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Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- The Sentinels (Revised)!

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  • Originally posted by Davies View Post
    Well, they'd like to have that sort of relationship, but the absolute zero tolerance of any supernatural threats -- backed up by a mirror image version of ARCADE that didn't believe in taking prisoners and didn't really care about civilian casualties -- from the Communist era has most of the critters absolutely against any interaction with the state, almost in a parody of the thieves' code. Rasputin (from the Atlas) is the great exception, and even he uses multiple false identities while dealing with the government. (And isn't actually Grigori Effemovitch, who was a completely ordinary man who died a horrible death and was then the subject of wild tales invented to justify his murder.)
    When the guy who kills you turns killing you into a drinking story...


    • Originally posted by Rhialto View Post

      When the guy who kills you turns killing you into a drinking story...
      Well, yes, but -- and I realize that this is rich coming from the guy who had Jesus himself save Joan of Arc, and had Byron and Polidori become Ruthven and Frankenstein respectively -- I think it's important to keep the historical parts of the setting somewhat grounded, and that turning the actual Rasputin into a rakshasa was a bridge too far. The way the version of him in Rasputin Must Die! bought into all the historical slanders was a bit much, too.
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      • Originally posted by Davies View Post

        Well, yes, but -- and I realize that this is rich coming from the guy who had Jesus himself save Joan of Arc, and had Byron and Polidori become Ruthven and Frankenstein respectively -- I think it's important to keep the historical parts of the setting somewhat grounded, and that turning the actual Rasputin into a rakshasa was a bridge too far. The way the version of him in Rasputin Must Die! bought into all the historical slanders was a bit much, too.
        Oh, no argument here. There's something inherently distasteful about kicking one of history's victims while they're down.


        • It recently occurred to me that the Liberty League was missing versions of a number of Golden Age archetypes. Here's the first of my attempts to fill in those blanks.


          Late in the year that some of Earth dubbed 1939, an individual whose profession might best be described as a 'private investigator' found himself following a lead on the whereabouts of an old enemy which brought him to the Sol system. Hallan the Golden, as he was known to those familiar with his exploits, experienced a strange sensation of familiarity, which some of Earth would have dubbed deja vu, as he passed the outer planets, the asteroid belt, and the dead world called Mars, and began to descend into the gravity well of the system's third planet. He dismissed the feeling as imaginary, and proceeded with his self-imposed mission.

          (What Hallan the Golden did not then or ever realize was that, in an earlier iteration of history, he had been a frequent visitor to this planet from the year 1927 onward, in the company of other space-faring heroes. But in the current iteration of history, most of those heroes had either never been born or never become heroes, and that the Cosmic League which united them had never been formed. Perhaps because his origins long predated those of the other members of the Cosmic League, Hallan the Golden had continued to exist, and to pursue a lonely quest for justice, which now brought him to Earth for what he believed was the first time.)

          He arrived in Freedom City and attempted to engage in a covert investigation, having no desire to expose the natives of this planet to the realities which lay beyond their fleecy skies. However, he was startled to learn that Freedom City had lately become a city where the wondrous was somewhat commonplace, and found his path crossing that of a number of the super-heroes of the day, most notably the Centurion (whom, again, he found strangely familiar) and the man called Midnight. He also found himself making friends of some of the residents of Freedom City, most notably another private investigator, Hank Baldwin, and his girlfriend Billie. It was Hank who gave Hallan the alias that he would use in his activities as a superhero, drawn from the science fiction magazines that the young man consumed with a passion.

          When the Liberty League formed, Mentor hesitated to accept the invitation to join. Was it right for an alien to this world to take sides in a conflict between its natives? Doctor Tomorrow somehow guessed that he would have such reservations, and sought him out to reveal that he was aware of Mentor's extraterrestrial origins. The Doctor believed that Mentor's assistance would be crucial in several of the battles to come, but he refused to force Mentor into the association -- the invitation was his to accept or decline. When Bundists under the command of Dr. Geistmann attempted to kidnap the Baldwins on their wedding day, Mentor decided (after saving his friends) that events had clearly chosen his side for him, and attended the first meeting of the Liberty League.

          Even so, he remained a somewhat reticent and secretive ally. A few of the other Leaguers guessed that he must be from another world, but never pressed him for details. When Johnny Rocket inquired as to his origins, Mentor stated that he'd been an archaeologist who discovered what he called the Cosmic Wand on one of his expeditions. It seems likely that this was the case, but that the expedition had been on some other planet, and many years ago. (Hallan the Golden once slipped and referred to himself as being older than some senior citizens he helped to save, suggesting that he was around eighty years of age in the mid 1940s.)

          Much as with his close friend, the Envoy, Mentor chose to end his participation with the Liberty League soon after the war ended. He left Earth for the last time in 1946, and was never seen there again. Just as origins are something of a mystery, so too is his ultimate fate. The Star Knight A'lan Koor, who revealed Mentor's nature to the Freedom League not long after he joined, stated that the Star Knights had last had contact with him around 1958, when he'd conducted a raid into Grue-held territories from which he never returned. It seems likely that he met a truly grim end. However, a half-century later, another alien arrived on Earth bringing the Cosmic Wand with him. It has lately passed into the hands of San Diego native Kristy Tamura, who uses it under the alias of the Star-Spangled Girl.

          Mentor (Hallan the Golden) -- PL 10

          Abilities: STR 2 | STA 3 | AGL 2 | DEX 3 | FGT 6 | INT 7 | AWE 2 | PRE 2
          Cosmic Wand: Removable (-14 points)
          Energy Shield: Sustained Protection 10, Affects Self and Others in Touch Range Burst Area; Sustained Immunity 10 (life support) - 40 points
          Shooting Star: Flight 8; Movement 2 (space travel 2) - 20 points
          Force Manipulation: Array (24 points)
          • Basic Blast: Ranged Damage 12, Dynamic - 25 points
          • Binding Shot: Ranged Concentration Affliction 8 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage or Sleight of Hand; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile), Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Dynamic - 2 points
          • Remote Lifting: Move Object 12, Dynamic - 2 points
          • Shaped Object: Moveable Create 8, Dynamic - 2 points
          Advantages: Accurate Attack, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative, Inventor, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Well-Informed.
          Skills: Acrobatics 3 (+5), Athletics 6 (+8), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+9), Expertise: Science 8 (+15), Investigation 7 (+14), Perception 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Cosmic Wand 5 (+8), Technology 8 (+15).
          Offense: Initiative +6, Unarmed +9 (Close Damage 2), Basic Blast +8 (Ranged Damage 12), Binding Shot +8 (Ranged Affliction 8, Resisted by Dodge).
          Defense: Dodge 7, Parry 6, Fortitude 7, Toughness 13/3, Will 9.
          Totals: Abilities 54 + Powers 57 + Advantages 9 + Skills 24 + Defenses 16 = 160 points
          Complications: Doing Good--Motivation. Secret (alien). Power Loss (Cosmic Wand must be allowed to recharge after heavy use).
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          • Ted Knight way of Katar Hol and J'onn J'onzz?


            • Optimus

              Drake Wilson decided by the time he turned twenty that simply managing and increasing the fortune amassed by his ancestors held little interest for him. He desired something more: an opportunity for adventure and excitement, both sadly lacking in the current pastimes that came so easily to him, and an opportunity to benefit those not nearly so lucky as him in ways other than giving money to charities. Inspired by the masked heroes of the pulp era of the Twenties and early Thirties, Drake created the costumed persona of Optimus, and set about thwarting criminals and rescuing innocents, while all the while serving as a public symbol of the perfectibility of Man.

              He took every opportunity to speak to the public, either in person or through the press, in order to press his case that everyone out there could be just as remarkable and heroic as himself if they only put themselves in the correct frame of mind and applied themselves diligently to self-improvement, physically but also mentally and ethically. Needless to say, his charm and oratorical gifts (as well as his remarkable good looks) won him quite a following in the early days of his career, and if some of the rougher-edged cops and masked vigilantes were a bit dismissive of his publicity-seeking, well, no one could deny either his good intentions or his successes.

              Optimus was one of the first heroes to answer the call for heroes that led to the formation of the Liberty League. He soon found himself fascinated by Doctor Tomorrow's apparent foreknowledge, and (to his mind) graciously took the role of a follower instead of becoming the team's leader, in order to better learn from his fellow man of action. He also developed something of a rivalry with the man called Midnight. The two men, despite the fact that they both had no powers other than superbly trained bodies and minds, found themselves frequently at odds over practically every issue that confronted the League.

              When the Patriot and Siren joined the team, Optimus actively sought to cultivate relationships with them. On the one hand, his own governmental connections had informed him of the Patriot's mission as a government watchdog, and Optimus knew that the continued support of the government was absolutely necessary for the League's mission. His interest in the Siren was more personal; he found her to be the most fascinating woman he'd ever met. For her part, the Siren, aware that she might never see her Atlantean prince ever again, reciprocated Optimus' interest to a certain degree. By all accounts, their relationship was chaste, but fairly close regardless.

              After the close of the war and the disappearance of Doctor Tomorrow, the Liberty League held a special meeting to determine who should be their new leader. The Patriot nominated Optimus as an alternative candidate to the Freedom Eagle, mostly so that there was another candidate rather the process acting as a confirmation of the Eagle's succession. Optimus was shocked and dismayed when he only garnered two votes for the chairmanship. It was only the first of a number of unpleasant events that would confront him over the next year, with the next coming when the Siren chose to end their relationship in order to marry Prince Thallor.

              Nothing in Drake Wilson's life thus far had prepared him for this sort of disappointment. He responded by taking what he claimed was a leave of absence from the Liberty League and superheroics in general. With the exception of one episode in the early 1960s, this leave would last for the rest of his life. He went to work for the United Nations Organization, in hopes that he could do more good and work to prevent future conflicts in this way. These hopes would unfortunately be dashed over the next decade. Reportedly, the Patriot invited Wilson to take part in his Atomic Brigade, but Wilson declined while offering Simmons somewhat patronizing advice on how to go about running the organization.

              Wilson watched the start of the Silver Age with confusion. He found himself increasingly and uncomfortably at odds with the people who should have been his peers, and also ever more certain with each passing year that the clock was ticking down towards nuclear war. He studied the nascent science of cliodynamics in hopes of finding a key to predict the future, and ultimately succeeded in doing just that. But the future he saw spelled it out that there would be a horrific, final war in the early 1980s. Something had to be done to prevent this. No, not something ... anything that could prevent it was acceptable, in the long run.

              And so he set out to do just that. His manipulations caused a great many problems for a great many people, but the ultimate outcome, in 1979, was what he had been aiming for -- the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. With their forces tied up in the Graveyard of Empires, the Soviets would never have the wherewithal to launch an attack on the West. He'd done it. He'd saved the world. And he cheerfully punched the new numbers into his equation to see what the new future would hold.

              When a group of unlikely heroes broke into his upstate New York home, seeking out the one who'd caused so much havoc, they found a wrecked computer and the man they were looking for, lying peacefully in his bed and dead of a drug overdose. A note was resting on his office desk. It read only, "I'm sorry."

              Optimus -- PL 8

              Abilities: STR 4 | STA 4 | AGL 4 | DEX 4 | FGT 8 | INT 5 | AWE 5 | PRE 5
              Striking Strength: Strength-based Damage 2 - 2 points
              Equipment: Armored Costume (Protection 2), Throwing Discs (Ranged Damage 5), and 13 points of equipment as necessary.
              Advantages: Agile Feint, Assessment, Attractive, Benefit 3 (Millionaire), Close Attack 2, Connected, Contacts, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Trip, Inspire 2, Jack-of-all-Trades, Languages 3, Power Attack, Redirect, Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed.
              Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+10), Athletics 6 (+10), Deception 8 (+13), Expertise: High Society 6 (+11), Insight 7 (+12), Intimidation 7 (+12), Investigation 6 (+11), Perception 8 (+13), Persuasion 8 (+13), Ranged Combat: Throwing Discs 6 (+10), Sleight of Hand 6 (+10), Stealth 6 (+10), Technology 6 (+11), Treatment 6 (+11), Vehicles 6 (+10).
              Offense: Initiative +12, Unarmed +10 (Close Damage 6), Throwing Discs +10 (Close Damage 5).
              Defense: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 8, Toughness 6/4, Will 7.
              Totals: Abilities 78 + Powers 2 + Advantages 24 + Skills 46 + Defenses 14 = 164 points
              Complications: Responsibility--Motivation. Fame. Old-Fashioned. Snobbish.

              Optimus was created for the 5th and 6th edition Champions Universe, and finally described in The Golden Age of Champions, from which the first two paragraphs of the above background were taken.
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              • Originally posted by Voltron64 View Post
                Katar Hol by way of Ted Knight and J'onn J'onzz?
                Eh, more Ted Knight by the way of Katar Hol, with a few salutes to E.E. Smith and Fletcher Hanks along the way. ("We are stardust/We are golden ...") Now if you'll excuse me I've got a Superteam Handbook to read.
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