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    It's gotten to where I have a fair number of characters, some that I've largely left behind, others that didn't get the playtime I wish that they could've had, and a few that are still going. So in the interest of not having to hunt them down every time I feel like reviving one, I may as well archive them here.

    Name Archetype Status
    Colonel Dusk Alien Weapon Warrior Active
    Ardent Magic Paragon Inactive
    The Marvelous Crystal Paragon Inactive
    La Armadura Powerhouse Inactive
    Dragonfly Shrinking Flame Controller Inactive
    NightKeeper Crime Fighter Inactive
    Blue Jay (with Black Swan) Crime-Fighter Inactive
    Mindcrash Psychic Inactive
    Nariko "Suki" Tsukino Electric Speedster Inactive
    Nightbird Crime Fighter Inactive
    Gleam Paragon Inactive
    Haze Steam Controller Inactive
    Silver Star Golden Age Paragon Inactive
    Gem Queen Bee Empath Inactive
    Ferrous Metallic Mother Active
    Here is the table with which I'll organize the "Rule 63 Justice League" (Man I have GOT to come up with a better name for these people).

    Name JL Inspiration Status
    Grace Superman Inactive
    Agent Owl Batman Active
    Wonder Knight Wonder Woman Inactive
    Stream Aquaman Inactive
    Fleet The Flash Pending
    Kayla, Prime Magus Green Lantern Inactive
    - Martian Manhunter -
    Most of the images were created using heromachine! It's a handy tool! Check it out!

    Man... I need to branch out with my archetypes. But eh, to the best of my memory these are all the characters I've submitted to PBP games thus far.
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    Re: Builds by a Geek

    I normally don't presume to create an explicit "leader" character, after all we're all in these games to play as awesome characters. However the GM needed a leader character for story reasons and felt that it'd be a good compliment in game terms so here was my attempt at it. While Dusk has only just been integrated into the game she's currently active in I think she'll hold out well in combat and supportive roles thanks to her advantages. I've already hit the realization that out-of-combat she has very select skills that means she won't always be immediately useful, but I hope that her teamwork advantage can at least ensure she isn't lacking something to do in non-combat situations. If not... well there's always role-playing.

    Colonel Dusk

    Colonel Dusk Bio

    Former Rank: Colonel (NOTE: closest equivalent to common Earth military ranks)
    Name: Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar
    Gender: Female
    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
    30 7'9" 537 lbs Purple White

    Colonel Dusk Crunch

    Power Level 10
    Abilities = 52pts
    *Due to enhanced trait
    Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
    7* 7* 2 0 5 1 7 1
    Powers = 42 points

    Mag'Nar Physiology: Growth 2 (+2 Mass, STR +2, STA +2, +1 Intimidate, -1 Dodge & Parry, -2 Stealth; perm, innate) = 5pts

    Fast: Speed 3 (16mph), dynamic = 4pts
    • Alt; Strong Legs: leaping 3, dynamic = 2pts

    Elemetal Colonel's Amor: Protection 3, impervious 2; removable (-1pts) = 4pts total

    Elemetal Shield: Removable (-3pt) = 12pts Total
    • Alt; Shield Attack: strength-based damage 3 (ranged 10; throwing), feature 1 (returns to thrower) = 14pts
    • Shielding: enhanced defense 6 (dodge 3, parry 3), improved defense = 1pt

    Elemetal Sword: Easily Removable (-6pts) = 10pts total
    • Sharp: improved critical (elemetal blade) = 1pt
    • Elemetal Blade: strength-based damage 3 linked to weaken toughness 6 (affects objects also) = 15pts

    Translator Headband: comprehend 3 (languages; read, understand, understood), removable (-1pt) = 5pts

    Advantages: accurate attack, all-out attack, benefit 1 (ambidexterous), close attack 3, defensive attack, fearless, improved disarm, improved feint, improved initiative, inspire 5, interpose, leadership, luck 5, power attack, quick draw, set-up, startle, takedown, teamwork = 29 points

    Skills: Acrobatics 1 (+3), Athletics 0 (+7), Close Combat: Blades 2 (+10), Close Combat: Others 0 (+8) Deception 0 (+1), Expertise: Soldier 5 (+6), insight 3 (+10), intimidation 13 (+15), perception 3 (+10), persuasion 0 (+1), Ranged combat: Throwing 10 (+10), stealth 0 (+0), technology 4 (+5), vehicles 4 (+4) = 17 points

    Defense = 15 points
    Dodge 7/10
    Parry 7/10
    Toughness 7/10
    Fortitude 10
    Will 10
    Initiative +6
    Unarmed +8 Close, Damage 7 (DC22)
    Elemetal Blade +10 Close, Damage 10 (DC25), Weaken 8 (DC18), Crit 18-20
    Elemetal Shield +8/+10 Close/Ranged, Damage 10 (DC25)
    Throwing +10 Ranged, Damage 7 (DC22)
    Abilities: 52 + Powers: 42 + Advantages: 29 + Skills: 17 + Defenses: 15 = 155 points


    Mag'Nar Physiology: [Physical] [Innate]The Mag'Nar are physically imposing humanoids; both males and females tower over average humans and have matching strength and endurance to boot. They also possess pointed ears and skin-tones that range from a stone-like brown to many shades and hues of red or orange, purple blood, and hair and eye colors of wider ranges.

    Fast: [Physical] [Movement] Mag'Nar such as Ab'Ril are capable of sustaining speeds of 30 MPH, more if they sprint.
    • Strong Legs: Their leg strength allows them to leap impressive distances in a single bound.

    Elemetal Colonel's Amor: [Metal] Standard issue protection to field officers in the Mag'Nar Empire made from Elemetal, the empire's uniquely created metal that reflects colors akin to sunset. Ab'Ril has kept and maintained her armor in decent shape. It provides her already tough body extra protection.

    Elemetal Shield: [Metal] [Blunt] Shields made from Elemetal afford their wearers extra protection and are magnetically bound to an arm brace on the shield-bearing arm, used to help fasten the shield to the bearer's arm. Ab'Ril likewise uses the shield for protection though she isn't afraid to bash someone with it when the situation calls for it, she's even gotten quite handy at throwing the shield and then using the magnetic pairing to bring it back to her arm.

    Elemetal Sword: [Cutting/piercing] [Metal] This sword made from Elemetal is exceptionally sharp and well-maintained by Ab'Ril; the blade is capable of good cutting power that can even pierce all about the absolutely toughest defenses. Despite possessing blaster technology there is still a large number of Mag'Nar who prefer close-range combat with weapons such as these, but with their prodigious strength it's a small wonder.

    Translator Headband: [Comprehension] Since the Mag'Nar have assembled a large empire in the cosmos they necessitate translation technology. Ab'Ril's headband enables her to read and understand other languages while also translating her words with accurate meaning. That said the headband does require some time to adapt to a new language and this has given Ab'ril trouble before.

    Beyond all of this Colonel Dusk is a trained fighter and a fearless leader who inspires troops to victory, fights well with others, and has more than a little luck on her side.


    Motivation - Liberation: After fighting for the wrong side more times than she cares for Ab'Ril is dedicated to freeing herself from those mistakes and her enemity with the Empire, while also enabling others more freedom.

    Alien: Ab'Ril is a Mag'Nar, her stature, skin-color, and other alien features make her stand out like a sore thumb; moreover she has very limited knowledge of some aspects of Earth culture.

    Soldier and Fighter: First as a gladiator who struggled for her life, and then a soldier who lead from the front-lines. If Ab'Ril is not fighting, training, or planning she tends to become restless and irritable unless she can be distracted.

    "Piece of Kjnu!": The headband is not perfect, if there is a language Ab'Ril has not encountered yet the best she can give and receive are garbled communications of unfamiliar language to both parties.

    Honor: Despite combat methods that would seem pragmatic or even outright brutal to some Ab'Ril has developed a sense of honor. She is a front-line fighter (though not above playing distraction if necessary), she does not kill already beaten foes, prefers clean deaths if such are necessary, and finds endangering non-combatants infuriating. Ab'Ril's military history has often taught her that sometimes ugly choices have to be made, but that doesn't mean honor should be abandoned outright. More importantly so long as her associates maintain similar levels of honor she is steadfastly loyal to them (part of what made her treason below so heart-breaking).

    Traitor to her Homeworld: Ab'Ril committed treason and fled the Mag'Nar Empire before going on to raise resistance movements on other planets, placing her firmly among the Empire's most wanted. Deep down Ab'Ril's feelings are not as straight-forward, as she still considers the Empire her home and part of her hopes that the Empire can find a new sense of integrity without the mindless conquest its military seems to have devolved into.

    Arachnos: Her first contact with humans were with the clandestine terrorists known as Arachnos. Taking advantage of her confused state and imperfect understanding of Earth languages the Arachnos deceived her into assisting them with a number of operations requiring a more "head-on" solution. She has since learned better and vowed to destroy the organization.

    Colonel Dusk Backstory

    She didn't even have a name at first, she was just one of many children born to slaves who were unlucky enough to survive a childhood of slavery to make it to adulthood. Though luck would be on her side, ironically enough, when she was passed over as a concubine for the soldiers to be selected for the gladiatorial arena where the number of slaves who survived it could be numbered on one hand. No weapons? The beasts had fangs she could rip out to use. No armor? Just kill them first. No chance? Dead wrong. Eventually an observing General decided that it would be a waste for her to die and had her selected to receive training as a soldier. It was as a soldier she adopted her name Ab'Ril, "Harbinger."

    As her prowess grew and her expertise with elemetal equipment, the unique mineral of the Mag'Nar system that reflects the colors of a sunset, she climbed the ranks. Ab'Ril wasn't the strongest or the swiftest, she wasn't event the most intelligent or the most charismatic; but few could lead as well as she could. She would pick up her allies when they fell down, she would take risks knowing others were watching her back, Ab'Ril would unite soldiers behind her to claim new planets for the Empire! It was upon becoming Colonel that she was given her full name Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar "Harbinger of the End Hunt."

    Like many officers Ab'Ril enjoyed privileges within the Empire, including access to their slaves, and for a while she reveled in it as much as any officer - after all she climbed up from the bottom with her own strength, so should they. A hierarchy was only the natural way of things no matter how its looked at, especially when you yourself led the conquest that burned homes, killed families, and made off with the spoils. It was all to bring glory to the Mag'Nar Empire. Things only changed when she took charge of a failing corp.

    Colonel Dusk, shortened of course, turned around their operations and forged those soldiers into a success but unlike the men she'd led and served with for so long these men and women knew no restraint. Those who surrendered were butchered instead of imprisoned, those who were defenseless were brutalized before being tossed aside, groups that were corralled were burnt instead of being reeducated. It was in that inferno that Colonel Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar saw a shade of what she could become, what she was already becoming... not a soldier but a monster. Thusly in an effort that nearly killed her, and broke her heart, she turned against her own soldiers and killed them, a bloody and tearful way to commit treason.

    So it was that "Colonel" Dusk would flee to other worlds, attempting to rally resistance against imminent invasions from the Mag'Nar; at first she was lucky they didn't kill her, but eventually they listened. Unfortunately every resistance only bought time against the mighty Empire, forced the Empire to commit more resources than normal but otherwise little changed as they expanded. Hopefully one day there will be a world that can fight back, and hopefully by then the Empire's expenditure will not be made up for by the resources gained. Unfortunately a navigation error caused Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar to crash land on a strange planet in a far-flung solar system.

    Colonel Dusk was for the longest time, simply fighting off the wildlife and trying to survive. Eventually she was found by a strange group of aliens, and with the language freshly encountered her translator could only gather a few bits and pieces of what they said, but eventually communication was established and they reached an agreement; she would aid her rescuers, The Arachnos, and they would enlighten her about Earth. It was almost a return to her days as a soldier, a comfort of old habits for a while - but once her translator had adapted to the language Ab'Ril proved less "savage" than the Arachnos expected of her and their partnership ended violently (as a few destroyed bases can attest).

    Since then Colonel Dusk has been working with Aegis, directing field troops to any Arachnos bases she knew of, or that which Aegis could find, and leading the charge against their defenses. Though Ab'Ril respects the professionalism of Aegis there was still a lack of a true rapport between her and these small, well-equipped yet normal, humans; as though slightly alienated. A small part of her worries they may not have taken her warnings on the Mag'Nar too seriously (though admittedly the Mag'Nar weren't likely to reach this planet before other worlds ripe for conquering), and lately she has also sensed that something big is going on with the Arachnos - finding them and rooting them out has become almost too easy; they've been more active, and something's brewing.

    Colonel Dusk knows that if this becomes a hidden war she's going to need more than an agreement between herself and some agency she's barely a part of, she needs real allies who she can trust and can trust her to lead them into battle. If Colonel Dusk is going to succeed against the Arachnos it is going to take a team as loyal to her as she is to them, and may the stars have mercy on anyone who gets in their way.

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      Re: Builds by a Geek

      Interesting one here; first in that unlike the majority of my characters this guy is actually a male. The game he was made for was advertised for being a bit darker than most 4-color modern games with a supernatural bend, and I know there was at least one person raising an eyebrow at the flavor of my submission given the game description; a paragon who honest-to-goodness is out to make the world a better place for truth, justice, and love. But I think what really makes him an interesting character is that he himself still feels jaded by the world but for deeply personal reasons is working hard to overcome that. There was also the overall myth arc of his power source - that was pretty fun to write.


      Ardent Bio

      Code Name: Ardent
      Secret Identity: Jean Lovelace
      Gender: Male
      Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
      28 6'1" 200 lbs blue blonde

      Ardent Crunch

      Power Level 10
      Abilities = 42pts
      *Due to enhanced trait
      Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
      12* 10 2 0 5 0 4 0
      Powers = 63 points

      Power of Love: 24pt array
      • Ardent Strength: enhanced strength 12 = 24pts
      • Ardent Blast: ranged damage 10, accurate 1, precise, affects insubstantial 2 = 1pt
      • Ardent Love: ranged cumulative affliction 11 (resisted by will; impaired, disabled, controlled), limited to hostile actions (cannot take any on 3rd degree), affects insubstantial 2 = 1pt
      • Ardent Hands: restorative healing 8, move action, limited to others = 1pt

      Ardent Protection: immunity 15 (emotion effects, life support), regeneration 3, protection 2 = 20pts

      Flying: flight 6 (120mph) = 12pts
      • Alt; Super-Speed: speed 6, quickness 6 = 1pt

      Empathy: senses 3 (detect emotions (acute, ranged; mental) = 3pts

      Advantages: Inspire 2, luck 2, power attack, all-out attack, interpose, attractive, takedown 2, eidetic memory = 11 points

      Skills: Athletics 0 (+12), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+8), Deception 0 (+0/+2*), Expertise: Psychology 5 (+5), insight 4 (+8), intimidation 6 (+6), perception 4 (+8), persuasion 8 (+8), Ranged combat: Ardent Power 8 (+8), stealth 0 (+2) = 19 points

      Defense = 15 points
      Dodge 8
      Parry 8
      Toughness 12
      Fortitude 10
      Will 10
      Initiative +2
      Unarmed +8 Close, Damage 12 (DC27)
      Ardent Blast +10 Ranged, Damage 10 (DC25)
      Ardent Love +8 Ranged, Affliction 11 (DC21 will)
      Abilities: 42 + Powers: 63 + Advantages: 11 + Skills: 19 + Defenses: 15 = 150 points


      Power of Love: [All powers have descriptor [Magic] [Emotion] [Love] on them.] Jean Lovelace hosts the mysterious power dubbed the Ardent Heart, which imbues its bearer with tremendous power that fluctuates based on its host's own heart. Jean's power has fluctuated considerably over the two year period he has carried the power due to battling with grief over his lost love, though it is currently stable at its current level.
      • Ardent Strength: [Physical] The main use of this power is imbuing Jean with incredible strength, currently he is able to lift 100 tons!
      • Ardent Blast: "Love hurts," He once joked during his emotional lows. A joke he has long dropped using but the fact is that channeling his powerful feelings into a concussive blast. Previous users have been able to make this hurt the spirit of their targets by damaging the taint in their souls, but Jean has only managed this feat with extreme effort or at the rare times his power elevated.
      • Ardent Love: Cynics would think this power toys with the feelings of others by giving them a "false sense of love." Though it does manipulate emotions rather than forcing people to love others this power instead draws on a target's compassion and empathy to make them want to hurt others less, essentially opening their hearts to love. Targets hit by this effect struggle to take actions that directly hurt others, and eventually make them incapable of hurting others (though this hasn't stopped targets from fleeing to escape justice or for being wary of danger and avoiding attacks, etc.). Though the effect itself is temporary Jean considers one his greatest accomplishments being when he encouraged a crook to remember this surge of empathy, and the crook turned his life around. Hasn't had much luck with others yet but progress is progress.
      • Ardent Hands: [Healing] The power of love can work miracles, and by channeling this love into an injured person he can help relieve their wounds. It works pretty quickly though as it is empowered by love for others it cannot be used on himself. It also cannot bring back the dead, he knows this, he's tried.

      Ardent Protection: [Magic] [Love] [Emotions] The Ardent Heart sustains Jean to keep him healthy and protected from many forms of harm, including any supernatural manipulations of his emotional state, not that it does him much good from more mundane sources of emotional torment.

      Flying: [Magic] [Emotion] [Love] [Movement] Jean is capable of flying through the power of the Ardent Heart

      Super-Speed: [Magic] [Emotion] [Love] [Movement] While on the ground Jean doesn't need to focus so much of his attention on keeping himself aloft, as such he can dedicate that attention to more mundane tasks with incredible alacrity.

      Empathy: [Magic] [Emotion] [Love] [Sensory] [Mental] Jean has made good use of this power as a psychologist. The Ardent Heart allows him to know what most targets are feeling, and even those who can hide their feelings he can try to read by using his trained insight. Outside of aiding him at his job he has used this to read other's emotional states so that he can know the best way to talk them down from doing something they might regret.


      Motivation - Responsibility: Ardent feels he needs to carry on the torch his predecessor and deceased lover, to safeguard the world and its people from those who would hurt it, and cultivate love in a world that desperately needs it.

      Power Loss: The Ardent Heart conveys power to its user proportionate to how much they believe in love. If Jean loses hope in love or it is tainted by hatred his powers and stamina can weaken or even outright disappear. Inversely there have been times where Jean's love empowered him well past his normal limits (OOC: Basically GM plot device to be used strictly at GM's discretion).

      Secret Identity: Ardent has powerful enemies and he does his best to keep his double-life secret for their sake.

      The Lost Lenore: Jean's deceased fiance, Laura Edney, was the previous Ardent and she passed her power onto him as she lay dying to pass on the literal strength of her love to him. He keeps going for her sake but there are still days where it hurts more than others and this can affect his powers and/or performance.

      Relationship: Sarah Turner is one of his closest friends and there is a spark between them. Jean has yet to act on it though as he still hasn't fully recovered from Laura's tragic death.

      Relationship: Is friends with intrepid reporter Kent Wellington. Kent's the one person close to Ardent who has figured out his secret but out of respect for Ardent keeps that secret to himself. Now if only the guy could keep his nose out of trouble.

      Honor: The Ardent Heart has conditioned Jean to always try to forgive and move on, he will never kill a living thinking creature, and even the mindless ones or even undead he tends to save their destruction as a last resort. This has bitten him before.

      Enemy: No one truly knows about the entity called Malice. Is it an antithetic force to Ardent Heart in that it just empowers a person through hatred? Or is it a sentient entity all on its own? Either way Malice has plagued all bearers of the Ardent Heart since the first. Immune to each other's emotional effecting powers such contests tend to comedown to raw clashes of might. Rarely is Malice content to simply kill its sworn enemy, but to torment them and those close to the bearer of the Ardent Heart. Like Ardent, Malice's power fluctuates based on hatred rather than love and this has resulted in times where Malice would have an overwhelming advantage only to suddenly be driven back by an Ardent finding new hope and empowerment. A few years ago Malice mortally wounded Laura Edney after torturing Jean Lovelace to lure her out. However Malice was beaten back when Jean, newly empowered by his overwhelming love for his Laura, and still hoping, in vain as it turned out, he could save her, managed to seemingly destroy Malice. Malice would return a few times over the years to challenge the new Ardent in its quest to sow hatred. Previous Ardents have hoped that Malice wasn't completely beyond redemption, but Jean does not share that opinion (which is one thing holding back Jean from his full potential).

      Ardent Backstory

      Jean Lovelace, a British youth of mixed ancestry, grew up fascinated by people, he always wondered what made them tick as they grew up, and what pushed them to good or evil. Jean grew up frequently babysitting for others and learned responsibility from them, coming to care for a large number of people and make many friends, with that the young man became dedicated to becoming a psychologist so he could help ease the turmoil most felt, and steer them towards a brighter future. It was in college he met Laura Edney.

      The two were fast friends in their shared interest in helping people. Laura would always get strangely dodgy on the topic of the mysterious flying woman calling herself Ardent, a super-hero Jean was growing to be a fan of much to Laura's rather confusing bewilderment. Soon though Laura, who was in fact Ardent, was forced to save Jean's life and confess her secret to him, and though hurt by her keeping such a secret for a bit Jean eventually came around and fully supported his girlfriend.

      College was hard and Jean had become more cynical on the whole, making it to graduation with Laura's emotional support. Things seemed to be turning around though as Jean was already lined up to work under a mentorship; it was soon after this news he proposed to Laura, vowing to share his life with her, a proposal she happily accepted. Unfortunately tragedy would strike soon. Malice, a being who had plagued Ardent and her predecessors in a no-longer existent history, had managed to discover Ardent's affection for Jean. Malice didn't know or care who Jean was, all that mattered to it was that "Ardent loves that man."

      Jean was coming back from a bad day at the practice and Malice kidnapped Jean, tormenting the lad to make him hate the hate entity while serving the dual purpose of using the emotional connection between Jean and Ardent as a beacon to lure Ardent into its trap. An epic battle ensued, and for the first time since gaining her power Ardent began to hate Malice just a little bit, and that was enough to weaken her enough to where Malice could deliver a mortal wound!

      Jean cried out in despair for Laura who looked and Jean, smiled with tears in her eyes, and recited the words said to her in a history no one remembers, "Know you are loved and raise your hands, not in anger, but to raise light to the dark; take my love within you and carry on with my Ardent Heart," the light of the Ardent Heart passed from Laura and entered Jean, and thus the first male Ardent was born, and carrying both Laura's feelings coupled with the feelings of love that surged forth in grief, Jean, the new Ardent vanquished Malice!

      Unfortunately it was too late to save Laura no matter how he used his powers. And in the months that followed he could barely summon up the power of Ardent, let alone the will to use it due to being resentful that the world felt his beloved was too good for it. But in time, and with the help of friends such as Kent and his mentors at the practice Jean began to heal from the worst of his grief. Though even today he has not moved on fully, he vowed one day that he would carry on for Laura's sake, and more importantly keep her belief in life and love alive, and thus as the new Ardent he finally turned to super-heroism!

      Jean usually presents himself more meekly in public and wears clothes larger than he is along with glasses, which helps separate his personality from Ardent. It didn't fool his close friend and reporter Kent Wellington, but the man has kept his secret and even helped cover for him in some cases. Jean's super-natural empathy has expedited his time under a mentor-ship and recently opened his own practice. Sarah Turner, a girl he met while at the old practice, became his secretary and another source of emotional support for Jean at his worst times. Jean does have feelings for Sarah, but he still hasn't fully moved on from Laura, and also fears what would happen if Malice found out about her, as the thing is still out there somewhere. Still Ardent is also here, and he will do whatever it takes to safeguard this world and save it from the fear it is embroiling itself in.

      History of the Ardent Heart

      One of Gunter Glas's aids in his myraid studies, Agata Roth, worked on many a ritual and artifice in order to perfect a way to tap mystical power. It was hard research and largely fruitless for a long time, but thoughts of a world where mankind might live in peace, love, and understanding sustained her, and her newfound love in a dashing British soldier inspired her passion, hoping for her research to bear fruit so that her love may come home safe. It was when news of his capture reached her ears that she poured ever more of her heart and soul into a ritual she hoped would grant her the power to save him - and for the first and only time it worked! Whether it was truly drawn from her intense love of humankind, or an otherworldly force lured by it even Agata never knew, but the fact is that by the end of the ritual that had nearly spent her energy a magical red-spectrum light flickered with such ardent intensity before her when it then flew into her chest and imbued her with power beyond mortal ken. Thus the first Ardent was born!

      Ardent would save countless lives in the fighting, and always find room in her heart to forgive even the most heinous crimes. All who knew Ardent, and some who knew Agata, believed that she was the purest light in a world embroiled in war. She never gave into hate, only pity and a tearful hope that even the most wicked soul could be redeemed. Agata eventually married and had children, but continued to don the costume of Ardent to fight evil wherever it may appear. Ardent's career lasted well through the silver-age, but even she grew old. Eventually there came a time she felt it was time to pass on the Ardent Heart, the light she had summoned forth, to another, so that the world will never lose it's champion of love and peace.

      The second Ardent served admirably for a time, but during the bronze age political division wore away at the girl's hope, and eventually planted the seeds of loathing. It was the second Ardent who first learned the hard way that the Ardent Heart is weakened by feelings of hatred. After a short career she tried to pass it on to her teenage daughter, who she reasoned was still young enough to hold youthful naivete, but as is typical with teenagers her emotional instability resulted in a very dangerous career that eventually cost her her eyes when Malice, the sworn enemy of the Ardents, decided to take away the girl's love of art.

      The third Ardent passed on the power to another; the fourth Ardent served with the SDO for some time but eventually retired, she too decided to pass on the mantle, and in 1996 a girl named Laura Edney received the Ardent Heart. It was almost like Agata was reborn, though more fiery than Agata ever was Laura too held a uniquely unconditional love for the world and in turn the Ardent heart gave Laura power not seen since Agata bore the mantle of Ardent. Ardent V would do her best to safeguard the world even when the Dark Age came about, even against the overwhelming force of the alien invasion she fearlessly threw herself into danger to save the lives of others.

      Then someone or something re-threaded a few strands of history.

      The Power of Love held by the Ardent Heart protected Laura from the effects, though few else ever remembered that there were previous Ardents. Though dismayed by being "The only Ardent," when she remembers otherwise this changed little for Laura herself and she resumed her duty, and her civilian life. It was during college she met Jean Lovelace...
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        Re: Builds by a Geek

        you're missing another crimefighter from the Emerald Knights game we played in together


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          Re: Builds by a Geek

          Right... Nightkeeper. Yeah I guess for the sake of completion I ought to have her in here (if I can find her) but admittedly there are some parts I find embarrassing about her now. But eh... live and learn.
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            Re: Builds by a Geek

            The first character above PL10 I got to play. Crystal was born out of the idea of "someone with paragon powers, who is not a paragon." Crystal is vain, shallow, and spoiled. She kick-started her superhero career as a publicity stunt. However the difference between her and say... the Plutonian (besides the, superficial, fact that Crystal isn't anywhere NEARLY as broken as Plutonian is) is that for all of Crystal's undesierable personality traits she's not actually a bad person. She knows better than to hurt people for no reason, she takes her career seriously, and most importantly has people she loves and cares for - it helps keep her human, in a sense (after all the GM and I never got far enough to decide what the actual truth behind her origins was). Had the game lasted longer I would've loved to see how Crystal's character developed, whether she'd always be an actress first and hero second, or if she would grow into the superhero role.

            The Marvelous Crystal

            Code Name: Crystal
            Public Identity: Crystal Carson
            Gender: Female
            City of Operations: Glimmer Bay
            Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
            24 5'9" 130 lbs Blue Blonde

            Crystal Crunch

            Power Level 12
            Abilities = 48 points
            *Due to enhanced trait
            Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
            0/14* 12 0 0 7 0 0 5
            Powers = 70 points

            Super Power: 28 point array = 32 points total
            • Super Strength: enhanced strength 14 = 28 points
            • Light Blast: ranged damage 12 (light), accurate, precise, affects insubstantial 2 = 1 point
            • Flashing Lights: perception area (visual) cumulative affliction 12 (resisted by fortitude; impaired, disabled, unaware) limited to vision; linked to environment control 2 (intense light - counter total darkness-based concealment) = 1 point
            • Thunderclap: burst area cumulative affliction 12 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned) limited degree = 1 point
            • Hypnotic Strobe: perception range cumulative affliction 12 (resisted by will; entranced, compelled) limited degree, sense dependent (vision), insidious = 1 point

            Super Tough: Protection 2 = 2 points
            Super Healing: regeneration 3 = 3 points
            Super Vital: immunity 9 (all environment effects, starvation & thirst, aging, (disease & poison; half-effect)) = 8 points
            Super senses: senses 4 (low-light vision, extended hearing, ultrahearing, extended vision) = 4 points
            Super Movement: 18 point dynamic array = 21 points total
            • Flight: flight 9 (1,000 mph), dynamic = 19 points
            • Super Speed: speed 9 (1,000 mph), quickness 9, dynamic = 2 points

            Advantages: power attack, all-out attack, interpose, move-by action, improved initiative 2, benefit 3 (millionaire), benefit 1 (celebrity), attractive 2, luck 3, beginner's luck, takedown 2 = 18 points

            Skills: athletics 8 (+14), close combat: unarmed 3 (+10), deception 5 (+10), expertise: modeling 1 (+6), expertise: acting 1 (+6), insight 0 (+0), intimidation 5 (+10), perception 8 (+8), persuasion 5 (+10), ranged combat: light blast 10 (+12), stealth 0 (+0) = 19 points

            Defense = 25 points
            Dodge 10
            Parry 10
            Toughness 14
            Fortitude 12
            Will 12
            Initiative +8
            Unarmed +10 close, damage 14 (DC29)
            Light Blast +12 ranged, damage 12 (DC27)
            Flashing Lights - visual area, affliction 12 (DC22)
            Thunderclap - burst area, affliction 12 (DC22)
            Hypnotic Strobe - perception range, affliction 12 (DC22)
            Abilities: 48 + Powers: 70 + Advantages: 18 + Skills: 19 + Defenses: 25 = 180 points


            Super Power: Crystal is a powerful Empowered with strength and light-based powers. Unfortunately using her light-based powers drains her strength for a few seconds for some reason.
            • Super Strength: [Physical] "Who says women are the weaker sex?" Crystal is capable of lifting 400 tons! The only reason she had self-defense classes in the first place was to teach her how to avoid putting lethal force into each blow.
            • Light Blast: [Light] "Like I need to touch you," if she needs to attack at range, or just doesn't want to touch someone, she can emit a colorful (usually magenta) laser of light that she is capable of firing with precision.
            • Flashing Lights: [Light]"Hey! Eyes on me!" Time for her photo-op! Crystal strikes a pose and emits a bright glow that could potentially blind people! The real problem with this power comes with the potential to blind the camera man.
            • Thunderclap: [Physical] [Vibration] "A little applause I guess," Summoning up her great strength Crystal claps her hands together with her incredible might; creating a shockwave that can disorient people.
            • Hypnotic Strobe: [Light] [Hypnotic] "You know you want to..." Crystal discovered that making certain flashing patterns with her lights in front of someone makes them less resistant to her whims. Usually only reserved for bad moods, or combat, as it hurts her pride as a model to use this as a crutch to her own natural charms.

            Super Tough: [Physical] "Uh... was that your best shot?" Crystal is very tough.
            Super Healing: [Physical] "Whew... all cleared up now," Crystal can recover from injury faster than normal.
            Super Vital: [Physical] "I guess I'm just blessed," Crystal is immune to harmful environments, resistant to diseases and poisons, and most importantly (as far as she's concerned) is that her powers maintain her good looks while other models are reaching for every skin treatment they can find.
            Super senses: [Physical] [Sensory] "Hey! I heard that!" Crystal's vision and hearing are both able to pick up details from farther away, she can also see in lower light conditions and hear higher pitched frequencies.
            Super Movement: 18 point dynamic array = 21 points total
            • Flight: flight 9 (1,000 mph), dynamic = 19 points
            • Super Speed: speed 9 (1,000 mph), quickness 9, dynamic = 2 points


            Motivation - Thrills: On the surface Crystal is a superhero for more fame than being an actress or model would bring her, but in truth the rush of danger and the gratitude that comes with being a superhero feels great.

            Relationship: Internet armchair critics and tabloids paint Crystal's relationship to her adoptive father, Kent Carson, as one where he keeps her around for the money she rakes in while she tries to twist him around her finger. In truth they really do love each other like father and daughter.

            Relationship: Kent Carson's long-time friend that Crystal knows as Kohana-sensei is the only other person who has Crystal's full respect. Kohana-sensi taught Crystal self-defense, and is also the only person guaranteed to be able to get away with scolding Crystal.

            Relationship: Jenny Owens is Crystal's current, and longest employed, personal assistant. Jenny is understandably annoyed and stressed by the demands of being Crystal's PA and copes with sarcastic comebacks. She still secretly respects Crystal and is one of the few who knows how hard being a superhero is on Crystal. For Crystal's part she at least acknowledges the fact that Jenny has lasted longer than previous PA's and puts up with her sarcasm as long as it's not in earshot of anyone else (a little too easy to do thanks to Crystal's superhuman hearing).

            Fame: Model, actress, and now a superhero! She's quite easily recognizable.

            Temper: Never mind that she's used to getting her way, despite the nigh-impossibility of suffering from permanent injuries Crystal was still raised on the mentality of caring for your good looks, so heaven help whoever leaves a visible mark on her face!

            Enemy: Harold White, billionaire and CEO of White Inc. Having built his company from the ground up the ambitious Harold is bitter and fearful of those he believes don't deserve success and that includes Empowered. After Crystal offhandedly insulted his company White's anger reached a tipping point and has since engaged in many behind-the-scenes plots for the demise of Crystal Carson, all while successfully covering his tracks. Even now no one in Glimmer Bay suspects White of his crimes.

            Rival: Crystal considers her greatest "enemy" to be a young low-level empowered tabloid photographer named Martin Bur, aka "Motion Blur." Once a petty thief who used his speed to shoplift and pickpocket, unfortunately Crystal was eager to catch her first empowered crook and the boy was out of his depth trying to outrun someone who could match his speed. He since took a job with the "National Peeper," tabloid and has primarily used his job to catch as many unflattering photos of Crystal as he can manage. There's very few inches of Glimmer Bay's streets that haven't been untouched by Crystal chasing after Motion Blur.

            Secret: Crystal was found and adopted by Kent Carson under mysterious circumstances that he's kept hidden from her. The source of her powers, and who the other mysterious figure was when she was first found, any of these could come back to haunt her, especially now that she's public about her powers (GM decision).

            Crystal Backstory

            Kent Carson, an actor who tired of the limelight and instead made the shift to talent agent, was a successful man; this lucky trip to Vegas proved as much but something still felt missing in his life. Tired from driving in the Nevada desert for so long he didn't see the figure in the desert haze and only became aware when his care came to a dead stop! The airbag and seat-belt kept the accident from being life-threatening, though the sudden stop still injured Kent and he practically fell out of his car. He wasn't able to clearly see the blurry figure yelling at him about interrupting... something. The next thing Kent knew there was a flash of light and then the figure was sailing overhead to hit the pavement a ways away. A confused Kent looked to the apparent source and a little girl, maybe about five or six, was holding out glowing hands with tears in her eyes. Though confused and afraid the sight of this sad little girl touched Kent and he comforted the girl until emergency services arrived.

            Kent never did figure out who the mysterious figure was nor what happened to him after the ambulance took him away, but as for the girl Kent decided to adopt the child, and that is how Crystal Carson entered his life. She seemed to forget the circumstances of how she first met "daddy-dearest," but it didn't matter that much to her.

            Growing up in Glimmer Bay Kent spoiled Crystal, as many a personal assistant can attest to. Kent tried hard to keep the fact that she was empowered a secret but it was hard for a little girl to show restraint and so Kent had to enlist the help of an old friend of his who taught self-defense. Kohana-sensei disciplined Crystal and taught her to control her strength, and solidified her place as one of the few people Crystal outwardly respects.

            Kent himself taught Crystal how to walk, talk, and use her developing good looks to make the world her oyster. It wasn't always easy, as Crystal wasn't the only pretty young star on the rise, and the temptation to use her powers to one-up them was great, but Kent and Kohana-sensei always reigned her in and she eventually became a resounding success! By the age of 16 Crystal had become one of Kent's biggest talents and much sought after for photoshoots and TV shows.

            Years later Crystal was lined up for a major motion picture, while on her way out of the building though a few gun-wielding crooks suddenly pulled up in a convertible, leaped out and threatened just about anyone in a suit to hand over their money, including Kent himself. Crystal wasn't about to have that. In a flash of light everyone in the vicinity was blinded, and by the time they stopped seeing spots two crooks were unconscious on the ground, two were wrapped up in street posts and their getaway car was smashed hood-first into the pavement!

            The movie deal fell through but arguably something better happened, the press was eating up the story of a celebrity turned superhero who showed crooks what happened when they thought they could do what they wanted. Merchandise sales shot through the roof, jobs for photo-shoots and guest appearances doubled overnight. Kent and Crystal talked about it at length before they agreed, The Marvelous Crystal was going public as an empowered.

            Super-heroics proved to be more exciting than Crystal expected. The public attention, the thrill of throwing herself into adrenaline-pumping adventures, and finally having license to use her powers publicly touched Crystal deeply. If she was spoiled before the additional fame well and truly went to her head. Kent warned her to be more careful, after all he didn't want to see her get hurt. Crystal was largely heedless of this advice, after all the only empowered crook she'd run into went down after a little high-speed running.

            Crystal would be in for a rude awakening when after turning down a product-placement deal from that nerd who runs White Inc. company. During the night Glimmer Bay's warehouse district was attacked by a small army of mechanized walkers hijacked from a White Inc. owned warehouse. The destruction forced Glimmer Bay's number one superhero to respond! The high-grade weapons wielded by the suits, and the danger they posed to property and civilians, constantly put Crystal in the way of beam weaponry and high-powered servo-motor blows in an effort to keep civilians from being blasted, burnt, or buried; very nearly failing to pull one civilian to safety out from under a collapsing structure! By the time Crystal could fight back she was beaten, bruised, bloody, and wearing an absolutely ruined outfit! In the end she managed to destroy the mechs and place the pilots in prison just before putting on a brave face and smiling for the cameras.

            At home though Crystal bemoaned the torn outfit, and would wake up from nightmares of the horrified victims that she nearly didn't save, and stare in the mirror remembering the injuries that had faded from her face. Crystal manages to bury her doubts when around others and act like her normal self; she has to smile and look brave for daddy dearest, smile to the adoring public, and pose for the camera man after all.
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              Re: Builds by a Geek

              Jury's out on whether the latest game I submitted her to will take off the ground or not, but either way the game did inspire me to revive an old character concept who started as a PL10 powerhouse. So what happens when you give a luchadora superpowers? The potential for awesome that's what! Though as to keep her from being one note I did my best to put in some tragedy in her past, something she's on the mend from but not fully moved on. This allows me to have as much fun with her as I want in a fight (I'm still awaiting the chance for her to fly through the air shamelessly shouting a wrestling mood in Spanish), and yet still have a character who knows what it's like to make a mistake. Visually she was a challenge for me to be satisfied with; on one hand her old profession practically demands an outfit that leaves little to the imagination, yet it didn't sit well with me to oversell it like is so common with other superheroines; I am personally satisfied with where she ended up but I hope that I actually succeeded in the delicate balance between fanservice and being tasteful. I will not apologize for the colors though, she's a luchadora after all! Oh and shout out to Evolución for correcting my Spanish on this sheet.

              Presentando a
              La Armadura

              La Armadura Bio

              Code Name: La Armadura
              Secret Identity: Amalia Belmonte
              Gender: Female
              Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
              25 5'11" 149 lbs Brown Black

              La Armadura Crunch

              Power Level 8
              Abilities = 32pts
              *Due to enhanced trait
              Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
              3/10* 5/10* 2 0 4 1 1 0
              Powers = 53 points

              Súper Fuerza: enhanced strength 7 = 14 points

              Súper Resistencia: enhanced stamina 5, immunity 4 (critical hits, vacuum, pressure) = 14 points

              Armadura: impervious toughness 9 = 9 points

              Dureza: immunity 8 (starvation & thirst, disease, poison, all suffocation, heat, cold, radiation; limited to half effect) = 4 points

              Regeneración: regeneration 2 = 2 points

              Lucha Libre: 10pt array; all are alternate effects of strength-based damage = 3 points total
              • Agarre Adormecedor: progressive affliction 10 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated), grab-based, resistible (better of strength & fortitude rolls) = 1 point
              • Aplastamiento: burst area damage 8, limited to targets on same surface = 1 point
              • Pisotón el Suelo: burst area affliction 8 (resisted by dodge, overcome by fortitude; dazed & vulnerable, stunned & prone), extra condition, limited degree, limited to targets on same surface = 1 point

              Piernas Fuertes: Leaping 4, dynamic = 5 points
              • Alt; Corrida: speed 4, dynamic = 2 points

              Advantages: Attractive, benefit 2 (Big in Spain, well-off), chokehold, fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, interpose, languages 1 (English; Spanish native) = 9 points

              Skills: Athletics 0 (+10), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+6), Deception 0 (+0/+2*), Expertise: Super-humans 4 (+5), insight 4 (+5), intimidation 5 (+5), perception 4 (+5), persuasion 5 (+5/+7*), Ranged combat: Throwing 6 (+6), stealth 0 (+2) = 15 points

              Defense = 11 points
              Dodge 6
              Parry 6
              Toughness 10
              Fortitude 10
              Will 6
              Initiative +2
              Unarmed +6 Close, Damage 10 (DC25)
              Throwing +6 Ranged, Damage 10 (DC25)
              Agarre Adormecedor +6 Grab, Affliction 10 (DC20)
              Aplastamiento - Burst (DC18), Damage 8 (DC23)
              Pisotón el Suelo - Burst (DC18), Affliction 8 (DC18)
              Abilities: 32 + Powers: 53 + Advantages: 9 + Skills: 15 + Defenses: 11 = 120 points


              Súper Fuerza: [Physical] La Armadura is super-humanly strong, capable of lifting around 25 tons! Armadura has had to practice checking her blows so as not to accidentally kill people.

              Súper Resistencia: [Physical] La Armadura is afforded a great deal of endurance by her powers, being able to take powerful blows, and even withstand changes in pressure easily. Even the most powerful of blows are of less effectiveness against her.

              Armadura: [Physical] True to her namesake Armadura can effortlessly shrug off blows from most normal humans, and all but the highest caliber of ordinary firearms.

              Duro: [Physical] Armadura is so tough that many things that would test the endurance of most people are only about half as effective on her.

              Regenerar: [Physical] Armadura has noticed that she heals slightly quicker than a normal person, even when not at rest.

              Lucha Libre: [Strength] [Talent] Already a wrestler before getting her powers, Armadura has been slowly improving on and adding new tricks to her fighting techniques... with the flair expected of a luchadora of course.
              • Agarre Adormecedor: [Suffocation] Once Armadura has established a grip on someone she begins applying pressure to their airways to cut off their breathing until they pass out. While Armadura is strong enough and skilled enough to normally not need to pay too much extra attention to someone in this sleeping grip once she's started, strong-enough targets can weaken her grip enough to allow airflow once again.
              • Aplastamiento: [Vibrations] Armadura strikes the ground with enough force that the shockwaves (and rubble most times) will cause surrounding targets pain!
              • Pisotón el Suelo: [Vibrations] By stomping on the ground Armadura creates a tremor that travels across the ground and up targets, throwing them off balance, disorienting them, and even knocking them to the ground.

              Piernas Fuertes: [Strength] [Movement] La Armadura's legs are also super-humanly powerful, enabling her to leap incredible distances or run at high speeds!


              Motivation - Responsibility: La Armadura believes in using your talents, and owning your mistakes.

              Secret Identity: As a luchadora Armadura feels honor-bound to keep her identity as Amalia Belmonte a secret. Only her immediate family knows who she is.

              Fame: A champion luchadora turned Ultra, Armadura was and still is very famous in Spain as its premiere super-hero. Her fame, for better and for worse, became more world-wide when she became an outspoken activist criticizing the current "class-system" that the world's super-community is currently under.

              Secret: La Armadura's agency has covered up the fact that in her last official match, against La Pantera, the unexpected development of La Armadura's powers led to La Pantera becoming crippled! La Armadura is almost constantly haunted by this mistake and wants to make up for it, but the agency and their contract with her forbids any open acknowledgement of this; and after being a secret for so long admitting to it now could potentially destroy her credibility as a hero.

              Addiction: With help from counseling La Armadura doesn't consume near as much alcohol as she used to drink in order to cope with her depressive episodes. However whenever she does drink she does tend to drink hard enough to test even her super-human endurance.

              Relationship: Mamá named Ofelia and brother names Juesús live in Spain. Ofelia runs a restaurant while Juesús is studying history in college.

              Relationship: Papá named Eduardo and a sister named Doris live in the United States. Doris is married with a kid and a homemaker, while Eduardo is a mechanic; Amalia and Eduardo are currently estranged.

              Rival: A "freak" named El Gran Toro. The relationship between the two is complicated. They started off foes, then after he turned a new leaf the agency encouraged their rivalry. Then they became, highly controversial, lovers, but had differences of opinion on super-humans among other things and split. How the two interact whenever they meet depends on the kind of day both of them have had.

              Temper: People failing to own their mistakes is a major pet peeve for Amalia, this has led her to opening her mouth when she should've kept it shut or doing otherwise unwise things. This sometimes makes her feel like a hypocrite in regards to her greatest mistake and may instead lead her to suffer a bout of depression.

              La Armadura Backstory

              Amalia is the oldest of three children born to Ofelia and Eduardo Belmonte, Spanish immigrants to the United States. Amalia, her sister Doris, and her brother Juesús were never really what Eduardo wanted from any children of his, dismissive of the girls for being girls while Juesús was more intellectually inclined than the masculine Eduardo wanted. He was thus distant at his best and sometimes even outright abusive. Amalia had to grow up tough to live in her neighborhood and bear the brunt of their father so that her siblings wouldn't have to; still, as tough as she was she was still a girl to her father and nothing was ever enough for him. Finally enough was enough and Ofelia took the children to Spain with her where they could grow up without their misogynistic father.

              Amalia was unfortunately embittered already by the time under her father's roof. Just to prove her father wrong Amalia continued to be athletic rather than more feminine as her mother hoped, thankfully though Ofelia never let it ruin their relationship in spite of the exasperation, and Amalia's siblings were always grateful to know that their sister always had their backs, even if they got on her nerves sometimes. Besides sports Amalia's main escape from reality was stories about super-heroes. Amalia was fascinated by the stories of the Justice Alliance and the successors that followed, eagerly eating up news stories and tall tales of her favorite super-heroes. Unusual for a "norm" perhaps was that Amalia identified with the "freaks," (a name she hates to this day), they usually had to work so much harder than "Ultras" for a fraction of the respect, something Amalia identified with and she would quietly fume or even cry anytime a "freak" turned to super-crime in response to this.

              When she graduated high-school Amalia was good-looking, talented in contact sports, and secretly desiring to be more like the colorful heroes she always looked up to. Higher education was neither readily available due to how hard money would be on the family, nor even an interest to the young girl. Almost as soon as she turned eighteen Amalia went into a career as a luchadora! It was the life for "La Armadura!" As La Armadura she was excellent at wrestling and pleasing the crowd, and after an adjustment period to get over her body modesty even came to enjoy the costumes. La Armadura eventually became a champion and enjoyed a successful career, a part of her wished she could be a hero like the super-heroes she idolized, but even though this was as close as she could get it was enough.

              La Armadura's last time in the ring would be against a fierce luchadora known as La Pantera. At first things were going just fine; Armadura could endure anything Pantera could bring, but then Pantera was beginning to hold Armadura in grapples even she couldn't break out of! Pantera was prepared to pull the ultimate heel move a luchadora could perform, unmask Armadura! In an instant Armadura could see everything she loved going up in smoke! The money she was sending to her family, the adulation of the crowd, the empowerment she felt wearing that costume. In an unexpected surge of strength Armadura suddenly stood back up to full height, twirled around and around with enough force to stir wind before hurling La Pantera clear out of the ring and into the corridor the challenger came in from! Everyone was stunned silent, but Armadura's manager was a savvy man and quickly spun this into a new revelation, "La Armadura es un Ultra...!!!" Despite being stunned at what she just did a quick flourish for the crowd and a well-acted smile sealed the deal.

              Unfortunately for La Pantera her collision with the wall in the hallway shattered her bones and damaged her nerves, ending her career prematurely. The agency was quick to cover this up and compensate the ex-luchadora, even settling things legally, but La Armadura herself was horrified at what she had done! To this day La Armadura still donates what money she can to the nursing center La Pantera resides in. Amalia was ready to hang up the mask for good and turn herself into the police but her manager and the agency as a whole managed to convince La Armadura that this was an opportunity, both for her career, and to do real good. Amalia reluctantly agreed and soon received training from a more experienced super-human with similar powers to control her strength. After which she gave up her championship, and became Spain's premiere superhero!

              La Armadura's career as a superhero eclipsed her career as a luchadora; Spain had few superhumans and even fewer ultras, and La Armadura's tendency to approach heroics with much the same loud persona she had as a luchadora made her very popular. Merchandise sales skyrocketed, news outlets ate up her appearances at festivals and events, and no super-villain she thwarted ever escaped unflattering photos for news outlets and social media. La Armadura herself loved it, finally her she was living the life she always dreamed of, however there were times that her guilt at injuring La pantera would eat away at her, and the agency often had to work hard to spin or hide La Armadura's depressive episodes. Fortunately therapy, using her money to help her brother's education, donations to charity, and her life saving heroics helped shore up her self-esteem and kept her from downing all of the alcohol in Spain.

              A major turning point in La Armadura's career was after confronting a disgruntled freak named El Gran Toro, a bull-like freak who had decided enough was enough regarding the treatment of freaks. La Armadura had a destructive battle arresting him, but sympathizing with his plight and her guilt pushing her to disobey her agency's objections, La Armadura publicly came to his defense to battle the trumped up charges he faced, calling them prejudiced and unfair for just being who he is! This launched Armadura into fame, or infamy, worldwide for her outspoken opinions for superhuman rights and strong criticism of the labels of "Ultra" and "Freak." Toro himself, after serving his sentence, ended up being scooped up by La Armadura's agency and billed as her rival in order to cool some of the controversy that La Armadura stirred up. And for a while it seemed to work, despite some philosophical agreements they still both had stubborn personalities and a competitive streak, but then this publicity stunt backfired when the two secretly began dating, which did not stay secret for long.

              The relationship ultimately did not survive, in part due to the controversy, but also because while they shared similar opinions on the treatment of "freaks," Toro ultimately believed that superhumans, freaks especially, needed to assert themselves and become a power in the world in their own right that earned respect from other nations. Armadura knew that Toro meant well but also knew his temper sometimes got the better of his judgement, besides that she believed that their needed to be more mutual cooperation and an outright end to the social mindset of subdividing that the world seems stuck in. Toro struck out solo from then on, garnering a reputation as being a bit of a destructive super-hero. The two would meet every now and again since then, sometimes clashing, sometimes enjoying a nice lunch together, debate their views, or even a nice quiet (or not) evening together.

              Right now La Armadura remains an activist for superhuman equality and a superhero. The superheroic luchadora certainly raises awareness of the issues and garners supporters, but like any hot-topic issue she has plenty of detractors too among norms and superhumans alike, and there are those who haven't forgotten the major controversies of her history. La Armadura is currently touring Western Europe, with plans to head to the UK and then to the United States, both on a mission to speak up for superhuman rights and to thwart villainy on the way. Amalia has often found herself wondering if she's really doing the right thing, but giving up hasn't been her style yet, and she still has letters from her family to support her. Amalia has to believe that if anyone is strong enough to do this, it's La Armadura!

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                Re: Builds by a Geek

                One character I would absolutely love to give a chance to play in a game again! Dragonfly was partly inspired by the new Ms. Marvel series, a young hero who's learning the ropes and coming to terms with who she is, but at the same time not absolutely bogged down in drama. Dragonfly was also an experiment with shrinking characters, which aren't terribly popular from my observation due in no small part to the disparity in point-efficiency between shrinking and growth (which I will not debate here, all of my attempts to apply fixes to either of these powers ended up working POORLY in practice). Sadly with her batting record of games (one game died before lift off, the other she just flat out didn't make the cut) I have yet to see if I actually succeeded in making a functional shrinking character. On paper I think she looks alright, but I look forward to a time I can put her in practice.


                Dragonfly Bio

                Code Name: Dragonfly
                Secret Identity: April Lipe
                Gender: Female
                Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                21 5'6" (normal size) 136 lbs (normal size) Green Red

                Dragonfly Crunch

                Power Level 10
                Abilities = 40pts
                Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                2/-1 6 4 2 4 0 2 0
                Powers = 62 points

                Dragonfly Form: shrinking 12 (size rank -5, +6 dodge & parry, +12 stealth, -6 intimidate, -3 strength, -1 speed); linked to flight 6 (wings, 120mph); linked to immunity 1 (Own slam damage) = 31 points
                Dragon Fire: 20 point array = 23 points total
                • Dragonfire Blast: ranged damage 10 = 20 points
                • Dragonfire Flash: ranged cumulative affliction 10 (resisted by fortitude; impaired, disabled, unaware) limited to vision = 1 point
                • Dragonfire Breath: cone area damage 10 = 1pt
                • Dragonfist Barrage: multiattack damage 8, accurate 4 = 1 point

                Inner Fire: immunity 2 (hot & cold environments) = 2 points
                Fast Healer: regeneration 5 = 5 points
                The bigger they are: enhanced skill 2 (ranged combat: Dragon Fire 4 (quirk: only against larger targets)) = 1 point

                Advantages: agile feint, hide-in-plain-sight, move-by action, redirect, set-up, teamwork, uncanny dodge = 7 points

                Skills: Acrobatics 11 (+15), Athletics 0 (+2/-1), Close Combat: Unarmed 10 (+14), Close Combat: Dragonfist Barrage 0 (+12), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Photography 5 (+5), insight 4 (+6), intimidation 0 (+0/-6), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 2 (+2), Ranged combat: Dragon Fire 4 (+6/10), stealth 0 (+4/+16) = 21 points

                Defense = 20 points
                Dodge 14/8
                Parry 14/8
                Toughness 6
                Fortitude 8
                Will 12
                Initiative +4
                Unarmed +14 Close, Damage 2/-1 (DC17/14)
                Slam +14 Close, Damage 6 (DC21)
                Dragonfire Blast +6/10 Ranged, Damage 10 (DC25)
                Dragonfire Flash +6/10 Ranged, Affliction 10 (DC20 Fortitude)
                Dragonfire Breath - Cone Area, Damage 10 (DC25/20)
                Dragonfist Barrage +12 close, Damage 8+ (DC23+), 5 ft reach
                Abilities: 40 + Powers: 62 + Advantages: 7 + Skills: 21 + Defenses: 20 = 150/150 points


                Dragonfly Form: [size] [shrinking] and [Movement] [Flying] April's primary power in which she shrinks down to a size of only a few inches, this makes her harder to hit and harder to even see, but costs her some physical strength and and makes it more tiresome to walk, thankfully in this form she sprouts iridescent wings reminiscent of a dragonfly, which enables her to fly much faster than she could walk normally anyways! A good thing her condensed size makes it so impacting into solid objects doesn't really bother her (at least when she's doing the impacting).
                Dragon Fire: April's Dragonfly form absorbs and processes ambient energy which she can then expel in flaming blue blasts of heat. Though not literally the fire of a dragon (she was amazed those things actually exist if Seven is to believed) she's too fond of the nickname to change it. When she first manifested her powers she needed to be shrunken in order to use her dragon fire, but has since learned how to safely "store" that energy even at her normal size, and is thus able to use it at any size.
                • Dragonfire Blast: [Fire] [Heat] April launches out a concentrated stream of fire to damage a target.
                • Dragonfire Flash: [Fire] [Light] A trick she learned at Claremont, April concentrates a spark, hurls it forth where it then bursts into a brilliant flash in front of a target, blinding them!
                • Dragonfire Breath: [Fire] [Heat] You'd think such a little thing couldn't produce such a gout of blue colored flame, but lo and behold, if April needs to hit a whole bunch of targets this is her go-to power. She's had to learn to position herself carefully.
                • Dragonfist Barrage: [Fire] [Heat] Realizing the need for an attack with less potential for collateral damage April eventually learned to "punch" forward short lived balls of fire that only go about five feet before dissipating. Still she can launch them in rapid enough succession to where the potential for great damage can still be found in a less nimble foe.

                Inner Fire: [Immunity] [Heat] A side-effect of her powers has made April immune to damaging levels of heat and maintain an even body-temperature regardless of her environment even at her normal size.
                Fast Healer: [Biological] [Recovery] Certain body processes became more efficient since her powers manifested, mainly her ability to recover from injury even when at full size.
                The Bigger they are: [Skill] Dragonfly is used to fighting enemies larger than her and as such is a better shot when fighting larger foes. Conversely she's less adept of a shot against similarly sized opponents.


                Motivation - Doing Good: Though a thrill-seeker on the surface, and the adrenaline rush is nice, Dragonfly earnestly believes in putting a stop to evil and making the world a better place.

                Secret Identity: Dragonfly is secretly April Lipe, independent photographer with some published works.

                Accident: Though trained to be more careful there are still occasions where a stray shot of her Dragon Fire can light things ablaze.

                Responsibility: As part of the Freedom League's Home Team she has had to protect the city at the expense of her private life, especially since she is determined to keep her friends and family far away from her super-hero life. This also leaves her beholden to the codes of conduct within the team.

                Secret: Has only recently begun to question her sexuality and is concerned about what her, for the most part conservative, parents might think.

                Relationship: Olivia Burnside is a filmmaker that she has formed a sort-of business partnership with. Olivia is also a lesbian and has, outside of work, made passes at April that she has been surprisingly cool with; April is still not sure if she really can return the same feelings though.

                Relationship: Teena and James Lipe, her mother and father respectively. They don't really discuss politics since they tend to disagree, but they were very supportive of April's chosen career choice and how she had done well despite their initial misgivings. April is worried about what they might think if she really is gay.

                Relationship: The only villain that Dragonfly used to call "her villain" was Dire Queen, who was actually April's best friend before Claremont Diane. Diane accepted a deal with Mr. Infamy to gain her powers of fire and ice, at least until after several confrontations with Dragonfly the young heroine reached out to the girl inside of Dire Queen and appealed to her long-buried better half, and with that her powers vanished and with some help Diane returned to a more normal life. April and Diane are not as close as they used to be, but Diane is the only person outside of April's super-hero lifestyle she can talk to about it.

                Enemy: April didn't even know who he was when she first saw him; in fact she wouldn't know who he was until the final defeat of Dire Queen after Diane told April the story of how she got her powers, and later Dr. Metropolis informed Dragonfly about the bedeviling deal-maker. Though once it became clear that he gave Diane powers to cause pain Dragonfly swore to put a stop to any of his plots that she could!

                Dragonfly Backstory

                Born on the month she was named for, April was the little treasure of the Lipes. They were both strict but nurturing parents who wanted the best for their little girl even if she often disagreed with what was best for her. Some days Teena wondered if that girl who stuck blue highlights in her natural born hair-color or who passed on student government to be a cheerleader was really her daughter.

                Summer break after her freshman year things changed. April had snuck out to go to a party, it unfortunately did not turn out like she expected it to. In hindsight her troubles started out fairly mundane, she got into a fight with her then best-friend, Diane, who stormed upstairs while April made her way to the bathroom. Once she'd cooled off and exited she saw who she thought was a chaperone at the party who offered her a "once-in-a-lifetime offer, a way to make sure no one ever hurts you again," though sorely tempted after the rough time she had with her parents and her best friend just now April just blew him off and returned to the party. Unbeknownst to her, that same offer by Mr. Infamy would be passed on to her much less resolute and much more hurt friend.

                The house literally came crashing down in flames, a scared and desperate April crawled into a hiding place, crawling and crawling even when she thought the space was too tight to squeeze into until she was stuck in a very dark corner and huddled up afraid until she blacked out. When she next woke up she found herself laying on a hand made of concrete, bereft of clothes, and bearing iridescent wings on her back! Dr. Metropolis had found the young girl in the space between the counter and walls of the kitchen alone and afraid.

                Initially, and understandably, freaked out it took some time for Dr. Metropolis to calm the girl down enough to get her to Freedom Hall where she was examined more closely. Apparently she was actually a mutate but it wasn't until the extreme stress of the other night that her powers manifested. Once April had learned to return to her original size she was returned home to her distraught parents where she promised never to run out ever again.

                Things improved drastically for April though, within a short time her parents were so proud of her acceptance into Claremont Academy. April could visit her parents anytime, and the walls of the Academy gave her a place where she could be herself without fear of hiding her powers and where she was taught to better control them. As Dragonfly she even had a few adventures with the Next-Gen and her personal hero Dr. Metropolis, and against her arch-enemy Diane, or Dire Queen as she took to calling herself. Her Claremont adventures culminated to a final battle with Dire Queen where with some support from Dr. Metropolis she'd managed to reach out to her friend and persuade her to stop; "I want to stop this hurting too, I think we both do, so please Diane, stop hurting yourself,", setting Diane free from that fell deal she made. Diane and April stopped being enemies that day, they may not be the friends they used to be, but even today Diane is the only person outside of her super-hero life who she can talk to about super life.

                It was during her time spent with Dr. Metropolis that April's fascination with photography really developed, she often found herself staring at Metropolis during his more pensive moments, and ended up bringing a camera to try and catch that gentle side no one gets to see, much to his chagrin. After graduation April took the long road to try and make it as both a photographer and a super-hero. It took a lot of time living with her parents again but eventually she started making enough money on her published works to move out, room with a similarly passionate filmmaker named Olivia, and go into business together. On the other half of her life Dragonfly persistently pushed for more full-time membership with the Freedom League; though not one to outwardly show it Dr. Metropolis did appreciate the girl's dedication to doing good (though he wished she'd be more careful with her fire sometimes) and eventually relented when the team's need for more homebound heroes became apparent.

                April's pretty happy with where things are in life now though her problems are far from over. She's begun to question her sexuality and may be attracted to Olivia, though she's not clear on her personal feelings and also worried about their current personal and professional relationship; not to mention April really doesn't want to drive a new wedge into her relationship with her parents. Lastly being a more full-time member of the League has been harder than she thought, still she's not about to give up yet, this has been a chance to do more good than ever before and she won't give it up just because the road has gotten a bit bumpy. Dragonfly is ready to be a hero!

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                  Re: Builds by a Geek

                  I'm a little embarrassed by this character to be completely honest. Pretty much an attempt to go rule 63 with Batman, and it did not work. Oh sure the build itself works, not one I use much anymore but still works, but ultimately my role-playing of this character ended up emphasizing her temper too much (though at times it did feel like some scenes were repainted in ways that made her come off even worse). I don't know if I'll ever actually use Nightkeeper again, though if I do I'll have to remember not to emphasize her temper near as much.


                  Nightkeeper Bio

                  Hero name: Nightkeeper
                  Secret Identity: Mina Murray
                  Gender: Female
                  Age: 26
                  Height: 5'9"
                  Weight: 144 lbs
                  Eyes: Green
                  Hair: Brown
                  Base of Operations: The Keep


                  Ever since the death of her parents, where the line is drawn between Mina's job and free-time has become blurry, almost non-existant. If she's not working on a case, she's either maintaining equipment, training, researching, managing investments, or gathering information. About the only time she's not active is when she's sleeping (developing the uncanny ability to fall asleep almost anywhere). As Mina she is polite, if straight-to-business, with strangers. As Nightkeeper she is serious and dour, sometimes even letting her pent-up anger get the better of her. Despite being less than pleasant to talk to, both Mina and Nightkeeper care for the well-being of others, though she doesn't always express it well with words, her actions demonstrate this side of her.

                  Given the best training and education her father's money and chosen tutors could get, Mina's dedication and intelligence have been polished to forge her into a highly skilled combatant skilled with smaller bludgeoning weapons and throwing weapons whilst being a brilliant inventor who is studying or working on improving the gadgets she implements; even if the latter skills are not at the level of the world's super-scientists. Nightkeeper considers the above skills important, but secondary to her keen analytical mind which she puts to great effect to solve mysteries that have vexed the ECPD and approach criminals with tactics in mind over a brute-force approach.

                  Nightkeeper Crunch

                  Abilities: 60 Points
                  Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                  3 3 4 3 8 5 4 0
                  Devices: 9 Points
                  Flight Suit: Removable (-2 points)
                  • Flight 7 (Wings), subtle 2 (sound buffering) = 9 points
                  • movement 1 (safe fall) = 2 points

                  Advantages: Defensive Roll, Uncanny Dodge, instant up, eidetic memory, power attack, well-informed, benefit 4 (multi-millionaire), contacts, connected, skill mastery (investigation), inventor, hide in plain sight, defensive attack, Equipment 10, move-by action, quick draw, jack-of-all-trades, languages 2 (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian, (2 others I can't think of right now)), Precise Attack (close; concealment) = 32 points

                  Skills: Acrobatics 0 (+4), Athletics 0 (+3), Close Combat: Club weapons 7 (+15), Deception 10 (+10), Expertise: streetwise 1 (+6), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 3 (+3), Investigation 5 (+10), Perception 6 (+10), Ranged Combat: Throwing 12 (+15), Sleight-of-hand 5 (+8), Stealth 6 (+10), Technology 5 (+10), Treatment 0 (+5), Vehicles 0 (+3) = 32 Points

                  Defense: 24 Points
                  Dodge Parry Toughness Fortitude Will
                  13 13 3**/5*/7 8 9
                  Equipment: 50 Equipment Points available

                  General Equipment = 10 points
                  • Costume: Protection 2 = 2pts
                  • Commlink to Keep = 1pt
                  • Flashlight: Feature 1 (illumination) = 1pt
                  • Tool kit: Feature 2 (remove circumstance penalties up to -5) = 2pts
                  • Rebreather: immunity suffocation = 2pts
                  • Tracer/Bug: Feature 2 (Tracking & Remote hearing) = 2pts

                  Weaponry: 15-point array = 21 points
                  • Compact Explosives: Ranged Burst Area Damage 5 = 15pts
                  • Sleep Gas Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction 4 (Resisted by Fortitude; Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep) = 1pt
                  • Smoke Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Visual Concealment Attack 4 = 1pt
                  • Taser Darts: Cumulative Ranged Affliction 5 (Resisted by Fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1pt
                  • Throwing Discs: strength-based damage 2, ranged 5, multiattack 5, improved disarm, improved critical 1 (Throwing discs) = 1pt
                  • Collapsible Truncheon: Strength-based Damage 2, multiattack 5, subtle (concealable), improved defense, improved disarm, improved smash = 1pt
                  • Bolos: cumulative ranged affliction 4 (resist by dodge, overcome by damage; hindered and vulnerable, immobile and defenseless) extra condition, limited degree = 1pt

                  Headquarters: The Keep = 19 equipment points

                  Large Size, Toughness 10 = 4pts
                  Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, workshop, Secret, Personnel = 15pts

                  Offence: Initiative +4
                  Unarmed +8 Close, Damage 3 (DC 18)
                  Throwing Discs +15 Ranged, Multiattack Damage 5 (DC 20+), crit 19-20
                  Collapsible Truncheon +15 Close, Multiattack Damage 5 (DC 20+)
                  Abilities: 60 + Devices: 9 + Advantages: 32 + Skills: 32 + Defences: 24 = 157 Power Points

                  Nightkeeper Complications

                  Motivation - Justice: Whether as PI Mina Murray or the costumed vigilante Nightkeeper, she will see justice done to those who deserve it.

                  Relationship: Mina still keeps in touch with her uncle, wealthy business owner Quincy Murray, and her cousin Lucy Murray. Mina's assistant Sarah Singly helps her both at the PI office, and from the Keep. Mina has formed an odd friendship with Mary Grindstaff; formerly known as Blaze of the Victory Squadron, a teammate of the first Nightwatchman.

                  Identity: Only her best friend Sarah Singly and her mentor/friend Mary Grindstaff knows that Mina is the Nightkeeper, and Mina intends to keep it that way.

                  Responsibility: Runs "Murray Private Eye," in Emerald City.

                  Enemy: Nightkeeper is out to bring justice to the assassin Killshot, and from there bring down whoever hired her.

                  Nightkeeper Backstory

                  Mina Murray grew up the only daughter of Judge James Murray, and Defense Attorney Louise Murray. Attentive as their jobs allowed them to be James made sure that Mina was never lacking in the best tutors, self-defense instructors, or whatever whim she had on Christmas (a dollhouse one year, chemistry set another). Their lack of physical presence led to the strong-willed little girl developing a rebellious streak during her teenage years. However despite frequent arguments her parent's sense of justice rubbed off on Mina and she ultimately decided to pursue a career in criminal investigation. At Emerald City University Mina really began to grow into her own person, excelling at her studies and befriending Sarah Singly.

                  A night out with her mother would change Mina's life forever when the infamous assassin Killshot, hired by F.O.E., kidnapped Mrs. Murray and Mina with the intention of ransoming the two women and force Judge Murray to deliver the ransom and meet his death for his trouble. Killshot was in for an unpleasant surprise when it was not Judge Murray who arrived, but Nightwatchman III, one of Emerald City's many short-lived heroes who supposedly disappeared over 20 years ago. In the struggle that ensued Nightwatchman managed to best many of the thugs gathered at the kidnapping site and go toe-to-toe with Killshot, but the battle took a turn for the worst when Killshot was wrestled to the ground and her trigger finger slipped, firing a bullet that mortally wounded Louise Murray. The distraction allowed Killshot to deliver a similarly wounding shot to Nightwatchman, giving the assassin time to escape.

                  With the last of his fading breath Nightwatchman untied Mina and collapsed at her feet and whispered "I'm so sorry..." recognizing his voice, the horrified Mina slowly removed his mask and compounded the terrible tragedy she had just been through when she saw her father's face under the cowl. An elderly woman, who later introduced herself as Mary Grindstaff, soon arrived to see what had been keeping the Nightwatchman only to find Mina with her deceased parents. Having had experience in these matters as the former Victory Squadron member known as Blaze, Mary managed to manipulate the crime scene to avoid having Judge Murray associated with Nightwatchman, and once the police had finished their questioning, brought Mina back to her parent's home. After giving Mina some time to mourn with her family and friends, namely her Uncle Quincy, her cousin Lucy, and of course Sarah, the elderly retired hero told Mina the family history she never knew.

                  The Nightwatchman of Victory Squadron fame, before his fatal plane crash, had been training a young ward named Halland Murray, who eventually married a daughter of the Nightwatchman (whether legitimate or not Mary didn't say and Mina still doesn't know to this day). Mina's own grandfather and father were the second and third men to take up the Nightwatchman mantle, though neither achieved the same notoriety as the first, and James Murray retired to focus on his legal career and family once he married Louise, only putting the costume back on for the first time in years when his family was in peril.

                  After Mary told Mina this story the young woman's mind slowly stewed and boiled until a fiery desire to exact justice awakened. In the following months Mina dropped out of Emerald City University, picked up old studies she had left behind years ago, received mentoring from Mary, got her license to be a Private Investigator, studied, finished, and improved old designs for equipment her father had been working on before leaving the cowl behind. The latest nighttime defender of Emerald City, Nightkeeper was born; and the costume was Christened with the sudden dissolution of the gang that assisted Killshot with the Murray's murder. Nightkeeper is still keeping an ear to the ground for the infamous assassin, as well as whoever hired her for the crime that stole her parents from her.

                  Since that time she has struck up a friendship with Mary Grindstaff, who while happy to retire with grandchildren is also happy to advise the new vigilante and steer her away from making the same mistakes as her predecessor. Mina practices her PI job in Emerald City by day, while donning the Nightkeeper costume by night; maintaining the equipment costs through careful investment of her inheritance into a few businesses (her Uncle's primarily). Sarah, though constantly worrying for her friend's safety, helps Mina with both her day and night job, an effort Mina has a difficult time expressing appreciation for, due to being secretly afraid of the trouble Sarah could get into if she were ever connected to the Nightkeeper.
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                    Re: Builds by a Geek

                    I swear the names are different DC Comics! This is totally legit! So yeah with this sheet I absolutely ran away with Batman parallels, though I left out early childhood tragedy to replace it with self-made man and woman with young adulthood tragedy instead. This build started out as an experiment with whether I could use the sidekick advantage to create even partners, of course they'd both have to be under the game's Power Level to make this happen but the hypothesis is that they'll make up for it in teamwork. Two obstacles in this test however; first, the GM didn't like the idea of me handling two characters, but I wasn't able to come up with an entirely new story and instead added another layer where one of the duo got taken out of commission and became a behind-the-scenes support in the same vein as Oracle, which is what you see in the below sheet. This was approved by the GM but Blue Jay still didn't make the cut for the game. I might try and include the sidekick version of the sheet later, but for now here's the minion version of the sheet - maybe someday either version will have another game.

                    Blue Jay

                    Blue Jay Bio

                    Secret Identity: Jameson "James" Jackson
                    Blue Jay Gender: Male
                    Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                    28 6'2" 200 lbs Brown Black

                    Blue Jay & Odette Crunch

                    Power Level 8
                    *Due to enhanced trait
                    Name Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence Total Cost
                    Blue Jay 5 3 5 0 9 4 2 0 56 points
                    Odette 1 2 0 0 0 7 2 0 24 points
                    Odette Devices = 17 points

                    Wheelchair defensive systems: Removable (-4pts), 19pt array = 17pts Total
                    • Non-Lethal Projectile Launcher: ranged damage 8, subtle 1 (hidden until used), accurate, ricochet = 19pts
                    • Stun Zap: cumulative affliction 8 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated), triggered (touches wheelchair), subtle (electrical senses) = 1pt
                    • Hypnotic Pulse: burst area affliction 8 (resisted by will; impaired, exhausted, asleep), subtle (high-pitched hearing) = 1pt

                    Blue Jay Equipment = 60 equipment points
                    Grapnel: movement 1 (swinging) = 2 points
                    Glider Cape: Flight 4 (30mph) (wings, gliding) = 2 points
                    Smartphones x2 = 4 points
                    Body Armor: Protection = 2 points
                    Multi-tool: Improvised tools = 1 point
                    Flashlight: feature 1 (illumination) = 1 point
                    Rebreather: Immunity 2 (suffocation; limited to a few minutes) = 1 points
                    Utility Belt: 13 point array = 18pts
                    • Boomerangs: strength-based damage 1, ranged 6, multiattack 6, homing 1, diminished range (70ft, 175ft, 350ft) = 13pts
                    • Bolos: ranged cumulative affliction 4 (resisted by dodge, overcome by damage/sleight of hand; hindered & vulnerable, immobile & defenseless) extra condition, limited degree = 1pt
                    • Taser Dart: ranged cumulative affliction 4 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1pt
                    • Explosives: ranged burst area damage 4 = 1pt
                    • Smoke Bomb: ranged cloud area concealment 2 (normal vision) attack = 1pt
                    • Collapsible Staff: strength-based damage 2, reach (+5ft), split, improved defense, subtle 1 (concealable) = 1pt

                    Vehicle: The Jaycycle = 13 points total
                    • Medium Size
                    • Strength 3 = 3 points
                    • Speed 6 = 6 points
                    • Defense 10
                    • Toughness 8 = 3 points
                    • Features: Remote Control = 1 point

                    Headquarters: The Nest = 16 points total
                    • Large Size, Toughness 10 = 4 points
                    • Features: communications, computers, concealed, fire-prevention system, garage, gym, infirmary, laboratory, living space, power system, security system, workshop = 12 points

                    Blue Jay Advantages: benefit 3 (millionaire), defensive roll 1, defensive attack, equipment 12, jack-of-all-trades, set-up, minion 7 (Odette), power attack, skill mastery (intimidation), startle, takedown, teamwork, tracking, uncanny dodge, well-informed = 34 points

                    Odette Advantages: benefit 5 (cipher 4, security clearance), contacts, eidetic memory, inventor, set-up, skill mastery 2 (technology, investigation), teamwork, well-informed = 13 points

                    Blue Jay Skills: Acrobatics 0 (+5), Athletics 0 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+11), Close Combat: Others 0 (+9), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Streetwise 1 (+5), Expertise: Business 1 (+5), insight 6 (+8), intimidation 12 (+12), investigation 2 (+6), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 5 (+5), Ranged combat: Throwing 10 (+10), sleight of hand 0 (+0), stealth 0 (+5), technology 0 (+4), treatment 0 (+4), vehicles 5 (+5) = 25 points

                    Odette Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+6), Athletics 0 (+1), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+6), Deception 10 (+10), Expertise: Science 3 (+10), Expertise: Computers (+15), insight 6 (+8), intimidation 0 (+0), investigation 8 (+15), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged combat: Projectile Launcher 6 (+8), stealth 0 (+0), technology 8 (+15), treatment 3 (+10), = 35 points

                    Name Blue Jay Odette
                    Dodge 10 1
                    Parry 10 6
                    Toughness 6/4/3 2
                    Fortitude 7 6
                    Will 7 7
                    Totals 15 16
                    Offense Blue Jay
                    Initiative +5
                    Unarmed +11 Close, Damage 5 (DC20)
                    Staff +9 Close (+5 feet), Damage 7 (DC22), split
                    Boomerang +10 Ranged, damage 6+ (DC21+), homing 1
                    Bolos +10 Ranged, Affliction 4 (DC14)
                    Taser Dart +10 Ranged, Affliction 4 (DC14)
                    Offense Odette
                    Initiative +0
                    Unarmed +6 Close, Damage 1 (DC16)
                    Stun Touch - touch wheelchair (triggered), affliction 8 (DC18)
                    Non-lethal Projectile +8 Ranged, damage 8 (DC20), ricochet 1
                    Hypno-Wave - Close burst, Affliction 8 (DC18/14)
                    Blue Jay - Abilities: 56 + Powers: 0 + Advantages: 34 + Skills: 25 + Defenses: 15 = 130 points
                    Odette - Abilities: 24 + Powers: 17 + Advantages: 13 + Skills: 35 + Defenses: 16 = 105 points


                    Blue Jay: Blue Jay is an expert fighter and in excellent physical shape. Though by his own admission not as intelligent as his sister Blue Jay is nonetheless a capable person who has a knack for a variety of things, and is at least able to equal most professionals in a number of fields. Besides his combat skills and equipment Blue Jay can be charming (when he feels like it) but his main asset against criminals and even the occasional super-criminal is the imposing figure he cuts, and the merciless reputation he has cultivated among ne'er-do-wells, many an opponent has been distracted by or left shaking in their boots by Blue Jay's intimidating presence. Blue Jay has worked with Black Swan, later Odette, and the team for years and has developed excellent team skills, throwing off opponents for the other to finish off, or timing his attacks with near perfection. Blue Jay's customized motorcycle can carry heavier loads than normal and is astounding durable for a vehicle of that size, it also comes with a remote control so that Blue Jay may drive it to him when necessary.
                    • Utility Belt: The utility belt is where Blue Jay keeps a good chunk of his crime-fighting equipment.
                    • Boomerangs: [Blunt] [Thrown] These compact boomerangs provide Blue Jay with a reliable throwing weapon and are small enough that it is easy enough to grip a multitude of them, even if he misses the first time sometimes opponents can be caught on the return arc.
                    • Bolos: [Snare] [Thrown] Bolos can be thrown to ensnare targets.
                    • Explosives: [Concussive] Blue Jay carries low-grade non-lethal concussive explosives to deal with groups on occasion.
                    • Taser Dart: [Thrown] [Electric] Useful for stunning opponents.
                    • Smoke Bomb: [Concealment] [Smoke] These create a cloud that hides his movement or creates a blind environment.
                    • Collapsible Staff: [Blunt] For extra reach or a solid defensive weapon Blue Jay carries a collapsible staff that is easily hidden in his belt. The extra reach and extra punch can sometimes help with tougher foes.

                    Odette: Odette is a prodigy in many fields of science, possessing an eidetic memory and a brilliant mind that can succeed at nearly anything she applies it to. Since being convinced of her brother's mission of justice, as Black Swan she has dedicated her intellect to developing new gadgets and investigation, solidifying her place as the brains of the duo. Besides that she is a talented acrobat and training from Blue Jay has made her an effective hand-to-hand combatant. Unfortunately she's had to hang up the Black Swan costume, she still supports her brother with her brilliant intellect how she can. She hasn't forgotten how to defend herself either, even if being in a wheelchair limits how capable she is of pulling it off.
                    Wheelchair defensive systems: [Technology] Confined to a wheelchair and with more time stuck at the Nest Odette has outfitted improved versions of some of the equipment she used as Black Swan. It's more as a last-resort defense rather than crime-fighting equipment as the wheelchair still restricts her mobility... for now, but who knows what all she's working on in that brain of hers.
                    • Non-Lethal Projectile Launcher: [Blunt] [Ranged] The arms of the wheelchair conceal launchers that fire compact projectiles that launch out with a not-inconsiderable amount of force to knock out targets. The projectiles can reliably ricochet off of a surface once before losing any damaging momentum.
                    • Stun Touch: [Electrical] After hitting a hidden switch near the wheelchair's movement stick the next person to touch the wheelchair will be met with a stunning electrical shock. Of course the seat itself is insulated.
                    • Hypnotic Pulse: [Hypnotic] [Sonic] Odette dedicated even more time to polishing her crowning achievement of a sonic pitch that can affect brainwaves in such a way that those who don't shake it off will find themselves prematurely entering their sleep cycles.

                    Complications Blue Jay

                    Motivation - Justice: James has had enough of seeing the good cry while the wicked laugh, so he plans to take the fight to evil both big and small.

                    Identity: James Jackson, CEO of J&J Tech.

                    Relationship: Blue Jay still hasn't forgiven himself for his part in his sister losing the use of her legs and the end of her super-heroic career.

                    Relationship: Chloe Jackson, her mother is still alive, but older by now. She lives out of town but after the riots that killed Thomas Jane still fears for her safety constantly. The twins rarely invite her over anymore after what happened.

                    Honor: Blue Jay has sworn never to kill.

                    Enemies: Blue Jay is very hard on criminals almost on principle, but the Clowns in particular have earned his hatred for the death of his father. Even worse are two of the Clown's leaders; mastermind, prankster, and sadist - Merry-Maker and her "side act and boyfriend," Cut-up, a ruthless and cunning knife fighter (if not the sharpest knife in the kitchen). Blue Jay's rage at the criminal duo only intensified after Black Swan's paralysis.

                    Prejudice: Despite being a successful businessman James has still had to deal with the ignorant few who still discriminate against him for being African-American.

                    Complications Odette (yes I know minions don't qualify for Hero Points but this is for characterization)

                    Motivation - Responsibility: Jane always needed an outlet for building the technology that would've been too dangerous to release for mass distribution, now she can do some good with her genius by helping her brother's mission.

                    Identity: Jane Jackson, Chief of Research and Development of J&J Tech.

                    Relationship: Sometimes she worries about how reckless her brother can be, he's still her partner and supports him as best as she's able and would do anything in her power to help him.

                    Relationship: Chloe Jackson, her mother is still alive, but older by now. She lives out of town but after the riots that killed Thomas Jane still fears for her safety constantly. The twins rarely invite her over anymore after what happened.

                    Honor: Odette and her brother swore to never kill.

                    Enemies: Odette has no love for any hardened/career criminals, but the Clowns in particular have earned her hatred for the death of his father. Even worse are two of the Clown's leaders; mastermind, prankster, and sadist - Merry-Maker and her "side act and boyfriend," Cut-up, a ruthless and cunning knife fighter (if not the sharpest knife in the kitchen). Much to Blue Jay's bewilderment Odette does not begrudge the duo any more than she did before, but of course the enmity is still there.

                    Prejudice: Despite being a genius scientist Jane still has had to deal with rather ignorant racism based on her being African-American.

                    Disability: Odette is paralyzed from the waist down and is confined to a wheelchair.

                    Blue Jay & Odette Backstory

                    Jameson and Jane Jackson were fraternal twins born to Thomas and Chloe Jackson. Thomas was a hard-working office worker who was slowly but surely working his way up the company ladder, while Chloe was a novelist of some success so the Jacksons were far from poor. Their grandfather, before he died, would often tell them stories of the struggle for Civil Rights and how they should thank God every day for being born in this age rather than "back in my day," as he would always say. Meanwhile their dad would often try to impart the importance of working hard to get where you want to go in life. Despite being born at the same time both twins would take these stories and lessons in different directions.

                    James saw in his grandpa's stories the ideals of a man standing up for what he believes in and what is right, and his father worked hard to provide for his family. Perhaps at the time James was too young to fully put it to words like that, but a part of him definitely understood that. So James took to martial arts classes, it was an expression of his willingness to fight, and a way to burn his youthful energy, a way to feel he was doing something. His family wasn't quite so understanding though; one day James had run across some bullies picking on this smaller kid with glasses, and James wouldn't stand for it, he quickly sent the bullies packing with bloody noses. Of course that wasn't the story the principal heard, and James was grounded and put in detention for violence. The bullies themselves tried to get their own payback, figuring the black kid wouldn't be stupid enough to get in trouble again... they were wrong. Thus began James' fearsome reputation as a bully hunter among his peers, but the constant fights wore thin on his parents.

                    Jane took grandpa's stories as a lesson in gratitude, to make use of what she has now because the people before her worked so hard to make sure she'd have it, and the way her parents continued on with this. Determined to do the people who gave her so much proud Jane threw herself into her studies. The girl was a genius, consistently able to score perfect scores, and just outgoing enough to join clubs, she was especially fond of gymnastics, there was something freeing about those moments with her feet off the ground. However Jane's social life was minimal, the only people she interacted with regularly was her immediate family, and the people she sat next to in class. Before the loneliness could truly sink in those same people one day asked for her help after her latest perfect score. At first it was plenty benign, tutor them and help boost their grades, but it slowly warped into exploitation as they did less and less of their own homework, expecting Jane to do the lion's share of the work for them, which she did as these people were her only real friends.

                    As different as the twins had become it seemed inevitable that they would clash. James was resentful of being compared to his "perfect sister" from teachers and their own parents even and it showed. Jane herself didn't appreciate the resentment and lashed back at him, often telling him to clean up his attitude and stop acting like a thug. "At least I don't have fake friends!" "At least I'm doing well in school!" Such were the most common exchanges between the two. Their relationship would stay that way until sophomore year in high school. After a particularly bad string of arguments with James, Jane had offered to help him out but he was too stubborn about it and the arguments escalated from there; one of Jane's so-called "friends" convinced her to go out to a party, sure it was breaking the rules but she needed to live a little and her brother had to be wrong, they were real friends.

                    James had come around enough to realize that he was being a jerk for getting mad about her wanting to help so when he went to apologize he caught sight of her sneaking out just in time to follow her to the party. Another fight broke out about this affair and they went off to do their own thing at this party, James sure as hell didn't feel like going home and Jane wasn't going to let this end her one night of trying to be something different. However no one told the girl that they were serving alcohol at this party, James got wind of this quickly and whatever his anger he certainly didn't want his sister to do something that could actually be dangerous for her, especially when surrounded by other drinking teenagers. Jane doesn't remember the details and James prefers not to talk about it; all that is certain is that one guy wound up with a broken nose and teeth, and that the twins had bolted shortly before sirens could be heard in the distance.

                    At first things were just awkward, they'd generally only fought with each other and both were unwilling to admit where they were wrong. But eventually they made up properly, and promised to do better. James actually buckled down and studied, turns out he didn't need too much help to turn his grades around, just more dedication. Jane stopped interacting with her false friends, and made the effort to make real friends. Both of them had challenges in these new direction but now they had each others' back. Their parents were quite proud of James for turning things around the way he did, and upon hitting college the twins had their lives practically ready for them. Now without needing her parent's consent and without people trying to exploit her genius Jane flourished and breezed through college. For his part James took to studying business, while Jane had amazing ideas and technical skill, James was more passionate and able to drive deals home. They made a natural pair for business partners when they graduated from college. From their parent's garage Jane created the leverage James needed to get the loan needed to start the business, and J&J Tech. was born in West Port City, even now it is rapidly climbing its way to compete with other tech leaders.

                    The twins had invited their parents to visit them for Thanksgiving Dinner and had them flown in a few days early. No one expected that what was supposed to be a time to spend with family would turn into a tragedy. While their parents went out shopping the notorious gang known as the clowns began a completely unexpected riot, burning down stores, beating down shoppers with baseball bats, and causing all sorts of mayhem. Despite James taking the car to get there as quickly as possible he was too late. By the time he and Jane got there the riots were done and survivors were being taken away on ambulances, and Thomas Jackson would succumb to his injuries before the ambulance even reached the hospital.

                    While Jane stayed with their mother at the hospital, unbeknownst to the two of them James had donned a ski-mask and gone after the Clowns in a roaring rampage of revenge, finding a small gang of them and proceeding to break clown noses left and right! Still it had been years since James had actually gotten into any fights, and he was one man versus close to a dozen guys! It is probably only thanks to James' sheer fury that he managed to carry his bruised and bloody body back to his car and back home where his sister found him collapsed on the floor when she came to check on him!

                    After treating his injuries and yelling at him for being stupid and reckless James managed one more reply before passing out to sleep, "I just couldn't take it, dad's dead, so are others. We're left crying while the scumbags responsible for it were doing what? Laughing? Just laughing. They'll keep doing it too until someone breaks enough of their teeth until they can't smile, or until they're behind bars. If no one else will then I will, and if you're really the smart one you'll know you can't stop me." Still distraught Jane didn't come around right away, but after reflecting on it, and seeing that James meant every word he said when she saw how hard he worked at getting back into shape and picking back up his martial arts training lit a fire in Jane. She too could do something about it, and she had to do something, and so did her own preparations; research, development, plenty of tests and failures. But eventually they were ready.

                    One gang of Clowns had kidnapped a couple for a bloody game of "Pin the tail on the ass," a game that was interrupted by two shadows looming over the alley from the building ledge. The clowns turned around in time to see two bird-like figures gliding down, and two people in costumes proceeding to kick their asses. The blue one displayed considerable fighting skill and would smash faces left and right with fists, a staff, or throwing weapons. The black one would fly just out of their reach and pelt them with concussive rounds of some kind that left clowns groaning on the alley floor. A few more nights of this and word got around the street and to the press of "The Birds of the Night." The twins decided to run with the nickname and took up the codenames of Blue Jay and Black Swan, becoming a scourge to criminals everywhere in West Port City!

                    The duo would have many adventures together. Besides just run-of-the-mill gang members the two have had run-ins with more dangerous minds, but worst of all were two recognized leaders of the Clowns, the sadistic mastermind and prankster Merry-Maker, and her "boyfriend and side act," Cut-up, not too terribly bright but ruthlessly cunning and deadly with knives. The villainous harlequins frequently laid traps and committed crimes that could challenge even Black Swan's deductive mind and push Blue Jay to his limits, both physically and morally, as the two always seem to return to the streets beyond all rational reason, and though countless lives have been spared whatever fate the clownish fiends had in mind thanks to Blue Jay and Black Swan, the two have still managed to leave behind a horrifying body count. One case involving the duo changed the careers of the twins considerably.

                    After a grueling gauntlet of death traps with civilians' lives on the line Merry-Maker had prepared one last trap for the duo. Merry-Maker had left a little girl danging in a burning hoop that Cut-up planned to cut the rope to, and worse yet the hoop was suspended over a spike-pit. Black Swan kept Cut-Up distracted while Blue Jay swung after the girl. Unfortunately this is exactly what Merry-Maker wanted, the roof that Blue Jay used to swing from was weakened and by the time Blue Jay had enough momentum to grab the girl the roof caved in and threatened to send both Blue Jay and the hostage into the spike pit below! Black Swan dived down but Cut-up clipped her wings with several knives, and thus the only way she could catch them both was to swoop below them, their momentum forcing her into the spike pit! Luckily the suit prevented the damage from being worse, but in the aftermath of the clowns arrest Black Swan found that she couldn't feel her legs. Jane was from then on confined to a wheel-chair and had no choice but to hang up the costume. Blue Jay was ashamed at what his recklessness had cost his sister, but Jane was a smart woman and she adapted. Jane re-invented herself as Odette, hacker and info-broker, and the voice with an internet connection to Blue Jay. Besides, the wheelchair gave Jane a few ideas on ways J&J Tech can expand its product line.

                    Some years later Blue Jay and Sun-Girl worked a case together, and the two struck up a professional relationship that later developed into a friendship, easy to do since Sun-Girl too had used Odette's info services before actually getting to personally know Jane through Blue Jay. Sun-Girl offered Blue Jay a spot on the team she was forming. Blue Jay reluctantly accepted at Odette's urging, but only on a part-time basis at first. Eventually though Blue Jay came around to more full-time membership and has served multiple rotations on the team, providing his and Odette's resources as well as Blue Jay's own impressive skills. Blue Jay remains committed to serving Justice, and defending the weak from those who would do them harm!

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                      Re: Builds by a Geek

                      Here's the sidekick/partner build of Blue Jay and Black Swan, the fluff is pretty much the same though so we'll just go bare bones with this. There's also a chance that since I had to re-write this that I've made an error in my attempts to do so.

                      Blue Jay & Black Swan

                      Blue Jay Bio

                      Secret Identity: Jameson "James" Jackson
                      Blue Jay Gender: Male
                      Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                      28 6'2" 200 lbs Brown Black

                      Blue Jay & Odette Crunch

                      Power Level 8
                      *Due to enhanced trait
                      Name Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence Total Cost
                      Blue Jay 3 3 5 0 7 4 2 0 48 points
                      Odette 7/1 2 5 0 0 7 2 0 34 points
                      Odette Devices = 22 points

                      Black Swan Suit: removable (-5pts) = 22 points total
                      • Swan Wings: flight 4 (30mph, wings = 4 points
                      • Armor: protection 5 = 5 points
                      • Nano-Cling: movement 1 (wall-crawling) = 2 points
                      • Swan Suit Power Source: 12 point array = 16 points Total
                        • Nano-Boosters: enhanced strength 6 = 12 points
                        • Non-Lethal Projectile Launcher: ranged damage 5, accurate, ricochet = 1pt
                        • Stun Touch: cumulative affliction 6 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1pt
                        • Stealth System: concealment 6 (all vision & all hearing) = 1pt
                        • Hypnotic Pulse: burst area cumulative affliction 6 (resisted by will; impaired, exhausted, asleep), sense dependent (hearing) = 1pt

                      Blue Jay Equipment = 45 equipment points
                      Grapnel: movement 1 (swinging) = 2 points
                      Glider Cape: Flight 4 (30mph) (wings, gliding) = 2 points
                      Smartphones x2 = 4 points
                      Body Armor: Protection 2 = 2 points
                      Multi-tool: Improvised tools = 1 point
                      Flashlight: feature 1 (illumination) = 1 point
                      Rebreather: Immunity 2 (suffocation; limited to a few minutes) = 1 points
                      Utility Belt: 12 point array = 17pts
                      • Boomerangs: strength-based damage 2, ranged 5, multiattack 5, homing 1, diminished range (50ft, 125ft, 250ft) = 12pts
                      • Bolos: ranged cumulative affliction 4 (resisted by dodge, overcome by damage/sleight of hand; hindered & vulnerable, immobile & defenseless) extra condition, limited degree = 1pt
                      • Taser Dart: ranged cumulative affliction 4 (resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1pt
                      • Explosives: ranged burst area damage 4 = 1pt
                      • Smoke Bomb: ranged cloud area concealment 2 (normal vision) attack = 1pt
                      • Collapsible Staff: strength-based damage 2, reach (+5ft), split, improved defense, subtle 1 (concealable) = 1pt

                      Vehicle: The Jaycycle = 13 points total
                      • Medium Size
                      • Strength 3 = 3 points
                      • Speed 6 = 6 points
                      • Defense 10
                      • Toughness 8 = 3 points
                      • Features: Remote Control = 1 point

                      Black Swan Equipment:
                      Headquarters: The Nest = 15 points total
                      • Large Size, Toughness 10 = 4 points
                      • Features: communications, computers, concealed, garage, gym, infirmary, laboratory, living space, power system, security system, workshop = 11 points

                      Blue Jay Advantages: assessment, benefit 3 (millionaire), defensive roll 1, defensive attack, equipment 9, jack-of-all-trades, set-up, sidekick 22, skill mastery (intimidation), startle, teamwork, tracking, uncanny dodge, well-informed = 45 points

                      Black Swan Advantages: agile feint, contacts, eidetic memory, equipment 3, inventor, set-up, skill mastery 3 (acrobatics, technology, investigation), teamwork, well-informed = 13 points

                      Blue Jay Skills: Acrobatics 0 (+5), Athletics 0 (+3), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+9), Close Combat: Others 0 (+7), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Streetwise 1 (+5), Expertise: Business 1 (+5), insight 6 (+8), intimidation 12 (+12), investigation 1 (+5), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 5 (+5), Ranged combat: Throwing 9 (+9), sleight of hand 0 (+0), stealth 0 (+5), technology 0 (+4), treatment 0 (+4), vehicles 5 (+5) = 24 points

                      Black Swan Skills: Acrobatics 7 (+12), Athletics 0 (+8), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+6), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Science 3 (+10), insight 3 (+5), intimidation 0 (+0), investigation 8 (+15), perception 6 (+8), persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged combat: Projectile Launcher 6 (+8), stealth 0 (+5), technology 8 (+15), treatment 3 (+10) = 25 points

                      Name Blue Jay Black Swan
                      Dodge 8 6
                      Parry 8 6
                      Toughness 6/4/3 7/2
                      Fortitude 7 6
                      Will 7 7
                      Totals 13 16
                      Offense Blue Jay
                      Initiative +5
                      Unarmed +9 Close, Damage 3 (DC18)
                      Staff +7 Close (+5 feet), Damage 5 (DC20), split
                      Boomerang +9 Ranged, damage 5+ (DC20+), homing 1
                      Bolos +9 Ranged, Affliction 4 (DC14)
                      Taser Dart +9 Ranged, Affliction 4 (DC14)
                      Offense Odette
                      Initiative +0
                      Unarmed +6 Close, Damage 7 (DC22)
                      Stun Touch +6 close, affliction 6 (DC12)
                      Non-lethal Projectile +8 Ranged, damage 5 (DC20), ricochet 1
                      Hypno-Wave - Close burst, Affliction 6 (DC18/14)
                      Blue Jay - Abilities: 48 + Powers: 0 + Advantages: 45 + Skills: 24 + Defenses: 13 = 130 points
                      Black Swan - Abilities: 34 + Powers: 22 + Advantages: 13 + Skills: 25 + Defenses: 16 = 110 points
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                        Re: Builds by a Geek

                        Not an original character as such. This is pretty much Mindforce from the Hero High Yearbook a short time after her graduation (I cannot and do not take credit for the picture). I've made some alterations based on how I think a few years at Claremont affected her personality, gave her some refinement over her powers, but most significantly a tragedy that occurred shortly after her graduation that gave her an excuse to hang around in Freedom City for the game she's in. It'll be interesting to see how she develops now that she's back in super-heroics in earnest after a bad start.


                        Mindcrash Bio

                        Code Name: Mindcrash
                        Secret Identity: Tia'kim Moc Thranen
                        Gender: Female
                        Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                        19 5'7" 135 lbs Green Violet

                        Born and raised to be military and it shows; Tia'kim keeps a rigid posture and is largely no-nonsense and formal, though her time at Claremont did, after no small amount of effort on the part of the faculty, teach her to loosen up a little bit but only during moments that are strictly recreational. After the disastrous foray into superheroics she prefers to spend as little time as possible off-the-clock, doing her best to keep herself occupied, as it distracts her from how isolated she feels on this planet so far from the home she feels that she's let down with her failure.

                        Mindcrash Crunch

                        Power Level 9
                        Abilities = 30pts
                        Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                        0 2 1 0 5 1 6 0
                        Powers = 65 points

                        Telekinesis: 27 point array.
                        • Telekinetic Crush: Damaging Move Object 9 = 27 points
                        • Telekinetic Choke: ranged cumulative affliction 9 (resisted by fortitude; fatigued, exhausted, incapacitated) = 1 point
                        • Telekinetic Lift: move object 11, precise, inaccurate, subtle 1 (detectable by relevant mental senses), feature 4 (improved disarm, improved hold, improved trip, and improvised tools applied to move object) = 1 point
                        • Telekinetic Field: shapeable area move object 9 = 1 point

                        Telekinetic Force Field: sustained impervious protection 10 = 20 points

                        Levitation: Flight 7 (250mph) = 14 points

                        Mental Awareness: senses 1 (mental awareness) = 1pt

                        Advantages: Accurate attack, close attack 2, Equipment 1, extraordinary effort, improved initiative, language 1 (English; Loran native), power attack, ranged attack 7, ultimate effort (will saves) = 16 points

                        Skills: Athletics 0 (+0), Close Combat 0 (+7), Deception 0 (+0), Expertise: Security 4 (+5), insight 4 (+10), intimidation 6 (+6), perception 8 (+14), persuasion 0 (+0), Ranged combat: Telekinesis 2 (+9), stealth 0 (+1), Technology 4 (+5), vehicles 5 (+5) = 11 points

                        Equipment: Baton (strength-based damage 1), flashlight, handcuffs, separate smart phone = 5 equipment points

                        Defense = 15 points
                        Dodge 6
                        Parry 5
                        Toughness 12
                        Fortitude 7
                        Will 11
                        Initiative +5
                        Unarmed +7 Close, Damage 0 (DC15)
                        Telekinetic Crush +9 Ranged, Damage 9 (DC24)/Grab 9 (DC19)
                        Telekinetic Choke +9 Ranged, Affliction 9 (DC19)
                        Telekinetic Lift +7 Ranged, Grab (DC21)
                        Telekinetic Field - Ranged, Shapeable Area Grab (DC19)
                        Telekinetic Throw +7 Ranged, Damage 11 (DC26)
                        Telekinetic Weapon +7 Close, Damage 11 (DC26)
                        Abilities: 30 + Powers: 65 + Advantages: 16 + Skills: 11 + Defenses: 15 = 137 points

                        Power Descriptors

                        Telekinesis: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Thus far having been the only success of the Lor Military's "Project Brainstorm," Mindcrash can use far more telekinetic force than the average Lor Mentat. Having been trained for military purposes most of her uses of this power are offensive in nature.

                        Telekinetic Crush: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Concentrating more on raw telekinetic force than simply holding something in her telekinetic grip, Mindcrash can crush whatever her telekinesis has a hold of. Or just hit it with the sheer force, whatever works. There is a violet glow around her and whatever she's concentrating this telekinetic force on.

                        Telekinetic Choke: [Psychic] [Kinetic] [Suffocation] Aiming to incapacitate by means other than brute force, Mindcrash tries to instead exert enough force to restrict an opponent's breathing.

                        Telekinetic Lift: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Mindcrash can lift about 50 tons, practically double if she concentrates, from a distance with her mind. She is surprisingly precise with this, able to perform many tasks of fine manipulation or precision work. though she still by and far applies this power to combat situations more often than not, often times using hapless targets as improvised bludgeons or throwing implements. Despite the greater lifting capacity this requires less concentrated mental energy on her part and thus the telekinetic power does not emit a noticeable glow when used. Of course appropriate mental senses could still easily catch its use.

                        Force Field: [Psychic] [Kinetic] Mindcrash maintains a closely formed barrier of telekinetic force to deflect blows that could otherwise seriously injure her.

                        Levitation: [Psychic] [Kinetic] [Movement] Mindcrash is able to use her own powers to lift herself into the air with considerable ease and respectable flight speed.

                        Mental Awareness: [Psychic] [Mental] [Senses] Though her mentat powers mostly manifest through telekinesis, Mindcrash is attuned enough to psychic wavelengths to be able to tell when someone is using mind-based powers near her.

                        Besides her powers Mindcrash is quick to notice things and learning to fiddle with the comparatively primitive technology of Earth, after all learning its ins and outs keeps her occupied. She keeps a bit of equipment from her day-job as a security guard on hand, and a separate phone for her costumed identity.


                        Motivation - Acceptance: Tia'kim is desperately looking for her place in the universe, especially now that the purpose she had been training for now seems far out of reach than it used to be. The isolation and loneliness have been increasingly difficult to bear.

                        Motivation - Responsibility: Tia'kim was taught by both the Lor Military and her teachers at Claremont Academy to use her powers for the greater good. Though after the disaster of her post-graduation adventure she wishes she could leave the uniform behind at times, this sense of duty to protect others has been thoroughly ingrained into her.

                        Identity: Keeps the identity of "Tia Kim" and Mindcrash a secret.

                        Responsibility: Is a security guard for the Bayview Mall, where former underclassmen from Claremont like to frequent in their secret identities as well.

                        Strict Training: Trained to use her powers for military purposes from a young age has left Tia'kim remarkably lacking in creativity in the use of her powers - any attempt to power stunt off of her telekinesis array requires she make a DC11 INT roll.

                        Flashbacks: After failing to save an entire family from being crushed under falling rubble Tia'Kim has periodically suffered from traumatic flashbacks that can hinder her performance, ranging from mildly breaking her focus to outright freezing her up in the heat of the moment. These flashbacks are more likely the trigger in the presence of collateral damage where civilians are present.

                        Alien: Though Lor Republic humans are close enough in appearance to pass for Earthlings, her growing up in another galaxy, plus her almost single-minded focus on her studies at Claremont have left Tia'kim with some glaring holes in her knowledge of Earth culture.

                        Reputation: Mindcrash's most publicized adventure was her greatest failure, and catching a handful of street thugs hasn't been significant enough for people to really move past that.

                        Relationship: Though she doesn't overtly show it, she maintains a friendship with Zoey at Claremont Academy, she's a bit protective of Claremont's current crop, after all... she got a taste of what's in store for them.

                        Mindcrash backstory

                        In the aftermath of the Stellar Khanate’s invasion, and facing the continued Grue threat, the Lor military launched Project Brainstorm, an effort to create more powerful mentats using a combination of genetic and psychological engineering. But while Project Brainstorm resulted in a greater proportion of mentats being created than appeared in the general population they were no more powerful than their counterparts. Until Tia’kim, a mentat so powerful she was expected to one day exceed Project Brainstorm’s most ambitious goals.

                        Although the military tried to keep Tia’kim under wraps, Senator Ackundar, a big proponent of military accountability, learned of her existence and she was not about to let the most powerful mentat in a generation (perhaps ever) become a tool for the military. After tireless lobbying (and secret talks with Daedalus and Duncan Summers) the senator managed to have Tia’kim enrolled at Claremont where it is hoped the young mentat will grow into an individual capable of making wise and independent decisions.

                        For most of her stay at Claremont Tia'kim could not be broken of her military upbringing, unfailingly addressing her teachers as "sir" or "ma'am," or marching down the hallways, keeping her dormitory room cleaned to military standards, and almost unflinchingly focused on her studies. Tia'kim occasionally caught herself staring out the window at students who have had more ordinary lives, and was eventually able to loosen up when not otherwise occupied, even making friends with a freshman by the name of Cindy May.

                        Mindforce, as she went by during her time at Claremont, was considered one of the more powerful students on her graduation, and she felt ready to prove herself before returning to the Lor Republic and its military. Things did not go well however. During a battle against a few members of the Power Corps she was forced to choose between rescuing civilians or capturing the evil men who shot down all that rubble that could crush the civilians, including the still largely untrained Cindy May and her family! Of course Mindforce did as she was taught and used her telekinesis to catch the rubble, but one of the Power Corps felt it necessary to give her a parting shot, and the force of the blast knocked her out, leaving the screaming of civilians being crushed the last thing she heard before passing out, and their crushed remains of Cindy being the first thing she saw when she woke up.

                        The media, of course, didn't fail to pick up on her failed heroics, though other heroes and her teachers were sympathetic (many of them had been there), the public was not as kind. To make matters worse she was obviously affected by flashbacks of the disaster and the Lor Officers sent to evaluate her picked right up on that, declaring her unfit for duty and basically leaving her on Earth until such a time she can prove she's ready.

                        With some help from Duncan Summers Tia'Kim has settled into a somewhat ordinary life to keep her busy as a security guard for the Bayview Mall, though she recognizes some of the underclassmen from her school, she rarely socializes with them (though she does feel the need to keep an eye on them). Perhaps the untested enthusiasm of these underclassmen has rubbed off on her because she's been slowly but steadily going out in costume again under a new name, Mindcrash (a name she picked as a grim, but in her mind necessary, reminder of her failure).

                        Mindcrash has been seen more and more since the Freedom League vanished, something she prays is only temporary, as they were among the only ones who could put her back in touch with the Lor Republic whenever she was ready. Until they return, and until Mindcrash is ready to overcome her trauma, she must keep Freedom City safe, she must not fail this time!
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                          Re: Builds by a Geek

                          Okay so she's a walking (running perhaps) stereotype of the hyperactive speedster and I love her for it! Suki was one of the characters I had the most fun role-playing. She was fun-loving, had issues that helped me write her behavior when I kept them in the back of my head, and just had a few funny little touches. I would definitely write up her build differently than it is presented here, and if I do revive her (I hope to do so soon) I will update it accordingly, but this is the build she had when the game died, thus I shall archive it here.

                          Nariko "Suki" Tsukino

                          Nariko Bio

                          Public Identity: Nariko "Suki" Tsukino
                          Gender: Female
                          Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                          18 5'2" 118 lbs Brown Black (dyed purple)

                          Nariko Crunch

                          Power Level 8
                          Abilities = 28pts
                          Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                          2 2 5 0 3 0 2 0
                          Powers = 65 points
                          Speedy: speed 15 (64,000 mph), quickness 10, movement 3 (water-walking, wall-crawling 2; limited - only while running) = 28 points

                          Fast Fighting: 15 point array = 20 points total
                          • Flurry: strength-based damage 2, selective multiattack 4, penetrating 4, subtle (DC20), (eletrical descriptor on penetrating) = 15 points
                          • "Pew Pew": ranged multiattack damage 4 (electric), precise = 1 point
                          • Taser Touches: multiattack cumulative affliction 4 (electric; resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated), subtle (DC20) = 1 point
                          • Takedown: selective shapeable area damage 5 = 1 point
                          • "Night Night": selective shapeable area affliction 5 (electric; resisted by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1 point
                          • Friction Burn: multiattack weaken toughness 4, affects objects also, subtle 1 (DC20 to perceive) = 1 point

                          Quick Fighter: enhanced advantages 6 (defensive roll 3, improved initiative 3), enhanced defenses 12 (dodge 6, parry 6), enhanced skills 21 (close combat: unarmed 9; quirk - not against opponents with higher initiative totals (-2pp), ranged combat: fast fighting 12; quirk - not against opponents with higher initiative totals (-2pp)) = 21 points

                          Advantages: agile feint, move-by action, evasion, language (Japanese), uncanny dodge = 5 points

                          Skills: acrobatics 5 (+10), athletics 8 (+10), close combat: unarmed 9 (+12), deception 5 (+5), perception 3 (+5), ranged combat: fast fighting 12 (+12), sleight of hand 8 (+8), stealth 5 (+10), technology 5 (+5) = 13 points

                          Defense = 10 points
                          Dodge 11
                          Parry 11
                          Toughness 5/2
                          Fortitude 6
                          Will 6
                          Initiative +17
                          Unarmed +12 close, damage 4+ (DC19+)
                          Fast Fighting +12 Ranged, damage 4+ (DC19+)
                          Taser Touches +12 close, affliction 4+ (DC14+)
                          Abilities: 28 + Powers: 69 + Advantages: 5 + Skills: 13 + Defenses: 10 = 125 points


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                            Re: Builds by a Geek

                            Motivation - Acceptance: Nariko may not let on about it but all she really wants is to be loved.

                            Prejudice: She doesn't necessarily shout it from the rooftops but Suki doesn't really keep it a secret that she's a lesbian, drawing the ire of some.

                            Reputation: Anyone that would care to know is aware that Nariko spent time in Juvenile Hall for petty thievery and pick-pocketing.

                            Accident: Prolonged direct skin contact with Suki can give people a mild but painful shock and short out common electronics, thus requiring her to wear gloves to interact with the modern world and has made finding a partner since getting her powers difficult.

                            Relationship: Her parents still live in Freedom City even though she's estranged from them and still can't forgive them, they're still family; her present feelings on her parents have yet to be resolved.

                            Secret: Tells people she's a mutant but in reality she volunteered for (unbeknownst to her) an illegal experiment that kidnapped street kids to test meta-human experiments on them. Nariko wasn't just the only success, she was the only survivor. She's deeply afraid that whoever was behind the experiments is still out there and ashamed that she couldn't do anything for the other kids.

                            Nariko backstory

                            The Tsukinos were new arrivals in Freedom City when Nariko was born. Her father was a strict disciplinarian and almost never praised Nariko for her achievements while always scolding her for her failures; her mother was gentler but nonetheless sided with her husband and also pushed Nariko to be a model young lady. Two years into high-school Nariko had one final argument with her folks about their expectations. One slammed bedroom door and midnight kitchen raid later, Nariko ran away.

                            She got by with a street gang, stole from stores, broke into apartments, and lifted wallets from pockets; always proud of her quick feet, it was certainly humbling to be picked up by the shirt collar by Johnny Rocket not even five seconds after picking some random guy's pocket. Nariko's parents were furious and left her to serve her time in juvenile hall with nothing but harsh words and how much of a shame she was to them.

                            Dejected, "Suki," quietly served her time in juvie, but again ran away from her parents at the first opportunity and never looked back; taking whatever odd jobs she could find, crashing with a girl that Suki liked. However she was thrown out soon after making her feelings known to the girl and thus Suki was left to crash with anyone who would let her. Eventually left with nowhere to go Suki accepted an "offer that would change your life," because hell, it couldn't get any worse.

                            When she woke up she was at first elated to find out about her powers, but was soon horrified to find out she was the only survivor. Apparently Nariko was more of a success than expected as she quickly wrecked the lab with her newfound powers. Suki swore to never speak of what just happened and decided to try again.

                            At first she fell back into old habits, but she was again caught by Johnny Rocket after a long chase through the city. After returning what she stole, instead of turning her in Johnny decided to help the girl set her life straight. With a little advice and encouragement Nariko started an odd-jobs service which used the speed she could complete tasks at as a selling point, even taking some time to beat up small time crooks (though she felt no shame lifting from THEIR wallets). With the League gone however, can Suki step up to bigger things?
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                              Re: Builds by a Geek

                              The concept for the game that Nightbird debuted in was interesting, we work for a mysterious backer who will give our character's their heart's desire if they do as he says, but the catch is that if they fail him he will take away the thing they treasure most in the whole world. Unfortunately the game didn't reach completion, a shame too as the GM was pretty reliable for lasting a while; but even so I did enjoy the game and I enjoyed Nightbird, even though she was a hair cursed by the dice-roller. A crime-fighter with more of a ninja flavor than my other crime-fighters, but perhaps taking a note from Nightkeeper earlier I made every effort to make it so Nightbird was NOT grim and dark. Sure darkness was one of her tools but Nightbird was far more affable than Nightkeeper ever was thankfully. However in a twist she could also be more severe than my other crime-fighters - Nightbird is one of the few characters I've made who is willing to resort to lethal force. It takes quite a push for her to resort to it, in backstory she's only killed two people who were both absolutely horrendous, and has even chided her other teammates for being quick to suggest resorting to killing (though likewise they stepped in during the one time she was about to severely punish a villain). It created an interesting dynamic that I would've liked to pursue further.


                              Nightbird Bio

                              Code Name: Nightbird
                              Secret Identity: Victoria "Tori" Banner
                              Gender: Female
                              Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
                              25 5'9" 144 lbs blue blonde

                              Nightbird Crunch

                              Power Level 9
                              Abilities = 38pts
                              *Due to enhanced trait
                              Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
                              3 3 3 0 7 3 0 0
                              Powers = 4 points

                              Fast: Speed 2 = 2pts
                              Vaulting: Leaping 2, acrobatics check required (DC11) = 1pt
                              Acquired immunity: immunity 2 (disease and poison; half-effect) = 1pt

                              Equipment = 50 equipment points
                              Grapnel: movement 1 (swinging) = 2 points
                              Glider Cape: Flight 4 (30mph) (wings, gliding) = 2 points
                              Comlink to Nest = 1 point
                              Flashlight: Feature 1 (illumination) = 1 point
                              Tool Kit: Feature 2 (Remove circumstance penalties for being without tools) = 2 points
                              Rebreather: Immunity 2 (suffocation; limited to a few minutes) = 1 points
                              Bug: Remote Hearing = 1 point

                              Weaponry: 15 point array.
                              • Bombs: Ranged burst area damage 5 = 15 points
                              • Knives: Strength-based damage 2, range 5, multiattack 5, improved critical (knives), improved defense, improved disarm = 1 point
                              • Poison Dart: Ranged cumulative affliction 5 (resist by fortitude; impaired, disabled, incapacitated) = 1 point
                              • Bolos: cumulative ranged affliction 5 (resist by dodge, overcome by damage; hindered and vulnerable, immobile and defenseless) extra condition, limited degree = 1 point
                              • Taser Darts: cumulative ranged affliction 5 (resist by fortitude; dazed, stunned, incapacitated) = 1 point
                              • Sleep Gas Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction 4 (Resisted by Fortitude; Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep) = 1 point
                              • Flash Bombs: Ranged burst Area cumulative Affliction 4 (Resisted by Fortitude; vision impaired, vision disabled, vision unaware), limited to one sense = 1 point
                              • Smoke Bombs: Ranged attack cloud Area concealment 2 (vision) = 1 point

                              Headquarters: The Nest = 18 points total
                              • Large Size, Toughness 10 = 4 points
                              • Features: Communications, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, workshop, Secret, Personnel = 14 points

                              Advantages: defensive roll 3, eidetic memory, power attack, well-informed, benefit 5 (billionaire), move-by action, connected, tracking, evasion 2, instant up, hide in plain sight, skill mastery (stealth), defensive attack, uncanny dodge, equipment 10, precise attack 2 (close; concealment, range; concealment), set-up, teamwork = 35 points

                              Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 7 (+10), Close Combat: Blades 6 (+13), Deception 12 (+12), Expertise: Business 3 (+6), insight 0 (+0), investigation 5 (+8), perception 12 (+12), persuasion 4 (+4), Ranged combat: Throwing 13 (+13), sleight of hand 12 (+12), stealth 11 (+14), technology 2 (+5), treatment 2 (+5) = 31 points

                              Defense = 29 points
                              Dodge 12
                              Parry 12
                              Toughness 6/3
                              Fortitude 9
                              Will 9
                              Initiative +3
                              Unarmed +7 Close, Damage 3 (DC18)
                              Knives +13 Close/Ranged, Damage 5 (DC20), multiattack, crit 19-20
                              Abilities: 38 + Powers: 4 + Advantages: 35 + Skills: 31 + Defenses: 29 = 137 points


                              Nightbird has no superhuman power, instead relying on her training and equipment.

                              Fast: [physical] [movement] Nightbird is a very fast runner.

                              Vaulting: [physical] [movement] With well-timed springing Nightbird is capable of leaping an incredible distance.

                              Acquired immunity: [physical] [biological]Access to advanced vaccines plus exposure to certain poisons have made Nightbird highly resistant to a large number of toxins and diseases.

                              Knives: [Cutting/Piercing] [Physical] While training with the Wing Shadow order Tori excelled in the use of knives for both melee combat and for throwing them.

                              Bolos: [Entanglement] [Physical]By throwing these weighted cords she can bind opponents to make them easier to attack.

                              Smoke Bomb: [Smoke] Great for providing cover.

                              Flash Bombs: [Bright Light] Used to blind small groups

                              Sleep Gas Pellets: [Gas] Capable of rendering groups asleep

                              Taser Dart: [Electrical] Taking inspiration from the poison darts employed by the Wing Shadow she had darts that carry a paralytic charge within them designed for less lethal takedowns.

                              Poison Dart: [Poison] Not that she's left behind one of the staple weapons she trained with. The dosage is low enough to avoid killing most people... on accident.

                              Bombs: [Explosives] Relatively small explosives. Nightbird's not overly fond of them due to the noise and collateral damage but sometimes they're useful in a jam.

                              Other Equipment: Using a lot of prototypes in development for her company's defense contracts Nightbird makes use of a grapnel gun to latch to higher ledges for more freedom of movement, a cape that when exposed to a specific electrical current shapes itself into a glider, plus a kit containing a number of small tools.


                              Motivation - Thrills: Though Tori's wild-side was greatly tempered it could not be completely tamed. With her resources and newly acquired skills she enjoys using them to fight crime, plus doing good feels good.

                              Responsibility: Nightbird has not left behind her discipline in her search for excitement; she holds herself to a strict rule of killing only those who have proven themselves entirely irredeemable, she will not use her skills and training to abuse the helpless, and she will never use her skills for personal profit at the innocent's expense.

                              Secret Identity: Not as wild as the old days but she still loves the wealthy social scene, and would rather not get her vigilantism or her social life complicated by powerful people knowing about it.

                              Relationship: Tori lacks closure in regards to her missing father. There are many questions she wants to ask him, or if he's even still alive; she loves the old man but is secretly afraid of what answers might be waiting; still she knows she won't be at peace if she doesn't find out.

                              "It's My Company!": Banner Enterprises is the legacy of her father and his grandfather. Even before her discipline she always wanted the company, but now that she has a proper respect for her family's hard work in building it and the work it does Tori will go to extremes for the company now that she's running it, especially since it's the pride and joy of her missing father.

                              Nightbird backstory

                              Victoria "Tori" Banner was the only child of Jacob and Annette Banner, and the likely heir to Banner Enterprises, a company that has pioneered many advances in medicine, security, technology, etc. Private tutors and trainers, toys, dresses, whatever Tori wanted she could get. Though her tutors had nothing but praise for the girl's intelligence and aptitude things between her and her parents weren't quite as smooth. Deep down she loved them and they loved her but that same love for their daughter led them to constantly disapprove of her partying, spontaneous trips around the globe, and reckless shopping. She just felt she was enjoying things while she could and never paid them any mind.

                              A few days after the Sweetest 16 she could've hoped for she and her father were taking a flight to China, going to arrange for deals with a business there he said. During the flight Jacob once again tried to impress upon her that she was going to one day need to take responsibility for the company and the people who work for it and that Tori hasn't been preparing herself for it. This conversation escalated into an argument on how he was trying to control her life and how she'd be ready for it when it was hers before storming off to her room on the jet. Soon after the plane began a rapid descent and the terrified teen was tossed out of the plane with a parachute and without her father.

                              Tori wasn't sure how long she spent lost in the wilderness in China. Her tutoring paid off a little bit in that she wasn't completely helpless but this was the first time ever that Tori had experienced the sensation of being cold, starving, and so very very much on her own in a strange land. Though she held out for almost a week Tori eventually collapsed and was certain she was going to die out here without her money, without ever getting that company she wanted so badly, without her family, and without having ever gotten to... to earn back her parent's trust. With that her vision faded and she tearfully waited for death to embrace her.

                              When she woke up she was instead being tended to by a few men who were giving her the most wonderful disgusting soup she ever had, treating her injuries, and eventually, once she was strong enough to move again, take them to meet the Grandmaster of the Wing Shadow Clan. Terribly humbled by her near-death experience Tori begged to be brought back to civilization, instead the Grandmaster reprimanded her for her lack of gratitude. From her father Tori might've argued, but she was both too weak to argue... and too afraid. After stopping to listen the Grandmaster explained that he knew who she was; apparently her Grandfather, before founding the company that would become Banner Enterprises, had been to the Temple before and earned the friendship and respect of the Grandmaster when he was still an apprentice. That oath of friendship compelled him to reshape the sorry woman before him into something more.

                              And something more she became. She bled for her training, and scrubbed the temple as punishment; Tori learned the art of stealth, weaponry, escape, and misdirection. Most importantly Tori learned to respect her superiors, and eventually appreciate their lessons and what her parents had been trying to teach her all these years. After five years of training Tori was deemed ready by the Wing Shadow Grandmaster, her final test; smuggle herself out of China and back to America. A test she succeeded at with flying colors.

                              After the media buzz of the lost heiress somehow making it back to America, Tori reconciled with her mother, and was dismayed to find out that her father was still missing. Annette, despite her health, had been doing what she could for the company but it wasn't the same without her father. So, still empowered by her lessons at the temple, Tori gladly stepped up to take the helm of Banner Enterprises. Though indeed she lacked the experience of her father or mother she certainly proved capable and was able to bolster the company through her efforts. It was a bittersweet achievement when her mother finally succumbed to her failing health, bitter-sweetness punctuated by getting to hear her mother say "I'm proud of you my little bird, I love you Tori."

                              Though she still reveled in the social scene Tori felt called to something more now. There was a whole city, a whole world out there that her company can't directly solve the problems of, but she could. Tori would, painstakingly discreetly, work to personally acquire designs and materials from the security technologies division of Banner Enterprises, and then spend a great deal of time creating a costume and gadgetry she could use in conjunction with her Wing Shadow training to become Nightbird, the Silent Hunter of the Night Sky.

                              Tori considered Nightbird a success. She could silently stalk criminals, protect the helpless from them. There was even a time where she stopped a sociopathic gang leader from igniting a gang war in a bid for more control of the underworld. She, unfortunately, had to kill him, but she takes constant pains to remind herself that his death was an exception, and not a necessity for everyone.

                              It's been a year since assuming the Nightbird identity. Tori is still mastering her skills and attempting to pick up a few more things; trying to establish more of an info network, studying languages, dictating general policy her managers need to implement; all the same she plays as hard as she works and still goes to parties, social gatherings, and charity events with a smile. To help safeguard her secret her personal aide and manservant Cheng, who unbeknownst to her until her return to America was also privy to the existence of the Wing Shadow, remains the only staff of her penthouse so as to avoid the risk of any other hired help from discovering any of the hidden doors to the Nest, he even runs the nest while she's out; and between keeping up her life as Tori and her nighttimes adventures as Nightbird she's out quite a lot.

                              Nearest to her heart

                              "I've taken the liberty of organizing the reports you'll be needing for the 9 AM meeting..." Cheng was in the Nest's equipment room with Tori, helping her to clean off and organize recovered equipment, sure it wasn't always possible to salvage every object she throws at crooks and thugs, but the ones that can be salvaged need to be cared for.

                              "Remind me to never a meeting that early again..." Tori groaned, she had just busted a massive drug shipment, an operation of an ex-lieutenant of the Mob King before he... met his end; great... a reminder of a weighty decision on top of being tired and it being 2 AM.

                              "Of course, I would advise you get to bed soon then, I'll finish up here," Cheng replied.

                              "You need your sleep too you know, you have to make me breakfast," Tori said with a smirk, just her way of ribbing him. All the same, she finished cleaning off the knife she was handling and made her way to her bedroom. After getting out of her costume and into proper sleep wear she noticed an envelope on the end table next to the bed, "Cheng! What's this on the end table!?"

                              "The letter you've been waiting on Mistress Banner!" his voice called back, prompting a renewed energy in the young mistress, who eagerly grabbed at the envelope and threw herself onto the bed, tearing open the envelope and unfolding the paper with hands that she could not stop from trembling with excitement.

                              Nine months ago she had, rather painstakingly given how much trouble she'd been having with getting the hang of Chinese, written a letter to Grandmaster Yǐngzi, in the hopes that he may have found any sign of her father, who was still missing in Asia. The subject of her father was one of the few things she could speak to the Grandmaster freely about, after all she was just a disciple back in those days but she was also the granddaughter of his friend, and her father the son of that same friend. She knew sending a letter would be slow but she mostly sent the letter asking the question to test whether sending it via the channels the Grandmaster suggested would work. The fact that this reply is here at all is a good sign.

                              Finally with the letter opened she attempted to decipher the characters... okay that one meant... oh the potential for news of her father was too much to waste time translating when Cheng was within shouting distance. "Che- oh good timing," he was already at the bedroom door, prompting her to stand up to go and hand him the letter, "Please what does it say!?" her heart was pounding, could her father be alive and out there after all of these years? Her heart would continue to pound at her chest as though begging to burst through as Cheng's eyes scanned the letter. The heartbeat only slowed down when Cheng's expression turned dismayed. "What? What is it?"

                              "The Grandmaster... one of the Wing Shadow found information on the plane crash, the pilot was killed but... I'm sorry they said they did not find any sign of your father," Cheng told Tori, his eyes looking at her stunned expression. Tori sighed through closed lips, and silently moved back to her bed, sitting down on the side of it and just... looking at the floor, quietly, pensively. Cheng walked over to Tori and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry Tori."

                              "Thank you Cheng, I'll see you in the morning," she managed to say, prompting the man to nod and quietly leave the room, the only noise being the door shutting behind him. Tori lay down on the bed, shifted around to pull the covers over her, and let a few tears escape her eyes to trickle down to her pillow.

                              11 AM, that morning Tori Banner was storming down the hallways of Banner Enterprises' Medical research division, most everyone got out of her way because one look on her face could tell you she was on the warpath, following a ways behind her was a man who must be in his mid to early 30's, trying not to fall behind her but also clearly a little intimidated by the ferocity of Ms. Banner's power walk; the power walk which ended when Tori opened the door to one of the offices.

                              "Ms. Banner!" A man in his forties gasped from behind a desk, "Ma'am I appreciate your leadership but you still can't just barge into my office without so much as a-"

                              "Shules, you're fired."


                              "Don't bother looking for your car keys either, I've already contacted your ride," Tori added as the other man caught up with her.

                              "Fired!? On what grounds? Why is HE back here? Can I get an explanation!?"

                              "Those inconsistencies in production and distribution that Mrs. Blackwall informed me of a week ago..."

                              "Were Mr. Craig's doing! It's why I fired him!" Shules interrupted,

                              "Were only partly Mr. Craig's doing, and no longer your concern Mr. Shules considering the remaining missing items were being distributed on the street illegally because of you!" Tori yelled.

                              "Wha- y-you can't prove that!"

                              "Do you think I don't care what is going on around my company, my grandfather's and father's company!? I had a Private Investigator looking into this the moment I learned about the inconsistencies Shules!" of course she left out the part where she was the one doing the investigation, "The police will be here for you shortly, in the meantime, security will be making sure you remain nice and cozy for them," she gestured to the door where two security guards came in to escort Shules away.

                              "This is an outrage! Craig was the one selling them on the street! Not me...! You haven't heard the end of this Ms. Banner!"

                              "With that lung capacity I don't doubt it," Tori huffed as she turned to Mr. Craig.

                              "Uh... ma'am don't get me wrong I'm not questioning your decision here but... but he's not wrong I was..."

                              "Giving away medicine for free to people who couldn't afford it," Tori interrupted, "The PI looked into that too you know, and Mr. Craig I appreciate what you were trying to do, but before you resort to stealing, next time just bring these up with me, there are ways we can distribute necessary medicine legally," she told the man with the most reassuring voice she could manage.

                              "O-of course!" he nodded in response as Tori walked off.

                              "Well, that was cathartic," she thought to herself, she took more time to simply walk down the halls, the halls that her predecessors built, the halls she felt proud to walk through. Her father may not be there but his legacy is, and as long as she has the power to do so she will do anything in her power to maintain its strength, its integrity, its soul, and its existence. With a smile, Ms. Tori Banner walked out the front door and looked to the blue sky above; someday he'll be back, she told herself; when he does she and this company will be here for him.
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