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  • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!

    The Black Pharaoh
    AKA Nyer-ut-hotep

    And then it was done, and there was still enough that was human in him to be astonished that the beings with whom he had bargained had kept their end of the arrangement after what were millennia for him and merely the blink of an eye for such as they. For an eon, he had been little more than a face for the crawling chaos of the Nameless Ones, but now they were done with him, and he could go his way. He gazed out upon an age as unimaginable to him as, he suspected, his own era of sorcery and the sword might be to them, and vowed that it would come under his rule.

    The Black Pharaoh's first campaign, begun on Earth itself in the years immediately after the Grue War, proved a failure despite his many initial victories. The champions of this era, the Freedom Legion, were well advised by the one called Nightstalker, not yet the Master Mage she would become but still a potent wielder of magic. In combination with the powers of her fellows, he was outmatched and put to flight. Yet it was a flight that none of them could match, for the madness he had unleashed had been a cover for his successful quest for the Staff of Ptah, which gave him the power to walk between worlds.

    His flight took him to Alpha Carinae III, the mineral rich desert planet called Argo, and there his skills made for himself a place as the chief astronomer of the Sultan of that world. It is likely that it was on the Black Pharaoh's advice that the Sultan claimed for himself the title of Caliph -- a presumption regarded as blasphemous by the entire Muslim world on Earth, and likewise rejected by the majority of Muslims elsewhere in the Confederation. This isolation suited the Black Pharaoh, and has continued to suit him through the reigns of three "Caliphs".

    As long as he enjoys the patronage of the planet's ruler, there is very little that the Confederation or the Legion can do about the Black Pharaoh, beyond thwarting his schemes. On a handful of occasions, they have managed to do so in a way that so embarrasses him before his "master" that he has fallen out of favor, sometimes for as long as a year. But he always regains his position, and it sometimes seems that he succeeds in many schemes for every one that the Legion thwarts. He was offered membership in the Tyranny Legion when it was formed, yet rejected it -- largely out of outrage, it seems, that a non-entity like Vorgol came up with the notion before he could.

    The Black Pharaoh's only real weakness is psychological. Most who have had such close encounters with the Nameless Ones as he have lost their sanity. A smaller number have emerged mentally tougher -- yet often harder as well. In contrast, his mind is no stronger than it was when he began his journeys, and he still knows fear. If anything, he experiences fear to an even greater degree. It could be fairly said that he lacks conviction, which might explain why he prefers to rule behind the scenes.

    In truth, his greatest fear is one that his enemies have yet to realize. After so many millennia, there is little if any proof that there was such a ruler of pre-Dynastic Egypt as Nyer-ut-hotep, that there ever was such a man of any sort. Could it be that he is little more than a pawn of the Nameless Ones, called into being at their whim, given an imagined 'life', and doomed to fade from view once he has achieved whatever unknowable purpose they set for him? These are the dreads that drive him.

    Nyer-ut-hotep -- PL 16

    Abilities: STR 15/-1, STA 23/7, AGL 0, DEX 2, FGT 2, INT 3, AWE 9, PRE 3
    Powers: Mystic Senses (Senses 2 [danger sense, magic awareness]), Semi-Invulnerable (Immunity 80 [All Toughness effects], Limited to half-effect), Sorcery (Array: Ranged Damage 16, AP: Ranged Affliction 16 [Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Transformed], AP: Growth 16, AP: Perception Range Cumulative Affliction 8 [Will; Dazed, Compelled, Controlled], AP: Perception Range Move Object 10, AP: Create 16), Spell of Shielding (Enhanced Dodge 15; Enhanced Parry 15), Staff of Ptah (Movement 3 [space travel]; Accurate Extended Teleport 28, Portal; Easily Removable).
    Advantages: Benefit 4 (Diplomatic Immunity, Status, Wealth 2), Fascinate (Deception), Languages 3 (Arabic, Galacta, others, [Ancient Egyptian is native]), Ranged Attack 5, Ritualist, Trance.
    Skills: Deception 12 (+15), Expertise: Astronomy 8 (+11), Expertise: Magic 19 (+22), Intimidation 10 (+13), Persuasion 12 (+15), Ranged Combat: Sorcery 5 (+7).
    Offense: Initiative +0, Unarmed +2 (Close Damage -1, 15 at maximum size), Arcane Bolt +12 (Ranged Damage 16), Polymorph Spell +12 (Ranged Fortitude 16), Mind Control -- (Perception Range Will 8).
    Defense: Dodge 17/9/2, Parry 17/9/2, Fortitude 23/7, Toughness 23/7, Will 9.
    Totals: Abilities 50 + Powers 213 + Advantages 15 + Skills 33 + Defenses 2 = 313 points
    Complications: Power--Motivation. Arrogance. Feigned Obedience (to the Caliph of Argo.)
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    • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!


      Long ago, the world called Uzaeloth was known by a different name -- the Netherworld. It was a place of dark magic and cruelty. But the last Dark Queen of the Netherworld worked her fingers , and then her arms, to the bone in order to turn her demesne away from that legacy. Though transforming it into a place where natural law prevailed was beyond her power, making it into a place of light and hope, though in the end that cost her everything. When at last she fell, she was succeeded by the first of the Master Mages of Uzaeloth, who have defended their home and carried the light to realms beyond.

      Una, a child of Uzaeloth, showed promise in the mystic arts from a young age, and was trained as a defender in the Citadel. When she achieved enough proficiency as to be trusted with important tasks, she was assigned to monitor one of the Lanterns of Lameth, which scryed upon events elsewhere in the Crimson Coil which might have importance to Uzaeloth. She had only been at this post for a short time when she witnessed a ritual, conducted by the Arcane Grue on the Material Plane, which could have dire implications. Una promptly reported this to her superiors, who agreed that it was important -- and that they should pass the information on to the Master Mage of Earth-Prime, since it was their business and not that of Uzaeloth.

      Una found herself unsatisfied with this, for reasons that she couldn't articulate, but was aware that no one from Uzaeloth could travel to Earth-Prime without the invitation of someone from that world. Her mentor, sensing her disquiet, chose that moment to reveal to her that Una's father had been a traveller from Earth-Prime, one Grigori Hunt, which meant that the door was actually open for her. Acting impulsively and yet decisively, she took the Cloak of Cloistra she'd won in a magical duel and descended to Earth-Prime, warning the members of the Freedom Legion and joining them in battle against the Arcane Grue.

      She remained one of the constant members of the Freedom Legion after that, only rarely returning to Uzaeloth, where she was censured by the leaders of the Citadel and no longer made welcome. The quite elderly Master Mage of Earth-Prime, who wouldn't have been in any position to do anything about the Grue threat, offered her sanctuary and training. When he finally came to the end of his days, he urged Una to take up the role, telling her that it would not be the first time that someone from another dimension had served as the Master Mage.

      Despite that assurance, Una was amazed when she did in fact become the Master Mage, and has served in the role ever since. She has recently begun considering the fact that she should probably begin searching for an apprentice who can follow her in the role, as she thinks it unlikely that she will live to the old age of her precursor. Hence her decision to share the Headmaster's position at Claremont Academy with the Centurion, where she is actively training young magicians, taking lessons from her own childhood and applying them here.

      Uniquely among the members of the Legion, Una maintains a secret, private identity as Una Hunt, a consultant to Freedom City's Police Department on occult matters. She takes great pains to maintain a separation between the two identities, with her activities as Ms. Hunt not known even to her closest allies on the Legion. If anyone were to ask why she does this, she would explain that it is part of a magical working that she can't discuss. The truth of the matter is that she enjoys having a time where no one asks her to do the impossible, only explain it in terms that they can understand.

      Nightstalker -- PL 15

      Abilities: STR 1 | STA 3 | AGL 2 | DEX 3 | FGT 6 | INT 2 | AWE 8 | PRE 5
      Powers: Aegis of Abbridon (Sustained Impervious Protection 15), Cloak of Cloistra (Flight 12; Immunity 10 [life support]; Removable), Hook of Heshem (Penetrating Damage 12), Magic (Array: Cumulative Mind-Reading 11, AP: Nullify Magic 16, Broad, AP: Move Object 16, AP: Ranged Damage 16, AP: Ranged Cumulative Affliction 16 [Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware], Limited to Vision, AP: Create 16, AP: Linked Insubstantial 4 and Concealment 6 [auditory, visual], AP: Comprehend 10 [All Languages, Writing, Animals, Plants, Spirits]), Longevity (Immunity 1 [aging]), Pulse of the Cosmos (Senses 12 [cosmic awareness extended 5, mystical awareness extended 5]).
      Advantages: Benefit (Counsel of the Modrossus), Defensive Attack, Extraordinary Effort, Fearless, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 5, Ritualist, Trance.
      Skills: Close Combat: Hook of Heshem 8 (+14), Expertise: Magic 18 (+20), Insight 8 (+16), Intimidation 12 (+17), Perception 8 (+16), Ranged Combat: Magic 6 (+9), Sleight of Hand 5 (+8), Stealth 11 (+13).
      Offense: Initiative +6, Unarmed +6 (Close Damage 1), Hook of Heshem +14 (Close Damage 12), Magic of the Modrossus +14 (Ranged Damage 16), Blinding Light of the Modrossus +14 (Ranged Fortitude 16).
      Defense: Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 12, Toughness 18/3, Will 18.
      Totals: Abilities 60 + Powers 134 + Advantages 13 + Skills 38 + Defenses 35 = 280 points
      Complications: Responsibility--Motivation. Enemy (oh so many). Secret Identity.
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      • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!

        Bolt III

        When Captain Thunder was depowered in 2013, he took the development with equanimity, and focused more on the consequences for his son, Thunderbolt. He'd been considering retirement for quite some time, after all, and all that this meant was that it had to be now, rather than the eternal "one of these days" that he'd always envisioned. Once his son's condition was stabilized, Ray Gardner took a deep breath, took off his costume for the last time, and put himself at the disposal of the Freedom League's chief administrator, who happened to be his wife.

        This situation lasted a whole week before Nancy politely asked him to stop hovering around her and go out to do something. Nonplussed, he decided to follow her advice and took the opportunity to investigate some of the details of his recently rediscovered past. In the previous versions of history where he'd been a Golden Age and later a Silver Age hero, he'd had friends and colleagues outside the superhuman community, and he wondered what had happened to these people in the world without him.

        To do this, he needed the help of a detective, and the Raven already had enough on her plate. So Ray turned to the semi-retired costumed detective known as Caliburn, who'd been one of the Centurion's associates back in the 80s. Intrigued by the notion of investigating events resulting from a chronal re-alignment, Adam Sinclair was happy to volunteer his assistance. With his help, Ray was able to determine that most of his friends in those previous lives had led unremarkable but generally happy lives in the revised course of events.

        But there was one big exception. In his Golden Age incarnation, Ray had served in the Army Air Corps as a bomber pilot, including a spell where he was shot down and held in a German POW camp, from which he led an escape. During that escape, one of his crew, Dave Richmond, discovered a magic ring that granted him a weaker set of powers much like Captain Thunder's. In the post-war years, Captain Thunder spent a great deal of time keeping his friend Dave out of allegedly funny hijinx that the magic ring got him into.

        In the revised history, Dave Richmond had been part of the crew of a bomber piloted by one Maxwell Kole, and it was the latter who discovered the magic ring. Max Kole was not a particularly bad man, but he wasn't a very good one, either, and he used these powers under the alias Bolt, in a never-ending quest to make life easier for himself and Dave. The original Bolt had ultimately ended up shot by the police in 1954. Dave managed to get hold of the ring, but never used it himself, believing (correctly) that it was cursed. He'd died seven years later in a rooming house in Trenton.

        For reasons that he didn't fully understand himself, Ray found that he needed to know what had happened to the ring after Dave died. Caliburn continued to investigate, with the help of his associate Grandmother Raven, and they learned that it had been part of a small bequest that Dave had left to a nephew after he passed on. The ring was now in the possession of that nephew's granddaughter. Nodding firmly, Ray contacted that individual and explained the nature of what she owned to her, without going into too much detail about how he'd learned all of this. She was happy to get rid of the ring, which she'd had no luck selling -- probably because of the curse.

        Then, with Grandmother Raven's mystical assistance, Ray put on the ring and entered into psychic combat with the object's curse. The curse never knew what hit it, and found itself battered into submission. Thus, Ray was able to gain a less potent version of his former electrical powers, without the curses of a bad temper and unceasing misfortune that had accompanied them when the ring was worn by Max Kole. He was once again a superhero, and the world felt like a slightly more sane place.

        Ray also found that he'd worked well with Caliburn and Grandmother Raven, and encouraged them to join him in forming a new team of unretired superheroes. After some consideration, they both agreed, and have helped to find other superheroes of their generation who want to get back in the business. After all, you might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but that doesn't mean that the old dog doesn't already know a few tricks worth knowing. As yet, this team has no official name or headquarters, though they've been termed 'the Old Guard' by the Next Gen, and are investigating the purchase of a New York brownstone formerly owned by Jason Danger.

        Thunderbolt, as you can guess, is not terribly pleased that his father is once again risking his life instead of enjoying retirement ... much less that he's doing so under one of his former aliases!

        Bolt III -- PL 8

        Abilities: STR 2 | STA 4 | AGL 2 | DEX 2 | FGT 10 | INT 1 | AWE 2 | PRE 4
        Powers: Magic Ring (Flight 6; Immunity 20 [electricity effects]; Array: Ranged Damage 6, AP: Ranged Burst Area Damage 4; Removable)
        Advantages: Defensive Roll, Leadership, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 8.
        Skills: Expertise: Military 8 (+9), Insight 6 (+8), Intimidation 8 (+12), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 4 (+8), Technology 4 (+5), Vehicles 10 (+12).
        Offense: Initiative +2, Unarmed +10 (Close Damage 2), Lightning Bolt +10 (Ranged Damage 6), Lightning Burst -- (Ranged Burst Area Damage 4).
        Defense: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 8, Toughness 6/4, Will 8.
        Totals: Abilities 56 + Powers 36 + Advantages 11 + Skills 23 + Defenses 18 = 144 points
        Complications: Responsibility--Motivation. Fame. Not As Uncursed As He'd Like To Think.

        Author's Note: Maxwell Kole, aka Bolt, first appeared in the M&M 1e supplement Noir. Everything about his eventual fate is something I made up.
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        • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!


          Born in 1949, the child of a fairly well-to-do Welsh family who'd lost both his parents before his sixteenth birthday, Adam Sinclair went on to study archaeology at Oxford, while also developing his physical skills by practicing rugby and fencing. In the process, he met and became engaged to Jennifer Randall, a CID detective. While she chased criminals, most notably a latter day Jack the Ripper, his studies attempted to understand the historical anomalies of "Arthurian" Dark Ages Britain. (By the early 1970s, it was largely accepted that a OOPart-producing culture had existed in the British isles at that time, but most historians were reluctant to associate it with the legends of King Arthur, which had after all been written down much later.)

          Adam's studies finally brought him face to face with an entity which appeared to match up with the accounts of the Lady of the Lake, who answered his flurry of questions with a question of her own: "Why do you seek heroism in the past, rather than embracing it in the present?" Something awakened in him in response to her words, and when he returned home, he created a costume for himself and set out to assist Jennifer in her investigations as the costumed crimefighter Caliburn. Together, the detective and the masked avenger were able to end the new Ripper killings, exposing them as the work of one Zachary King -- or rather, of the man who was impersonating the late Zachary King, who would eventually use the name Janus.

          Tragically, Strangeways Prison proved incapable of holding Janus for more than a month. Following his escape, he murdered Jennifer and disfigured Adam's face before fleeing the country. Adam paused only long enough to make modfications to his costume to prevent further injuries of this nature before beginning his pursuit of Janus. That long chase, taking him around the world several times over, has lasted almost the rest of Caliburn's life thus far. He has often managed to prevent Janus' long term schemes, but been frustrated in his attempts to prevent Janus from causing terrible tragedies in the course of those schemes, and has never managed to apprehend him. Despite the temptation and the opportunity, Caliburn has never yet chosen to take the law into his own hands and permanently end Janus' threat. He believes that to do so would dishonor Jennifer's memory.

          In 1977, Caliburn met and befriended the American heroine Lady Starbright, whose assistance proved critical in one of his very few major victories over Janus, where, just once, nobody died. He attempted to pay her back by coming to her assistance in 1982, when she came under attack by several of her foes at once, but he was no more able to save her than was the Centurion, also present on that occasion. In her memory, he agreed to join forces with the other heroes who'd come to Lady Starbright's assistance as the Guard. While the team was loosely organized and rarely met over the next decade, they did form tight bonds of friendship between the various members.

          The Centurion's death during the Terminus Invasion, and the subsequent organization of the new Freedom League, prompted the dissolution of the Guard, as a number of its members joined the new group while others considered retirement. Caliburn did neither, continuing his long, lonely hunt for Janus, as well as fighting street crime in the New York area and maintaining a secret identity as an archaeology professor at Empire State University. By 1999, however, he was well aware that he was no longer in the excellent fighting shape he'd been a decade earlier, and so began to think about the possibility of resuming a normal life.

          Janus apparently got wind of this somehow, and decided to give his archenemy a push. He exposed Adam Sinclair's secret identity to the world on live television. (It's considered very likely that Dr. Stratos' exposure of Captain Thunder a year later was inspired by this event.) Caliburn responded by abandoning his identity as Adam Sinclair, living as Caliburn full-time, never removing his mask, and insisting that he be referred to as Professor Caliburn by the staff and students at ESU. Fortunately, he had tenure.

          Even so, he was considered semi-retired by 2013, more often acting as a consultant to other superheroes when they found themselves dealing with Janus' schemes than heading out to deal with them himself. However, his adventures with Ray Gardner and reconnection with Grandmother Raven made him realize that he missed the action and danger of being an active superhero, and he agreed to help form a new team for other members of the Old Guard. He truly believes that this time, with their help, he'll finally put Janus behind bars and keep him there.

          Caliburn -- PL 8

          Abilities: STR 5 | STA 5 | AGL 6 | DEX 5 | FGT 9 | INT 4 | AWE 4 | PRE 4
          Powers: Mind Shield (Impervious Will 8), Sixth Sense (Senses 2 [detect truth (sense, auditory)], Trained Strength (Strength-based Damage 2)
          Equipment: Utility Belt (see Gadget Guide, p. 112).
          Advantages: Agile Feint, Assessment, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Equipment 10, Evasion, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Disarm, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Languages 3, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 3, Skill Mastery (Investigation), Takedown, Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed.
          Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+14), Athletics 10 (+15), Deception 8 (+12), Expertise: Archaeology 6 (+10), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 8 (+12), Investigation 14 (+18), Perception 12 (+16), Persuasion 8 (+14), Sleight of Hand 8 (+13), Stealth 10 (+16), Technology 6 (+10), Vehicles 6 (+11).
          Offense: Initiative +10, Unarmed +9 (Close Damage 7) or by equipment.
          Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 8, Toughness 7/5, Will 8.
          Totals: Abilities 84 + Powers 12 + Advantages 33 + Skills 56 + Defenses 10 = 195 points
          Complications: Justice--Motivation. Always Wears Mask. Enemy (Janus).'

          Note: At his peak, in the 1980s, Caliburn had a Fighting score of 13, Ranged Attack 8, and Dodge 11.
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          • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!

            Grandmother Raven

            Born in 1954, Katherine McCloud's life was a sadly typical one for a daughter of the Sunset Lake Reserve in northern Ontario. Alcoholism, abuse, and neglect were the common themes of her life, and by high school she had turned to drugs and drinking herself to cope with her pain, and blot out the strange dreams she kept having. But when she found herself pregnant and alone, Katherine summoned all her will to change her life, not just for herself, but for the daughter she sensed growing within her.

            Her grandmother was a strong ally in this struggle, and she also helped Katherine to understand that her dreams were visions from the spirits. Enduring a vision quest during her delivery, Katherine met with the Great Raven, who revealed to her that she was meant to become a symbol for all the Anisinabe, the people of the land. It was the beginning of a long period of a study, as she learned what it meant to be a mother and one who walked the old ways.

            Her abilities were put to their first test in Katherine's twentieth summer, when Lady Starbright pursued General Winter across Ontario, being drawn into a fight with the Russian elemental near Sunset Lake. To protect the people, Katherine took up her staff and joined the fight. This was the first time she used the magic which allowed her to bring the sun to the earth, as the Great Raven had once done, and it sent the General fleeing ... which was good, for neither Katherine nor Lady Starbright had any fight left in them.

            The two young superheroes immediately realized that they had much to learn from each other, and traveled together for several years. Mother Raven, as Katherine became known, grew in wisdom and power on this journey. But it was not without its darker moments, such as when she accidentally caused the death of another single mother, whose son swore to avenge his loss on her and all super-beings. He would grow up to become her recurring nemesis, Mister Matthews, the mad sorcerer-scientist behind Matthews Gen-Tech.

            In 1982, Lady Starbright fell in battle, and no one mourned as much as Mother Raven. She immediately agreed with the Centurion's idea of a new team of heroes and joined this Guard. Somehow, she managed to balance helping her fellow superheroes, a career as an artist and educator, and her role as mother to her daughter, Marian. After a decade of all this, however, she found herself more than ready to ease back on her global responsibilities in favor of more local ones, and didn't particularly mourn the passing of the Guard.

            Time passed, and Katherine saw her daughter grow into a young woman who was everything she'd once hoped she could be. She was a bit disappointed when Marian showed no sign of hearing the voices of the spirits, but decided that this meant she must be doing something right, and that the time had not come for her to abandon her vigil. She changed her name to Grandmother Raven in 2001, when Marian and her husband welcomed their first child, Michael. Thanks to the illusions of her staff, her heroic identity still looks much the same as it did twenty years ago, but her actual hair has long since gone white.

            In recent years, Grandmother Raven has started teaching Michael the old ways, as he has heard the voices. Marian is only partially all right with this; she has no problem with the magic side, but the notion of her son going on to become a superhero doesn't exactly sit well with her. Neither does Katherine's resumption of her own heroic career, which Marian believes mostly involves helping white people with their problems. The two women have actually quarrelled about the subject, and nothing has yet been resolved. Katherine is determined to help her old friends and continue to be an emissary for the old ways, as a member of the Old Guard.

            She has already seen positive results come from this, in an alliance between her team and the science hero Dr. Sane, which saw not only the destruction of Mister Matthews' latest scientific blasphemy but also resulted in him being removed as the CEO of his own company, thanks to some financial maneuvering by Dr. Sane. While Katherine is grimly aware that Mister Matthews is still a wealthy and dangerous foe, his next schemes will be undertaken without the full resources of a multinational corporation. She believes in taking victory where she can.

            Grandmother Raven - PL 8

            Abilities: STR 0 | STA 2 | AGL 0 | DEX 1 | FGT 2 | INT 4 | AWE 9 | PRE 5
            Powers: Mind Shield (Impervious Will 12), Mystic Senses (Senses 6 [extended vision, low-light vision, mystic awareness, visual counters illusion]), Raven's Staff (Burst Area Visual Concealment Attack 4, Concentration; Environment 2 [light], Concentration; Linked Concealment 10, Limited to shadows, and Insubstantial 3 [magic]; Flight 6, Quirk [cannot hover]; Illusion 8 [all senses], Resistable by Will; Morph 1; Movement 2 [dimensional movement (mystical dimensions)]; Linked Burst Area Ranged Damage 8, Tiring, and Burst Area Ranged Affliction 8 [Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware], Limited to Visual Senses; Easily Removable)
            Advantages: Defensive Roll, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative, Inspire, Languages 2 (Chippewa, Ojibwa, Crow, Tlingit, [English is native]), Ritualist, Taunt, Teamwork.
            Skills: Athletics 4 (+4), Deception 8 (+13), Expertise: Art 8 (+12), Expertise: Magic 12 (+16), Insight 8 (+17), Perception 9 (+18), Persuasion 8 (+13), Stealth 4 (+4), Treatment 9 (+13).
            Offense: Initiative +4, Unarmed +2 (Close Damage 0), Sun's Kiss -- (Burst Area Damage 8 and Affliction 8, Resisted by Dodge).
            Defense: Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 6, Toughness 4/2, Will 12.
            Totals: Abilities 46 + Powers 89 + Advantages 9 + Skills 35 + Defense 21 = 200 points
            Complications: Responsibility--Motivation. Prejudice (First Nations). Enemy (Mr. Matthews). Family.

            Note: In her prime, her Sun's Kiss attack was a Linked Burst Area Ranged Damage 12 and Burst Area Ranged Affliction 12 attack, and she was PL 12.
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            • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!


              Ema'Ge 412 of the Second Region (a slave name, and one he has chosen to abandon) was born about 1600 years ago on the planet Parousia, which orbits the sun named Barnard's Star by Terran astronomers. Like all the humanoid natives of Parousia, he was born into slavery inflicted on them by the reptilian Haud. From the moment he came to understand the circumstances of his life, Ema'Ge was determined to fight to bring about the freedom of his people. Unfortunately, his attempts to achieve this failed, and he and his comrades were forced to flee in a Haud flyer, pursued by a Haud destroyer. Their flight brought them to the Sol system, where both ships crashed on Earth, specifically in the deserts of what would be Nevada.

              Ema'Ge was the sole survivor of the Parousian crew, and he was injured enough that he had to use the flyer's medical kit to enter a regenerative sleep. It took more than a thousand years to heal his wounds, and by then the ships had been covered in earth, prompting the kit to keep him in the trance until the situation changed. That happened on January 18, 1956, with the last test of what the Americans dubbed Operation Project 56, which accidentally detonated its nuclear warhead. The tremors caused by the ground blast killed the medical kit, awakening Ema'Ge, and allowing him to dig his way free.

              Escaping from the Army proved trivial, given how slowly these humanoids moved. It didn't take long for Ema'Ge to realize that this world, these United States, was almost exactly what he'd always imagined a freed Parousia would look like. Admittedly full of inequities and iniquity, which he'd pretended wouldn't exist, but the ideals of freedom and justice were present. If his own world was forever lost to him, then he would fight to defend what was worthy about this new one. And he was going to have to fight anyway, he realized to his horror, for the Haud who'd pursued him had also been awakened in this new age, and were scheming to rule this world too!

              Ema'Ge became the superhero Slipstream, and fought against the Haud and other supervillains over the next decade. When he assisted the Freedom League in fighting the Haud in 1962, he was invited to join the team, but regretfully turned them down, fearing their reaction when they learned that he was himself an alien. He kept fighting the good fight until 1968, when a desperate battle against the Haud, temporarily allied with the human terrorists known as SHADOW, forced him to push his speedster abilities further than he'd ever pushed them before, destroying the Haud's superweapon but apparently disintegrating himself.

              In fact, he survived, but was thrown into a tangential reality that he would later describe as the Speed Realm, where he could observe the passage of time on Earth but was unable to affect anything there. He'd gone half-mad from isolation by the time Lady Starbright was also thrown into the Speed Realm by a weapon of her enemy, the Artificer, in 1974. When they met, Slipstream believed that they were both trapped there forever, and so he revealed his full history to her, the first time he'd ever confided in a Terran. But Lady Starbright refused to give up, and by combining their powers they were able to escape the Speed Realm.

              Still unsettled by his experiences, Slipstream decided that he should retire from superheroics, and finally take the chance to live a mundane life among the Americans he so admired. While hoping he would change his mind, Lady Starbright used her contacts with AEGIS (who still remembered Slipstream's sacrifice, and were glad to help) to create the identity of Johnny Smith, college student. He pursued his education at Empire State University, eventually becoming an English teacher there. Not until 1982 did he resume his secret identity, when he joined with many other heroes to attempt to rescue Lady Starbright from her enemies.

              Attempt ... and sadly fail. Slipstream mourned his friend and savior, and agreed to join the Guard proposed by the Centurion in her memory. Mindful of how much had changed over the years, he revealed his true nature to his teammates, and was happy to be accepted by them. In particular, he was befriended by Anthony Thames, the Gauntlet, who had been given the artifact from which he took his name by an organization of alien law-enforcers, the Mihral, and had thus no problems with aliens.

              The proudest moment of Slipstream's time with the Guard was when they travelled to Barnard's Star in a borrowed starship, pursued by Jade Naga, the leader of the Haud on Earth. There they discovered that the Haud Empire had become decadent and collapsed to just the two worlds in this star system, and were able to overthrow its rule of Parousia with relative ease. Jade Naga was assassinated by the corrupt rulers of B'jum for his 'failures', and though it seemed likely that the Haud would try to reconquer Parousia, they would not find it nearly as easy prey as they had more than a millennium ago. But the journey also had its somber side, for it confirmed to Slipstream that he would never be able to go home again.

              After the death of the Centurion and the disbanding of the Guard, Slipstream and the Gauntlet were both accepted as members of the new Freedom League. They both served with valor and distinction in the first few years of the team's existence. And then, in 1996, it all came crashing down. The Mihral revealed their true nature as an expansionistic alien empire, and attempted to force Anthony to join them in their power grab. Slipstream immediately defended his oldest friend, but was critically injured in the fray that followed.

              While Anthony was abandoned by the Mihral, his self-image was in a shambles, and he no longer believed himself trusted by the members of the League. The Gauntlet quit superheroics to become a mercenary 'hero for hire'. Slipstream's injuries, both physical and emotional, kept him out of action for nearly three years. By the time he was ready to return to duty, Johnny Rocket had joined the League, and Slipstream believed that the younger man had far greater potential than he. He chose to retire from superheroics once again, promising that he'd be ready if the League ever needed his help.

              When the 'Old Guard' started to take shape, more than a decade later, Slipstream was the first person Caliburn and Grandmother Raven contacted about joining. He agreed, to honor his old friendships, despite the frequent pain and sickness he'd been enduring when he used his speed. It wasn't until he was examined by Dr. Silverback, the team physician, that the truth became apparent. The first aid kit that kept him asleep for more than a thousand years had only slowed his aging process, while stopping it cosmetically. He was approaching the end of his natural lifespan. Slipstream has asked Silverback to keep this under medical confidence, as he has chosen to go out fighting, as Lady Starbright and the Centurion did.

              It shouldn't be all that surprising. There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them ...

              Abilities: STR 1 | STA 1 | AGL 4 | DEX 2 | FGT 8 | INT 2 | AWE 3 | PRE 3
              Powers: Parousian Physiology (Immunity 2 [disease, poison]), Speed Stunts (Array: Multiattack Damage 8, AP: Burst Area Damage 8), Time-Defying Speed (Burrowing 6; Concealment 4 [visual], Limited to when moving; Enhanced Advantages 4 [Defensive Roll 2, Improved Initiative 2]; Enhanced Defenses 8 [Dodge 4, Parry 4]; Movement 3 [wall-crawling 2, water-walking], Limited to while moving; Quickness 10; Speed 12)
              Advantages: All-Out Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Improved Initiative 2, Instant Up, Interpose, Languages 2 (English, Haud, Japanese, Spanish, [Parousian is native]), Move By Action, Set Up, Teamwork
              Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+8), Athletics 8 (+9), Expertise: Teacher 4 (+7), Perception 4 (+7), Technology 6 (+8), Vehicles 6 (+8).
              Offense: Initiative +12, Unarmed +8 (Close Damage 1), Rapid-fire Punches +8 (Close Multiattack Damage 8), Sonic Boom -- (Burst Area Damage 8).
              Defense: Dodge 12/8, Parry 12/8, Fortitude 7, Toughness 4/1, Will 9.
              Totals: Abilities 48 + Powers 48 + Advantages 9 + Skills 16 + Defenses 16 = 137 points
              Complications: Living Life to the Fullest--Motivation. Enemy (Alice, Queen of Hearts). Secret (dying). Secret Identity (doubled).

              Note: In his prime, his Defensive Roll was 4 ranks, his Dodge and Parry defenses were 14, his Speed Stunts effects were rank 12, and his Speed was rank 14. He also wasn't dying.
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              • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!

                Dr. Silverback

                The 1980s were a time of wild experimentation by the mad scientists of the DNAscendant Project. Some of the most remarkable work done involved the creation of anthropomorphic animal species, intended to serve as a slave army by people who thought this was a better idea than cloning human soldiers or building a robot military, for whatever reason. "Whatever reason", in the case of Phillipe Moreau, was to demonstrate the validity of the theories of his ancestor, Henry Moreau, about whose island H.G. Wells wrote the eponymous novel. Ironically, it seems that this obsession had nothing to do with his actual ancestry, as the recently discovered diaries of Henry Moreau's only child, Juliet James née Moreau, reveal that he was not her biological father.

                Be that as it may, the modern Moreau set up shop in Scotland, purchasing a variety of animals from poachers, and experimenting on them to create human-level intellects, humanoid hands, speech, and upright posture. His most significant success was the modification of a young gorilla into a more human-like form, and the awakening of an intellect almost equal to Moreau's own! In fact, it was an intellect considerably greater than Moreau's own, but that would not become apparent for a while, as the gorilla was still untutored, though he quickly learned to not overshine the Maker. That was The Law.

                However, all this meddling in God's domain proved rather expensive, and the Labyrinth only provided just so much funding. Needing more, Moreau developed the ingenious and novel notion of sending his creations to rob banks in London. (It was at this point that the gorilla decided that not only was he smarter than the Maker, but also that was not really much of a boast.) They returned pursued by the London Watch, who prepared to do battle with the animal-men. And it was at this point that the gorilla decided to hell with The Law, knocked Moreau unconscious with one swift blow, and then ran out into the midst of the animal-men army with the news that the Maker had ordered them to surrender. So they did.

                The United Kingdom's judicial system was left with a bit of a puzzle on their hands. The best witnesses to Moreau being the mastermind behind the crimes were all beings who had no legal status to testify. However, the young gorilla had made a number of friends among the members of the London Watch, who were friends themselves with some of the best lawyers in the country. Eventually, a legal ruling was made recognizing that the creations of Phillipe Moreau, or moreaus, for short, constituted a new sapient species which should enjoy all the protections and legal rights of human beings. Moreau was duly sent to jail, where he has remained for the last thirty years, as the Labyrinth viewed his level of failure as too pathetic to merit either rescue or execution.

                Doctor Silverback, as he came to be known, continued his education at Cambridge, always quietly looking out for the rest of the animal-men. He published many papers in many disciplines, and made a great deal of money from his patents. Ultimately, as public opinion in the United Kingdom turned against his people (as it did against most minorities), he and the other leaders of the moreaus decided to transplant the colony to an island they purchased in the southern Pacific, ironically the same one occupied by Henry Moreau roughly a hundred years before. Silverback joined them for a time, but found that he missed human civilization. So he bid his people farewell, and traveled to America.

                Over the next three decades, Doctor Silverback served as a frequent scientific and medical consultant to various groups of superheroes, most notably the Freedom League. Believing that he was in no way qualified to engage in crime-fighting, he always turned down offers of membership from these teams, but was also always willing to pitch in and lend a helping hand, or foot, during disasters. His charming sense of humor and joie de vivre made him very popular in the superhuman community.

                When Doctor Simian made his debut in 1999, Silverback's heart broke a little. His research confirmed that the other gorilla had been "evolved" using techniques clearly derived from Moreau's work, and with as little care for the safety or comfort of the test subjects. Silverback attempted to contact Simian, hoping that he might be able to reform the criminal genius and bring him around to a more human-friendly attitude. This didn't go anywhere, but Simian treated his fellow uplift with politeness and courtesy, leaving Silverback with hope that things could change.

                That came to an end in 2009, when Dr Simian, frustrated by the failures he'd endured with the Crime League, used a device of his own creation to "turn off" Silverback's enhanced intellect, reverting him to an animal mentality. He then posed as Silverback, returned to the island of the moreaus, and attempted to turn them into an army. Fortunately, the de-brained Silverback escaped from captivity and managed to stumble into the care of Daedelus, who restored his mind and then helped him to prevent the moreaus from launching an attack against Hong Kong. Silverback nearly murdered Simian when they came to blows.

                Later, he would be horrified at what he'd done, but the anger at Dr. Simian has never gone away. Neither has his newfound fear of the possible consequences of his loss of intelligence. He has also begun to wonder about his lifespan -- he has already lived as long as a typical gorilla does, but doesn't seem to be dying of old age. Did Moreau also grant him a human's lifespan? It's not like the man will answer his questions.

                With all this on his mind, he was somewhat distracted by yet another offer of membership from a team of superheroes, this time one that was just coming together. Initially, he was inclined to give Ray Gardner yet another polite refusal, but listening to the man talking about how this team would bring together people with decades of experience in hopes that they could use the weight of those years to guide younger superheroes resonated with him. Silverback had been doing the same thing for more than twenty years. Perhaps it was time for a change in the way that he did things.

                And so he joined the Old Guard as their technological expert and official physician. In the process, he learned about Slipstream's condition. The morality of not telling the rest of the team about the situation bothers him, but he regards patient confidentiality as an important part of his professional ethics. For now, he's trying to give the Parousian the best covert medical care he can manage, and hopes to persuade him to settle down when the pain becomes unbearable. The possibility that he's looking at his own future disturbs him more than a bit ...

                Dr. Silverback -- PL 8

                Abilities: STR 6 | STA 6 | AGL 3 | DEX 4/1 | FGT 9/3 | INT 10/-4 | AWE 8/1 | PRE 4/-1
                Powers: Goggles That Do Something (Senses 6 [analytical visual senses, infravision, microscopic vision 2, ultravision]; Removable), Large Ape (Feature [prehensile feet]; Permanent Innate Growth 4; Senses 2 [acute scent, low-light vision]), Super-Brains (Enhanced Advantages 8 [Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4], Enhanced Awareness 7; Enhanced Dexterity 3; Enhanced Fighting 6; Enhanced Intellect 14; Enhanced Presence 5)
                Advantages: Agile Feint, Close Attack, Connected, Eidetic Memory, Improved Initiative 2, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4.
                Skills: Acrobatics 10 (+13), Athletics 9 (+15), Expertise: Science 8 (+18), Insight 4 (+12), Perception 6 (+14), Persuasion 7 (+11), Technology 8 (+18), Treatment 6 (+16).
                Offense: Initiative +11, Unarmed +10 (Close Damage 6).
                Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 7, Toughness 6, Will 9/2.
                Totals: Abilities 14 + Powers 101 + Advantages 5 + Skills 29 + Defenses 12 = 161 points
                Complications: Responsibility--Motivation. Enemy (Dr. Simian). Prejudice (ape). Fear (losing his super-brains).
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                • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!


                  Bolt: You know, since I'm using an alias from the post-war era, maybe you should too. You could call yourself the Black Bowman.

                  Archer: ... or I could not, and you could never make a suggestion like that ever again.
                  The course of events by which the original outlaw hero of the Iron Age became a member of a group dedicated to the ideals of the Bronze Age is a bit dizzying even to him. A fugitive once again after the death of Harriet Wainwright and the exposure of certain activities at Project Freedom, Ethan Keller spent five and a half years in the underground and on the run. Not until months after the downfall of Jonathan Grant did he surface, contacting Ray Gardner under the misapprehension that the man was still Captain Thunder, in hopes of receiving some assistance in surrendering to the authorities in a way that wouldn't result in his immediate death.

                  Bolt and the Old Guard guaranteed his safety, and Keller was tried for his role in Wainwright's machinations. Testimony from a number of former and present members of Project Freedom confirmed that he had been at best a reluctant assistant to the Director, rather than the mastermind that the prosecution tried to portray. He was found not guilty of the most serious charges against him, and sentenced to community service for the lesser ones. Keller expected to end up in Project Freedom, but was informed that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to place someone with no superhuman abilities in that program. Instead, the judge took the unusual step of assigning him to Ray Gardner as his probation officer, to complete his community service as a member of his new team.

                  Archer: Tell me you didn't set this up somehow.

                  Bolt: I was as surprised as you were. <pause> I think Beaumont might have --

                  Archer: <nothing printable>
                  So Keller has picked up his bow once more, and started using some trick arrows that Doctor Silverback was nice enough to build for him. (Yes, a super-genius ape constructs his weaponry. No wonder Archer gets headaches from time to time.) Despite his frequently sour mood, he actually likes and respects his teammates, despite his ... somewhat adversarial relationship with Bolt. Keller knows that the other man won't violate his probation unless he actually does something extremely criminal, but he still finds it difficult to trust the man who is basically the embodiment of the notion that the era in which Keller flourished should never have happened at all. He also has an uncomfortable relationship with the current Bowman, whom he does his best to avoid, as well as the vigilante Lady Quarrel, who considers him a sell-out.

                  Nonetheless, he has to admit that he's doing what he loves again.

                  Archer -- PL 8

                  Abilities: STR 2 | STA 2 | AGL 4 | DEX 6 | FGT 9 | INT 1 | AWE 4 | PRE 2
                  Powers: Bow and Trick Arrows (Array: Ranged Damage 5, AP: Ranged Affliction 5 [Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated], AP: Ranged Burst Area Affliction 5 [Resisted by Fortitude; Visually Impaired, Visually Disabled, Visually Unaware], Limited to One Sense, AP: Ranged Affliction 5 [Resisted by Dodge; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile], Extra Condition, Limited to Two Degrees, AP: Cloud Area Ranged Concealment Attack 2 [normal sight]; Easily Removable)
                  Equipment: Sky Cycle (Size M, STR 4, Flight 6, Defense 10, Toughness 8) and 1 point of equipment as needed.
                  Advantages: Agile Feint, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Equipment 6, Evasion, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 2 (bow), Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 3, Set-Up.
                  Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+12), Athletics 8 (+10), Deception 8 (+10), Expertise: Streetwise 8 (+9), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 8 (+10), Investigation 8 (+9), Perception 8 (+12), Ranged Combat: Bow 2 (+8), Sleight of Hand 6 (+12), Stealth 8 (+12), Technology 8 (+9), Vehicles 6 (+12).
                  Offense: Initiative +4, Unarmed +9 (Close Damage 2), Standard Arrow +11 (Ranged Damage 5, Crit 18-20), Taser Arrow +11 (Ranged Fortitude 5, Crit 18-20), Flashbang Arrow -- (Ranged Burst Area Fortitude 5), Net Arrow +11 (Ranged Affliction 5, Resisted by Dodge, Crit 18-20).
                  Defense: Parry 11, Dodge 12, Fortitude 7, Toughness 4/2, Will 8.
                  Totals: Abilities 58 + Powers 8 + Advantages 19 + Skills 47 + Defenses 19 = 151 points
                  Complications: Justice--Motivation. Reputation (killer). Rivalry (Bowman and Quarrel). Temper.
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                  • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!

                    Alice, Queen of Hearts

                    There is a tendency, in the secret services of the United Kingdom, to keep trying the same thing over and over again. It's not so much that they don't learn from their mistakes as that they do, but in the process make new ones. This can be demonstrated by the way one branch of the services has been trying to recruit a certain vampire to do their bidding for more than a hundred years now, and it can also be demonstrated by the way another branch keeps fielding units of psychic spies. In the early seventies, this was known as Brigade Six. In the mid eighties, it was known as the Ghost Lions.

                    The youngest of the Ghost Lions was seventeen-year old Alice Kittering, who demonstrated remarkable talents with several of the normally distinct psychic powers. These were supplemented by extensive physical training, which she also took to like a duck to water. Where some of her colleagues were motivated by patriotism or greed, Alice was most driven by her enjoyment of being freed from the strictures of her dull, working class origins, and the opportunity to test her potentials to the limit. The fact that she saw way too much for a seventeen year old didn't bother her or her handlers.

                    And then it all came crashing down in 1987, when the program was exposed as being the private army of its head. Some of the operatives chose to surrender to the authorities. Not young Alice. No, she shot her way out, killing several of the police officers sent to arrest her, fleeing the country and disappearing into Europe's underworld. With her tradecraft and her powers, no one was going to find her unless she wanted them to. Clearly, the thing about not putting your trust in princes applied to prime ministers and lesser ministers as well. From that point on, Alice determined to follow only her own rules, not anyone else's.

                    She became one of the best paid and most effective assassins on the Continent, working for anyone and everyone, regardless of politics. She started going by the alias 'Queen of Hearts' after she decapitated a score of trade delegates in Holland on a job from Thule. While her missions didn't always go as smoothly as she would have liked, she never failed to complete her objective and make her exit. Things were going great -- no one could touch her.

                    And then she was hired to do a job in America, and that rotten bastard Slipstream thwarted her. Thwarted her. Thwarted her! She got away, like she always did, but the woman she'd been hired to kill was still sucking down air when all was said and done, and went on to testify against the people who were paying her. Alice did not get paid the back end of her fee. That would have been upsetting in and of itself, but someone had gotten in the way of her doing her job, and this made her just a tad bit unhappy.

                    So it was only natural for her to happily accept jobs that sent her up against Slipstream. (Discount? What's a discount?) She hoped that she would be able to put an end to the zippy weirdo, but not only did he evade her attempts to put an end to him, he kept preventing her from accomplishing her objectives, too. People were starting to talk about her in very uncomplimentary terms, saying that she'd lost her touch, or, worse, that she was voluntarily failing out of some perverse fascination with the bastard!

                    Finally, it happened. Alice was caught by the Freedom League in 1994, and unceremoniously packed off to jail. The British had the strongest claim on her, thanks to everything she'd done with the Ghost Lions, and so she was tried there, given multiple consecutive life sentences, and packed off to the United Kingdom's most secure anti-paranormal prison. Alice felt strangely calm about this. The fact that the authorities were pretending that they had to follow their own rules about someone like her suggested that someone thought she still might be useful. So she decided to wait.

                    She waited about twenty years. Then, sure enough, someone from one of the secret services came to offer her a job. She agreed to whatever they were offering, bided her time, and then made her escape. There was only one job that she was interested in doing. By this point, she no longer cared what happened to her as long as she could put an end to Slipstream. She found that he'd moved out of New York and down to Las Vegas, where it was fairly trivial to discover that his 'secret identity' was a teacher at UNLV. Alice began following her target in astral form, learning his routines, waiting to find the perfect moment to kill him.

                    She was watching when he agreed to join the Old Guard. She was watching when he met Doctor Silverback. And she was watching when the gorilla gave him the awful news. Alice exulted in the news that her nemesis was dying, and waited to see the despair she was sure she would witness on his face. Instead, she saw Slipstream take the news calmly, and talk about how he wanted to meet his end in battle rather than waiting peacefully for the end.

                    Something inside of Alice broke at that. If she killed him now -- and she couldn't just anonymously assassinate him, she needed him to know who was bringing him down -- she'd be giving him what he wanted, a heroic end to his story. But if she didn't act, he might die some other way, and then she'd be left with all this anger and nowhere to direct it. But -- but -- but -- butbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbutbu tbutbutbut!

                    She returned to her body, stumbled to her feet, shambled out the door of her hiding place, and stared confusedly at the limousine parked outside the abandoned house. The window opened. "Hello, dear Alice. Are we having a bad day?" asked a familiar voice.

                    After a moment, Alice got in the limo.

                    Alice, Queen of Hearts -- PL 11

                    Abilities: STR 2 | STA 4 | AGL 4 | DEX 5 | FGT 11 | INT 1 | AWE 5 | PRE 2
                    Powers: Astral Projection (Remote Sensing 10 [visual, auditory, mental], Side Effect [body is defenseless and immobile]), Psychic Healing (Immunity 2 [aging, disease], Limited to half effect; Regeneration 2), Psychokinesis (Sustained Impervious Protection 7; Array: Perception Range Move Object 2, AP: Perception Range Damage 2), Telepathy (Mental Communication 2; Array: Concealment 10, Resistable by Will [DC 25], AP: Cumulative Mind Reading 5).
                    Equipment: Arsenal (Array: Ranged Multiattack Damage 5, AP: Ranged Burst Area Damage 5, AP: Ranged Burst Area Affliction 5 [Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware], AP: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction [Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated], AP: Ranged Damage 4, Accurate, AP: Strength-based Damage 1, Improved Critical) and 10 other points of equipment as needed.
                    Advantages: All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Equipment 6, Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Aim, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Trip, Jack of all Trades, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 6, Seize Initiative, Startle, Tracking, Trance.
                    Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+12), Athletics 7 (+9), Deception 6 (+8), Expertise: Criminal 12 (+13), Insight 6 (+11), Intimidation 12 (+14), Perception 8 (+13), Ranged Combat: Guns 5 (+10), Sleight of Hand 8 (+13), Stealth 8 (+12), Technology 8 (+9), Vehicles 8 (+13).
                    Offense: Initiative +12, Unarmed +11 (Close Damage 2), Knife +11 (Close Damage 3, Crit 19-20), Assault Rifle +16 (Ranged Multiattack Damage 5), Heavy Pistol +18 (Ranged Damage 4), Mini-Grenade -- (Ranged Burst Area Damage 5), Flash-Bang --(Ranged Burst Area Affliction 5, Resisted by Dodge), Gas Grenade -- (Ranged Cloud Area Fortitude 5), Pyrokinesis -- (Perception Range Damage 2).
                    Defense: Dodge 11, Parry 11, Fortitude 7, Toughness 11/4, Will 15.
                    Totals: Abilities 68 + Powers 70 + Advantages 33 + Skills 48 + Defenses 20 = 239 points
                    Complications: Psychopathy--Motivation. Hatred (Slipstream). Enemy (British intelligence).
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                    • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!


                      When he was arrested for the first time, he was believed to be Zachary King, descendant of a long line of thoroughly corrupt and decadent English aristocrats, who'd been the lone survivor of a hunting expedition in the Himalayas. Following his return to England, a series of unfortunate events enveloped the King family, leaving young Zachary as the sole surviving member of his family as well. When he broadened his interests to include serial killing, he was eventually caught by the novice hero Caliburn. He eventually broke out of prison, murdered Caliburn's wife, disfigured the costumed crimefighter, and fled the country.

                      Caliburn pursued him, but he did more than that. He traveled to the start of King's story, in the Himalayas, to get inside the other man's mind. There he discovered the cave where King and his father had taken shelter, the cave where King had killed his father in self-defense. He dug up the body, confirming the story ... but on an impulse, dug deeper to find a second corpse, that of a young Caucasian male of around the age of thirteen, most likely the body of one Zachary King. But then who was Janus?

                      Nearly forty years of investigation and desperate struggle have not gotten Caliburn or any of his allies any closer to the final answer to that question. Dozens of theories have been proposed, tested and discarded when evidence has been discovered to disprove them. In the meanwhile, Janus has pursued his ends, wreaking havoc in the name of creating artwork in the medium of human suffering, with each corpse left behind as a dab of paint on a canvas only he can see.

                      He has worked with a variety of extra-legal organizations, generally remaining on good terms with their leadership if often not their rank and file, from whom he has often recruited his "bad girl" associates. (He also takes pleasure in recruiting them from law-enforcement personnel.) These women typically remain with him for no longer than a single exploit, often sacrificed to facilitate Janus' escape. Whether he has finally managed to recruit Alice, Queen of Hearts into that role, in the wake of her psychological shattering, remains to be seen, as the two of them approach the hidden laboratory of a mutual ally of convenience.

                      Janus -- PL 11

                      Abilities: STR 2 | STA 3 | AGL 3 | DEX 4 | FGT 11 | INT 8 | AWE 8 | PRE 7
                      Powers: Mind of Madness (Reaction Damage 10, Resisted by Will [when mentally contacted or attacked]; Immunity 20 [mental effects]), Sneak Attack (Enhanced Strength-based Damage 2, Limited to vulnerable or defenseless targets).
                      Equipment: Knife, pistol, other equipment as needed.
                      Advantages: Attractive, Benefit 8 (Alternate Identity 4, Multimillionaire), Chokehold, Close Attack 4, Daze (Deception), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 10, Evasion 2, Fascinate (Deception), Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Defense, Jack-of-all-Trades, Languages 4, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 3, Redirect, Speed of Thought, Taunt, Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed.
                      Skills: Athletics 8 (+10), Deception 14 (+21), Expertise: Criminal 10 (+18), Insight 12 (+20), Intimidation 10 (+17), Perception 8 (+16), Persuasion 10 (+17), Ranged Combat: Gun 6 (+10), Sleight of Hand 8 (+12), Stealth 8 (+11), Technology 8 (+16), Vehicles 8 (+12).
                      Offense: Initiative +8, Unarmed +15 (Close Damage 4/2), Knife +15 (Close Damage 5/3), Pistol +13 (Close Damage 4).
                      Defense: Dodge 11, Parry 11, Fortitude 7, Toughness 7/3, Will 9.
                      Totals: Abilities 92 + Powers 71 + Advantages 50 + Skills 55 + Defenses 13 = 281 points
                      Complication: Corruption--Motivation. Enemy (Caliburn). Reputation (deadly criminal).
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                      • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!

                        Mister Matthews

                        Hatred can be more than just an emotion. In time, it can become the defining characteristic of a personality. Such is the case of Mister Samuel Matthews. He hates the costumed monsters who parade themselves as superheroes. He hates the society that allows them to do so. He hates the government that sanctions such behavior, and in addition tries to tax him as if he were some peasant. He hates the scientific community that has rejected him, failing to understand that his is the Greatest Mind of Any Age. (Dr. Sin is said to find his pretentions amusing.)

                        If he were being honest, Matthews would admit that his hatred begins with the mother who had the nerve to abandon him -- him -- by dying, all those years ago. He certainly hates the legacy of occult power he inherited from the man who was his biological father, the Imperial Wizard, a spell-casting member of the Ku Klux Klan in the late 50s and early 60s. He is also firmly in denial that his creations are in any way the product of sorcery, rather than science. He also refuses to accept the fact that his serums work so well on his own physiology because of his powers, for that would mean he is one of the monsters he hates so much.

                        His hatred is so great that he has sometimes considered abandoning this foul and disgusting world -- after dealing permanently with some of his more long-term hatreds, such as Grandmother Raven and her village of inbred lackeys -- and starting over in a world of his own design, in the asteroid belt. (He would be annoyed to learn that someone else had that idea, and has already constructed their Objectivist paradise there. On the other hand, that would also mean that he won't have to do as much work.) All such visions have been temporarily put on hold, now that he is no longer the master of Matthews Gentech, and no longer enjoys as much in the way of resources.

                        His hatred of other supervillains -- no different from the other monsters, or in the case of those without powers, no different from the insipid herds -- has not prevented him from working with them on occasion. They do tend to possess useful abilities that he cannot, for now, duplicate with his science. In the end, of course, he will kill them all. Or almost all. For there is one being whom Matthews does not hate, though being the subject of his lust is no less dangerous. Alice is aware of Matthews' feelings, and has generally found them to be a useful 'handle' to manipulate the mad scientist during their team-ups. Whether this will still be the case in their current team-up remains to be seen.

                        Mister Matthews -- PL 11

                        Abilties: STR 1 | STA 2 | AGL 2 | DEX 2 | FGT 4 | INT 11 | AWE 4 | PRE 0
                        Powers: Animal Mimicry Serums (Continuous Variable 12 [traits possessed by animals], Removable)
                        Advantages: Artificer, Benefit 4 (Multi-millionaire), Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Skill Mastery (Experise: Science)
                        Skills: Expertise: Business 8 (+19), Expertise: "Science" 10 (+21), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 8 (+8), Investigation 6 (+17), Perception 8 (+12), Technology 8 (+19).
                        Offense: Initiative +2, Unarmed +4 (Close Damage 1).
                        Defense: Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 9, Toughness 2, Will 10
                        Totals: Abilities 52 + Powers 96 + Advantages 8 + Skills 28 + Defense 23 = 207 points
                        Complications: Hatred--Motivation. Delusion (what I do is science, dammit!). Obsession (Alice).

                        Typical Variable: Strength-based Damage 3, Improved Critical; Enhanced Advantages 14 (All-Out Attack, Close Attack 6, Defensive Attack, Evasion, Extraordinary Effort, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative, Takedown 2); Enhanced Stamina 3; Enhanced Strength 8; Leaping 4; Protection 8; Senses 4 (acute scent, low-light vision, tracking scent, ultrasonic hearing); Speed 4
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                        • Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Freedom Legion!


                          Ernst Rauchenberger (born 1940) is the only known son of Milo Rauchenberger, a founding member of the Thule Society. By the start of World War II, it was clear to Milo that his status within the Thule Society had fallen in comparison to rising stars such as Wilhelm Kantor, and he was desperate to find some way to reverse his fortunes. When a suit of runed armor was discovered by a submarine mission in the North Sea, Milo seized the opportunity presented to him, and became the elementally powered Kreuzritter, one of the most potent members of the Ubermenschen.

                          He met his end in 1944, in battle with the Centurion and the British heroine Dover Angel. Though the Dover Angel did not survive the encounter, she and the Man of Adamant were able to provoke Kreuzritter into drawing more elemental force than he was able to control, creating a momentary volcano that consumed the German elementalist, drowning him in lava. The Centurion sadly buried the Angel near the site of the battle.

                          Ernst grew up in a humbled West Germany, taught by his mother that his father had been a great man, no matter what lies were told about him by the Americans. Wanting to be just like his father, he struggled to recover the occult knowledge that Milo had possessed. In his late teens, this brought him to the attention of SHADOW, who found it quite easy to recruit him. However, Ernst felt only amused contempt for SHADOW's methods and goals, and primarily used them as resources in his own schemes.

                          By 1968, he had uncovered enough information to understand what had happened to his father, and developed the suspicion that the armor had actually kept Milo alive even under those circumstances. Ernst descended into SubTerra to discover the truth, eventually making his way to where the armor lay. He was disappointed to see that it contained only bones. It seemed that the armor had protected his father, but it had not been able to heal the injuries he had sustained, which proved fatal.

                          Determination to outdo his father, to be the true champion of the Aryan peoples, filled Ernst's breast. He, too, seized the opportunity presented to him. Faking his death, he abandoned SHADOW and flew, then swam, to a certain point in the North Sea. Exerting the armor's elemental powers to their utmost, he raised 1,399 square kilometers of land to the surface, creating an island he dubbed Thule, which he claimed as his kingdom, open to immigration from any ... appropriate nations.

                          Thule soon became known as a safe haven for criminals of all stripes, as the newly created nation refused to extradite any visitors to its shores for any reason. It also became a tax haven for various corporations, spurring a great deal of economic growth. There were rumors that terrorists of a variety of stripes were given training in Thule, the better to weaken other nations for the eventual conquest of the world. But even though the ruler of the nation was an armored superbeing, it was difficult to credit such notions.

                          Ironically, Ernst was aware that he had come perilously close to his father's fate in raising Thule, and that the power that he could safely draw upon was much less, now. For the next decade, he acted from behind the scenes, avoiding personal conflict with superheroes at all costs. After all, he enjoyed eternal youth, thanks to the changes the armor had bestowed upon him, but not actual immortality. As such, he had all the time in the world to pursue his goal of world domination.

                          Not until 1982 did he take a personal hand in affairs, having built up his powers once more. In conjunction with a number of other supervillains, he attacked and brought about the death of Lady Starbright, who had successfully opposed him quite a few times over the previous decade and had had the nerve to do so while being a contemptible miscegenation. This had the unexpected consequence of creating a team of superheroes who would continue to successfully oppose Kreuzritter, and so he considered it a lesson learned.

                          He outlived the Centurion, and celebrated that "victory" over his father's nemesis. Not long after, he ended a decades long cold war with SHADOW with an agreement to allow its Overthrow front organization to headquarter itself in Thule. Continuing to grow richer and richer, Kreuzritter faced the dawn of the twenty-first century stronger than ever, and certain that this would be his age.

                          In 2008, however, the original owner of his armor came calling, seizing control of it, and forcing Kreuzritter to use up much of his accumulated resources and entirely too much of his power in a fruitless assault against the Ultima. The Destroyer spirit was eventually dispatched, but Ernst was dismissed as fundamentally irrelevant by the surviving Ultima. "You exist at our sufferance, Rauchenberger," said the Ultima Prime. "This is the true Thule."

                          The entire affair was a serious shock to his worldview. He'd always envisioned himself as a master of the universe, but he'd just been shown that the universe was much larger, older, and more dangerous than he'd ever imagined. For many years afterward, there was only silence from Thule. Criminals kept coming, as did businesses who wished to have operations in Europe that didn't suffer from EU restrictions, but the schemes of Ernst Rauchenberger seemed to have come to an end.

                          In 2015, however, he contacted his old associates, Janus and Mister Matthews, and recruited them to a scheme ostensibly directed at the Old Guard. Unbeknownst to either of them, Kreuzritter is aiming at bigger prey. His plan is to use the captured members of the Old Guard to lure the Freedom League into a trap which will destroy them, leaving the world without powerful protectors. However, the rest of the plan does not call for the conquest of the world, but rather its exploitation to transform Thule into a space vessel which can escape this doomed planet ... under Kreuzritter's enlightened leadership, of course. Who knows, he may even let the rest of the villains come along for the ride ...

                          Kreuzritter -- PL 11

                          Abilities: STR 7 | STA 7 | AGL 3 | DEX 4 | FGT 9 | INT 5 | AWE 4 | PRE 6
                          Powers: Armor of the Destroyer (Immunity 10 [fire effects]; Impervious Protection 6; Impervious Will 12; Variable 6 [elemental powers], Free Action; Removable), Bodily Reconstruction (Immunity 11 [aging, life support]).
                          Advantages: Assessment, Benefit 6 (Billionaire, Status [ruler of Thule]), Equipment 20, Languages 4, Ranged Attack 4, Power Attack, Ritualist, Second Chance (Insight checks)
                          Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+13), Deception 9 (+15), Expertise: Magic 10 (+15), Insight 12 (+16), Intimidation 12 (+18), Investigation 8 (+13), Perception 12 (+16), Persuasion 9 (+15).
                          Offense: Initiative , Unarmed +13 (Close Damage 7), Elemental Command +8 (Variable Effect).
                          Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 10, Toughness 13/7, Will 12.
                          Totals: Abilities 90 + Powers 89 + Advantages 38 + Skills 38 + Defenses 17 = 273 points.
                          Complications: Megalomania--Motivation. Reputation (much more powerful than he actually is). Responsibility (ruler of Thule).

                          Variable Settings

                          Fire: Array (Ranged Damage 14, AP: Ranged Burst Area Damage 9, AP: Ranged Line Area Damage 9).

                          Earth: Enhanced Strength 2; Enhanced Strength 8, Limited to Lifting; Immunity 20 (bludgeoning damage), Limited to half-effect; Regeneration 16, Limited to when in contact with the earth.

                          Water: Ranged Damage 11, Indirect 2; Swimming 6.

                          Air: Flight 12; Move Object 6, Limited to pushing.
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                            Snow White

                            In the words of the young lady herself: "Once upon a time there was a beautiful and very chemically stimulated woman who wished for her daughter to have hair as black as ebony, eyes as blue as the sky, and skin as white as snow. Happily, since albinism doesn't actually do that, and is incompatible with dark hair anyway, she only got two-thirds of her wish. Three-quarters if you count the fact that she had no way of knowing whether I would be a girl or not. Nevertheless, she named her daughter Snow, and as our family name was already White, I was duly known as Snow White. Incidentally, having labored under this name since I was born, I have no sense of humor whatsoever."

                            Despite her somewhat uncharitable view of the woman who gave birth to her, Snow's understanding of her history is more or less correct. Her mother did consume a number of alchemical reagents while pregnant with her, and they did have a narcotic effect. But the point of the exercise was to stimulate the child's magical talents, and it was a successful one. Snow cast her first spell when she was barely able to walk, animating the toys in her room, and quickly demonstrated that she was a magical prodigy.

                            Of course, rather than do anything foolish like allowing her to develop her magical talents in her own way and at her own pace, her father -- one of the leading mages of Boston, the secret mastermind behind the razing of Boston's West End -- set her on a course of study that bordered on the sadistic. Any deviation from this curriculum, even in the form of discoveries of more efficient ways of doing things, was harshly punished. Snow quietly accepted this, doing her best to kill her own emotions and become as cold as her name.

                            In Snow White's fourteenth summer, the Master Mage vanished from the Tellurian. This was immediately apparent, through a variety of divinatory methods, and in her opinion, it says all that is needed to be said about the man's character that it took two years for the Nemean, ruler of Boston's mage community, to decide to send someone to investigate the matter. Not to mention what it says about him that, rather than go himself, he asked for someone else to go poke their head in the hornet's nest that is Freedom City.

                            Snow surprised herself when she volunteered. She's still not sure what prompted the decision. The opportunity to get out from under her father's hand -- since he couldn't refuse the Nemean -- was certainly a factor, but it can't have been the only reason. She has done some auguries since, and they refuse to reveal whether favor or folly will come from this journey ... but those that speak of favor also hint that she might be walking a path which will see her become the new Master Mage. The notion of winning magical might greater than the Nemean's, to say nothing of her father, is rather appealing.

                            Of course, he can perform those auguries, too, and has insisted that she not walk this path alone. It's bad enough that she's been saddled with the company of one Nick Grey, who at least has some useful talents. But she was also commanded to use an ancient ritual to call up a magical bodyguard out of the Immateria, and the lout actually giggled when she revealed her name to him. "I reckon that makes me the Huntsman," he said, tapping the shaft of his spear against his shoulder.

                            So annoying.

                            Snow White strives to behave with a calm detachment from all affairs, which frequently seems like callous cruelty. This is entirely a façade. The truth of her heart is that she has more than her fair share of compassion, and hates to see others injured unnecessarily. However, she has been carefully taught that this is a weakness which will bring about her downfall if she allows anyone else to realize it. Whether she will ever be able to question that teaching remains to be seen.

                            Snow White -- PL 8

                            Abilities: STR 0 | STA 2 | AGL 2 | DEX 3 | FGT 5 | INT 3 | AWE 5 | PRE 3
                            Powers: Blast Spell (Ranged Damage 5, Accurate 3), Mystic Sense (Senses 1 [magic awareness]), Shield Spell (Enhanced Dodge 4; Enhanced Parry 4), Trained Strength (Strength-based Damage 1).
                            Advantages: Attractive, Benefit (Independently Wealthy), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Fearless, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Improvised Weapon, Languages 3, Ranged Attack 2, Ritualist, Skill Mastery (Expertise: Magic).
                            Skills: Athletics 4 (+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+10), Expertise: Magic 12 (+15), Insight 5 (+10), Investigation 5 (+8), Perception 5 (+10), Stealth 4 (+6).
                            Offense: Initiative +2, Unarmed +10 (Close Damage 1), Blaster Spell +11 (Ranged Damage 5).
                            Defense: Dodge 10/6, Parry 10/6, Fortitude 5, Toughness 4/2, Will 11.
                            Totals: Abilities 46 + Powers 24 + Advantages 17 + Skills 20 + Defenses 14 = 120 points
                            Complications: Pride--Motivation. Dark Secret (a kind and caring person). No Sense of Humor, But A Keen Sense of Irony. Power Loss (cannot use Blast Spell or Shield Spell if unable to speak or gesture).
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                              will we see the bodyguard?


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                                Originally posted by Gilliam View Post
                                will we see the bodyguard?
                                Yep, eventually.
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