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    This is just my page of personal characters and various random builds. Thanks for stopping by!


    Camilla Crane - PL 8 Half-demon of gluttony, general creep. Formerly lived here.

    Dead Girl - PL 8 Nanite-reanimated lab assistant. Briefly lived here.

    Elite Pirate - PL 8 Scallywag mook.

    La Calavera - PL 8 Leg breaking sidekick. Formerly lived here.

    Marvelous Girl - PL 8 Super marvelous amalgam. Briefly lived here.

    Marigold - PL 12 Faerie Queen on a mission. Briefly lived here.

    The Mighty Samsquanch - PL 10 Walking rug, alter-ego.

    Morningbees - PL 12 Spazz faerie.

    Nightthistle - PL 12 Scary faerie.

    Pirate Jenny - PL 12 Angel-infected sky pirate. Briefly lived here.

    Proton Girl - PL 10 Preggo sizechanger.

    Robin Steele - PL 10 Gentleman thief, personal assistant.

    Rosemuddle - PL 12 Holy roller faerie.

    Sayaka Ishii - PL 8 Teenage avatar of life and death.

    Stiletto - PL 6 Street-level thug buster, daughter of Killer Moth. Formerly lived here.

    Toadwink - PL 12 Tank faerie.

    Wintergrace - PL 12 Brainy faerie.

    Wyn - PL ? Peasenty huntswoman.


    The Amazing Mrs. Perkins - PL 10 Teleporting supermum. Briefly lived here.

    The Black Flies - PL 10 Possesed, malevolent, man-eating swarm.

    Blue Kabuto - PL 10 Teenage Super Sentai from an alternate reality.

    The Bonerdagon - PL 10 Undead dragon boss, jerkface.

    The Cat (Who Came Back) - PL 6 Adorable engine of destruction.

    Chloe Price - PL 2 Rebellious drop-out, sidekick.

    Conservator Vhati - PL 10 Hiveminded space doctor. Currently living here.

    Eventide - PL 7 Burned-out child actor, shadow-manipulating street vigilante.

    Foundling - PL 6 Clone child trapped in a cybernetic body.

    Harlot - PL 8 Entrancing, intimacy-addicted supervillian, annoying cellmate. Formerly lived here.

    Lady Celia Conway - PL 6 Elemental-hunting Irish noblewoman. Briefly lived here.

    The Lady in Red - PL 8 1940's noir mystery woman. Briefly lived here.

    LimitLass - PL 7 Mutant martial artist.

    The Log Driver - PL 5 Lady pleasin' log jockey.

    Max Caulfield - PL 3 Time-warping art student.

    Miss Behave - PL 8 Freshman psion, social butterfly.

    Momento Moriarity - PL 6 Alt metal frontwoman possessed by a cthuloid horror.

    Niisha of Urborg - PL 6 Diplomatic cat-lady. Formerly lived here.

    Red Nova - PL 8 Extremis-ly pissed off ex-cop.

    Respawn - PL 10 Reality-hacked computer programmer.

    Samantha "Splitfeather" Riggs - PL 8 Coyote-smashing Apache manhunter. Formerly lived here.

    Sascha Vykos - PL 13 Ancient vampiric monster.

    Silverback Samurai - PL 10 Reformed gorilla samurai. Formerly lived here.

    Spontaneous Bootay - PL 5 Bootaylicious exotic dancer.

    Starling - PL 9 Super-Genius with a chip on her shoulder. Formerly lived here.

    Transit - PL 8 Teleporting mutant extraordinaire.

    Vaath - PL 8 Flesh-eating horrors from an outer hell.

    Widow - PL 8 Genetically engineered spider-girl. (Does whatever a spider can, and slightly more.)
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    "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

    The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.

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    Re: The Ro Show

    Samantha "Splitfeather" Riggs
    PL 8

    "I ain't sick, doc. I'm completely fucked. 'Sick' makes it sound like there's some kinda cure."

    Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 3, Intellect 1, Awareness 5, Presence 1

    Contacts, Equipment 5, Hide-In-Plain-Sight, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Well-Informed

    Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 6 (+8), Close Combat (Bite) 4 (+7), Insight 6 (+11), Investigation 10 (+11), Perception 10 (+15), Persuasion 6 (+7), Ranged Attack (Guns) 8 (+11), Stealth 6 (+11)

    Coyote's Senses (Senses 18)
    -- Coyote's Peepers (Extended sight 1, Counters Concealment sight 5, Counters Illusion sight, Low-light Vision)
    -- Coyote's Sniffer (Extended smell 1, Acute smell 1, Accurate smell 2, Analytical smell 1, Tracking smell 2)
    -- Coyote's Lugs (Extended hearing 1, Analytical hearing1)

    -- Coyote's Doggedness (Protection 4)

    -- Coyote's Trotters (Speed 2 [8 MPH])

    -- Coyote's Chompers (Strength-based Damage 3)

    -- Benelli M1014 Combat Shotgun (Ranged Damage 5, Improved Critical, Multiattack +1, Piercing 5, Stun Ammo) (22 ep)
    -- Barrett M99 Sniper Rifle (Ranged Damage 6, Extended Range 1 (600 ft.), Improved Critical 2, Piercing 6, Subtle 1) (1 ep)
    -- Taser X3W (Ranged Affliction 9, vs. Fort; 1st: Dazed, 2nd: Stunned, 3rd: Incapacitated, Accurate 2) (1 ep)

    -- Grapling Gun (Movement: Swinging 1, Ranged Attack Check Required -1) (1ep)

    Initiative +3
    Bite +7 (DC 20)
    Shotgun (Ranged Damage) +11 (DC 20, 19-20)
    Sniper Rifle (Ranged Damage) +10 (DC 21, 18-20)
    Taser +7 (Fort DC 19)

    Dodge 9. Fort 6, Parry 7, Toughness 8, Will 8

    Costs: Abilities 42 + Advantages 9 + Skills 28 (56 ranks) + Powers 27 + Defences 14 = 120 pp

    Enemy (Coyote): Whether it ever truly existed or not, Coyote lives on in Sam's mind. It talks to her - and that's all it can do - on a regular basis, delighting in causing whatever havoc in her life that it can. It taunts her, it goads her, it preys on the deeply buried inner fears that Sam has never shared with anyone. It knows her inside and out, sometimes better than she does herself. Worse still, there's no escaping it. Only the heaviest of drugs, those that banish all coherent thought, can silence the trickster in her head, and even then only temporarily.

    Addiction (Painkillers): The stronger, the better. Percs, oxys, benzos, whatever comes to hand. She's been hooked since her early teens, and much of the money she earns as a private investigator goes into feeding this chemical beast.

    Motivation (Greed): Sam is a problem solver for hire. She works for people she knows are shady (at best), and she does shady and worse things for those people for money. She prefers not to involve children in her work, but for the right number of zeroes..

    Name: Samantha Nola 'Splitfeather' Riggs
    Gender/Age: Female, 26
    Ethnicity/Nationality: Three-Quarters Apache/One-Quarter Caucasian, American
    Profession: Private Eye/'Problem Solver'

    Samantha Riggs was born on the Sab Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Her parents, Henry and Odette, split when she was still in diapers. Odette decided that a life up north, or at least away from Henry, was more to her liking. She left with a guy she'd met at a bar. Henry wasn't exactly what one would call A+ fatherhood material. Most of Sam's raising fell to her paternal grandfather, a man who went by the name of Two-Feather. Two-Feather kept as much as he could to the old ways, hunting and planting to eat, felling and limbing to build, keeping what little money he earned from deer pelts in a sock under his mattress. Young Sam resented and rebelled, but the old man was like the sea: endless and implacable and dangerous when angry. He kept her in line, passed on to her his skills, kept her fed and safe and as happy as a man from another century can make a young girl-child.

    The first day passed fairly uneventfully. That night, though, as Sam sat shivering wedged between two great sandstone rocks an animal did indeed come to her: a coyote, small and red-brown, which spoke with a voice that somehow put her in mind of Johnny Cash. It spoke in riddles and limerick, at least to Sam's very altered perceptions. It made to leave, and she followed it. She couldn't say how long it led her along, taunting and laughing all the way. Eventually it did stop, though, and looked back to her. "You'll never have wisdom like mine," it told her. "You have a weakness in you." Apparently Coyote lacked the wisdom to know when enough was enough, because Sam then did something neither of them saw coming. She loosed a primal scream, picked up a large rock from her feet, and smashed Coyote's head like a bowl of eggs.

    That was all she remembered for a few weeks. Two-Feather told her later that they'd all but given up hope of ever finding her remains when she'd wandered out onto the interstate dazed and reeking and covered in dried blood. The world was a very different place when she woke up. Sharper. Crisper. Clearer, in a fucked-up way. She knew, then, what she was: a hunter. She may not have inherited Coyote's wisdom, but she'd sure as hell gotten some of his other tricks. Her senses had increased tenfold. She was faster, tougher, even her teeth had changed, thickened, sharpened a little. Whatever had happened in that desert had changed her on a fundamental level. Her rational mind convinced her that there'd never been a Coyote: she'd been tripping pretty hard at the time, right? Maybe in her drug-fueled haze she'd wandered through some toxic waste or... aliens or something. Although she didn't know where her newfound abilities had come from, she knew she liked them. Oh yes.

    Things calmed down for a while. Samantha spent a lot of time with Two-Feather out in the bush, by choice this time. He gave her the name 'Splitfeather', for the damaged tail feathers recovered from her first downed raven. She even started getting a few grades in school, and managed to graduate. All the while, though, she was practicing. Honing hew new talents, learning to combine them with her old skills. After graduation, at Two-Feather's urging, Sam said her goodbyes and headed for the city: Freedom City.

    In the deserts of Arizona, she learned to hunt and to track. In Freedom City, she learned people. She learned that she actually kind of loathed most of them, but like the deer on the plains they each had their lessons to teach if you were patient and watched. She also learned that drugs were really, really easy to find in a city of this size, even if it was crawling with capes. Life was pretty OK for a while, as it was, until Coyote began to talk to her at night while she lay in bed. "You couldn't even kill me right," it would say. "How useless are you?"

    Sam bounced from job to job and guy to guy for a while, beginning to lose whatever positive forward traction she'd developed after her date in the desert. It hit her then, what she needed: to hunt. There were no animals here to hunt besides the rats and the cockroaches, so there was only one alternative. She went back to school and got herself a private investigator's license. It was hard for the first few months, but then word began to get around about the girl who never lost a scent: satisfaction guaranteed. As her reputation grew, so did her client list. It began to include shadier and shadier people: dangerous people, to be sure, but people that payed well and on time. The jobs began to change. Deliver brown-paper-wrapped this here, no questions. Find out where Marco the Rat's gone to ground and call my buddy Guido. This bitch is sayin' I knocked her up, but it ain't so. Fix it.

    Fix things she did. Fixing problems became her full-time job, with the detection business as a cozy cover. For Sam, though, it was too much too soon. The money turned to pills, the jobs turned to horror shows, but she couldn't make herself slow down. Coyote urged her on from the shadow recesses of her mind. One night, all the bad choices finally caught up to her. She got sloppy, drew attention. She was still wiping what was left of the guy's grey-matter off her sleeve when the cops busted in. It was all fire and brimstone from there, all the way to two life sentences to be served at Buckner Ridge.

    Ro's Notes:
    This is actually Sam's third incarnation. She started life as a coyote skinchanger, a Nuwisha, in White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse many moons ago (pun intended). She's one of my favourite characters, and the one I feel most closely mirrors my own personality.
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    "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

    The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.


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      Re: The Ro Show

      Lady Celia Conway
      PL 6

      "I don't believe in fate, Carrick. Fate allows us to let go of responsibility for our own lives and our own actions."

      Strength -1, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 0, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 4

      Animal Empathy, Assesment, Attractive 2, Benefit (Status: Noblewoman), Daze (Deception), Defensive Roll 1, Equipment 3, Fascinate (Persuasion), Improved Initiative, Ranged Attack 2, Well-Informed

      Acrobatics 4 (+6), Athletics 6 (+6), Deception 10 (+14), Expertise: Elemental Hunting 4 (+5), Insight 6 (+9), Perception 10 (+13), Persuasion 12 (+16), Ranged Combat (Bows) 3 (+7), Stealth 6 (+8), Treatment 9 (+10)

      -- Crossbow (Damage 5, ranged) (10)
      -- Boiled Leather Cuirass (Protection 3)
      -- Fur-Insulated Clothing (Immunity 1 Cold Environments)
      -- Adventuring Food Rations (Immunity 1 Starvation and Thirst, Affects Others +1, Unreliable 5 Uses -1)

      Initiative +7
      Crossbow (Ranged Damage) +7 (DC 20)

      Dodge 5, Fort 5, Parry 5, Toughness 6, Will 7

      Costs: Abilities 26 + Advantages 14 + Skills 34 + Powers 0 + Defences 16 = 90pp

      Responsibility (Portmore Castle): Following her husband's death and the financial ruin that accompanied it, Celia inherited responsibility for the running and prosperity of her young son's future holdings.

      Relationship (Winston Conway): Celia's son Winston recently turned seven years old. The nature of her work requires her to spend large chunks of time away from him, which eats at her.

      Prejudice (Gender): Celia is a woman on her own in a man's world, in a man's profession, at a time when her gender makes her little more than property or breeding stock in the eyes of many.

      Name: Celia Anne Conway, née O'Neill
      Gender/Age: Female, 28
      Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian, Irish
      Profession: Elemental hunter by necessity

      The O'Neills of Balilindarry made their fortunes and claimed their lands long before anyone had ever dreamed of a country called Ireland. Shipbuilding became their field of distinction, though they had thier fingers in many pies. As these things tend to go, though, the familly's prosperity waned over the years, and by the time of Celia O'Neill's birth much of the family holdings had either been sold off or leased out to Englishmen or Scots looking to gain a foothold into Ireland.

      Celia was the only daughter and eldest child of Nestor and Rebecca O'Neil. She was raised in privilege at the family seat in Ballindarry, along with her brothers Finn and Carrick. Celia was a precocious child, gifted with grace and wits and a tongue so silver you could polish the damn thing. She was her father's shadow, much to her mother's dismay. A streak of tomboyishness ran deep in her, and she had little interest or patience for Rebecca's attempts to make a young lady out of her. As she grew, though, she came to begrudgingly accept that she had a certain place in life. She'd be married off to some man of her father's choosing, someday sooner than later, and though she dreaded the mere thought of it she knew she needed to be ready for the eventuality.* The unfairness of it all grated at her a little: she was the eldest child, after all, and her father's constant understudy. Why shouldn't she inherit the family holdings, instead of being traded off like livestock? And all because she bore the wrong apparatus between her legs!

      Fate intervened shortly after Celia's seventeenth birthday. A young Englishman, a lord by the name of Edward Conway, arrived at Ballindarry to finalize his purchase of a piece of property from Nestor O'Neil. Nestor invited Conway to dine with his family that evening. Celia had almost feigned an illness to avoid having to attend, as she bore little love for the English. Her mother pressed her, though, so go she did and well enough for that. The moment she lay eyes on the dashing young lord, and he on her, the prospect of being a man's wife ceased to hold terrors for her. The two were betrothed before the end of the week and married in the castle at Portmore, which Edward had purchased from her father, in less than a year. So it was that Celia O'Neil, eldest daughter of a noble but fading house, became Lady Celia Conway, Viscountess Killultagh and mistress of Portmore Castle.

      The first few years of her marriage were like a fairy-tale. The handsome, dashing young lord and his winsome, spirited young lady, lost together in a love so deep that they struggled at times to surface from it in order to attend their duties. Celia excelled in her new station, taking to each new challenge with a gusto. She assumed her husband's responsibilities when he was away conducting his business, which largely involved trade in elementals and their components. That meant dealing directly with the local and visiting peerage, seeing to the castle's day-to-day running, even presiding at matters of justice. Life had its challenges of course, but it was sweeter than she'd ever dared hope for as a girl. Sweeter again when she became pregnant in her twentieth year.

      Celia delivered Edward a beautiful, healthy baby boy who they named Winston. Now with two true loves in her life, the couple's holding thriving, Celia was blind to the dark clouds looming just over the horizon. Edward delved head first into a new business venture. Occupied as she was with the baby and the castle and her myriad other duties, she had no idea exactly how much of their wealth and security her husband was gambling on his new project. She found out, though, when Edward's freshly christened fleet of ships ran afoul of a Spanish pirate flotilla while returning from their first trading/elemental hunting sojourn. Bereft of her beloved husband, bereft of the family's fortune which the pirates had variably stolen or sent to the bottom of the sea, Celia's joy turned to ash in her mouth. Only thought of her young son drew her from bed in the mornings.

      Struggling, Celia did what she could to stabilize he son's future holdings. She would hold her title in his name, until such time that came of age to claim his father's lordship. With great effort she managed to arrange several elemental-harvesting crews using what out-of-date equipment Edward had left behind. The difficulty lay in finding men trustworthy enough to entrust said equipment with: most of her husband's men had gone down with him. After a bad experience with losing precious equipment to thieving crewmen, Celia decided to begin accompanying her crews. If they want to steal from me, she thought, let them do it to my face. The measure immediately began to pay off; not only did the thieving end, but the men seemed to work harder under her supervision and encouragement. In a side-boon, Celia came to understand the business of elemental hunting better every day, and before long she was on the ground hunting right alongside her men.

      Slowly, painfully, Portmore Castle again began to turn a profit. Just as life was beginning to settle back into some manner of happiness, tragedy struck again. Celia had brought all three of her crews out to harvest a large elemental of earth which was said to dwell in the hills outside of Portmore. Unfortunately, she greatly underestimated the creature's power. The immense triskellion of black rock burst forth from the ground and decimated her men. She barely survived the encounter herself, and none of the equipment she needed to continue her work did. At a loss for other options and with a child and household to maintain, she left Portmore Castle in the capable hands of its castellan and began to hire herself out to other hunting crews. She goes wherever the money is good.

      Ro's Notes:
      Celia was created for a 'low magic, grim and gritty' fantasy setting. She was greatly inspired by Loreena Mckennit's version of a traditional Irish folk song, 'Bonny Portmore'. That song makes me tear up every time I hear it, for reals.
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      "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

      The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.


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        Re: The Ro Show

        Chanel Forelli - Harlot
        PL 8

        "I love it when you call me 'baby'."

        Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness -1, Presence 4

        Attractive 2, Daze (Deception), Defensive Roll 4, Equipment 3, Fascinate (Deception), Move-By-Action, Improved Initiative 2, Languages 1 (Japanese), Skill Mastery (Deception), Ultimate Deception

        Acrobatics 5 (+7), Athletics 4 (+6), Close Combat (Unarmed) 4 (+8), Deception 11 (+15), Intimidation 5 (+9), Perception 4 (+3), Persuasion 10 (+14), Ranged Combat (Guns) 9 (+11)

        Biochemical Pheromone Array
        -- Love me? - Affliction 8 (vs. Will; 1st: Dazed, 2nd: Compelled, 3rd: Controlled, Increased Duration +2 (Sustained), Subtle 2)
        -- Stop fighting it... - Weaken 8 (vs. Will, targeting Will Save, Accurate 3, Improved Critical 3, Improved Range +1, Insidious, Subtle 2)(AE)
        -- Don't make me break you! - Damage 8 (Descriptor: poison, Improved Critical 4, Incurable, Insidious, Secondary Effect +1, Subtle 2)(AE)

        Sustained By Touch - Feature (Immunity 1 starvation, provided she receives at least ten minutes of direct physical contact with another person per day.)
        Borrowed Courage - Feature (Fearless, so long as she is adjacent to an ally.)

        Weapons Array:
        -- 'Lil Lady, modified Desert Eagle (Ranged Damage 5)
        -- Spiked Brass Knuckles (Unarmed Strength-based Damage 5, Improved Critical 3)(AE)

        -- Leathers (Protection 2)
        -- Smartphone

        Initiative +11
        Unarmed (Strength-based Damage) - +8 (DC 17)
        Pheromone Touch (Affliction) +8 (Will DC 18)
        Pheromone Touch (Poison, Damage) +8 (DC 23, 16-20)
        Pheromone Sap (Weaken, Ranged) +8 (Will DC 18, 16-20)
        Brass Knuckles (Strength-based Damage) - +8 (DC 22, 17-20)
        Desert Eagle (Ranged Damage) +11 (DC 21)

        Dodge 8, Fort 7, Parry 8, Toughness 8, Will 3

        Costs: Abilities 32 + Advantages 17 + Skills 25 + Powers 28 + Defences 18 = 121pp

        Motivation (Shits and Giggles): Life is too short to waste time stressing over pointless shit, and the world is too fucked up to take seriously. Harlot is the type of person who would vote for Donald Trump just to see what he'd do, or take a pill she found on the ground just to see what it'd do.

        Addiction (Physical Contact): Harlot's body is literally, physically addicted to skin-on-skin human contact. If a day goes by where she fails to fulfill her Sustained By Touch feature, she begins to enter a state of withdrawal. This manifests first as increasing emotional instability, though if deprived long enough she will begin to suffer the effects of starvation.

        Quirk (Gullible): Harlot isn't a stupid woman, but she tends to be overly trusting. This is particularly true of people who show affection towards her. She generally takes people at their word, and as a result she is often taken advantage of.

        Quirk (Motormouth): Silence is the enemy, and Harlot is its slayer. She has very few filters, and she'll occasionally blurt out things that get her in trouble in the course of her blathering.

        Enemy (LimitLass): Harlot considers this member of Domin8's opposing team, Liber8, to be her arch nemesis. LimitLass has defeated her on several occasions, and she dreams of revenge.

        Name/Codename: Chanel Daniella Forelli/Harlot
        Gender/Age: Female, 23
        Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian, American
        Profession: Full-time Gadabout/Supervillian

        The details of Chanel Forelli's young life growing up in Queens are best left unshared; suffice it to say that she left home at fourteen and never returned. What was left of childhood in her bled out quickly living on the streets of New York City. She begged, she stole, she gave away what was left of her dignity; all just to eat, and make it through another day. Eventually, after a couple of years, the cops showed up asking around about her. Her parents, or more specifically her yellow bastard of a father, must have contacted them. She didn't hang around long enough to find out for sure; rather than risk getting sent back, she split town.

        Southward she headed, hitchhiking her way all the way down to California and sunny L.A., a place she'd many times dreamed of going as a girl. The reality of it was less enjoyable than the fantasy, but at least it was warm. It wasn't long before the strikingly beautiful young woman found a boyfriend to live with, to feed her and clothe her and spoil her. He was older, should have been wiser, but the man was putty in her hands. He couldn't resist her- literally. When his credit cards hit their limits, she moved on to the next poor schmo in line.

        It took Chanel a little while to figure out that it wasn't just her good looks and charming personality keeping these guys on the hook. She could straight up crush their wills, and all she had to do was touch them. It took longer than others with some guys, but they all fell eventually. Chicks too. The doors to a whole new life had opened, and she walked through with never a look back.

        Ro's Notes:
        Harlot was originally just a background villain in my long-running M&M 2e campaign, Angel City. She belonged to a second string villain team called Domin8, and didn't really do anything of note until my PCs sent her to prison. There she became cellmates with one of my core villains, Epiphany, and the two ended up becoming Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn-esque buddies. I enjoy playing her. She has a touch of ditz, without being stupid.
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        "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

        The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.


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          Re: The Ro Show

          Nice stuff, Ro. I like the Harlot concept and not just because that word is one of my favorite old timey insults.
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            Re: The Ro Show

            Mine too. ;P Thank you kindly! I'm a fan.
            "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

            The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.


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              Re: The Ro Show

              The Mighty Samsquanch
              AKA The Black Samsquanch
              PL 10

              "I'm here to chew ass and kick bubblegum, and I'm all out of... no, wait..."

              Str 10/34 (+12), Dex 12 /16 (+3), Con 10 /34 (+12), Int 14 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 16 (+3)

              All-Out Attack, Bitchface, Chokehold, Connected, Improved Critical (Unarmed) (3), Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Pin, Power Attack, Startle, Teamwork (2)

              Bluff 8 (+11), Climb 8 (+14), Craft (Scrapbook) 10 (+12), Intimidate 12 (+15), Knowledge (Your Mom) 8 (+10), Knowledge (Birthin' Them Babies) 10 (+12), Knowledge (Filthy Innuendo) 8 (+10), Notice 8 (+9), Sense Motive 7 (+8), Survival 8 (+9), Swim 8 (+14), Languages (French, Samsquanch, primary English)

              Big Hairy Bastard:
              -- Enhanced Strength 12, Enhanced Dexterity 4, Enhanced Constitution 18
              -- Growth 6 (+12 Strength, +6 Constitution, Continuous (+1), Permanent (-1), Innate)
              -- Leaping 2
              -- Super Strength 5

              -- Bigfoot Is Blurry (Concealment 2, Visual, Partial -1)

              Init + 7
              Attack +8 (Unarmed +12; 17-20 Crit)
              Defense 18 (14 flat-footed)

              Toughness +12, Fortitude +12, Reflex +5, Will +5

              Normal Identity (Rochelle C, -4)

              Costs: Abilities 14 + Skills 22 (88 Ranks) + Feats 14 + Powers 66 + Combat 32 + Saves 6 – Drawbacks 4 = 150pp

              Ro's Notes:
              Samsquanch was built to be part of one of my husband's silly throwaway 2e campaigns, where everyone in the group played themselves with powers. Normally I hate that kind of premise, but in this particular instance it turned out to be a real riot. The name comes from a favourite TV show of mine, which kind of became a meme at our table.
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              "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

              The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.


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                Re: The Ro Show

                Originally posted by MissRo View Post
                Bigfoot Is Blurry:
                Concealment 2 (Visual, Partial -1)
                Look over there!


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                  Re: The Ro Show

                  XD You got it.
                  Man was a genius.
                  "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

                  The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.


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                    Re: The Ro Show

                    Regina 'Ginny' Raybourne, Hive Force 5, #4 (Blue Kabuto)
                    PL 10

                    "No... I'm not a hero. I'm just someone who was given a chance to do something great. To make a real difference. Who wouldn't take an opportunity like that?"

                    Abilities (Natural/Enhanced/Blue Kabuto)
                    Strength -1/6/12, Stamina 2/7/12, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 2, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 1

                    Equipment 1, Fast Grab, Improved Initiative 2, Interpose, Improved Critical 3 (Unarmed), Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Luck 2, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Ultimate Toughness Check

                    Acrobatics 4 (+6), Athletics 6 (+5/+12/+18), Close Combat (Unarmed) 6 (+8), Insight 6 (+8), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 2 (+3), Ranged Attack (Thrown Objects) 8 (+8), Technology 4 (+6)

                    Hive Force 5 Nivvexx Crystal Empowerment
                    -- Enhanced Strength 7 (Permanent)
                    -- Enhanced Constitution 5 (Permanent)
                    -- Leaping 1
                    -- Morph 1 (Metamorph 1, Blue Kabuto Form)
                    -- Regeneration 2 (every 5 rounds)
                    -- Speed 1

                    Blue Kabuto Form
                    -- Enhanced Strength 13
                    -- Enhanced Constitution 10
                    -- Immunity 12 (Critical Hits, Life Support)
                    -- Leaping 2
                    -- Morph 1 (Metamorph 1, Ginny Raybourne Natural Form)
                    -- Regeneration 5 (every other round)
                    -- Speed 3 (250 ft.)
                    -- Toughness 3
                    -- Features (Diehard, Fearless)

                    Offence (Natural Form)
                    Initiative + 10
                    Unarmed +8 (DC 21, 17-20)
                    Thrown Objects +8 (DC 21)

                    Defence (Natural Form)
                    Dodge 5, Fort 7, Parry 5, Toughness 7, Will 8

                    Offence (Blue Kabuto)
                    Initiative +10
                    Unarmed +8 (DC 27, 17-20)
                    Thrown Objects +8 (DC 27)

                    Defence (Blue Kabuto)
                    Dodge 5, Fort 12, Parry 5, Toughness 15, Will 8

                    Costs: Abilities 20 + Advantages 17 + Skills 21 (42 ranks) + Powers 81 + Defences 11 = 150pp

                    Motivation (Another day's work): Hive Force 5 has been Ginny's life since she was eight years old. Being a hero is first, second, and third nature to her.

                    Prejudice (Just a kid...): Ginny's age (14) often causes her to be overlooked or dismissed out of hand by the adults around her. It can be a struggle to make her voice heard.

                    Quirk (Black and white): Owing in large part to the idyllic society in which she was raised, Ginny tends to view the world in pretty rigid 'good and evil' terms. Grey moral areas can confuse her.

                    Quirk (Naiveté): Despite her insistence to the contrary, Ginny still has a lot of growing up to do. She has an outsider's grasp of adult relationship dynamics, and sometimes misinterprets signs and signals.

                    Name/Codename: Regina 'Ginny' Delaine Raybourne/Gold Kabuto
                    Gender/Age: Female, 14
                    Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian, United Terra
                    Profession: Member of Hive Force 5, Highschooler

                    The universe from which Ginny Raybourne hails is not entirely unlike our own. In fact, they share a history up until around 500 AD, with the death of the Roman empire and the onset of the dark ages. This did not occur in Ginny's universe; instead of slipping into a millennium of utter stagnation, the people of Europe rose up and cast off the shackles of religious and monarchical tyranny. They embraced the emerging arts of science and medicine, turned their backs on superstition and ritual. As a result, technology and society in general has advanced much farther. By 2016, the earth is now United Terra and mankind is out exploring the stars, and has been for almost 100 years.

                    Regina Raybourne was born aboard a Mariner-class starcruiser called The Discovery, a ship under her father Jonas's command. She was her mother Kathleen's third (and final) birth; brothers Ellis and Grayson had preceded her. Discovery was a ship of science and exploration, and perhaps unsurprisingly Ginny's parents were scientists and explorers. From an early age they instilled in her a wonder and a deep appreciation for the diverse (sometimes alien) cultures, fantastic planets, and strange phenomena they encountered on a regular basis. She was raised among the crew, learning underfoot and over shoulder and however else she could manage. She dreamed of the day when she could join the United Terra Deepspace Exploration Fleet like her parents and go on her own adventures.

                    As it turned out, adventure found her first. While Discovery was investigating a heretofore unseen class of spatial rupture, a strange alien ship emerged from the rift and began to attack the peaceful science vessel. The alien aggressors badly over matched them, and soon the began to board. Ginny, now eight years old, was sealed by her father in one of Discovery's labs along with a small group of children and teens. A torpedo strike sent the ship barreling through space, and by a fortuitous stroke of happenstance a metal case containing a large, mysterious gemstone currently under study by the crew fell from its spot on a worktable to the floor, bursting open. Five bursts of coloured light shot out from the gemstone, frantically circling the room, into and out of the Terran insect enclosures lining the far wall before each striking a child and disappearing.

                    The blue light struck Ginny, and immediately she felt... changed. Stronger, faster, tougher; she was all these things. The others were changed as well: her brother Grayson, his girlfriend Twilla, his arch-nemesis Grady, and the new kid Shane. A voice in their heads urged them at once to take up arms and defend their ship. This they did, fighting and repelling the repugnant invaders who called themselves The Anguillian Star Empire. Resembling nothing more than anthropomorphic eels, the surprised Anguillians were routed almost entirely from the Discovery: until, that is, their commander Exarch Qualb showed up to confront the pesky kids. Qualb was too much for them, even in their enhanced states, but right when things looked bleakest the voice returned. This time it told them to close their eyes, concentrate, feel the power coursing through them and to let it envelop them completely. This completed the transformation sequence, and Hive Force 5 was born. Grayson became #1, Red Fire Ant. Twilla became #2, Yellow Hornet. Grady became #3, Black Tarantula. Ginny became #4, Blue Kabuto. Shane became #5, Green Mantis.

                    Hive Force 5 proved themselves more than a match for Exarch Qualb, and the Anguillians beat a hasty retreat. The day was won, but the battle had just begun. They received word later that day from United Terra High Command that the rifts were opening all over the galaxy; the Anguillians were invading en masse! The mysterious voice transported the kids into the crystal, and revealed itself to be Zoraxx, Guardian and Keeper of the last Nivvexx Crystal. The seven-foot mantid creature explained that his race, the Nivvexx, had been at war with the Anguillan Star Empire for millennia. The war had come to a stalemate, until the Anguillans had made a deal with an enigmatic entity of pure malevolence that the Nivvexx called Gorth. Gorth's fel power tipped the scales of war in the Anguillan's favour, and so it came to pass that the ancient, peace-loving Nivvexx were almost completely eradicated from the cosmos. Zoraxx claimed to be the last of his kind, and in his ward the last of the Crystals that the Nivvexx used to empower their chosen warriors. Now, he explained, the crystal's power was theirs and they were their galaxy's last hope.

                    The next five years were filled with adventure, conflict, and ultimately triumph. In the end the Anguillans and their allies were defeated, banished to an alternate dimension never to return. With the struggle to save the galaxy at an end, Ginny was just settling into the life of a normal teenager when duty called again: in another dimension!

                    Ro's Notes:
                    I've always had a love of Super Sentai shows, so when I noticed a Sentai-themed pbp on the boards here, I was all over it. I'm not ashamed to say that Big Bad Beetleborgs is still my favourite; I still have all the VHS tapes and action figures, and I actually met a few of the cast members at a con a few years back.
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                      Re: The Ro Show, A.K.A. Ro Call

                      The Black Flies
                      PL 10

                      "And the black flies, the little black flies
                      Always the black fly no matter where you go
                      I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones"

                      - Wade Hemsworth, The Black Fly Song

                      Strength - , Stamina 4, Agility 8, Dexterity - , Fighting - , Intellect -1, Awareness 4, Presence 2

                      Defensive Roll 8, Diehard, Evasion 2, Fearless, Improved Initiative 3

                      Deception 6 (+8), Intimidation 8 (+10), Perception 12 (+16)

                      Swarm Traits
                      -- Insubstantial 2 (Gaseous, Innate)
                      -- Flight 3 (Innate)
                      -- Droning Cloud - Affliction 10 (vs Will; 1st: Dazed + Hindered + Impaired, 2nd: Dazed + Disabled + Impaired, Area 2 (30 ft. Cloud) +1, Increased Duration 3 (Continuous) +3)
                      -- Blood Drain - Weaken 10 (vs Parry, targeting Stamina, Alternate Resistance, Area 2 (30 ft. Cloud) +2, Improved Critical 4)

                      -- Communication 1 (Telepathy, 100 ft.)
                      -- Immunity (Aging, Disease, Fatigue, Poison, Sleep)
                      -- Quickness 3 (Limited to devouring corpses, -2)
                      -- Regeneration 5

                      Initiative + 20
                      Droning Cloud (Area Affliction, 30 ft. Cloud, Dodge DC 20, Will DC 20)
                      Blood Drain (Area Affliction, 30 ft. Cloud, Dodge DC 20, Parry DC 20)

                      Dodge 8, Fort 10, Parry - , Toughness 12, Will 10

                      Costs: Abilities 2 + Advantages 15 + Skills 13 + Powers 115 + Defences 12 = 160pp

                      Motivation (Propagate): Eat. Breed. Die. Repeat. During the periods of Toby's dormancy, the flies live as flies do.

                      Obsession (Hatred): Death did not quell Toby's hatred, only twisted it. His consciousness now tends to only awaken when he senses a human near his swarm, and he is very rarely well disposed towards them.

                      In the spring of 1949, a small survey crew was sent into the wilds of northern Ontario by the provincial government of the time to conduct a feasibility study in relation or the construction of a new dam on a particular section of a particular river. Conditions on the excursion were rough by modern standards: endless hours trudging through completely untamed wilderness, meager provisions, stifling heat. Nonetheless, upon reaching their destination they established a base camp and got to work.

                      Conditions in the camp were little better than they'd been in the woods. Worse, in fact, in some ways; being so close to the water left the crew at the mercy of the immense, almost impenetrable clouds of tiny black flies that spawned there. The flies were omnipresent, driving the men to distraction, but none more so than a young geologist from Toronto by the name of Toby Yonge. The others were variously annoyed,
                      -In Progress-
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                        Re: The Ro Show, A.K.A. Ro Call

                        The Log Driver
                        PL 5

                        "The log driver's waltz pleases girls completely."

                        Strength 1, Stamina 1, Agility 3, Dexterity 1, Fighting 1, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 2/3

                        Defensive Roll 4, Equipment 1, Fascinate (Expertise: Accordion), Favoured Environment (River), Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Trip, Luck 1, Second Chance (Falling), Skill Focus (Athletics), Ultimate Athletics

                        Acrobatics 6 (+9), Athletics 9 (+10), Close Combat (Pike Poll) 4 (+5), Expertise: Accordion 6 (+6), Expertise: Logs 7 (+7), Expertise: Waltzing 8 (+8), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+7)

                        -- Birlin' (Leaping 1)
                        -- Manly Beard (Feature, Attractive 1)

                        -- Accordion
                        -- Pike Poll (Strength-based Damage 4, Reach 1)
                        -- Cleats (Immunity 1 Slipping)
                        -- Stylish Plaids and Stocking Cap (Immunity 1 Cold Environments, Enhanced Presence 1)

                        Initiative + 3
                        Pike Poll (Strength-based Damage) +5 (DC 19)

                        Dodge 5, Fort 6, Parry 5, Toughness 5, Will 4

                        Costs: Abilities 20 + Advantages 14 + Skills 24 + Powers 3 + Defences 14 = 75pp

                        Quirk (Lady Magnet): When you're as ruggedly manly as the Log Driver, the women just fall at your feet when you walk into a room.

                        Relationship (Lady in Blue): It's serious. Her parents may disapprove, but she sticks with him anyway. She's turned down his marriage proposals several times, but he has a good feeling about the next time...

                        Responsibility (Log Drivin'): Them logs ain't gonna unjam themselves.

                        Ro's Notes:
                        You may need to be Canadian to know this guy.
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                        "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

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                          Re: The Ro Show, A.K.A. Ro Call

                          I am not Canadian. Like on the opposite side. If I were to go any further I would be in the Gulf of Mexico.

                          Somehow, I have seen these cartoons in my childhood.
                          Look over there!


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                            Re: The Ro Show, A.K.A. Ro Call

                            XD It's nice to know that we weren't the only ones. They played those thing ad nauseam up here in the afternoons during cartoon time. I can recite both songs complete from memory.
                            "Mom, is the Dairy Queen married to the Burger King?" - My five-year-old

                            The Ro Show, my collection of characters and random builds.


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                              Re: The Ro Show, A.K.A. Ro Call

                              Those cartoons are the greatest thing of all time. I especially love how the Log Driver's Waltz is so effortlessly a double-entendre- it pleases girls completely, after all.

                              Now we just need a cat that won't stay away (best part of that'n? The guy seeing a cow in the tracks and doing "WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFF----!?!" on a cartoon visible to CHILDREN.

                              P.S. Your avatar/icon rules the world, Ro.
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