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    Crowd [3e]

    Originally posted by Hound View Post
    Well I guess if I had to choose between either a duplicator with a limit of about 2 to 4 copies at most or a liquid metal man, I guess I would choose.... the duplicator? But I don't know, it depends more on the character rather than the powers. You don't need amazing, ground shattering powers to be an interesting character, and vice versa, having amazing versatile powers does not make you interesting.
    I guess I should have specified, he's a duplicator by descriptor only. I got the basis of the build from Rush's The Cast. I had been trying to build a duplicator on my own for a very long time and kept getting wrapped around the Summon power and investing 100+ pts in it and still not hitting all the tricks I wanted. His duplicator by descriptor only really hit exactly what I was trying to build. Since I was leaning more towards the duplicator I'm going to post it and let you see what you think. If you hate it I will replace it with the living metal guy.

    - Aerlock

    Trevor "Crowd" Johnson - PL 8

    Crowds Armor:

    Crowds Helmets:

    Abilities Rank Power Bonus Base Cost 20 pts
    Strength 1 0 1 2
    Stamina 4 0 4 8
    Agility 2 0 2 4
    Dexterity 0 0 0 0
    Fighting 3 0 3 6
    Intellect 2 2 0 0
    Awareness 2 2 0 0
    Presence 0 0 0 0
    Advantages Rank From Power? Cost 9 pts
    Benefit, Ambidexterity 1 No 1
    Benefit, Wealth (well-off) 1 No 1
    Eidetic Memory 1 Yes 0
    Equipment 6 No 6
    Instant Up 1 Yes 0
    Teamwork 1 No 1
    Skills Rank Ability Bonus Power Bonus Base Cost 11 pts
    Athletics 3 1 0 2 1
    Deception 6 0 0 6 3
    Insight 4 2 0 2 1
    Investigation 10 2 6 2 1
    Perception 12 2 6 4 2
    Persuasion 2 0 0 2 1
    Technology 4 2 0 2 1
    Treatment 3 2 0 1 .5
    Vehicles 1 0 0 1 .5
    Powers Sub Power Effect Effect Rank Extras/Flaws Extra/Flaw Rank Benefit/Description Cost 84 pts
    Clone Combat Collection of other powers 15 pts
    Everybody Block Enhanced Parry 6 Parry +6 6 pts
    Missed Me Enhanced Dodge 6 Dodge +6 6 pts
    Never Really Down Enhanced Advantages 1 Instant Up 1 pt
    That's Not The Real Me Protection 2 Toughness +2 2 pts
    Duplication Effects Collection of other powers 14 pts
    Duplicate Movement 4 pts
    Teleport 2 120 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs 4 pts
    Change Direction 1 The target dupe doesn't need to be facing the same way as the "real" him 1 pt
    Change Velocity 1 The target dupe can be moving if the "real" him is still or vice versa 1 pt
    Subtle 1 This power is him moving the "real" him around in the group of clones so its not real noticable where the "real" him is 1 pt
    Medium: Clones 2 He can only teleport to where a clone already is -2 pts
    Quirk 1 Must be able to physically traverse the intervening space -1 pt
    Lost in the Crowd 10 pts
    Concealment 10 20 pts
    Limited 10 All duplicates are visible, the "real" him is hidden in the crowd -10 pts
    Housekeeping Feature 1 He creates several “servant” dupes to handle various routine, mundane tasks, kind of like a portable Personnel Feature for a headquarters. 1 pt
    Instant Mobs 19 pts
    Move Object 8 16 pts
    Burst Area 8 30 feet radius sphere; DC 18 for half damage 8 pts
    Alternate Resistance Resisted by Parry 0 pts
    Damaging 8 DC 23 Toughness save if hit, DC 19 if Parry save made 8 pts
    Selective 8 Allows him to decide who is and is not affected by it 8 pts
    Precise 1 He can use this effect to perform tasks requiring delicacy and fine control 1 pt
    Feedback 8 Damage taken when clones are hit -8 pts
    Reduced Range 8 Close Range -8 pts
    Reduced Mass 4 800 lbs max capacity -4 pts
    Quirk 2 Needs physical access to area, Solid non-harmful objects only -2 pts
    King of Cosplay 11 pts
    Morph 3 Broad Group: Humanoids; +20 Deception checks to disguise 15 pts
    Increased Duration 3 Continuous Duration 3 pts
    Activation 2 Standard Action to activate -2 pts
    Increased Action 1 Move Action to create the modified duplicate -3 pts
    Quirk 2 The original still exists and The dupe still looks like him, just him as an Elf/Borg/Hulk/Etc. -2 pts
    Monitor Feature 1 He always knows the condition of any of his dupes. 1 pt
    Teamwork Collection of other powers 23 pts
    Canvas the Crowd Enhanced Investigation 6 Investigation +6 3 pts
    Constant Attention Enhanced Awareness 2 Awareness +2 4 pts
    Extra Eyeballs Enhanced Perception 6 Perception +6 3 pts
    Extra Perspectives Senses 3 Accurate: Hearing, Radius: Vision 3 pts
    Group Analysis Enhanced Intellect 2 Intellect +2 4 pts
    Student Body Enhanced Advantages 1 Eidetic Memory 1 pt
    Team Effort 1 pt
    Quickness 2 Perform routine tasks in -2 time ranks 2 pts
    Quirk 1 Only actions that are parallel in nature -1 pt
    We Can Do It Enhanced Will 4 Will +4 4 pts
    Equipment Cost 30 ep
    Cell Phone (Smartphone) 2
    First Aid kit 1 1
    Flash Goggles 1
    Flashlight 1
    Gas Mask 1
    Motorcycle 10
    Multi-tool 1
    Pepper Spray 2
    Taser 10
    Toolkit (Basic) 1
    Offense Attack Bonus DC Defense Type
    Initiative 2 N/A N/A
    Grab 3 11 Special
    Instant Mobs Burst Area 23 Parry
    Pepper Spray 3 14 Dodge/Fortitude
    Taser 0 15 Fort
    Throw 0 16 Toughness
    Unarmed 3 16 Toughness
    Defense Rank Ability Bonus Power Bonus Base Cost 6 pts
    Dodge 10 2 6 2 2
    Parry 10 3 6 1 1
    Fortitude 4 4 0 1 1
    Toughness 6 4 2 0 0
    Will 8 2 4 2 2


    Power Points
    Abilities 20 + Powers 84 + Advantages 9 + Skills 11 (22 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 130

    Identity: He is trying to keep his regular identity separate from his Super Hero identity.
    Motivation: Thrills: It feels good to use his power. REAL good. It's almost like getting high. To the point that he has a hard time not creating duplicates when he's not otherwise distracted.
    Power Loss: He needs space to manifest his dupes and he cannot dupe through objects. If his crowd is ever reduced to just himself and he's confined in an area without space to manifest a dupe or three, he loses all his powers.
    Quirk: Entangled Feedback: Each instance of him is equally likely to be the "real him." So even though, in game terms, the mechanics of his powers would normally allow him to sit back and attack in relative safety, instantiating duplicates actually presents some risk. Whenever a duplicate is manifested, it can be targeted, and there's a chance any damage done will ripple through all of them, in a sense actually affecting the "real him". The chance is proportional to the number of instances active (to as low as a 1/20 chance.) For example, if he is using Decoys and is in melee combat with one opponent, and has 6 total instances active, then if the opponent targets one of them with a punch, there's a 1/6 chance that any damage done to the instance will actually be to the "real him".
    Relationship: Alan and Ito, a couple of his close friends and gaming buddies from college know about his powers.
    Secret: He has super powers!

    Gender: Male (usually)
    Age: 25
    Height: 5' 8" (usually)
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Hair: Black (usually)
    Eyes: Black (usually)
    Species: Human (usually)
    Race: Native American/Asian mix (usually)

    Trevor grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. He had very few friends, and what friends he had were more like acquaintances than anything else. None of the other kids were into the same things he was. He was (still is) a fan of tabletop RPGs, Anime, Comics, Physics, Robotics, etc. and finding someone that has even heard of those things, much less liked them, in his small town was difficult. He didn't have any close friends, much less a girl friend, all through high school. That all changed when he went away to college in West Port City. He discovered other people with the same interests. He was introduced to Cosplay and the Maker community and added those to his list of many, many things he loved. He still hasn't been successful in the girlfriend department, but his growing confidence due to being an actual super hero might change that soon. Though the possibilities of his ability to create dupes of different races/sexes have crossed his mind, he hasn't acted on those either.

    During his senior year of college he was helping his friends Alan and Ito on their Applied Physics final. Their project was to build a "small" particle accelerator, that if they were successful, would increase the efficiency and reduce the power requirements of physics experiments for everyone. Unfortunately for his friends and fortunately for him something went wrong during one of the test runs. Just as Trevor was adjusting one of the particle guiding magnets a couple of dimensionally teleporting supers popped into the room in the middle of a fight. They were popping in and out of the room multiple times a second trying to get the better of the other and disappeared again after about thirty seconds. Their fight somehow activated the accelerator and the particle beam shot out of the misaligned guide and struck Trevor. The residual dimensional energies from the teleporters were somehow caught by the accelerator and fed through the guides directly into Trevor. After the teleporters disappeared Alan, Ito and Trevor started calling out to each other to see if they were all right. Trevor noticed an echo when he spoke and turned around to see himself.

    After a brief freak out on the part of all 4 of the people (Alan, Ito and 2 Trevors) in the room, Trevor discovered that he now had the ability to effortlessly summon duplicates of himself. He swore Alan and Ito to secrecy. They spent many weeks discovering the extent of Trevors power and brainstorming ways to use it. Super heroics frequently came up, as well as ways to make money with it. Being poor college students they tried the money making first. Direct duplication of the cash was out, so was duplication of items/materials since they quickly discovered that anything duped disappeared a few minutes after it was out of a dupes hands/personal space. They also found that once a dupe de-instanced, any duped items de-instanced as well. They did discover however that Trevor could choose the instance of duped items that stayed "real". Using that ability and scouring the local Craigslist Trevor spent a few months with several dupes finding and fixing things up for resale, always making sure to dupe the items during repairs so that if one of the dupes messed up he had a backup copy to make "real". He also had his dupes take any job available. Between his Craigslist endeavors and the multiple jobs, he managed to build up quite a substantial nest egg and bought himself, and his friends a large house. He is still working multiple jobs at the same time but has cut back on his fixing things up, since it turned out that he wasn't very good at it. He does have several dupes pretty much full time at the local college, and any geek Cons that may be going on.

    When he inevitably turned to trying out heroics he found he had a knack for it. Despite his cosplay experience and general comic fanboy-ishness, he wasn't very good at coming up with a good superhero costume or name. On his first foray he went out as a knock off Batman calling himself Night Pack. Loaded to the gills with his "Utility belt" that was more like a backpack and an over-sized cape he barely stopped the couple of muggers he found and nearly did more damage to himself than the muggers. It was only through sheer numbers of dupes that he managed to bring them down long enough to get them restrained so they wouldn't run off and couldn't fight back. His second foray into heroics went slightly better. He managed to no almost take himself out, he was just nearly ineffective. He decided to try another route and went out in robes and a wizards hat and tried to use theatrics to distract his enemies while he snuck up on them and took em down. Calling himself Magical Trevor (he thought he was so clever) he armed himself with cheap fireworks and smoke bombs to use as distractions while his dupes attacked from behind. He quickly discovered that the theatrics only worked when you could setup the scene ahead of time. The smoke and flashes from the fireworks caused him just as many problems as it did the bad guys and he again had to resort to just dog-piling the bad guys. After two separate failures he turned to his buddies again and after calling him an idiot, they all worked together to come up with a training regimen for him. So after much reading on strategy and tactics, enrolling some dupes in a few local martial arts classes and several dozen rounds of online multiplayer FPS games where Trevor was one whole team and only using melee weapons, his fighting abilities improved. Next the guys worked on his costume. Taking a cue from Edna Mode, and plain common sense, they did away with the cape and flowing wizards robes. Trevor's motorcycle gave them the final idea for his costume. Some searching on the internet and they found a full body motorcycle racing suit that would protect him and his identity. He has two helmets that he alternates between on his patrols. Both are pretty nerdy and distinctive, but his friends haven't been able to dissuade him from using them. After his disaster with the smoke bombs and fireworks he's adapted both helmets to have a filter system on the air intakes to keep out smoke and any stray fumes from his pepper spray. His latest forays into the life of crime fighting have been much more successful.


    Trevor can, effortlessly, at will and nearly instantly, create practically any number of new instances of himself (duplicates) within a short distance of his original self. Each instance of him, both duplicated and original, is an exact copy, and is equally the "real Jason", having the same clothes, items, memories and abilities, and can also do the same things, including create duplicates. With each being the real Jason, they behave pretty much 100% in accord, and to some degree can each sense the presence and state of the other instances. Any given instance can choose to uninstantiate at will (unconsciousness of an instance also causes it,) and all other instances immediately re-integrate that instance's memories as their own. However, there's also the (slight) risk of damage done to one rippling through all of the instances.

    All of this all allows for interesting behaviors. Numerous duplicates can all be created within split-seconds of each other, to create a wave of bodies and, say, leave one instance at an elevated ledge, at which point the other instances can safely uninstantiate. A mob of instances can all mobilize to lift a heavy object, or gang up on a thug, or quickly disassemble a construct... or all three at once. And of course, scouring a room in search of a missing object is almost trivial.

    His carrying capacity for duping is between 50 and 75 pounds of inanimate objects. It has fluctuated slightly depending on the items being duped and he hasn't yet figured out all the parameters to what can and can't be duped beyond being restricted to non-living items.

    Team Effort
    This really only benefits him on tasks that can be done as a group. It still takes him hours to read a book from cover to cover, but searching a room takes almost no time at all.

    King of Cosplay
    He can customize his duplicates looks and keep the new look if he likes it. He mostly uses this to make himself look like video game and movie characters. He still gets the Disguise bonus to make himself look like whatever creature or character he's trying to look like even though he is still noticeably himself. You want an Elf? He's Trevor the Elf not Legolas. You want a Borg? He's Trevor the Lady-Borg not Seven of Nine. He'll look 100% like an Elf or a Borg or whatever, but is always still recognizably Trevor.
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