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Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"

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  • JDRook
    Re: Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"

    So far you have 3 characters posted, and while they aren't quite all rich, good-looking inventors with superspeed, they each have three of those 4 aspects. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but you might want to talk to them about focusing on particular niches so they don't have a lot of team redundancy.

    Presumably Beacon's Strength and "Beacon Vision" are based on the same descriptor since they are Alternate Effects of each other, so if anything manages to Nullify one of those, it will take out both. Also, while using the Blast, his STR will drop down to 0, and he can only switch AE slots once per round as a Free Action, so there may be brief periods when he would be completely vulnerable to Grabs or other Strength-resisted attacks. As an alternative to lots of Accuracy ranks, might I suggest making Beacon Vision a Perception Range attack that automatically hits anything he sees?

    Mercury actually has only 36p in skills, so she has a point leftover. Keep in mind that she can't attack or even pick things up in her Water Form, although ignoring physical attacks is good compensation. Then again, who'd want to hit her if she's so pretty?

    Pulse has really low defenses against anything that isn't Ranged Damage attacks. I'm guessing he did those last, which is a common mistake when building PCs. He's also 10p over, presumably due to that Electrical Immunity. I'm not quite sure what the Environmental Scanner is meant to detect, but it seems to be priced right to detect something at range with a lot of detail. I'd recommend considering making at least one of the electrical attacks target Fortitude so that it overcomes Impervious or armored foes; that could be Damage with a Alternate Resistance (Fort) or a Stun-type Affliction. Overall, he might want to pick something to specialize in since he's overspent his points and still has bad defense. Personally, I'd tone down the suit and inventor aspects and stick with the electrical powers and machine communication, but it's not my PC.

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  • PolaronT2MRR
    Re: Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"


    - forth coming

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  • PolaronT2MRR
    Re: Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"


    Abilities 52pts
    Strength 3
    Stamina 5
    Agility 3
    Dexterity 3
    Fighting 0
    Intellect 10
    Awareness 3
    Presence 0

    Powers 67pts
    Hazard Suit (hard to remove)20
    Immunity – life support
    Protection 5
    Impervious toughness 5
    Senses 4 – Environmental scan, acute, analytical
    Feature – on-board computer

    Immunity – Electricity 10

    Electrical Discharge – Array
    >Blast 5, Accurate 5 (+10), Increased range 1 (125/250/500), Precise 1
    >Damage 5, Accurate 5 (+10), Precise 1, Multiattack 1

    Digital Interface
    >Communicate – radio (100’)4
    >Comprehend – machine/computers4

    Super Speed
    >Speed 5 – 60 kph, 900’/round
    >Quickness 5
    >Improved initiative 5
    >Evasion 2 (+5 to dodge area effects)

    >Wall-crawling 2 (limited to while moving)
    >Water-walking 1 (limited to while moving)

    Advantages 4pts
    Benefit – Wealth 2, Inventor, Speed of Thought

    Skills 20pts
    Acrobatics 2 (+5), Athletics 2 (+5), Expertise (Science) 10 (+20), Insight 4 (+7), Investigation 2 (+12), Perception 6 (+9), Technology 8 (+18), Treatment 2 (+12), Vehicles 4 (+7)

    Defenses 7pts
    Dodge 10
    Parry 0
    Toughness 10
    Fortitude 5
    Will 3
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  • PolaronT2MRR
    Re: Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"


    - forth coming
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  • PolaronT2MRR
    Re: Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"


    Abilities 34pts
    Strength 2
    Stamina 2
    Agility 3
    Dexterity 2
    Fighting 2
    Intellect 5
    Awareness 1
    Presence 0

    Powers 36pts
    Morph 3 (humanoid)
    Immunity 2 (aging, sleep)
    Water Form (free action)
    > linked; Insubstantial 2 (subtle 2 looks normal)
    > linked; Regeneration 5 (every 2 rounds; requires source: water)
    > linked; Immunity 4 (disease, poison, suffocation (all))

    Advantages 10pts
    Attractive 2, Connected, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Jack-of-all-Trades, Power Attack, Well-Informed, Equipment 2*

    Skills 37pts
    Acrobatics 5 (+8), Athletics 2 (+4), Close Combat 13 (+15), Deception 4 (+4 ranks) (+9 vs people attracted to her), Expertise (Criminal Underworld) 2 (+7), Insight 2 (+5), Investigation 11 (+16), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion 5 (+5) (+10 vs people attracted to her), Stealth +10 (7 ranks), Technology 15 (+20), Vehicles 2 (+4)

    Defenses 33pts
    Dodge 15
    Parry 15
    Toughness 2
    Fortitude 6
    Will 5

    *Equipment (10 equipment points)
    Warehouse by the Docks
    Toughness 6
    Size: Medium
    Communications, Computer, Dock, Garage, Gym (with heated pool), Living Space, Secret 1, Security System 1, Workshop
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  • PolaronT2MRR
    Re: Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"


    Abilities 14pts
    Strength 0/12
    Stamina 0/8
    Agility 4
    Dexterity 0
    Fighting 0
    Intellect 1
    Awareness 2
    Presence 0

    Powers 87pts
    Enhanced Strength 12
    >alt; Beacon Vision (light) ranged damage 8, accurate 6, affects insubstantial 2
    Enhanced Stamina 8
    Protection 5, Impervious Toughness 10
    Immunity 13 (life support,critical hits, aging)
    Regeneration 2 (source; sunlight)
    Flight Flight 8 (500mph)
    >alt; Speed 8, Quickness 8

    Advantages 13pts
    Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Interpose, Move-by Action, All-out Attack, Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Benefit 4 (multi-millionaire), Languages (Valo'Kieli), Attractive

    Skills 20pts
    Acrobatics 3 (+7), Close Combat: Unarmed 8 (+8), Science 7 (+8), Insight 3 (+5), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 5 (+5), Technology 7 (+8), Treatment 4 (+5)

    Defenses 16pts
    Dodge 7
    Parry 7
    Toughness 13
    Fortitude 8
    Will 8
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  • PolaronT2MRR
    started a topic Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"

    Roll20 Game - "Storm Chasers"

    I'm GMing a game on Roll20 and wanted an extra pair of eyes on their builds to make sure the math is there and I'm not missing any big potential issues.
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