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The Wizard and Sakamoto, Time Travelling Goofballs

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  • The Wizard and Sakamoto, Time Travelling Goofballs

    Preface: Im new to M&M, it's entirely possible I got costs or rules wrong. If I did, I'd really appreciate it if you could point out where and why! The Wizard and Sakamoto are based loosely off of some of my favorite things. The Wizard is a magical time traveller, with some inspiration from my favorite D&D 5e class and a name similar to the naming conventions of Dr. Who. Sakamoto is named after one of my favorite characters from Nichijou, and is built to be very similar to Stitch from Lilio and Stitch. I used a build guide for him, and referenced the time powers profile to build a lot of the time-related powers The Wizard has. Thank you for reading, leave your feedback please (it helps me learn)!

    aka "John Smith"

    STR -1 AGL 0 FGT -1 AWE 5
    STA 0 DEX 0 INT 3 PRE -1
    Dodge 8
    Parry 0
    Fortitude 8
    Tough 6
    Will 8

    "Wizard out of Time"
    Sense 1 (Temporal Awareness) [1]
    Immunity 6 (Temporal Effects, Aging) [6]
    Movement 3 (Time Travel); Affects Others, Tiring [6]

    "Wizarding Wonders"
    Light: Environment 1 (Light) [1]
    Magic Missile: Blast 5; Penetrating, Homing, Diminished Range [15]
    Mage Hand (Alt): Move Object 1 ; Concentration, Precise, Perception [1]
    Alter Self (Alt): Morph 3 (Humans); Concentration [1]
    Shield (Alt): Protection 6; Concentration, Impervious [1]
    Time Stop (Alt): Quickness 5 (Subtle 2); Speed 5 (Subtle 2); Concentration, Quirk: Limited to routine actions while active [1]

    "Staff-Required Spells (add "Easily Removable (Indestructible)" to all effects below)"
    Counter-Spell: Nullify 10 (Magical Effects); Reaction (Magical Effect Used), Diminished Range 2 [16]
    Temporal Sidestep: Immunity 80 (Dodge/Parry); Teleport 1 (Reaction when Attacked); Concentration, Limited (Not Against Surprise Attacks) [26]
    Sleep (Alt): Affliction 10 (sleeping; resisted by fort; fatigued, exhausted, asleep); Progressive [1]
    Levitate (Alt): Flight 1; Continuous, Subtle 2, Concentration, Affects Others, Perception Ranged (Hearing) [1]
    Fireball (Alt Effect): Blast 10; Burst Perception, Incurable, Tiring [1]
    Temporal Shift (Alt Effect): Teleport 5; Attack, Burst Close, Selective, Limited (things you can move physically) [1]
    Age Manipulation (Alt Effect): Affliction 10 (aging; Resisted by Fort; Impaired, Disabled, Transformed), Progressive [1]

    Minion 8, Ranged Attack 10, Eidetic Memory, Hide in Plain Sight

    Deception 6 (+5), Expertise: Magic 4 (+7), Expertise: History 10 (+13), Insight 6 (+11), Perception 4 (+9)

    Motivation (Thrills) - Messing with time is a lot of fun.

    Relationship (Sakamoto) - The Wizard's Familiar is the only being in all of space and time who knows the extent of his powers.

    Secret (Time Powers) - If people knew about The Wizard's ability to manipulate time, then surely others would seek to take them away, for the safety of time-space or for their own greedy ambitions. He has gone to great lengths to obfuscate his true person, often altering his appearance when using time powers, and going simply by 'the wizard'.

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    aka Project 413

    STR 8 AGL 4 FGT 5 AWE -1
    STA 7 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE -2

    "Animal Senses"
    Senses 3 (Acute & Extended Scent, Low Light Vision) [3]

    "Experimental Physiology"
    Regeneration 5 [5]
    Extra Limbs 2 (4 total arms) [2]
    Leaping 1 (15 feet) [1]
    Speed 3 (8 mph) [3]
    Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2) [4]

    "Small Size"
    Shrinking 8 (Innate, Permanent +0) [17]
    (-2 STR, -1 Speed, +4 Defenses, +8 Stealth, -4 Intimidation)

    Immortality 4 [8]
    Immunity 6 (temporal effects, aging) [6]

    All Out Attack, Close Attack 3, Startle

    Athletics 4 (+12), Intimidation 12 (+6)

    Motivation (Destruction)- Sakamoto was created to seek out large cities and destroy them, wreaking utter havoc.

    Relationship (The Wizard) - The Wizard is Sakamoto's best and only friend, who rescued him from his laboratory and tethers him to a solid point in time. Sakamoto cannot exist without The Wizard.

    Weakness (Dense)- Sakamoto is hyper-dense, and will sink if he comes into contact with the water or other fluid surfaces (like quicksand).