clearly melee combatants.

            Id advise finding ways to spread the love so to speak on the characters with base attributes giving a more solid foundation then balance with additional skills as needed.

            just my 2 cents. Enjoy
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              Re: Builds by a Geek

              Originally posted by catsi563 View Post
              Only critique id have is a flaw I'm seeing in the attributes. lots of 0s in stats that could have and in the case of some archetypes should have actual stats. like high agility characters who hav e 0 dex that sort of thing or people who have no fighting attribute but are clearly melee combatants.
              *sigh* I do completely agree with you, I've always been a proponent of having things on a character sheet that reflect fluff even if it doesn't necessarily help gameplay. Unfortunately 3rd edition M&M puts me in a difficult position in terms of reflecting that in abilities and still getting what I'm looking for in characters.

              Skills I can still manage to practice what I'm preaching, but abilities is trickier as 3rd edition has generally made abilities an even worse investment when trying to get the characters you want (and don't get me wrong I love 3rd ed. but I'd be lying if I said it didn't have its problems). There's the rare character like Crystal who I can get away with presence thanks to presence-based expertise's, but dexterity really got shafted and its only use became fueling three disparate skills. Whereas agility still manages to fuel a defense, initiative, and two skills.

              Admittedly that can still be chalked up to sheet-making habits I can't bring myself to get over.

              That said fighting I'm not certain I see what you're talking about, fighting I almost never neglect - I think the only one I dropped fighting for completely was Black Swan and that's because her backstory included no particular inclination towards fighting, she had to be expressly trained by Blue Jay, and that was focused on unarmed combat to take advantage of her suit's enhanced strength.

              Still appreciate the critique.
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                Re: Builds by a Geek

                odettes black swan was the primary target fo the fighting critique. namely that I cant see how someone trained by a person with a fighting of 7 which is clearly low superhuman levels of skill per the base rules doesn't train his sidekick in the types of fighting needed to aquire at least a 4 a professional level of skill trained soldiers and the like have.

                I think its partly my own martial training kicking in where you learn unarmed of course but as you train and grow experienced you pick up all sort of other skills broadening the skill base hence the over all fighting skill. as well as teaching her how to defend better which is a part of the fighting attribute.
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                  Re: Builds by a Geek

                  No promises on how often I update this, but I've decided I'm going to take another stab at my old "Justice League 63" take. As sort of a compass for me personally I'm going to go ahead and outline my rough guidelines.
                  1. Power Level will equal their Justice League counterpart as listed in the DC Adventures book.
                  2. Point total will be the same as a starting character at the individual character's power level.
                  3. Will be based on the founding members of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern
                  4. These will not be opposite gender rehashes of the characters they are based on, but their stories and builds will have comparable themes and similarities.
                  5. I will also attempt to break my habit regarding abilities where appropriate.
                  6. And lastly, which almost goes without saying, they must be the opposite gender of the Justice League character they are based on.

                  Whatever stories I construct for these guys will be based on a hypothetical world, but I haven't decided how vague I want to be on them as if I'm putting in the effort on these characters I'd like to use them in a game some day after all.

                  So... whenever I so have the time and inclination, we'll start with the Superman parallel.
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                    Re: Builds by a Geek

                    Originally posted by Nintendogeek01 View Post
                    [*]Will be based on the founding members of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern
                    No Martian Manhunter or Aquaman?


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                      Re: Builds by a Geek

                      Originally posted by Nintendogeek01 View Post
                      3. Will be based on the founding members of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern
                      Originally posted by Earth-Two_Kenn View Post
                      No Martian Manhunter or Aquaman?
                      Aquaman is on my list up there.

                      But no plans for Martian Manhunter right now, I personally am not fond of the character, possessing a wider array of disparate powers (hell even Superman's powers are more unified) that are all at mind-boggling scale doesn't interest me; and unlike Superman his personality never did enough for me to look past that (and it probably doesn't help that writers can't settle on ANYTHING throughout the character's history), though in fairness this antipathy extends to pretty much every DC comics martian (though Miss Martian is more interesting for being the type to combat her inborn instincts). Who knows though, I might change my mind, after all this side project isn't about creating exact copies.
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                        Re: Builds by a Geek

                        My apologies about missing Aquaman.


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                          Re: Builds by a Geek

                          I promised it and now she's finally here! So what makes Superman, well, Superman? Sure that cape and icon are almost instantly recognizable, and everyone knows how nigh-invincible he is; but those are not what he's about (as I wish I could tell my high-school self who always grumbled about how overpowered he was). Well when I actually saw the "World of Cardboard" speech and later Superman vs. the Elite and I woke up to what really makes the Man of Steel; here he is, an alien who appears almost godlike to us Earthlings, someone whose power is so great and easily abused since few to none could stop him if he so chose... and he doesn't. For all his power he's just here to watch over mankind and give them a hand when he can, because mankind is his adopted species since his native Kryptonians are, effectively, no more. Some could call him an outsider, but he has truly made Earth and man his beloved home and family. Superman isn't "super" because he's super strong, he's super because he's strong enough not to abuse that power, and strong enough to without shame or irony, show that he cares.

                          So in designing a woman based on him I first had to pick a name. Superwoman didn't work, felt like I was flagrantly ripping him off like that, so after consulting a thesaurus for a good half an hour I finally found a good name: Grace. Grace means a whole lot of things as a noun, a verb, and an adjective, and my vision for Grace would encompass a good number of those characteristics. Next was costume. I decided on white and blue since those are seen as pure and peaceful colors respectively, and to avoid just staring at plain color threw in some stars. I flip-flopped on the cape for a bit but decided to go with it, as it carries a certain amount of presence with it. As for being completely without a mask, I realized that Superman was actually onto something by being, while handsome, relatively nondescript - and more importantly, the lack of a mask made it seem like he had nothing to hide, inviting others to trust him; and it certainly seems to work.

                          For the duration of this project I've elected to keep the backstories vague for now. But I feel the important part of Grace's backstory is simply that she also had a good influence in her life nudging her in the right direction, and inspiring her to be the best she can be.


                          Grace Bio

                          Code Name: Grace
                          Secret Identity: Eleanor "Ellen" Evans
                          Gender: Female
                          Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                          28 5'9" 142 lbs blue blonde

                          Grace Crunch

                          Power Level 15
                          Abilities = 74pts
                          *Due to enhanced trait
                          Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                          18*/2 15 2 2 9 1 4 2
                          Powers = 92 points

                          Kinetic Power: 36pt array = 38 points total
                          • Kinetic Strength: enhanced strength 16, enhanced strength 4 (limited to lifting; total lift 100ktons) = 36 points
                          • Kinetic Vision: ranged damage 16, accurate 1, precise, affects insubstantial 2 = 1 point
                          • Kinetic Breath: close cone area move object 15 (limited direction; directly toward or away from user), affects insubstantial 2; linked to cone area affliction 15 (resisted by dodge; hindered & vulnerable, prone & stunned) extra condition, limited degree, instant recovery, affects insubstantial 2 = 1 point

                          Superhuman Immunities: immunity 11 (life support, aging) = 11 points

                          Invulnerable: protection 3, impervious toughness 17 = 20 points

                          Flying: flight 10 (2,000mph) = 20pts
                          • Alt; Super-Speed: speed 10, quickness 10 = 1pt

                          Super-senses: senses 2 (extended vision, extended hearing) = 2pts

                          Advantages: agile feint, attractive, all-out attack, eidetic memory, inspire 5, interpose, leadership, luck 2, move-by action, power attack, takedown = 16 points

                          Skills: Athletics 0 (+18), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+12), Deception 0 (+2/+4*), Expertise: Science 5 (+6), insight 4 (+8), intimidation 0 (+2), perception 4 (+8), persuasion 8 (+10/12), Ranged combat: Kinetic Vision 10 (+14), stealth 0 (+2) = 17 points

                          Defense = 24 points
                          Dodge 12
                          Parry 12
                          Toughness 18
                          Fortitude 15
                          Will 15
                          Initiative +2
                          Unarmed +12 Close, Damage 18 (DC33)
                          Kinetic Vision +14 Ranged, Damage 16 (DC31)
                          Abilities: 74 + Powers: 92 + Advantages: 16 + Skills: 17 + Defenses: 24 = 225/225 points


                          Kinetic Power: A large portion of Grace's power comes from being able to control incredible amounts of kinetic energy within her own body.
                          • Kinetic Strength: [Physical] [Kinetic] By default Grace's powers enhance her strength to incredible superhuman levels.
                          • Kinetic Vision: [Kinetic] [Energy] Grace is able to expel kinetic energy from her eyes in a brilliant blue light! She's a very precise shot with this power.
                          • Kinetic Breath: [Kinetic] [Air] By using kinetic energy to amplify the power of her lungs Grace can inhale or exhale powerful gusts of wind!

                          Superhuman Immunities: [Biological] Grace's superhuman body is immune to many concerns of a normal human body.

                          Invulnerable: [Physical] Grace is nigh invulnerable, requiring a considerable amount of force to even injure her.

                          Flying: [Movement] [Kinetic] Using her kinetic energy to propel herself through the air Grace is capable of flying 2,000 mph!
                          • Alt; Super-Speed: [Physical] [Movement] [Speed] [Kinetic] Grace is also capable of running at high speeds. When not focused on flying that concentration allows her to accomplish routine tasks in a fraction of the time it would take someone else.

                          Super-senses: [Senses] [Vision] [Hearing] Grace's vision and hearing are able to pick up details from considerably further away than others.


                          Motivation - Doing Good: Grace strongly believes in helping those in need, stopping others from committing evil, and hoping for a better day tomorrow.

                          Responsibility: Though her powers help with the paperwork and reading, being a professor still requires she teach classes and ensure her students are taken care of.

                          Secret Identity: Ellen Evans, a professor at [Name here].

                          Honor: Will not kill.

                          Secret: Her father disappeared under mysterious circumstances surrounding her birth...

                          Other complications pending setting.

                          Grace Backstory (Basic)

                          When Ellen turned thirteen she discovered that she possessed superpowers. Eventually her mother told her the truth, that both she and Grace's father were part of an experiment to create a powerful superhuman. However they both loved Ellen too much to let her be some test subject and arranged for her escape. Her father disappeared to throw off pursuers, and he hadn't been seen since. Though hurt that this was kept from her all her life, Ellen found new hope that he was still out there somewhere. Her parents believed in the promise she held, and so vowed to live up to that promise. Taking on the identity of Grace, she became one of the world's foremost superheroes.
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                          Builds by a Geek

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                            Re: Builds by a Geek

                            Originally posted by Nintendogeek01 View Post
                            Superman isn't "super" because he's super strong, he's super because he's strong enough not to abuse that power, and strong enough to without shame or irony, show that he cares.
                            This. Exactly this. What so many Supermanalogues lack.

                            But not this one. Grace looks excellent.


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                              Re: Builds by a Geek

                              We covered the cape, now we cover the cowl. Whereas Superman is the bright promise of a better tomorrow, Batman is the danger in the shadows that serves as a warning against doing any wrong. Laymen know that the DC 'verse is filled to the brim with superbeings who could sneeze the planet into space dust, and yet Batman sticks out for being the one guy in the Justice League's inner circle who is "only" human. While Batman being human is one of the main selling points of his character that make him more relateable than the average superhero it is a mistake to consider Batman "only" human. Over the years different writers have made Batman stand out in several ways, partly out of necessity to ensure readers aren't left scratching their heads wondering what Batman is left to do in the League, they emphasized his overall darker worldview, his intellect, and most of all his dedication that leaves him the League's go-to guy for when they need a plan. Yet even as his competence zones away from what's feasible for some people he still remains fascinating to us for the psychological edge he and his gallery of characters have in spades. To this day we are still hooked to this man and how he had coped, in both good and bad ways, with one of most terrible tragedies imaginable for a young boy to go through; though many have rightfully noted that his obsession has left him with few stable relationships and emotional baggage that he often finds himself unable to deal with Batman is still one of the most admirable heroes in comics because where some would've been left forever victimized by that tragedy, he instead chose to fight back against senseless crime, take control of his own destiny, and do what he can to keep others from his same suffering; all with the help of his skills, gadgets, allies, iron-clad morals, and most of all his dedication.

                              So if there was one thing more nigh-impossible than trying to summarize Batman in a single paragraph, it was making a woman based on him under the rules I'd written for myself a few posts ago. I was sorely tempted more than once to break my point-limit and abilities rule, but still in a way it did force me to sit down and analyze. Batman has used many tools, both physical and mental - gadgets, stealth, martial arts, escape artistry, detective work, but ultimately I think there are two things that are absolutely vital to Batman's methodology - fear, and the ability to plan ahead. Batman uses fear to scare criminals from their dirty deeds and maintain an edge over Gotham's criminal element, so regardless of where I had to start cutting corners I needed to capture fear. After browsing nocturnal creatures I went with the (admittedly overdone for the sake of Batmanalogues) owl. Main reason for the owl was it gave me the chance to design a look that would have a distinctive silhouette, the same way Batman's own shadow immediately causes criminals to jump and gasp. After struggling with what to tack to the owl moniker (Barn Owl, Horn Owl, Hawk Owl) I eventually gave up on direct owl species' reference and went with a different noun; Agent Owl. Not to say she's a part of an agency, but rather Agent in relating to the concept of agency, the power to make a choice and affect your own life.

                              As for the ability to plan ahead, well that's where her technology and inventor skill come in (and to a lesser extent Jack-of-all-trades); inventor has a not undeserved reputation in the M&M community for being abused (Down with quickness + inventor builds!!!), and some newer players I've noticed tend to look to that advantage and think to get a solution to all their problems before they realize how time-intensive inventor is. But the time-intensity and versatility is precisely why I consider inventor to be more about planning ahead and being ready for the worst.

                              One note about the build: It's admittedly pushing the limits of what I'd call equipment. Whenever I run games I usually tell people to show me an example, but I typically let direct effect equipment to have around five ranks in whatever it is they do. Pushing some of the effects to six ranks but with a drawback (in this case stronger equipment getting less range, boomerangs excepted since their damage is strength-based) I think would still be acceptable, but if this were PL or two higher, Agent Owl probably would've been a device character rather than an equipment one.

                              Agent Owl

                              Agent Owl Bio

                              Code Name: Agent Owl
                              Secret Identity: Mina Morgan
                              Gender: Female
                              Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                              28 5'9" 144 lbs Green Brown

                              Agent Owl Crunch

                              Power Level 12
                              Abilities = 80pts
                              *Due to enhanced trait
                              Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                              4 4 5 5 12 7 2 1
                              Powers: 3 points
                              Owl Mask: removable (-1 point); senses 4 (darkvision, extended vision, extended hearing) = 3 points

                              Equipment = 75/75 equipment points

                              General Equipment = 12 points total
                              • Smartphone = 2 points
                              • Restraints = 1 point
                              • Tool kit: feature 2 (no circumstance penalties on tools) = 2 points
                              • Rebreather: immunity 2 (suffocation; limited supply) = 1 point
                              • Body Armor: protection 2 = 2 points
                              • Grapnel: movement 1 (swinging) = 2 points
                              • Glider Cape: flight 4 (30 mph; wings, gliding) = 2 points

                              Arsenal: 17 point array = 23 points total
                              • Explosives: ranged burst area damage 6, diminished range (60ft, 150ft, 300ft) = 17 points
                              • "Owl Talons": strength-based damage 2, ranged 6, multiattack 6, homing 1, variable 1 (blunt or slashing), improved disarm = 1 point
                              • "Talon" Gloves/boots: strength-based damage 2, improved defense, variable 1 (blunt or slash/pierce), movement 1 (wall-crawling; limited to surfaces claws can get purchase), improved smash, improved disarm, subtle 1 = 1 point
                              • Taser Dart: ranged cumulative affliction 6 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated), diminished range (60ft, 150ft, 300ft) = 1 point
                              • Bolos: ranged cumulative affliction 6 (resisted by dodge, overcome by damage or sleight of hand; hindered & vulnerable, immobile & defenseless) extra condition, limited degree, diminished range (60ft, 150ft, 300ft) = 1 point
                              • Smoke bomb: ranged cloud area concealment 2 attack (normal vision) = 1 point
                              • Sleep Gas: ranged cloud area affliction 6 (resisted by fortitude; fatigued, exhausted, asleep), diminished range (60ft, 150ft, 300ft) = 1 point

                              Owl Nest = 18 points total
                              • Huge Size = 3 points
                              • Toughness 10 = 2 points
                              • Features: communications, computer, concealed, dock, hangar, garage, gym, laboratory, living space, personnel, power system, security system, workshop = 13 points

                              Vehicles: 19 point array = 22 points total
                              • Screech Owl = 19 points total
                                • Huge Size = 2 points
                                • Strength: 8
                                • Flight 7 (250mph) = 14 points
                                • Defense: 6
                                • Toughness 9
                                • Features: Computer, navigation system, Remote Control = 3 point
                              • Owlmobile = 1 point (19 points total)
                                • Huge Size = 2 points
                                • Strength: 8
                                • Speed 6 (120mph) = 6 points
                                • Defense: 8 = 2 points
                                • Toughness 10 = 1 point
                                • Features: caltrops, computer, navigation system, alarm 2 (DC25), security 2 (DC25), Remote Control = 8 point
                              • Owlcycle = 1 point (19 points total)
                                • Medium Size
                                • Strength: 3 = 3 points
                                • Speed 6 (120mph) = 6 points
                                • Defense: 10
                                • Toughness 9 = 4 points
                                • Features: caltrops, computer, navigation system, alarm (DC20), security (DC20), Remote Control = 6 point
                              • AquaOwl = 1 point (19 points total)
                                • Huge Size = 2 points
                                • Strength: 8
                                • Swimming 7 (60mph) = 7 points
                                • Defense: 8 = 2 points
                                • Toughness 10 = 1 point
                                • Features: computer, navigation system, alarm 2 (DC25), security 2 (DC25), Remote Control = 7 point

                              Advantages: benefit 3 (millionaire), contacts, defensive attack, defensive roll 4, equipment 15, inventor, jack-of-all-trades, power attack, ranged attack 7, skill mastery 2 (intimidation, technology), startle, takedown, uncanny dodge, well-informed = 40 points

                              Skills: Acrobatics 0 (+5), Athletics 1 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+18), Deception 0 (+1), Expertise: Business 3 (+10), Expertise: Science 3 (+10), insight 6 (+8), intimidation 9 (+10), investigation 3 (+10), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 0 (+1), Ranged combat: Throwing 6 (+18), Sleight of Hand 0 (+5), stealth 5 (+10), technology 8 (+15), treatment 0 (+7), vehicles 0 (+5) = 28 points

                              Defense = 29 points
                              Dodge 14
                              Parry 14
                              Toughness 10/8/4
                              Fortitude 12
                              Will 12
                              Initiative +5
                              Unarmed +18 Close, Damage 6 (DC21)
                              Owl Talons +18 Ranged, Damage 6+ (DC21+)
                              Abilities: 80 + Powers: 3 + Advantages: 40 + Skills: 28 + Defenses: 29 = 180/180 points


                              Agent Owl has no superhuman powers. She has trained herself to be in top physical condition and is a master combatant, capable in hand-to-hand and armed combat. Owl's high intelligence and aptitude allows her to equal or exceed professionals in several fields, but most important to her mission against crime Agent Owl has learned to utilize stealth and scare tactics to terrify criminals and serve as warning that they cannot just do as they please. She is an excellent detective but perhaps her most remarkable skill is her scientific mind, capable of creating amazing devices, she has been known to make plenty of devices "just in case," especially as she grows more and more involved in supercrime.

                              Owl Mask: The mask contains vision enhancements that allow Agent Owl to see further and in lightless conditions, while also having built in parabolic microphones to pick up more distant noises.

                              General Equipment = Among Owl's most common tools are the body armor she wears for added protection, a grapnel gun to swing and zip to higher surfaces, and her cape, which can stiffen to form a glider. Her utility belt contains not only weapons but plenty of other more mundane tools to aid her in a vareity of tasks.

                              Arsenal: Agent Owl's utility belt does carry an impressive arsenal.
                              • Explosives: not her favorite weapon to use but sometimes packing a punch like this is necessary.
                              • "Owl Talons": Agent Owl's compact boomerangs. Their thin profile allows her to throw a multitude of them at once, and sometimes even catch her target on its curving arc if she misses the first time, deliberately or not.
                              • "Talon" Gloves/boots: The armor plating of her costume extends to her extremities, adding extra punch to each blow. Her gloves and boots additionally conceal retractable claws, unnoticeable until revealed, useful for adding an extra element of danger (or threat) as well as a useful climbing tool.
                              • Taser Dart: The second version of her taser darts. Unfortunately to add the stronger battery the darts wound up being heavier and less aerodynamic than previous incarnations. Regardless the darts can still stick someone and send a current powerful enough to seize their muscles.
                              • Bolos: The cables weighted on either end don't fly as far as she'd like, but the added weight helps entangle her targets more easily.
                              • Smoke bomb: Creating a cloud of smoke to hide whatever is on the within it or on the other side of the cloud allows for quick getaways.
                              • Sleep Gas: These pellets can release a cloud capable of rendering targets asleep.

                              Owl Nest: Hidden in cliffs overlooking the bay and connected to her family manor, The Nest is the base of operations where she makes her equipment, keeps her vehicles, monitors communications, and more. It and her home is helpfully maintained by Mina's loyal staff that had been with her since her childhood.

                              Vehicles: Agent Owl keeps a number of vehicles for different situations, all of her own design. All of them are able to be controlled remotely, or use their advanced computer systems to retreat to another location when not in use (though for situations outside of basic piloting/driving Agent Owl must take direct control of the vehicles).
                              • Screech Owl: A jet that Agent Owl primarily uses to get somewhere FAST.
                              • Owlmobile: This car is Owl's go-to vehicle for when one of the vehicles is needed for direct intervention, as its more heavily armored than the others and its caltrops can disable other vehicles with little fuss.
                              • Owlcycle: Sometimes the Owlmobile is just too big, luckily she has the Owlcycle for those situations, lighter and easier to maneuver than the Owlmobile though less well-protected than the car.
                              • AquaOwl: The most seldom-used vehicle is the Submersible AquaOwl, still the waterways aren't completely free from crime either, so and if she needs to be out there for extended periods of time this submersible comes in handy.


                              Motivation - Justice: Agent Owl has vowed to bring justice to those who deserve it, to punish the guilty and to protect the innocent.

                              Relationship: Many of the Morgan family staff has helped raise Mina since she was a girl bereft of her parents, they're basically the only family she has and is very protective of them.

                              Secret Identity: Mina Morgan, investor and inventor.

                              Honor: Though she has no problem injuring criminals, she has vowed to herself never to kill them.

                              Reputation: Though she has some allies in law enforcement, ordinary citizens are often unnerved by Agent Owl's reputation and the uncanny appearance of her costume.

                              Other complications pending setting.

                              Agent Owl Backstory (Basic)

                              Martin and Tina Morgan and their eight-year old daughter Mina were out Christmas shopping one lightly snowing evening, however what the Morgans hoped would be a wonderful Christmas would instead become a terrible tragedy that would haunt young Mina for the rest of her life, as a gang war erupted while they were driving home. The car was struck by a molotov, causing the car to crash into a flaming wreck! When Mina woke up from being knocked unconscious the first thing she saw was her still buckled mother dead in her seat, and the second thing she saw was her father laying on the pavement in a puddle of blood. Having no close relatives the young girl stayed in the family home under the care of the family's trusted staff. The next few years would be nearly joyless for the young girl, as the city her parents loved fell into the clutches of organized crime. Eventually she declared no more, and dedicated herself to her education and training to be what this city needs, for organized crime to lose its grip over it. Mina would become as a hunter of the night, a dread silhouette to make criminals think twice, and so once she was ready, Mina donned identity of Agent Owl.
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                                Re: Builds by a Geek

                                And now for what will be the only male of this bunch just as Wonder Woman is the only female founder of the Justice League. Wonder Woman, of the big three covered thus far in this topic here she is; back in her intro-days of the Golden Age she was a REMARKABLY progressive character. Be honest people, how many other stories from the 40's can you think of where it's the man in danger and the woman comes to his rescue? Sadly despite being billed as one of DC's big three she's been comparatively shafted as far as top billing goes; as an example, of the big three she's the only one who never got an "All-Star" story published (hard to say if that specific example is a good or bad thing though. After all, All-Star Superman may have been one of the best Superman stories of all time, while All-Star Batman makes one wish to claw out one's eyes). Still Wonder Woman remains a very progressive symbol, she is both figuratively and literally a powerful woman who is venturing into what is largely a man's world and making a lasting impact through both incredible strength and incredible compassion!

                                As for building her gender-opposite I first looked to mythology. Wonder Woman has been involved in Greek Mythology, but as much as I love Greek Mythology I felt that it was better to branch out to something less used in comics but still present, and also as well-known; thus I went with Arthurian mythology and instead of an Amazon, he shall be a knight of Avalon!. Build-wise Wonder Woman is in the same tier as Superman, however more emphasis is placed on her fighting skills since she has better dodge/parry, and better hit chance, not to mention a few magical items to supplement her in combat. It was thusly an easy decision to create a knight decked in armor that supplements his defenses, and to give him a magical weapon with which to aid him in battle. So... as close to his namesake as this name brings him, I will nonetheless dub him...

                                Wonder Knight

                                Wonder Knight Bio

                                Code Name: Wonder Knight
                                Secret Identity: Sir Aurelius of Avalon (Aaron Anderson)
                                Gender: Male
                                Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                                76 (Physically 20's) 6'1" 200 lbs blue black

                                Wonder Knight Crunch

                                Power Level 15
                                Abilities = 110pts
                                *Due to enhanced trait
                                Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                                16 16 2 2 12 1 4 2
                                Powers = 52 points

                                Hilt of Avalon: easily removable (-6 points); 13 point array = 9 points total
                                • Magic Flail: strength-based damage 2, elongation 5 (250ft), fast grab, improved hold, improved grab, improved trip, affects insubstantial 2 = 13 points
                                • Magic One-handed Weapon: strength-based damage 2, improved critical 4, improved smash, improved defense, affects insubstantial 2, variable 1 (blunt/slash/pierce) = 1 point
                                • Magic Two-handed Weapon: strength-based damage 4, improved critical 4, improved smash, reach 2, variable 1 (blunt/slash/pierce), affects insubstantial 2, inaccurate = 1 point

                                Avalonian Immunities: immunity 12 (life support, aging, need for sleep) = 12 points

                                Armor of Avalon: removable (-3 points) = 14 points total
                                • impervious toughness 15 = 15 points
                                • feature 2 (quick change to civilian clothes) = 2 points

                                Magic Steed: flight 10 (2,000mph; platform) = 10pts
                                • alt; Strong Legs: speed 5, leaping 5 = 1 point

                                True Sight: senses 6 (vision counters all visual concealment, vision counters illusion) = 6 points

                                Advantages: accurate attack, all-out attack, assessment, attractive, defensive attack, inspire 4, improved disarm, interpose, improved initiative, luck 2, move-by action, power attack, takedown 2 = 18 points

                                Skills: Athletics 0 (+16), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+14), Deception 0 (+2/+4*), Expertise: History 4 (+5), insight 6 (+10), intimidation 10 (+12), perception 2 (+6), persuasion 8 (+10/12*), Ranged combat: Throwing 10 (+12), stealth 0 (+2) = 21 points

                                Defense = 24 points
                                Dodge 14
                                Parry 14
                                Toughness 16
                                Fortitude 16
                                Will 14
                                Initiative +6
                                Unarmed +14 Close, Damage 16 (DC31)
                                Hilt of Avalon +12 close, Damage 18 (DC33)
                                Abilities: 110 + Powers: 52 + Advantages: 18 + Skills: 21 + Defenses: 24 = 225/225 points


                                Hilt of Avalon: [Magic Device] [Blunt/slash/pierce] The Hilt of Avalon is a mystical weapon granted to all Knights of Avalon which they train with for the day that they follow King Arthur during England's greatest need. A hilt of Avalon uses magical energy to create a projection of any weapon the wielder envisions. Wonder Knight uses the hilt to form lighter weapons that he can use for quick precise strikes and defense as well as offense, or larger weapons that are more cumbersome to use but mightier. However his preferred weapon to create from the hilt is a flail which can extend incredible lengths and wrap around targets, entangling them in the same fluid motion he first lashes out with.

                                Avalonian Immunities: [Physical] Growing up in Avalon has gifted Wonder Knight, not only with his incredible strength, but also with certain immunities.

                                Armor of Avalon: [Magical Device] The Armor supplements Wonder Knight's own natural toughness by allowing him to completely ignore lesser blows, it also is able to transform into any civilian appearance that Wonder Knight wishes.

                                Magic Steed: [Magic] [Horse] [Movement] [Flight] Wonder Knight uses a spell to summon his horse from its pasture in Avalon, the faithful steed is capable of magical flight and carries his master through the air at incredible speeds. If the steed is attacked and sufficiently injured the spell automatically recalls it to Avalon where his injuries are magically treated once more.
                                • alt; Strong Legs: Though not near as fast as his mount, Wonder Knight's powerful legs let him run faster and jump further than a normal human being.


                                Motivation - Responsibility: Believes that his power and training must be used to defend the helpless.

                                Responsibility: As a Knight of Avalon he is beholden to King Arthur.

                                Secret Identity: When looking to keep low to the world at large he adopts the name of Aaron Anderson.

                                Honor: Follows the code of Chivalry.

                                Secret: Only his closest allies know that he hails from Avalon, and he keeps it a strict secret.

                                Other complications pending setting.

                                Wonder Knight Backstory (Basic)

                                When World War II broke out King Arthur and his knights within Avalon considered coming to Britain's aid, eventually however the king decided that this was not the hour of need that he was destined for. One young squire, Aurelius, disagreed and against all protest rode out into the world. He adopted the identity of Wonder Squire and battled Axis superhumans using his training and with the help of other superheroes. Eventually the war ended and he returned to Avalon. King Arthur applauded the boy's bravery, but he still disobeyed a direct order from the king, as such he was punished with a much longer stint as a squire before he was allowed knighthood. The world has changed considerably in the decades however, and things are uncertain. Sir Aurelius implored King Arthur to allow him, who had some experience with the outside world, to leave Avalon and monitor the world at large. Though hesitant, King Arthur eventually acquiesced to his wishes and allowed Sir Aurelius, now known as the Wonder Knight, to safeguard the world and monitor it.
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