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    A catalog of my builds.
    Here are my drawings and my builds!

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    The Cheetah

    The Cheetah PL 10 Speedster

    Abilities Str 4, Agl 6, Fgt 6, Awe 4, Sta 6, Dex 0, Int 0, Pre 2

    Defense Dodge 14, Parry 14, Toughness 6, Fortitude 10, Will 10

    Initiative +14
    Super-Sonic Cheetah Punch +12, Multiattack Damage 8 (momentum)
    Thousand Nerve Strike +12, Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired and Vulnerable, Disabled and Defenseless)
    One For You, Burst-Area Damage 4 (momentum); Selective
    Good Vibrations +8, Weaken Toughness 12; Affects Objects Only

    Advantages Close Attack 6, Equipment 1, Improved Defend, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 3, Move-by Action, Power Attack

    Equipment Camera, Commlink, GPS Receiver, Smartphone

    Skills Acrobatics 2 (+8), Athletics 6 (+10), Investigation 8 (+8), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion 6 (+8), Stealth 4 (+10)

    Let’s Go! (Array) • 20 points + 3 Alternate Effects
    • Cheetah Speed:
    Speed 10 (4 mi, 2,000 mph)
    Partial Concealment 5 (all visual, auditory)
    Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 1, Water-Walking 1); Limited to while moving
    Senses 3 (Rapid Sight x1000)
    • I’ll Take That: Burst Area Move Object 10; Selective, Subtle; Close, Limited to Attracting and Disarming
    • One For You, And One For You: Burst Area Damage 6 (momentum); Selective, Subtle
    • Wildcat Whirlwind: Cylinder Area Move Object 10; Damaging, Close, Concentration

    Speed Change: Feature (Quick Change) • 1 point

    Too Slow! (Array) • 12 points + 3 Alternate Effects
    • Good Vibrations: Weaken Toughness 12; Affects Only Objects, Inaccurate 2
    • Hands Like Lightning: Quickness 12 (8 hours in 6 seconds)
    • Super-Sonic Cheetah Punch: Multiattack Strength-based Damage 4 (momentum)
    • Thousand Nerve Strike: Affliction 8 (Resisted by Fortitude; Impaired and Vulnerable, Disabled and Defenseless); Extra Condition, Limited Degree

    Secret Identity (Tambo Duma Kimberley, a.k.a. Tommy)
    Motivation Doing Good
    Motivation Relationship (Merlin Pitts - Father Figure, Callie McKay - sort-of-girlfriend, Alex Walker - best friend)

    Cost Abilities 56 + Defense 26 + Powers 39 + Advantages 14 + Skills 15 = 150/150

    Power Stunts
    Overdrive: Speed +9 (2,000 mi, 1,000,000 mph); Movement 3 (Permeate 3); Morph 1 (energy form); Senses +3 (Rapid Sight x 1,000,000); Quirk (collateral damage); Side Effect (always occurs): Damage 5; Alternate of Too Slow!

    Philip and Lisa Kimberley were noted humanitarians who lived and worked with villages in eastern Africa. They had a son, whom they named Tambo Duma (“vigorous cheetah” in Swahili), and they raised him among their adoptive people. Tambo grew up among the tribe and the wild savannah, and his surroundings imprinted a love of people and nature into him.

    One day, while Tambo was wandering outside the village, he heard a strange sound, like an animal calling out in pain and fear, but he almost imagined he could hear words in the noise. He followed the sound to a cheetah, whose foot was stuck in a poacher’s trap. Tambo stopped suddenly, fearful that the cheetah would get loose and kill him, but he saw the blood around her leg and the pain in her eyes, and he knew deep down that she only wanted his help. He crept forward slowly, holding his hands palm out while he talked to her in an effort to let her know he was a friend. The cheetah held still as he came close, and Tambo gripped with all his might and pried the trap apart just far enough for the cheetah to pull her foot free. Now released from the trap, the great cat called out, and from the grass emerged three scared cubs covered in downy fur. They bounded up to their mother, then saw the boy standing across from her. She nodded toward him, and they pounced! Tambo, fearing he was about to become hunting practiced, threw his arms in front of him, but instead of the hot points of teeth and claws, he felt soft fur and rough licks as the cubs bore down on him in a playful pile.

    Tambo returned to the village, and the next day he saw Mother Cheetah and her cubs watching him from the grass beyond. He followed them out, only to find that Mother Cheetah had something for him. She touched her nose to his forehead and gifted him with a cheetah’s speed. She taught him, alongside her cubs, how to run like the wind. Over the next year, Tambo would sneak out of the village to spend time with his feline friends. He kept them secret from his family and the villagers, because he knew that his parents would be angry with him for getting close to a big cat in the first place, not to mention how horrified they would be that he regularly crawled around in the grass alongside her and the cubs.

    One fateful night, a would-be warlord and his men arrived at the village. They started rounding up the villagers, but when Tambo’s father and the others fought back, the bandits opened fire. The villagers scattered and tried to hide, but the bandits hunted them all down. The bandits came to the Kimberley’s house, and Tambo’s mother ordered him to run as she rushed the men to cover her son’s escape. Tambo bolted into the darkness, leaving his dying village behind. Mother Cheetah found the boy crying in the dirt. She nuzzled him with her nose, and he wrapped his arms around her strong neck and gripped her fur. She pulled him to his feet and seemed to say something to him with the set of her jaw and her raised fur: hunt. Mother Cheetah led Tambo back to the edge of the village, where rough voices talked and laughed. She saw one man on the edge, alone. She lunged from the shadows and took him to the dirt. Her teeth sank into his throat before he could cry out, and then he was dead. Tambo blinked the tears from his eyes and gritted his teeth. He saw two men in the middle of the village, guns held loosely in their hands. He dashed forward like the wind, faster even than Mother Cheetah, and grabbed a big, curved knife from the hip of the man on the left. Blood flew, and before either of the men could raise their guns, they fell dying to the ground. Other bandits stormed from the houses, shouting and cocking their guns. Tambo and Mother Cheetah disappeared into the grass, then emerged behind the men, tearing and cutting. One by one, the bandits fell, until the village was silent. Tambo stood in the center, with blood flowing down his arm and dripping off the point of the stolen blade. He dropped the knife, then turned and followed Mother Cheetah into the wilderness.

    Tambo lived with Mother Cheetah and her cubs for a time, but the cubs grew, and Tambo knew that it was time for them all to find their own way. With a parting hug, he left Mother Cheetah and headed east, then south along the coast. He stowed away on boats and rode around the continent, then eventually made his way to America. Once there, he drifted along until a man named Merlin Pitts found him sleeping on the street. Merlin, as it turns out, was a collector of runaways and hopeless cases. He brought Tambo in and gave him a place to live, food to eat, and work to do. He coaxed Tambo’s compassion back out and taught him how to live among humans again. Merlin saw Tambo’s power and knew that he could be something great, so he molded his heart into that of a hero.
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    Here are my drawings and my builds!