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  • Tharian's Character Archive

    This is a character archive for me to post characters in when I feel the desire to post characters here on RoninArmy, which will occasionally happen. I make no promises that this thread will be as active as some of the other character builds, but for the moment it is useful to me.

    Dea's Loophole
    - Brainstorm & Notes
    Team VPPN:
    - Violet Potter
    - Pyrrha Nikos
    Team RNGR:
    - Jaune Arc

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    Dea's Loophole

    Premise: There are many worlds and universes, and in all of them the one constant is Death. And Death is not amused by the fact that the brother gods of Remnant have robbed her of so many souls; and while she obeys the rules by which such beings are bound, it doesn't mean she can't exploit a loophole when it presents itself.

    Required Inclusions:
    - Death must be upset by the fact that the brother gods of Remnant won't allow Salem to die, and are keeping Ozma and all the souls he is reincarnated within from her as well.
    - Death must be bound by rules that prevent her from taking action, except for in certain circumstances.
    - Violet Potter falling through the veil at the end of her fifth year at Hogwarts or by uniting the Deathly Hallows before Voldemort kills her in the Forbidden Forest must allow Death a loophole.
    - Death must be forbidden from direct action and instead sends Violet to Remnant in order to rectify the situation in her stead.
    - Recognizing that Violet will need a guide, as well as that she must be allowed some freedom due to the unique situation, Death must send Violet to Remnant in the company of the recently deceased Pyrrha Nikos.
    - Death's resurrection of Pyrrha must be a one time thing. Meaning that no one else who dies can be brought back by Death, though other methods may exist.
    - Violet and Pyrrha must be sent to Remnant after the fall of Beacon so that there aren't any continuity snarls by having two versions of Pyrrha running around at the same time.
    - Violet and Pyrrha must travel alone for a few weeks before joining up with the main cast.
    - The soonest that they can in fact meet up with the rest of the main cast is the Battle of Haven.
    Preferred Inclusions:
    - Violet and Pyrrha forming a romantic connection with Jaune Arc.
    - Violet and Pyrrha meet Team RWBY, Qrow, Oscar(Ozpin) and Maria in the wilderness after they crash part of the Argus Limited and before they reach Brunswick Farms.
    Forbidden Things:
    - Death explicitly stating what she wants Violet and Pyrrha to accomplish.

    Dust Rules: Dust will be handled based on the type of Dust that is in use, as follows:
    - Dust Bullets will be handled as a Variable Descriptor at 2 ranks
    - Dust Powder will work on similar rules to an Array or else it will augment the character's Semblance
    - Dust Crystals will add one of several different Extras based on the type of Dust that is in play that I am not going to list in detail unless todays problem persists longer than a few hours