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    I've appreciated reading and learning about M&M character building from the experts here ... and we all know who you all are ... I thought it only fair to at least share my rookie attempts as I play and eventually decide to GM at least online PbP at some point. I'm sure heavy editing on my part is a guaranteed future activity as I continue to learn.

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    Re: Star Guard Characters

    PL: 10 (150 pts) - OPL: 10; DPL: 10; HP: 1


    SKILLS: Acrobatics 0 (+10/+14)[Agile Feint], Athletics (+8), Close Combat [Unarmed] 3 (+6/+10), Expertise [Science] 4 (+8), Insight 0 (+2/+12)[Assessment], Investigation 1 (+5), Perception 2 (+4/+12), Stealth 2 (+12), Technology 1 (+5), Treatment 1 (+5)

    ADVANTAGES: Agile Feint, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (1), Evasion (1), Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Luck (2), Move-by Action, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge

    Spider-Sense: Enhanced Advantages 7 (Agile Feint, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 1, Evasion 1, Move-by Action, Uncanny Dodge), Enhanced Dodge 2, Enhanced Parry 2, Enhanced Skills 9 (Acrobatics 4 ranks, Close Combat [Unarmed] 4, Insight 10 ranks), Enhanced Skills 2 (Perception 8 ranks, Flaw: Limited to Danger Sense checks), Senses 3 (Danger Sense [Mental, Ranged, Extended); 25 pts
    Does Whatever a Spider Can: Leaping 1 (15 ft), Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2 [Normal speed]), Speed 1 (4 mph/60 fpr), Enhanced Strength 1 (12 Tons, Flaw: Limited to lifting); 7 pts
    Retractable Claws: Strength Based Damage 2; 2 pts
    Spider Trap Door : Teleport 9 (2 miles; Extras: Increased Mass 5 [1,600 lbs], Precise, Subtle); 25 pts

    Initiative +10
    Close Attack +3
    Unarmed +8 (+10 with Spider Sense) [Unarmed +8, Claws +10]
    Ranged Attack +0

    Dodge +11 (+13 with Spider Sense) [DC21/23] Parry +11 (+13 with Spider Sense) [DC21/23]
    Toughness +7 (+6 without Defensive Roll), Fortitude +7, Will +5

    Enemy: Stormlord, Magico, Stunner, Changling, The Boss, Bull, Orion the Hunter and on and on...
    Guilt: He still has great guilt over the death of his parents death. It drives him to discover the truth behind their deaths.
    Relationships: Catherine "Cat" Anderson, girlfriend. Dave, Mary, Sean, classmates and gaming friends.
    Responsibility: With great power comes great…
    Secret Identity: He has his secret identity of Jason Reynolds, which he guards fiercely thanks to his Rogues' Gallery.

    Abilities 66 + Skills 7 (14 ranks) + Advantages 5 + Powers 59 + Defenses 13 = 150 / 150

    Build and Background Comments: Jason is obviously a Spider-Man riff with a twist. I've always enjoyed the idea of a Rogue's Gallery and this setting seems perfect for that kind of potential game play.

    Jason tested out of high school at the age of sixteen, after his parents died in a car wreck under mysterious circumstances. Three years later he is a grad student at John Hopkins University. He came into his powers his Freshman year as an intern for the research department in one of New York's biggest tech companies. While maintaining and monitoring an experiment for a Quantum Matter Transfer Device, the city was hit with a class 4 Hurricane.

    Lightning struck the research laboratory Jason was in, and he was caught in the explosion while trying to shut down the generator whose safeties had been destroyed by the storm. He woke up in the ruined laboratory covered in spider bites from the arachnids that has somehow escaped the QMTR's containment chamber. Fire was spreading up and down the building and Jason was trapped on the top floor. Firefighters couldn't reach him and his mind was screaming for him to do the impossible and jump.

    With the building collapsing underneath him, Jason somehow knew no matter how crazy it sounded, he was in more danger staying than trying to jump to the closet building. With a running start he jumped eyes closed and felt a .... blink. Feeling twisted around, Jason opened his eyes and found himself clinging to the side of the neighboring building looking down across four lanes of traffic at the emergency vehicles far below.

    That dark evening after "borrowing" some Under Armor from a local sporting goods store, he helped another hero capture the weather villain Stormlord. Jason now continues studying to follow in his parents footsteps as a scientist during the day and protects the citizens of New York from predators at night.
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      Re: Star Guard Characters


      LRPM-Mk II: Shadow Hawk
      Theme Music

      Fleet Master Chief: Michael Faraday
      PL: 10 (150 pts) - OPL: 10 ; DPL: 10


      SKILLS: Acrobatics (+3), Athletics (+2)[+12], Close Combat: Mech Weapons 3 (+8), Deception (+3), Expertise: Fleet Operations 5 (+10), Insight 8 (+10), Intimidation 2 (+5), Investigation 5 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 2 (+5), Ranged Combat: Mech Weapons 5 (+7), Stealth (+3)[-7], Technology 10 (+15), Treatment (+5), Vehicles (+2)

      ADVANTAGES: Assessment, Benefit: Fleet Master Chief, Connected, Contacts, Favored Environment [Space], Favored Foe [The Swarm], Improvised Tools, Jack-of-All-Trades, Language [Ancient], Teamwork, Ultimate Effort [Technology]

      Ancient A.I.: "Sparks" Feature 1 [Mech A.I.]; 1 pt
      [GM bonus: Fleet Communication Ansible (Flaw: limited range)]
      Ancient Armored Mech: 88 pts Traits, Flaw: Removable (-1 / 5 pts); 70 pts
      Massive Mech: Growth 10 (GM bonus: -8 pts); 12 pts
      (+10 Str, +10 Sta, +5 Intimidation, +1 Speed, -10 Stealth, -5 Dodge/-5 Parry, [Extra: Permanent]; 45 feet tall)
      Self-Contained Environment: Immunity 10
      (GM bonus: -8 pts); 2 pts
      Sensor Array: Senses 9 (Vision [Extended], Infravision, Ultravision, Radio [Extended, Accurate, Acute, Ranged, Radius], Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Time Sense); 9 pts
      Ancient Power Reactor: Enhanced Advantages 3 [Improved Initiative 1, Enhanced Parry 7, Enhanced Dodge 9]; 17 pts
      Flight Systems: 18 pt Array; 19 pts
      Atmospheric: Flight 9 (1000 mph/2 mpr); 18 pts
      Movement 1: (Space); 1 pt
      Weapon Systems: 26pt Array; 29 pts
      Energy Beam: Ranged Energy Damage 13; 26 pt
      Energy Missiles: Ranged Multi-Attack Energy Damage 13
      [Flaw: Unreliable (5 uses) Needs to be recharged]; 1 pt
      Energy Swords: Strength-based Damage 12 (Improved Critical 1, Penetrating 12, Split 1); 1 pt
      Stealth Systems: Concealment [All Senses except Tactile]; 1 pt

      Initiative +3 [+7]
      Close Attack +5
      Close Combat: Mech Weapons [+8]
      Ranged Attack +2
      Ranged Combat: Mech Weapons [+7]

      Dodge +3 [+7], Parry +5 [+7]
      Toughness +3 [+13], Fortitude +3 [+13], Will +7

      Motivation: Destruction of the Swarm
      Motivation: Discovery and study of Ancient tech
      Responsibility: Deep sense of responsibility to the Admiral
      Responsibility: Deep sense of responsibility to safety and welfare of the Fleet personnel

      Abilities 50 + Skills 24 (48 ranks) + Advantages 10 + Powers. 71 + Defenses 5 = 127 / 150

      Build Comments: The idea of playing a mech-pilot in a star spanning epic adventure drew me to the game. I was in the military overseas a lot before giant robots and anime hit it big in the States, so I missed fads like video games, the Internet, MtG and others in the 90s. I did play tabletop Battletech with friends afterwards for a decade, so this is a blend of what was and what could have been. Thanks.

      Before he was the Master Chief, Michael Faraday was just an enlisted engineer aiding Project: Lazarus. It was just one of many such projects aimed at reverse engineering the technology of the Ancients. This one in an isolated backwater system on the edge the frontier. Led by the man who would one day become the "Admiral", Michael was one of a handful of technicians deemed to have the Ancient-gene.

      This is still a work in progress but it finally has a character to go with the Mech


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        Re: Star Guard Characters


        PL: 9 (145 + 4) + (7 exp) = 156 pts
        OPL: 9 ; DPL: 9


        SKILLS: Acrobatics 1 (+7), Athletics (+9), Close Combat [Unarmed] (+8), Deception (+4), Expertise [Oceanography] 2 (+4), Expertise [Tactics] 2 (4), Insight 2 (+6), Intimidation (+4), Perception 6 (+10), Persuasion 6 (+10), Stealth (+6), Technology 1 (+3)

        ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Assessment, Attractive, Benefit (Diplomatic Immunity, Prince of Atlantis), Close Attack 1, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative 1, Languages 2 (Ancient Greek, Atlantean), Leadership, Luck 2, Power Attack. Sidekick 10, Teamwork

        Aquatic Physiology: Immunity 3 (Cold, Suffocation [Drowning], Pressure), Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation [Aquatic]); Senses 2 (Darkvision), (Sonar) Auditory: Accurate, Acute, Radius, Range; 9 pts
        Healing Factor: Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds) ; 2 pts
        Sea Strength: Enhanced Strength 3 (100 Tons, Flaw: Limited to Lifting); 3 pts
        Gift of Artemis: Comprehend 2 [Animals: Subtle (mentally speak to and understand); 5 pts
        Poseidon's Gifts: 14 pt Array; 15 pts
        Wind Riding: Flight 7 (250 mph, 1/2 mpr); 14 pts
        Ocean Currents : Swimming 9 (250 mph, 1/2 mpr); Advantages: Favored Environment (Aquatic), Great Endurance, Hide in Plain Sight, Sonar: Extended 1, Ultimate Effort: Strength; 1 pt
        Atlantean Scalemail: Protection 3, Advantage: Diehard [Flaw: Removable (-1 pts)]; 3 pts


        Initiative +10
        Close Attack +9 [Unarmed +9]
        Ranged Attack +0
        Throwing +0

        Dodge +6 [DC16] Parry +8 [DC18]
        Toughness +10, Fortitude +7, Will +9

        Call to Duty: Although now retired from active service, the Navy still contacts Admiral Curry if they are in need of Seahawk's services.
        Noblesse Oblige: A Prince of Atlantis, he feels a strong sense of responsibility as a guardian of his people.
        Hero Reborn: To carry on the ideals of his parents while becoming a hero in his own right.
        Heavy are the Shoulders: He feels a strong sense of responsibility for the safety of those he leads.
        Enemy's for Today: There is a rogue's gallery of jobber legacy villains following in their parent's footsteps that are ready to lose to him.

        Abilities 80 + Skills 10 (20 ranks) + Advantages 20 (24) + Powers 37 + Defenses 5 = 156/156

        Build Comments: I'm combining two of my favorite Justice Leaguers thanks to inspiration from Flashpoint: Paradox, and as an ex-navy man I also get to enjoy playing the superhero equivalent of a SEAL done meta-style.

        The Story So Far: Joseph Curry was born the son of Arthur Curry Jr. and Stephanie Trevor in the year of the Final Night. His father was killed while assisting Atlantean and Amazonian refugees make their way to an Olympian sanctuary. Grieving, his mother decided to stay in Olympus for a time, but agreed to allow the child to be raised by his father's uncle; an admiral in the United States navy. Thomas Curry and his wife raised the boy to respect and honor service to others and a cause greater than oneself.

        Joseph was born with his aquatic abilities at birth and came into his Olympian gifts at an early age. He spent the school year with his 'parents' and summers with his grandfather. In this manner, he became very comfortable with who and what he was, only wanting to better know the mother who had given him birth. In pursuit of this, he made his way to New Themiscyra, only to be rebuffed from setting foot on the island by his own 'aunt' Atalanta.
        Having lived in the coast his entire life, it was natural, with his abilities, Joseph would assist when trouble struck the community around him. The navy tagged him with the call-sign Seahawk and he has decided to honor his father's companions by keeping it as his codename when entering the Justice League Academy. A sophomore, Joseph is majoring in Oceanography and Military Strategic Studies.

        Characterization: Joseph is driven to make the world a better and safer place. To this end he serves as an ambassador for Atlantis and Themiscyra when called upon. Although loving his parents, the death of his biological father has instilled in him the lesson of ultimate sacrifice for others. Raised in a military family, he feels the need to bring a professional demeanor to the work meta-heroes perform. During his downtime he enjoys exploring the ocean's depths and assisting in the recovery of historical artifacts from maritime craft.

        ONIMIKI (Mick)
        PL: 8 (50 pts) - OPL: 8; DPL: 3


        SKILLS: Acrobatics (+2/+10) [Agile Feint], Athletics (-3), Deception (-3), Insight (+2), Intimidation (-3), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion (-3), Stealth (+2/+10)

        ADVANTAGES: Agile Feint, Close Attack (2), Evasion, Favored Environment (Flying), Move-by Action, Teamwork, Tracking

        Hawk Size:
        Shrinking 8 (-2 Str, +4 Dodge/Parry, +8 Stealth, -4 Intimidation, Speed -2 [1/2 mph/6 fpr], -2 Mass; Extra: Innate, Permanent); 17 pts
        Link to Joseph Curry: Senses 1 (Communication Link [Mental, Joseph Curry); 1 pt
        Avian Senses: Senses 2 (Normal Vision [Extended], Low-Light Vision); 2 pts
        Wings: Flight 5 (60 mph/1000 ft pr; Flaw: Winged); 5 pts
        Aerial Mastery: Enhanced Skills 4 (Acrobatics 8 ranks, Flaw: Limited to when airborne), Enhanced Advantages 1 (Move-by Action); 3 pts
        Talons: Piercing Strength-based Damage 1; 1 pt
        Lightning Strike: Line Area Electrical Damage 8 (Extra: Line Area [30 ft line], Flaw: Limited [5 uses]); 8 pts


        Initiative +3
        Close Attack +3 [Unarmed -3; Talons -2]
        Ranged Attack +0
        Special Attack [Lightning Strike: Line Area Electrical Damage 8 (30 ft line), Flaw: Limited (5 uses)]

        Dodge +9 [DC19] Parry +7 [DC17]
        Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Will +2

        Hawks cannot speak humanoid languages, nor use their talons to easily manipulate objects.

        Abilities -2 + Skills 4 (8 ranks) + Advantages 7 + Powers 37 + Defenses 5 = 50 / 50
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          Re: Star Guard Characters


          PL: 11 (167 pts) - OPL: 11; DPL: 10.5; HP: 1


          SKILLS: Acrobatics 1 (+5), Athletics (+11*), Deception (+2), Expertise [Mythology] 3 (+5), Expertise [Survival] 3 (+5), Insight (+10), Intimidation (+3*), Perception 5 (+15), Persuasion (+2), Stealth (+2*)

          ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Animal Empathy, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Critical 2, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Languages (1) (Ancient Greek, Base: English), Move-By Action, Power Attack

          Olympian Physique: Immunity 3 (Aging, Disease, Poison), Regeneration 5; 8 pts
          Son of Orion: Growth 2* (+2 Str, +2 Sta, -1 Dodge/Parry, -2 Stealth, +1 Intimidation, Speed +0, +2 Mass, Extra: Permanent, Innate); Enhanced Strength 1 (100 Tons, Flaw: Limited to Lifting); 6 pts
          Son of Artemis: 14 pt Array; 15 pts
          Flight of the Falcon: Flight 7 (250 mph); 14 pts
          Move like the Cheetah and Shark: Speed 7 (250 mph, 1/2 mpr), Swimming 7 (250 mph, 1/4 mpr); 1 pt

          Fortitude of the Bull: Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance); 2 pts
          Awareness of the Animals: Senses 6 (Danger Sense, Darkvision, Vision [Each Extended], Hearing [Extended]), Olfactory: Acute, Tracking 2; 9 pts
          Claws of the Lion: Enhanced Advantages [Improved Critical 2]; 2 pts
          Gift of Lelantos: Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses [Flaw: Passive]) 4 pts


          Initiative +8
          Close Attack +11 DC 26 [Claws: Improved Critical 18-20]
          Ranged Attack +2

          Dodge +10 [DC20*] Parry +10 [DC20*]
          Toughness +11, Fortitude +11, Will +10

          Stranger in a Strange Land: Newly arrived from Olympus, Huntsman is unfamiliar with modern historical and cultural references.
          Fearless: Years of hunting those capable of escaping the Underworld has developed the Huntsman's independent nature. While no fool, his over-confidence sometimes causes him to casually step forth where angels fear to dare tread.

          Abilities 98 + Skills 6 (12 ranks) + Advantages 10 + Powers 46 + Defenses 7 = 167 / 167

          Original Build Comments: The Huntsman is a flying warrior capable of holding his own in a fight but excels as a scout. Without access to a laptop at the moment I cribbed Thorpocolypse's most current Wonder Woman build and built around the theme of an Olympian Ranger type. Huntsman is the son of Artemis and Orion, a born tracker, he was raised as such by his mother after his father's death. At the behest of Zeus the Orionson spent centuries working for Hades by tracking those who had escape his Underworld. Tricked by Circe into killing one of Zeus's favored pets, he was forced to spend an thousand years in the dark of Tartarus.

          Once released from his bonds, Orionson was banished to the Earth and now searches for his place in an unfamiliar world. He wears the bracers upon his wrist that are the remnants of the manacles which once held him captive. Doc Steel has been tracking rumors of an individual who worked in the shadows and away from society bringing down beast and men the normal authorities couldn't find or get to. Recently the carcass of a Wendigo was discovered by Mounties on the outskirts of Toronto. Doc has a strong lead and thinks he finally has a chance of discovering who this unknown Huntsman.
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            Re: Star Guard Characters

            (Kara Zor-El)

            PL: 11 (165 pts) - OPL: 11; DPL: 11; HP: 1
            PP: 5 (1 spent)


            SKILLS: Athletics (+12), Close Combat [Unarmed] 6 (+9), Deception (+2), Insight (+2), Intimidation (+2), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 2 (+4), Ranged Combat [Heat Vision] 8 (+10), Stealth (+2)

            ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Attractive,* Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative 2, Languages (1) (English,* Base: Kryptonian), Power Attack

            * Advantages due to Presence bonus

            Invulnerability: Enhanced Advantages [Die Hard, Great Endurance, Immunity 10 (Life Support); 12 pts
            Powers Far Beyond Those of Mortal Women: 24 pt Array; 25 pts
            Heat Vision: Ranged Heat Energy Damage 12; 24 pts
            Super Senses: Senses 24 (Normal Hearing [Acute, Extended 2], Vision Penetrates Concealment ([Extended 3] Flaw: Cannot see through lead), Normal Vision [Extended 3], Infravision [Extended 3], Microscopic Vision 4 [Atomic], Ultra-Hearing [Extended 2]); 1 pt

            Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: 22 pt array; 24pts
            Able to Leap Tall Buildings: Flight 10 (2,000 mph/4 mpr), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Improved Initiative 2); 22 pts
            Space Travel: Movement 1 (Space Travel 1); 1 pt
            Super Speed: Speed 10 (2,000 mph/4 mpr), Quickness 10, Enhanced Advantages 4 (Improved Initiative 2); 1 pt


            Initiative +10
            Close Attack +3
            Unarmed +9 [Unarmed +13]
            Ranged Attack +2
            Heat Vision +10 [Heat Vision +12]

            Dodge +8 [DC18] Parry +8 [DC18]
            Toughness +14, Fortitude +12, Will +9

            Power Loss: Supergirl loses her powers and her Sta is reduced to 2 under a red sun, like that of Krypton, and other effects draining or interfering with the energies of the yellow sun can deprive her of her powers.
            Responsibility: Supergirl feels a strong sense of responsibility to use her powers for the benefit of all.
            Vulnerable: Kryptonians are as vulnerable to magic as anyone else. She loses her Invulnerability's Enhanced Advantages.
            Weakness: Kryptonite...Its radiation saps the Strength and powers of Kryptonians, leaving them impaired, disabled, and eventually debilitated in terms of Strength and power effects. Long-term exposure (usually a matter of minutes, less for a large enough amount) imposes the dying condition and may lead to death.
            Reckless: Kara often heads into the fray looking for the "biggest nail" that needs hammered down. This often puts her in danger and collateral damage is often a sorrowful afterthought.

            Abilities 74 + Skills 8 (24 ranks) + Advantages 4 + Powers 61 + Defenses 20 = 167 / 170

            Build Comments: Tweaked for GM analysis. After reviewing my three sources this is my initial outcome. I further tweaked Thor's E2 Superman build and added a bit more "quickness" to Kara. Anything that looks good is his doing and anything off is obviously mine to fix. Because of her origin she doesn't have many skills or advantages that made sense to me.

            Short Origin: Kara is the daughter of a Alura and Zor-El. Born on Argo, Kara's parents sent her in a small space craft to Earth when Brainiac attacked Argo. Kara's ship was displaced through time and space when the explosion destroyed her planet. Arriving on Earth, Kara's ship crashed into Gotham City Bay. After being recovered by SHIELD, the agency turned her over to Superman. Soon after he had to leave her with the Amazons when he left to investigate the Death Star that had come to the attention on SHIELD. After training with the Amazons, Kara has taken on the mantle and identity of Supergirl and return to the world of man.
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              Re: Star Guard Characters

              CLAYFACE [Dillon Russell]

              PL: 10 (150 pts) - OPL: 10 ; DPL: 10


              SKILLS: Athletics 1 (+9), Close Combat [Unarmed] 4 (+12), Deception 3 (+6), Expertise [Engineering] 4 (+5), Expertise [Military] 4 (+5), Insight 3 (+5), Intimidation 7 (+10), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 3 (+6), Stealth 8 (+10)

              ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Close Attack (2), Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack

              Inhuman: Immunity 8 (Critical Hits, Disease, Heat, Poison, Radiation, Suffocation), Protection 2 (Extra: Impervious 4), Senses 2: Darkvision; 16 pts
              Reassembly: Healing 5 (Flaw: Limited to self) Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds, Extra: Persistent); 9 pts
              Feats of Clay: 21 pt Array; 24 pts
              Shapechange: Feature 1 (Voice Mimic), Morph 4 (Anything); 21 pts
              Hard Clay Form: Strength-based Damage 4 (Extra: Reach [5 ft], Variable Descriptor [Bludgeoning/Piercing]), Protection 4, Impervious 5; 1 pt
              Flowing Clay Form: Bludgeoning Strength-based Damage 2, Elongation 1 (15 ft), Insubstantial 1 (Fluid), Movement 1 (Slithering), Immunity 10 (Bludgeoning Damage, Flaw: Limited to half effect); 1 pt
              Engulf: Cumulative Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude, Overcome by Strength/Damage/Sleight of Hand; 1st: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd: Defenseless and Immobilized, Extra: Extra Condition, Reach 3 [15 ft], Flaw: Limited to two degrees); 1 pt


              Initiative +2
              Close Attack +8 [Hand Clubs +10; Hand Hammers +12; Suffocation Affliction +10]
              Unarmed +12 [Unarmed +8]
              Ranged Attack +2

              Dodge +6 [DC16] Parry +6 [DC16]
              Toughness +10 [+14 in Hard Clay Form, +4 (9 Impervious in Hard Clay Form)], Fortitude +10, Will +7

              Amnesia: The procedure caused large gaps in Tomm's memory. He can feel the love he had for his family but cannot remember their names and faces.

              Protective: Though he has bouts of depression and can be prone to violence, some of his old personality remains and he is protective of children and the elderly.

              Loyal: Amanda Waller's promise to cure him of being Clayface and restore his memories has garnered her a loyal soldier. Lord save her soul from Clayface's retribution if she can't.

              Abilities 64 + Skills 20 (40 ranks) + Advantages 7 + Powers 49 + Defenses 10 = 150 / 150

              Build Comments: Based off of Todd Russell from the DCA/H&V books. Changed the name to Tomm because two Todds would be confusing and who seriously wouldn't want Jason Todd on the Suicide Squad :-) I would have added a few other bits here and there but it seemed they could wait. A bit of a point sink, I decided I had to improve his Impervious to the point he would be bulletproof in Clay Form ... because he is. Other than that it's pretty much borrowed from Thor's Clayface and the DCA books dropped to PL10 and given appropriate skills for an army engineer. I also added darkvision because it always seems he gets around unhindered in the sewers and muck.

              Origin and Background:

              Tomm Russell was a U.S. Army soldier who received serious, disfiguring injuries in the line of duty, after which he was used as a guinea pig for experiments by the D.E.O. Treated with a compound similar to that used on Basil Karlo, Russell developed identical powers, but it also erased most of his memories.

              When Tomm Russell escaped captivity, he became mentally unstable due to the experimental treatments that he was subjected to. The vague memories of a wife who had cheated while he was overseas and self conscious about his appearance, he began killing prostitutes in order to satisfy his violent tendencies.

              Surfacing in Gotham City, Russell began killing prostitutes from the East End, attracting the attention of Catwoman, the East End's sworn protector. Despite having a sheer strength advantage over Catwoman, she managed to defeat him by trapping him inside a freezer. Afterwards, he was placed in cryogenic containment at S.T.A.R. Labs.

              Two years later, Russell was inadvertently sprung by Catwoman when she stole his container from S.T.A.R. Labs without fully knowing what it was. He later aided her in defeating Hugo Strange's gang by posing as Catwoman and staging her death by getting "killed" by Angle Man. Yeah ... he jobbed for Catwoman.

              Since then, Russell has been serving his prison term in Belle Reve. Psychological counseling has "cured" him of the chemically induced psychosis to kill women who looked like his wife. Still subject to bouts of depression and violent outburst Amanda Waller has promised him a true cure and release after serving on the Suicide Squad.


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                Re: Star Guard Characters

                PL: 11 (165 pts) - OPL: 11; DPL: 11; HP: 1 - EP: 1


                SKILLS: Athletics (+15), Deception (+0), Expertise [Science] 4 (+10), Insight (+3), Intimidation 10 (+10/+12) [Startle], Perception 9 (+12), Persuasion (+0), Ranged Combat [Throwing] 7 (+7), Stealth (+2/-2), Technology 4 (+10), Treatment 4 (+10)

                ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Diehard, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (3), Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Languages (2) (Inuit, French, Base: English), Luck (2), Power Attack, Startle, Takedown (1)

                Beast Size: Growth 4 (+4 Str, +4 Sta, -2 Dodge/Parry, -4 Stealth, +2 Intimidation, Speed +0, +4 Mass, Reach [5 ft]; Extra: Innate, Permanent), Enhanced Strength 1 (1,600 Tons, Flaw: Limited to Lifting); 10 pts
                Healing Factor: Immunity 6 [(Aging, Disease, Poisons, Need to Sleep: Limited), Pressure, Cold], Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance), Regeneration 10 (1/every round); 16 pts
                Beast Physiology: Speed 2 (8 mph/120 fpr), Leaping 3 (60 ft); 5 pts
                Fang and Claw: Enhanced Advantages 1 (Improved Critical 3); 3 pts
                Beast Senses: Senses 8 (Normal Sight [Extended]; Normal Hearing [Extended]; Scent [Extended, Accurate, Acute, Tracking], Low-Light Vision); 8 pts


                Initiative +2
                Close Attack +7 [Unarmed +15; Fang and Claw +15, Critical 17-20]
                Ranged Attack +0
                Throwing +7

                Dodge +7 [DC16] Parry +7 [DC16]
                Toughness +15, Fortitude +15, Will +7

                Fame: Beast is popular with tweens, liberal, and fringe environmental groups.
                Monstrous Appearance: His appearance can make it difficult for Beast to blend into normal society.
                Responsibility: To use his powers for the benefit of Canada and the world at large.
                Secret Identity: As one of the few Canadian superheroes, the government maintains his secret identity as a State Secret.

                Abilities 80 + Skills 19 (38 ranks) + Advantages 11 + Powers 42 + Defenses 13 = 165 / 166

                Build and Background Comments:
                The character has elements of Sasquatch, the Beast, Badrock, and even Spider-Man. If Peter Parker was mutant, Canadian, and embraced his powers this might be the direction he would go. Dark and brooding is way overdone in my opinion. Lebron James, move over. Beast is in town and it's time for a young hero to revel in his potential.

                Beast has become a popular figure since arriving from the Great White North. Serving with the Titans, a group of young apprentice heroes, he spent his high school years learning how to control his strength and adapting to a metropolitan environment. Each of the Titans were proud of their team, but dreamed of the day the would shed the label sidekick and join the world's greatest superheroes. Beast never dreamed his chance would come the way in which it did.

                He was asked to join when Luminescent, Ogre and Shade were killed in China. Beast was there, assisting with the prisoner transfer, and held his Mentor Ogre in his arms when the veteran hero died that day. Ogre had found Beast in the Canada, and with the assistance of an Inuit shaman, convinced Beast he was destined for great things if only he had the courage to step forward. When Ogre died it took months for Beast to recover .... and just when Beast was beginning to feel he could continue on, to be the hero Ogre had told him he could be, tragedy struck again.

                Two of the team had quit and more young heroes were called up to take there place. Beast was ecstatic over being reunited with his former Titan team mates. Only a couple weeks had gone by when the worst was about to happen. Called to Empire College, the team was investigating a possible threat, one that was quickly dismissed. Dismissed far to quickly. Sonnet had her throat ripped out, and Pillar's family were killed in the incident. The team's veteran members decided to disband the team and being left out in the cold was chilling, even for a Beast from the Great White North.

                It took time, but eventually Beast would recover. He couldn't go back to the Titans. He was getting older and most of the team were a younger generation being tutored by Pillar. Beast just couldn't stand to see the pain in the man's eyes day after day thinking somehow he could have, should have saved his wife and daughter. So instead, he returned to Canada, and started taking courses at Ottawa University. He wasn't in his father's league as a geneticist, and hadn't declared a major yet, but Beast was excelling in various medical and science courses.

                When the video of at the end of his Sophomore year arrived in his email, he knew the nightmare wasn't over, that it had never ended really, just put on hold for two years. When Anaaya arrived at his dorm room, Beast has been watching the video all night. In shock, rerunning Sonnet's death over and over and over for hours .... and the words scrolling across the screen .... I'm coming for you.

                I think there is enough differences between Justitia and Beast that we can consider them a Thor / Hulk combo .... Pretty sure we know who is who there
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                  Re: Star Guard Characters

                  CAPTAIN AMERICA

                  STEVE ROGERS

                  PL: 10 (180 pts) - OPL: 10 ; DPL: 10 PP: 4 pts unused


                  SKILLS: Acrobatics 6 (+11), Athletics 6 (+11), Deception (+4), Expertise [Military] 8 (+10), Insight 7 (+11), Intimidation 1 (+5), Investigation 3 (+5), Perception 7 (+11), Persuasion 7 (+11), Ranged Combat [Shield] 8 (+12), Stealth 6 (+11), Treatment 3 (+5), Vehicles 1 (+5)

                  ADVANTAGES: Agile Feint, All Out Attack, Assessment, Benefit 3 ("Captain America", Security Clearance) Close Attack (2), Defensive Attack, Diehard, Equipment (3), Extraordinary Effort, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (2) (Shield), Improved Critical (2) (Unarmed), Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative (1), Inspire (5), Languages (4*) (French, German, Japanese, Russian, Base: English), Leadership, Luck 2, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Takedown (2), Teamwork, Ultimate Effort (Persuasion), Uncanny Dodge

                  Super Soldier Enhancements: Immunity 4 (Aging, Disease, Poisons, Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance), Speed 2 (8 mph/120 fpr), Leaping 2 (30 ft), Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds); 11 pts
                  Combat Training: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Uncanny Dodge), Senses 1 (Danger Sense: Auditory), Strength Based Damage 3; 5 pts
                  Star Spangled Shield: 25 pts Traits, Easily Removable (-10 pts); 15 pts
                  Shielding: Enhanced Dodge 2 (Flaw: Sustained), Enhanced Parry 2 (Flaw: Sustained), Enhanced Advantages 1 (Improved Defense), Immmunity 10: Blades and Bullets (Flaw: Sustained), Enhanced Strength 5 (Flaw: Limited to Resisting Movement), Movement: Safe Fall (Flaw: Sustained); 22 pts
                  Shield Toss I: Ranged Strength-Based Damage 3 (Extra: Penetrating 8, Ricochet 4, Flaw: Diminished Range [10/25/50]); 1 pt
                  Shield Toss II: Ranged Strength-Based Damage 3 (Extra: Multi-attack 8, Ricochet 4, Flaw: Diminished Range [10/25/50]); 1 pt
                  Shield Strike: Strength-Based Damage 3 (Extra: Penetrating 8), Weaken 5: Toughness (Extra: Affects Objects, Incurable, Linked); 1 pt

                  (15 pts)
                  Chain Mail Costume: Protection 3; 3 pts
                  Binoculars: Feature 1 (+5 Perception [Visual at Distance]); 1 pt
                  Vehicle: (11 pts)
                  Motorcycle: Size - M, Strength - 1, Speed - 6, Def - 10, Tough - 8, Features 2 - Navigation System; 11 pts

                  Initiative +9
                  Close Attack +12 [Shield & Unarmed: Critical 18-20]
                  Ranged Attack +4
                  Thrown Shield +12 [Shield: Critical 18-20]

                  Dodge +10 (+12 with Shield) [DC20/22] Parry +10 (+12 with Shield) [DC20/22]
                  Toughness +8 (Immunity 10 with Shield), Fortitude +8, Will +12

                  Enemy: The Red Skull and Hydra
                  Man out of Time: Steve is only recently lifted from the year 1945. He is seventy years out of the time he use to know.
                  Patriotism: Next to Uncle Sam, he's the closest thing to a living embodiment of American Patriotism in the world.
                  Power Loss: If Cap misses his target badly, or an opponent catches his shield, etc. he will have to retrieve it, losing itís powers and advantages.
                  Relationships: Steve has a close relationship with Natasha Romanov a former agent of the Soviet Union.
                  Responsibility: He feels a strong sense of responsibility for his country and the superhero community at large.

                  Abilities 78 + Skills 21 (63 ranks) + Advantages 35 + Powers 31 + Defenses 16 = 181 / 185

                  Build Comments: I stole bits and pieces from Jab's, Thor's, and Batgirl's Ready to Play builds and added my own take given Neo's campaign guidelines. I think it is a pretty good simulation considering the settings PL and environment. I think Cap worked best as PL10 here as he isn't the heavy hitter of a group but is designed to a force multiplier and combat melee / skill monkey.

                  I am bringing Cap in straight from the end of WWII. Natasha is working with SHIELD and they are dating and she is helping him adjust to modern culture. More comic less movie version of both. This is a man who just slipped out of time from five years at war and watching the A-bomb dropped on Nagasaki. He is not a naive golden aged hero. Not uber experiences aka long term Avenger or Commander Rogers but on his way.

                  His "Benefit" should reflect a positive response to his iconic reputation in appropriate social situations most similar to the Attractive Advantage at 2 points of effectiveness. Steve is socially oriented and aware the effect heroes are having on a world not "raised" with a slow growth of superhumans. Cap was one of the first through the Merge and has been working closely with SHIELD and Homeland Security since his arrival.

                  In his timeline he worked with the Invaders, knows Thor, Logan, Uncle Sam, yes that Uncle Sam and Commander Steel. Whether any of them are in this time line is another thing altogether. Any two elements Neo wants to incorporate into our stories works for me. Being an Icon comes with its built in benefits and complications. I say "Bring em on."


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                    Re: Star Guard Characters

                    BLACK GOLIATH

                    John Thomas Foster
                    PL: 10 (150 pts) - OPL: 10 ; DPL: 10


                    SKILLS: Athletics 3 (+5/15*), Close Combat [Unarmed] 3 (+8), Deception (+1), Expertise [Business] 6 (+15), Expertise [Soldier] 1 (+10), Expertise [Science] 6 (+15), Insight 3 (+5), Intimidation (+1/-7/12*), Investigation 1 (+10), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion (+1), Ranged Combat [Guns] 3 (+5), Ranged Combat [Throwing] 6 (+8), Stealth 4 (+5/+21/-5), Technology 6 (+15), Treatment 1 (+10)

                    ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack, Benefit 4 (Multi-Millionaire), Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Inventor, Luck 1, Minion 12 (Dyson Spheres 2), Power Attack, Skill Mastery 2 (Expertise: Science, Technology), Speed of Thought, Takedown 2, Ultimate Effort 2 (Expertise: Science, Technology)

                    Pym Particles II
                    Black Goliath Size:Growth 10 (+10 Str, +10 Sta, -5 Dodge/Parry, -10 Stealth, +5 Intimidation, Speed +1, +10 Mass [45 ft]); Enhanced Advantage: Improved Grab, Improved Hold; Enhanced Trait: Dodge/Parry 5; Limited: [only to offset Growth]; Enhanced Trait: Intimidation 6, Quirk: [+1 per 2 ranks of Growth]; Speed 2; Flaw: Limited [only when using Growth 10]; 30 pts
                    Black Beetle Size: [AE] Shrinking 16 (-4 Str, +8 Dodge/Parry, +16 Stealth, -8 Intimidation, Speed -2, -4 Mass [3 inches]); Flaw: Custom [GM Complication]; Enhanced Advantages: Hide in Plain Sight; Enhanced Ability: Strength 4, Stamina 2 and Speed 2, Flight 6 (120 mph; Flaw: Wings); Flaw: Limited [only when using Shrinking 16];
                    1 pts

                    Technical Interfacing: Senses 2 (Communication Link, Radio; Dyson-Spheres), Comprehend 2 (Speak, Understand Machines, Flaw: Limited [Modern technology]); 4 pts


                    Initiative +9
                    Close Attack +5 [Unarmed +8]
                    Ranged Attack +2 [Guns +5], [Throwing +8]

                    Dodge +8/16/8 [DC18/26] Parry +8/16/8 [DC18/26]
                    Toughness +2/4/12, Fortitude +2/4/12, Will +8

                    Power Complication: to be determined by the GM.
                    Legacy: To be the hero his uncle could have been.
                    Loyalty: Protective of his country, his comrades, and his business.
                    Rivals: Anthony Stark and Reed Richards involvement in his uncles death drives John to surpass both in any endeavor possible.

                    Abilities 48 + Skills 23 (46 ranks) + Advantages 28 + Powers 35 + Defenses 16 = 150 / 150

                    Background: Turning down a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, John joined the Marines after high school. It taught him the discipline needed to harness a brilliant mind that had never been properly challenged by the Orange County public school system. After a tour overseas, John looking for even greater challenges and applied to MIT. John during his graduate studies, he spent a year abroad in Wakanda, and later was a teaching assistant for Bruce Banner during the famous scientist period as a visiting Professor.

                    An ally of the Hulk and rival of Tony Stark and Reed Richards, with the aid of T'Challa, John went on to reproduce Hank Pym's amazing Pym Particles and start his own research and development laboratory in Los Angeles. Small scale compared to the likes of Stark Industries, the Foster Foundation strives to improve technological access to the "common man" and represents a new style of relationship between a hero and the community he serves.

                    DYSON-SPHERES 2
                    PL: 8 (90 pts) - OPL: 0 ; DPL: 8


                    SKILLS: Athletics (-4), Stealth (0/+16)

                    ADVANTAGES: Well-Informed

                    Machine Construct: Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects); 30 pts
                    Balls of Steel: Protection 4; 4 pts
                    Small Size: Shrinking 16 (-4 Str, +8 Dodge/Parry, +16 Stealth, -8 Intimidation, Speed -4, -4 Mass; Extra: Innate, Flaw: Permanent); 33 pts
                    Self Propulsion: Flight 5 (60 mph; 1/2 mpr); 10 pts
                    Invisible to Machines: Concealment 10 (All Senses, Flaw: Limited to machines); 10 pts
                    Projected Display: Feature 1 (Dysons can create small, simple, and fairly obvious visual images suitable for displaying information, the equivalent of showing 3-D pictures); 1 pt
                    Sensor Suite : Senses 3 (Communication Link, Foster's comm-link, Radio, Tracking); 3 pt
                    Radio Emitters: Communication 3 (Radio; Statewide/Small Nation); 12 pt
                    Database: Advantage [Well-Informed]; 1 pt
                    Recording Device: Feature 1 (Video/Audio Recording); 1 pt
                    Scanning Beam: Variable 1 (5 pts Traits, Extra: Action [Move] Flaw: Limited to Senses); 7 pts


                    Initiative +0
                    Close Attack +0 [Unarmed -4]
                    Ranged Attack +0

                    Dodge +12 [DC22] Parry +12 [DC22]
                    Toughness +4, Fortitude Immune, Will Immune

                    Responsibility: Serve John Thomas Foster.
                    Vulnerable: Dysons are vulnerable to EMPs and magnetic effects, taking an extra degree of failure against them

                    Abilities -30 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Advantages 0 + Powers 112 + Defenses 8 = 90 / 90
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                      Re: Star Guard Characters

                      Han'ar Thal
                      PL: 10 (135 pts) - OPL: 10; DPL: 10; HP: 1 LP: 2


                      SKILLS: Acrobatics (+4/+10), Athletics 1 (+6), Deception (+2), Expertise [History] 4 (+6), Expertise [Military] 4 (+6), Insight 6 (+12), Intimidation 4 (+6), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 6 (+12), Persuasion (+2), Stealth 3 (+7), Technology 4 (+6)

                      ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Assessment, Beginner's Luck, Close Attack (2), Defensive Roll (3), Equipment (2), Evasion 2, Favored Environment (Flying), Languages (1) (Thanagarian, 1 other, Base: English), Luck (2), Power Attack, Takedown (1), Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

                      One with the Birds: Feature 1 (Birds accept Han'ar as one of their own); 1 pt
                      Thanagarian Physiology: Feature 1 (Longevity), Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds), Senses 2 (Normal Vision [Extended], Normal Hearing [Extended]), Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation [High Altitude]), Flight 7 (250 mph / 1/2mpr; Flaw: Wings); 13 pts
                      Aerial Mastery: Enhanced Skills 3 (Acrobatics 6 ranks, Flaw: Limited to when Flying), Enhanced Advantages 3 (Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge, Flaw: Limited to when flying); 3 pts

                      (10 pts)
                      Medium Shield: +2 to Active Defenses; 4 pts
                      Mace: Bludgeoning Strength-Based Damage 3; 3 pts
                      Cestus: Bludgeoning Strength-Based Damage 1; 1 pt
                      Knife: Piercing Strength-Based Damage 1, Dangerous; 2 pts

                      Initiative +4
                      Close Attack +12 [Unarmed +6; Mace +8, Critical 20; Knife +6, Critical 19-20; Cestus +6, Critical 20]

                      Dodge +10 (+12 with Shield) [DC20/22] Parry +10 (+12 with Shield) [DC20/22]
                      Toughness +8 (+5 without Defensive Roll), Fortitude +8, Will +11

                      Enemies: Airstryke (William Kavanagh) and Condor (John Trujillo). Pawns of Mongol used to raid and cause terror.
                      Relationships: With his mother, Shayera Thal.
                      Responsibility: To rebuild legacy of good done by the Justice League before the meta-human war.

                      Abilities 72 + Skills 17 (34 ranks) + Advantages 17 + Powers 17 + Defenses 12 = 135 / 135

                      Background and Build Comments: This should be fun. Hawkman legacy, reincarnation of Katar Hol, who died fighting Mongol's forces after the destruction of Coast City. Han'ar now lives with his mother Shayera in Chicago when he isn't striking at Mongol forces in the Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon. The past few months he has been assisting NUSA recon teams operating out of abandoned military bases around Colorado Springs.

                      Minor background tweaking still in progress


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                        Re: Star Guard Characters

                        aka Seven

                        PL: 8 (120 pts) - OPL: 8; DPL: 8; HP: 1; LP: 3


                        SKILLS: Acrobatics 6 (+12) [Agile Feint], Athletics 2 (+8), Deception (+0), Expertise [Tactics] 4 (+4), Insight 6 (+12) [Assessment], Intimidation (+0), Perception 6 (+12), Persuasion (+0), Ranged Combat (+0), Stealth 6 (+12) [Hide in Plain Sight]

                        ADVANTAGES: Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Evasion (1), Extraordinary Effort, Great Endurance,Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical (3) (Unarmed), Improved Initiative, Luck Points (3), Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge

                        Super Soldier Enhancements: Immunity 3 (Aging, Disease, Poisons), Enhanced Advantages 4 (Diehard, Extraordinary Effort, Great Endurance, Improved Initiative), Speed 2 (8 mph/120 fpr), Leaping 2 (30 ft), Regeneration 5 (1/every 2 rounds); 16 pts


                        Initiative +10
                        Close Attack +10
                        Unarmed +10 [Unarmed +6, Critical 17-20]
                        Ranged Attack +0

                        Dodge +10 [DC20] Parry +10 [DC20]
                        Toughness +6, Fortitude +6, Will +8

                        COMPLICATIONS: WIP

                        Abilities 68 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Advantages 15 + Powers 16 + Defenses 6 = 120 / 120

                        Build Comments: The Dorsai are genetically bred and modified to be the ultimate human fighting force. D7 is his clan's latest super-soldier prototype. Specifically designed to prove the superiority of "true" humans, D7 represents the penultimate of human evolution. Still in the early stages of his training D7 is driven to represent the honor of his Clan.


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                          Re: Star Guard Characters

                          Thomas Goode
                          Height: 6ft Weight: 182 lbs
                          Hair: Black Eyes: Indigo

                          PL: 10 (150 pts) - OPL: 10; DPL: 9; HP: 1 - LP: 2


                          SKILLS: Acrobatic (+4), Athletics (+1), Close Combat (+2), Deception (+4/+9) [Attractive], Expertise [Streetwise] (+4), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation (+4), Investigation (+4), Perception 4 (+10), Persuasion (+4/+9) [Attractive], Ranged Combat (+3), Sleight of Hand 1 (+4), Stealth (+4), Technology (+4), Treatment (+4), Vehicles 1 (+4)

                          ADVANTAGES: Attractive* (2), Beginner's Luck, Benefit (Wealth 4 Multi-millionaire) Eidetic Memory, Equipment (2), Jack-of-all-trades, Languages* (2) (Japanese, Arabic, Base: English), Luck (2)

                          Psionic Powers: 51 pts
                          Mental Blast: Perception Ranged Mental Damage 10 (Extra: Alternative Check [Will], Subtle); 41 pts
                          Telekinetic Blast: Perception Ranged Burst Force Damage 10 (Extra: Subtle); 1 pts
                          Telekinesis: Perception Ranged Burst Move Object 10 (Extra: Subtle); 1 pt
                          Telekinetic Force Shields: Create 10 (Force Objects, Extras: Dynamic); 2 pts
                          Telepathic Communication: Communication 3 (Mental, Anywhere on Earth; Extra: Subtle and Dynamic); 2 pts
                          Telepathy: Mind Reading 10 (Extra: Subtle, Dynamic); 2 pts
                          Psychic Senses: Senses 3 (Radius and Ranged); 2 pts

                          Mind Shield: Enhanced Will 6 (Flaw: Limited to Mental Effects); 3 pts
                          Telekinetic Force Field: Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious 8 , Flaw: Sustained); 18 pts

                          Vehicle: (10 pts)
                          Motorcycle: Size - M, Strength - 1, Speed - 6, Def - 10, Tough - 8

                          Initiative +4
                          Close Attack +2 [Unarmed +2]
                          Ranged Attack +3
                          Special Attacks [Mental Blast +10, Perception]; Telekinetic Blast +10, Perception; Telekinetic Force Shields: Create 10, Perception]

                          Dodge +6 [DC16] Parry +6 [DC16]
                          Toughness +2/+12 (Impervious 8 with Telekinetic Force Field), Fortitude +6, Will +8/+12 (Mind Shield)

                          Enemy: CADMUS
                          Enemy: Fearsome Five
                          Secret: Cloned from Psimon and another unknown DNA donor.
                          Quirk: Will not use his telepathic abilities without probable cause.

                          Abilities 52 + Skills 5 (10 ranks) + Advantages 14 + Powers 72 + Defenses 10 - 150 / 150

                          Build Comments: Fortune is a powered up version of a PL 7 character submission for a game Hound was running. He was suppose to enter play after the initial but alas it never happened. That experience made this build possible. I usually play Paragon/Powerhouse types so this is a divergence I hope to have an opportunity at trying my hand at. I wanted to focus on his powers not abilities which causes him to be slightly underpowered defensively. I feel offensively he's a toolkit, but not a BiG GuN, especially since I am avoiding Mind Control. Mind Reading ... This can be problematic for a GM. I'm going the Martian Manhunter approach and adding a moral element as to why he doesn't use it liberally. His time in Japan imbued in him a respect for people's privacy and follows a probable cause approach when using this power. Doing so will result in an opponent receiving a Hero (Villain) Point or other suitable GM device.

                          Background: Young Justice anime/cartoon inspired Origin
                          Thomas Goode is the clone of Psimon and another unknown DNA donor. "The Light" wanted to develop a telepath they could control and CADMUS was charged with creating one by all means possible. Dubbilex was initially considered a success by CADMUS, but "The Light" needed a more human appearing agent. When a team of Justice League sidekicks invaded CADMUS's underground base, they engaged CADMUS security forces after freeing another genomorph codenamed Project: Kr. Dubbilex aided the young Justice League sidekicks to escape with the clone Superboy, and during the ensuing battle was able to stage the destruction of Project: Ganesh. The elder g-goblin planted a number of suggestions in the young clone's mind and sent him far away from Metropolis as possible.

                          Adopting the name Thomas Goode, Fortune traveled the world spending time in Europe, the Africa and the Far East. Never staying in one location more than a few months until fell in love with a Japanese girl, Akame. The granddaughter of a Yakuza gambling house, Thomas helped prevent an opposing family from kidnapping Akame. For a few months, Thomas lived with the Yakuza family and life was good, but his fortunes were soon to change. The Fearsome Five took Akame's grandfather and other Yakuza leaders while working for Brother Blood. Reluctantly Thomas revealed his powers and aided the Teen Titans stop a ritual designed to bring Trigon to Earth using the Yakuza leaders as sacrificial offerings. Afraid CADMUS would learn of his existence, Thomas said goodbye to Akame and fled to the Middle East.

                          Using the gambling lessons the old man had taught him, Thomas spent the next couple years slowly working the world's richest gambling houses. Spending most of his time in Dubai, Thom careful not to draw attention to himself eventually garnered a fortune worth millions of dollars at the tables of Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, Bludhaven, Kampala, New Carthage, and Jump City. Recently though, Thomas has tired of running and developed a plan to face his past. Over the past few months he had slowly been buying stock in CADMUS's umbrella companies. It is this plan that has brought Thomas Goode to Metropolis.
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                            Re: Star Guard Characters

                            BRAWLER (DRAKE JONES)
                            PL: 11 (165 pts) - OPL: 11; DPL: 11; HP: 1; LP: 3


                            SKILLS: Acrobatics (+5), Athletics (+14), Beginner's Luck, Close Combat (+8), Deception (+5), Expertise [Military] 4 (+5), Insight 2 (+5), Intimidation (+5), Investigation (+1), Perception 7 (+10), Persuasion (+5), Ranged Combat 3 [Thrown Objects] (+8), Sleight of Hand (+5), Stealth (+5), Technology (+1), Treatment (+1),Vehicles (+5)
                            ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack, Extraordinary Effort, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Inspire (5), Interpose, Jack-of-all-trades, Languages (1) (Arabic, Base: English), Luck (3), Power Attack, Takedown (1)

                            Indomitable: Immunity 4 (Aging, Disease, Poisons, Sleep), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Extraordinary Effort, Great Endurance); 6 pts
                            Never Say Die: Regeneration 5 (1/every other round), Immortality 1 (Two Weeks); 7 pts
                            Flight: Flight 7 (250mph, 0.5 mile/turn); 14 pts


                            Initiative +5
                            Close Attack +8 [Unarmed +8]
                            Ranged Attack +5 [Thrown Objects +8]

                            Dodge +8 [DC18] Parry +8 [DC 18]
                            Toughness +14, Fortitude +14, Will +8

                            Enemy: Kobra; religious cult bent upon world domination.
                            Over-confidence: Brawler's resistance to harm gives him a false sense of invulnerability at times.
                            Patriotism: A military brat, Drake has always had a strong sense of patriotism.
                            Responsibility: Always feels a strong sense of responsibility for his teams safety.
                            Secret: Even Drake is unaware of a secret about his life that is destined to change him forever.

                            Abilities 110 + Skills 8 (16 ranks) + Advantages 17 + Powers 27 + Defenses 3 = 165 / 165

                            Build Comments: Drake's cells act as miniature nuclear fusion generators. The process that endued him with his abilities, increased the density of his cellular structure, while also increasing his healing in such a way as to make him practically immortal. The source of his ability to fly is still up for debate, but the closest DARPA could come to an explanation was that the fusion process somehow allows Jones to sub-consciously negate and control gravitonic particles.
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                              Re: Star Guard Characters

                              QUANTUM LAD; Lyle Nah-Wazzo
                              PL: 12 (180 pts) - OPL: 12; DPL: 12; HP: 1


                              SKILLS: Acrobatics (+0), Athletics (+2/+16), Close Combat [Molecular Disruption] 2 (+10), Deception 1 (+5/10), Expertise [Streetwise] 10 (+12), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation (+4), Investigation 10 (+12), Perception 8 (+12), Persuasion 1 (+5/10), Ranged Combat (+3), Sleight of Hand (+0), Stealth 3 (+6), Technology 4 (+6), Treatment (+0), Vehicles 7 (+10)

                              ADVANTAGES; All-out Attack, Assessment, Attractive 2*, Benefit 2 [Legion Espionage Squad, Legion Flight Ring x2], Connected, Defensive Attack, Fast Grab, [i]Great Endurance[/b], Improved Grab, Inspire 2*, Leadership, Luck 2, Power Attack, Teamwork, Well-informed.
                              *Presence bonus Advantages 4

                              Density/Matter Manipulation: 28 pt Array; 30 pts
                              [Flaw: move action required to shift from one state of matter to another]
                              Density Increase: Growth
                              [Density] 14 (+14 Str, +14 End, +14 mass ranks, +0 size ranks, -3 speed ranks, Advantage: Great Endurance); 28 pt
                              Intangibility: Insubstantial 4
                              ; 1 pt
                              Invisibility: Hearing, All Visual Senses
                              ; 1 pt
                              Linked Powers
                              Power Lifting: +4 Str (linked to Density Increase)
                              ; 4 pts
                              Invulnerability: Impervious 16 (linked to Density Increase)
                              ; 16 pts
                              Molecular Disruption: Affliction 14 (Resisted by Toughness; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)
                              [Extra; Only Affects Corporeal Objects] (linked to Intangibility); 28 pts

                              EQUIPMENT: Free
                              Flight Rings
                              Removable (-6 points)
                              Flight 4 [Aquatic, Dynamic]
                              Dyn: Enhanced Flight: Feature 1 [2Ranks Enhanced Flight on wearer's existing flight rank]
                              Dyn: Super Strength: Power-Lifting9 [Does not stack with existing strength bonuses; Dynamic]
                              Comm Link: Communication 4
                              Environmental Independence:Immunity 9 [(Immunity to Disease, Poison, All EnvironmentalConditions, Suffocation; Selective; Removable -3],
                              Quick Change: Feature 1
                              Telepathic Earplug
                              Understand, Be Understood (Comprehend2), Linked to Mental Communication 2, Removable -2

                              Initiative +3
                              Close Attack +8 [Unarmed +8; Density Increase +8; Molecular Disruption +10]
                              Ranged Attack +0

                              Dodge +8 [DC18] Parry +8 [DC18]
                              Toughness +2 (+16 Impervious with Density Increase), Fortitude +2 (+16 with Density Increase), Will +8

                              Enemies: The Legion has a vast list of enemies, and to strike at their child would be a dark curse indeed.
                              Relationships: Lyle has two younger siblings of which he is extremely protective, and has a loving relationship with his mother and father.
                              Responsibility: Lyle is fully aware of the weight of the Legion legacy, taking his appointment to the Espionage League Squad seriously, hoping one day to become elected a Legion leader same as his father.

                              Abilities 56 + Skills 18 (54 ranks) + Advantages 14 + Powers 78 + Defenses 9 = 175 / 180

                              Build Comments: Obviously inspired by long Legion romance of Jo Hah and Tinya Wazzo. The build is suppose to hint at the powers of both without directly copying either. Actually Thor's PC ready Vision gave me my start. You will quickly notice I have 5 points hanging out there. Honestly it could have been closer to 30 and it wouldn't have bothered me but in the end decided Lyle needed an attack while he was intangible in what is promised to be a combat heavy game.

                              Speaking of the first name Lyle. I decided to honor fallen Legionnaires in the build, first the original Invisible Kid: Lyle Norg, who Phantom Girl would have known well from their duty on the Espionage Squad, and Quantum Kid: because Ferro Boy potentially has a legacy in play and anyone who has had three different writers kill them off needs some props. Additionally, I couldn't settle on a codename I really liked so this is close as I can get with a Legion tie-in without flatout thievery .

                              Lyle will have the older brother classic personality traits. Over-protectiveness with traces or resentment that the younglings always are getting to do things before he ever could. Also while they love him, the family on his mother's side are disappointed that Lyle did not inherit his mother's abilities, but can only simulate them due to the genetic machinations caused by Jo Nah time within the energy beast that gave Ultra Boy his powers. Quantum cannot see into or enter the Phantom Zone unless added by technological means. He draws and shunts his mass into and from another dimension that has yet to be discovered.

                              Born on Earth, Lyle graduated the Legion Academy three years ago. As Quantum, he has been under the tutelage of Reep Daggle aka Chameleon Boy. Reep insist that firsthand information acquired by intelligent assets such as the Espionage Squad is as much a reason for the relative peace in modern times than any show of force by the Legion or Science Police. As much as Lyle desires to someday prove himself to his family, his father, by becoming a Team Leader, he realizes that times have changed and maybe Reep can prepare him to lead a different Legion, a Legion the universe needs for today.


                              For centuries Superman was a beloved historical figure whose life changed the future and whose example helped shape the United Planets. When he returned two decades ago, it was like the return of the divine to many during the times of darkness ... and then he was gone. Lyle grew up inspired almost to the point of worship as a young boy by his parents stories of Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes. After the Academy graduation, he and Impulse both got tattoos of the House of El and Flash symbols ... mother was no amused, but considering the things Tinya and Jo had done at his age they couldn't come down to hard on their eldest son ... the new Legions newest inductee.

                              400 tons .... that's a lot of weight even for 30th century science and the intellect of Brainiac 5 .... yeah, just like Blok, the new kid needed an extra push, all it required was two of the Legion's latest model of Flight rings to keep Quantum on the move.
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