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Davies' OTHER Character Thread: Return to A World Too Far

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    Mr. Universal

    Gulf War veteran Brian Kurtz is fairly sure that Eric Stevens doesn't remember the fact that they'd actually met once before the latter came to work for Knight Enterprises. It's not all that surprising, from what he's been told since -- while that episode was the most remarkable thing that had happened in Kurtz's life to that point, it was just one of many strange things that Stevens dealt with that week.. He'd like to talk about it with the other guy, but it's still classified.

    After he came back from the Sand Box, Kurtz decided that he didn't want to deal with the politics that would go along with being a police officer, and so became a security guard instead. Employed at Knight Enterprises, he gradually rose to the position of head of security for one of their major buildings. It was fairly simple work, and he thinks he may have let himself go a little when it came to keeping in good shape.

    But he was in good enough shape to be able to get involved in the events that gave him and the others their super-powers. The accident transformed him so that he possessed incredible strength, endurance and resistance to injury. (It also made all his hair fall out, but that's no big deal. He usually kept his head shaved anyway.) Furthermore, he could now eat anything without putting on any fat -- according to the Prof, any calories he absorbs turn right into muscle. He just has to work out to keep them toned.

    Brian couldn't be happier about his transformation. It's great -- he's stronger and tougher than practically anyone, and after the others wised up and realized they couldn't hope to keep it a secret, he's famous, too! While his efforts to expand on this fame by seeking parts in movies and TV shows have generally not worked out that well -- two direct-to-video releases and a failed pilot -- his is probably the most easily recognizable "face" of Eternity Enterprises. He appears on talk shows, and has an agent working overtime to get him other appearances. His one regret about all of this is the fact that he had to change is original name after NABBA got wind of it.

    He really enjoys being a hero, and can't imagine giving it up. The fact that Cherry wants to do so completely baffles him, but he figures she'll grow out of it. He respects the Prof immensely, and has no problems following his lead. And he enjoys his mild rivalry with Giselle, viewing their occasional mind-vs-muscle matches as nice ways for him to work out without a lot of expensive equipment -- and without risking damaging the equipment, which tends to annoy the Prof.

    Brian's one real flaw is his competitive nature. He honestly thinks he's the strongest and toughest guy on the block, and doesn't mind showing off these qualities whenever he gets the chance. This includes trying to show up other super-strong types, including Miracle on one occasion. He does know his limitations, though, and didn't try to challenge the Ultimate when that one paid his famous visit to Tesla Park. Half the reason that he accompanies the others on their voyages is that they almost always run into something bigger than him that he can fight. (Sure, Giselle deals out almost as much hurt as he can, but she doesn't enjoy it nearly as much.) He particularly loved it when they ran into Uruk down whatever rabbit-hole the guy supposedly ran into, back in the day. That was a fight and a half!

    It should be understood that Brian likes fighting -- the visceral feeling of being in a life or death situation and dependent solely on himself to get out of it -- not hurting people. Unless dealing with someone who's shown that they're incredibly resistant to injury, he pulls his punches to do limited damage. He'd never hit someone who couldn't hit back, and he'll always ask someone who's teetering whether they've had enough. While not a particularly inventive or tactical fighter, he admires and respects those who are, even when they use such abilities against him. When tricked, he's more likely to chuckle in amusement than get angry ... at least the first time.

    Mr. Universal -- PL 10

    Real name: Brian Kurtz.
    Date of birth: June 30, 1969*. (Apparent age 32)
    Identity: Publicly known. (Gather Information DC 10, Knowledge (popular culture) DC 15)
    Occupation: Explorer, adventurer.
    Base of operations: Tesla Park.
    Affiliation: Eternity Enterprises.
    Height: 6'4''
    Weight: 275 lbs.
    Eyes: Green.
    Hair: Bald.

    * Actually 1929.

    Abilities: STR 12/4, STA 14/4, AGL 0, DEX 2, FGT 6, INT 0, AWE 1, PRE 3

    Super-Movement: Leaping 10 (1 mile); Speed 5 (60 MPH) * 15 points
    Super-Strength: Array (20 points)
    * Basics: Enhanced Strength 8; Enhanced Strength 4, Limited to Lifting * 20 points
    * Shockwave: Burst Area Damage 10 * 1 point
    * Thunderclap: Cone Area Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated) * 1 point
    Super-Toughness: Enhanced Stamina 10; Immunity 4 (cold, heat, need for sleep, pressure); Regeneration 5; Impervious Toughness 10 * 39 points
    Unaging: Immunity 1 (aging) * 1 point

    Diehard, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack, Startle

    Athletics 4 (+16), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+8), Expertise: Military 4 (+4), Expertise: Performance 6 (+9), Intimidation 6 (+9), Perception 8 (+9), Ranged Combat: Throwing 6 (+6).

    Init +0
    Unarmed +8 (Close Damage 12)

    Dodge 6, Fortitude 14, Parry 6, Toughness 14, Will 6

    Abilities 40 + Powers 76 + Advantages 5 + Skills 18 + Defenses 11=150

    Thrills--Motivation. Competitive. Fame. Family.

    High Power Version: Increase FGT to 8; increase Array to 24 points, Enhanced Strength to 10 ranks, Burst Area Damage to 12 ranks, Cone Area Affliction to 12 ranks, Enhanced Stamina to 12 ranks, Immunity to 11 ranks (life support, need for sleep), Regeneration to 10 ranks, Impervious Toughness to 12 ranks; increase Intimidation to 10 ranks; increase Will to 8.

    Low Power Version: Reduce FGT to 4, PRE to 1; drop Regeneration; reduce Leaping to 7, Speed to 4, Array to 16 points, Enhanced Strength to 6 ranks, Burst Area Damage to 8 ranks, Cone Area Affliction to 8 ranks, Enhanced Stamina to 8 ranks, Impervious Toughness to 8 ranks; drop Expertise: Performance.

    Mr. Universal's Big Secret: Secrets? This guy? Please.
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      Mademoiselle Velocity

      As far as Cherry Andrews is concerned, her life ended in the accident.

      You probably wouldn't think that being bestowed phenomenally enhanced speed was so terrible. At worst, you'd think it'd make someone seem moderately hyperactive, or have to eat a lot to replenish their energy. You'd think that it'd be harder on the people around the speedster than it would be on her.

      All of that is true. She does seem hyperactive quite a bit of the time. And she does have to eat more than normal amounts to keep her system going -- and even though she turns calories into energy far more efficiently than an ordinary human does, she endures the same constant body image concerns that nearly every other American teenager does. But none of those are the real problems.

      Cherry seems to be the only one of the Eternity Enterprises group to have noticed that they aren't seem to be aging anywhere nearly as fast as they should be. She'd just turned fifteen when the accident happened, and eighteen years later, as a thirty-three year old, she can pass for sixteen. Correction -- she has no choice but to pass for a sixteen year old.

      What does this mean for the future? Is she going to be like this forever, poised between adulthood and childhood for the rest of her life, however long that might be? Is she still going to be carded when she's old enough to be the carder's mother? Or grandmother?

      That alone would be bad enough, but the same malicious fate that gave her these powers and slowed down her aging played one more horrific trick on her. Before the accident, she had a normal, healthy curiousity about boys, and what it would be like to be kissed and held by one. Afterwards ... nothing. She isn't physically attracted to men or to women. She can't appreciate human beauty in anything but an aesthetic sense. But she remembers what it was like to be normal.

      These two great pressures -- her fear that she's going to be effectively regarded as a child forever, and her sense of loss about her sexual identity -- are causing her a great deal of confusion and heartache. She is desperate for a "cure" for her condition, and doesn't care that it would mean the end of her days with the team. Truthfully, she doesn't think that would be such a great loss for them, and generally views herself as a tag-along on their expeditions. She's not smart like the Prof, or brave like her sister, or tough like Brian. She's just fast.

      The fact that she's actually the best fighter on the team is largely lost on her. Through simple dint of experience, she's become incredibly adept at hand-to-hand combat. You can't punch people hundreds of times without learning how to do so fairly effectively. In addition, she's the only member of the team who has picked up the ability to pilot the gravity-effect vehicles that the Prof builds -- indeed, he designs the controls of these vehicles to her specifications.

      Professor Eternity has made attempts to develop a way to neutralize her powers, but none have lasted long enough to determine whether they were altering whatever aspect of her neurochemistry has been altered by them. From time to time, some of the team's more sophisticated enemies, such as Fra Diavolo, have attempted to seduce her with promises of such a permanent cure. While she's always realized that such suggestions are simply attempts to manipulate her, and -- eventually -- resisted them, it remains a temptation that she might not always be able to resist.

      She wishes that there was someone she could talk to about all of this. She can't share it with her sister, who's always been so strong and confident. What could she understand about someone as vulnerable as Cherry? No, Giselle is just like their father. Maybe it'd be easier if their mother was still alive, but she died when her little Cherise was only twelve. Cherry kept up her French lessons in her mother's memory, but that's really all that she has left of her.

      Ultimately, Cherry is on her own -- the loneliness of the long-distance sprinter.

      Mademoiselle Velocity -- PL 10

      Real name: Cherise "Cherry" Andrews.
      Date of birth: April 3, 1986*. (Apparent age 16)
      Identity: Publicly known (Gather Information DC 15, Knowledge [popular culture] DC 20)
      Occupation: Explorer, adventurer.
      Base of operations: Tesla Park.
      Affiliation: Eternity Enterprises.
      Height: 5'9''.
      Weight: 120 lbs.
      Eyes: Blue.
      Hair: Naturally blonde, frequently dyed various colors.

      * Actually 1946.

      Abilities: STR 1, STA 2, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 10, INT 0, AWE 1, PRE 2

      Super-Speed: Enhanced Advantages 9 (Defensive Roll, Evasion, Improved Initiative 6); Enhanced Defenses 12 (Dodge 6, Parry 6); Movement 3 (wall-crawling 2, water walking), Limited to while moving; Quickness 11; Speed 11 (4000 MPH) - 46 points
      Speed Tricks: Array (18 points)
      * Buzzsaw Fists: Multiattack Damage 9 * 18 points
      * Sonic Boom: Burst Area Damage 9 * 1 point
      * Whirlwind: Cone Area Move Object 9, Close Range * 1 point
      Unaging: Immunity 1 (aging) * 1 point

      All-Out Attack, Defensive Roll, Evasion, Improved Initiative 6, Instant Up, Language (French), Move-by Action, Set Up, Taunt, Teamwork.

      Deception 8 (+10), Expertise: Current Events 8 (+8), Investigation 7 (+7), Perception 6 (+7), Vehicles 10 (+12), Technology 7 (+7).

      Init +26
      Unarmed +10 (Close Damage 1)
      Buzzsaw Fists +10 (Close Multiattack Damage 9)
      Sonic Boom -- (Burst Area Damage 9)

      Dodge 15/9, Fortitude 5, Parry 16/10, Toughness 4/2, Will 4

      Abilities 40 + Powers 71 + Advantages 7 + Skills 19 + Defenses 13 = 150 points

      Acceptance--Motivation. Arrested Development. Loneliness.

      High Power Version: Increase STA to 4, AGL to 4, DEX to 4, FGT to 12, AWE to 3; increase Quickness to 13 ranks, Speed to 13 ranks, Array to 24 points, Multattack Damage to 12 ranks, Burst Area Damage to 12 ranks, Cone Area Move Object to 12 ranks.

      Low Power Version: Reduce FGT to 8; drop Movement; reduce Enhanced Advantages to 6 ranks (Defensive Roll, Evasion, Improved Initiative 4), Enhanced Defenses to 8 ranks (Dodge 4, Parry 4), Quickness to 8 ranks, Speed to 8 ranks, Array to 16 points; reduce Deception to 4 ranks, Expertise: Current Events to 4 ranks, Investigation to 5 ranks, Perception to 4 ranks, Vehicles to 8 ranks, Technology to 5 ranks; reduce Dodge to 7.

      Mademoiselle Velocity's Big Secret: As asexuality has become more visible, Cherise has started seeking out the company of people who are (as she puts it) "naturally" asexual. Through these interactions, which have helped her a lot in accepting her situation, she's starting to suspect that she might not be an aromantic asexual, as she initially assumed, though she's still trying to figure out where in the romantic spectrum she fits.
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        I was originally going to draw this out until this evening, but the news of Barry Hughart's passing has left me in no mood to play such games. Anyway, no more posts until Tuesday, as tomorrow is going to be a very busy day.
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          The Ultimate

          As a famous story begins, "Once upon a time in Colorado lived a man named Abednego Danner and his wife, Matilda." Actually, those were not their names, nor was the name of their only son Hugo. But though most of the names were changed, the story told by Philip Wylie in his 1930 novel Gladiator was more or less an accurate tale of his life. The one real point of divergence between the text and the truth came at the end.

          In the book, Professor Hardin suggests to Hugo Danner that he ought to use the formula to create a new race of super-men in his own image. Considering this, but uncertain of the morality of it, Hugo charges up a mountain and bellows a challenge to God, asking whether or not he has the right to do this. God apparently answers by sending a lightning bolt to kill him dead, and incidentally destroying the only copy of the formula. It is a dramatic and vivid scene.

          It didn't even come close to happening like that. In reality, the man the book called Hugo Danner was persuaded by the Professor's arguments to let him have a look at the formula his father had devised -- and was subsequently stunned to learn that the learned scientist came to the conclusion that the formula was bunk. It couldn't possibly have had the results that were readily apparent in the young man's abilities. However he'd gained them, it had been some other way.

          For a while, the young man despaired. If he had no idea how to give the powers he'd been given to anyone else, how was he ever to pass on his legacy? But the professor came up with a solution. It an easy task to become a father in a biological sense. How much harder would it be to become a father to an ideal, to live a life that would inspire others to a higher standard of excellence than they could ever otherwise achieve? It would be the task of a lifetime ... even for a superman.

          Inspired himself with this new ambition, the young man set out to accomplish it. He crafted a costume based on that worn by a circus strongman in his act, and set out to provide an example to the world of the way things ought to be. At the same time, he created a new "civilian" identity for himself, in the form of popular writer Paul York, to give himself something to do when he wasn't striving against the powers of darkness. He was pleased but not terribly surprised when his example drew other costumed crusaders and mystery men out of the shadows. Most were only humans with courage and skill, but a few possessed unusual talents all their own. None were his peers, though he hoped that would come.

          His first true moment of greatness came when he led a group of heroes against a group of invaders from Mars in 1938, keeping them penned up in the immediate area of their landing until Earth's microbes killed them. Flush with this victory, a little less than a year later, when the war in Poland broke out, he contacted President Roosevelt and offered to end the war immediately by arresting Hitler and Stalin and dragging them before the League of Nations. Roosevelt counseled patience, and gently suggested that it wasn't really the Ultimate's job to get humanity out of the messes that it got itself into. He should lead the way, but it was up to them to follow his example.

          Moved by the President's words, the Ultimate followed this advice. During the war, he canvassed for war bonds, and fought saboteurs and spies, as well as criminals whose selfish ambitions threatened the war effort. Only on a handful of occasions did he ever go near any of the fronts, and usually only as a carefully scripted morale booster for the troops. (Sure, he thought he was invulnerable, but what if he was wrong?) He served as an example to the Super-Men of America when they formed, but rarely associated with them at this stage.

          It was around this time that he began to realize that his powers were growing. He'd always been able to make incredible vaulting leaps, but eventually realized that he was maneuvering during them with far too much accuracy for them to truly be considered leaps. He was flying, somehow. And though his senses of sight and hearing had always been preternaturally acute, he realized now that he was able to use them to sense things that were literally impossible for him to actually see or hear. Somehow, he was actually engaged in "remote sensing", to use a term that wouldn't be coined until much later. (He would later learn that he could alter the energy that he projected when using this ability so as to do damage.) It was all evidence that the Professor had been right that his powers weren't the result of his father's supposed formula, which had never been designed for such things.

          And the Ultimate found love as well. During the early part of his career, when the authorities had been deeply suspicious of his motives, a private detective agency had been employed to find out all they could about him, and one of their operatives, a rare female investigator, had kept at it all these years. During an adventure, she finally obtained proof of his identity as Paul York ... but realizing that she'd only ever been interested in finding out for herself, rather than for her company's clients, she promised that she would tell no one. Moved by her tenacity and her integrity, the Ultimate began to woo her, and they were married soon after the war ended.

          The next decade was hard on the Ultimate. He was hurt and angered by accusations from people who should have known better that he could have ended the war -- both the war and the ugly little mess in Korea -- in days. Didn't the people understand the lesson he was trying to teach? Didn't they understand that it was up to them, not him? Shaking this off, he fought the Communists on the home front, as well as aliens and strange mutated monsters. But the luster of this life was beginning to wear off, and he questioned whether what he was doing made any difference.

          At the end of the fifties, things began to look up. In an orphanage in Kansas, he found a young girl who had powers like he'd had as a young man. Adopting her -- for he and his wife had never been able to have childen of their own -- he called on the services of an old friend to determine her origins. He was shocked to learn that she was his grand-daughter, the child of a son he'd fathered shortly after the First World War. His son had never shown any signs of super-powers -- he'd been crippled shortly before the end of the war, and came home just long enough to father a daughter of his own before he killed himself. She in turn was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage.

          Perhaps some inheritance from the mother's side had allowed the recessive traits from the Ultimate to breed true in his granddaughter. Or perhaps there was some other explanation. To the Ultimate, at least, it didn't matter, he had a child to whom he could pass on his philosophy and who would become a standard bearer for his beliefs among the young. So he kept her existence a secret for a long time, even from most of his allies, whom he began to associate with more frequently, particularly after they learned of the existence of a second Earth.

          By the start of the seventies, his adopted daughter was ready, and she also joined the Super-Men of America as one of their newest members. For a while, everything was perfect ... but then things began to go wrong. First, the Fox, his closest friend among the other heroes, was killed in battle, and then the legendary Dr. Incredible was murdered by an old foe. Adding to his woes, he began to learn things that suggested to him that humanity had never actually been the master of its own destiny, rendering his philosophy at best naive and at worst actually harmful.

          And then, in 1985, while the Super-Men were assisting in the resolution of a multiversal catastrophe, his daughter was killed. In a fury, he launched into the fighting, battling the evil that had taken her life across dimensions. When it was finally done, he found that he had lost the way back, and set out to find it. Just what happened to him over the next eight years has never been adequately described.

          He returned to Earth in 1993, just in time to assist in another situation of cosmic significance. Silently accepting the praise of the world, he addressed the United Nations. In a startling development, he revealed his secret identity and most -- though not all -- of his history. His wife had passed away in the years of his exile. He no longer had any real ties to the nation of his birth, and he proposed to cut what little remained. He would retire to an isolated island in the North Atlantic, outside of any nation's territorial waters, and live out the rest of his life in peace. All that he asked was that he be treated as the island's sovereign ruler, with full diplomatic immunity -- the ruler of a nation of one. The UN granted the request, perhaps believing that this would assure that the Ultimate's strength could never be used as an instrument of American foreign policy.

          But what the world didn't know was that he had developed his own "foreign policy". Since the day that he was granted his sovereignty, he has quietly pursued a course of removing threats to mundane humanity's domination of the Earth. If humans go to war with each other or murder each other, that is their right to do so ... but if they do so because shadowy manipulators behind the scenes wish them to do so, then those shadowy forces must be eliminated, whatever the cost, whatever it takes.

          In and of itself, this perhaps wouldn't be a problem. But the Ultimate goes further. In his view, any superhuman entity that attempts to influence humanity in any way -- whether positively or negatively -- is engaged in a corrosive, corruptive act. If they restrict themselves to fighting other supers in ultimately pointless battles that don't hurt anyone but themselves, that's one thing. But any attempt to alter the course of human affairs by a super is something that the Ultimate will never forgive.

          So it is that the Ultimate is the enemy of most of the groups of supers who have come out of the phonebooth in the last decade. He opposes the efforts of the Alliance, of Eternity Enterprises, and of the Mutant Underground, and is recognized as an enemy by all three groups. While the leader of the Fright Knights also regards him as an enemy, he regards their activities as unimportant. He's also correctly regarded as a serious threat by the Cabal, the Alphans and the Loi.

          Over the last decade, the Ultimate has experienced quite a few successes in his campaign. Several teams of supers who imitated the Alliance's policies have dissolved, with their members often retiring, or changed their goals to follow the example of Detroit's Tomorrow League, thus keeping within acceptable limits as he sees them. The Mutant Underground, in particular, has suffered serious reversals following Lord Firebrand's arrest, botched execution, and subsequent imprisonment.

          However, new groups like the Utopian Academy and the Primal Pattern have arisen to vex him, and he also suffered a major reversal when the new leader of the Fright Knights publicly exposed the Ultimate's goals and some of the less than legal steps he'd taken in pursuit of them. Consequently, he's been declared persona non grata in a number of nations, most notably the United States, which has limited his ability to respond to such challenges. However, he takes a certain cool comfort that the backlash against him is also damaging many of his enemies.

          The Ultimate -- PL 15

          Real name: Unknown; used the alias Paul York for most of his adult life.
          Date of birth: December 25, 1895.
          Identity: The identity of Paul York is publicly known, but his life before 1931 is secret. (Gather Information DC 15/40, Knowledge (history) 20/na.)
          Occupation: Sovereign.
          Base of operations: Ultimate Island. (Northwest of Greenland.)
          Affiliation: Former member of the Super-Men of America.
          Height: 6'4''.
          Weight: 3000 lbs.
          Eyes: Black.
          Hair: Black.

          Abilities: STR 18, STA 7, AGL 1, DEX 3, FGT 6, INT 2, AWE 1, PRE 7

          Nigh-Invulnerable: Reaction Damage 8 (being struck), Limited to lesser of effect's rank or attack's damage; Immunity 12 (aging, life support need for sleep);; Regeneration 10; Impervious Toughness 15 * 61 points
          Super-Speed: Enhanced Advantages 8 (Close Attack 2 [Limited to targets with a lower Initiative], Improved Initiative 6); Enhanced Defenses 12 (Dodge 6, Parry 6); Flight 24 (64,000 MPH); Movement 10 (dimensional travel 3, environmental adaptation [zero gravity], space travel 3, time travel 3); Quickness 6 * 93 points
          Super-Strength: Enhanced Strength 3, Limited to lifting; Variable 6 (feats of strength) * 45 points
          Vision Powers: Array (46 points)
          * Blast Vision: Perception Range Damage 15, Precise * 46 points
          * Remote Vision: Remove Sensing 21 (visual), Subtle 2; Senses 2 (Darkvision) * 1 point

          All-Out Attack, Benefit 5 (diplomatic immunity, status, wealth 3), Defensive Attack, Equipment 4, Improved Grab, Improved Smash, Takedown Attack, Ultimate Save (Toughness).

          Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+10), Deception 12 (+19), Expertise: Politics 7 (+9), Expertise: Science 9 (+11), Insight 12 (+13), Intimidation 15 (+22), Investigation 12 (+14), Perception 15 (+16), Persuasion 6 (+13), Technology 8 (+10).

          Init +25
          Unarmed +12/+10 (Close Damage 18)
          Blast Vision -- (Perception Range Damage 15)

          Dodge 7, Fortitude 18, Parry 13, Toughness 17, Will 12.

          Abilities 110 + Powers 246 + Advantages 15 + Skills 43 + Defenses 13 = 426 points

          Megalomania--Motivation. Enemies (most of the world's superheroes and villains).

          High Power Version: ... are you crazy? You're crazy, aren't you?


          High Power Version (PL 18): Increase STR to 21, STA to 19, AGL to 3, FGT to 9, AWE to 3; add Impervious Will 15; increase Reaction Damage to 9 ranks, Impervious Toughness to 18 ranks, Enhanced Strength to 4 ranks, Variable to 8 ranks, Perception Range Damage to 18 ranks, Remote Sensing to 25 ranks; increase Intimidation to 18 ranks, Perception to 18 ranks; add Power Attack, increase Fortitude to 21, Will to 15.

          Low Power Version (PL 13): Reduce STR to 16, STA to 15, PRE to 6; reduce Reaction Damage to 7 ranks, Impervious Toughness to 13 ranks, Enhanced Advantages to 4 ranks (Improved Initiative 4), Enhanced Defenses to 8 ranks (Dodge 4, Parry 4), Flight to 18 ranks, Movement to 1 rank (environmental adaptation [zero gravity]), Quickness to 4 ranks, Variable to 4 ranks, Perception Range Damage to 13 ranks, Remote Sensing to 17 ranks; reduce Intimidation to 12 ranks, Perception to 12 ranks.

          Ultimate Island - 20 ep
          Size Huge; Toughness 10; Features Communications, Computer, Dock, Grounds 2 (Colossal), Habitat, Hangar, Isolated, Laboratory, Living Space, Power Dampener (Magic), Power System, Security System (DC 25), Workshop

          The Ultimate's Big Secret: He is doing exactly what his creator, the King of Cataclysm, intended him to do when that entity implanted him in his mother's womb, more than a century ago. He is a flaw in the diamond that is humanity's superhuman nature, which will make crushing that diamond so much easier when the time comes ...
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            "Zack Reacher"

            Most of the Cabalists who have abandoned the conspiracy and allowed themselves to come to public notice have been members of the group's magic-using branch, becoming known as villainous (or more rarely heroic) mystics, whose powers are typically viewed as just an elaborate set of conventional super powers. But there have also been a few of the Cabal's monsters who've allowed themselves to come into the light. But none of them have exploited the increasing credulity of the general public as much as the being known as Zack Reacher has.

            He began as a performer on YouTube, telling grim stories and making macabre jokes about people who'd met unfortunate ends. After a few weeks, additional content started to make itself available, in the form of recordings of people who tried crazy stunts and apparently suffered quite a bit as a consequence, though Reacher's narration always assured his audience that the people they'd just seen were getting medical treatment and coming through just fine. Yet he never seemed to have any repeat performers.

            Eventually, the channel was shut down by YouTube, despite how much money it was making for them, due to complaints from numerous concerned parties. By then, unfortunately, it was too late. Reacher had made enough money to start up his own streaming service, airing all his footage and then some, with the dangers that his 'guests' were enduring getting more bloody than they'd ever been before.

            Shadowstar took it upon himself to investigate the filming of some of this footage, and discovered the horrifying truth. People were actually dying in these funny games, and Zack Reacher was not a man in scary make up, but an actual undead monster who fed on the suffering of the people he filmed. Shadowstar rescued some of Reacher's intended victims, but the mastermind managed to escape, and the evidence that could have proved Shadowstar's allegations was destroyed in the process. The footage went up on the Internet right on schedule, and once something is on the Internet, it's there forever.

            This would be the first of several inconclusive confrontations between Shadowstar and 'Za Creature'. Their second fight resulted in Reacher's 'death', but he came back from that a few days later, assuring his viewers that it was all part of the show. None of Shadowstar's attempts to prevent this from happening on subsequent occasions have gotten him anywhere. Various occult experts he's consulted have confirmed that there has to be some way to end Reacher permanently, but none of them have been able to identify the monster's weakness.

            Reacher is very much in favor of human pain and suffering. Ordinary murder, however, is far too banal to satisfy him. That takes convincing someone to voluntarily, knowingly do something that will cause their own destruction, or at least bring them agony. At first, he was annoyed by Shadowstar's attempts to prevent this, but he's come to relish the frustration that the hero clearly feels whenever the clash. Thus, he'd never deliberately kill Shadowstar, or even put him in a trap that he didn't think the other man could escape ... as long as that escape came too late to prevent Reacher from hurting someone else.

            Zack Reacher/"Za Creature" -- PL 9

            Real name:
            Date of birth: Unknown.
            Identity: The general public does not know that he is undead. (Gather Information 30, Expertise: Arcane Lore 20)
            Occupation: Video stream host.
            Base of operations: Mobile.
            Affiliation: Former member of the Cabal (Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor).
            Height: 6'1''.
            Weight: 135 lbs.
            Eyes: Yellow.
            Hair: None.

            Abilties: STR 4 | STA - | AGL 3 | DEX 3 | FGT 10 | INT 5 | AWE 5 | PRE 4

            Undead: Immunity 30 (Fortitude); Immortality 3; Impervious Protection 6; Regeneration 1, Regrowth; Senses 2 (darkvision) * 52 points

            30 points of equipment as needed.

            Chokehold, Close Attack, Contacts, Daze (Intimidation), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Diehard, Equipment 6, Fascinate (Intimidation), Great Endurance, Improvised Tools, Leadership, Minion 10, Set-Up, Startle, Taunt, Well-Informed.

            Deception 8 (+12), Expertise: Entertainment 8 (+13), Expertise: Magic 10 (+15), Insight 8 (+13), Intimidation 8 (+12), Perception 6 (+11), Persuasion 8 (+12), Ranged Attack: Guns 8 (+11), Sleight of Hand 4 (+7), Stealth 8 (+11), Technology 6 (+11), Vehicles 4 (+7).

            Init +3
            Unarmed +11 (Close Damage 4)
            Guns +11 (variable)

            Dodge 10, Fortitude Immune, Parry 10, Toughness 8/6, Will 9.

            Abilities 58 + Powers 50 + Advantages 31 + Skills 43 + Defenses 11=195

            Fame--Motivation. Monstrous Appearance. Sadism. Secret (really undead).

            High Power Version (PL 11): Increase STR to 6, FGT to 12, INT to 7, AWE to 7, PRE to 6; increase Impervious Protection to 8 ranks; add Ritualist; increase Equipment to 10 ranks; increase Dodge to 12.

            Low Power Version (PL 7): Drop FGT to 8, INT to 3, AWE to 3, PRE to 2; drop Defensive Roll, Leadership, Minion; drop Technology, Vehicles; reduce Expertise: Magic to 6 ranks, Ranged Attack: Guns to 6 ranks; reduce Dodge to 8 ranks.

            Typically criminals made Undead in the same way as Reacher, one of whom will always have a smartphone to record Reacher's footage.

            Zack Reacher's Big Secret: He can only die permanently if the canopic jars preserving his heart, liver, appendix and kidneys are purified by a consecrated priest of the Egyptian religion. A scion of one of the Pesedjet would also qualify.
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              Omega is a translation from Alphan into Greek of his actual name, which is apparently a word meaning 'end point'. He takes the Alphan predeliction for studying the genetic material of other species and incorporating it into the Alphan genome to extremes that most Alphans would shun. They believe that there will always be new things to learn from the rest of the universe; he believes that his studies will bring him to the 'end point' of genetic supremacy, if he has not already achieved this.

              Understandably, the rest of the Alphan community dismisses these claims. They're even more skeptical about his claims to be the reinstantiated intellect of an ancient Great Leader, specifically that Great Leader who oversaw the creation of the Loi mutants, more than a million Solar years ago. This is so unlikely as to be impossible; no other 'braintape' from that era, or from more than about five hundred years ago, has survived into the present. The physical media which records their consciousnesses cannot endure for such lengths of time.

              However, yet another way that he differs from his fellows is that he has no compunctions about engaging in unprovoked violence. (Or, possibly, views any challenge to his claims as sufficient provocation.) As such, other Alphans generally do their best to stay out of his way, engaging in the bare minimum of interaction when contact is unavoidable. Fortunately, he is largely content to ignore the other members of his species, focusing his efforts on the Loi -- both mutant and baseline -- and on humanity.

              Humanity, especially, is another of his obsessions. He has claimed, in conversations with his archenemy Miracle, to have caused the increase in human mutations by releasing a newer version of the nanotechnological weapon which created the Loi mutants into Earth's atmosphere shortly after World War II, simply to observe what would happen. There's no proof of this, and he's never used such weapons in any of his conflicts with Earth's superheroes over the last two decades. But Lauranis, who assisted Miracle in dealing with another of Omega's superweapons, admitted that what had been happening on Earth since then was not unlike what had happened on his home planet, eons ago.

              Omega is, of course, far too arrogant to even consider allying with any lesser intellect, and acknowledges no peers. However, he has sometimes found it useful to associate with certain punier minds who demonstrate a greater faculty for the manipulation of the paraphysical phenomena common in Earth's solar system. Of these, the Cabalist Grand Master known as Garravin has been his most frequent temporary colleague, owing to Omega's knowledge of Garravin's origins as a Loi Mutant, the only one to master sorcery ...

              Omega -- PL 11

              Real name: Unknown.
              Date of birth: Unknown.
              Identity: The general public is unaware of his existence.
              Occupation: Scientist.
              Base of operations: Believed to operate from a base in the Proxima Centauri star system.
              Affiliation: None.
              Height: 4'11''.
              Weight: 110 lbs.
              Eyes: Black, no pupils.
              Hair: None.

              Abilities: STR -1, STA 1, AGL 4, DEX 4, FGT 4, INT 11, AWE 4, PRE 4

              Alphan Linguistics: Comprehend Languages 1 * 2 points
              Alphan Senses: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Uncanny Dodge), Sense 1 (low-light vision) * 2 points
              Alphan Toughness: Protection 2 * 2 points
              Force Field Belt: Sustained Impervious Protection 10; Sustained Immunity 2 (disintegration effects); Removable (-4 points) * 18 points
              Psychic Broadcast: Selective Area Communication 4 (mental) * 24 points
              Raygun: Array (60 points), Easily Removable (-24 points) * 36 points
              * Disintegrator Setting: Ranged Weaken Toughness 12, Affects Objects, Linked: Ranged Damage 12 * 60 points
              * Nullifier Setting: Nullify Mutant Powers 12, Broad, Increased Duration 2, Simultaneous * 1 point
              * Teleporter Setting: Ranged Accurate Teleport Attack 12, Increased Mass 12 (100 tons) * 1 point

              UFO and 19 points of equipment as needed.

              Accurate Attack, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 20, Fearless, Inventor, Ranged Attack 4, Uncanny Dodge.

              Expertise: Biology 10 (+21), Expertise: Known Space 10 (+21), Intimidation 5 (+9), Perception 5 (+9), Ranged Combat 2 (+6), Technology 8 (+19), Vehicles 8 (+12).

              Init +4
              Unarmed +4 (Damage -1)
              Ranged +10 (Damage 12 + Weaken Toughness 12)

              Dodge 9, Fortitude 9, Parry 8, Toughness 13/3, Will 13

              Abilities 62 + Powers 76 + Advantages 26 + Skills 24 + Defense 26 = 214

              Obsession--Motivation. Arrogant. Renegade.

              High Power Version (PL 13): Increase INT to 13, AWE to 6, PRE to 6; Add Immunity 10 (life support) and Impervious Will 12 to Alphan Toughness; make Psychic Broadcast an effect of a Mental Powers Array (24 points), and add Psychic Dominate: Perception Range Affliction 7 (Resisted by Will; Dazed, Compelled, Controlled); Senses 1 (Communication Link with Target) as an alternate effect; increase Sustained Impervious Protection to 12 ranks, Array to 75 points, Ranged Weaken Toughness to 15 ranks, Ranged Damage to 15 ranks, Nullify Mutant Powers to 15 ranks, Ranged Accurate Teleport Attack to 15 ranks, Increased Mass to 15 ranks; increase Ranged Attack to 5 ranks; increase Dodge to 11, Fortitude to 11, Parry to 10.

              Low Power Version (PL 9): Reduce INT to 9; reduced Sustained Impervious Protection to 8 ranks, Array to 50 points, Ranged Weaken Toughness to 10 ranks, Ranged Damage to 10 ranks, Nullify Mutant Powers to 10 ranks, Ranged Accurate Teleport Attack to 10 ranks, Increased Mass to 10 ranks; reduced Ranged Attack to 2 ranks; reduce Dodge to 7, Fortitude to 7, Parry to 6, Will to 11.

              UFO -- 81 points
              Size Huge Strength 10 Speed 14 (air/space) Defense 6 Toughness 16/11 Powers Passive Concealment 10 (cloaking field), Ranged Damage 10 (blaster cannon), Sustained Protection 5 (force field), Space Travel 2.

              Omega's Big Secret: He's completely deluded about his origins. The Great Leader he imitates managed to create a neurorecording which remained partially functional up until an undistinguished Alphan accidentally activated it, around two hundred years ago, and had it overwrite his own consciousness. He often confuses things he wanted or wants to do with things that he actually did. Confronting him with proof of this would make him go completely berserk.
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                Herne the Hunter

                The product of an abusive household where his parents used extreme interpretations of Catholic doctrine to justify their mistreatment of their children, Raven MacDougall took refuge in an active fantasy life. His favorite book was The Mists of Avalon. When he finally left home to attend community college, it took him less than a day to become a member of a Pagan religious group there. Unfortunately, where most Pagan worshippers believe strongly in 'live and let live', Raven's hatred for the faith he'd abandoned made him a zealot, seeking to overturn the falseness and hypocrisies he perceived in modern life in favor of a universal return to the Goddess. In the process, he became an advocate for environmental neo-primitivism.

                When Sir Perceval became well known, MacDougall was certain that this was a sign, and he sought out the knight to beg him to become a spokesman for the environmental movement. Unfortunately, MacDougall used exactly the wrong metaphors to try and persuade Perceval, which resulted in the latter not only refusing the invitation, but urging MacDougall to return to the embrace of the Church. Furious at this rejection of his ideals, MacDougall decided that it was up to him to become the champion of the Great Mother Goddess Earth that he'd thought Perceval was.

                Part of his transformation was technological, involving the use of mutant steroids to bulk himself up. But it seems fairly likely that he was also magically enhanced, drawing on sorcerous assistance from the Cabal's Lodge of the Midwinter Aton, though he was, at that point, unaware of the Cabal's existence. The combination of these turned him into a horned, deer-footed and dear-headed warrior, who was given an enchanted spear which caused cursed wounds in those it struck. He dubbed himself Herne the Hunter, after the legendary English figure.

                He and Sir Perceval have clashed many times in the last two decades. Initially, Perceval refused to kill Herne, seeing him as a human being despite what the man had done to himself. As Herne's crimes have increased in bloodshed and destruction, Perceval has changed his mind about his opponent, but their confrontations have never reached the final passage. Herne has also been an occasional opponent of a group of divine scions, who view him as Titanspawn. (It's possible that they're right about that.)

                When not fighting superheroes, Herne prowls forested areas in the United States, looking for hunters to prey upon. (Or campers. Or people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.) He takes particular pleasure in roasting his prey over an open fire, and leaving what he does not eat for scavengers ...

                Herne the Hunter -- PL 10

                Real name: Ryan MacDougall (Raven is an alias).
                Date of birth: April 11, 1979.
                Identity: Publicly known.
                Occupation: Terrorist.
                Base of operations: Mobile.
                Affiliation: None.
                Height: 6'7''.
                Weight: 300 lbs.
                Hair: Brown fur.
                Eyes: White, no pupils.

                Abilities: STR 6, STA 6, AGL 5, DEX 3, FGT 12, INT -1, AWE 4, PRE 3

                Antlers: Strength-based Damage 2, Inaccurate * 1 point
                Healing Factor: Regeneration 10, Regrowth * 11 points
                Hunter's Senses: Senses 6 (acute smell, danger sense, darkvision, tracking scent, ultrahearing) * 6 points
                Hunter's Speed: Leaping 4; Speed 6 (120 MPH) * 10 points
                Spear of Gaia: Strength-based Damage 2, Improved Critical, Incurable, Reach, Easily Removable (-2 points) * 3 points

                All-out Attack, Defensive Roll, Evasion, Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge.

                Athletics 9 (+15), Expertise: Survival 12 (+11), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 12 (+15), Perception 10 (+14), Stealth 11 (+16).

                Init +9
                Unarmed +12 (Close Damage 6)
                Antlers +10 (Close Damage 8)
                Spear of Gaia +12 (Close Damage 8, Reach)

                Dodge 10, Fortitude 14, Parry 12, Toughness 8/6, Will 6.

                Abilities 76 + Powers 31 + Advantages 12 + Skills 31 + Defenses 15 = 165 points

                Bloodlust--Motivation. Hatred (Christianity).

                High Power Version (PL 12): Increase STR to 8, STA to 8, AGL to 7, FGT to 14, AWE to 6; add Natural Toughness: Immunity 2 (disease, poison), Impervious Toughness 8; add Connections, Favored Environment (forest), Ritualist; add Expertise: Magic 8 (+7), Persuasion 8 (+11).

                Low Power Version (PL 8): Reduce STR to 4, STA to 4, AGL to 3, FGT to 10, AWE to 2, PRE to 0; reduce Regeneration to 5 ranks, drop Regrowth; reduce Expertise: Survival to 10 ranks.
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                  When she finally learned the Warrior's secret identity, something -- perhaps a whisper from her own never-loving god -- held Rebelle back from immediately exposing it to the world. Instead, she used her magic to garb herself in shadows and follow Marie Miyazaki on her day off, hoping to learn things of even greater use. It so happened that this particular day saw Marie returning to her family home to spend time with her parents and siblings, and so Rebelle learned what a loving family was supposed to look like. And how much pain seeing that could cause someone who'd never had anything even close to that.

                  A hybrid between a species all but identical to humanity, and a rather longer-lived one, Rebelle was apparently sold to a wandering priest of the Trickster when still an infant. She was given a naming ceremony that dubbed her Riale tel'Esseril, but it was just a formality; she used all manner of names in the many schemes her mentor worked with her. She remembers that he seemed fond of her, at first, until it became clear that she was much more blessed by their god then he. Any pretense of kindness vanished with that realization.

                  That understanding also led her mentor to try more and more risky scams, in hopes of winning greater favor from the Trickster. Inevitably, one of them resulted in his death at the hands of a certain lawman, who also took Rebelle prisoner, doubtless intending to put her in some gaol. (In fact, he was taking to her a rehabilitation center, where he hoped she might find a fresh start.) Then the starcaster accident happened, throwing them both to a distant galaxy and a pre-space world.

                  It could have been, should have been, a new beginning for her. But that hope, like pretty much every hope she's ever allowed herself to hold, was shattered by her first encounter with the Warrior. The rivalry between the two gods had followed her even here, where they were unknown. As if that wasn't bad enough, her link to the Trickster has attracted the same hostile attention from this world's mortal mages and demigods that the Warrior does, and unlike her enemy, she doesn't have friends to help her out.

                  All Rebelle really wants is to settle down and live a quiet life. But the very nature of her magic will prevent that, as it frequently activates against her will and wreaks the chaos that the Trickster craves. Her sanctuaries are wrecked, people she's come to care about get hurt. The knowledge that this will happen is one of the reasons, along with her envy and resentment, that she has never accepted any of the Warrior's overtures of peace.

                  And now the blackouts are happening more and more frequently ...

                  Rebelle -- PL 10

                  Real Name: Riale tel'Esseril.
                  Date of birth: Unknown (apparent age 25).
                  Identity: Publicly but not widely known. (Gather Information DC 25, Knowledge: Magic DC 20)
                  Occupation: Public menace.
                  Base of operations: San Francisco.
                  Affiliation: None.
                  Height: 5'5''.
                  Weight: 105 lbs.
                  Eyes: Naturally blue, otherwise variable.
                  Hair: Naturallly red, otherwise variable.

                  Abilities: STR 1, STA 3, AGL 1, DEX 2, FGT 6, INT 2, AWE 4, PRE 2

                  Barrier of Bats: Flight 7 (250 MPH); Linked Sustained Protection 5 and Enhanced Defenses 12 (Dodge 6, Parry 6) * 31 points
                  Disguise Magic: Morph 2 (humanoid forms) * 10 points
                  Enchanted Morningstar: Strength-based Damage 3, Improved Critical, Easily Removable (-2 points) * 2 points
                  Invocations of the Tricker's Guile: Array (14 points)
                  *The Trickster's Gift of Life: Summon Animated Object 2, Controlled, Mental Link, Multiple Minions, Tiring, Variable Type 1 * 1 point
                  *The Trickster's Madness: Perception Range Burst Area Affliction 7 (Resisted by Will; Entranced and Vulnerable, Stunned and Defenseless), Extra Condition, Limited Degree * 14 points
                  *The Trickster's Shadow Bolt: Ranged Damage 14, Tiring * 1 point
                  *The Trickster's Shadow Step: Extended Accurate Teleport 7 (120 miles), Extended Only, Tiring * 1 point
                  *The Trickster's Soothing Balm: Healing 14, Tiring * 1 point

                  Defensive Attack, Evasion, Improved Initiative, Move-by Action, Ritualist, Taunt

                  Close Combat: Morningstar 6 (+12), Deception 7 (+9), Expertise: Magic 9 (+11), Insight 4 (+8), Perception 4 (+8), Ranged Combat: Magic 4 (+6), Sleight of Hand 8 (+10), Stealth 8 (+9).

                  Init +5
                  Unarmed +6 (Close Damage 1)
                  Enchanted Morningstar +12 (Close Damage 4)
                  Trickster's Shadow Bolt +6 (Ranged Damage 14)
                  Tricker's Madness -- (Perception Range Burst Area Will 7)

                  Dodge 12/6, Fortitude 9, Parry 12/6, Toughness 8/3, Will 9

                  Abilities 42 + Powers 61 + Advantages 6 + Skills 25 + Defenses 16 = 150 points

                  Fear--Motivation. Enemy (the Warrior). Uncontrolled Magic.

                  High Power Version (PL 12): Increase STA to 4, AGL to 4, DEX to 6, FGT to 9, AWE to 6; increase Deception to 11 ranks, Expertise: Magic to 13 ranks, Insight to 6 ranks, Perception to 6 ranks; increase Will to 13 ranks.

                  Low Power Version (PL 8): Reduce FGT to 2; Reduce Array to 12 points; drop Improved Initiative; reduce Ranged Combat: Magic to 2 ranks; reduce Dodge to 2, Fortitude to 6, Will to 6.

                  Rebelle's Big Secret: As with the Warrior, Rebelle has been unwittingly recruited by a group of superheroes who exist centuries in the future. The fact that she has managed to find a place where she belongs, and that it and all memories of it is repeatedly being taken away from her, is not doing her mental health any favors.
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                    Despite being an ancient demon, with clear memories of her existence before the Fall, Sacabeth had never managed to achieve much distinction until fairly recently. Oh, she'll tell tales of how she was the one who whispered to Herodias to make her daughter ask for Jokanon's head, how she urged Atilla to think of himself as the Scourge of God. But these are probably lies, and they honestly pale in comparison to what she actually has accomplished, by urging a certain armored megalomaniac to fake his death and go into hiding for a decade or so to build up his forces.

                    A few months later, Detroit lay in ruins and said armored megalomaniac had been claimed by Hell, and Sacabeth found herself declared Demon of Supervillains. Which was nice, but something of a mixed damnation. An Impudite of War, she had been granted a Word that had been claimed, at various times, by the Demon Princes of Death, Technology, Theft, and the Media, all of whom could smash her like a bug if she was not very, very careful. So that was what she was, for quite some time. And then some himbo from Heaven was granted the Word of Superheroes, and she found herself in direct combat with an opposite number.

                    Sacabeth's typical role is that of a supervillain's moll or gunsel. (Male costume is nothing new to her.) Her ego won't allow her to simply be arm candy or a bedmate, however, and she generally ends up running the practical side of the villain's operations while her 'boss' comes up with the schemes. This is usually a tightrope act, with the villain's paranoia often being triggered by her gradual seizure of authority, and with her constantly soothing their ruffled feathers. The fact that she really doesn't want to muscle the supervillain out of their own operations helps a bit ... but only a bit. She's had to wrap up some very exciting operations because the punter had a freak out.

                    While thoroughly evil, and utterly unrepentant, Sacabeth has certain ... standards that she tries to instill in her charges. For the most part, these are intended to protect herself from crossing more powerful wordbound demons. In order to keep out of the way of the Demon of Drugs, she works to keep her villains from the narcotics trade. Murder for hire is the purview of the Demon of Assassins, and so she minimizes their connections to wetwork. She has a very simple treaty with the very powerful Demon of Sorcery, whereby she only deals with magic-using villains who only care about using magic for criminal purposes, rather than using crime to sponsor their magical research. And in order to avoid Saminga's wrath, she won't work with any villain who might engage in genocide.

                    Lately, Baal has -- somewhat delicately under the circumstances -- censured her for getting so wrapped up in her villains' schemes that she's forgotten the point of her activities. What she's supposed to do is lead them to their Fates, ensuring their damnation, and then arrange for their demise. Sacabeth hasn't really realized it, yet, but she's starting to identify with her intended victims. Their struggles against the authorities remind her, in a tiny way, of how the War began. Eventually, sure, she's going to bring about their doom, but ... well, that can always wait for another day, right? Why not have some fun, first?

                    Sacabeth -- PL 10

                    Real name: Sacabeth. Whatever name she had before the Fall is lost forever.
                    Date of birth: Unknowable.
                    Identity: The general public is unaware of her existence.
                    Occupation: Demon of Supervillains.
                    Height: 5'8'', or variable.
                    Weight: None of your <unprintable> business.
                    Eyes: Black, or variable.
                    Hair: Black, or variable.

                    Abilities: STR 6, STA 6, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 7, INT 3, AWE 4, PRE 4

                    Devilish Speed: Enhanced Advantages 12 (Close Attack 6, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 2); Enhanced Defenses 8 (Dodge 4, Parry 4); Flight 8 (500 MPH) * 36 points
                    Eternal: Immortality 3, Regeneration 6 * 12 points
                    Hears the Symphony: Senses 3 (cosmic awareness, divine awareness, magical awareness) * 3 points
                    Many Faces: Morph 2 (humanoids) * 10 points
                    Torments of Hell: Array (20 points)
                    * Breath of Flames: Cone Area Damage 10 * 20 points
                    * Kiss of Betrayal: Weaken Physical Abilities 5, Broad, Concentration, Simultaneous * 1 point
                    * Whisper of Temptation: Perception Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Will; Entranced, Compelled, Controlled), Hearing Sense-Dependent * 1 point

                    Attractive, Close Attack 6, Daze (Deception), Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Fascinate (Deception), Improved Initiative 2 Inspire

                    Deception 10 (+14), Expertise: Streetwise 8 (+11), Insight 6 (+10), Perception 6 (+10), Stealth 6 (+8).

                    Init +10
                    Unarmed +13 (Close Damage 6)
                    Kiss of Betrayal +13 (Close Fortitude 5)
                    Breath of Flame -- (Cone Area Damage 10)
                    Whisper of Temptation -- (Perception Range Will 10)

                    Dodge 11/7, Fortitude 8, Parry 11/7, Toughness 9/6, Will 11

                    Abilities 70 + Powers 73 + Advatntages 4 + Skills 18 + Defenses 14 = 179 points

                    Doing Evil--Motivation. Duty (Hell). Enemy (Vaniel). Standards.

                    High Power Version (PL 12): Increase STR to 8, STA to 7, FGT to 10, INT to 5, AWE to 6, PRE to 6; increase Array to 24 points, Cone Area Damage to 12 ranks, Weaken Physical Abilities to 6 ranks, Perception Range Affliction to 12 ranks; add Expertise: Magic 8 ranks, Expertise: Science 8 ranks, Technology 8 ranks; increase Deception to 12 ranks, Insight to 8 ranks, Perception to 8 ranks, Stealth to 10 ranks; increase base Dodge to 10.

                    Low Power Version (PL 8): Reduce STR to 4, STA to 5, FGT to 5, INT to 1, AWE to 2, PRE to 2; reduce Array to 16 points, Cone Area Damage to 8 ranks, Weaken Physical Abilities to 4 ranks, Perception Range Affliction to 8 ranks; add Standard Action flaw to Morph; reduce base Dodge to 5.

                    Sacabeth's Big Secret: Sacabeth is, without even realizing it, moving towards a unique position. As stated above, she's increasingly on the side of her charges, rather than that of Hell, which would normally mean that she's on the verge of becoming a Risen Demon. However, the nature of that charge, and her contempt for the forces of Heaven, mean that she'd never voluntarily seek refuge there. So it's possible that she's going to become the first Celestial in a very long time to be on neither side of the War.
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                      General Magnus

                      How has it all gone so terribly wrong? It started out perfectly fine. Just as every member of his family had, he served his country with distinction, during the mess in Vietnam, and during the dirty, secret wars afterward. He was even one of the commanders of the United States' covert response to the VIPER insurgency of the 1980s, and from there rose to the rank of lieutenant general, overseeing several secret units. He accepted his mandatory retirement with what he remembers as good grace, relying on subordinates who were personally loyal to him to keep him in the loop as he supervised the training of a new generation of soldiers at the military academy that hired him as its commandant.

                      And then Tolliver ruined everything. The soldier he'd personally cultivated, the son he should have had instead of the disgusting pervert that his wife delivered him, chose to abandon ... everything, to run off and join the circus. Surely anyone in the same position as he would have done what he did, used the resources he possessed to punish the willful and disobedient youth. But the soldier kept adapting and overcoming whatever was sent his way, and the General's pride warred with his frustration.

                      Inevitably, he had to seek out alliances, sometimes with very questionable parties. He was used to dealing with the occasional mad scientist from his years with the Taskforce, and had certainly encountered the odd mystic in his time, and so he didn't have any particular scruples about working with a so-called master magician who acted like something out of a yellow peril novel. It was all about using whatever resources were necessary to win the war.

                      Except that he hasn't been winning the war, or even the battles, and he's aware that he's running out of his resources. Magnus was coming under more and more official scrutiny, even before that asshole was put in charge of the DoD. Since then, nothing has gone well for him, and the offer that Fang made him, to give him back his youth and vitality so that he can settle things personally, is starting to be even more tempting ...

                      General Magnus' one relatively admirable quality, aside from his personal courage, is the complete lack of any of the prejudices one might expect of someone of his generation. He knows perfectly well that a soldier can be made from any raw material, and so anyone who has demonstrated that they can learn to do the job has his respect. Anyone who can't, or even more contemptibly won't, do that, will always have his contempt. He makes no allowances for demonstrating courage and capability outside of the military. (The army is, of course, the only real service, but the others have their limited uses.)

                      General Alexander Magnus -- PL 9

                      Real name: Alexander Graham Magnus.
                      Date of birth: March 15, 1939.
                      Identity: Publicly known, though his criminal activities are unknown to the general public.
                      Occupation: Commandant of Ironborn Military Academy.
                      Base of operations: Troy, New York.
                      Height: 6'1''.
                      Weight: 215 lbs.
                      Eyes: Brown.
                      Hair: White.

                      Abilities: STR 0, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 3, FGT 5, INT 7, AWE 7, PRE 6

                      Master Plan: Variable 4, Affects Others and Self, Free Action^, Slow^ * 40 points
                      Situational Awareness: Senses 1 (danger sense) * 1 point
                      Unfazeable: Immunity 5 (interaction skills) * 5 points

                      Armored Costume (Protection 2), Light pistol (Ranged Damage 3), and 12 points of equipment as needed.

                      Assessment, Connected, Equipment 4, Evasion, Improved Aim, Inspire 5, Leadership, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Ranged Attack 2, Redirect, Seize Initiative, Set-Up, Skill Mastery (Insight, Perception), Teamwork, Well-Informed.

                      Athletics 4 (+4), Deception 8 (+14), Expertise: Military 12 (+19), Insight 8 (+15), Intimidation 8 (+14), Perception 12 (+19), Persuasion 8 (+14), Ranged Combat: Guns 6 (+9), Technology 4 (+11).

                      Init +1
                      Unarmed +5 (Close Damage 0)
                      Light Pistol +11 (Ranged Damage 3)

                      Dodge 5, Fortitude 5, Parry 5, Toughness 4/2, Will 11.

                      Abilities 62 + Powers 46 + Advantages 24 + Skills 35 + Defenses 11=178 points

                      Revenge--Motivation. Elderly. Intolerance (civilians).

                      High Power Version (PL 9): Increase STR to 4, STA to 4, AGL to 3, DEX to 5, FGT to 7; drop Immunity; replace Light pistol with Assault Rifle (Ranged Multiattack Damage 5); add Chokehold, Close Attack 5, Defensive Roll, Improved Grab; increase Dodge to 10, Parry to 12.

                      Low Power Version (PL 7): Reduce INT to 5, AWE to 5, PRE to 4; reduce Variable to 3 ranks; drop Ranged Attack.

                      ^ Reduced Action and Slow are usually contradictory modifiers, but in this case, they work together like this: the General's Variable can be activated as a Free Action, but once activated, it can't be reconfigured in action time.

                      General Magnus' Big Secret: The High Power Version describes what happens to him when he finally hears about a certain resurrection and decides to take Fang Wu-Shih's offer, turning himself into what he imagines will be the perfect combination of youthful strength and elderly cunning. He's still going to lose, though.
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                        Originally posted by Davies View Post
                        General Magnus' one relatively admirable quality, aside from his personal courage, is the complete lack of any of the prejudices one might expect of someone of his generation. He knows perfectly well that a soldier can be made from any raw material, and so anyone who has demonstrated that they can learn to do the job has his respect. Anyone who can't, or even more contemptibly won't, do that, will always have his contempt. He makes no allowances for demonstrating courage and capability outside of the military. (The army is, of course, the only real service, but the others have their limited uses.)
                        Then explain why he felt his own kid was a disgusting pervert (or was that actually completely justified, like the kid turned out to be a sexual predator or something?)


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                          Falls under the category of "won't", as his son would have had to deal with a pre-"don't ask, don't tell" army.

                          Nobody ever said bigotry had to make sense.
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