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Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2

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    Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2

    The TV Doctor

    "Are you a doctor?"

    "No, but I play one on TV. And I'm a savant."

    * * *

    Luke Gifford threw up before he was through dissecting a frog in elementary school. It was very clear that biology was not for him, and that in turn ruled out the dream his mother had of telling all of her friends about her son the doctor. Oh well. She adjusted, particularly after he discovered that he had a talent for acting. It'd be "her son the movie star!"

    Unfortunately, although he did find work in the entertainment industry, that sort of success eluded him. On the other hand, he found that he could easily get a job in commercials, and -- strangely -- often ended up playing "the doctor" in commercials for various medications. It seemed that he had the look of a doctor, that he seemed to have the combination of wisdom and compassion that people looked for in their ideal imaginary physician. Luke found this baffling, but was pleased by the steady income from the commercials.

    In 2003, he was filming a commercial for a new headache medication. The irony was that he was suffering from a headache himself, and surreptitiously sampled the product in hopes of getting some relief. Later investigation would show that the package he opened was one of several that had been subjected to tampering by a psychopath, but all that Luke knew was that it made the headache go away, though he felt oddly light-headed.

    As filming wrapped, one of the technicians slipped and accidentally hit a spotlight so hard that he broke the glass and contacted the wire. He suffered serious burns as well as a cut. The call went out for the shoot's first aid personnel, but he was nowhere to be found. Luke found himself drawn to the scene of the accident. Weirdly, he found himself unaffected by the sight, which was odd given that he'd usually had the same reaction to injuries that he'd had to that long-ago frog.

    And then he found himself treating the injury. People jumped to obey his instructions to bring him what he needed to do so. They assumed that he'd taken a first aid class and was simply keeping a more level head than any of them were ... but the truth was that he had no idea how he knew what he knew.

    Later that evening, reflecting over it, Luke realized that he didn't just know how to treat an injury. He'd suddenly become familiar with virtually every medical and surgical procedure in common use, and with the scientific basis for those procedures. He knew the chemical compositions of dozens, hundreds of drugs, their effects on the body in both the short- and the long-term, and their street names! And even more than that, he no longer felt any sort of trepidation about blood or guts.

    So now what? He could probably afford to go back to school and become a real doctor, if that's what he wanted. But the idea of going through all that tedious schooling to earn the right to use knowledge that he already possessed didn't sit well with him. And he doubted that the medical schools would just let him sit for the final exam without doing that, and he couldn't get a license to practice medicine without it.

    Instead, he kept on doing what he'd been doing all along. He didn't work as a doctor, he played one on TV. When people got injured around him, as they tended to do, he helped out with first aid, just like anyone would. If people noted that he was really good at first aid, they just assumed that he might have made a good doctor if he hadn't decided to be an actor.

    And then the Grue Invasion happened. Confronted with a serious threat and people who were being injured on a massive scale, Luke realized that he couldn't just stand by and do nothing. He walked into an aid station and began treating people. The corpsmen who were there weren't in any position to refuse the assistance of someone who clearly knew what he was doing, and he saved many lives.

    However, that resulted in his exposure. "TV Doctor turns real doctor" read the headlines. When interviewed, Luke admitted that he was, in all probability, a savant, with a paranormal ability that gave him unusual talent for a skill -- medicine, in his case. The American Medical Association, predictably, served him notice that if he attempted to use this knowledge without proper accreditation, he would be subject to criminal charges. (On Earth-Prime, the AMA does have this power in the United States, dating from the 1950s and usually used to suppress psychic healers.)

    But they weren't the only ones who contacted him. The Paranormal Professionals Society invited him to join, and offered to assist him if he ever found himself in legal difficulties through the exercise of his talents. (Of course, they also wanted him to make a commercial for them.) The Silber Agency offered to put him on salary as a paramedic, flown to offer emergency medical care to those willing to pay a retainer for it. And several groups of supers inquired whether he'd be willing to join their support teams as a full-time "metaphysician". (At least one of these offers came from a villainous group that operated under the misconception that he had healing powers, which subsequently attempted to kidnap him.)

    After some consideration, Luke decided to accept the invitation from the PPS, and filmed the commercial. But he also one of the inquiries from one of the super-groups -- from the Freedom League, to be precise. After all, he reasoned, the AMA can't really squawk about him performing medicine not only out of their jurisdiction, but out of the atmosphere, as when he works on the Lighthouse. He has remained part of the League's staff ever since, one of its constants for all of its frequent changes of roster.

    Associating with the Freedom League has opened up many doors for Luke. He's been able to study medical phenomena that most doctors never witness, and while some of these have horrified him -- anything that comes out of Doctor Sin's laboratory, for example -- he stays calm and collected throughout. After all, what kind of TV Doctor panics when the heat is on? He's also busily attempting to research the activities of other "medical miracle workers", like Doc Prophet and Dr. Richard McNichol, who were active during the Pulp and Golden Age, respectively. If some of their techniques can be made practible, hundreds of lives could be saved every year.

    It was in pursuit of such goals that Gifford recently joined forces with detectives Tanya Prophet and Richard McNichol (the grandson and namesake of the doctor) in their raid on the organization called the Vanguard in Emerald City. It was a noisy, messy affair, and the fact that the TV Doctor actually came out not only okay but actually ahead -- unlike either of the two private investigators, whose questions remain unanswered -- doesn't do anything to make the memories of the adventure any more pleasant. He is currently sorting through the files he obtained in the process ...

    The TV Doctor - PL 6 (85 points)

    STR 0 | STA 1 | AGL 3 | DEX 2 | FGT 0 | INT 6/1 | AWE 7/2 | PRE 3
    Powers: Medical Savant (Enhanced Awareness 5, Enhanced Intellect 5, Enhanced Skills 18 [Expertise: Doctor 8, Treatment 10])
    Advantages: Attractive, Connected, Defensive Roll, Improved Defense, Language (Spanish)
    Skills: Deception 4 (+7), Expertise: Actor 6 (+9*), Expertise: Current Events 4 (+10), Expertise: Doctor 8 (+14), Insight 4 (+11), Persuasion 4 (+7), Investigation 5 (+11), Perception 5 (+12), Persuasion 4 (+7), Treatment 10 (+16)
    Offense: Initiative +3, Unarmed +0 (Close Damage 0)
    Defense: Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 3, Toughness 3/1*, Will 9
    Totals: Abilities 24 + Powers 29 + Advantages 5 + Skills 18 + Defenses 9 = 85
    Complications: Motivation--Preserving Life.
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      Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2

      Ellen Sanders

      The only child of an upper middle class family from New York, Ellen started demonstrating her super power to learn languages with only a few moments study in her early teens. Her parents were basically nonplussed by this development -- while it didn't fit in with their ambitious plans for their daughter's future, they could at least feel relief that it wasn't the sort of thing that would lead her to put on a mask and start beating people up, either. When Duncan Summers contacted them and offered a scholarship at the academy he was just then setting off, Ellen's parents were more than happy to accept, as it meant that her high school education was covered and they could save more for her college.

      Ellen's time at Claremont proved to be a life-changing experience, however. While she never even considered trying to join the Next Gen when they formed, she did help them out when they encountered a couple of "language arts" problems. By the time that she graduated, she had a pretty firm idea of what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She attended FCU, but majored in linguistics rather than seeking acceptance in the university's business school like her parents had intended. They consoled themselves by imagining that Ellen was aiming for a career in diplomacy.

      Well, they were right, sort of. As soon as she graduated (with honors), she contacted the Freedom League through Duncan Summers in search of a job working for their hotline. Her facility with languages certainly marked her as someone who had a lot of potential, but she still needed to gain practical experience, and started at the bottom, answering low-priority calls that were invariably routed to 'mundane' emergency services. She handled them with grace and calm. Whenever more serious calls came in, with keywords that she'd been trained to recognize, Ellen transferred them 'upstairs' to more experienced operators.

      Less than a year into the job, however, a certain call came in. One keyword in particular was supposed to make her reach for the big red panic button on her board, sending the call all the way to the top, as soon as she heard it. On this day, when she heard a young woman shouting something about the Terminus, she reached out to the panic button ... then drew back, stayed on the line with Robin Greyfaulks, got additional information about the situation from her with patient questions, and then transferred it up to the top, passing on everything she'd been told.

      She still doesn't know the full story about what happened because of that call. But it was the point when her supervisor took her aside and told her that she was moving on up to work the boards at a higher altitude, on the Lighthouse itself. She'd become one of the people to whom the first level reported the keyworded calls, knowing that she was going to be sending reports directly to the Freedom League itself. Most people on that level burnt out after a year. When she was still going after two years, Ellen was short-listed as a potential replacement for the hotline's director. She was promoted into that position a year and a half later, and she's been there ever since.

      During the first few years of her work on the Lighthouse, she made the acquaintance of Chanda Akweme, a Dakanan security guard. Their friendship blossomed into the first real romance of Ellen's life. Chanda persuaded Ellen to develop some more physical fitness, and she found that she actually enjoyed it after she got over wanting to die. Unfortunately, their romance ended when Chanda returned to Dakana to marry the woman his family had selected for him, to Ellen's sorrow but not her surprise. She hasn't responded by throwing herself into her work, of course, but she isn't seeking a new boyfriend either, just yet.

      Ellen Sanders - PL 5 (97 points)

      STR 1 | STA 1 | AGL 3 | DEX 1 | FGT 5 | INT 4 | AWE 2 | PRE 4
      Powers: Linguistic Savant (Comprehend Languages 3 [speak, understand, and read all languages]).
      Advantages: Assessment, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 3, Fascinate (Persuasion), Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Improvised Tools, Well-Informed.
      Skills: Athletics 4 (+5), Deception 4 (+5), Expertise: Superhuman World 6 (+10), Insight 5 (+7), Investigation 6 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 5 (+9), Ranged Combat: Blaster 4 (+5), Stealth 4 (+7), Technology 4 (+8), Treatment 2 (+6).
      Offense: Initiative +7, Unarmed +5 (Close Damage 1).
      Defense: Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 4, Toughness 5/1, Will 6
      Totals: Abilities 42 + Powers 9 + Advantages 12 + Skills 26 + Defense 7 = 97
      Complications: Motivation--Responsibility
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        Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2

        The Pugilist

        The thing about legends, even living legends, is that their origins are often obscure. Was his original name Michael Shaunessy, Owen McKeeny, or something else entirely? Scope Casanova interviewed the man a few times, each time coming away with not only a different story but the sense that the subject believed the story to be true. He theorized that the Pugilist might be an archetype come to life, descended out of the Immateria and somehow sustaining himself on the stories told about him. There's no proof of any of this.

        The earliest known tale of his deeds comes from the first decade of the twentieth century, when he fought in the Gathering of that time as the unwitting champion of the mundane world. He triumphed, both in conflict with the champion of the martial world and in the overall battle, but learned just how vast the hidden world was in the process. The next decade is largely blank. It seems likely that he sought out higher education in the field of which he was now an acknowledged master, in hopes of becoming the acknowledged master.

        He emerged in 1924, when he battled Spring-heeled Jack in the streets of Dublin. This is a fact, and yet the legend continues to obscure. Was this the same Springheel Jack who'd terrorized London and Scotland, or an inheritor of the urban legend? Mortal creature with superior technology, or ancient fey in modern times? Perhaps it doesn't matter. The threat was brought to an end, and the Pugilist (as the papers now called him) became a celebrated figure in the Irish Free State, his talents often called upon in the years after the Civil War. In the early 30s, he began dividing his time between Dublin and Los Angeles, where he was a member of a team for the first time of his life, fighting alongside Mr. Mystery and Doc Mesmer.

        The Free State remained neutral when World War II broke out, but the Pugilist surely did not. He traveled the world in those years, fighting alongside the Allies of Freedom often, though he was never a member. It must be admitted, to his own embarrassment, that he was once tricked into fighting against members of the Defenders of the Crown when Nazi agents arranged for the Pugilist to read a falsified, aggressive version of the British Plan W (a measure to occupy Ireland if it was invaded by the Germans).

        After the war ended, the Pugilist returned to Ireland, but found that the Republic had grown too small for him. Returning to his wanderings, he watched allies and enemies grow older while he remained young, leaving him somewhat detached from the places he still tried to protect. He spent most of the Silver Age in America, drifting from city to city, from team-up to team-up, from short-lived team to short-lived team. The Eighties took him to Shamballah, where he found some happiness in passing on his skills and martial wisdom to a younger generation. That has defined his chosen role ever since.

        After a short time operating in Los Angeles in the early years of the Twenty-first century, he decided to accept the Freedom League's renewed offer of membership when the team began its expansion. But rather than acting as a front-line combatant, he serves as the team's hand-to-hand combat instructor and physical fitness trainer. His practical wisdom and years of experience have also made him a source of sage advice whom the younger generation of the League often turn to for counsel. To his mild horror, he was even proposed as a serious candidate for the leadership of the team when Lady Liberty held elections during the Olympus Delendum episode.

        That time also saw his first encounter with Trouble, the victor of the most recent Gathering. He proposed a simple exhibition match to see her mettle. Somehow in the ensuing melee all safety protocols in the Lighthouse's Chaos Chamber were deactivated as well as all recording devices therein, so nobody knows exactly what happened in there. But they eventually emerged, the Pugilist grinning broadly and speaking a mile a minute to an unusually animated-seeming Trouble. They've been friends ever since.

        The Pugilist - PL 13 (244 points)

        STR 4 | STA 6 | AGL 6 | DEX 4 | FGT 20 | INT 1 | AWE 4 | PRE 4
        Powers: Legends Are Buggers To Kill (Immortality 5, Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison], Regeneration 10), Striking Strength (Strength Based Damage 2, Affects Incorporeal [full], Improved Critical 3), Swiftness (Enhanced Advantages 5 [Evasion, Improved Initiative 3, Uncanny Dodge], Enhanced Defense [Dodge 10], Speed 4 [16 MPH])
        Advantages: Agile Feint, All-Out Attack, Assessment, Benefit (Every Trick In The Book)*, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Evasion, Improved Critical 3 (unarmed) , Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 3, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Inspire, Instant Up, Languages 5, Maneuver Mastery**, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Ranged Attack 6, Redirect, Set-Up, Takedown, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge
        Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+14), Athletics 12 (+16), Deception 8 (+12), Expertise: Martial Arts 15 (+16), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 15 (+19), Perception 12 (+16), Persuasion 8 (+12), Stealth 8 (+14).
        Offense: Initiative +18, Unarmed +20 (Close Damage 6, Critical 17-20).
        Defense: Dodge 18, Parry 20, Fortitude 13, Toughness 6, Will 13.
        Totals: Abilities 98 + Powers 49 + Advantages 32 + Skills 47 + Defense 18 = 244
        Complications: Motivation--Peace. Reputation (Frequently challenged by would-be martial arts masters)

        * Allows him to resist Feints with his Fighting score.
        ** Allows him to develop temporary 'inventions' using his Expertise: Martial Arts.

        For his Golden Age incarnation, modify the stats above as follows:

        Reduce FGT to 14, AWE to 2, PRE to 2; Reduce Immortality to 2, Regeneration to 5, Enhanced Defense to 4; drop Benefit, Inspire, Maneuver Mastery; reduce Ranged Attack to 2 ranks; reduce Acrobatics to 4, Athletics to 6, Deception to 4, Expertise: Martial Arts to 6, Insight to 4, Intimidation to 6, Perception to 6, Persuasion to 4, Stealth to 4; reduce Fort to 11, Will to 9; [PL10 - 171 points] Change Motivation to Thrills.
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          Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2

          Nurse Mariah Joy

          The Joy family of Philadelphia (descended from a French family by the name of 'de Joiry') is famous for their large population of doctors and nurses. Such a large population, in fact, and so frequently indistinguishable from one another, that it's suspected that one of the previous generation of the family perfected human cloning some time ago. The Joy sisters usually just smile (or, depending on their character, laugh) at such suggestions. Mariah Joy, on the other hand, typically answers that if they had, they certainly wouldn't advertise it so blatantly as they seem to be doing. She has an odd sense of humor.

          In addition to the mysteries of her origins, Mariah has a number of other mysteries about her -- for example, what exactly she did while she was working for UNISON, which she joined right after completing her nursing training. She deflects such questions easily with references to 'patient confidentiality'. There's also the question of why she left that job and came to work for the Freedom League. Asked this, she blinks and wonders why anyone would wonder why someone chooses to help the world's greatest heroes.

          Despite these mysteries, and a few others that trail along in her wake, Mariah is most famous among the League's support personnel for the time that she -- quite politely, and with no disrespect -- took Lady Liberty to task for using her powers to immediately heal one of the team's junior members of a sprain suffered during an impromptu beach volleyball game in the Lighthouse's Chaos Chamber. Her argument that doing so sent the message that it was all right to be careless because a magical cure was always available clearly unsettled the Lady. While the discussion ended with an agreement to disagree on the matter, it's been noted that the Lady has been reserving her healing light for genuine emergencies lately.

          Nurse Mariah Joy -- PL 4 (74 points)

          STR 0 | STA 1 | AGL 2 | DEX 2 | FGT 3 | INT 2 | AWE 4 | PRE 2
          Powers: Psychic Link (Mental Communication 4, Limited to Family Members, Unreliable)
          Advantages: Assessment, Connected, Defensive Roll, Great Endurance, Improvised Tools, Ranged Attack 2, Skill Mastery (Treatment), Well-Informed
          Skills: Expertise: Nurse 8 (+10), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 2 (+4), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion 2 (+4), Technology 4 (+6), Treatment 10 (+12)
          Offense: Unarmed +3 (Close Damage 0)
          Defense: Dodge 4, Parry 5, Fortitude 4, Toughness 3/1, Will 4
          Totals: Abilities 32 + Powers 8 + Advantages 9 + Skills 18 + Defense 7 = 74
          Complications: Motivation -- Doing Good.

          Aretha Joy and their other sisters and cousins use roughly the same character sheet with the following modifications: Reduce FGT to 0, Drop Defensive Roll and Ranged Attack, optionally change Expertise to Doctor, drop Fortitude to 2. [PL 3 - 63]
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            Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2

            Dr. Anastasia Joy

            Okay, take this image:

            ... then add a face plate. No, in dramatic defiance of comic book law, this character's battlesuit does not have a Breast Plate.

            Born in Tanzania to an earlier generation Joy who worked as a nurse for a missionary group, Anastasia spent the first six years of her life there. Even though she returned to America soon after, her memories were still filled with the beauty of the land and the smiles of the people, and she was determined to return someday. All her efforts during her education were bent in that direction, and so she became one of the first of her generation to become a doctor.

            By that point, it was the fashion for Joys to find work with a group that supported superheroic endeavors. When Anastasia discovered the existence of Ashkari, Inc. (see Atlas of Earth-Prime: Sub-Saharan Africa) in the land where she was born, it seemed like fate was smiling on her. She promptly made inquiries and learned that the group could always accept more trained medical help, then submitted her CV and was promptly hired.

            For a few months, everything was fine. She treated the injuries that the Ashkari occasionally endured in the course of their efforts to do some good in the world, and sometimes accompanied them into the field when they were dealing with medical emergencies. The work was completely fulfilling. And then everything changed forever when the suit was discovered, and brought back to the company's compound.

            The suit remains an enigma. The best guess is that it's of extraterrestrial origin. (It may be related to the crashed spaceship now known as the Refuge (see Atlas of Earth-Prime: West Africa) and, before its current modifications, it bore some resemblance to the suit employed by the American hero True Believer.) It was designed for a humanoid wearer, and is reasonably user-friendly.

            Anastasia discovered that part when agents of SHADOW attacked the base soon after the suit was discovered. She happened to be in the lab at this time, and listened in horror to the sounds of her patients being attacked by an overwhelmingly large force. She honestly can't remember the thought process that led to her putting on the suit to try and help, but the support she was able to give turned the tide. While the suit may have more dangerous weapons, she focused on the non-lethal ones as well as its remarkable medical capabilities.

            Ever since then, she's been a somewhat reluctant field operative for Ashkari Inc. While actual battle still terrifies her, she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep her friends and the innocent safe.

            Dr. Anastasia Joy -- PL 8 (135 points)

            STR 6/0 | STA 1 | AGL 2 | DEX 2 | FGT 6/0 | INT 2 | AWE 4 | PRE 2
            Powers: Body Armor (Impervious Protection 7, Immunity 2 [disease, poison], Enhanced Defenses 6 [Fortitude 6]), Combat Computer (Enhanced Fighting 6, Enhanced Defenses 4 [Dodge 4])*, Injector Launchers (Ranged Healing 8, Accurate 3, Persistent, Stabilize, AP: Ranged Cumulative Affliction 8 [Fortitude; Impaired, Stunned, Incapacitated])*, Psychic Link (Mental Communication 4, Limited to Family Members, Unreliable), Strength Augmentation (Enhanced Strength 6, Leaping 2 [AP:Tunneling 2])*, Sensors (Senses 4 [low-light vision, infrared vision, radio, tracking])*
            * Removable.
            Advantages: Assessment, Connected, Great Endurance, Improvised Tools, Languages 3, Skill Mastery (Treatment), Well-Informed
            Skills: Expertise: Doctor 8 (+10), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 2 (+4), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion 2 (+4), Technology 4 (+6), Treatment 10 (+12)
            Offense: Unarmed +6 (Close Damage 6), Ranged +8 (Ranged Fortitude 8)
            Defense: Dodge 8/4, Parry 8/2, Fortitude 8/2, Toughness 8/1, Will 4
            Totals: Abilities 26 + Powers 77 + Advantages 9 + Skills 18 + Defense 5 = 135
            Complications: Motivation -- Doing Good. Poorly Understood Technology
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              Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2

              Agents of the League Of Lethal Independents

              It has not escaped the attention of the Japanese government that many of the groups of non-governmental actors who have had a hand in saving Japan over the years have been composed of teenagers. The average age of the members of the Kaze Gundan was around 16; that of the Mahoushoujodan was even younger. Clearly, the young people who will inherit the world of the future have a special reason to fight in its defense. Since this appears to be the case, it naturally occurred to a clever bureaucrat in Ichigaya (a slang term for the Ministry of Defense, based on its location) that it would be an excellent idea to ensure that such young people are available to the state, and that their training should probably begin fairly early.

              Naturally, all such clever ideas attract a multitude of would-be fathers, resulting in the fairly large army of child soldiers available to the Japanese government being largely composed of children who are ... expendable. The unrecognized illegitimate children of the wealthy and connected, others who might have fallen through the cracks if not 'saved' by the organization, children of broken homes and broken dreams. They are, one and all, given training in the military and martial arts. The organization, sometimes referred to as the Shin Kaze Gundan (despite having no connection to the original) is pleased to report that one hundred per cent of its personnel measure up to exacting standards.

              Because those who do not measure up are no longer personnel. Or living.

              A squad of these operatives, usually composed of four or five children, has two adult supervisors. One is a veteran of Ichigaya's black ops division, charged with keeping the children's combat skills up to standards and leading them in the field. The other is a teacher, charged with their mundane education. Understandably, the latter position sees a great deal of turnover as very few mundane educators can stand up to the stress of teaching children whose odds of seeing tomorrow are often not very high.

              One such squad consisted of the near-legendary operative Major Kawashima Kei (pictured here during a rare moment of peace) and four middle school-aged girls under the care of a novice teacher named Sakaki Kouichi. Despite Kouichi's rough start, he proved to be an excellent teacher for the girls and was able to come to as much of an understanding of the violent world which was their home as anyone could possibly be expected to do. So everything was fine.

              And then it wasn't. Kawashima found something out. Just what, she still hasn't revealed to her charges. But whatever it was meant that she couldn't be trusted as their leader anymore. Which would have been all right if one of the girls hadn't had a profoundly personal loyalty to to Kawashima, and if the rest of the girls hadn't followed along in their companion's wake. Between the four of them and with the assistance of Kouichi, they were able to rescue Kawashima from imprisonment and escape into the night, though Kouichi took several bullets in the process -- at which point his students were somewhat surprised to discover that he's some sort of cyborg, as a little thing like that was just an inconvenience.

              Since then, there have been whispers in Japan's underworld. Whispers of a group of 'mercenaries' who take jobs despite the inability of their clients to pay, if they think the job is worth doing. Whispers that they support themselves by stealing from their targets. Whispers that some of the worst of the violent hoodlums disturbing Japan's orderly society got beaten by a bunch of kids.

              If you can find them, perhaps you too can hire the Agents of the LOLI.

              Sakaki Kouichi - PL6

              Usually only takes to the field in extreme emergencies, because his power is much greater than his training. Instead, he focuses on maintaining the kid's mundane education, even under these circumstances.

              STR 9 | STA - | AGL 3 | DEX 3 | FGT 3 | INT 3 | AWE 1 | PRE 3
              Powers: Armored (Protection 9, Impervious 8), Unliving (Immunity to Fortitude Effects), Swiftness (Speed 6)
              Advantages: Agile Feint, Eidetic Memory, Interpose
              Skills: Expertise: Teacher 6 (+9), Insight 6 (+7), Investigation 2 (+5), Perception 5 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+7), Technology 5 (+8), Vehicles 2 (+5)
              Offense: Initiative +3, Unarmed +3 (Close, Damage 9)
              Defense: Dodge 3, Parry 3, Fortitude -, Toughness 9, Will 6
              Abilities 40 + Powers 53 + Advantages 3 + Skills 15 + Defense 5 = Total 116
              Complications: Loyalty to Students--Motivation. Heavy. Hunted by Law Enforcement.

              Nazuka Miumi - PL 5

              The group's fixer, who usually deals with the clients. And with the people who are maintaining the group's investments, and with the underworld merchants who supply them with gear, and ... ahhhhh.

              STR 0 | STA 1 | AGL 1 | DEX 1 | FGT 3 | INT 1 | AWE 1 | PRE 3
              Equipment: Body Armor (Protection 2), Assault Rifle (Ranged Multiattack Damage 5), Heavy Pistol (Ranged Damage 4).
              Advantages: Assessment, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll, Distract (Bluff), Equipment 6, Luck 2.
              Skills: Athletics 4 (+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+5), Deception 7 (+10), Expertise: Soldier 4 (+5), Expertise: Streetwise 5 (+6), Intimidation 2 (+5), Insight 5 (+6), Investigation 7 (+8), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion 6 (+9), Ranged Combat: Guns 4 (+5), Stealth 6 (+7).
              Offense: Initiative +1, Pistol +5 (Ranged, Damage 4), Rifle +5 (Ranged, Multiattack Damage 5), Unarmed +5 (Close, Damage 0).
              Defenses: Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 5/3/1, Will 5.
              Totals: Abilities 22 + Powers 0 + Advantages 13 + Skills 28 + Defenses 14 = Total 77 points.
              Complications: Mercenary--Motivation. Minor. Hunted by Law Enforcement.

              Wakamoto Ayame - PL 5

              Team sniper and queen of bad attitude. She's just doing this because she has nowhere else to go, got it, not that she likes any of her teammates. Jerks.

              STR 0 | STA 1 | AGL 1 | DEX 1 | FGT 3 | INT 1 | AWE 1 | PRE 0
              Equipment: Body Armor (Protection 2), Sniper Rifle (Ranged Damage 5, Improved Critical), Heavy Pistol (Ranged Damage 4). Advantages: All-out Attack, Beginner's Luck, Equipment 6, Improved Aim, Improved Critical (rifle) 2, Improved Smash, Precise Attack 2, Teamwork.
              Skills: Athletics 4 (+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+5), Expertise: Soldier 4 (+4), Intimidation 6 (+6), Investigation 2 (+3), Perception 6 (+6), Ranged Combat: Guns 4 (+5), Stealth 4 (+5), Technology 2 (+3), Treatment 2 (+3).
              Offense: Initiative +1, Pistol +5 (Ranged, Damage 4), Rifle +5 (Ranged Damage 5, Critical 18-20), Unarmed +5 (Close, Damage 0).
              Defenses: Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fortitude 5, Toughness 3/1, Will 5.
              Totals: Abilities 16 + Powers 0 + Advantages 14 + Skills 18 + Defenses 19 = Total 67 points.
              Complications: Loyalty to Unit--Motivation. Minor. Hunted by Law Enforcement.

              Tanezaki Nodoka - PL 5

              The team's infiltration expert. She claims to be a ninja. Except when she claims not to be a ninja, and is making even more dramatic claims for her talents for disguise. Has a fairly blatant crush on Kouichi.

              STR 0 | STA 1 | AGL 3 | DEX 3 | FGT 5 | INT 3 | AWE 2 | PRE 3
              Body Armor (Protection 2), Light Pistol with Silencer (Ranged Damage 3, Subtle), Knife (Close Damage 1, Improved Critical)
              Advantages: Equipment 6, Evasion, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Improvised Weapon, Power Attack, Task Focus (Disguise).
              Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+11), Athletics 4 (+5), Close Attack: Knife 4 (+9), Deception 6 (+9) Expertise: Soldier 4 (+4), Intimidation 2 (+2), Investigation 4 (+7), Perception 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: Guns 4 (+7), Sleight of Hand 8 (+11), Stealth 8 (+11), Technology 6 (+9).
              Offense: Initiative +3, Pistol +7 (Ranged, Damage 3), Unarmed +5 (Close, Damage 0), Knife +9 (Close, Damage 1, Critical 19-20).
              Defenses: Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fortitude 5, Toughness 3/1, Will 5.
              Totals: Abilities 40 + Powers 0 + Advantages 12 + Skills 31 + Defenses 13 = Total 94 points.
              Complications: Loyalty to Kouichi--Motivation. Minor. Hunted by Law Enforcement.

              Uchida Rio - PL 5

              The hard-charging, pistol-packing team shooter and wheelman. Is completely and utterly in love with Kei, and doesn't care who knows it. Has only a vague sense of self-preservation.

              STR 1 | STA 1 | AGL 1 | DEX 1 | FGT 5 | INT 0 | AWE 1 | PRE 1
              Equipment: Body Armor (Protection 4), Assault Rifle (Ranged Multiattack Damage 5), Heavy Pistol (Ranged Damage 4).
              Advantages: All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack 2, Defensive Attack, Equipment 6, Evasion 2, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack 1 (cover), Quick Draw.
              Skills: Athletics 4 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+7), Expertise: Soldier 4 (+4), Intimidation 8 (+9), Perception 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: Guns 4 (+5), Vehicles 8 (+9).
              Offense: Initiative +5, Pistol +5 (Ranged, Damage 3), Rifle +5 (Ranged, Multiattack Damage 5), Unarmed +9 (Close, Damage 1). Defenses: Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 5/1, Will 5.
              Totals: Abilities 22 + Powers 0 + Advantages 20 + Skills 17 + Defenses 14 = Total 73 points.
              Complications: Loyalty to Kei--Motivation. Minor. Hunted by Law Enforcement.

              Kawashima Kei - PL 7

              A legend in her last days. She's not too thrilled that Kouichi is still in the team, as she'd prefer it if it was girl only, but so it goes. At least he's not anatomically correct. She's checked.

              STR 3 | STA 1 | AGL 1 | DEX 1 | FGT 5 | INT 1 | AWE 2 | PRE 3
              Equipment: Body Armor (Protection 2), Assault Rifle (Ranged Multiattack Damage 5), Heavy Pistol (Ranged Damage 4), Sword (Close Damage 3, Improved Critical).
              Advantages: Assessment, Close Attack 3, Defensive Roll, Equipment 12, Evasion, Fearless, Improved Aim, Improved Critical (sword), Improved Initiative, Inspire, Leadership, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Teamwork.
              Skills: Athletics 4 (+7), Close Combat: Unarmed 1 (+6), Deception 4 (+7), Expertise: Soldier 8 (+8), Insight 8 (+10), Intimidation 4 (+7), Investigation 4 (+5), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 4 (+7), Ranged Combat: Guns 8 (+9), Stealth 6 (+7), Vehicles 5 (+5).
              Offense: Initiative +5, Pistol +9 (Ranged, Damage 3), Rifle +9 (Ranged, Multiattack Damage 5), Unarmed +9 (Close, Damage 3), Sword +8 (Close, Damage 6, Critical 19-20).
              Defenses: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 6, Toughness 5/3/1, Will 8.
              Totals: Abilities 22 + Powers 0 + Advantages 26 + Skills 31 + Defenses 23 = Total 102 points.
              Complications: Justice--Motivation. Secret. Physical Illness.
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                Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Agents of the LOLI


                As with all the beings worshiped as gods along the Cosmic Coil, her origins are somewhat obscure. Was she in truth born full-grown and in armor from her father's head? Or is one of the other, lesser-known myths of her beginnings true? It is even possible that she was not the same goddess who aided Odysseus on his long voyage home, that that goddess of battle cunning fell in the Gotterdammerung of the sixth century and was replaced, in the aftermath, by a younger goddess promoted into her place. Perhaps that is why she favors her Etruscan name rather than the Greek.

                Be that as it may, the modern history of Minerva begins far more recently. In 1948, a professor of philosophy at Emerald City's Malory College looked out upon the students beginning their education under his care, and despaired. What good would a classical education do these children in a world where cities could be destroyed in an instant, where super-men walked and even flew the skies? The world had gone back in time to an age before the flowering of philosophy, to a time of myth. With that in mind, the professor gazed at the bust of Pallas on his shelf of books and offered a sincere, genuine prayer to the goddess of wisdom, if she existed or had ever existed, to grant him the understanding to teach the students what they needed to know.

                And Minerva answered, in person. She first assured the professor that he had not taken leave of his senses, then proclaimed that the basis of a classical education remained valid even in a decidedly non-classical era. To prove this claim, in answer to the professor's summoning, she would remain on Earth to guide both him and his students. Through her godly powers, she created the identity of Mary "Minnie" Verde, the professor's new secretary, privately acting as his advisor and counselor. She also assured him that she would protect the entire academy from harm from the strangeness in this new world.

                So things remained for quite some time. Minerva wasn't a superhero as such -- she didn't fight crime or prevent disasters. While many of the students at Malory College caught glimpses of her over the years, most just assumed that they were imagining things. A very few knew better, but they kept their protector and champion a secret, remembering occasions when strange mystical forces had threatened them and been beaten back by the woman with the spear and the shield. In her secret identity, Minerva happened to cross paths with the Centurion of Freedom City in his secret identity, but neither encountered the other on more formal occasions.

                In 1960, however, Hades invaded Freedom City, far to the west. Horrified, Minerva took flight to join the battle against the god of death, yet the conflict ended before she arrived on the East Coast. Further, in doing so she drew the attention of Zeus to her own presence on Earth-Prime, long after the summons she answered should have passed. After condemning Hades to the Underworld, Zeus commanded Minerva to return to Olympus. Obedient to the will of the Father of Gods and Men, she did so, sending a brief farewell to her now-elderly professor. For a brief while, as gods reckon time, Minerva turned away from Earth, not wishing to witness what the passage of time would do to those mortals she had left behind, and fearing the worst for their world.

                And then, in 2008, Olympus came under assault by mortal criminals who sought to steal the powers of the gods for themselves -- and worse, succeeded in doing so! Minerva took up her arms again to battle against these madmen and -women, and joined forces with the mortal Captain Thunder, who had been granted a portion of Zeus' own might. Awed at this man who bore up under the weight of such power, her interest in the mortal world was once more rekindled. In a world with such souls in it, what else might be possible?

                To return to Earth, however, would require her to once more be summoned by a mortal agent, and the odds did not seem good that such a miracle would happen twice. Minerva remembered then that she was the goddess of scheming, and devised a plan. After obtaining the help of Morpheus, god of dreams, she was able to strip herself of her immortality and much of her might and magic, placing them in a gem which she left in Morpheus' possession. Thus dispossessed, she no longer counted as one of the gods whom the Pact held back, and she was able to travel to Earth, arriving once more at Malory College, in the year 2011.

                She found that it remained what it had been when she left ... and despite being (until very recently) an unchanging goddess, that unsettled her. Mortals and the institutions of mortals were meant to change and grow, and Malory College had done neither. Thanks to her preparations, she was able to take the identity of Minnie Verde, as a namesake of the woman who'd been a secretary there generations earlier. However, her efforts to become an advisor to the professors she worked for came to naught. What times had changed, they did not seem to have improved.

                Yet she did find a handful of students who seemed to have the potential for true wisdom, and some of them became her friends -- most notably a slightly insane young woman named Yuuki Yukimura, who somehow stumbled on to Minerva's true identity within a few days of their first meeting. Yuuki encouraged Minerva to take flight as a true superhero, which Minerva found herself somewhat reluctant to do. Surely protecting the college and its students would be meritorious enough without seeking the public's regard.

                After only a year of this, however, things started to go wrong. Yuuki was expelled from the college when it became clear that her family was not the wealthy benefactors the registrar had believed. Disturbed by this, and still somewhat uneasy with the stultification of the college she'd once loved, Minerva abandoned Malory College herself. She managed to arrange for Yuuki to receive a scholarship to study at Saint Martin's University, and offered to travel there with her. The offer was gratefully accepted by Yuuki's parents.

                From there, it was just a matter of time before Yuuki's pleas for her to embrace superheroism broke down Minerva's defenses, and she debuted as a superhero protecting Olympia and the entire state of Washington. Recruited by the Freedom League, she gratefully became a member. When the Silver Storm broke out in Emerald City, Minerva briefly returned there to reveal that the wicked goddess Eris was fanning the flames of madness, and joined forces with the Sentinels to oppose her. She has accepted an honorary membership with the team, sometimes called upon when their full membership isn't quite up to a challenge.

                Of course, the fact that she has walked away from Olympus does not mean that Olympus has walked away from her, and Minerva is frequently drawn into the intrigues of her family. She must walk a careful line with them, since she no longer enjoys their immortality, and matters which would be only a momentary trouble for the other Olympians would bring about her end. But there are occasional benefits, such as the warnings she receives from Harmonia when Eris begins her schemes ...

                Minerva -- PL 12

                STR 10 | STA 12 | AGL 4 | DEX 4 | FGT 8 | INT 5 | AWE 7 | PRE 5
                Powers: Aegis (Enhanced Defenses 8 [Dodge 4, Parry 4], Immunity 17 [critical hits, electrical damage, flame damage, magic damage], Easily Removable), Doru (Strength-Based Damage 3, Improved Critical, Reach 1), Easily Removable), Magic Helmet (Immunity 5 [emotion effects], Removable), Might of the Immortals (Impervious Toughness 12, Immunity 11 [aging, life support], Power Lifting 2), Rides the Wind (Flight 6), Speaks The Truth (Comprehend Languages 4).
                Advantages: Attractive, Close Attack 3, Defensive Attack, Improved Critical (doru), Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Jack-of-all-Trades, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Ritualist.
                Skills: Expertise: Magic 8 (+13), Expertise: Philosophy 17 (+22), Intimidation 8 (+13), Insight 12 (+19), Investigation 8 (+13), Perception 13 (+20), Persuasion 12 (+17).
                Offense: Initiative +4, Unarmed +11 (Close, Damage 10), Doru +11 (Close, Damage 13, critical 19-20)
                Defenses: Dodge 12/8, Parry 12/8, Fortitude 12, Toughness 12, Will 12
                Totals: Abilities 110 + Powers 71 + Advantages 10 + Skills 34 + Defenses 9 = Total 234 points
                Complications: Responsibility--Motivation. Family (the Olympians). Friends (Yuuki Yukimura). Secret Identity. Truthful.
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                  Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Agents of the LOLI

                  Yuuki Yukimura

                  Now let me ask you, for you seem like a clever and unbiased person, and somewhat cute as well -- if you tell someone interviewing you that your father is Doctor Yukimura, and they get all excited because they've heard of a famous Doctor Yukimura who does brain surgery or something like that, and they just assume that you are talking about this person rather than your father the veterinarian, and you can't clarify the matter because you can't read minds and don't know that they're operating on false pretenses, isn't the whole mess which then ensues really their fault and not yours? Absolutely! Definitely! Probably. But did that interviewer get expelled? No!

                  Yuuki's mother and father had been so happy when they'd heard she'd been accepted at Malory College, too. Her little brother had just sneered but even he had been nice enough to promise that when his gang ruled the city the college would pay only a pittance in protection money, which was practically saintly for him. (And it wasn't like his gang even managed to rule their tenement, so even if someone were inclined to view it as a threat, it was a really silly threat.)

                  True, actually attending Malory College was a lot less exciting than getting into it had been. Nobody was exactly mean to her, but nobody was really friendly, either. It was hard to understand many of the conversations going on around her, even the ones that weren't in foreign languages, since everybody else seemed to come from backgrounds where going hungry at night wasn't something that happened, the way that it had for Yuuki's family. But eventually it would get better, she was certain.

                  And it did! Four days after classes started, she met an honest to goodness superhero and found out her secret identity! Of course, when Minerva swore her to secrecy, she immediately agreed. She wasn't the sort of person who went around telling secrets! Why, when her brother and his gang had robbed that 7-11, she hadn't turned him in to the police, had she? No! She'd beaten him and his little punk friends silly, then put on a costume and, at knife point, returned all the stuff they'd stolen but not eaten yet and paid for the stuff that they had! That was the sort of person Yuuki wanted to be -- the sort of person you could count on.

                  Every day after that was one long adventure, and a glorious one at that. But all good things must come to an end, and eventually someone found out that she was the daughter of a poor veterinarian and not a rich brain-or-whatever surgeon. Out she was kicked. But Minerva came to her rescue, and though Yuuki was sad to be leaving her parents and even her little brother behind, moving to Olympia promised to be the start of something better. And it was.

                  Yuuki eventually graduated from Saint Martin's University and got a job working as Minnie Verde's secretary there. She does her best to cover for Minerva's absences, on those occasions when she doesn't dash into battle to help her best friend. It's not really clear how Yuuki can do some of the things that she has managed to do -- a best guess is that she was mutated thanks to MarsTech's labs, which weren't terribly far from her home growing up. Regardless, anyone who fights MInerva has Yuuki Yukimura to deal with as well!

                  Yuuki Yukimura -- PL 8

                  STR 8 | STA 8 | AGL 3 | DEX 1 | FGT 4 | INT 0 | AWE 3 | PRE 3
                  Powers: Fast (Speed 4), Leaping (Leaping 4), Never Heard The Word Impossible (Enhanced Advantage 1 [Uncanny Dodge], Enhanced Defenses 8 [Dodge 4, Parry 4]), Resilient (Impervious Toughness 8, Regeneration 5), Strange Mind (Immunity 20 [mental effects]).
                  Advantages: All-Out Attack, Extraordinary Effort, Luck 4, Ultimate Effort 3 (Fortitude Checks, Toughness Checks, Will Checks), Uncanny Dodge.
                  Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+8), Deception 7 (+10), Expertise: Secretary 5 (+8), Insight 6 (+9), Perception 6 (+9).
                  Offense: Initiative +3, Unarmed +8 (Close Damage 8).
                  Defenses: Dodge 8/4, Parry 8/4, Fortitude 9, Toughness 8, Will 7.
                  Totals: Abilities 60 + Powers 50 + Advantages 9 + Skills 16 + Defenses 6 = 141 points
                  Complication: Responsibility--Motivation. Friends (Minerva). Wacky.
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                    Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Minerva, Yuuki Yukimura

                    Minerva is awesome!

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                      Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Minerva, Yuuki Yukimura

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                        Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Minerva, Yuuki Yukimura


                        The above is a reasonably good representation of what he really looks like. His shapechanging abilities allow him to look much younger when he pleases.

                        They've spun some pretty good stories, haven't they? "Vlad Tepes, after his lifetime of cruelty, was cursed with immortality and an undying thirst for blood by a --" And here the tale splits, some blaming a Romany vampiress, some a fairy obsessed with the night. "-- and ever since he has haunted the shadows as Dracula!!" Blah, blah, blah, I vant to suck your bluhd.

                        Feh. All lies. Vlad III was actually well known among the vampires of his era as their unflinching adversary, and while they likely had enough of a sense of irony to have found the notion of transforming him into one of their slaves appealing, by the time he met his death, his body was in no condition to be transformed into one of the undead. Whatever hell he found for himself, it is not this one in which we live. Ask any scholar of Stoker's novel and they'll tell you that his Count is a poor match to the historical impaler, that Stoker was writing about a "Count Wampyr" until some mysterious stranger suggested he use Dracula as his model. (That one's a lie, too, but we'll get to it later.)

                        Vlad III was married multiple times, and had many children. By a Hungarian noblewoman named Illona, his eldest son was also named Vlad Dracula, who made a claim to the Wallachian throne but never ruled. The younger Vlad's own eldest son was given the name Ladislas Dracula, and became the administrator of Castle Hunedoara. His two sons, the younger Ladislas Dracula and John Dracula, were granted baronial titles by the Holy Roman Emperor in 1535, in honor of their ancestors' crusades. Ladislas had only one son, also named John, who married a woman named Anna, had no known children, and disappeared from history. And as we all know, where history ends, myth begins.

                        John Dracula de Band (to use his full name) was a scholarly man. And unfortunately, he was not a particularly wise scholarly man, as his studies soon led him into arcane and esoteric subjects. His wife did commit suicide, and he may have told himself at some point that his studies were directed towards the possibility of raising her from the dead, but if so he was kidding himself. Eventually, his studies drew the attention of the notorious Scholomance, and he was invited to join this community of magical scholars for a year. His magical powers great terribly great during this time, and he was not the tenth scholar who was taken by the devil. (Which here means, 'was bloodily murdered by his fellow students in a sacrifice to the devil'.) With his new knowledge, it seemed the best thing to do was to ensure that he could continue to exist so as to gain further knowledge and power, and so he employed his arts to transform himself into a vampire, and has ever since haunted the night.

                        In the seventeenth century, he managed to inveigle himself into a position of caretaker of certain properties in the Borgo Pass region owned by descendants of his cousin George Dracula de Band after those descendants died out. Almost immediately, he began styling himself Count Dracula. The handful of local heroes who dared to oppose him were defeated with terrible ease, and he took steps to ensure that no tales of his deeds spread beyond the borders of his tiny kingdom. But overall, his was a quiet terror, and he spent most of the eighteenth century and the nineteenth in slumber, his mind traveling along the Crimson Coil, and earthquakes marking his periodic awakenings.

                        After one such earthquake in 1893, he embarked on his first great war against the world. The full details of his travels to England have only recently come to light; suffice it to say that he failed to gain the foothold in the West that he sought, and yet retained many agents of his will even after he was forced to flee into the shadows. Such has been the consequence of every one of his campaigns since then -- he never wins, and yet he always ends up with a few advantages that he didn't have before. He keeps getting stronger.

                        And now, with so many of his old enemies fallen, and so many advantages within his grasp, he has begun a new war. He has traveled to the new center of the Western World -- New York -- and gathered up all the agents he has recruited over the years. He treats with other masterminds as he never has before. So far, only the Raven has learned of what haunts New York's nights, though he has begun to gather old allies and new against this threat. Perhaps it will be enough.

                        Or perhaps a new dark age, where monsters freely roam, will begin.

                        Dracula -- PL 13

                        STR 7 | STA - | AGL 5 | DEX 5 | FGT 10 | INT 5 | AWE 4 | PRE 7
                        Powers: Blood Drain (Weaken Stamina 12 [Resisted by Fortitude], Grab-Based, Limited to Draining 1 rank per round), Blood Link (Mental Communication 3, Limited to anyone who drinks his blood; Mind-Reading 8, Sensory Link, Limited to anyone who drinks his blood), Shapechanging (Morph 4; AP: Concealment 5 [all visual and hearing] and Insubstantial 2), Sorcery (Perception Ranged Cumulative Affliction 13 [Resisted and Overcome by Will; Impaired, Disabled, Incapacitated], Dynamic, Insidious, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [Emotions], DAP: Summon Animals 2 (Bats, Rats, or Wolves), Horde, Mental Link, Multiple Minions 6, DAP: Environment 10 (3 points of effect), Selective), Spider-Climb (Movement 1 [Clinging]), Undead Invulnerability (Immortality 6, Limited [not when staked or beheaded]; Immunity 30 [Fortitude effects]; Impervious Protection 12, Limited [not against holy weapons], Regeneration 10, Source [blood]).
                        Advantages: Benefit 4 (Wealth), Connected, Fascinate (Persuasion), Improved Critical (Blood Drain), Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Jack-of-all-trades, Leadership, Power Attack, Ritualist, Startle
                        Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+14), Deception 12 (+19), Expertise: Magic 14 (+19), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 12 (+19), Perception 8 (+12), Persuasion 12 (+19), Stealth 8 (+13)
                        Offense: Initiative +9, Unarmed +14 (Close Damage 7), Blood Drain +14 (Close Weaken Stamina 12, Critical 19-20)
                        Defenses: Dodge 14, Parry 14, Fortitude Immune, Toughness 12, Will 13.
                        Totals: Abilities 76 + Powers 155 + Advantages 14 + Skills 37 + Defenses 22 = 297
                        Complications: Power--Motivation. Compulsion (Must be invited into any dwelling he does not own). Power Loss (All powers except Undead Invulnerability cannot be used in daylight hours.) Weakness (Can be held back by a holy symbol in the hands of a believer or by garlic).

                        Bride of Dracula -- PL 9

                        STR 6 | STA - | AGL 1 | DEX 2 | FGT 6 | INT 1 | AWE 2 | PRE 3
                        Powers: Blood Drain (Weaken Stamina 9 [Resisted by Fortitude], Grab-Based, Limited to Draining 1 rank per round), Blood Link (Mental Communication 3, Limited to anyone who drinks her blood; Mind-Reading 6, Sensory Link, Limited to anyone who drinks her blood), Spider-Climb (Movement 1 [Clinging]), Undead Invulnerability (Immortality 6, Limited [not when staked or beheaded]; Immunity 30 [Fortitude Effects]; Impervious Protection 7, Limited [not against holy weapons]; Regeneration 10, Source [blood]).
                        Advantages: Attractive, Fascinate (Persuasion), Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Startle
                        Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+9), Deception 7 (+10), Expertise: Magic 4 (+5), Insight 6 (+9), Intimidation 9 (+12), Perception 8 (+11), Persuasion 10 (+13), Stealth 9 (+10)
                        Offense: Initiative +5, Unarmed +9 (Close Damage 6), Blood Drain +9 (Close Weaken Stamina 9)
                        Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 10, Fortitude Immune, Toughness 7, Will 8.
                        Totals: Abilities 32 + Powers 68 + Advantages 6 + Skills 28 + Defense 18 = 152
                        Complications: Slavish Loyalty--Motivation. Compulsion (Must be invited into any dwelling the master does not own). Power Loss (All powers except Undead Invulnerability cannot be used in daylight hours.) Weakness (Can be held back by a holy symbol in the hands of a believer or by garlic).

                        The woman called Mary Morstan by Bram Stoker is one of Dracula's current brides; unlike the other two, she has AWE 3 and the Motivation Unwilling Loyalty. Dracula can have more brides, but making one puts him and the new bride in a vulnerable state until they recover. He can have male brides, he just chooses not to do so.
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                          Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Minerva, Yuuki Yukimura, Dracula

                          The Patchwork Man

                          In 1816, the year without a summer, in an estate on the shores of Lake Geneva, two already great poets, two would-be novelists, and the half-sister to one of the novelists who was the mistress of one of the poets, began to alleviate their boredom by embarking on a ghost story competition, from which was produced one of the greatest horror stories of all time, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Except that's yet another lie. But possibly not the lie you're expecting, where Shelley's story was inspired by events that had happened a generation or so before that.

                          For there was another guest that month at the Villa Diodati -- one of the rarest of all supernatural creatures, a so-called 'Promethean'. It was this construct of flesh and bone and sinew and soul who started the ghost story competition by simply telling the others the story of his long life and journeys. Their reactions varied, some thinking it nothing more than an imaginary tale which either fascinated or disgusted them, some believing it and finding meaning in the tale. But one of them, Dr. John Polidori, knew that it was true, having heard rumors of such creatures from his more esoteric contacts. He persuaded Mary Shelley to assist him in murdering the Promethean, taking advantage of her fear of the creature. They succeeded in their quest, largely because the creature, weary of its unending existence, allowed them to succeed.

                          The murder was disguised as an accident, but Mary Shelley developed a guilty conscience over her part in it. Now that the monster was no more, she could see her own actions clearly, and they disgusted her. At last, she demanded that Polidori attempt to restore life to the creature -- surely, if life had been kindled by the hand of man where no life existed, it could be rekindled anew by such means. The challenge appealed to Polidori, and he began to construct a laboratory in the Villa, obtaining alchemical ingredients and replacing the damaged portions of the creature's form with body parts recovered from cadavers. At last, they were ready, and electricity drawn down from a lightning storm energized the patchwork corpse in the vat of chemicals.

                          Something was born, that dark night in July. Not merely a new Promethean, but an entirely new kind of Promethean, mightier than the reanimated corpses of previous eras. The creature fled into the night soon after its birth, and Mary Shelley began to write her magnum opus, partially in an attempt to make sense of what she had wrought, combining her guilt and Polidori's pride into the singular namesake of her novel. For his part, Polidori was determined to hunt down the creature, and delved further into the world of the occult in order to gain the power to do so. He ultimately faked his own death five years later, to begin a new life under the name ... of course ... Von Frankenstein.

                          As for the creature, he too traveled in the shadows, attempting to make sense of his existence, seeking to avoid the creatures who seemed to fear him so much. He read Shelley's novel and found it in his heart to forgive his dark mother. At last, near the middle of the nineteenth century, he elected to follow the lead of his fictional counterpart and seek his end in the far north. He did not find a final end, but he was lulled into a decades-long sleep in the ice.

                          In 1937, an expedition undertaken by Nazi scientists discovered his inert form and returned him to Germany, where he regained consciousness only to find himself a prisoner of a descendant of his 'father', the so-called Baroness Veronika Von Frankenstein. As with her ancestor, she too was determined to use him as a means to discover how to repeat his creation reliably. He endured her tests with disgust, but also with a certain disturbed interest. Was it possible that she could create others like him? If she could, would he no longer be so terribly alone in the world? But such hopes died when it became clear that he would be disposed of once she needed him no longer.

                          Five years later, an American mystery man was taken captive and held prisoner in Castle Frankenstein. In rescuing him, his friends -- the other members of the so-called Fearless Four -- also freed the creature, who assisted them in their escape and returned with them to America as a fire-forged friend. Dubbed the Patchwork Man by these stalwarts, who were now the Fearless Five, he was startled to find himself welcome among the community of heroes which was establishing itself in this Golden Age. After all, many of them were no less strange than he.

                          But all good things must come to an end. In 1948, the Fearless Five became involved in time distortion that caused them to disappear from their era. Of all of them, only the Patchwork Man has ever been seen since, having emerged from another, lesser time distortion in 1974. He has no memory of any time passing between the two events. It seems likely that whatever the group encountered destroyed all but the indestructible Patchwork Man ... but in his darkest moments, he suspects that the flesh of his friends has somehow been combined with his own, accounting for his power growth.

                          The Patchwork Man was lured into fighting the True Believer by a would-be imitator of von Frankenstein in 1984, and assisted the second Raven in one of her first cases in 1991. Aside from that, he has sought to avoid involvement with superhumans of both malevolent and benign dispositions. Lately, however, his peaceful existence in a disused subway station underneath New York City has been disturbed by the awareness that an old evil is moving in the night. He feels ... not fear ... but a weary realization that he may be drawn into a struggle once again. But whether he will struggle on behalf of a people who fear and reject him, or on behalf of a worse monster who seeks to control him, remains to be seen.

                          The Patchwork Man -- PL 11

                          STR 7 | STA - | AGL 3 | DEX 2 | FGT 9 | INT 3 | AWE 3 | PRE 1
                          Powers: Fury of the Damned (Enhanced Strength 6, Fades, Side Effect [Vulnerable]), Unnatural Construction (Immortality 4; Immunity 30 [Fortitude effects]; Impervious Protection 12; Regeneration 6), Unusual Senses (Senses 4 [low-light vision, mystical awareness, visual senses counter concealment]).
                          Advantages: All-Out Attack, Distract (Intimidation), Evasion, Fearless, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Languages 4, Power Attack.
                          Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+11), Athletics 4 (+13), Expertise: Life Sciences 4 (+7), Expertise: Philosophy 9 (+12), Intimidation 13 (+14), Investigation 4 (+7), Perception 8 (+11), Stealth 8 (+11).
                          Offense: Initiative +7, Unarmed +9 (Close Damage 7, Damage 13 w/Fury of the Damned)
                          Defenses: Dodge 7, Parry 10, Fortitude Immune, Toughness 12, Will 11
                          Totals: Abilities 46 + Powers 80 + Advantages 11 + Skills 29 + Defense 13 = 179
                          Complications: Acceptance--Motivation. Prejudice (unnatural appearance). Temper.
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                            Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Minerva, Yuuki Yukimura, Dracula

                            Black Fang

                            Up until 2007, James Talmadge lived a remarkably unremarkable life. He was a middling student at Freedom City University who practiced karate as a hobby, had a few good friends, and was proud of his family, particularly Judge Walter Talmadge, his father. He was one of the many millions of Freedonians who only ever caught a glimpse of the fantastic in the distance, and never imagined that it would ever touch their own lives.

                            And then it did. The Crime League decided that they needed a judge in their pocket, and Medea volunteered for the task of getting one. Selecting Judge Talmadge more or less at random, she used up an ancient Arcadian artifact known as the Stone of Lycaon to place the curse of the werewolf on the Judge's only son, waited until the night of the full moon, and then revealed what she had done to the horrified judge. Confronted with proof that his son went on bloody-handed rampages on the nights of the full moon, the judge was left with no choice but to agree to do the witch's bidding in exchange for a talisman that would prevent the changes on those nights.

                            Of course, the talisman needed to be replaced every month, and Medea was kind enough to inform James that it had its limits. The change to werewolf form could also be involuntarily triggered by James' anger or fear, or by a conscious act of will on his part. "After all," she said with a cruel smile, "you might come to enjoy it."

                            James strove to avoid that, doing his very best to keep a lid on his anger and his fear, and constantly worrying that Medea might decide not to deliver on the monthly talisman. In fact, her alteration of the deal was a bit more explosive than that, for she cast a spell to transform James into his wolf state entirely against his will during the Olympus Delendum affair to use him, and the pack of werewolf followers he soon created, as a distraction. Upon learning of this, Judge Talmadge finally reached his breaking point, and turned himself and his son in to the police rather than have the nightmare continue.

                            The judge was disbarred and removed from office, and sentenced to serve a several year prison term for shielding a killer. Ironically, James himself was treated comparatively lightly, given his diminished responsibility when the wolf took over. His jail time was suspended in exchange for his agreement to take part in Doctor Ulysses Steel's Project Er, a program designed to remove unwanted super powers, specifically those involving physical transformations. The prospect of being free of the wolf was the most wonderful notion that James had ever heard, and he eagerly signed up for it.

                            Sadly, James would prove to be one of Project Er's partial successes. Over the next three years, the scientists there, including Dr. NIcholas Lewis, the former Dr. Chiropterus, were able to develop a working understanding of how James transformed, in particular identifying the etheric radiation which caused his involuntary transformation during the nights of the full moon. But while they were able to discover a countermeasure for that lunar transformation, preventing the transformation caused by his anger and fear would have required them to basically tear out his adrenal glands.

                            Released from the Project, equipped with an early warning system that would allow him to realize when he was in danger of an anger- or fear-driven transformation so that he could escape from the situation causing it, James attempted to pick up the pieces of his life. He found a job in a second-hand bookstore that didn't require much in the way of contact with people, and settled into a dull routine.

                            Five years later, however, Count Dracula sought him out. He had learned of James' existence from Arcanix ("Who?" asked James, but did not get an answer.) and thought it simply an unbearable shame that such a talent as he possessed was going to waste. Before James could do anything, a lozenge was forced down his throat, and he found himself transforming into the werewolf, who immediately attacked Dracula and was vanquished rather handily. When the lozenge wore off and James reverted, he was informed that not only could Dracula induce the transformation easily ... he also had a way that it could be permanently cured. If James would agree to serve him as the wolf now would, such gifts could be his.

                            James hates his life. Black Fang, on the other hand, relishes his chance to be free of his pathetic other's domination, even if it means serving someone who has demonstrated that they are -- for the moment -- more powerful than Black Fang. Some night, however, the vampire's guard will be down, and things will be very different.

                            Black Fang -- PL 10

                            STR 6 | STA 6 | AGL 4 | DEX 2 | FGT 10 | INT 0 | AWE 2 | PRE 1
                            Powers: Packmaster Gifts (Active Heroic Summon 6 [Packmates], Multiple Minions 3, Sacrifice, AP: Auditory Perception Area Affliction 10 [Resisted by Will; Dazed and Impaired, Disabled and Stunned], Extra Condition, Limited Degree), Thick Skin (Protection 4; Impervious Toughness 10, Limited [Not versus magical or silver weapons]), Wolf Senses (Senses 5 [Danger Sense, Low-Light Vision, Acute and Tracking Olfactory, Ultra-Hearing]), Wolfish Speed (Leaping 3, Speed 5)
                            Advantages: Agile Feint, Close Attack 4, Evasion, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative 2, Power Attack
                            Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+10), Athletics 6 (+12), Intimidation 12 (+13), Perception 6 (+8)
                            Offense: Initiative +12, Unarmed +14 (Close Damage 6)
                            Defenses: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 11, Toughness 10, Will 8
                            Abilities 62 + Powers 90 + Advantages 10 + Skills 15 + Defenses 17 = 194 points
                            Complications: Murderous Rage--Motivation. Power Loss (Cannot use Summon without a nearby bystander).

                            Packmates -- PL 6

                            STR 4 | STA 4 | AGL 3 | DEX 2 | FGT 6 | INT -1 | AWE 2 | PRE 0
                            Powers: Howl (Auditory Perception Area Affliction 4 [Resisted by Will; Dazed and Impaired, Disabled and Stunned], Extra Condition, Limited Degree), Thick Skin (Protection 2; Impervious Toughness 6, Limited [Not versus magical or silver weapons]), Wolf Senses (Senses 5 [Danger Sense, Low-Light Vision, Acute and Tracking Olfactory, Ultra-Hearing]), Wolfish Speed (Leaping 3, Speed 5).
                            Advantages: Agile Feint, Close Attack 2, Evasion, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Teamwork.
                            Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+5), Athletics 4 (+8), Intimidation 6 (+6), Perception 4 (+6)
                            Offense: Initiative +7, Unarmed +8 (Close Damage 4)
                            Defenses: Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8, Will 4
                            Totals: Abilities 40 + Powers 26 + Advantages 7 + Skills 8 + Defenses 9 = 90 points
                            Complications: Murderous Rage--Motivation.

                            James Talmadge -- PL 1

                            STR 0 | STA 0 | AGL 1 | DEX 0 | FGT 0 | INT 0 | AWE 0 | PRE 0
                            Advantages: Close Attack 2.
                            Skills: Athletics 4 (+4), Perception 2 (+2)
                            Offense: Initiative +1, Unarmed +2 (Close Damage 0)
                            Defenses: Dodge 2, Parry 2, Fortitude 2, Toughness 0, Will 0
                            Totals: Abilities 2 + Advantages 2 + Skills 3 + Defenses 5 = 12 points
                            Complications: Abject Misery--Motivation. Accidental Change (when angry or frightened)
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                              Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Dracula, The Patchwork Man, Black Fang

                              And now ... at long last ... a trip back to the Golden Age!

                              El Lince

                              The origins of the curse on the eldest son of the Villagatos family of Argentina are somewhat obscure, but are believed to date back to at least the seventeenth century. By the twentieth century, the curse had weakened to the point where those subject to it had some control over it, and used their ability to transform into a cat-like humanoid to protect their family's interests. However, just what doing so has entailed has varied from generation to generation.

                              In January of 1942, the eldest son of the Villagatos family, Jose Arturo Villagatos, was contacted by agents of the Thule Society, operating in conjunction with Operation Bolívar. He was already known to be sympathetic to the fascist tendencies of his own nation and to those of Germany and Italy, but the Thule Society were less interested in his politics than his supernatural powers. They wanted him to work for them as an assassin and saboteur, and offered their magical assistance in altering the curse so that more of Jose Arturo's own mentality was in control of the beast's power.

                              Intrigued by this possibility, Villagatos agreed to take part in a black magical ceremony, which succeeded in altering the nature of his bestial form. (It also slightly diminished the cat's ability to resist magical influence, something that the Thule magicians were not quite so keen to inform him.) Thus transformed, he adopted the code name of el Lince (The Lynx) and began operating as a secret agent of the German government throughout South and Central America.

                              Almost immediately, el Lince's activities caught the attention of the Envoy, who had begun his own personal war against Axis influence in the southern hemisphere in 1942, first assisting the protection of Allied shipping during the Battle of the Caribbean, both for its own sake as well as to intercept any German U-Boats that happened to discover Utopia. The first direct clash between the two came in May of that year, when el Lince attempted to assassinate Mexico's President Manuel Ávila Camacho and much of his cabinet, in the apparent belief that this would prevent the Mexican government from declaring war on Germany.

                              The battles between the Envoy and el LInce followed a pattern -- while the Envoy was always able to prevent the cursed cat man from inflicting as much damage as he sought to inflict, Sarlyn was never able to capture his enemy for any length of time, either. Even when he reduced el Lince to unconsciousness, the cat would recover and slip away while the Envoy was attending to other matters. It was the first time the Utopian had ever had the experience of developing a grudge against someone, and he found that he did not relish the experience at all.

                              The final battle between the two foes came in July of 1944, when Jose Arturo was smuggled into the United States proper to assassinate and sabotage a Mexican fighter squadron undergoing training there, later known as the Aztec Eagles. In this battle, the Envoy enjoyed the support of other super heroes -- specifically of Lady Liberty and Adrian Eldrich -- and was able to capture and hold his foe, who reverted to human form when reduced to sleep by Eldrich's magic. During their subsequent interrogation of him, Lady Liberty used her powers to undo the magical compulsion that had been driving el Lince. The discovery that he had been unduly influenced by his Thule Society allies offended Villagatos' pride, though not enough to prevent him from escaping at the first opportunity.

                              In August of 1944, most of the German spies in Argentina were rounded up, including Jose Arturo's handler. The man himself escaped capture, fleeing into hiding in Brazil. Focused as he was on affairs in Europe, the Envoy was unable to assist in tracking down el Lince until June of 1945. With assistance from Brazilian army forces, he tracked the cat man's movements and was able to determine that his old enemy had stumbled into one of the many portals that led to the Lost World. The Envoy elected not to pursue el Lince any further.

                              The curse on the Villagatos family was passed to the eldest son of the next generation of the family seven years later, suggesting that Jose Arturo had finally met his end. Yet it seemed that whatever had been done to curse changed it, weakening it -- all that the next victim received was catlike senses, not a full transformation. The curse wouldn't regain its full power until the 1990s. Without their powers, the Villagatos family managed to escape the notice of the military juntas that might have used them for sinister purposes. So it could be said that, in the end, Jose Arturo Villagatos, for all his sins, did much to protect his family.

                              El Lince -- PL 9

                              STR 6 | STA 6 | AGL 7 | DEX 3 | FGT 8 | INT 2 | AWE 4 | PRE 1
                              Powers: Catlike Speed (Leaping 2, Movement 1 [Slow Fall], Speed 4), Claws (Strength-Based Damage 2, Penetrating 4), Feline Senses (Senses 6 [Acute Smell, Danger Sense, Darkvision, Tracking, Ultra-Hearing]).
                              Advantages: Agile Feint, All-Out Attack, Defensive Roll, Evasion, Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative, Move-By Action, Startle, Uncanny Dodge.
                              Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+15), Athletics 7 (+13), Expertise: Survival 8 (+10), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 12 (+13), Perception 8 (+12), Stealth 9 (+16).
                              Offense: Initiative +11, Claws +8 (Close Damage 8, Penetrating 4).
                              Defense: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 8/6, Will 6.
                              Totals: Abilities 74 + Powers 20 + Advantages 10 + Skills 30 + Defense 11=145 points
                              Complications: Vengeance--Motivation. Family. Accidental Change (to human form when rendered unconscious or asleep, to beast form when angry).
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                                Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Dracula, The Patchwork Man, Black Fang, el Lin


                                In the late nineteenth century, a certain Egyptologist discovered the tomb of what he believed to be a heretofore undocumented Egyptian queen, complete with mummy and certain grave goods, most notably a ruby ring with seven points that resembled stars. Smuggling these back to his native England, his obsession with the dead queen drove him to devise a plan to either summon the spirit of this ancient queen or possibly even resurrect her from the dead. The great experiment was both a horrific success and a terrible failure -- nearly all of those participating in the ritual died, but something was awakened.

                                The Egyptologist had been blinded by his own romantic view of the past, driven by obsession to impose a false narrative on hieroglyphics he did not understand so well as he imagined. The tomb he had discovered was not that of a great queen, or even a minor queen. It was the tomb of a servant who could be awakened by the one who bore the Jewel of Seven Stars and then protect them from the shadows for all time ... or at least, until the Jewel passed to another hand.

                                The Jewel was held by the sole survivor of the experiment, who also failed to understand what he possessed, and believed that the glimpses he sometimes caught of an Egyptian woman with seven fingers were glimpses of a monster haunting him. When he finally died, the ring passed to his heirs, and then to their heirs, down through the century. And ever did the mummy Ta-heru-ah lurk in the shadows, a deadly protector awaiting the command to action that would never come.

                                During Dracula's long period of awakening in the 1970s, he learned of the the ring and the mummy, and sought to gain it for his own. With his powers of persuasion, it was a simple task to convince the current holder of the ring that he could remove the curse upon it. Once he had it, of course, he removed "the curse" -- the fact that the mummy had to obey a mortal master -- through the very direct means of placing it on his own finger and ordering Ta-heru-ah to destroy her former master and his entire family. This the mummy did, exactly as commanded.

                                Having no immediate use for the mummy, Dracula ordered her to return to his castle. Once again, Ta-heru-ah was reduced to inactivity, which she endured in silence. But when he recently awakened yet again and embarked upon his newest plan, a role for her in that scheme immediately suggested itself. She acts as his bodyguard when he parades in public as wealthy entrepreneur Christopher Langella, and also guards the coffins in which he sleeps on his native soil. He also intends to use her as a weapon against the Patchwork Man if he can find no better way to compel the Promethean to his service.

                                The mummy's one weakness is that she has no method of recovering from damage taken in battle. However, Dracula is perfectly able to devise a ritual that can repair her undying form if he believes that he still has use for her.

                                Ta-heru-ah - PL 11

                                STR 9 | STA - | AGL 2 | DEX 3 | FGT 10 | INT 1 | AWE 2 | PRE 2
                                Power: Fists Like Stone (Strength-Based Damage 2), Mind Beyond Reason (Immunity 20 [mental effects]), Mortal Semblance (Morph 1 [living individual]), Soul Sight (Senses 3 [magical awareness, visual senses counter illusion]), Toughness of the Grave (Immunity 32 [critical hits, Fortitude saves]; Impervious Protection 12), Turn Into Dust (Flight 1, Linked; Insubstantial 2, Linked, Move Activation)
                                Advantages: Chokehold, Close Attack, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Power Attack.
                                Skills: Athletics 6 (+12), Deception 6 (+8), Intimidation 6 (+8), Stealth 6 (+8).
                                Offense: Initiative +2, Unarmed +11 (Close Damage 11)
                                Defense: Dodge 8, Parry 10, Fortitude Immune, Toughness 12, Will 8.
                                Totals: Abilities 48 + Powers 98 + Advantages 5 + Skills 12 + Defense 12 = 175 points
                                Complications: Loyalty to the Ringbearer--Motivation. Mute.
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