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    I had a thread on the old Atomic Thinktank once upon a time, mostly back in the second edition of Mutants and Masterminds.

    Well, I never really stopped building characters. M&M is still among my favorite RPGs so I'm back.

    This thread will most likely consist primarily of original builds based on my fiction (Published and unpublished), with some conversions from anime and other stories I enjoy.

    So, thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you see a mistake in my builds (Or if you just want to say something else). I do my best, but M&M characters have tons of variables.

    I'm glad to be back.

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    Jotaro Kujo - Stand Master of Star Platinum [Jojos's Bizarre Adventure, Player Character]

    "Yare yare."

    PL 10 (150pp) 50 Abilities, 10 Defenses, 5 Skills, 1 Advantages, 84 Powers
    Complications - Normal Identity (Stand Master), Stand Range: ~60ft
    Description - Laconic, unflappable, street-fighting Japanese punk is the hero of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.

    Strength 2/6 Agility 2/6 Dexterity 2/6 Stamina 4
    Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 1 Fighting 10

    Dodge 10/6 (Without Stand), Parry 10, Fortitude 5, Will 9, Toughness 10/4 Without Stand)

    Skills - Intimidation 6, Perception 4/8 (with Super Senses)
    Advantages - Luck

    Powers (84pp)

    Star Platinum
    Enhanced Agility 4 and Enhanced Strength 4 - 16pp
    -AE: Insubstantial 4 (Selective; Limited 2: Does not Effect Enemy Stands, Stand Only) - 1pp
    Immunity 20 (All Damage not from Stands 15, Suffocation 5; Limited: Stand Only) - 10pp
    Concealment 8 (All Senses, Continuous, Permanent, Limited: No Effect on Stand Users) - 8pp
    Enhanced Dexterity 4 - 8pp
    -AE: Damage 4 (Multiattack, Strength-based) - 1pp - Barrage of Punches
    Affliction 10 (Insidious, Area: Burst, Effects Objects, Extra Conditions; Instant Recovery; Resisted by Will: Hindered and Dazed, Immobile and Stunned, Paralyzed and Unaware) - 31pp - Stop Time
    Enhanced Advantages 3 (Improved Initiative 2) - 2pp
    Enhanced Advantage 1 (Throwing Mastery) Enhanced Skill (Ranged Combat (Thrown) 4) - 3pp
    -AE: Senses 2 (Rapid Vision 1) Linked: Enhanced Skills 2 (Perception 4 Ranks) - 1pp - Super Senses
    Protection 6 (Limited: Stand Only) - 3pp

    Note: These stats represent Jotaro from about the end of Part 3 onward. No doubt he'd have some more skill points in part 4, 5, and 6. For most of Part 3 he doesn't have the use of the Stop Time power. Also, note I gave a steep discount on the damage immunity effect because most of the enemies in Part 3 and beyond have stands so this ability is most useful against collateral damage effects.

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      Very nice to see you again Dweller. Its been ages since I've been here.
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        Holy cow, Mister B, likewise! I almost forgot I started this thread again. I forget, did you go under a different moniker back then? No offense intended.

        EDIT: Ah, I see, you more or less welcomed me on the old forum too.
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          The forum ate the last posting attempt I tried. Anyway, here is a character from the book I'm about to publish. If you're familiar with my old thread you may remember him from my high fantasy setting.

          Deckard Hadrian
          PL 10 (185pp)
          Complications - Relationships with Women (Rosana Berline, Isabel Haley…), Family (Descendants: Lucus Sheth, Jena Cane, Hector Cane, The Five Houses of Hadrian…), Responsibility (Demon Jailer), Enemies (Cyrus Bode, Virgil Silas Dane, Order of the Smoke, The Kism, Anovot’s Order and other Renegade Demons), Addiction (Alcohol), Secret (Knows the path to Obnilen), Involuntary Transformation/Power Loss (Not immune to Fatigue or Aging when within close range of a woman)

          Description - Deckard is a famously tall and handsome immortal in the land of mercy, well-renowned over the course of his 354 years at the start of the story for being a mighty warrior, demon hunter, and lover of many women, though each only once. His many complications have accrued over more than a dozen generations. He grows sparse facial hair, is pale of skin and dark-haired with light green eyes. His robe is metallic iron made light enough for him to move it with ease by his feather magic.

          Strength 5 Agility 5 Dexterity 3 Stamina 0
          Intellect 4 Awareness 3 Presence 4 Fighting 11

          Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 4, Will 9, Toughness 8/5 (Flatfooted); 3/0 (Without Armor)

          Skills - Acrobatics 3, Athletics 3, Close Combat (Sword) 1, Expertise (Demon Hunter) 5, Expertise (Mage) 5, Intimidation 4, Investigation 3, Perception 6, Persuasion 3, Ranged Combat (Sewing Light) 7, Stealth 2
          Advantages - Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Assessment, Attractive, Benefit (Immortal Status and Holdings), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 2, Evasion, Fast Grab, Favored Foe (Demons), Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Jack-of-All-Trades, Move-by-action, Power Attack, Ritualist, Takedown, Tracking

          Equipment (5ep) - Sword (Damage 3, Strength-based, Improved Critical), Weather Gear - varying by season

          Headquarters (5ep) - The Glass Hall (Medium HQ, Toughness +6, Features: Living Space, Library, Grounds, Teleportal Ring (With Index))

          Powers (54pp)

          Hadrian’s Iron Robe (Hard to Remove -1pp/5pp) - Usable 2 (Deckard Hadrian Only)
          Protection 5 - Iron Robe
          Immunity 6 (Cold Temperatures, Suffocation) - Sustainment

          Immortal Demon Jailer
          Power Lifting 2 - Feather Touch
          Immunity 6 (Aging, Sleep/Fatigue Effects) - Immortal Breath
          Affliction 10 (Will Resists, Extra: Cumulative, Flaw: Requires Grab; Effects: Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep) - Soothing Aura
          Leaping 1
          Movement 1 (Trackless) - Feather Feet
          -AE: Flight 2 (Gliding) - Feather Fall
          Damage 10 (Split 4, Ranged 3, Tether) - Sewing Light
          -AP: Leaping 10 –Linked: Flight 4 - Feather Flight
          -AP: Affliction 9 (Ranged 5, Accurate 4, Fortitude Resists, Extra: Multiple Effects, Flaw: Limited to Two Degrees, Effects: Hindered and Vulnerable, Floating [Immobile] and Defenseless) - Feather Toss
          -AP: Damage 9 (Multiattack) - Light Stitching
          Like reading science fiction? Get a free arc of one of my books!