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    Re: Rush's Characters (new: Oat Redux)

    A more forum-friendly PL 8 variant of Oat. Now uses the Density Increase power from Power Profiles: Size & Mass, has fewer possible stages of density, and is generally cleaned-up.

    Skinny scrapper with increased density

    PL 8 (120pp)
    Real Name: Lynn Gates
    Occupation: None (odd jobs)
    Personality: ESFP, "The Entertainer"
    Height: 5ft. 8in. Weight: 150lbs.
    Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
    Age: 22 Sex: M

    NOTE: This profile shows Oat with his typical 3 ranks of his Density Increase active (and a corresponding 3 ranks of Mobility Increase,) for a +10 bonus to attack and defenses, with a Damage rank of 6 and a +6 Toughness bonus. Please refer to his Power Specifics for details on how his bonuses can shift.

    Strength 0 (+3), Stamina 0 (+3), Agility 2 (+2), Dexterity 0 (+0)
    Fighting 2 (+2), Intellect 0 (+0), Awareness 1 (+1), Presence 2 (+2)

    Animal Empathy, Assessment, Chokehold, Contacts, Diehard, Equipment 2 (Motorcycle), Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improvised Tools, Interpose, Takedown

    Athletics 2 (+2), Close Combat: Brawling 2 (+10), Deception 2 (+4), Expertise: Streetwise 8 (+8), Insight 4 (+5), Intimidation 4 (+6), Investigation 3 (+3), Perception 5 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+6), Sleight of Hand 3 (+3), Stealth 1 (+3), Vehicles 4 (+6) - 42 ranks total
    Close Combat: Brawling applies to Unarmed attacks as well as Charges and Slams


    Mass Control (Array) - 30pp + 5pp in AEs and Dynamic AEs
    Energy Release (Blast 12)
    Light, Heat, Kinetic, Penetrating 6

    AE: Energy Release (Explosion) (Damage 6)
    Light, Heat, Kinetic; Burst Area 2, Penetrating 6

    DAE: Density Increase 6
    Custom: +1 Strike per rank (+1p/r), Custom: +1 Impervious Protection per rank (+2p/r)

    DAE: Mobility Increase 3 (Linked Effects)
    +2 Parry per rank, +2 Dodge per rank, +2 Close Combat: Brawling per rank
    Matter-to-Mass Absorption 6 (Linked Effects) - 20pp
    Damage 6 - 7pp
    Reach 1 (melee)
    Weaken 6 - 13pp
    Affects Toughness, Resisted by Fortitude; Affects Objects, Reach 1 (melee)
    Density Sense (Senses 4) - 4pp
    Detect: Material Density, Acute, Counters Concealment (Material Structuring)

    Personal Mass Stability (Immunity 1) - 1pp
    Rare Descriptor: Mass/Density

    Initiative +2
    Energy Release +0 (DC 27 max)
    Energy Release (Explosion) (Burst Area) (DC 21)
    Unarmed (incl. Strike) +10 (DC 21)
    Grab +2 (DC 18)
    Throw +0 (DC 18)

    Dodge 2 (+10)
    Parry 2 (+10)
    Toughness (+6)
    Fortitude 3 (+6)
    Will 5 (+6)

    Abilities 14 + Advantages 13 + Skills 21 + Powers 60 + Defenses 12 = 120


    Oat started as a good-hearted but fierce, trouble-making kid, growing up in an orphanage and gaining his nickname due to his smallish size. He discovered his powers in elementary school, and began to use them discretely both to cause trouble and help friends and others in need. It wasn't until being collared by a superhero as an adult that he was told there was another way: to join them and help others without breaking the law. The idea appealed to him, and while he's still something of an outsider to mainstream culture, he does his part as the density-increasing superhero, Oat.


    Oat is barely a typical superhero. He usually joins the fray with whatever he's wearing at the time--typically jeans, work boots, a sleeveless t-shirt, and possibly his leather jacket. His identity is public, but with no living relatives (and an underprivileged neighborhood that supports him) it's not usually an issue.

    While his skill set is limited, Oat helps other heroes out quite a bit with his knowledge of the local underground culture. During fights with villains, he typically only gains as much mass as needed to deliver damage, keeping careful note of where he's standing when he does. When straight punches won't do, sometimes tossing nearby vehicles at the enemy does. He's not even above just putting foes in a chokehold, and letting them wake up later in a jail cell.


    Reputation: Convict
    Oat is a two-time convicted felon, and has also been in trouble with the law as a juvenile. Granted, these were mostly thefts, all non-violent, usually to help out others in dire need. And, he's served his time. But not everyone seems to care about that.

    Reputation: Scrapper
    While Oat can be surprisingly generous, lives with a degree of honor, and doesn't have much of a temper, he is well-known to like a good scrap, and to be more physical than most in general.

    Power Loss: Limited Strength
    The Strength bonus Oat gets from Density Increase cannot be applied to any skills, or to jumping/leaping.

    Disability: Swimming
    Whenever Oat has any ranks of his Density Increase active, he is unable to swim.

    Disability: Footing
    As Oat activates more ranks of his Density Increase, he starts to face issues in finding suitable footing. While his running speed slows a bit, there can even be issues beyond that. With 4 ranks of his power active, stepping onto normal dirt/earth causes him to sink, albeit slowly enough that constant motion can keep him from sinking too far. At 5 ranks, this occurs with brick, and at 6 with concrete... plus stepping onto dirt at that density has him fall through it as if he had stepped off a cliff (this rank effectively requires Oat be standing on steel or the like to have secure footing.)

    Collateral Damage
    Oat's power requires him to disintegrate nearby matter, converting it into energy to store as mass, and he can only shed his mass through sudden energy releases. When massive enough, he can damage the surrounding environment just by walking on it. Generally, Oat is a fairly destructive hero by most standards.


    Oat can disintegrate nearby matter, which is instantly converted to energy and stored within each of his cells as additional mass (visually, picture an alter-user from the s-CRY-ed anime destroying matter to summon their familiar.) Each time he successfully does damage with his Matter-to-Mass Absorption power, he automatically activates one or more ranks in his Mass Increase power. This is effectively a 1-to-1 rank exchange; for example, he can activate 3 ranks of Density Increase with a successful 3 ranks of damage from Matter-to-Mass Absorption, etc. He could then activate one more rank by successfully causing one more rank of damage with Matter-to-Mass Absorption. This is the only way Oat can activate ranks of Density Increase. Note that use of Matter-to-Mass Absorption is limited to no more ranks than he has ranks of Density Increase left to activate.

    As Oat becomes more massive, he becomes stronger, both in absolute and relative terms, allowing him to move his body faster. So for each rank of Density Increase activated, a rank of Mobility Increase also is automatically activated, up to 3 ranks. At this point, his increase in mobility hits diminishing returns, and the next 3 ranks of Density Increase he activates does not increase his mobility; instead, every additional rank of Density Increase beyond the first 3 ranks actually removes a rank of Mobility Increase, such that by the time 6 ranks of Density Increase are activated, no ranks of Mobility Increase are.

    Mechanically, this means that Oat starts at +4 unarmed attack and defense bonuses, and +0 damage and toughness bonuses while at normal mass. He increases all bonuses together (+2 per rank) up to Density Increase 3, at which point he has a +6 damage and toughness bonus, and is capped at +10 attack and defense bonuses. Using Density Increase past that point just increases damage and toughness while reducing attack and defense bonuses, at +2/-2 per rank, up to Density Increase 6, with tops him out at +12 damage and toughness and +4 unarmed attack and defense.

    Once he has boosted his mass, Oat cannot just reduce it without incident. He has to release the excess mass, all at once, as energy, using one of his Energy Release powers at an appropriate rank. The blast is straightforward... if he has activated 6 ranks of Density Increase, he has to release a rank 12 blast, which immediately deactivates all ranks of Density Increase (and any of Mobility Increase.) He cannot reduce the strength of the blast; he must use exactly twice as many ranks as he has ranks of Density Increase activated. His explosion is another option, and is a direct 1-to-1 exchange; 6 ranks of Density Increase require using 6 ranks of Energy Release (Explosion) to deactivate.

    In case it is uncertain, Oat's power only increases his mass and density, not his size/volume. Consequently, he gains advantages and disadvantages beyond toughness, speed and damage. He has at several times gotten too dense for the surface he was standing on and has sunken into it so deeply he had to literally swim his way back up and then quickly release energy to keep from sinking further. As far as how much mass each rank of Density Increase corresponds to, the following layout provides the details. These are based on Oat's starting mass at normal Earth gravity.

    Density Increase at Various Ranks
    Rank Mass incl. Chart # Density Bonuses Description
    0 1.5 (150lbs./68kg) 1.08g/cc STR +0, Strike +4 (DC 15), Tough. +0, Dodge +4, Parry +4 Normal, unimproved mass
    1 2.5 (300lbs./136.1kg) 2.16g/cc STR +1, Strike +6 (DC 17), Tough. +2, Dodge +6, Parry +6 Dense as brick; can no longer swim
    2 3.5 (600lbs./272.2kg) 4.32g/cc STR +2, Strike +8 (DC 19), Tough. +4, Dodge +8, Parry +8 Dense & hard as sapphire
    3 4.5 (1200lbs./544.3kg) 8.64g/cc STR +3, Strike +10 (DC 21), Tough. +6, Dodge +10, Parry +10 Denser & harder than steel
    4 5.5 (2400lbs./1088.6kg) 17.28g/cc STR +4, Strike +8 (DC 23), Tough. +8, Dodge +8, Parry +8 Almost as dense as 22K gold; sinks in dirt
    5 6.5 (4800lbs./2177.2kg) 34.56g/cc STR +5, Strike +6 (DC 25), Tough. +10, Dodge +6, Parry +6 Denser than osmium; sinks through brick
    6 7.5 (9000lbs./4082.3kg) 64.80g/cc STR +6, Strike +4 (DC 27), Tough. +12, Dodge +4, Parry +4 Sinks through concrete; falls through dirt
    My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
    Currently playing in: [url=][color=#d7af50]Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes[/color][/url].


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      Re: Rush's Characters (new: Synth)

      A new twist on the power mimic.

      Power-synthesizing mimic

      PL 10 (150pp)
      Real Name: Theodore Newton
      Occupation: Fiction Writer
      Personality: INTJ, "The Architect"
      Quote: "You know I'll just use that even better than you."
      Height: 5ft. 11in. Weight: 195lbs.
      Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
      Age: 24 Sex: M

      Strength 2 (+2), Stamina 2 (+2), Agility 0 (+0), Dexterity 0 (+0)
      Fighting 2 (+2), Intellect 3 (+3), Awareness 2 (+2), Presence 0 (+0)


      Athletics 2 (+4), Deception 2 (+2), Expertise: Superpowers 5 (+8), Expertise: English 2 (+5), Insight 3 (+5), Intimidation 1 (+1), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+4), Technology 1 (+4), Treatment 1 (+4) - 22 ranks total


      Metapower Resistance (Immunity 1) - 1pp
      Power Manipulation

      Superpower Detection (Linked Effects) - 12pp
      Senses 6
      Detect Empowered Biological Beings 2 (Ranged), Acute, Analytical, Radius, Extended 1
      Enhanced Traits 4
      Assessment, Inspire 3
      Power Synthesis (Variable 12) - 96pp
      Other People's Powers (Synthesized); Free Action, Continuous, Resistable (Will), Uncontrolled

      Initiative +0
      Unarmed +2 (DC 17)
      Grab +2 (DC 17)
      Throw +2 (DC 17)

      Dodge 2 (+2)
      Parry 0 (+2)
      Toughness (+2)
      Fortitude 3 (+5)
      Will 3 (+5)

      Abilities 22 + Advantages 1 + Skills 12 + Powers 107 + Defenses 8 = 150


      Theodore grew up with a pleasant, uneventful childhood, but with one driving passion: the desire to someday write superhero and sci-fi stories. Of course, the prospect of being a superhero himself thrilled him, but as there didn't seem to be any way for that to happen, he had tossed that dream aside early on.

      But then, one day on a high school field trip, his class came to witness a superhero battle between a team of superheroes and an extraterrestrial being of immense power. While rescuing a civilian who had been endangered by the battle, Theodore was ambushed by the alien, who declared he'd use the young man's (apparently unknown!) latent psychic abilities to boost his own power. As Theodore struggled against the creature's manipulations, the heroes were able to strike a finishing blow, short-circuiting whatever psychic ritual the alien had begun on the young man's mind. After the energies settled and Theodore came to, it was immediately obvious what sort of state he had been left in--he was unwittingly synthesizing nearby powers, making them his own! While the heroes kept his newfound ability quiet, Theodore saw his chance and immediately began training.

      It wasn't long after that, in the middle of his college years, that Theodore decided he was ready. He approached the local team of heroes and, between their training and a lifetime spent analyzing strange abilities, it was soon afterwards that Theodore was able to present himself to the world as Synth, the synthesizing power mimic!


      Synth wears a special one-piece jumpsuit that is normally black, but takes on color changes based on his synthesized powers. He doesn't bother with a mask, and generally avoids handling low-tier crime with "normals," unless he has synthesized an appropriate powerset to handle such. Because of the nature of his abilities, he prefers both working with a team, and fighting against supervillains.


      Synth's power is psychic in nature, and is based on detecting and mimicking other superpowers, but with a twist: he synthesizes the various powers of those around him, to generate altered, or even new powers that he can use. Alongside this, he can also sense other's superpowers, as well as their nature and how they work, making him a valuable source of information as to how to shut down enemies or suggest tactics to teammates.

      As soon as two or more people with powers are in range, Synth's power goes into action, and synthesizes a powerset for him based on the powersets of the two people who "triggered" his ability. His power continues synthesizing new and/or different abilities as more people come into proximity, with Synth immediately knowing both what powers he has, and how to use them. Past 6 or so though, unless some of the people in range have similar powersets, Synth's ability begins to start gearing his powers toward more generic, bodily-oriented ones: enhanced strength, speed, and senses; and general physical boosts. Past 9 "triggers," the generated powerset is pretty much stabilized and around 90% generic, with maybe a handful of somewhat-specialized tricks more vaguely reminiscent of the contributing powersets.

      Anyone with powers entering Synth's range becomes aware of something going on, and can actually resist the initial attempt at synthesizing their power with a successful Will save (which they can voluntarily fail if desired.) If they make the save, they cannot be targeted for synthesis again until they leave Synth's range, then return to it (at which point they may attempt another save.)

      While this character can usually be paired with a "setting" for his Power Synthesis representing when he's pretty much maxed out by triggers (meaning it provides a mostly-generic powerset,) the GM should create and modify generated powersets for the character as appropriate, using the example synthesizings (see next post) as a guide.


      Power Loss: Range
      Synth's power kicks in whenever someone with superpowers comes close enough to him: he has a 100-ft. range. The person's powerset is then synthesized with whatever powerset Synth has currently gained, usually altering it dramatically. He also cannot use his power to detect people with superpowers who are further away than 100 feet.

      Power Loss: Not Enough Triggers
      While the nature of Synth's power requires there to be someone with superpowers nearby to make the most of it, he is unable to only synthesize one person's powers (even if they have multiple abilities.) There must be at least 2 people with powers within range for him to start spontaneously synthesizing their powers into his own.

      Power Loss: Time Limit
      While Synth can retain a person's contributions to his synthesized powerset even after the person leaves his range, he can only do so for so long; generally, no longer than 30 minutes after the person has left, he'll lose their power contribution (although this usually results in an overall weakening of his power rather than the power de-synthesizing.) This can, on rare occasion, cause an issue.

      Quirk: Intrusive
      Synth is used to working with teams and verbally assisting teammates, even experienced ones, in squeezing the most out of their powers. For people he works with who aren't used to this, it can seem fairly intrusive (especially considering how personal most people's powers are to them) and can cause offense, or worse.

      Motivation: Responsibility
      Synth wanted to be a superhero from a young age, and considers it a great responsibility to use his power to help others.
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      My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
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        Re: Rush's Characters (new: Synth)

        Variable Settings for Synth

        Trigger-Maxed - 60pp (for over 9 triggers)

        Enhanced Strength 8

        Enhanced Trait 8
        Dodge 8

        Protection 8

        Enhanced Fighting 8

        Speed 5
        Max. speed of 60mph, 900ft./rnd.
        AE: Leaping 5
        Leap 250 feet at 60mph

        Senses 2
        Infravision, Ultra-hearing

        Quickness 1
        -1 Time Rank to accomplish tasks

        Movement 1
        Wall-crawling 1

        Movement 1
        Safe Fall; Limited: Only near a surface

        Example Settings for Different Triggers

        Trigger Inputs:
        Has Fire Blast, Fire Bomb (Area Effect), Flight, Flame Shield, Infravision and Burn (Close Range)

        Ice Controller
        Has Cold Blast, Create Ice, Ice Slide (Movement), Ice Armor, Infravision and Freeze (Close Range)
        Possible Synthesis:
        Hydrokinesis (Array) - 25pp + 3pp in AEs
        Base: Water Blast 10
        Accurate 5
        AE: Steam Explosion (Damage 10)
        Burst Area
        AE: Superchilled Spray (Affliction 6)
        Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed; Alt. Resistance: Dodge, Cumulative, Ranged, Accurate 7
        AE: Move Water (Move Object 10)
        Perception Range, Limited: Only water, Subtle, Precise

        Water Shield (Container) - 24pp
        Protection 8
        Enh. Dodge 8
        Enh. Parry 8

        Water Disk (Flight 8) - 4pp
        Platform, Concentration

        Water Sense (Senses 4) - 4pp
        Detect Water 2: Ranged (Mental), Accurate
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        My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
        Currently playing in: [url=][color=#d7af50]Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes[/color][/url].


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          Re: Rush's Characters (new: Rook)

          A new twist on the shapeshifter (I know, another character with a Variable power, with a somewhat similar build; yet he plays--and acts--completely differently from Synth.)


          PL 10 (150pp)
          Real Name: Jeremiah Woodworth
          Occupation: Professional Hero
          Personality: INTJ, "The Architect"
          Height: 6ft. Weight: 200lbs.
          Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel
          Age: 23 Sex: M

          Strength 2 (+2), Stamina 2 (+2), Agility 2 (+2), Dexterity 2 (+2)
          Fighting 2 (+2), Intellect 4 (+4), Awareness 2 (+2), Presence 0 (+0)

          Diehard*, Eidetic Memory
          * = From a power

          Acrobatics 2 (+4), Athletics 2 (+4), Deception 2 (+2), Expertise: Biology 16 (+20), Expertise: Strategy 2 (+6), Insight 3 (+5), Intimidation 3 (+3), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+4), Stealth 1 (+3), Technology 1 (+5), Treatment 6 (+10) - 46 ranks total


          Natural Immunities (Immunity 5) - 5pp
          Aging, Disease, Poison, Environmental Condition (Radiation), Need for Sleep

          Regeneration 2 - 5pp
          Every 5 Rounds; Persistent, Feature: Diehard

          Biological Shift (Variable 10) - 80pp
          Manipulation of His Own Biology; Continuous

          Initiative +2
          Unarmed +2 (DC 17)
          Grab +2 (DC 17)
          Throw +2 (DC 17)

          Dodge 0 (+2)
          Parry 0 (+2)
          Toughness (+2)
          Fortitude 0 (+2)
          Will 4 (+6)

          POWER POINTS
          Abilities 30 + Advantages 1 + Skills 23 + Powers 90 + Defenses 4 = 150


          Jeremiah was born to a family that was already famous due to it's popular, superheroing patriarch, and two older empowered siblings who were already well on their way to follow in his footsteps. When his power developed in childhood, he took to the training his father instilled quite readily, developing his ability to an extraordinary degree even before he turned 18. While he continues to take college courses (at a rather tedious pace,) he is already employed by his father's non-profit which takes donations to provide local superheroes (namely the family) a paycheck for their heroics.

          As Rook, Jeremiah has been on teams, gone on numerous adventures, and basically made the most of his superheroing career.


          Having a public identity, Rook has no need for a mask, but does have an iconic white and green costume with silver trim that he wears. The costume is actually sensitive to biosignals from his skin, and can change color to match at will.

          While common crime or heroics are handled with fairly straightforward transformations, Rook takes a more tactical approach to dealing with empowered criminals, often altering himself in ways that don't seem to directly counter the villain at first, but that are revealed to do so quite well.


          Rook has the power to quickly alter any biological aspect of his body for an indefinite period of time, with perfect control and awareness of his biological systems. Strengthening bones and thickening muscles in seconds is just the start: reaction speed increase, generation of acidic fluids, improved or new senses, scales, growing a new organ, even altering his appearance via hair coloration, build, etc. is all within his grasp, as well as any ability seen in nature, such as bioelectric generation, breathing in water or regenerating limbs. He simply concentrates, his eyes glow green, and his biological reconfiguration occurs within seconds. In addition, he has natural immunities to some physical issues such as disease or aging, and his cells also repair his body far, far faster than normal.

          His limitation is that he cannot undergo bodily shape modifications that are too extreme (such as sprouting wings,) and cannot alter his biology in any way he cannot understand. He also cannot alter his brain cells, so altering his intelligence or awareness is not really an option--and even if it were, it wouldn't be one he would choose due to the potential for disaster. Fortunately, his power naturally permits more efficient neural operations anyway, and being able to experiment with his power since childhood has led to him learning enough to comprehend biology on a level unreachable by most.

          In regards to playing the character, the typical method is to choose one or more of several pre-designed "alterations" and combine them to form Rook's current powerset. A number of available alterations for the character can be found here.


          As both the well-spoken son of a popular hero and an accomplished hero in his own right, Rook has a modest amount of fame. He's not a world-class star, but it's not unusual for locals in his city, or older folks who were familiar with his father's exploits, to seek an autograph upon seeing him, or to offer public praise and appreciation. In fact, as a "professional hero," its through donations (usually from locals) that he is able to maintain a living.

          Motivation: Doing Good
          Rook's sense of right and wrong, and his desire to help others, is one of his driving motivations. If he weren't a superhero, he'd likely be an ER or firefighter. As a hero, he eagerly engages in minor, helpful acts as well as supervillain fights.

          Motivation: Recognition
          Being the son of a popular hero (with a public identity,) and the sibling of two older public heroes, superheroing was pretty much the family business for Rook. He considered other paths of life, but wanted to be recognized as just as capable as others of his family. It's a goal he has achieved, and even still constantly works to maintain.

          Motivation: Thrills
          While he'd likely never admit it, Rook loves what he does. He enjoys his ability to alter himself, and gets a thrill out of his ability to do battle with villains, outwit them, and defeat them. He is constantly testing his power and seeking new ways to use it to his advantage, and revels in the biological knowledge it has allowed him to acquire.

          Quirk: Elitist
          While he's fair and forgiving with average citizens, Rook is a bit of an elitist when it comes to other superheroes. He expects professionalism, competence, and an ability to hold one's own against villains and lowly crooks alike from his fellow heroes, and tends to look down upon any hero who is lacking as being "not a real hero." Needless to say, this sometimes rubs other heroes the wrong way.
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          My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
          Currently playing in: [url=][color=#d7af50]Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes[/color][/url].


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            Re: Rush's Characters (new: Rook)

            Common Alterations for Rook's Power

            Alterations with a Green title together form a standard "default" powerset for Rook.

            *Note: All of Rook's Affliction powers are resisted and overcome by Fortitude unless otherwise stated

            Rounded Defenses - 24pp
            Protection 8
            Enhanced Dodge 8
            Enhanced Parry 8
            Survival Defense - 32pp
            Enhanced Stamina 6
            Enhanced Trait: Uncanny Dodge
            Immunity 13
            All Environmental Conditions, Suffocation, Starvation & Thirst, Bullets
            Tough Defense - 20pp
            Protection 12
            Enhanced Dodge 4
            Enhanced Parry 4
            Fast Defense - 28pp
            Protection 4
            Enhanced Dodge 12
            Enhanced Parry 12
            Max Defense - 32pp
            Enhanced Stamina 8
            Enhanced Dodge 8
            Enhanced Parry 8
            Sacrificial Defense - 16pp
            Enhanced Stamina 4
            Enhanced Dodge 4
            Enhanced Parry 4
            Strength & Speed - 22pp
            Enhanced Strength 6
            Enhanced Close Attack 10
            Claws - 24pp
            Enhanced Strength 4
            Strength-Based Damage 6
            Accurate 5, Penetrating 5
            Bioshock - 22pp
            Burst Area Damage 10
            *AE: Linked Effects: Damage 8 & Affliction 8
            Impaired, Stunned, Incapacitated; Accurate 4
            Senses 1
            Detect Electric Fields
            Fiery Breath - 24pp
            Cone Area Damage 8
            Secondary Effect
            Acid Touch - 28pp
            Linked Effects: Weaken 8 & Damage 8
            Weaken Affects Objects, Accurate 4
            Lasting Neurotoxin - 34pp
            Affliction 10
            Impaired, Disabled, Paralyzed; Cumulative, Contagious, Accurate 4
            Bio-glue Webbing - 30pp
            Ranged Affliction 8
            Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile; Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Strength; Cumulative, Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Accurate 5, Reversible
            Quill Shot - 26pp
            Ranged Damage 8
            Accurate 5, Precise, Penetrating 4
            Basic Mobility - 10pp
            Speed 5
            *AE: Leaping 5
            *AE: Swimming 5
            Movement 1
            Parkour (Wall-Crawling 1)
            Enhanced Acrobatics 2
            Patrol Senses - 4pp
            Senses 4
            Extended Smell, Ultra-Hearing, Extended Hearing, Low-Light Vision
            Max Speed - 34pp
            Speed 6
            Enhanced Dodge 12
            Enhanced Parry 12
            Enhanced Improved Initiative 3
            Quickness 2
            Limited: Physical only
            Max Senses - 20pp
            Senses 12
            Infravision, Low-Light Vision, Ultra-Hearing, Direction Sense, Accurate Hearing, Analytical Smell, Extended Smell, Danger Sense 2 (Vision & Hearing), Tracking 2 (Vision & Smell)
            Senses 3
            Detect Chemicals 1, Acute, Analytical
            Enhanced Perception 10
            Stealth Mods - 26pp
            Odorless (Concealment 2)
            All Smell
            Chameleon Skin (Concealment 6)
            All Vision, All Hearing; Blending
            Enhanced Stealth 10
            Enhanced Hide in Plain Sight
            Influence Mods - 26pp
            Enhanced Attractive 2
            Enhanced Presence 5
            Pheromone Cloud (Cloud Area Affliction 4)
            Transformed: Fanatically Helpful; Third Degree Only, Permanent (+2p/r), Subtle, Insidious
            Appearance Morph - 16pp
            Morph 2
            People of roughly same size & gender; Continuous, Precise
            Strength-Based Mods - 4pp
            Movement 1
            Movement 1
            Safe Fall; Limited: Only near a surface
            *Enhanced Strength AE: Leaping 6
            Aquatic Adaptation - 10pp
            Immunity 3
            Breathe Underwater (1), High Pressure, Environmental Cold
            Swimming 6
            Enhanced Advantage: Favored Environment (Underwater)
            Signaling Adaptation - 38pp
            Glow (Environment 1)
            Bright Light
            Bright Flash (Affliction 10)
            Impaired, Disabled, Unaware; Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Cumulative, Limited: Only Vision, Accurate 4
            Amplified Voice (Communication 2)
            Auditory (Loud, Low Voice), 1-mile range; Area
            Senses 5
            Infravision, Ultravision, Ultra-Hearing, Low-Light Vision, Time Sense
            Immunity 2
            Effects Against One Sense: Vision
            Variable Descriptor 2 (Senses)
            Enhanced Perception 6
            My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
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              Re: Rush's Characters (new: Vector)

              Yep, another character who can alter his stats in-game. This one's not a terribly original idea; he's not a 4th-wall breaker, but he does believe he's inhabiting a VR. Still, I wanted to try my hand at such a character; Vector is the result.

              VR Game Hero

              PL 10 (150pp)
              Real Name: Victor Rock
              Occupation: Professional Gamer
              Personality: ISTP, "The Virtuoso"
              Height: 5ft. 10in. Weight: 180lbs.
              Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
              Age: 27 Sex: M

              The following stats are when Vector has no Attribute Boosts active, nor Power Ups

              Strength 0 (+8), Stamina 0 (+8), Agility 0 (+8), Dexterity 0 (+0)
              Fighting 0 (+8), Intellect 2 (+2), Awareness 2 (+2), Presence 1 (+1)

              Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 4, Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed
              All Advantages except Equipment are from powers

              Equipment: Heavy Pistol (8ep), Sawed-off Shotgun (12ep)

              Athletics 0 (+8), Deception 3 (+4), Expertise: Physics 1 (+3), Expertise: Videogames 3 (+5), Insight 3 (+5), Intimidation 3 (+4), Investigation 1 (+5), Perception 2 (+10), Persuasion 2 (+3), Ranged Combat: Firearms 0 (+8), Stealth 0 (+8), Technology 6 (+8) - 46 ranks total


              Enhanced Personal Game Physics (Container) - 94pp
              Enhanced Body (Enhanced Trait 38) - 38pp
              Stamina 8, Agility 8, Ranged Combat: Firearms +8, Diehard, Eidetic Memory

              Enhanced Speed (Enhanced Fighting 8) - 16pp

              Enhanced Strength (Enhanced Strength 8) - 16pp + 5pp in AEs
              AE: Speed 7
              250mph, 0.5 mi/rnd
              AE: Leaping 7
              Leap 900ft. at 250mph (0.5 mi/rnd)
              E: Swimming 9
              250mph, 0.5 mi/rnd
              AE: Surface Grab (Movement 1)
              Safe Fall; Limited: Requires nearby surface
              AE: Super-Steady Shot (Ranged Damage 8)
              Precise, Quirk: Requires firearm

              Videogame Mobility (Movement 1) - 2pp
              Wall-Crawling (-1 speed rank)

              In-Game Displays (Enhanced Trait 6) - 6pp
              Perception +6, Investigation +2, Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed

              Game State Reading (Senses 11) - 11pp
              Danger Sense 2 (Vision, Hearing), Vision Counters Concealment, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Time Sense, Tracking (Vision), Ultra-hearing
              Attribute Boost (Array) - 20pp + 4pp in AEs
              Base: Sensory Boost (Remote Viewing 10) - 20pp
              Range of 4 miles; Vision & Hearing; No Conduit, Reduced Duration: Concentration, Unreliable: 5 rounds, Subtle 2, Quirk 2: Cannot hear voices

              AE: Shooting Boost (Damage 10) - 1pp
              Perception Range, Unreliable: 5 uses, Precise, Quirk: Requires a firearm

              AE: Speed Boost (Container) - 1pp
              Afterimages (Concealment 10)
              All Senses; Reduced Duration: Concentration, Limited: Afterimages visible, Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Boosted Run (Speed 8)
              64,000mph, 120mi/rnd; Stacks with Speed 7; Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Fast Movement (Enhanced Trait 16)
              Agility 4, Fighting 4; Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Quickness 6
              Unreliable: 5 rounds
              AE: Strength Boost (Container) - 1pp
              Boosted Leaps (Leaping 8)
              30 miles at 250mph in 8 minutes; Stacks with Leaping 7, Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Boosted Strength (Enhanced Strength 4)
              Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Boosted Lifting (Enhanced Strength 8)
              Total Lifting of Strength 20; Limited: Lifting Only, Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Strength Bonuses (Enhanced Trait 4)
              Chokehold, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Weapon Break; Unreliable: 5 rounds
              AE: Toughness Boost (Container) - 1pp
              Boosted Stamina (Enhanced Stamina 4)
              Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Boosted Toughness (Impervious Toughness 12)
              Unreliable: 5 rounds
              Supertough (Immunity 20)
              Falling Damage, Bullets, Environmental Conditions (All), Sensory Afflictions; Unreliable: 5 rounds

              Initiative +8
              Shotgun (w/ shot) +9 (DC 21, DC 18 vs. Protection)
              Shotgun (w/ slug) +8 (DC 21)
              Super-Steady Shot +8 (DC 23)
              Unarmed +8 (DC 23)
              Grab +8 (DC 23)
              Throw +0 (DC 23)

              Dodge 0 (+8)
              Parry 0 (+8)
              Toughness (+8)
              Fortitude 0 (+8)
              Will 6 (+8)

              POWER POINTS
              Abilities 10 + Advantages 4 + Skills 12 + Powers 118 + Defenses 6 = 150


              To those around him, the hero known as Vector is an enigma. He appeared a few years ago, saving the day with effortless control of strange powers. His claim? That he, and all the other heros (and even some civilians) were all trapped in a virtual reality simulator, and that apparently only he remembered it. According to him, this world is a game (set decades in the past) that was designed to allow the rich to be superheroes, but something has gone wrong and now he, nor anyone else, can get out... and dying in the game is apparently lethal to participants. Which wouldn't be a problem except that "the safety protocols" are locked off.

              Vector (real name Victor Rock, allegedly) has no known relatives or even legal identity, and hence a public persona.

              For someone so off from the norm, Vector manages to fit in well enough, making ends meet via a professional gaming gig (which he seems rather good at,) and superheroing whenever he can, in his grand quest to "level up," to "face the final boss," and to "beat the game."

              HERO SPECIFICS

              Vector's supehero outfit is a simple, midnight blue leather jumpsuit, complete with straps and a utility belt, and a black leather trenchcoat within which he hides his firearms. He normally fights with his firearms when he can, activating an Attribute Boost once or twice to assist. On rare occasion, he will even have a "Power Up" drop at his feet; simply running over the ghostly item grants him an even more significant boost, although like his normal Attribute Boost, it only lasts about 30 seconds.

              POWER SPECIFICS

              Vector's powers are quite videogame-centric. They seem to have no source, no energy output. He simply is strong, and fast, and tough. Even when he activates an Attribute Boost, there's a shimmer of light surrounding him (accompanied by a low-resolution chime) for a split second, then he's boosted, again with power of inexplicable origins. On occasion, such as when firing perfect shots from his Shooting Boost, there are game-like chimes and even visual displays (like a lowering enemy power meter) that appear. Vector claims that there are other game displays visible to him all the time, but that no one else can observe.

              Once an Attribute Boost is activated, the timer begins. Vector cannot switch between Attributes during this 30 seconds, and cannot stop or pause it. Once used, it generally takes an hour of recharge before he can use it again (although on occasion, he'll have a spinning "Extra Credit!" appear above his head. According to Vector, this means that a game observer has given him an extra credit to immediately recharge his Boost. Mechanically, it means the player has spent a Hero Point to automatically replenish the power.)

              Vector's Power Ups are only available to him upon GM fiat, and still require as Extra Effort to use. Of the potential Power Ups listed here, it is up to the GM which ones are allowed in the campaign.


              Quirk: Delusional?
              Vector's unshakeable belief in being in a VR tends to be off-putting to some. Sure, he's harmless enough, and is heroic enough (after all, an NPC could be a person, too,) but some may not trust his judgment after finding out about his belief, particularly should he start to ramble about it.

              Motivation: Thrills
              Vector loves the thrill of superheroing; according to him, it was what attracted him to "this game" in the first place.

              Motivation: Exit
              Vector believes that with enough "leveling up," and through the (usually comical) interpretation of enough clues, he will be able to "beat the game" and find a way out... at which point, he has promised he'll help get everyone else freed, too. On occasion, this may also lead him to do some strange things, or even disappear without warning (although he doesn't do it, say, in the middle of combat--"too many 'bad karma' points.")
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                Re: Rush's Characters (new: Synth, Rook, Vector)

                Possible Power-Ups for Vector

                All are AEs of Attribute Boost, and are subject to GM approval. GM declares that a Power-Up is available, and player may use it by spending a Hero Point or using Extra Effort. Only lasts for 5 rounds or one effect, but can be used to interrupt Attribute Boost (or even to make use of the power after Attribute Boost is drained if two Hero Points are used, or one plus Extra Effort.)

                Super Energy Attack (Damage 10) - 20pp
                Perception Range, Cloud Area, Uncontrolled

                One-Shot Teleport (Teleport 10) - 20pp
                1000 miles; Extended Only, Accurate, Uncontrolled

                Extra Health (Healing 40) - 20pp
                Self Only, Uncontrolled

                Extra Life (Immortality 20) - 20pp
                Return from death at start of next round; Continuous, Uncontrolled, Limited: Power ceases after one death or end of session

                Useful Construct (Create 36) - 20pp
                Creates one energy construct, shape & function determined by GM; Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled, Stationary, Precise

                Restart (Container) - 20pp
                Senses 12 - 6pp
                Precognition, Danger Sense 5 (All Senses), Vision Counters Illusion, Direction Sense; Uncontrolled
                Movement 1 - 1pp
                Time Travel 1: Back to GM-Specified Save Point; Uncontrolled
                Enhanced Trait 15 - 5pp
                Perception 5, Investigation 5, Insight 5; Uncontrolled
                Feature 2 - 1pp
                Retcon events, up to twice per session; Uncontrolled
                Teleport 10 - 7pp
                1000 miles in 2 move actions; Easy, Extended Only, Limited: Only back to original position (-2p/r), Uncontrolled, Change Direction, Change Velocity
                Invincibility (Container) - 20pp
                Insubstantial 4 - 8pp
                Incorporeal; Vulnerable to Light Damage; Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled, Limited: Cannot move through most barriers
                Immunity 5 - 2pp
                Light Damage; Sustained, Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled
                Movement 1 - 1pp
                Safe-Fall; Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled
                Immunity 2 - 1pp
                Suffocation; Sustained, Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled
                Affects Corporeal 8 on Strength (and on AEs) - 8pp
                Unnoticeable (Container) - 20pp
                Concealment 10 - 5pp
                All Senses; Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled
                Affliction 10 - 13pp
                Transformed: Someone who has forgotten all Vector's interactions while Unnoticeable; Resisted & Overcome by Will; Burst Area, Custom: No Dodge Save, Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled, Third Degree Only (-2p/r), Sustained, Subtle 2, Insidious
                Enhanced Stealth 8 - 2pp
                Unreliable: 5 rounds, Uncontrolled
                Last edited by Rush; 11-16-2017, 09:53 PM. Reason: Specified that Power Ups can be used with Extra Effort; corrected Enhanced Stealth; added Restart
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                  Re: Rush's Characters (new: Edge)

                  This is an old RPG character of mine, one of the first I ever played. His backstory seemed fairly interesting, so I've always kept him around, even though I've never had much of a chance to play him even decades later (although he has made a great NPC.) Yes, he has a power that breaks PL, but it's narrowly-focused, and the central aspect of his character; he shouldn't be a problem in general play. And yes, this narrowly-focused power has required that I make a PL/PP tradeoff to actually build him, but given that... he fits.

                  Psi-neutralizing bounty hunter

                  PL 9 (165pp)
                  Real Name: Connor Brown
                  Occupation: Bounty Hunter
                  Personality: ISTP - "The Virtuoso"
                  Height: 6ft. 3in. Weight: 240lbs.
                  Hair: Reddish-Brown Eyes: Green
                  Age: 26 Sex: M

                  Strength 3 (+3), Stamina 5 (+5), Agility 4 (+4), Dexterity 2 (+2)
                  Fighting 8 (+8), Intellect 2 (+2), Awareness 4 (+4), Presence 0 (+0)

                  All-Out Attack, Assessment, Benefit: International Bounty Hunter License, Chokehold, Defensive Roll 1, Equipment 10, Favored Foe: Psis/Psychics, Improved Grab, Instant Up, Jack of all Trades, Prone Fighting, Quick Draw, Takedown 2*, Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed
                  *One rank of Takedown is from his Custom Staff

                  Equipment: Body Armor (Full Protection 2) (2ep), Heavy Pistol (8ep), Extra Heavy Pistol (provides backup gun (1ep) and Multiattack (4ep)) (5ep), Motorcycle (10ep), Knife (+1 Dmg., Imp. Crit.) (2ep), Restraints (1ep), Multitool (1ep), Utility Belt (Tear Gas, Sleep Gas, Smoke Pellets, Bolas, Explosives) (16ep + 4ep), Monofilament Rope (1ep) {50ep}

                  Acrobatics 0 (+4), Athletics 2 (+5), Close Combat: Staffs 3 (+13), Deception 5 (+5/7), Expertise: Bounty Hunting 4 (+6), Insight 4 (+8/10), Intimidation 8 (+8/10), Investigation 4 (+6), Perception 4 (+8/10), Persuasion 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: Firearms 6 (+8), Ranged Combat: Throwing 2 (+4), Sleight of Hand 0 (+2), Stealth 0 (+4), Technology 0 (+2), Treatment 0 (+2), Vehicles 0 (+2) - 46 ranks total
                  *Stats in red reflect when interacting with a psi/psychic


                  Psionic Immunity (Immunity 5) - 5pp
                  Psionic Descriptor; Psionic/Psychic Damage

                  Psi-Neutralizing Aura (Nullify 20) - 40pp
                  Psionic Descriptor; Nullifies Psionic/Psychic Effects; Burst Area (+1p/r), Sustained (Effect remains in area) (+2p/r), Permanent (+0p/r), Close Range (-1p/r), Side Effect (Affliction 20: vs. Will, Fatigued & Impaired, Exhausted & Disabled; Limited Degree, Extra Condition, Cumulative) (-1p/r)

                  Psionic Awareness (Senses 2) - 1pp
                  Awareness: Psionic/Psychic, Acute; Limited: Only within 30 feet

                  Custom Staff (Easily-Removable Device 2) - 6pp
                  Staff Strike (Strength-Based Damage 2) - 5pp
                  Reach 1, Precise, Accurate 1
                  Collapsible (Feature 1) - 1pp
                  Enhanced Defensive Attack - 1pp
                  Enhanced Parry 2 - 2pp
                  Enhanced Takedown 1 - 1pp

                  Initiative +4
                  Custom Staff +13 (DC 20)
                  Heavy Pistol +8 (DC 19 w/ Multi.)
                  Knife +8 (DC 19)
                  Unarmed +8 (DC 18)
                  Grab +8 (DC 13 vs. STR)
                  Throw +4 (DC 18)

                  Dodge 4 (+8)
                  Parry 0 (+8/+10)
                  Toughness (+7/+8)
                  Fortitude 0 (+5)
                  Will 6 (+10)

                  POWER POINTS
                  Abilities 56 + Advantages 24 + Skills 23 + Powers 52 + Defenses 10 = 165


                  Connor, an only child to ordinary parents, was an introspective, industrious boy, with a relatively uneventful, even carefree life, right up until puberty when his powers manifested.

                  It started small, as Connor's power grew from nothing to full effect over the course of several weeks. It began with the occasional quizzical look from random strangers as he'd walk through his city to and from school. Then, he twice faced full-on stare-downs from shady looking characters; and what's more, he started to be able to sense when he'd get a look. The last incident was when he wound up running across a superhero battle. He tried to sneak closer for a better look, and as he did, the strange feeling began--only it was accompanied by the villain falling out of the sky (several meters up!) As the police took the now-disoriented villain away, he glanced over at Connor and locked eyes. His expression went from one of confusion to one of malice and hatred, and he glared at Connor until the police car drove out of sight. Relieved that the villain wouldn't be harming anyone, Connor hurried home.

                  Less than an hour later, Connor's homework session in his room was interrupted by a scream from outside--and then a car smashing through his wall. Connor raced outside to see what was going on, only to find the villain, escaped, a couple hundred feet away in the air. He had just telekinetically lifted another vehicle, and then hurled it--right at Connor. While he wasn't a star athlete, the boy was athletic enough to evade the vehicle... and the next couple, as he pieced together what had been going on. He'd been sensing psionic energy, and the strangers staring at him knew he was sensing it. And not just sensing it... nullifying it, without even realizing it! And now one of these people turned out to be a supervillain, one who wanted a quick measure of vengeance on the kid who had foiled his plans. Connor was stunned. He was attacking him in broad daylight. He knew were he lived. He could come after him at any time--or his parents! In a mindset that was a mixture of panic, self-preservation and concern for his family, Connor did the only thing that came to mind--he ran.

                  It was on his 18th birthday when Connor reappeared at home, an adult now. He'd been chased by various psis for the better part of a year before running across a mentor who had helped train him to fight back. And he wasn't home to stay, just to reassure his parents that he was OK, and that they had nothing to fear anymore. He wasn't going to let any more psis harm him, or his family. He had found his mission in life--making sure they all paid for their crimes.

                  HERO SPECIFICS

                  Connor doesn't exactly have a public identity; he does rely on his codename when working, but he's not vulnerable enough to need to keep his face hidden.

                  While he hires himself out to bail bondsmen (for a staggeringly high fee) to chase down bounties, he is normally only hired for supers, or (more particularly) psis who have jumped bail. With his short-cropped haircut, deceptively-light work boots, fingerless leather gloves and black-and-dark green jumpsuit with plenty of pouches, he looks more like a mercenary than most other bounty hunters. He almost always has his work tools on him, or at least nearby, including a custom-made collapsible staff fashioned from some extremely light, extremely strong non-ferrous mystery alloy (Connor usually evades any questions about the weapon or his acquisition of it through vague responses.)

                  Aside from his job, he also engages in superheroics, often on his own, but sometimes as part of a team of heroes. As his job can have him travel anywhere across the world, he's gotten to know quite a few teams this way.

                  POWER SPECIFICS

                  Connor's only power is his nullification ability. He has a passive, permanent aura around him that nullifies all nearby psionic energies. Granted, strong ones can sometimes filter through, but generally it's a total shutdown. Even if an effect does pierce his aura (usually causing him a bit of distress,) Connor himself is naturally immune to direct psionic damage.

                  Aside from this one ability, Connor relies on his skills, mental fortitude, keen awareness, dogged determination and wits to take down the supers that he engages in battle with.


                  Enemies: Various
                  As a bounty hunter for nearly a decade, Connor has captured a lot of bad guys (mostly psis, but also other supers and regular crooks) and made a number of enemies. Any of these may show up wanting a bit of payback for him putting them away. One in particular may come looking to take his staff back....

                  Addiction: Fighting & Combat
                  Connor has grown to be somewhat addicted to fighting and battle, both to remain secure that his skills are still sharp, and just as a physical release. If he doesn't get into a scrap, sparring session or heavy combat-oriented workout 2-3 times a week, he grows irritable and starts to get a bit rougher than normal with his opponents.

                  Motivation: Justice
                  Connor despises the idea of criminals thinking they can just abuse whomever they want and get away with it. Stopping them and their abuses is his primary superheroing motivation, and also a driving factor behind his choice of occupation.

                  Hatred: Psis
                  Due to the events surrounding the manifestation of his power, Connor grew to be quite suspicious and distrusting of psis. In his mind, their power, even compared to other superpowers, makes it easy for them to feel superior and abuse others, even without realizing it. As far as he's concerned, criminal psis are scum, and non-criminal psis are just one incident or choice away from becoming criminals. Even if teamed up with a psionic hero, he'd be notably distrusting; with all psis, he always keeps an eye out to notice when (not if) they go bad.
                  My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
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                    Re: Rush's Characters

                    Quozl Specifics

                    This is a writeup of cultural and biological information on the Quozl species, of which one of my game characters (Whitetail) is a member of.

                    The character is an homage to the creatures in Alan Dean Foster's book, Quozl, wherein a colony ship of rabbit-like aliens find themselves trapped in orbit around Earth--which they'd expected to be uninhabited--with no way back to their original home. The species that Whitetail is a member of isn't exactly like that described in the book, so I'm providing extra material detailing them, for those interested.

                    Planet Name: Quozl
                    Species Name: Quozl (plural = Quozl)
                    Species Language: Quozl

                    Adult Traits
                    • Size:
                      MALES = 35 to 41 inches tall, 50 to 63 pounds
                      FEMALES = 31 to 38 inches tall, 42 to 57 pounds
                    • Colorations:
                      FUR COLORS - white, greys, black, browns, yellow-browns, and reddish-browns; solids, patchwork or (rarely) spotted
                      EYE COLORS - grey, brown, blue, green, yellow, red, gold
                    • Intelligence: Slightly above-average overall intellect compared to other species, with fewer incidents of both genius or imbecility
                    • Disposition: Typically predisposed to aggression, but carefully weaned away through education and control techniques in childhood. Constantly aware of social position and treatment, and have tried giving up on being offended by how other species consider them.
                    • Gestation: Females are fertile year-round, typically having litters of 4-8 young over the course of 2 Earth months from conception through birth
                    • Development: Young are typically able to speak and walk about on their own (akin to human toddlers) within 4 weeks, capable of independence from parents (akin to human 6yo) within 18 earth months, sexual maturity (and simultaneous adulthood) within 5 earth years, expected to be fully-contributing citizens at 7 earth years, middle-aged at 18 earth years, loss of fertility and onset of old age by 27 earth years, natural death at 34-39 earth years
                    • Diet: HERBIVORES - primarily grasses, leafy weeds and vegetables, although fruits, roots, nuts and grains are often included

                    Social Structure
                    • Individuals: Despite a large core social unit, Quozl highly prize individuality, to the point that social hiearchies beyond the brood are more like lose associations. Individual rights, including property rights, are paramount... once the individual leaves his brood.
                    • Core Structure: The core social structure of the Quozl, akin to human families, is the brood. It is effectively a mating structure (although it often involves two, three or four males, and at least as many to double as many females,) wherein the parents rear their litters as a single brood-litter with a near-constant influx and outflow of youth. The vows the parents of the brood make upon its formation are treated as having the force of social law, altering the public treatment of their individual rights in relation to it, and deviation can have devastating consequences. However, these vows are almost as unique as each brood, often appearing to outsiders to be more like business contracts that are tailored to the mates. Broods have total control over their young; their children are effectively their property, even extending to life and death, up until the youth reaches maturity (at which point they are essentially granted adulthood and expected to head out into the world on their own.)
                    • Communities: Extended families stay in touch, but as Quozl youth typically leave quite far from home, families rarely form into larger structures based on blood. Usually, communities form based on common geography, values and social/life functions (think occupations) with anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of broods (and typically just as many independent youth) forming communities. Young Quozl may spend the first couple of years of adulthood simply finding a compatible community they can join and find one or more mates from.
                    • Large-Scale Structures: It's rare to find actual, formal social structures in Quozl society larger than communities. Even their largest business structures (which typically are just another type of community) tend to branch off and maintain friendly, mutually-beneficial relations with offshoots rather than try to grow too large. The closest thing they have to governments are the several dozen Regional Committees that communities in each geographic region tend to form to coordinate traffic and handle inter-regional disputes and intra-regional lawbreakers (and really, most Quozl law is just a traditional understanding of basic natural rights.)
                    • General Politics: While Quozl tend to be deft negotiators and well-versed in trade and markets, their social structure leaves little room for politics as practiced by many other social species. Of course, those few who think along those lines angle for Committee positions early on, but soon find that outside of the brood, Quozl society is a fairly thorough meritocracy.


                    Quozl are effectively humanoid in psychology. They were never a predator species, so they developed into sentience long ago, and have no records of their bestial phase. Being biological, and very tactile, they also have retained a degree of warmth and emotion in their psyche that many species start to lose soon after becoming space-faring.

                    Special Biology

                    Quozl have retained their prehistoric rabbit-like features, and can easily leap enormous distances. They also have two stomachs, allowing them to digest cellulose and the like.


                    There's no way around it: Quozl strongly resemble earth rabbits. They have developed to be more humanoid, walking upright and with both nimble digits and opposable thumbs, although their build still makes hopping an efficient means of getting around.

                    Language Traits

                    The Quozl language is slightly higher than typical human languages, meaning that along with elements such as syntax, temporal references, and such, it includes a couple of features that it would be difficult for humans to regularly integrate, presuming it were realistically possible at all. Their speech is soft, typically higher-pitch, and often includes squeaks and clicks, alongside the rare screech. The species has had a singular language throughout recorded history, as travel across their planet's surface is rarely impeded, although there continue to be various dialects to be found planet-wide.

                    Math & Music Traits

                    The Quozl number system is base-12, with 12 digits, and they have developed their mathematical systems to include domains as simple as calculus, and more sophisticated than any human mathematical system yet created. As far as music, there's been little development in this area; they are only just now entering musical period comparable to the classical music period of Earth. Even so... they've yet to find their Mozart.

                    Standards Traits

                    The Quozl have been on metric-like systems for the last 400 earth years, although it took about half that time for them all to be phased in (they're actually based on their base-12 number system.) Length, mass, and even time (yes, including the length of their days) is based on singular units, with variations to the unit indicating order-of-magnitude differences, similar to meters, centimeters, kilometers, etc. For example, their unit of measurement for length is the bonce, which is about 19.61 centimeters (7.721 inches.) A mo-bonce is 12 bonce, there are 12 lez-bonce in a bonce, etc.

                    Technology Level

                    Quozl have a technological level at least one step above that of humans at the end of the 2018. They are a space-faring species with almost complete control of their material world and capable of generating computational power on par with any other typical species in the galaxy. They have control over most elements of their home planet; have FTL travel; can tap into, contain and peacefully use power greater than planet-destroying nuclear explosions; and have had a (slowly) growing scientific culture for the last 800 earth years.

                    Planetary Specialties

                    Quozl is slightly smaller than earth, with a slightly higher gravity and similar atmospheric pressure. It is actually fairly safe for humans and indeed most other oxygen-breathing species, as even the number of microbes is remarkably low. The planet has two moons, one somewhat larger than earth's moon, the other almost miniscule. The planet has numerous rivers and much lush vegetation, but fewer trees than earth, and no real oceans to speak of, merely dozens of large seas, the largest (and lowest) indicating "sea level." With a much smaller axial tilt than earth, the planet's weather shifts are much smaller, although overall it is cooler than Earth. While there are some small mountain ranges, Quozl tends to be much flatter, with very little volcanic activity. There is also a curious dearth of aggressive predator fauna on the planet, as has been the case throughout recorded Quozl history (although there have been two terrifying fossil finds in that regard.)

                    Planetary System

                    Quozl is the fourth planet in a star system with 7 total planets, including a gas giant, and it's year is approximately 2 earth years long. Quozl's star is a yellow star somewhat larger and brighter than earth's. The species have colonized the larger of their two moons, as well as both the third and fifth planets of their system. They have a myriad of long-range sensor probes orbiting the outer limits of their system to monitor incoming vessels and nearby activities.


                    The Quozl have a highly complex society, including a multi-layered global economy with several primary monies and currencies in use, as well as numerous jobs and occupations, many of which are found on few other worlds, if any. Clever, industrious and full of energy, Quozl tend to be workers and clerks more than scientists or engineers. They tend to make use of their own planetary resources, and feed themselves. They primarily export finished goods, clever inventions, and luxury items, while importing rare materials, entertainment and other luxury items. They also have a large trade in Quozl labor, working jobs that are typically aggressive yet not dependent on physical strength--mercenaries, soldiers, officers, etc. As Quozl is rather automated (and as there is usually an abundance of youth,) the adults rarely take off-planet positions in unskilled manual labor such as maids or cleaners.

                    Interplanetary Politics
                    While in no way dominant, Quozl has enough technology to make outright invasion not worth the effort. Being small herbivores, they do tend to be somewhat wary of other species, but their ready willingness to send a seemingly endless supply of little bodies to fight and even die for a paycheck has earned them a bit of grudging respect from harsher societies, and is the main reason they've been largely unmolested.


                    Quozl education is... non-standardized. It varies from brood to brood, community to community, and region to region, typically with parents teaching the basics (reading, math, logic, social skills and religion) up until adulthood. At that point, the young adults select their own instructors and sources in their pursuit of a community to join (the ability to contribute to the well-being of the community is a prerequisite for such, and the loss of such ability usually leads to an ouster from the community. Not that that is as big a problem as one might think, given that Quozl tend to form broods within the community fairly quickly, and that the popularity of dangerous off-world occupations is fairly high.)


                    Quozl religion is more of a loose philosophy with key principles embedded in everyday life rather than a strict system of rules or rituals. They believe in a Maker responsible for the creation of the entire universe, and feel that his key traits are manifested in the physical expressions found in nature, especially the concept of natural law. Along with this core belief, they have a simple moral code (think: The Four Commandments) that they feel best meshes with the nature of this Maker and most easily supports the functioning of a strong, stable society.

                    Key Differences Between Game Quozl (GQ) and Book Quozl (BQ)

                    • BQ are unable to float in water, and so cannot swim; GQ have no issue with water or swimming
                    • BQ are extremely, openly promiscuous, considering such behavior vital to their mental health; GQ merely have adolescence similar to humans in that regard, and generally establish life-long mating structures called broods (although once their brood is forming/established, they tend to be as frequent as... well, as rabbits.) As Whitetail has no brood and is on his own, this should not come up in gameplay.
                    • BQ have extremely formal language; GQ is far more casual and populist
                    • BQ are effectively pacifistic; GQ are definitely not
                    • BQ have a highly communal social structure, with young being raised by citizens other than their parents; GQ have brood structures (their form of families) as the core social unit, are far less reliant on large-scale social structures, and would never consider a singular global government
                    • GQ are not as liberal about viewing and reflecting on violence (although they do some of that) as BQ are, and GQ certainly don't find solace in scenes of gore and brutality
                    • GQ have a higher technology level, except perhaps in the area of biological technologies
                    • GQ make use of facial expressions, including smiles, and not just ear movement and other gestures, to communicate meaning, emotion and innuendo
                    • GQ resemble earth rabbits more closely than BQ do
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                      Re: Rush's Characters

                      The Bean Forest Region Massacre (NW-Quad)

                      The following is an excerpt from the biography of a Quozl writer, Finder-of-Clues, penned roughly 15 earth years ago. Note that references to years are Quozl years, each being approximately 2 earth years in length.

                      Chapter 7

                      Here's an account from my personal log that I had forgotten about. Well, I hadn't forgotten the incident, but rather that I had been integral to the aftermath of the case.

                      See, we Quozl know that there are a lot of predator species out there among the stars. We do what we can to handle them. One of them, the Sthyss, is a species right out of a youngling's worst nightmare. Only they're real. And one of them wound up here, on Quozl, right about 11 years ago.

                      I was a crime investigator then, living in the Bean Forest Region (NW-Quad) of Quozl. It was a more rural region, still is, but they still had the occasional need for an investigator. I was young--not even 5 years old--and making my mark in the profession, so I moved there, joined one of the larger communities, and hung up my shingle, as it were. There wasn't a lot of local business, but as I was the only investigator for quite a ways, even remote communities often contacted me as needed. Let's be honest, our kind tend to be more doers, not thinkers. I was the oddball, a thinker, so I fit the role naturally.

                      The incident was precipitated by one of the region's community businesses having allowed a foreign vessel to land at their shuttle port, rather than make their exchange at a spaceport in orbit. This wasn't terribly unusual, but this community had had a few, let's say, less experienced members come to prominence recently, so their decisions had become riskier, less seasoned. They should have known that the people they were doing business with were a little shady--which is probably why they didn't alert the nearby communities that there was going to be a foreign touchdown--and it was pretty obvious when their guests landed that they didn't belong. The crew was a bunch of boorish predators, to put it gently. Ill-mannered, argumentative, roaming about as they pleased, trying to backtrack on the deals they had made. Then they had the audacity to ask if we sold meat here, and were pretty upset that we didn't. The community that had invited them concluded their business as quickly as they could, then hurried them off planet, vowing to make wiser decisions as to who to invite to their homes in the future. Unfortunately, they hadn't realize the extent of the damage that would unfold.

                      Unbeknownst to the community, the ship was harboring a criminal. A Sthyss. You all know of the Kaklippa fossil from before our sentience? Well, picture a somewhat smaller version of that, somewhat humanoid, with arms and a torso. And intelligent. The ship's crew knew the creature was a criminal, but kept him around for odd jobs. They also knew he would likely pose a threat to the community they were dealing with, so they… neglected to mention him, while keeping him locked up on the ship the entire while.

                      You see where this is headed, right? While the ship's crew was conducting business, the Sthyss managed to escape its room, and the ship. It was nightfall when the ship took off, and the community retired to bed, resolving to transport the unloaded cargo in the morning. Which was just perfect for the Sthyss, as he had managed to hide among that very cargo. Now, when a community business is active, they're everywhere, so he couldn't have gone very far during the day, but at night, when everyone went home to their brood? Well, in a rural area, that gave the monster--yeah, he was a monster, as you'll see--just the opportunity he needed to flee the area.

                      Now, from this point on I had to piece together the events up to the end myself. Blood spatter analysis, scuffle patterns, DNA trails, all that. And the story I found wasn't a pretty one.

                      It seems as if the Sthyss, hungry by now, had made its way to the burrow of one of the larger broods of that community. Being such a large brood, the passages of their burrow were nice and large… just large enough for the creature to manage to wriggle through. I can only imagine that it thought it had died and gone to heaven. See, Sthyss aren't just predators. They don't just eat meat. In fact, they find dead animals repulsive. No, they prefer their prey alive and kicking. The brood had quite a few weapons--it was almost necessary out in the country--but they had no clue that their intruder would be able to shrug off everything they threw at him. Of course, like most burrows, there were a couple of other exits. But remember the Kaklippa fossil? While somewhat smaller, the average Sthyss male is actually longer. He filled the corridors so tightly that none of the brood could get around him; he basically blocked the paths to the exits, probably by accident, as he slid from room to room like he was at an all-you-can-eat buffet. He was quick and quiet. Most were already inside him before realizing what was going on. Those who did awaken only did so right as he was on them. Nowhere to run, not enough time to contact anyone. It was truly a massacre.

                      All in all, three fathers and five mothers were eaten alive, often fighting to the end, along with almost ten dozen youth of all ages and sizes. And considering the beast's size, the entire brood was probably just barely sufficient for a single meal.

                      Now of course, the monster had to sleep somewhere while it digested its prey, so it stayed in the burrow until daylight. That's when the real trouble for him started. Even in a rural area, Quozl aren't that remote from their neighbors, and with as many people as this brood had, the absence of activity from their burrow was noticed fairly quickly.

                      The first few neighbors who went to check on them simply never came back. By mid-morning, it was clear enough that something was wrong that several neighboring broods decided to arm themselves and head over as a group. It was the dying screams from the first to enter the burrow that alerted the rest to the beast inside. Unable to drive him out with their weapons, they surrounded the exits and called for assistance. It took a bit, but the local protectors arrived with far heavier weaponry than most of the broods kept. They took aim at the entrance and exits, then promptly proceeded to flood the burrow.

                      This flushed out the beast, almost killed him considering how he had to struggle to get out, as fat as he had made himself. But yeah, he was forced to emerge into the daylight, to the horror of the hundreds of Quozl who had gathered around. To their credit, the protectors actually demanded the monster surrender. I would have probably blown him away with the biggest cannon I had right off, just out of fright. And it was then that those watching saw what was likely the most unnerving sight of their lives. See, Sthyss don't have facial expressions. Instead, they have unblinking eyes, a frozen smile, and prehensile tendrils on their head. When this Sthyss saw he was caught, when he saw he was surrounding by hundreds of tasty chou nuggets, from his perspective, that were demanding he surrender and face punishment, those head tendrils started wriggling in a way that made it clear to everyone what he was feeling. Rage. Pure, unadulterated rage at being commanded to surrender to his own food.

                      He didn't go down without a fight. He even managed to eat another couple of adults and several younglings before finally collapsing from his wounds, and only one of the adults survived after they cut him apart to extract them. Honestly, he might have done more damage had he just started lashing out at everyone, or worse, taken hostages, but from the footage I saw, I can only surmise that he insisted on eating as many as he could just as a big "f*** you" to all of us.

                      Needless to say, the local protectors reported the incident to the Regional Committee, and word spread. Once it became known exactly what they were dealing with, and where it had come from, there was a bit of bitter disappointment. There was no home world to lambast, no singular social group to boycott. Even the crew that had brought the monster had run off, never to be heard from again. And yeah, they had sold the community business shoddy goods too, adding insult to injury. So instead, all of Quozl just made sure they had tougher weapons in their communities, and formed an unwritten agreement that the penalty for bringing a Sthyss onto their planet was death, both for the creature and for those who brought it. Everyone with shuttle ports insists on this to all guests before allowing them to touchdown nowadays, and so far, we've not had another incident like that one.

                      The aftermath of the massacre impacted the community deeply; I don't think it's yet fully recovered. And being the oddball thinker that I am, I sort of soured my relationship with the community by being… well, by appearing a little too unfazed by the investigation. Efficiency with little emotion, it's my curse. Still, that's one of many times during my investigative days that I was glad to be the one examining the situation after the fact, and not having to have gone through it myself.
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                        Re: Rush's Characters (new: The Cast Redux)

                        Updated version of The Cast, tweaked to make his remote sensing more clear, and to address a couple of concerns with him that have been mentioned on the forum (such as lack of ability to do over 6 ranks of damage.) Art by Peter Saga.

                        THE CAST
                        Falcon-themed, duplicating crime fighter

                        PL 10, 150pp
                        Real Name: Tim O'Brien
                        Occupation: P.I. Consultant
                        Height: 5ft. 11in. Weight: 185lbs.
                        Hair: Red Eyes: Brown
                        Age: 25 Sex: M
                        Personality: ISTJ, "The Logistician"

                        Strength 2 (+2), Stamina 4 (+4), Agility 2 (+2), Dexterity 0 (+0)
                        Fighting 4 (+12), Intellect 3 (+4), Awareness 2 (+6), Presence 0 (+0)

                        Equipment 4, Instant Up, Jack-of-all-trades

                        Falcon Blades (Shuriken - 3ep)
                        Toolkit (Basic)
                        Undercover Shirt - 2ep
                        Motorcycle - 11ep
                        - Speed 5 (60mph, 900ft/rnd)
                        - Feature 1: Alarm 1
                        - Feature 1: Electric & Stealthy
                        - Strength 1, Toughness 8, Size: Medium

                        Acrobatics 0 (+2), Athletics 2 (+4), Deception 5 (+5), Expertise: Streetwise 4 (+8), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 6 (+10), Investigation 6 (+14), Perception 4 (+14), Persuasion 3 (+3), Ranged Combat: Throwing 5 (+5), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0), Stealth 3 (+5), Technology 0 (+4), Treatment 0 (+4), Vehicles 0 (+0)


                        Duplication Benefits (Container) - 47pp
                        Better Than One (Container) - 21pp
                        Constant Attention (Enhanced Awareness 4)
                        Enhanced Impression (Enhanced Intimidation 4)
                        Extra Eyeballs (Enhanced Perception 4)
                        Group Analysis (Enhanced Investigation 4)
                        Group Counsel (Enhanced Intellect 1)
                        Coordinated Actions (Quickness 4) - Limited: Physical Only
                        Extra Perspectives (Senses 3) - Accurate Hearing, Radius Vision
                        Clone Combat (Container) - 24pp
                        Expendable Targets (Enhanced Dodge 8)
                        Multiple Fighters (Enhanced Fighting 8)
                        Nifty Power Tricks (Container) - 2pp
                        Huddled Warmth (Immunity 1) - Environmental Cold; Sustained
                        Never Really Down (Enhanced Trait 1) - Instant Up
                        Duplicate Motion (Array) - 10pp + 2pp for AEs
                        Decoys (Concealment 10)
                        All Senses; Limited: Duplicates are all visible

                        AE: Barrier Crossing (Linked Effects)
                        Remote Sensing 1 - 60 ft.; All Senses (Base Cost 5p/r); Simultaneous, Noticeable
                        Communication 1 - 100 ft.; Normal Speech; Area
                        AE: Duplicate Movement (Container)
                        Appear, Disappear (Teleport 1) - Change Direction, Subtle, Quirk: Only 5 ft.
                        Coordinated Motion (Movement 2) - Safe Fall, Wall-crawling 1
                        Wave of Bodies (Leaping 3) - 60 ft. @ 16mph
                        Duplicate Actions (Array) - 24pp + 1pp for AE
                        Instant Mobs (Move Object 6)
                        Damaging, Burst Area, Selective, Reduced Range (Close), Custom Extra: Parry Check (not Dodge) (+0p/r), Precise, Quirk: Needs physical access to area

                        AE: Gang-Up (Move Object 8)
                        Damaging, Perception Range, Limited: Only within 60 feet, and needs physical access to target

                        Initiative +2
                        Instant Mobs (DC 16 vs Parry) (DC 18/21 vs Tough)
                        Gang-Up --- (DC 23 vs Tough)
                        Falcon Blades +5 Multiattack (DC 16 vs Tough)
                        Unarmed +12 (DC 17 vs Tough)
                        Throw +5 (DC 17 vs Tough)
                        Grab +12 (DC 12 vs STR/Dodge)

                        Dodge 2 (+12/+4)
                        Parry 0 (+12/+4)
                        Toughness (+6)
                        Fortitude 1 (+5)
                        Will 3 (+9/+5)

                        POWER POINTS
                        Abilities 34 + Advantages 5 + Skills 21 + Powers 84 + Defenses 6 = 150


                        Tim grew up an orphan. His parents died in a traffic accident when he was 3, and having no living relatives, Tim became a ward of the state and bounced around multiple foster homes. As is often the case, many of the environments he found himself in weren't exactly conducive to a healthy upbringing; Tim frequently found himself the target of abuse, or even just bullying by other foster children. As his suffering continued, Tim became more emotionally distant, and a worse-behaved youth.

                        He finally wound up in a halfway-decent foster home right as he hit his teens, one which introduced him to positive influences in school (and church) that helped the troubled, but bright kid come to terms with his situation and choose to not head down the wrong path.

                        Eventually, Tim made it through high school and graduated, taking an interest in becoming a private investigator. With help from a former school mentor, he landed an internship at a PI agency; it was shortly after that when "the incident" occurred in his city. The glow from the corporate lab that night signaled the decimation of the facility, but also changes across the city. Weird things happened to a number of cars, structures and personal artifacts. And a number of people wound up with strange new abilities.

                        Tim discovered his ability to create multiple quantum instances of himself by accident; when the duplicate wound up uninstantiating, and the remaining Tim acquired the memory of the other's two minutes of divergent lifeline, he immediately understood the gravity of the situation; and quickly learned to make use of it. With his newfound power, he realized he could actually do what had only been a hidden desire in his mind: exact justice on those who continually committed injustice on others. And within the year, he embraced a new identity: The Cast.

                        The Cast is a falcon-themed crime fighter, named after the proper term for a group of falcons. He wears a dark cloak-like cape somewhat reminiscent of wings, and a slightly-"beaked" cowl, with a simple costume that includes little in the way of protection, preferring to rely on his agility (and powers) for defense. And of course, his utility belt provides the few tools he needs. When necessary, his electric motorcycle allows for speedy transport for up to two instances of him.

                        POWER SPECIFICS

                        Tim can, effortlessly, at will and nearly instantly, create practically any number of new quantum instances of himself (duplicates) within a short distance of his original self. Each instance of him, both duplicated and original, is an exact copy, and is equally the "real Tim", having the same memories and abilities, and can also do the same things, including create duplicates. With each being the real Tim, they behave pretty much 100% in accord, and to some degree can each sense the presence and state of the other instances. Any given instance can choose to uninstantiate at will (unconsciousness of an instance also causes it,) and all other instances immediately re-integrate that instance's memories as their own. However, being that the instances are quantum entangled to some degree, there's also the (slight) risk of damage done to one rippling through all of the instances. All of his powers have both the Quantum and Duplication descriptors.

                        All of this all allows for interesting behaviors. Numerous duplicates can all be created within split-seconds of each other, to create a wave of bodies and, say, leave one instance at an elevated ledge, at which point the other instances can safely uninstantiate. A mob of instances can all mobilize to lift a heavy object, or gang up on a thug, or quickly disassemble a construct... or all three at once. And of course, scouring a room in search of a missing object is almost trivial.

                        There is a slight trade-off to having multiple instances of himself around; the more there are, the shorter each instance can remain stable, with each spontaneous disappearance increasing stability. With only 4 instances in existence, each can last until exhaustion overtakes them, for effectively a couple days duration. With 6 instances, it'll be around 24 hours before any one of them spontaneously uninstantiates. With 20, it's roughly 10 minutes. Sixty instances last roughly 30 seconds (5 rounds) each, 100 last 6 seconds (1 round,) and 400 last under a second.

                        In addition, no instance can be further than 60 feet from any other instance; effectively, this means all instances are confined to an area roughly 30 feet in radius. Should two instances suddenly find themselves too far apart, one will randomly uninstantiate. With multiple instances, usually the one that deviates too far from the others will be the one to spontaneously disappear.

                        It should also be noted that The Cast is highly vulnerable to Nullify effects. A successful Nullify targeting any instance ripples through to all of them; this means it bypasses Expendable Targets, Multiple Fighters and Decoys (but not Constant Attention.)


                        Deficiency: Emotionally Stunted
                        Due to his rough childhood, Tim has a hard time relating to others in a positive emotional sense. In fact, he even has difficulty allowing himself to experience positive emotions at all. Not that Tim is unstable--he's as well-adjusted as he can be. He's... just not the guy you want trying to console a citizen who just lost her husband due to a supervillain's attack.

                        Motivation: Justice
                        Having grown up around injustice, Tim has a strong desire to see justice measured out, but also avoids having that desire become mere vengeance and punishment.

                        Quirk: Uncomfortable w/o Duplicates
                        Tim has gotten used to the strange mental effects his power brings about, as well as the benefits that having multiple instances of oneself brings. So much so, that he is actually uncomfortable when he does NOT have multiple instances of himself active. He tries to always have a few instances active even when not superheroing, and usually takes extra security precautions before allowing himself to fall asleep.

                        Quirk: Entangled Feedback
                        Each instance of The Cast is equally the "real him." So even though, in game terms, the mechanics of his powers would normally allow him to sit back and attack in relative safety, instantiating duplicates actually presents some risk. Whenever a duplicate is manifested, it can be targeted, and there's a chance any damage done will ripple through all of them, in a sense actually affecting the "real" Cast. The chance is proportional to the number of instances active (to as low as a 1/20 chance.) For example, if The Cast is using Instant Mobs (say, 10 instances) to attack multiple villains at once, and each villain is swinging at an instance, each time they attack, there would be a 1/10 chance that damage done to the instance will ripple through to all of them. If a particularly hard hit is landed, it could knock out the instance, and cause all the others to instantly uninstantiate. Of course, for dramatic/other purposes, the GM can also dictate that a particular attack will *definitely* strike the "real" Cast.
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                          Re: Rush's Characters (new: Pocket)

                          Modified art is from DeviantArt, by jmqrz

                          Kinetic energy-absorbing stunt devil

                          PL 10 (150pp)
                          Real Name: Danny Heart
                          Occupation: Stuntman
                          Height: 5 ft. 1 in. Weight: 120lbs.
                          Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue-Green
                          Age: 22 Sex: M
                          Big 5 Personality (1-9): O:8, C:4, E:7, A:6, N:3

                          Strength 2 (+12), Stamina 4 (+4), Agility 4 (+4), Dexterity 2 (+2)
                          Fighting 2 (+2), Intellect 1 (+1), Awareness 3 (+3), Presence 2 (+2)

                          Diehard, Equipment 1, Fearless, Great Endurance, Instant Up, Interpose, Move-by Action
                          Equipment: Cellphone, Multitool, Restraints

                          Acrobatics 2 (+6), Athletics 6 (+8), Close Combat: Grab 0 (+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+8), Deception 4 (+6), Expertise: Stuntwork 4 (+5), Expertise: Streetwise 2 (+3), Insight 2 (+5), Intimidation 2 (+4), Investigation 1 (+2), Perception 5 (+8), Persuasion 5 (+7), Ranged Combat: Kinetic Blast 8 (+10), Sleight-of-Hand 1 (+3), Stealth 0 (+4), Treatment 1 (+2), Vehicles 3 (+5) - 50 ranks total


                          Formal Martial Experience (Container) - 4pp
                          Tai Chi (from Mom) (Enhanced Trait 2) - 2pp
                          Parry 2

                          Boxing (from Dad) (Enhanced Trait 2) - 1pp
                          Close Combat: Unarmed 2

                          Wrestling (School Teams) (Enhanced Trait 2) - 1pp
                          Close Combat: Grab 2
                          Kinetic Absorption (Container) - 35pp
                          Fall Absorption (Immunity 5) - 3pp
                          Falling Damage; Limited to Half Damage

                          Tremorsense (Senses 1) - 1pp
                          Ranged Touch; Can accurately sense movement through ground or other contacting surfaces (see: Power Profiles: Earth Powers)

                          Auditory Absorption (Immunity 2) - 2pp
                          Auditory Affliction Effects

                          Impact Reduction (Protection 10) - 5pp
                          Limited: Physical Only

                          Momentum Absorption (Weaken 4) - 24pp
                          Movement Effects; Affects Objects, Broad, Reaction: Struck by moving physical object
                          Kinetic Release (Array) - 20pp + 6pp in AEs
                          Kinetic Blast (Damage 10)
                          250/500/1000 feet; Ranged, Fades, Penetrating 10

                          AE: Kinetic Explosion (Damage 10)
                          Burst Area, Fades, Penetrating 10

                          AE: Strength Boost (Enhanced Strength 10)
                          100 tons total (12 Strength ranks); Fades, Penetrating 10

                          AE: Speed 10
                          4 miles @ 2000mph for first round; ~8 miles total in 2 min. on full charge; Fades

                          AE: Swimming 10
                          1 mile @ 500mph for first round; ~2 miles total in 2 min. on full charge; Fades

                          AE: Leaping 10
                          1800ft. & 2 rounds in the air @ 8 ranks, 0.5 miles & 5 rounds @ 9 ranks, 1 mile & 1 min. @ 10 ranks; Fades

                          AE: Kinetic Shield (Linked Effects)
                          *Protection 10; Sustained, Fades, Limited: Energy Only
                          *Impervious 10 on All Protection

                          (Stuntable w/ Extra Effort) Flight 10
                          4 miles @ 2000mph for first round; ~8 miles total in 2 min. on full charge; Concentration, Fades

                          English (Native)

                          Initiative +4
                          Kinetic Blast +10 (DC 25 vs Tough)
                          Kinetic Explosion (DC 20 vs Dodge) (DC 25/20 vs Tough)
                          Unarmed +8 (DC 27 vs Tough)
                          Grab +4 (DC 22 vs Str/Dodge)
                          Throw +2 (DC 27 vs Tough)
                          *All numbers presume a full kinetic absorption charge

                          Dodge 2 (+6)
                          Parry 2 (+6)
                          Toughness (+14)
                          Fortitude 3 (+7)
                          Will 6 (+9)

                          POWER POINTS
                          Abilities 40 + Advantages 7 + Skills 25 + Powers 65 + Defenses 13 = 150


                          Daniel Montgomery Heart was fortunate to have been born into a family open to physical pursuits. He early developed a love of tumbling, acrobatics and generally rough activity, suitable interests for his eager and outgoing personality. Soon enough his father began instructing him and his brothers in boxing, while his mother tried to temper the children's energies through her dreaded tai chi lessons. Extreme sports were more their style though, and even though young, Danny pushed himself to perform ever-greater stunts.

                          Then, he discovered stunt devils, and realized people could get paid for actually diving into danger, not necessarily avoiding it.

                          By the time he was 15, he knew what he wanted to do, and he began working and helping where he could to get closer to the occupation of his dreams: being a stuntman. He started taking on challenges and even showing up in the occasional movie once he turned 18, where he quickly earned the nickname "Pocket" due to his smaller stature.

                          Shortly after one of his bigger roles, having to roll a car on the set of a premier sci-fi action flick, he ran across Dr. Schwartz of Illustrious Labs, who had been brought on to consult on some of the science-y stuff in the movie. At some point, the good doctor invited the entire crew to the lab, where an exciting experiment was taking place. And of course, it was then that things went haywire and a fire broke out.

                          Danny did his part dashing through flames and helping others escape, which is why he was the lone soul in the room when the experimental device finally exploded. Subtle signs of his change were evident immediately--his doctors found it strange that they had to treat his burns and smoke inhalation, but not any broken bones or cuts from exploding shrapnel. And once discharged and back at work, it soon became evident--Danny had powers now. And just his luck, they were powers that let him push his trade to new heights. Oh yeah, as a side benefit, he now also had the ability to dress up, go superheroing and not get killed during the fun. It wasn't long before he decided that punching, kicking and flipping onto villains in his city was his next path.

                          Which is how Danny Heart, rising stuntman, became the stunt devil and superhero, Pocket.

                          POWER SPECIFICS

                          Danny's power allows him to passively absorb the kinetic energy from physical objects that strike him, harmlessly reducing their momentum somewhat while storing away some of the incoming energy. He can then later release this energy to various effects, depleting his stored supply as he does.

                          His kinetic absorption is straightforward: objects approaching him with a minimum velocity and/or momentum transfer some of their energy to him. He can take on ball bats, bullets, and even moving trucks at varying degrees of effectiveness. Unfortunately, his power does virtually nothing to impede slow-moving objects, such as a massive weight slowly crushing him, or a blade slowly being drawn across his skin. (See Complications, Power Loss: Slow Attacks.) In addition, he cannot turn this aspect of his power off; while this is rarely an issue, he has found himself unwittingly absorbing impacts on occasion.

                          His kinetic release is where the fun begins. Danny can release stored kinetic energy destructively, as a blast (or an explosion) of glowing, "Cherenkov-blue" energy. He can also quickly release it from his hands and feet to leap great distances, swim quickly or with effort even fly for a short time. With a bit of focus he can project the energy just a few inches from his body, forming a glowing blue barrier that helps block both physical AND energy attacks. And by focusing on using the energy without projecting it, he can emulate increased strength as well. Danny can even occasionally channel his energy to more creative effects using a bit of effort. Unfortunately, he loses power as he releases/uses his energy, with each succeeding release utilizing less and less energy until he finally runs out. Outside of combat (or running into traffic,) acquiring more kinetic energy may be difficult. True, he purposely lives in a high apartment so that he can absorb the energy from a jump out the window, but if he is already on low ground, such a tactic isn't available; even flying up and falling will only recover as much energy as he initially expended.

                          Alongside his main abilities, Danny also has a couple of minor side-benefit from his power: (1) He's now quite sensitive to vibrations from physical surfaces he's in contact with, and has learned to sense them well enough to be able to accurately target people or objects moving along such surfaces. (2) Sound waves carry kinetic force, and as such he's ears are protected from excess volume; loud, piercing or distorting sounds are neither painful nor harmful to him.


                          Motivation: Thrills
                          As should be obvious from his backstory and occupation, Danny is a thrill-seeker. He loves physical activity in general, and danger in particular, and part of his motivation for superheroing (which he readily confesses to) is the physical thrill of it all.

                          Motivation: Doing Good
                          Danny has his flaws; as a stuntman he has a tendency to be reckless, and he's used to not taking physical confrontations too seriously due to his power. But at his core, he wants to do right and help others. He really does have--ahem--a heart of gold.

                          Power Loss: Slow Attacks
                          Slow-moving actions and objects are Danny's bane. An assassin who simply walked up behind him and slowly drew a blade across his throat would find him as vulnerable as any unpowered person; neither his Impact Reduction nor his Momentum Absorption would have any effect . Danny goes out of his way to hide this aspect of his powers, as a clever and skilled combatant could become quite a challenge were he to make use of this knowledge.

                          Quirk: Obvious Power Usage
                          Danny's eyes brightly glow blue when he is using or readying his Kinetic Release. While this is rarely anything significant, there is the chance that it could tip off an opponent when he has something planned (such as when he has taken a Ready Action.)

                          Quirk: Kinetic Shielding
                          His Kinetic Shield allows Danny to use stored energy to block most attacks safely; however, while he has it up, he cannot absorb kinetic energy as normal, since objects will be striking his shield, rather than him. Combined with the fact that this method of blocking energy attacks cannot be maintained forever (and can't be used at all if he has no stored energy,) there are a few circumstances where having to rely on his shielding may warrant a Hero Point.

                          Accident: Too Much Energy
                          In truth, Danny can absorb a surprising amount of kinetic energy. However, he has a limit, and when his energy reserve is full, yet he is still being subjected to kinetic strikes, his body can only withstand the extra input for so long. At some point, his body will involuntarily discharge some of his absorbed energy (the amount depending mainly on the duration and intensity of the continued strikes) as an uncontrolled Kinetic Explosion.

                          Usually, for the first month or so after I create a character, I review the rules and make sure the build is as close to what I was going for as possible, making minor tweaks as needed. Forgotten elements that were originally intended (or reconsidered) may also be dropped or added. Here are the tweaks for this character:
                          - Up to 2018-04-19: Lowered weight to 120lbs.; dropped Languages 1 & lowered Fortitude to add Auditory Absorption; swapped in Speed for Flight; adjusted Skills (+3 to Athletics, -1 to Stealth, Persuasion and Exp: Stuntwork)
                          - 2018-04-19: Changed Fall Absorption from Movement (Safe Fall), which doesn't really work as desired, to a Limited Immunity; dropped Assessment to get the extra PP, and dropped the Limitation: Fall Distance Complication since it's no longer needed
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                            Re: Rush's Characters (new: Pocket, Flux)

                            Here's one of the first RPG characters I ever created, years ago for an old diceless Marvel superhero game (that didn't last very long.) I've always liked him though, so I've revamped him for PL10 M&M 3ed. Side note: this was a few years before the movie Next with Nicholas Cage came out, but it's surprising how much the character in that movie emulated the abilities of this one.

                            Image is of Idris Elba playing Roland Deschain in the 2017 movie The Dark Tower

                            Precognitive gunslinging investigator

                            PL 10 (150pp)
                            Real Name: Felix Jefferson
                            Occupation: Private Investigator
                            Height: 5 ft. 10 in. Weight: 185lbs.
                            Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
                            Age: 32 Sex: M
                            Big 5 Personality (1-9): O:4, C:6, E:4, A:4, N:2

                            Strength 2 (+2), Stamina 4 (+4), Agility 4 (+4), Dexterity 2 (+2)
                            Fighting 4 (+4), Intellect 1 (+1), Awareness 4 (+8), Presence 1 (+1)

                            Beginner's Luck, Close Attack 6, Contacts, Equipment 5, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 4, Improvised Weapon 3, Instant Up, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 2, Ranged Attack 6, Takedown, Teamwork, Well-Informed
                            Advantages in italics are from powers
                            Equipment: Cellphone, Heavy Pistol, Lock Release Gun, Mini-tracer, Motorcycle (10ep), Multitool, Restraints, Undercover Shirt (+2 Tough) (2ep)

                            Athletics 3 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+14), Deception 4 (+5), Expertise: P.I. 4 (+5), Expertise: Streetwise 3 (+4), Insight 2 (+10), Intimidation 3 (+4), Investigation 4 (+5), Perception 2 (+10), Persuasion 4 (+5), Ranged Combat: Handguns 4 (+14), Sleight-of-Hand 1 (+3), Stealth 1 (+5), Treatment 1 (+2) - 40 ranks total


                            Foresight (Container) - 6pp
                            Precognition (Senses 4) - 4pp
                            Precognition; Custom Extra: Simultaneous (see Remote Sensing), Limited: Only 6 seconds (1 round) forward

                            Danger Sense (Senses 2) - 1pp
                            Danger Sense: Auditory, Danger Sense: Visual
                            Foresight Enhancements (Container) - 40pp
                            Enhanced Action (Enhanced Trait 2) - 2pp
                            Beginner's Luck, Takedown

                            Enhanced Attack (Enhanced Trait 12) - 12pp
                            Close Attack 6, Ranged Attack 6

                            Enhanced Defenses (Enhanced Trait 12) - 12pp
                            Dodge 6, Parry 6

                            Enhanced Reactions (Enhanced Trait 6) - 6pp
                            Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 4

                            Enhanced Awareness 4 - 8pp
                            Vital Shot (Blast 6) - 12pp
                            150/300/600 ft.; Precise, Quirk: requires a handgun
                            AE: Sureshot (Blast 4) - 1pp
                            Perception Range, Precise, Quirk: requires a handgun

                            English (Native)

                            Initiative +20
                            Vital Shot +14 (DC 21 vs Tough)
                            Sureshot +∞ (DC 19 vs Tough)
                            Heavy Pistol +14 (DC 19 vs Tough)
                            Improv. Weapon +14 (DC 19 vs Tough)
                            Unarmed +14 (DC 17 vs Tough)
                            Grab +10 (DC 12 vs Str/Dodge)
                            Throw +10 (DC 17 vs Tough)

                            Dodge 4 (+14)
                            Parry 4 (+14)
                            Toughness (+6)
                            Fortitude 0 (+4)
                            Will 4 (+12)

                            POWER POINTS
                            Abilities 44 + Advantages 15 + Skills 20 + Powers 59 + Defenses 12 = 150


                            Felix Jefferson was one of the rare few actually born with his powers, although it wasn't immediately apparent. In fact, considering he was developmentally delayed in almost every area, his parents actually thought he might be an entirely different kind of "special." Of course, they had no way of knowing that it was constant confusion of future sensory input with present input that was causing the problem. So one can imagine their surprise when, at age 4, when he finally got a handle on what was going on, he progressed through nearly every area in which he was delayed within the span of a few days.

                            Of course, being young with that level of subtle power, it was fortunate that Felix's parents quickly picked up on his.... precocious knowledge, and disciplined him properly to not abuse it. Between their wise instruction and his eventually having occasional responsibility over two younger siblings, Felix turned out to be a pretty good kid. As well as one who was quite interested in mysteries and investigations, eventually leading to pursuit of a job as a private investigator.

                            Due in part to the advantage of his powers, his practice became reasonably successful, and he eventually caught the eye of other supers after assisting on a couple of missions. It was they who encouraged Felix to take a larger role in the world, as the superhero Flux.

                            POWER SPECIFICS

                            Felix has the intuitive ability to see up to 6 seconds into the future. Specifically, he can rapidly shift his senses to or from his future-self, although the accuracy and clarity of his sensory input decreases exponentially the further ahead chronologically he looks. Realistically, he can only access clear, reliable sensory input from up to 6 seconds in the future (although the GM should feel free to have a vision of significance from some indeterminate point in the future appear to Felix on a whim.) He can then react on this input, even interacting with it somewhat (by moving or changing his intention) until he senses the exact result he wants, at which point he follows through on his motion and/or intentions. There is still a probabilistic element to this though, so at times he merely increases the chances of dodging an attack or hitting a target rather than making it certain.

                            In addition to outright seeing the (highly probable) future, this power allows Felix to move, dodge and parry more effectively; to make attacks with increased, even unerring accuracy; be more aware of his surroundings in general; to react to surprise attacks and events even before he should be able to; and even to mentally attempt an action various ways before actually doing so, to improve his overall performance (which wire to cut? whoops, not that one...) He might have to put effort into this though, represented mechanically either by spending a Hero Point to make use of Beginner's Luck, or using Extra Effort to stunt a different Enhanced Ability from his Enhanced Awareness, or even both together.


                            Motivation: Thrills
                            He might not admit it, or make a big deal of it, but Felix enjoys his powers, especially the fact that they give him an invisible edge on most other people. Experiencing the reduced-risk thrills is part of the superheroing package as far as he's concerned.

                            Motivation: Responsibility
                            However, first and foremost, Felix feels he has a duty to use his powers in an honorable way, to make the world a better place (even in small ways) and to help others. He avoids using his power for personal gain, and not just for the trouble it would likely cause.

                            Power Loss: Temporal Noise
                            While the first several seconds of the future are fairly clear to Felix, various types of "temporal noise" can interfere even with that, reducing his effectiveness (Foresight Enhancements) or even cutting him off from his powers completely (Foresight, Vital Shot, Sureshot.) Things that can interfere include a flooding of tachyons in the area, or severe distortions in time caused (usually) either by rapid, frequent use of temporal powers, or by strong, quickly-moving gravitational fields.

                            Quirk: Appears Reckless
                            Felix can see the future, and run into places and situations with foresight of exactly what will happen, and how to stay safe. But as subtle as his power is, it often looks as if he's just being reckless and getting lucky. This impression might occasionally impact people he's interacting with (such as reducing their trust in him if they don't know about his abilities.)
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                              Re: Rush's Characters (new: Blitz)

                              In case my screen name wasn't a giveaway: I love speedsters. Always have. But I don't create many, mainly because they tend to look similar. I prefer them pure, and certain powers/tactics seems fundamental to them, so there's a lot of sameness. Unless we add electricity and get a complete Flash knockoff. Electricity seems to go well with speed, but up until now, any electric speedster I went for was, again, either a Flash knockoff, a speedster who just happened to also control electricity, or an electric controller who could also move fast.

                              I think the below build actually injects some uniqueness into the concept. A supernatural weapon that is the manifestation of a lightning bolt, granting the wielder speed. Yes, sword-equipped speedsters are also a common trope, but I think this one is different enough to be exciting, while still being well-built and cohesive. Maybe I'll give him a run through A Fistful of Nazis to see how he handles.

                              Speedster empowered by a sword made of lightning

                              PL 10 (150pp)
                              Real Name: Anthony Russo
                              Occupation: Financial Investor
                              Height: 5 ft. 11 in. Weight: 185lbs.
                              Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
                              Age: 24 Sex: M
                              Big 5 Personality (1-9): O:5, C:6, E:7, A:3, N:1

                              Strength 2 (+2), Stamina 3 (+3), Agility 2 (+12), Dexterity 0 (+0)
                              Fighting 2 (+12), Intellect 1 (+1), Awareness 1 (+1), Presence 1 (+1)

                              Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 4, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Takedown 2

                              Acrobatics 1 (+13), Athletics 2 (+4), Close Combat: Swordsmanship 2 (+14), Deception 2 (+3), Expertise: Strategy 4 (+5), Expertise: Business 3 (+4), Insight 4 (+5), Intimidation 5 (+6), Perception 9 (+10), Persuasion 3 (+4), Stealth 0 (+12), Technology 1 (+2) - 36 ranks total


                              Gladio Fulgur, The Sword of Lightning (Container) - 92pp
                              Passive Speed Benefits (Container) - 52pp
                              Enhanced Fighting 10 - 20pp

                              Enhanced Agility 10 - 20pp

                              Enhanced Traits 12 - 12pp
                              Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 4, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Takedown 2
                              Speed Movements (Array) - 10pp + 2pp in AEs
                              Speed 9 - 10pp
                              1000mph, 2 mi/rnd; Subtle

                              AE: Afterimages (Concealment 10) - 1pp
                              All Senses; Limited: Afterimages are visible

                              AE: Quickness 10 - 1pp
                              2 straight hours of effort in 6 seconds (1 round)
                              Lightning Sword (Array) - 22pp + 3pp in AEs
                              Sword Slash (Damage 10) - 22pp
                              Perception Range, Limited: Only within 5 feet, Precise, Subtle

                              AE: Multiple Strikes (Damage 6) - 1pp
                              Multiattack, Penetrating 6, Precise

                              AE: Lightning Toss (Damage 10) - 1pp
                              Line Area (30ft. long, 5ft. wide)

                              AE: Thunderstep (Teleport 5) - 1pp
                              900ft., 400lbs.; Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 3, Quirk: Cannot pass through non-conductive material
                              Minor Benefits (Container) - 3pp
                              Electric Sense (Senses 2) - 2pp
                              Detect 2: Electric Fields (Mental)

                              Sword Summoning (Feature 1) - 1pp
                              Summons & dismisses sword at will via flashy lighting bolt/arc

                              English (Native)

                              Initiative +28
                              Lightning Toss (Line Area) (DC 20/25 vs Tough)
                              Sword Slash (Insta-Hit) (DC 25 vs Tough)
                              Multiple Strikes (Multiattack) +14 (DC 21 vs Tough)
                              Unarmed +12 (DC 17 vs Tough)
                              Grab +12 (DC 12 vs Str/Dodge)
                              Throw +0 (DC 17 vs Tough)

                              Dodge 3 (+15)
                              Parry 3 (+15)
                              Toughness (+5/+3)
                              Fortitude 3 (+6)
                              Will 7 (+8)

                              POWER POINTS
                              Abilities 24 + Advantages 0 + Skills 18 + Powers 92 + Defenses 16 = 150


                              Anthony had grown up idolizing superheroes throughout his childhood; the more powerful and more confident, the more they impressed him. But his cockiness and unwarranted, willful confidence in facing challenges struck those around him as more the result of his privileged upbringing rather than an earnestness toward anything positive. So it was to the surprise of many when, only a couple years into college, he leapt to the aid of a wizened museum curator falling from a scaffold. The growing thunderstorm outside had delivered a lightning strike to the building, causing the lights above the man to explode and startle him. Only a few would pay much attention to the incident--none enough to realize that Anthony had gotten below the old man far faster than he should have, or to notice the electric charge in the air that quickly dissipated only seconds later. Even Anthony didn't think much of it as he eventually left the building and drove home. It was only when he arrived home and found himself seemingly able to cast lightning bolts and move quickly that he discovered the truth himself; something had given him powers. Maybe it was the old man, who the museum later claimed to have no knowledge of. Or their latest exhibit, which was lost at sea while being transferred to another museum the following week. No matter; Anthony dug through Latin dictionaries enough to read the script hidden on the blade, to learn of its name. What he could do with it became clear as he experimented with its powers. Why he'd been chosen was another question. With no answers found, Anthony decided to just accept the happy coincidence for what it was, and to use his new abilities to become a hero. Adopting a non-Roman theme and moving to a new city (the better to keep his family out of harm's way,) he eventually made himself known to the world as Blitz!

                              POWER SPECIFICS

                              Gladio Fulgur gives Anthony two primary powers: incredible, supernaturally subtle speed; and the use of the weapon itself. Considering the weapon is a supernaturally-solid construct of pure lightning, both powers are quite potent.

                              Anthony's endowed speed allows him to move and travel quickly, without the usual rush of winds that would accompany such motion. He can also wield the sword at such velocities as to make a single strike nearly invisible. No sparks. No crack of thunder. Just a suddenly-cut target. He can run literal rings around most opponents, to the extent that all they can target are his afterimages. However, he usually makes passive use of his Quickness when not in motion.

                              The sword itself, being indestructible, can be used to deflect attacks, but also to launch deadly attacks (although it's only single-edged, so the blunt side can be used for non-lethal strikes.) It is always available, cannot be held by anyone else, and can be summoned from thin air in a rather dramatic show of lightning. When Anthony throws it, it transforms into an arc of bluish lightning, striking multiple opponents before dissipating, ready to be summoned again. And by allowing himself to become one with the sword for a brief instant, he can transform into an electric arc to teleport across the battlefield.

                              Finally, Gladio Fulgur grants Anthony the ability to sense electric fields. A small thing, but useful. Note that all of these abilities (except those requiring actually swinging the sword) can be used even when the sword is not summoned.


                              Motivation: Thrills
                              Anthony has always been cocky, but now that he has this power, he revels in his ability to use it--both for superheroics, and for comeuppances of those desperately in need.

                              Motivation: Doing Good
                              Don't let his attitude fool you; Anthony is a committed do-gooder, helping out people (usually anonymously) even before he got his powers.

                              Relationship: Family
                              Anthony's family (parents and older sister) has enough wealth to stay relatively safe, but they still sometimes can present a worry to him--and a slight hassle.

                              Power Loss: Matching Speed
                              With many of Anthony's powers being speed-based, they can often be cancelled by opposing speed. Afterimages is particularly vulnerable; someone with rapid vision, Quickness, time control or something else appropriate could render his Afterimages useless even without taking any action. In such situations, the power loss might warrant a Hero Point.
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