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  • An Orange Lantern?

    So I've been reading a fairly good fanfic recently, that features a Self-Insert (who is actually not a Mary Sue, amazingly enough). It piqued my interest enough that I decided to have a go at building the SI character in M&M, as an exercise in character creation. I aimed for a PL10 starting character, trying to be fairly accurate to the story.

    The character, Orange Lantern 2814 (real name: Paul, though he is prevented from saying or even thinking his name by something) has an avarice-powered ring, and seeks to use it to do good for everyone, and not be driven crazy by greed. In-story, he has trouble creating large constructs and his constructs lack the strength of Guy Gardner's Green ones. Given that, I judged a PL 10 character was possible as a scaled-down version of GL (Hal Jordan) from the DCA book. I based the ring off of Jordan's, but altered it to fit the situation and character better.

    Orange Lantern 2814
    Real Name: Urgh Urgh
    Alias: Paul

    Strength: 3
    Stamina: 2
    Dexterity: 2
    Agility: 3
    Fighting: 1
    Intellect: 3
    Awareness: 2
    Presence: 2

    Will: 2 + 3 = 5
    Fortitude: 2 + 3 = 5
    Dodge: 3 + 5 = 8
    Parry: 1 + 0 = 1
    Toughness: 2 + 8 (Impervious) = 10/4* (capped by power level)
    *without ring

    Attractive, Eidectic Memory*, Assessment*, Benefit (Wealth), Equipment 1, Well-Informed*, Ultimate Effort (Gather Information)*
    *Granted by power

    Insight 4 (+6)
    Expertise (Psychology/Sociology) 4 (+7)
    Perception 4 (+6)
    Investigation 2 (+5)
    Expertise (Current Events) 8* (+11)
    *Granted by power


    Orange Ring of Avarice: 108 points (Removable -21 points) 87 points
    - Avarice Constructs (Moveable Create 10) 30 points + 12 points in dynamic alternate effects
    Alternate Effects
    * Construct Attacks (Ranged Damage 10, Accurate 4, Variable Descriptor 2, Split) 2 points
    * Static Constructs (Create 15) 2 points
    * Ranged, Burst-Area, Selective Protection 10 (Affects Others only), Quirk (Noticable and linked by orange tether to Paul) 2 points
    * Lifting Constructs (Move Object 15) 2 points
    * Senses (Various) 2 points
    * Healing 2 points
    - Universal Translator (Comprehend Languages 4) 8 points
    - Best Tool in the Universe (Feature 2 - perfect tools give +2 to relevant skill checks) 2 points
    - AI and Limited Database (Feature 2) 1 point
    - Subspace storage (Feature 1) 1 point
    - Lantern Flight (Flight 10, Environmental Adaptation (Zero-G), Space Flight 3) 28 points
    - Power Rings Are Awesome (Enhanced Advantages Eidectic Memory, Assessment, Feature 2 (Quick Change)) 4 points
    - Environmental Shield (Immunity 10 (Life Support), Impervious Protection 8) 26 points

    Being From Beyond the Universe
    : 6 points
    - Enhanced Advantages (Well-Informed, Ultimate Effort - Investigation) 2 points
    - Enhanced Skills (Expertise (Current Events) 8) 4 points

    - Biker Gear....errr, 'Light Combat Armor' (Protection 2) 2 ep
    - Soulless Pajamas 0 ep
    - 3 equipment points free


    Soulless: Paul, being from outside of the normal universe, does not have a soul. This renders him extremely vulnerable to magical effects as he has no resistance to magic whatsoever. It also means that alchemical formulas do not work on him, as well as being quite disturbing to those who practice magic.

    Oath to Gaia: In order to secure a lantern he could recharge from, Paul had to swear an oath to Gaia. Paul will suffer Gaia's wrath if he voluntarily leaves the Solar System or disobeys non-suicidal orders from Wonder Woman or Batman.

    Limited Power: Paul's ring, while a potent tool, has a finite power supply. He must recharge it approximately once every twenty-four hours, using his personal lantern.

    Secret (name): Paul is unable to say or even think his own name. Attempting to do so makes him uncomfortable at the very least.

    Enemy: Larfleeze- Paul is the only being in the universe who possesses an Orange Ring other than Larfleeze. Paul knows that if Larfleezediscovers his existence, he will stop at nothing to retrieve 'his' ring.

    Motivation (Responsibility): Paul's ring lacks a seeker program. To him, this means that someone chose him to wear it, out of all the sapients in at least two universes. Paul believes this was a statement of trust, and will expend great effort to live up to that trust.

    Points Breakdown:
    Attributes: 36 points
    Skills: 7 points
    Advantages: 3 points
    Powers: 93 points
    Defenses: 11 points
    Total: 150 power points
    Are there any mechanical problems? I'm aware that he has more armor and toughness than his no-tradeoff build allows him to use. This is in-character for him, as he regularly wears armor, with construct armor over it, and the whole thing surrounded by the standard Lantern environmental shield (which, alone, is sufficient to give Hal Jordan extremely high Impervious Toughness in the DCA build).

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    Re: An Orange Lantern?

    I wouldn't worry about the "armor" problem, because it's not a problem. Equipment doesn't stack with other forms of protection except raw Stamina and Defensive Roll. Since his powered up form uses protection from the ring, the armor is superceded under those circumstances.

    Other than that he looks okay. He's alot more of a glass cannon than I would be comfortable playing, but I'm guessing that's part of his shtick.


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      Re: An Orange Lantern?

      How is he glass cannon? Admittedly, he's easy to punch (which, yes, is completely his schtick), but he's hard to actually hurt (due to Toughness) and his ring has Healing as an alternate effect. Between that and his speed, he spends most of his time in the fanfic doing everything he can to stay out of melee range.


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        Re: An Orange Lantern?

        Since the highest of his parry and dodge is 8, you could go up to 12 on his toughness for a PL 10 character. Your note of 10 toughness being capped by PL wasn't taking trade offs into account.
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          Re: An Orange Lantern?

          Originally posted by KaintukeeBob View Post
          How is he glass cannon? Admittedly, he's easy to punch (which, yes, is completely his schtick), but he's hard to actually hurt (due to Toughness) and his ring has Healing as an alternate effect. Between that and his speed, he spends most of his time in the fanfic doing everything he can to stay out of melee range.
          One good mental blast (Damage Alt. Save Will) and he's toast or an effect that is an Affliction with a Stunned result (take your pick either Will or Fort). Just because a character can take a punch in the face, doesn't mean he's not easily hurt. His other Saves are way below PL (1/2 PL to be precise). Not to mention a +10 Toughness will only save you about 45% of the time from a +10 damage effect. Granted, he's got a healing effect on his ring, but in order to use it, he's got to diminish his own offensive capability AND if he's ever subjected to a stunned result, all his sustained powers fail (the free action needed to sustain them isn't possible as defined by a stunned condition), so yeah...I consider him a glass cannon.


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            Re: An Orange Lantern?

            Add to that, anyone who gets into Melee with him will light him up. A +1 Parry means that a melee person can pretty much Power Attack at will.
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              Re: An Orange Lantern?

              All true.

              Actually, pretty much all of those happened in the fanfic :-)

              Good to see I've stuck true to the source material, at least.

              The fic is set on Earth-16 (the DC Universe from Young Justice) so there's not a lot of supervillians who have mental blast or stunning attacks, and Paul leans heavily on his 'Immunity: Life Support' initially to counter the mind-affecting gasses and drugs. But yeah, when he gets into melee, he gets taken down HARD until he can open the range up.

              The character as-is is from the very start, when he had no experience, no training, and thought that superheroes were only fiction.

              Mechanically, I know his Defenses are crap. What about the ring? Does it look usable?


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                Re: An Orange Lantern?

                You need to define the Senses slot and he only has a +2 to hit with Move Object, so that would be rare.
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