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  • Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

    A thread for Players and NPCs that show up in the Catsiverse and the Hero's Unlimited game as its played.

    So Players please introduce yourselves

    The Protectors

    Active Roster:

    Dragonfyre By Shadowbourne
    Hornet By Tattooedman
    Magus Errant By Kasius
    Photon by kenseido
    Prism by glyph
    Shock By Shock


    Bastion by Sakuro
    Kris Majax By Kenseido
    Sword Breaker By Lord Bayushi78
    Johnny Liang By Classdunce
    Goliath By Aerlwyn
    Green Lantern By Nineofspades
    Clover Madison By Nineofspades
    The Owl by Celtic Rei
    Skylark By Ysariel

    Going Rogue

    Active Roster

    Colonel Dusk by Nintendogeek
    Oaf by Gnalthor
    Portia by Prof W1erd
    Powerfist by Plan B
    Sebastian by Kenmadragon
    Uplift by Corrigon


    Ferrous By Kenseido
    Lady Light by EPIC

    Heroes, Villains, NPCs


    Death Commando



    The Masters of Fortune

    Psyche Out

    The Nasty Boys

    Dr. Photon



    Trollkin and Godvords, and Supa Trolls



    Viper Agents
    Mech Vipers
    Steel Serpent Powered Armor



    Black Anubis

    Allies and Guest stars


    Morpheus AKA Sleeper

    Vigiant aka Mark Greenwood

    Doc Rodent By NeoPaladin
    Marissa Hoskins

    Special: In Memoriam


    *The Wanderer By Femme Fatale

    Heroes Unlimited IC thread

    Heroes Unlimited OOC thread

    Going Rogue IC

    Going Rogue OOC

    House Rules:


    -Skill points are 3/pp rather then 2/pp except for Close Combat and Ranged Combat, those two skills will remain 2/pp.

    -languages are a skill and double with each rank

    1 = 2
    2 = 4
    3 = 8
    4 = 16

    anything beyond 4 ranks of the skill should just buy the multi-lingual feat or the comprehend power

    Expertise- Some of the more useful stuff:
    Expertise (Arcane Lore)- Mages and the like. Very few others would have or use this. It can often be made a "Check Required" Flaw on Magic-based powers as well, though that can be a broken points-cheat if you're not careful.
    Expertise (Art)- Not entirely useful, more of a character thing. I mean, Colossus obviously has this, but it seems almost mean to "charge" a player for something that would never come up.
    Expertise (Behavioral Sciences)- Alot of Telepaths might have this (even though they really don't need to, being able to read people's reactions). Less useful than many of the others, but I would allow it to be used as a kind of an "Insight" in crowd situations.
    Expertise (Business)- Most rich people or business owners should at least have this.
    Expertise (Civics)- Lawyers & Politicians. Heroes searching for evidence might need it.
    Expertise (Current Events)- A Skill for people who are generally aware of stuff. Finding out what country is what, which superheroes are which, etc. (ie. "Hey, it's a new Jack O'Lantern! I know this since the old ones either died or are Hobgoblin now!") Either could be it's own skill (Hero Lore or Geography), but this is often more of a handy catch-all, since Geography isn't likely to come in super-handy as it's own Skill. Honestly, though, I can't see it coming up THAT often.
    Expertise (History)- Don't laugh- it's helped Batman out a few times. Immortals & Gods often have a lot of it also.
    Expertise (Tactics)- Uncommon and kinda hard to use in a super-hero situation- I'd allow players to roll to "ask the GM" for the best advice in combat if necessary. Most others would just have Soldier/Mercenary. I generally allow any "Soldier" Skill to include this by default- they would normally know how to flank others.
    Expertise (Theology & Philosophy)- A character-based Skill, but again, can be useful. Most any God or religious character would be expected to have a bit of it (though stereotypical depictions of Republicans likely have no knowledge of religion).
    Expertise (Computers)- Hackers are all over the place in comics, and many characters (especially younger ones) have at least a rank or two in this. I prefer to give this a separate skill than JUST Technology, as it involves a know-how of notable hackers, computer systems, the internet, etc.
    Expertise (Criminal)- You know the local gangs, symbols, slang, and the various bosses, and possibly ones in other cities (it wouldn't take you too long to find out). You know where drugs are made, distributed and sold. You know how to disable an alarm system, break into a car, hotwire something (normally a Tech-skill), and probably how to recognize the signs of an easy "mark". Most super-villains with this Skill are the thuggish types who know where the money is in the bank, and knows how to safe-crack a little bit.
    Expertise (Streetwise)- You know crime from an outsider's point of view, which lets you step back and view things as a whole better than someone "in the mix". You know most of the above stuff, or at least the signs of it. Criminologists and the like are up here.
    Expertise (Ninja)- You speak Japanese, and are familiar with Japanese culture, customs and morals. You know the history of the ninja clans, who the masters are and were, and you know how to break and enter places. Many other Skills are associated.
    Expertise (Samurai)- You speak Japanese, and are familiar with Japanese culture, customs and morals. You have a basic understanding of the arts, calligraphy, horseback riding, and military tactics. You know the code of Bushi-Do (whether or not you actually subscribe to it is a matter of personal preference), and you can immediately recognize someone's place in Japanese society by their body language and how they speak (normally an Insight Check).
    Expertise (Knight)- You speak one or more European languages, and are familiar with various tribes, clans, kingdoms and the morals of each one. You know the movers and shakers of the political world, how to make armour and weaponry (or at least who makes the best ones), how to ride horses, and you know a lot about religion (you may not subscribe to all of it, however). You also have tactical know-how.
    Expertise (Survivalist)- You know a great deal about the wilderness, from the environment, the seasons, how to survive and eat in the outdoors, and a large number of things about animals. You'd still need to buy Animal Empathy, but you gain bonuses to Insight checks against wild beasts (even some not familiar to you- like aliens). You can survive in almost any hostile environment. You also know a good bit about geography. Alot of X-Men types have this, as they're expected to survive in odd places. Quite good, as long as the GM puts you in those situations. Most anybody only needs a few ranks, though.
    Expertise (Soldier)- Unlike the G.I. Joe-verse, where you buy "Soldier" and "Military Specialty" separately, in the comics, you basically know all Soldier-based stuff. You have moderate Survival capabilities, and you know how to use nearly all ballistics weapons. You have tactical skill, knowing how to plan assaults, lay traps, ambushes, etc. You know something about geography, politics and current events, usually revolving around your last conflict (ie. Iraq war veterans know more about Middle Eastern politics, the who's who of the local warlords, and which groups are friendly, and which are dangerous).
    Expertise (Actor)- You know how to act in plays, films, etc., in order to draw reactions from people. You know the who's who of celebrities, and have a good knowledge of pop culture in general. You know which magazines and reporters are worth talking to, which ones to avoid, and which clubs are the most popular.
    Expertise (Animal Handling)- I would argue that this fits a Biology/Handling/Care/Empathy heading, and would take the place of the Animal Empathy Advantage- it allows people who aren't charismatic a good bonus when dealing with animals (fits those "kooky forest-living" stereotypes). Not that common, or especially useful, since relatively few in-comic guys use Animal Sidekicks. Almost more of a character descriptor thing. It's a general zoologist/Animal Persuasion/Animal Insight thing, with a smattering of Caretaking knowledge. I often just leave off Animal Empathy and use this one- it scales up, and you don't need high Presence or Persuasion to utilize it effectively.
    Expertise (Pop Culture)- You know everything there is to know about celebrities, movies, TV shows, video games, etc. Mostly teenagers, and a few adults have this. It CAN come in handy (in Batman: The Animated Series, Dick Grayson was better at this than Bruce was), but is more of a character/personality thing.
    Expertise (Acting/Dancing)- Again, more character-themed stuff. Unless you wanna use "Distract (Dancing)" as an Advantage.


    Clean (ranked): Checks to connect you with a crime increase by DC5 per rank.

    Conceal Efforts: Anyone who inspects your bindings during a Sleight of Hand escape check must make a Perception check with a DC equal to your Sleight of Hand result to notice your escape attempt.

    Cunning Fighter: Use Attack instead of Deception to feint an opponent.

    Damaging Escape: When you escape from a grab, you get an unarmed attack against the opponent as a free action. You still have to roll to hit.

    Defensive Strike: Get a +2 to hit enemy that misses you in melee combat, a second rank increases the bonus to +5.

    Durable Lie: The target believes your Deception for an additional round.

    Follow-Up Strike: Additional melee attack after Critical Hit is scored.

    Hide Tampering: You can conceal any tampering done to a device. Anyone who inspects the device must make a Technology check against your Sleight of Hand check to notice your tampering.

    Improved Daze: Allows a character to make a daze attempt as a move action.

    Improved Feint: Allows a character to make a feint attempt as a move action.

    Improved Taunt: Allows a character to make a taunt attempt as a move action.

    Improved Trick: Allows a character to make a trick attempt as a move action.

    Last Stand: Spend an HP to ignore all Damage Conditions for one round.

    Lionheart: Grants a +5 to saves against fear that is not limited to PL caps.

    Master Plan: Grants a +1 - +3 Circumstance bonus on all rolls related to the plan when activated. Master Planner must make a DC 15 intelligence and/or Expertise Tactics/Strategy roll. 1 degree of success = a +1 bonus, each degree past the first = an additional +1 to a maximum of +3. The planner must be able to communicate the plan and its resultant go code to the rest of the group to initiate the bonus which lasts for the scene. The GM reserves the right to nix any bonus for rolls not related to the plan. Master Plan can be used to counter another master plan nullifying any bonuses for both sides.

    Multilingual: By spending an HP a character can speak a certain language for the remainder of a scene.

    Online Research: Allows a character to use the Expertise [Computers] skill instead of the Gather Information sub-skill of Investigation when looking for anything that would normally be acquired by talking to people and buy them drinks and such. This feat can be used with the Well-Informed advantage also.

    Speed of Thought: Allows a character to use their Intellect modifier for Initiative.

    Task Focus (Ranked): Choose a specific task or situation that can be performed with a skill check, such as keeping watch at night for Notice. When making checks that involve your chosen specialization, you gain a bonus +2 bonus that can exceed PL caps. You can buy additional ranks, these can either increase the bonus to +5 or apply to a new task.

    Unbalancing Strike: When you hit an opponent with a close attack, you can choose to throw him off balance rather than inflicting damage (a hit means he is Vulnerable on defense for the next round).

    Withstand Damage: Trade-Off Defense for Toughness- I would allow this for either Parry or Dodge.


    -All "Flat +1 Extras" are called "Feats" because it's ridiculous to change it to something more confusing.

    -Impervious works just as it did in 2nd Edition.

    -Penetrating works just as it did in 2nd Edition.

    Dimensional Pocket:
    Feature - Extradimensional storage of mass rank in material. (1 pt per rank)

    You can access an extradimensional “pocket” or storage space where you can place things and retrieve them later.
    Items placed in your dimensional pocket remain in the same state until you withdraw them. You cannot place living or unwilling beings into your pocket, only nonliving objects. The object you wish to retrieve from the pocket is always “on top” when you reach into it, coming immediately into your hand. The power’s rank determines the mass you can store at once. Once the pocket is “full” nothing else will fit into it without first removing something.

    ~Air Walking: You can “walk” on air at half your normal ground movement speed as if it were solid ground and move up or down at a 45 degree angle at half speed (one-quarter your ground movement speed). For two ranks, you move at your normal ground movement speed (half speed when ascending or descending).

    ~Multiple Minion (Feat: 1 pt flat): You can summon more than one minion. Each application of this extra doubles your total number of minions. So, for example, with Summon 6, you summon a single 90-point minion. With Multiple Minions 1 you can summon two 90-point minions, four at 2 ranks, eight at 3 ranks and so on. It requires a standard action to summon each minion unless you also have the Horde extra. +1 flat point.

    Regeneration Rounds: To clarify, this a chart to show which rounds you recover a -1 to Toughness if you have Regeneration.

    Healing Factor: Regeneration 1 (1/every 10 rounds [10]); 1 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds [5, 10]); 2 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 3 (3/every 10 rounds [3, 7, 10]); 3 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 4 (4/every 10 rounds [2, 5, 8, 10]); 4 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 5 (1/every other round [2, 4, 6, 8, 10]); 5 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 6 (6/every 10 rounds [2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10); 6 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 7 (7/every 10 rounds [2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10]); 7 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 8 (8 out of 10 rounds [2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10]); 8 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 9 (9/every 10 rounds [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]); 9 pts
    Healing Factor: Regeneration 10 (1/every round); 10 pts

    Regeneration 11 on would be one every round, then add a check per the chart.

    ~Slow Fade (Feat: 1 pt flat): Weaken with this modifier reduces the recovery time of Lost Points on the target’s turn. Each application moves the time interval one step down the following table;

    •1 rank: 5 rounds
    •2 ranks: 10 rounds
    •3 ranks: 1 minute
    •4 ranks: 4 minutes
    •5 ranks: 15 minutes
    •6 ranks: 30 minutes
    •7 ranks: 1 hour
    •8 ranks: 4 hours
    •9 ranks: 16 hours
    •10 ranks: 1 day
    As always I retain the right to stoplight and or nix powers deemed broken or not fitting with the game.

    Stop sign powers include Insubstantial with Ghost touch, Unlimited variables, and unlimited duplication.
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    Kris Majax

    Kris Majax - PL 11

    Strength 2, Stamina 5/2, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 4, Intellect 3, Awareness 4, Presence 5/2

    Artificer, Attractive, Connected, Contacts, Improved Taunt, Languages: Greek and Latin, Lionheart, Luck (Improve Roll) 2,
    Power Attack, Ritualist, Taunt

    Acrobatics 2 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+8), Deception 7 (+18/+12), Expertise (PRE): Stage Magician 7 (+18/+12),
    Expertise: History 3 (+6), Expertise: Magic 12 (+15), Expertise: Pop Culture 3 (+6), Expertise: Streetwise 3 (+6),
    Expertise: Theology 3 (+6), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 6 (+11), Investigation 8 (+11), Perception 8 (+12),
    Persuasion 7 (+12), Ranged Combat: Magic +6 (+9), Sleight of Hand 9 (+18/+12), Stealth 4 (+7)

    Bound Demon
    . . Enhanced Trait 12 (Traits: Presence +3 (+5), Stamina +3 (+5))
    . . Hellfire Control (Add following AE's to Magic array)
    . . . . Demonic Strength Enhanced Strength 8 & Power-Lifting: 2
    . . . . Hellfire: Damage 8 (DC 23; Affects Insubstantial 2, Increased Range: ranged)
    . . . . Shimmer: Teleport 6 (Carry 50 lbs.; Accurate, Extended: 60 miles in 2 move actions; Limited to Extended)
    . . Immunity 3 (Aging, Disease, Poison)
    . . Protection 4 (+4 Toughness)
    . . Transform to Tyrael: Morph 1 (Single form; Continuous Duration, Metamorph; Activation 2: standard action)

    Magic (Fulgur): Damage 9 (DC 24; Increased Range: ranged)
    . . Forzare: Move Object 9 (12 tons)
    . . Illusio: Illusion 6 (Affects: audio and visual, Area: 60 cft., DC 16)
    . . Sanare: Healing 9
    . . Stage Magic: Enhanced Trait 12 (Traits: Deception +6, Sleight of Hand +6, Expertise: Stage Magician +6,
    Attractive +1, Advantages: Daze (Deception), Durable Lie, Fascinate (Deception), Fascinate (Expertise: Stage Magician),
    Skill Mastery: Deception, Skill Mastery: Expertise: Stage Magician, Skill Mastery: Sleight of Hand)

    Illusory Defense
    . . Concealment 3 (Normal hearing and sight; Passive)
    . . Enhanced Trait 5 (Traits: Dodge +2 (+9), Parry +2 (+9), Advantages: Evasion 2)

    Magical Senses: Senses 6 (Acute mental, Detect Magic, ranged, Infernal Awareness, Magical Awareness)

    Initiative +3
    Forzare: Move Object 9, +9 (DC 19)
    Fulgur: Damage 9, +9 (DC 24)
    Grab, +4 (DC Spec 12)
    Hellfire: Damage 8, +9 (DC 23)
    Throw, +3 (DC 17)
    Unarmed, +8 (DC 17)

    Enemy: Kris has made a lot of enemies in his fight against evil, including demons who once owned his soul. There are demon hunters who are hunting Tyrael who would kill Kris to rid the world of the demon.
    Motivation- Doing Good: Kris is dedicated to helping people as much as possible, and will often do so to the detriment of his own health.
    Power Loss: Kris' spells (but not demon powers) require Kris to be able to speak OR move his hands. If he is bound and gagged, he can not cast spells. His demon powers do not work on Holy Ground.
    Prejudice: Kris has bound a demon to him and most people who find this out assume it can only be bad.

    Dodge 9/7, Parry 9/7, Fortitude 8, Toughness 9, Will 12

    Power Points
    Abilities 46 + Powers 64 + Advantages 12 + Skills 35 (105 ranks) + Defenses 18 = 175


    Tyrael - PL 11

    Strength 5, Stamina 5, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 9, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 5

    All-out Attack, Daze (Intimidation), Fearless, Power Attack, Ritualist

    Deception 5 (+10), Expertise: Arcane Lore 8 (+10), Insight 6 (+10), Intimidation 9 (+14), Perception 6 (+10),
    Persuasion 2 (+7), Ranged Combat: Hellfire Control 8 (+9)

    Comprehend 2 (Languages - Speak All, Languages - Understand All)
    Hellfire Control
    . . Demon Strength
    . . . . Enhanced Strength 8 (+8 STR)
    . . . . Power-Lifting: Enhanced Strength 5 (+5 STR; Limited to Lifting)
    . . Hellfire: Damage 13 (DC 28; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Range: ranged)
    . . Illusion 5 (Affects: All Sense Types, Area: 30 cft., DC 15)
    . . Teleport 9 (Carry 50 lbs.; Accurate, Extended: 500 miles in 2 move actions; Limited to Extended)
    Immunity 21 (Aging, Common Descriptor: Heat/Fire, Life Support)
    Protection 8 (+8 Toughness)
    Senses 2 (Acute: Awareness, Awareness: Infernal)
    Transform to Kris Majax: Morph 1 (Single form; Continuous Duration, Metamorph; Activation 2: standard action)

    Initiative +2
    Grab, +9 (DC Spec 15)
    Hellfire Ball: Damage 13, +9 (DC 28)
    Throw, +1 (DC 20)
    Unarmed, +9 (DC 20)

    Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 11, Toughness 13, Will 9

    Power Points
    Abilities 64 + Powers 71 + Advantages 5 + Skills 16 + Defenses 19 = 177

    Enemy: The demons who Tyrael once served want to see him dead, as do most every demon hunter on the planet.
    Monstrous: Tyrael is pretty inhuman looking.
    Motivation: Doing Good: Tyrael spent to much time attached to Kris and his good nature rubbed off on the demon. Also, given his enemies, he figured doing good is the only way out of his current predicament.
    Prejudice: Tyrael is a demon, and lots of people don't like him just for that. When in control, he detects as a full demon and shows up on many supernatural radars.
    Weakness: Tyrael feels pain on Holy Ground and takes double damage from Holy effects.

    Kris was a young stage magician on the rise when a car accident cost him his arm. His spirit crushed, he entered into a Faustian bargain to regain his arm.
    Rather than take the easy path, Kris tried to fight the evil that was trying to consume him. He became a pupil of the Master Mage himself, Doctor Arcane and joined a group of heroes in Bay City.
    When the demon inside him began to emerge, it took Ashley and Dr Arcane to fight it back, and Ashely entered into Kris' mind and dissolved the contract, freeing his soul.
    The demon later came to warn Kris of a threat, and nearly gave his life saving a young innocent child. Kris bonded with Tyrael to save his life.

    Originally posted by 2e version
    PL: 10
    Str 12, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 14


    Bluff 10 (+12), Concentration 5 (+8), Cr (Alchemical) 6 (+8), Diplomacy 6 (+8), Disable Device 6 (+8),
    Escape Artist 8 (+11), Gather Info 4 (+6), Intimidate 6 (+8), Investigate 6 (+8), Kn (Arcane Lore) 10 (+12),
    Kn (History) 3 (+5), Kn (Physical Science) 3 (+5), Kn (Pop Culture) 3 (+5), Kn (Streetwise) 3 (+5),
    Kn (Theology & Philosophy) 3 (+5), Lang 2 (Enochian, Latin), Notice 6 (+9), Per (Stage Magician) 8 (+10),
    Search 4 (+7), Sense Motive 6 (+9), Sleight of Hand 8 (+11), Stealth 4 (+7)


    Artificer, Attack Specialist (Magic) 2, Attractive, Dodge Focus 4, Fascinate (Perform), Luck 2, Power Attack,
    Ritualist, Taunt, Untapped Potential


    Magic 8 (D: Power Loss [must be able to move and speak]) [20pp]
    -Forzare (Move Object 8 )
    -Hexus (AP: Damage 8 [E: Range Perception; F: Limited to machines])
    -Ignis (AP: Blast 8 )
    -Illusio (AP: Illusion 5 [audio, visual; PF: Progression 1])
    -Sanare (AP: Healing 8 )
    -Solvos (AP: Nullify Magic 8 )

    Contego (Force Field 4) [4pp]
    Super-senses 5 (Detect magic, ranged, acute; Infernal Awareness;
    Magical Awareness) [5pp]

    Device 2 (Amulet of Protection; hard to lose; PF: Restricted [Arcane 8+]) [9pp]
    •Enhanced Feat (Evasion) (1pp)
    •Enhanced Saves (FORT +2, REFL +2) (4pp)
    •Protection 4 (PF: Subtle) (5pp)

    Device 3 (Sorcerer's Staff; easy to lose; PF: Restricted [Arcane 8+]) [10pp]
    •Boost 8 (any single magic power, E: move action; F: limited [fades completely in one round], personal) (8pp)
    •Enhanced Feats (Add 5 AP's to Magic) (5pp)
    -Animate Objects 7 [Progression 3]
    -Elemental Control 10 [Range Perception, Variable Descriptor- elemental, Limited- single element at a time]
    -Fire Control 10
    -Mind Control 10
    -Teleport 7 [Accurate, Easy, Progression 2])
    •Light Control 1 (2pp)

    Mystic Trinkets (Gadgets 2, easy to lose) [12pp]


    Attack +4, Magic +8, Grapple +5
    Damage: Unarmed +1, Magic +8/+12 (Staff)
    Defense +8 (+2 flatfooted), Initiative +3;


    Toughness +4/+8/+12, Fortitude +7/+9, Reflex +6/+8, Will +11


    Abilities 30 + Skills 30 + Feats 15 + Powers 60 + Combat 16 + Saves 14 = 165
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      Re: Kris Majax


      Real Name: Tyler Battle
      Age: 20 yr.
      Height: 6 ft.
      Weight: 175 lb.
      Gender: Male
      Eye Color: Blue
      Hair Color: Black
      Relatives: Kyle (father), Sarah (sister), Julia (sister), Beth (sister), Abby (sister)
      Legal Status: United States citizen with no criminal record.
      Occuptaion: Professional Gamer
      Affiliation: Starborn (former member)

      Bastion - PL 11

      Strength 14/1, Stamina 14/1, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 8, Intellect 1, Awareness 1, Presence 4

      Accurate Attack, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Critical: Unarmed, Interpose, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack

      Expertise: Gamer 8 (+9), Expertise: Tactics 6(+7), Insight 7 (+8), Perception 7 (+8), Persuasion 8 (+12), R. Combat: Throw 8

      Space Bacteria Infusion
      . . Enhanced Trait 52 (Traits: Stamina +13 (+14), Strength +13 (+14))
      . . Immunity 10 (Life Support)
      . . Impervious Toughness (Custom: Impervious) 11
      Starborn Paragon
      . . Flight 12 ([0 active, 0/24 PP, 2/r], Speed: 8000 miles/hour, 16 miles/round)
      . . Movement 1 (Space Travel 1: within solar system)
      . . Multiple Effects
      . . . . Power-Lifting: Enhanced Strength 12 ([0 active, 0/24 PP, 1/r], +12 STR; Limited to Lifting)
      . . . . Strength Effect 13 ([0 active, 0/24 PP, 1/0r])
      . . . . . . Shockwave: Burst Area Affliction 11 (Alternate; 1st degree: Dazed and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Stunned and Prone, Resisted by: Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude, DC 20; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 20, Extra Condition; Limited: Targets on the ground, Limited Degree)
      . . Quickness 12 ([0 active, 0/24 PP, 1/r], Perform routine tasks in -12 time ranks)
      . . Speed 12 ([0 active, 0/24 PP, 1/r], Speed: 8000 miles/hour, 16 miles/round)

      Initiative +4
      Grab, +8 (DC Spec 24)
      Shockwave: Burst Area Affliction 11 (DC Fort/Will 21)
      Throw, +8 (DC 29)
      Unarmed, +8 (DC 29)

      Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 14, Toughness 14, Will 8

      Power Points
      Abilities 32 + Powers 105 + Advantages 7 + Skills 16 (44 ranks) + Defenses 15 = 175/177

      PL: 10 PP: 160

      ABILITIES: STR 12 (36/91 lift) CON 12 (36) DEX 10 INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 14

      SAVES: Tough +13(10 Imperv.) Fort +13 Ref +6 Will +7

      COMBAT: Attack +7 (Unarmed: DC 28 Tough Crit. 19-20 ; Shockwave DC 20 Ref, DC 25 Tough), Grapple +20/+31, Defense +7, Knockback -11, Initiative +0

      SKILLS: Diplomacy 6(+8), Notice 7(+8), Profession [Gamer] 8(+9), Sense Motive 7(+8)

      FEATS: Accurate Attack, Improved Critical [Unarmed] 1, Interpose, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack

      Enhanced Constitution 24 * 24 PP
      Impervious Toughness 10 * 10 PP
      Enhanced Strength 24 * 24 PP
      Immunity 9 [Lifesupport] * 9 PP
      STAR BORN PARAGON * 28 PP Array
      Flight 12 [Feats: Dynamic]
      DAE - Speed 12 Quickness 12 [Feats: Dynamic]
      DAE - Super-Strength 11 [Feats: Shockwave, Dynamic]
      AE - Space Travel 1


      Weakness: Antibiotics/Plant Powers, Tyler's powers may be weakened or even nullified from the application of powerful antibiotics. Assuming you can get a needle or pill past him. Likewise, due to the bacterial origin of his powers, he may be suseptable to things that would affect plants/bacteria.

      Relationship: Family, While he isn't exactly close to his family, they're still blood.

      Relationship: the Starborn, Before joining (this group) Tyler was a member of the now disbanded "Starborn", and continues to maintain contact with his old teammates.

      Seceret: Identity, Tyler tries to keep his heroic and civilian identities seperate. All manner of unpleasantness could ensue if the bad guys knew who Bastion really was.

      Abilities 12 + Skills 7 + Feats 6 + Powers 95 + Combat 28 + Saves 12 = 160/162

      It felt like Tyler was born into a single parent family, because his mother died shortly after his birth. Not long after that his dad, a mechanic, threw himself into his work. It was his three older sisters that took care of him. Julia mainly, who was the oldest. Other than these oddities Tyler had a healthy banal childhood that allowed him to discover a creative outlet in video games, which he didn't just enjoy, he was good at them.

      Tyler even made money off his skills. By the age of thirteen he had sponsors and was entering world tournements. On a trip to Tokyo, why on his way home from a party at an arcade, Tyler stopped by a park to chat up some friends he'd made in town. It was there that his life took a turn. A giant green rock fell out of the sky. The teenagers went to investigate. Throwing cauion to the wind Tyler tried to touch it, but the rock blew open, catching the teens in a violent explosion.

      Fortuantely no one died. To the contrary, they were beter than alright. Ever one of them developed a different, and in some cases strange, ability. The teenager kept in contact, even after they returned to their various homes. After a few online chats and individual personal experimentation they decided to try and work to gether to try and make the world a better place. Though they didn't all live in the same area, some of them like Tyler could tavel incredibly fast, and this allowed the group to coordinate over their great distances.

      The teen heroes called themselves the "Starborn" and would stick together for a little over four years. It wasn't until the Ursurper event that they broke up. Some of them had died in the nigh cataclysmic ordeal. Others were too injured to help out any more. The group decided to disband and Tyler was left to fight the good fight on his own.
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        Re: Kris Majax


        Name: Dragonfyre
        Real Name: Tony Long
        Sex: Male
        Age: 21
        Height: 5'10”/7'8”
        Weight: 165lbs/350lbs
        Hair: Black
        Eyes: Green/Glowing Green
        PL/PP: 11/165

        Strength 5/13, Stamina 4, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 7, Intellect 2, Awareness 1, Presence 2

        All-out Attack, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Fascinate (Intimidation), Language 1(Base: English): Mandarin Chinese, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Startle

        Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+9), Deception 4 (+6), Expertise: Computers 14 (+16), Insight 4 (+5), Intimidation 12 (+14), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Combat: Dragon Fire 6 (+8)

        Dragon Force (Activation: Move Action)
        . . Dragonfire: Damage 11 (DC 26; Accurate: +2, Increased Range: ranged)
        . . . . Dragon's Rage
        . . . . . . Enhanced Strength 8 (+8 STR)
        . . . . . . Power-Lifting: Enhanced Strength 4 (+4 STR; Limited to Lifting)
        . . . . . . Strength Effect 11
        . . . . . . . . Shockwave: Burst Area Affliction 11 (Alternate; 1st degree: Dazed and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Stunned and Prone, Resisted by: Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude, DC 20; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 20, Extra Condition; Limited: Targets on the ground, Limited Degree)
        . . Dragonscorn: Perception Area Affliction 5 (1st degree: Entranced, 2nd degree: Compelled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 15; Perception Area: DC 15 - audio; Limited: only to make flee in terror)
        . . Dragonwings: Flight 7 (Speed: 250 miles/hour, 0.5 miles/round; Wings)
        . . Protection 9 (+9 Toughness; Impervious)
        . . Draconic Might: Enhanced Strength 1 (+1 STR; Limited to Lifting)
        . . Dragon Senses: Senses 4 (Acute: Scent, Awareness: Elemental/Primordial, Infravision, Tracking: Scent 1: -1 speed rank)
        . . Dragonsblood: Regeneration 10 (Every Round)
        . . Flamesoul: Immunity 5 (Damage Effect: Fire/Heat)
        . . Dragons Tail (Extra Limb 1: Tail)

        Initiative +3
        Dragonfire: Damage 11, +11 (DC 26)
        Dragonscorn: Perception Area Affliction 5 (DC Will 15)
        Grab, +7 (DC Spec 23)
        Shockwave: Burst Area Affliction 11 (DC Fort/Will 21)
        Throw, +2 (DC 19/DC 26)
        Unarmed, +9 (DC 22/DC 28)

        Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 8, Toughness 13, Will 7

        Power Points
        Abilities 52 + Powers 77 + Advantages 8 + Skills 18 (54 ranks) + Defenses 18 = 175

        Dragon's Rage: Tony's life was one of laziness till his heritage revealed itself and brought forth his draconic nature. In doing so, Tony discovered that his laziness just hid the true rage that boiled deep within his veins. Ever at the tip, Tony's rage is easy to set free.

        Dragon's Hoard: Like all dragons, the dragonborn are very territorial. Tony, Dragonfyre is no different. However, for some reason, Tony veiws EVERYTHING around him as his...people and all. While somethings might not trigger his territorial instinct, threats to his hoard are taken very seriously by the young dragonborn.

        Karmic Destiny: Tony's father tells him he has a Karmic Destiny to fulfill. That he has a duty to right all the wrongs he can in order to cleanse his soul and the burdens it has incurred on it's journey. That the soul within Tony has a great many sins to answer for...or maybe just his police record. One or the other.

        My Story?...
        I know life is never supposed to be easy. But I wish it would just once be a little less daunting. Take me for example. I am your average, multi-ethnic slacker twenty something who started out by simply hiding in his dad's garage. Whose only goal in life was to ghost into the next MMO on the market, take what he wants, and ruin the life of any other foolish enough to have pissed him off. Not much of a life eh? Let me tell you...Dad's not too happy.

        But no...Life can't remain that simple. It was a Saturday late night...was down at the Slurp and Go getting a Big Burp and some questionable soy by products. Chillin out, listenen to Dragonforce off my iPhone when I spotted the police cruiser. wasn't pulling into the parking lot. I mean, sure I's a crime...but our local Barney Fife isn't gonna be coming to get me. No...the police cruiser was flying into the Slurp and go, straight through the front window.

        Now, most people would either run and dive...or stand there and get smashed by the flying pig wagon. ...sigh...But, no...not me. No, I...I dive into the airborne automobile, catch it...and ROAR at the top of my lungs as I toss it back OUT the window! See...told you it wasn't easy.

        Even as it flies from my hands, I can feel my body ripple...grow. I can feel a burning strength within me grow. But mostly...mostly I am pissed off. Someone threw a cop car through my favorite Slurp and Go. And that my friends, just ain't right. Rage a'boiling, I leap out the storefront and snap wings down to lift off. Gaining a little altitude, I spot this giant tin can thingy doing it's best transformer impression harassing the cops. Batting them left and right, along with all of their nifty little cars, Robby the Robot is making a big mess of my Saturday night. Long story short...Dragon 1, Robot 0.

        That night...that night I changed. Through the Fire and Flames...that is how it goes. Man, Herman Li can shred...but no, they are right. You don't back face it head on. You don't give never surrender. My dad says it is a karma thing. That maybe it is time to give back. And maybe...maybe he is right. All I know is that doing this hero thing is much more fun when you are doing for real than when you are doing it online. Crazy?...maybe. Fun?...hell yeah. But, what the is who I am now. Tony Long...Dragonfyre.

        Str 18/30, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 14

        Toughness +12/+8 Imp, Fortitude +8, Reflex +6, Will +6

        Dragonborn (Passive Container 5, Flaw: Noticeable)
        **Draconic Might(Super Strength 1)
        **Dragonsblood(Regeneration 14: +5 Recovery, Bruised 3, Injured 3, Staggered 1, Disabled 1, Regrowth, Diehard)
        **Flamesoul(Immunity 5: Flame/Heat Effects)
        **Dragon Senses(Super Senses 4: Infravision, Scent, Tracking Scent, Elemental/Primordial Awareness)

        Dragonforce (Active Container 10, Flaw: Move Action, Noticeable. Power Feat: Quick Change)
        **Dragonscorn(Fearsome Presence 4)
        **Dragonhide(Impervious Protection 8 )
        **Dragonfire(Array 10, Power Feat)
        **AE: Dragonfire (Blast 10, Accurate)
        **AE: Dragon's Rage (Enhanced Strength 12, Super Strength 4, Groundstrike)
        **Dragonwings(Flight 5, Flaw: Winged)

        All Out Attack, Attack Specialization: Unarmed 1, Fearsome Presence 1, Martial Strike 2, Move By Action, Power Attack, Startle

        Bluff 4(+6), Computers 10(+12), Diplomacy 4(+6), Intimidate 12(+14), Knowledge: Computer Programing 10(+12), Notice 4(+5), Sense Motive 4(+5)

        Attack +7, +9 Unarmed. Defense +8

        Abilities 32 +Saves 12 +Powers 64 +Feats 8 +Skills 10 +Combat 30 = 156

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          Strength 1
          Stamina 2
          Agility 2
          Dexterity 2
          Fighting 4
          Intellect 6
          Awareness 2
          Presence 2

          Skills: Deception 8 (+10), Expertise [Biology] 3 (+9), Expertise [Computers] 10 (+16), Expertise [Science] 10 (+16), Insight 8 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 6 (+8), Stealth 0 (+12), Technology 10 (+16)

          Advantages: Daze [Deception], Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Improved Feint, Improvised Tools, Luck 2, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4, Speed of Thought, Set-Up, Taunt

          Powers: Hornet Armor: (Removable -19 pts) [78 pp]
          Armored Layers: Protection 4
          Environmental Seals:
          Immunity 7[Disease, Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat, Environmental Pressure, Environmental Radiation, Suffocation]
          Immunity 5 [Sensory –Based Afflictions] (Flaw: Limited [Half Effective])
          Flight Harness: Flight 8 (Feats: Move-By Action)
          Mass Reduction Field: Shrinking 12 [6 inches: Dodge/Parry +6, Stealth +12] (Extra: Normal Strength); (Flaw: Quirk [Maximum Rank Only])
          On-Board Computer:
          Enhanced Skill 2 [Ranged Combat [Stinger Gauntlets] +4]
          Communication 1 [Wifi] (Feats: Subtle); (Flaw: Limited [Machines/A.I.s only])
          Comprehend 2 [Speak to & understand Machines]
          Stinger Gauntlets:
          Stinger Blast: Ranged Energy Damage 10
          -Strobing Discharge: Affliction 10 [Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Visually Unaware; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [1 Sense only (vision)])
          -Sedative Stingers: Ranged Affliction 10 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Cumulative); (Flaw: Limited [Biological targets only])

          Aerial Combatant: 5 pts
          Enhanced Advantage 1 [Favored Environment (Airborne)]
          Enhanced Dodge 4 (Flaw: Limited [Only while flying])
          Enhanced Parry 4 (Flaw: Limited [Only while flying])

          Offense: Initiative +6
          Melee Attack +4
          Ranged Attack +6 // Stinger Gauntlets Attack +10

          Defense: Dodge +14*/+8**/+4 [*Aerial Combatant & Mass Reduction/** Aerial Combatant]
          Parry +14*/+8**/+4 [*Aerial Combatant & Mass Reduction/** Aerial Combatant]
          Toughness +6*/+2 [*Armored Layers]
          Fortitude +8
          Will +8

          Equipment: Commlink
          ID Card

          Costs: Abilities 42+ Skills 21+ Advantages 15+ Powers 83+ Defenses 14= 175 pts.

          Real Name: Kirk McGlothlin
          Height: 5’11” (normal size)/3" (shrunken size)
          Weight: 163 lbs
          Hair: Brown
          Eye Color: Brown

          Enemy ~Beetle: Byron Costa was one of the scientists allowed to use the size-altering armor by Oracle before Kirk was given possession of it. Determined to live up to the legacy of Grasshopper (of who he was a huge fan of) Byron created his own armor and calls himself the Beetle. While it’s one of the more advanced suits currently in use it still can’t reduce a person’s size and Byron wants to study Kirk’s armor so that he can replicate that effect without the harmful side-effects, even if he has to thrash Kirk to get his hands on it.

          Kirk tries to do the kind of good work that his older brother, Jamie, had done as the Grasshopper.

          Responsibility ~Oracle:
          The company responsible for creating the armor that Kirk now wears, it’s technically their property but the let him use it as he’s the only one who can safely wear it. From time to time Oracle calls upon Kirk to perform special duties as a way of ‘paying’ for his use of the armor.

          Background: Kirk McGlothlin was the youngest of two children, his brother Jamie, developed the ability to shrink down to only a few inches tall and his strength and resistance to injury increased as his body compressed itself allowing him to make impressive leaps as well as being able to cling to any surface. Calling himself the Grasshopper, Jamie used his powers to fight crime in their home town of San Francisco, nothing fancy really mostly street crime but every once in awhile Grasshopper would end up helping the people at Oracle and they helped him to better understand how his powers worked as a way of saying thanks.

          Grasshopper ended up losing his life in the events set into motion by the Usurper when he launched an attack on the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Bay Area. He was working to free people trapped in a collapsed building when several of the Usurper’s war machines came back around and tiny hero tried to hold them off on his own. Though the Usuurper was stopped thanks to the heroes that united against his threat and was held responsible for his actions, Kirk couldn’t help but feel the loss of his older brother.

          Jamie had it set up in his will that when he died that his body would be donated to science, specifically it would go to Oracle, and their mother, lost in her grief over the loss of her oldest son, didn’t fight against his final wishes. Kirk on the other hand pushed himself into his school work, something that Jamie had always encouraged him to do as he himself lacked anything beyond a high school education. Over the following years Kirk heard stories that Oracle had developed a suit of armor that would allow it’s wearer to shrink down in size and he became convinced that they’d done it by studying his brother’s body and he pushed himself even harder to gain a job at Oracle so that he could prevent anything from tarnishing his brother’s memory.

          What made it all possible was that during his interview was that Kirk revealed his connection to Grasshopper, Oracle had always respected Grasshopper’s wishes to remain anonymous and had never tried to learn his civilian identity even when the armor they’d developed based on the energy field he’d tapped for his powers showed to have harmful side-effects on those that wore it for long periods of time. So the revelation of a blood relation who was interested in working on the project presented itself they jumped at the chance to keep such a useful project working.

          Soon Kirk was undergoing tests to determine his compatibility with the armor and it was found that something in his DNA allowed him to use it without the side-effects others suffered (a fact which bothered others who worked in the armor in shifts to offset the onset of said side-effects, most notably Byron Costa who later became the criminal Beetle). Kirk was then offered a position in Oracle’s Meta Works program, which meant that from time to time Kirk is called upon to use the armor in the interests of Oracle while working a normal job (which for Kirk meant as one of the many scientists employed by Oracle). Not many of his co-workers are aware of his dual identity, while his bosses are but Kirk doesn’t mind as he was given possession of the armor to use as he saw fit and he’s created several additions for it (as he doesn’t gain the increased strength and resiliency his brother did when shrunk).

          Now Kirk calls himself the Hornet and he’s trying to live up to example Jamie set and he’s learning that when you’re only a few inches tall there’s nowhere to go but up.

          Originally posted by 2e original build
          Str 14 (+2) Dex 14 (+2) Con 14 (+2) Int 21 (+5) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 14 (+2)

          Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+8.), Bluff 8 (+10), Craft [Electronics] 12 (+17), Craft [Mechanical] 12 (+17), Diplomacy 6 (+8.), Disable Device 10 (+15), Knowledge [Life Sciences] 4 (+9), Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 13 (+18.), Knowledge [Technology] 13 (+18.), Notice 8 (+10), Sense Motive 8 (+10), Stealth 0 (+16)

          Beginner's Luck, Distract [Bluff], Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Jack-of-all-Trades, Improved Feint, Improvised Tools, Luck 2, Move-By Action, Skill Mastery [Craft (Electronic), Craft (Mechanical), Knowledge (Physical Sciences), Knowledge (Technology)], Speed of Thought, Set-Up, Taunt

          Device [Hornet Armor] 17 [hard to lose] (Power Feat: Restricted 2 [genetically locked ~members of the McGlothlin family only])
          Armored Layers: Protection 5
          Environmental Systems: Immunity 8 [Suffocation, Disease, Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat, Environmental Radiation, Poison, Pressure]
          Flight Harness: Flight 6
          Mass Reduction Field: Shrinking 16 [fine sized (3 inches tall); +8 Attack/Defense; +16 Stealth; +16 Grapple; -8 Intimidate] (Extras: Normal Abilities [Flaw: Limited ([Movement is Flight Only)] +2); (Flaw: Full Power)
          On-Board Computer: Datalink 2 [100 ft]
          Protective Filters: Sensory Shield 2 [all senses aside from mental]
          Stinger Gauntlets:
          Stinger Blast: Blast 10
          -Strobing Discharge: Dazzle 10 [visual] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Touch Range)
          -Taser: Stun 10

          Toughnes +7*/+2 [*Hornet Armor]
          Fort +8
          Ref +8
          Will +8

          Attack +2/+10
          Damage +2 (Unarmed)/+10 (Blast)
          Defense +5/+13 (+2/+6 flat-footed)
          Initiative +5

          Normal Identity [Full Round Action] (-4 pts)

          ID Card

          Costs: Attributes 31+ Skills 25+ Feats 14+ Powers 69+ Saves 18+ Combat 14- Drawbacks 4= 167 pts.
          4/30/2016 - 2 xp banked
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            Re: Hornet


            One night in the summer of 1978, there was a strange incident in Northern California. There were several differently colored lights visible in the sky above a small country farm and some very unusual sounds were heard for miles around. There was the usual speculation about aliens and secret government projects but of course no real evidence ever came out. What really happened was a battle between a pair of unknown supers. Nobody ever took credit for the event, so it's not known who was involved. What also isn't known is that one of the supers, upon losing the battle, hid his powers in a small child. That child's name was Chris Corona.

            Chris grew up on a small family farm north of Sacramento. He didn't mind the quiet farm life, but he always knew that he was going to do something bigger with his life. It took until high school before his powers started to manifest. At first, it was just his strength and reflexes that improved rapidly, but later he was able to generate electrical power and fields. He kept these abilities a secret from everyone and was able to explain away any slips with stories of static electricity or other weirdness.

            While in college at Stanford for chemistry, Chris began to explore his abilities more fully. He would help people who needed it but only as he came across trouble and always concealing his identity. After becoming frustrated with the limited amount of good he was doing, he took a minor in criminal justice with an eye towards becoming a forensics expert. After graduation, he joined the Bay City police force where he worked for several years while occasionally doing some late night heroics (but still always in secret).

            His career path changed when he ran across the Mysterious Enigma during one of his late night excursions. Enigma derided his "half-assed" heroic efforts and suggested he use his powers to do some real good or quit entirely. This meeting had a profound effect on Chris and he dedicated himself to do some more serious heroing. He got himself a costume, with a mask, and started publicly fighting crime using the name Shock.

            A couple years later, Shock had a disruption in his heroic career when he was framed for a murder by one of his enemies. He initially surrendered, thinking he could prove his innocence, but when it became clear that he was going to lose, he went on the run. It took months to find the evidence that would clear him and he had to resign his position on the police force. To repair his image, Chris went public with his identity and hired an agent/publicist. He has taken on some endorsements and, after a small amount for living expenses, donates the rest to various charities.

            Shock - 175 points - PL 11

            Abilities - 26 points
            Str - 1(4) - 2 points
            Sta - 1(4) - 2 points
            Agi - 2(10) - 4 points
            Dex - 3 - 6 points
            Fig - 2(9) - 4 points
            Int - 3 - 6 points
            Awr - 1 - 2 points
            Pre - 0 - 0 points

            Defenses - 23 points
            Fortitude +10 (+4 Sta +6 bought)
            Will +11 (+1 Awr +10 bought)
            Toughness +9 (+4 Sta +5 Forcefield)
            Parry +13 (+9 Fig +4 bought)
            Dodge +13 (+10 Agi +3 bought (+2 Evasion))

            Powers - 93 points
            Physical Enhancement(Permanent) - 48 points
            -Strength 3 -Stamina 3 -Agility 8 -Fighting 7
            -Quickness 1 -Speed 4 -Power Lifting 1
            Forcefield 5 - 5 points
            Electrical Control - 25+4 points
            -Ranged Damage 12(Precise)
            -AP:Energy Aura 5 (Electricity)
            -AP:Affliction 12 (Cumulative, Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated)
            -APamage 8 (Penetrating 8, Area(Line))
            -AP:Shapeable Area Damage 11
            Feature (can power electrical devices) - 1 point
            Immunity 10(All Electrical effects) - 10 points

            Skills - 18+4 points
            Acrobatics 2(12)
            Athletics 4(8)
            Expertise:Farming 2(5)
            Expertise:Forensics 9(12)
            Expertise:Science 4(7)
            Expertise:Security 4(7)
            Insight 7(8)
            Investigation 8(11)
            Perception 10(11)
            Persuasion 2(2)
            Vehicles 2(12)
            Close Combat:Unarmed 4(13)
            Ranged Combat:Electrical Control 4(10)

            Advantages - 11 points
            Close Attack 1
            Equipment 1 (Handcuffs, Forensics kit, commlink)
            Improved Initiative
            Move-by Action
            Ranged Attack 3

            Ranged Damage - Attack +10 Damage +12
            Close Damage - Attack +13 Damage +4/+9 with aura
            Affliction - Attack +10 Fort DC 22
            Initiative +14

            -Responsibility: Chris has an agent and endorsements and the obligations that come with them
            -Fame: Chris has a public identity and deals with many of the problems that come with it
            -Family: Chris' public identity makes it easy to track down his family
            -Reputation: Even though he didn't do it, the murder accusation really hurt his public reputation

            Originally posted by 2E build
            Shock - 162 points - PL 10

            Abilities - 16 points
            Str - 12/18 - 2 points (23 for lifting)
            Dex - 14/30 - 4 points
            Con - 12/18 - 2 points
            Int - 16 - 6 points
            Wis - 12 - 2 points
            Cha - 10 - 0 points

            Attack - +9 - 18 points
            Defense - +10 - 20 points

            Saves 12 points
            Fortitude +8 (+4 con +4 bought)
            Reflex +11 (+10 dex +1 bought)
            Will +8 (+1 wis +7 bought)
            Toughness +7 (+4 con +3 forcefield)

            Powers - 62 points
            Enhanced Str +6 - 6 points
            Enhanced Dex +16 - 16 points
            Enhanced Con +6 - 6 points
            Super Strength 1 - 2 points
            Speed 1(10-40MPH) - 1 point
            Quickness 1 - 1 point
            Forcefield 3 - 3 points
            Electrical Control 11 (Lightning Bolt, Precise) - 23+4 points
            -AP: Stun 11
            -AP: Energy Aura 3 (Electricity) + Immunity 10 (All Electrical effects)
            -AP: Strike 7(Area(Line), Penetrating)
            -AP: Damage 10 (Shapeable Area)
            Feature (can power electrical devices) - 1 point

            Skills - 20 points
            Acrobatics 2(12)
            Concentration 6(7)
            Diplomacy 2(2)
            Disable Device 5(8)
            Drive 2(12)
            Handle Animal 2(2)
            Investigate 8(11)
            Knowledge (Life sciences) 6(9)
            Knowledge (Local) 4(7)
            Knowledge (Physical Science) 6(9)
            Notice 10(11)
            Profession(Forensics) 9(10)
            Search 7(10)
            Sense Motive 7(8)
            Swim 4(8)

            Feats - 13 points
            Attack Specialization (unarmed) 2
            Dodge Focus 3
            Elusive Target
            Equipment 1 (Handcuffs, Forensics kit)
            Grappling Finesse
            Improved Initiative
            Move-by Action
            Takedown Attack

            Lightning Bolt - Attack +9 Damage +11
            Unarmed Attack - +13 Damage +4(+7 with Aura)
            Grapple +20 (+9 attack +10 strength +1 super strength)
            Defense +13 (+5 base +8 dodge)
            Knockback -3
            Initiative +14

            -Responsibility: Chris has an agent and endorsements and the obligations that come with them
            -Fame: Chris has a public identity and deals with many of the problems that come with it
            -Family: Chris' public identity makes it easy to track down his family
            -Reputation: Even though he didn't do it, the murder accusation really hurt his public reputation
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              Re: Hornet

              Skylark (PL 10; 175PP)
              Concept: Costumed Aventurer
              Tradeoffs: Attack +3 / Damage -3; Defense +3 / Toughness -3

              Skylark was born in the cold steel embrace of a genetic engineering lab, created by VIPER to be the perfect assassin. Unlike previous creations, she was not subjected to accelerated growth in the hopes that this would avoid problems with mental instability seen in earlier such clones. However, the same process also gave her a human conscience, and as soon as she could, she kicked ass and escaped. Alone, free but heavily wounded, she was found by the Falcon -- billionaire, defense contractor, philanthropist and retired ex-hero -- who took her in and nursed her back to health. Despite his insistence that she grow up and lead a normal life, Skylark insists on following in his footsteps and fighting crime. Maybe it's something in her spliced genes or her neural programming, but she feels that she has a lot more in common with the world of capes and cowls than she does with the world of normal teenaged girls.

              Skylark is a sixteen-year-old Caucasian girl, with blue eyes and blonde hair in a long ponytail. She stands roughly 5'2 tall and weighs 130 lbs. Her costume is white with light blue and yellow highlights, comprising long gloves, thigh-high socks, combat boots, utility belt and a sleeveless turtleneck leotard with a yellow bird emblem emblazoned across her chest. A flight harness strapped to her back deploys antigravity units and a pair of flexible, smart polymer wings that let her fly.

              • Relationship: Retired ex-hero and Batman expy, the Falcon found Skylark soon after her escape and took her in. He trained her and provides her with her gadgets and resources. They don't always get along, but Skylark holds him in great respect, and would do just about anything for him.
              • Minor: Can't enter age-restricted establishments, can't legally drive and most adults think she's just a kid out to cause trouble... which isn't helped by the fact that she really IS mouthy and mischievous.

              Abilities (86pp): Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 8, Dexterity 5, Fighting 13, Intellect 4, Awareness 3, Presence 2

              Powers (27pp):

              "Skylark's Song"
              Enhanced Advantage 4 [Power Attack, Set-up, Takedown, Taunt] 4pp

              "Wings of Steel" ARRAY (Removable -4pp) 18pp
              BASE "Feather Blades" Damage 3 [STR-based] (Improved Critical 2, Multiattack 7, Ranged 7, Ricochet 2, Subtle)
              -- AE "Sonic Blade" Damage 3 [STR-based] (Improved Critical, Penetrating 7) linked to Weaken Toughness 7 (Affects Objects +1, Instant Recovery -1)
              -- AE "Lullaby Darts" Affliction 7 [Fort resists, Fort overcomes vs Fatigued/Exhausted/Incapacitated] (Cumulative +1, Ranged +1, Subtle)
              -- AE "Ultrasound Gun" Affliction 7 [Fort resists, Fort overcomes vs Impaired/Disabled/Incapacitated] (Cumulative +1, Ranged +1, Subtle)

              "Lark Ascending"
              Flight 6 (Removable -1pp, Wings -1) 5pp

              Costume [Protection 1], Mask [Senses 4 [Darkvision, Extended Vision, Radio]] 5ep

              Advantages (18pp):
              Benefit [Mentor], Defensive Roll 2, Equipment, Evasion, Benefit [+4 Will defense vs fear], Move-by Action, Ranged Attack 8, Throwing Mastery 2, Uncanny Dodge

              Skills (26pp / Combat 0r, Noncombat 78r):
              Acrobatics 5 (+13), Athletics 6 (+10), Deception 13 (+15), Expertise [Presence]: Singing 13 (+15), Expertise: Streetwise 4 (+8), Investigation 8 (+12), Perception 10 (+13), Sleight of Hand 4 (+12), Stealth 7 (+15), Technology 8 (+12)

              Offense: Initiative +8
              • +13 Throwing (Ranged, Damage, DC 22 Toughness)
              • +13 Feather Blades(Ranged, Damage, DC 22 Defense)
              • +13 Sonic Blade (Close, Weaken Toughness linked to Damage, DC 17 Fort followed by DC 22 Damage )
              • +13 Lullaby Darts (Ranged, Affliction, DC 17 Fort resists, Fort overcomes vs Fatigued/Exhausted/Incapacitated)
              • +13 Ultrasound Gun (Ranged, Effect, DC 17 Fort resists, Fort overcomes vs Fatigued/Exhausted/Incapacitated)

              Defense (18pp): Dodge 5 (+13), Parry 0 (+13), Toughness +7, Fort 6 (+10), Will 7 (+10)

              Abilities 86 + Powers 27 + Advantages 18 + Skills 26 + Defense 18 = 175

              Originally posted by Design Notes
              I've decided to keep Skylark at PL 10, and she will be the last member of the group to advance in PL.

              Skylark now has higher physical stats: Str/Sta 4 (up from 3), Agi 8 (up from 5), Dex 5 (up from 3). I also gave her Awareness 3. Using her throwing mastery, she is actually PL 9.5 without all her devices and equipment. She's more dangerous when stark naked than a battleship! All her fancy gadgets do is give her fun options.

              I removed the flaws on her Lullaby Darts (now fitted with diamond-tipped needles) and Ultrasound gun (improved intensity), and her Sonic Blade is now Penetrating. To keep Feather Blades as the base power, I added Ricochet 2 and Subtle.

              Skillwise, she gains Athletics and Sleight of Hand, and her Expertise: Singing, Perception and Technology are all increased by 2-3 ranks.

              For Advantages, I dropped Daze. I am willing to buy a lot of stuff that is useless except for expressing your concept, but when the book tells me to spend a standard action and make a check in exchange for the opponent's move action I will just facepalm and move on. I changed her Fearless to Lionheart since Sky isn't literally fearless, just very brave.

              Originally posted by Old build
              Abilities (34pp): Str 16 (+3), Dex 20 (+5), Con 16 (+3), Int 18 (+4), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 14 (+2)

              Powers (25pp):

              "Skylark's Song" Enhanced Feat 5 (Daze [bluff], Power Attack, Set-Up, Takedown Attack, Taunt) 5pp

              DEVICE 4 [20pp of effects, Hard to Remove 4pp/r] 16pp
              "Wings of Steel" ARRAY 15pp + 3pp
              BASE "Feather Blades" Damage 2 (Autofire 5, Improved Critical 2, Mighty, Ranged 5)
              -- AP "Sonic Blade" Damage 4 (Improved Critical, Mighty) linked to Drain Toughness 7 (Affects Objects +1, Limited: Enemy recovers immediately after attack -1)
              -- AP "Ultrasound Gun" Nauseate 7 (Ranged +1, Sense-Dependent: Auditory -1, Subtle)
              -- AP "Lullaby Darts" Fatigue 7 (Additional Save: Toughness -1, Ranged +1, Subtle)
              DEVICE 1 [5pp of effects, Hard to Remove 4pp/r] 4pp
              "Lark Ascending" Flight 4 (Subtle, Wings -1) 5pp
              Commlink, Costume [Protection 3], Mask [Super-Senses 4 (Darkvision, Extended Vision, Radio)] 8ep + 2ep unspent

              Feats (18pp): Benefit: Mentor, Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 8, Equipment 2, Evasion, Fearless, Move-by Action, Throwing Mastery 2, Uncanny Dodge [auditory]

              Skills (23pp / 92r): Acrobatics 8 (+13), Bluff 13 (+15), Computers 2 (+6), Disable Device 11 (+15), Gather Information 4 (+6), Investigation 8 (+12), Knowledge: Streetwise 4 (+8), Knowledge: Technology 6 (+10), Notice 12 (+12), Perform: Singing 10 (+12), Search 4 (+8), Stealth 10 (+15)

              Offense (26pp):
              Base Attack 13, Grapple 16, Knockback -3, Initiative +5
              • +13 Feather Blades (Ranged, Damage 7, DC 22 Toughness)
              • +13 Sonic Blade (Touch, Damage 7 + Drain Toughness 7, DC 22 Toughness & DC 17 Fortitude)
              • +13 Ultrasound Gun (Ranged, Nauseate 7, DC 17 Reflex & DC 17 Fortitude)
              • +13 Lullaby Darts (Ranged, Fatigue 7, DC 17 Toughness & DC 17 Fortitude)
              • +13 Unarmed (Touch, Damage 3, DC 18 Toughness)

              Defense (29pp): Defense +5 (+13), Toughness +7, Fort 5 (+8), Ref 6 (+11), Will 8 (+8)

              Abilities 34 + Powers 25 + Feats 18 + Skills 23 + Offense 26 + Defense 29 = 155

              Originally posted by Design notes
              • :arrow: Skylark's a teenaged super soldier with a dash of gadgeteer on the side. Her stats don't look superhuman until you consider that she's 16 years old and has base attack 13. Despite having Str 16, she doesn't look any different from a normal girl her age, since her bone and muscle is denser than normal. As an adult in her twenties, she would probably have Str 20, Dex 24, Con 20.

                :arrow: Skylark doesn't have a vehicle, HQ, contacts, or many of the usual costumed adventurer amenities because she either doesn't have the resources or is too young to have them yet. Instead, her mentor provides her with support and advice through the Benefit: Mentor feat. Once an adventure at the GM's discretion, this provides some minor benefit such as information (one use of the Contacts feat), advice (equal to Inspiration from HP), help (one use of the Well-Connected feat) or airdropped gear (5 ep worth of Equipment that lasts for 1 adventure).

                :arrow: Unlike most costumed adventurers, Skylark and doesn't have Intimidation; as a mischievous upbeat type, she relies very heavily on Bluff instead. Despite her gadgets, Skylark isn't a super inventor herself. Instead, her mentor provides her with gear.

                :arrow: Skylark's gadget array is Hard to Lose. Narratively, while she can still be disarmed and so on, she always has enough spare weapons to last the scene; but if you capture her or knock her out you can still take all her stuff away.

                :arrow: Sonic Blade: A vibro-blade that cuts through just about anything. The Limit makes the victim recover from Drain Toughness immediately after saves are rolled. Effectively, the drain toughness only ever benefits the linked damage portion of the attack, which should help avoid usual problems with Drain Toughness where the villain gets their toughness floored after one bad save.

                :arrow: Ultrasound Gun: A gun that projects a beam of ultrasound, causing nausea and irregular heart rate. Subtle is for the invisible beam effect, since normal humans can't see or hear ultrasound.

                :arrow: Lullaby Darts: Juiced-up sleep darts. In addition to the usual Fort save, the victim gets an additional Toughness save (10 + power rank) vs this attack, representing that the dart has to pierce skin to work; it does nothing if it bounces off a battlesuit or a Paragon's invulnerable skin for example. Passing either save means no effect. This attack is subtle, since the darts are specially silenced.

                :arrow: Lark Ascending: Skylark wears a pair of wings made out of a smart polymer that can flex and change shape on mental command, allowing her to fly.
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                Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

                Awesome we are set

                Ithink Im gonna just port the Viper section of this adventure over and then well start the newest part of this fast

                thanks again everyone for joining and enjoying this mess ive created
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                  Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

                  Some of out supporting cast and prior players


                  Kevin Rodrigio spent much of his life as a simple man. His parents admitted to him that he was adopted at an early age, and he had little problem dealing with the fact, given that he was loved as well as any son could ask for. In school, he excelled at sports, and had few troubles beyond finding a direction for his life, knowing only that more school wasn't for him. His adoptive father, retired Major Steven Rodrigio, had been a Marine, and, having no better idea where to go with his life, he followed in his footsteps, joining the Marine Corps strait out of school.

                  His time in the Corps was spent mainly in tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he fought as hard as any man could ask, performing well in the stresses of battle. He was shot twice in that time, both times taking shots aimed at other members of his squad. His humility and his bravery caused him some recognition, but, when offered a commission, he turned them down. He felt that there was something missing from his life, something he hadn't found in the Marines, and, after eight years of service, left honorably.

                  Kevin didn't know that there was a reason that he was a gifted warrior. His parents hadn't lied about adopting him, but they hadn't been completely honest about his origins, having been genetically produced in the labs of VIPER, a super-criminal organization that had created a number of engineered children that they intended to grow and train into perfect soldiers for their cause. A group of heroes stumbled onto the lab when all of the subjects were still infants, rescuing them from their fate and placing them in good homes, like those of Steven Rodrigio and his wife.

                  His adoptive father had served with the man that would become a costumed crime fighter known as the Guardsman, a costumed warrior with an unbreakable shield of the rare metal Impervium. The Major was one of the first people that the group approached with the children, as the Guardsman knew that he would care deeply for the son that he had never been able to have with his wife, and that he would be able to spot warning signs of unstable behavior should the child be genetically inclined to madness or other psychological problems.

                  Due to his family's guidance, Kevin had avoided any such problems, but, upon returning to his life outside the service, Kevin was approached by that same hero that had saved his life so many years before, the Guardsman, now an old man. Not all the children were so lucky as Kevin, one having recently snapped and killed his adoptive family and another member of the Guardsman's team.

                  The years had worn on the heroes, and one of the other children, a man that now called himself the Headsman, had been developing deep psychotic tendencies for years, asking for a meeting with his one time savior, a heroine called the White Fox in her adventuring days, only to torture her for information before killing the heroine and his adoptive parents, and vowing to hunt down the rest of the heroes that had 'denied him his birthright' before rejoining VIPER himself. His new persona, a crazed swordsman with superior strength and reflexes, was more than a match for the remaining members of the team.

                  His own sponsor from the team asked Kevin to step forward to help them, knowing that he would be able to serve the world as a new, young, and powerful Guardsman. He bestowed the young man with his shield, and told him the aged team's plan to lure the Headsman into a trap. Kevin never felt up to the challenge, doubt about his past filling him, but he didn't refuse, fearing the worst if he should.

                  When the trap was sprung, the older heroes distracted and dealt with the rag-tag followers that the Headsman had gathered, leaving Kevin to face the young villain one on one. After a heated battle, Kevin used the Guardsman's shield to snap the Headsman's sword, and the broken tip impaled the villain in the heart, killing him. Feeling guilty for not being able to bring the man to justice, Kevin tried to return the shield, saying that he wasn't worthy to bear the hero's noble name. The Guardsman wouldn't take it back, telling Kevin to have faith in himself, and that the rest would follow.

                  Weeks passed, and Kevin did some soul-searching. He practiced with the shield, even taking some lessons from the man who had become his short time mentor, who eventually convinced him that he was needed in the world as one of the few that could be a true hero. He also revealed that he had terminal cancer, and that he wanted to see his teachings passed on before he died. Reluctantly, Kevin finally agreed to follow the Guardsman's path, but still felt unworthy of the name. Choosing to call himself Sword-Breaker, he had gathered enough skill and equipment by the time his mentor had died in order to take to the streets a true hero. That was two years ago.

                  In that time, nature had claimed the lives of two more of the Guardsman's former team, each in the form of the same cancer that killed him. The final member of the team, an telekenetic energy projector that called himself Impact, was diagnosed with the same cancer, but, after careful research, it was found that this cancer was caused by an unnatural source, a low impact radiation that he and the others were exposed to for some time.

                  Shortly after being committed to his last days in the hospital, Impact received a simple message bearing the symbol of VIPER which he and his team had thwarted long ago. It simply said "I have killed you all, and we will rise again, stronger than ever, to reclaim our birthright." The next day, all of the other children that the team had rescued disappeared. With this news, Kevin was charged by his last living patron to find out what had happened and who was behind it, and to stop them. So tasked, Kevin hopes that he can put a stop to whatever evil plan is on the horizon.


                  Kevin Rodrigio is a well built man in his late twenties with bright green eyes and blonde hair. He keeps in shape with regular physical exercise, and keeps his appearance in line with Marine Corps standards, meaning that he has a very short (though not quite high and tight) hair cut and is clean shaven.

                  As Sword-Breaker, he wears a costume that is primarily a high tech version of splinted mail armor, tinted in copper, and including a hauberk and leggings. He wears a mask of gray (patterned after Power-Fist's mask) over his features, and a dull metal helm that covers the top of his face and has a coif in copper chain that covers his neck. His armor also includes heavier shoulder and upper chest guards (think bullet proof football pads, with about half the bulk) in the same dull metal as the helm. He covers it all with a thin tabard of gray, trimmed in black, that bears his icon (as pictured above, minus the green embellishment and inscribed in a solid black circle) and hangs down well below his belt, which is black and has several pouches and a sheathed combat knife. He wears forearm length black leather gloves with copper buckles and heavy leather boots in the same style.

                  His shield is a perfect disk, concave and made of the rare metal Impervium. It is nearly three feet in diameter, gray in color with a copper band of 1 1/2 inches inscribed about 2 inches from the outside edge, which is black in color. In the center of the shield, his icon also appears in black, just like the tabard.

                  Kevin Rodrigio

                  Super-Soldier Experiment
                  PL 10, 155 PP

                  Abilities: [32 PP]
                  STR 16 [6 PP]/ 20 w/ Engineered Physiology
                  DEX 16 [6 PP]/ 20 w/ Engineered Physiology
                  CON 16 [6 PP]/ 20 w/ Engineered Physiology
                  INT 12 [2 PP]
                  WIS 14 [4 PP]
                  CHA 18 [8 PP]

                  Combat: [32 PP]
                  Attack +8 [16 PP]/ +10 w/ Impervium Shield
                  Defense +3 [6 PP]/ +10 w/ Dodge Focus and Impervium Shield (+2 Flat-Footed)
                  Toughness +5 [0 PP]/ +10 w/ Defensive Roll and Costume
                  Fortitude +8 [3 PP]
                  Reflex +6 [1 PP]/ +8 vs AoE w/ Defensive Roll
                  Will +8 [6 PP]

                  Feats: [23 PP]
                  Defensive Roll 2 [2 PP]
                  Dodge Focus 5 [5 PP]
                  Equipment 2 [2 PP]
                  Improved Block
                  Improved Critical (Impervium Shield)
                  Improved Sunder
                  Inspire 3 [3 PP]
                  Luck 2 [2 PP]
                  Power Attack
                  Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)
                  Weapon Break

                  Skills: [12 PP] 48 ranks
                  Acrobatics +6 (+11)
                  Bluff +2 (+6)
                  Climb +2 (+7)
                  Computers +1 (+2)
                  Craft (Mechanical) +3 (+4)
                  Diplomacy +2 (+6)
                  Drive +2 (+7)
                  Knowledge (Streetwise) +4 (+5)
                  Knowledge (Tactics) +3 (+4)
                  Medicine +1 (+2)
                  Notice +5 (+7)
                  Profession (Marine) +2 (+3)
                  Search +2 (+4)
                  Sense Motive +6 (+8)
                  Stealth +5 (+10)
                  Swim +2 (+7)

                  Powers: [59 PP]
                  Engineered Physiology [21 PP]
                  -Enhanced Strength 4 {4 PP}
                  -Enhanced Dexterity 4 {4 PP}
                  -Enhanced Constitution 4 {4 PP}
                  -Regeneration 7 (Recovery Rate 7; Bruised 3, Injured 1, Staggered 1, Disabled 1, Unconscious 1) {7 PP}
                  -Speed 1 {1 PP}
                  -Leaping 1 {1 PP}

                  Impervium Shield: Device 9 (Hard to Lose; Accurate, Indestructible) [38 PP]
                  -Shield Use: Array 20 (AP 3) {43 PP}
                  --Shield Block: Deflect 10 (All Ranged Attack Types; Move Action) [Initial Power]
                  --Shield Attack: Strike 5 (Mighty, Ricochet 4; Autofire {up to Rank 10}, Penetrating {up to Rank 10}, Ranged {up to Rank 10}) [AP]
                  --Shield Rush: Strike 5 (Power Feats: Fast Overrun, Improved Overrun, and Improved Trip, Linked, Mighty; Free Action {up to Rank 10}, Trail Area {up to Rank 10}) AND Speed 1 (Linked) [AP]
                  --Shield Hurl: Strike 5 (Linked, Mighty, Area Progression, Shapeable Area {up to Rank 10; 2 Continuous 5 ft Squares per Rank; First and Last Sqare must be Adjacent to User}) AND Trip 10 (Power Feat: Improved Trip, Linked, Area Progression; Shapeable Area {2 Continuous 5 ft Squares per Rank; First and Last Square must be Adjacent to User}, Knockback; Touch Range) [AP]
                  -Shield Defense: Shield 2 {2 PP}

                  Totals: Abilities [32 PP] + Combat [32 PP] + Feats [23 PP] + Skills [12 PP] + Powers [59 PP] = [158 PP]

                  Equipment: {10 EP}
                  Costume (Protection 3) {3 EP}
                  Combat Knife (Strike 1; Power Feat: Improved Critical, Mighty) {3 EP}
                  Multi-Tool {1 EP}
                  Night Vision Goggles {1 EP}
                  Gas Mask {1 EP}
                  Masterwork Mechanical Tools {1 EP}
                  Commlink {0 EP}
                  ID Card {0 EP}

                  Calling (Responsibility): Kevin feels indebted to Impact and the memory of the team that saved him so long ago, and fills the roles of the hero accordingly.
                  Enemy (VIPER): Whatever plot has been launched by the evil group that created him, Kevin is obviously a part of, and he wants to avenge the deaths of his patrons.
                  Responsibility (Family): Kevin has strong ties to his adoptive parents, and is often needed now that they are getting older.
                  Secret (Identity): Only his adoptive parents and the dying Impact know Sword-Breaker's identity, though it is possible that his enemies have some way of tracking him and discerning who he really is.

                  Other Notes:
                  Sword-Breaker is obviously a shameless Captain America clone, and I make no apology for that (he's one of my favorites). Due to the HUGE cost of a decent Deflect power, his other shield slots are hefty, and require a bit of explaining:

                  His Shield Attack power can be used up close or at range. The Autofire represents either rapid melee strikes or ricocheting the throw so that it attacks either multiple targets or the same target several times. It is built Ranged rather than Thrown, so a final bounce back to him is assumed when used at a distance.

                  The Shield Rush power is used in conjunction with Overruns, knocking his target aside and immediately hitting them with a powerful strike effect. The 'trail' fades immediately after the attack, so it doesn't effect anyone but the Overrun victims.

                  Finally, the Shield Hurl power represents a powerful throw that knocks down those in it's path. It's effect is always a continuous chain, returning the shield to him at the end of the attack. It's pattern must be laid out such that pattern is either circular, or represents a ricochet pattern.
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                    Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall


                    Rachel Amber Toliver

                    Goliath was created on the day of an accident, she was a brilliant computer designer working for a research arm of the Oracle corporation. That day a corporate compediator raided the company. In the resluting gun battle and explosions caused by stray bullets from both sides Rachel Toliver was caught in the explosion of her computer lab, she was injured when the Co2 used to cool the super computer exploded near her.

                    When it was all over she awoke to being carried to one of Oracles medical facalities for care. She found out what happened and what her injuries were, they said she might never feel anything in her hands or her face. The doctors tried an expermental regenerative nano technology Over time to the amazement of the doctors her face and hands started to regenerate the damaged tissue and nerves. The doctors seeing this ran further test to see if her genetic structure had been altered.

                    It seemed that the nanites had changes her allowing her to expand her size, the doctors thought that the regeneration was part of it so her body needed it with the increased in height. Being transfered to a metahuman wing and training center to learn to master her developing powers. In the mean time the Oracle company was sorting out a new place for her to live and work for them as part of thier metahuman staff, being on call for any emergencies that might require her special nature. After several months of training she was released and given some perks for working with the Oracle corporation.

                    Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 155/155

                    STR: +12 (10/34), DEX: +1 (12), CON: +11 (10/32), INT: +3 (16), WIS: +1 (12), CHA: +1 (12)

                    Tough: +13, Fort: +13, Ref: +6, Will: +8

                    Skills: Computers 8 (+11), Craft (electronic) 8 (+11), Drive 2 (+3), Intimidate 3 (+12), Knowledge (business) 3 (+6), Knowledge (technology) 7 (+10), Notice 7 (+8), Pilot 5 (+6), Profession (Computer Programmer) 9 (+10), Search 3 (+6), Sense Motive 5 (+6)

                    Feats: Attack Focus (melee) 2, Attack Specialization 2 (Giant Punches), Attractive (+4), Benefit (Wealth), Equipment 4, Evasion, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, Improved Pin, Inventor, Power Attack, Startle

                    Growth 16 (Linked; +24 STR, +12 CON, +4 size categories (Attack/Defense –8, Grapple +16, Stealth –16, Intimidate +8, Height 64 ft., 250K lbs, Space 30 ft., Reach 15 ft.) (Flaws: limited Growth above 12 does not add Strength and Con) -1) 44pp

                    Enhanced Constitution 10 (LImited : growth 9 [20 feet] -1) 5pp

                    Immunity 10 (Linked; damage type: Cold, damage type: Fire; Limited - Half Effect, limited Growth 9 [20 feet] -1) 3pp

                    Protection 2 and Impervious Toughness 11 (Limited Growth 9 [20 feet] -1) 7pp

                    Super Strength 6 (Flaw: Limited growth 9 [20 feet]-1); ground strike (100' radius, dc20), shockwave (+10, cone:100 feet, dc 20)) 8pp

                    Giant Stride (Speed 2 (flaws: Limited [30+ feet height] -1) 1pp

                    Equipment: HQ: Skyscraper (5 floors), cellphone, sports car

                    Attack Bonus: +8/+0 Full Size, Ranged: +8/+0 Full Sized, Melee: +12/+8 Full Sized, Grapple: +40)

                    Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +0 (DC 27)

                    Defense: +0 (Flat-footed: +0), Size: Medium/Colossal, Knockback: -30

                    Initiative: +5

                    Languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean

                    Totals: Abilities 12 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 68 + Combat 32 + Saves 14 + Drawbacks 0 = 159

                    Responsibility - Oracle (on call to them)
                    Responsibility - Freya Computer Technologies (Corporate CEO)


                    HQ: Skyscraper (5 floors)

                    Power Level: 10; Equipment Points Spent: 20

                    Toughness: +10

                    Features: Communications, Computer, Cover Facility, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Pool, Power System, Security System 1, Think-Tank, Workshop

                    Size: Huge

                    Totals: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Feats 0 + Features 16 + Powers 0 + Combat 3 + Saves 1 + Drawbacks 0 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 20

                    Hero Lab® and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
                    Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition is ©2005-2011 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.
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                      Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

                      Green Lantern

                      Name: Ashley McAdams
                      Alternate Identity: Green Lantern
                      Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

                      Age: 28
                      Gender: Female
                      Height: 5’10”
                      Weight: 140lbs
                      Eyes: Green
                      Hair: Red

                      History: Coming up from a fairly low end family of third generation Irish Immigrants, Ashley knew she had little money for a proper education, which presented itself as an obstacle to her dream profession, of becoming a school teacher. However, there was one path which seemed to make itself available to her, and that was by working in the armed forces , which was more than willing to pay her way through college in exchange for a few years of service. It seemed a fair enough trade, so when she turned 18, Ashely went to the registration center, and signed on to the U.S. Army.

                      Not exactly a prime specimen, Ashley wasn’t expected to make it through boot camp, however, she had a great fire inside her and a drive which far exceeded others, which allowed her to dig deeper and push herself harder than any of the other recruits. She also displayed a knack for medicine, and began training as a field medic. While her first two years of service were fairly quiet, mostly consisting of training exercises or aiding in disaster relief, her number came up in her third year of service, and she was deployed to an active combat zone. Working alongside her brothers in arms, Ashely received several awards for distinguished service, going above and beyond the call of deuty to assist those injured in battle.

                      Her bravery was commendable, but it wasn’t a bulletproof shield, and she got the bad luck of taking a hail of gunfire while attempting to extract a wounded officer from the line of fire. The Bullet damaged her spinal cord, rendering her paralyzed from the waist down. That marked the end of her combat carrier, as she was deemed no longer fit for duty, and returned stateside to begin physical therapy.

                      The doctors and surgeons and all manner of professionals informed Ashley that the damage was simply to severe, and that she’d never recover. Ashley, in turn, told them to shut up, and would listen to none of it. Two years passed, without sign of any progress, yet she continued to grit her teeth and insist that she’d walk again. Despite all the evidence suggesting that it was impossible, Ashley turned out to be correct, as the damage to her spin began to heal, her ironclad resolve seeming to fly in the face of modern medicine, her body refusing to give up and accept anything less than a complete recovery.

                      At the same time as she was undergoing therapy, Ashley was also studying, and received a full degree in education, as well as a minor in child psychology. She went on to teach elementary school children, finding the work to be equally satisfying and challenging.

                      This all changed rather recently, When Ashley McAdams Was Chosen for a higher calling. One Night, while she was walking home, A green light came hurtling down out of the sky. As if drawn to her, the light honed in on Ashley’s position, coming to rest not 10 feet in front of her. As the Emerald Glow faded, she saw that the source of the light was a green ring. It…spoke to her. There’s no other way to describe it. It told her that it had come seeking someone with an indomitable will, and that she was such a person. It asked if she would take up the Mantle of the Green Lantern, and serve as a Protector of the weak and Enforcer of Law in the universe. Though part of her feared this strange, alien force, she knew that this was an opportunity which would never again present itself to her. She agreed, and the Ring affixed itself to her hand, flooding her with its power and knowledge. She found herself being propelled through the air, away from earth and into the depths of space.

                      She arrived on the distant world of Oa, where she was presented before the Guardians of the Universe, whom would judge if she was worthy of wielding the Light of the Green lantern. For whatever reason, perhaps agreeing with Ashley’s testimony of merit, perhaps sensing that she had great potential, but whatever the case, they agreed, and she was taken into training.

                      In many ways, learning to harness the power of the Lantern Ring was like the boot camp she’d received when joining the army. However, this was far more difficult. Not only did it demand a great amount of physical resilience, but also a great level of focus and concentration. She was instructed to shape her thoughts through her ring, to give the light form and shape and power. In time, she became proficient at wielding the green light, making it at once a tool and an ally.

                      Now a Green Lantern in Full, She was able to return home, resuming care of her students, but also now acting as an agent of justice, bringing criminals and lawbreakers to bear punishment for their actions, both on earth and on distant and alien worlds.

                      Secret Identity: For her own safety, and that of others around her, Ashley strives to keep her power a secret.

                      Code Of Conduct: While given a great deal of freedom, Ashley is held to certain standards of performance when acting as a green lantern. Full listing of the Code would be near impossible, but the basic tenants are simple enough to grasp. Protection of the innocent, the perusal of criminals and evil, Avoiding killing whenever possible, only acting when there is reasonable evidence supporting the case and similar principles.

                      Duel Occupation: While her work as a Lantern is important, Ashley also has children who she has been charged with educating, and must work to make sure that she isn’t lax in her more mundane responsibilities.

                      Abilities: 24PP
                      Strength: 10 (+0)
                      Dexterity: 14 (+2)
                      Constitution: 14 (+2)
                      Intelligence: 14 (+2)
                      Wisdom: 18 (+4)
                      Charisma: 14 (+2)

                      Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
                      Initiative: +2
                      Attack: +4 Melee, +4 Ranged, +8 Ring
                      Grapple: +4
                      Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Shield), +2 Flat-Footed
                      Knockback: -7

                      Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 8 = 16PP
                      Toughness: +8/+12 (+2 Con, +6/+10 [Force Field])
                      Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4)
                      Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)
                      Will: +12 (+4 Wis, +8)

                      Skills: 25PP
                      Bluff 8 (10)
                      Concentration 14 (+18)
                      Craft (structural) 8 (+10)
                      Diplomacy 8 (+10)
                      Drive 2 (+4)
                      Investigate 6 (+8)
                      Knowledge (Life Science) 8 (+10)
                      Knowledge (streetwise) 6 (+8)
                      Medicine 8 (+12)
                      Notice 8 (+12)
                      Profession (teacher) 8 (+12)
                      Search 8 (+10)
                      Sense Motive 8 (+12)

                      Feats: 6PP
                      Benefit (Green Lantern Corps)
                      Attack Specialization (Ring Constructs) 2
                      Evasion 2

                      Powers: 77PP

                      Green Lantern Ring 19 ( 95PP Container Flaws: Hard-To-Lose Feats: Indestructible, Restrictive 2 Drawbacks: Power Loss (Recharged Every 24 Hours)(-2)) [77PP] (Ring Granted by the Guardians Of the Universe)

                      Flight Array ( 14 pp array Feats: Alternate Power ) [15PP]
                      • Base Power: Flight 7 [14PP] (1000 MPH)
                      • Alternate Power: Space Flight 3 [10PP] (Fast Space Flight)

                      Immunity (Life Support) (Extras: Sustained (+0) ) [9PP] (Environmental exclusion aura)

                      Force Field 10 (Extras:Impervious, Linked (Shield 4) Flaws: Limited (Willpower)(-1)) [13PP] (Protective Energy Field)

                      Universal Translator ( Comprehend (Language) 4 ) [8PP] (Automatic Language Translation)

                      A.I. & Green Lantern Corps Database(Feature 1 ) [1PP]

                      Central Battery Link ( Communication 1) [1PP] (Communication Link to Central Power Battery)

                      Quick Change (Feature 1 ) [1PP]

                      Green Lanterns Light 19 ( 38 pp Dynamic array Feats: Alternate Power 9 ) [47PP]
                      • Base Power: Willpower Constructs (Create Object 10 Extras: Impervious(+1), Moveable(+1) Flaws: Limited (Willpower)(-1), Requires Concentration (-1) Feats: Progression 2 (25ft cube/rank), Precise, Stationary, Selective, Dynamic ) [26PP] (Energy Constructs Forged Through Willpower)
                      • Alternate Power: Ring Blast (Damage 12 Extras: Ranged (+1) Feats: Variable 2, Dynamic ) [27PP] (Concentrated Blast of Willpower)
                      • Alternate Power: Bind (Snare 12Extras: Regenerating(+1) Flaws: Limited (Willpower)(-1) Feats: Tether, Reversible, Chokehold, Dynamic ) [27PP] (Energy Shackles)
                      • Alternate Power: Recover (Healing 12Extras: Total (+1) Flaws: Limited (Willpower)(-1) Feats: Stabilize, Regrowth, Persistent, Dynamic ) [27PP] (Willpower enforced Cellular Regeneration)
                      • Alternate Power: Weapons (Strike 12 Extras: Penetrating (+1), Linked (Elongation 3 [Projection])(6) Feats: Variable Descriptor (weapons), Split Attack, Dynamic ) [32PP] (Weapons built from concentrated Will)
                      • Alternate Power: Motion (Move Object 18) [36PP] (Energy Field Enabling remote Movement of an Object)

                      • Alternate Power: Bubble (Immunity 8 (life Support) Extras:Affects others (+0) Feats: Dynamic ) [9PP] (Field of controlled environment)
                      • Alternate Power: Illumination (Variable Power 3 Flaws: Super-senses Only (-1)Feats:Dynamic ) [12PP] (No Evil Shall Escape My Sight)
                      • Alternate Power: Message(Communication (Electronic) 20 Flaws: Limited (Green Lanterns after +10) Feats:Dynamic ) [15PP] (Green Lantern Corps Communication Network)

                      Drawbacks: (-3)PP

                      Normal Identity (Average Human Being (Free action to transform as long as I have the ring)) [-3PP]

                      Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (25) + Feats (6) + Powers (77) - Drawbacks (3) = 161/161 Power Points
                      Dr. Silverback has wryly observed that this is like trying to teach lolcats about Shakespeare

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                        Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

                        Clover Madison

                        Clover Madison

                        Name: Clover Madison
                        Themesong: Strength of a thousand men

                        Age: 27
                        Gender: Female
                        Weight: 166lbs

                        Most people make a few dumb mistakes in high school. Maybe they are trying to fit in with a click. Maybe they fall in with the wrong crowd. Maybe they slack off from education in favor of more social pursuits. For Clover, her dumb high school story was named ‘Jason Westly’. He seemed to be just the perfect guy. Funny, Friendly, a musician, from a good family with decent money. And they we’re in love. Least, that’s what it felt like. And, like most dumb kids, things got out of hand when Clover found herself pregnant at 19.

                        You might be thinking, Jason probably ducked out on her then and there, rather than deal with the responsibility of raising a kid. You’d be half right. Jason did end up ditching out, but it wasn’t till after their baby girl, Nicole, was born. It was only afterwords that the two broke up, when Clover caught her ‘soul mate’ cheating on her when he thought he could get away with it. She threw the piece of scum out of her life. Course, that ment she was now a young dumb kid trying to raise a family on her own, more or less. Sure, her parents tried to help out where they could, but the Madison household was never exactly well off, financially.

                        Clover ended up shelving her college plans in favor of something a little more down to earth. One of their neighbors, Bob Waterman, owned a auto repair shop and offered to hire on Clover. Money was alright, and she didn’t really mind the work all that much. Sure, keeping the newborn girl fed and happy and healthy was still a struggle, and her bank account usually hovered somewhere in the red, but she managed, somehow, to get by.

                        Like most people, Clover knew about the superhuman phenomena. People would just appear with all sorts of abilities that went in the face of science. And, like most people, once the shock wore off, she brushed the whole matter aside, figuring that it was someone elses problem. She had her own life to deal with, raising a kid and teaching her right.

                        And really, Nicole was a big part of Clovers new life. She loved her daughter dearly. While it was never easy, she did her very best to be a good parent, watching her little girl grow older, taking her first steps, going to school, learning to read and write. Even after coming home covered in engine grease and sore all over from a long days work, nothing ever brightened up Clovers life like seeing her kids face. It wasn’t easy, but it was a happy life.

                        It was two years ago when things got complicated, when Clover went from being a nobody to an icon. It started off like any other day. Clover got up, helped little Nicky get ready for school, before heading off to work. After getting her paycheck for that week, she slipped over to the bank to cash it. One moment, it was just another Friday afternoon. The next, the world exploded. A Armored van came smashing in through the front door, and out of it poured masked gunmen. They swarmed through the bank, gathering up everyone and corralling them into a corner, before taking a crack at the bank vault.

                        Before the robbers could make their get away, the cops had the bank on lockdown. It quickly turned into a standoff, the police on one side, the criminals on the other, and the news covering every second of it. Minutes ticked into hours with no solution in sight. As fear and desperation set in, the criminals decided to make a break for it, figuring they had a shot if they got a few hostages. Seeing Clover as a good choice, they grabbed her.

                        Up until then, Clover had done her best to stay out of notice and hope to get through this alright. She wasn’t a hero, she had a family she needed to get back to. But in that moment, something inside her just snapped. Call it panic, or Adrenalin. To her, it was like a star had just been born inside her, filling her every cell with more energy than she could ever imagine. What had only a moment before been the vain struggles of a woman against her captor, turned into Clover flinging a 200lb man across a room with enough force to crack the plaster walls. The other gunmen freaked and turned on her, showering Clover in bullets. They didn’t even scratch her. Heck, they barely even tickled. Whatever this newfound power was, it was more than the criminals could handle, and Clover was able to knock them around like ragdolls, putting an end to the hostage crisis.

                        As she exited the bank, Clover was surrounded by cameras and reporters, all of them eager to cover this new superhuman, and her heroic exploits. Thus began Clovers new life. She never really wanted to be a superhero, yet her she was, being called one. Heck, she got an award handed to her by the mayor, in recognition of her deeds. She smiled and waved and tried her best to play along, when all she really wanted was to figure out what had happened to her, where she’d gotten this power inside her.

                        When at last she got some time to sit down and get her head together, Clover came to a few conclusions. The first was that, whatever she was now, she was out in the public. Her name and face had been broadcast all over the country, maybe even further. And if they knew about her, they probably knew about Nicole, and her parents, and Bob and virtually everyone else that Clover had any relation to. She couldn’t just hope to fade off the radar. Faced with leaving behind her entire life, taking her daughter off somewhere new and starting again, or stepping up to be the hero she was hailed as, Clover chose the latter. She registered herself with the government, getting license to apprehend criminals and bring them to justice. It seemed like the right thing to do, using her powers to help out others. She felt optimistic.

                        Now a registered crime fighter, Clover found her new life did come with some perks. She got a lot of good press, and with that soon came offers for sponsorships or advertisement or even just being called on to make an appearance for some charity. She got asked to sign autographs, and found herself approached on the streets by fans. It started out fun at first.

                        There were downsides to. Some of them, she’d anticipated. Not everyone liked super humans, even the good ones. She found herself appearing in news stories examining her every action. Some questioned if Clover was really as good as she appeared to be. She’d be called out as a ‘threat and a danger’, that her power all to easily would lead to corruption. Seemed like any time she misspoke on camera or slipped up, even for something minor, it was a scandal. Then there we’re the other people, who’d call her out for not being there to stop every disaster and crime as it happened. Those were worse in a way, since those at least made her feel guilty every time she stopped to spend some time at home, or going down to Bob’s workshop to clear her head. There was the Paparazzi to. Not as problematic as the mainstream news, but more annoying, since they harassed not just her, but her family as well. At times it got so bad that Clover would have to fly off just to get a moments peace.

                        But again, she’d expected those things. She hadn’t counted on scientists calling for her to come in so that they might try and understand the nature of her abilities. Or the outcry against her from the news when she refused, having been uncomfortable with the idea of being put under a microscope. Nor did she foresee her ex coming back into the picture when Jason published a tell all book about his and her relationship.

                        At present, Clover is still active as a hero. Its hard work, balancing her heroic duties and her personal life, to live up to what’s expected of her. In many ways, She’s still trying to find her path. To most, she’s a champion and a crusader for justice. Only those close to her know how much of that is really just Clover trying to do what people expect of her, and with all the stress that comes with being a full time hero, more and more she questions whether or not she’s really doing the right thing, not just for herself, but for her daughter, and for all the people counting on her to save the day.

                        To the public, Clover is a paragon of virtue and justice. A shinning champion of the downtrodden and defender of the peace. And a lot of that is just Good publicity. Sure, she believes in some of those ideals, but she’s not perfect and she knows it. She’s human, after all. But at the same time, she’s become something of an icon. And while she doesn’t see that same kind of perfection in herself that others do, she knows that she can do a lot of good by trying to reach that ideal. She Wants to be an inspiration, she wants to help people believe that goodness and honor are things that we should strive for. Which just makes it all the harder for her when she fails to live up to such things. Because while she wants to be a positive force in the world, more than that she just wants to live her own life, one where she’s not constantly trying to be some role model. She likes being able to spend time with her daughter, or hang out fixing up old cars with Bob. She misses being able to go to a bar and get a drink, or going grocery shopping without it suddenly turning into a big deal, with people lining up for autographs. Everyones hailed her as a hero, But Clover herself doesn’t really know what it means to be a hero, beyond making sure the bad guys go to jail.

                        Mother: Clover is a single parent with an 8 year old firecracker of a daughter. While her responsibilities are many, nothing is more important to her than looking after her child. She also worries greatly that someone will eventually try to go after her through Nicole.

                        Court of Public Opponion: Clover is, undoubtedly, one of the more well known faces of super humans world wide. And while her actions have certainly won her the trust of many, that trust only continues so long as she lives up to the ideals which people expect from her. All it takes is one bad news story to get out, and people can end up turning on her.

                        Paragon Ideal: Its expected of Clover that she live up to her own reputation. This means fighting injustice, upholding the law, and being a good role model, among other similar concepts. She works extra hard to try and maintain this lofty moral code.

                        Child Welfare: While nobody is questioning that Clover loves her daughter, there are government agencies whom moniter her and Nicole, looking out for the best interests of the girl. There are certainly some whom think that keeping a child with a superhuman is unsafe.

                        Public Identity: Clover has no secret identity. Everyone knows who she is. That means she can’t duck away from her responsibilities like other hero’s can by just changing costumes.

                        Scandal: Like most celebrities, the media is always on the lookout for a good scoop. And nothing gets readers attention like a scandal. Any misstep on her part, or perceived wrongdoing, no matter how minor, can quickly turn into a media circus.

                        Enemy: Herbert Glennson Outspoken Anti-Superhuman advocate and surprisingly popular host of his own Daytime Pundit show, Herbert has taken it upon himself to paint superhuman individuals as the root source of virtually every problem facing society, and by far his favorite target for slanderous remarks is Clover.

                        Abilities: 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 16PP
                        Strength: 34/14 (+12/+2)
                        Dexterity: 12 (+1)
                        Constitution: 34/20/12 (+12/+5/+1)
                        Intelligence: 12 (+1)
                        Wisdom: 12 (+1)
                        Charisma: 14 (+2)

                        Combat: 12 + 8 = 20PP
                        Initiative: +1
                        Attack: +6 Melee, +6 Ranged
                        Grapple: +29
                        Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
                        Knockback: -12

                        Unarmed: +8/DC 27 Toughness (Damage)
                        Plasma Vision +12/DC 23 Toughness (Damage)
                        Arctic Breath DC 20 Reflex (Half Effect) /DC 20 (15) Reflex (Entangled/Bound)

                        Speed: 30ft/4400ft (Walking), 4400ft (Flying)
                        Carrying Capacity:250 tons/500 tons/800 tons/1600 tons/4000 tons

                        Saving Throws: 0 + 6 + 7 = 13PP
                        Toughness: +12 (12 Impervious) (+12 Con)
                        Fortitude: +12 (+12 Con, +0)
                        Reflex: +7 (+1 Dex, +6)
                        Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7)

                        Skills: 10PP
                        Bluff 2 (+4)
                        Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+5)
                        Concentration 12 (+13)
                        Diplomacy 4 (+6)
                        Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+4)
                        Notice 8 (+10)
                        Search 4 (+5)
                        Sense Motive 3(+4)

                        Feats: 8PP
                        Attack Specialization (Unarmed)
                        Benefit (Champion of the People)
                        Dodge Focus 4
                        Move By Action

                        Powers: 13+10+9+15+12+22+6+3=90

                        Hyper-Kinetics (12pp ArrayFeats:Alternate Power 1 ) [13PP]
                        • Base Power: Flight 6 ( [12PP]
                        • Alternate Power: Hyper Speed (Speed 6 linked Quickness 6) [12PP]

                        Hyper Strength (Enhanced Strength 20 Flaws: Sustained Strength (-1) ) [10PP]

                        Hyper-Might (Super Strength 9 Flaws:Sustained (-1) ) [9PP]

                        Hyper Stamina (Enhanced Constitution 22 Flaws:Sustained Constitution (14 ranks) (-1) ) [15PP]

                        Hyper-Resilience (Impervious (Applied to Constitution) 12) [12PP]

                        Hyper Force (20pp Array Feats:Alternate Power 2 ) [22PP]
                        • Base Power: Plasma Vision (Damage 8Extras: Ranged (+1) Feats: Accurate 3, Precise ) [20PP]
                        • Alternate Power: Arctic Breath (Snare 10Extras: Area (Cone)(+1)Flaws: Touch Range (-1) ) [20PP]
                        • Alternate Power: Tornado Breath (Move Object 8 Extras: Area (Cone)(+1) Flaws: Touch Range (-1), Limited Direction (Repulsion)(-1), Concentration (-1)) Linked (Trip 8Extras: Area (Cone)(+1), Concentration (+1) Flaws: Touch Range (-1) ) [20PP]

                        Hyper Vision (Super Sense (Vision): Penetrates Concealment (4), Extended 2) [6PP]

                        Hyper Hearing (Super Sense (Hearing): Ultra hearing (1), Extended 2) [3PP]

                        Totals: Abilities (16) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (10) + Feats (9) + Powers (90) = 157 Power Points
                        Dr. Silverback has wryly observed that this is like trying to teach lolcats about Shakespeare

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                          Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

                          Johnny Liang

                          Originally posted by Background
                          Johnny Liang

                          All humans are in essence one divine being and their spirits are constantly craving that oneness whether they really know it or not. That’s the true secret to the power of the Liang school of Martial Arts; the true masters draw their power and strength from the oneness of everyone around them. They’re not the hermit monks hiding in the mountains gaining strength through mystery, absolutely not. They gain their strength from the connections between all people, they dip their fingers into the essence of that connection and they can do things that most men or women can only dream of.

                          Johnny Liang is the current Master of the Liang School of Martial Arts in New York City. Louie Liang, his father, was a well respected hero in his own right. Johnny grew up in his Father’s Dojo, learning from his father side by side with the hundreds of people who would enroll in the Liang School. People from all walks of life would just walk in from the street yearning to train under the world famous Louie Liang. By the age of fourteen Johnny was running his own classes within the Dojo, training those who were knew to the arts while his father trained the more senior students. Through teaching Johnny increased his familiarity with the essence of the one spirit. He became closer to others and through this his understanding of the true power of the Liang school was greatened.

                          Louie Liang died in a private Challenge Duel between himself and Kualo, the master of the Five Beasts School. Johnny’s father was in his late sixties fighting a much younger Kualo (late thirties) but it was a fair duel and no one could contest that. Liang School began to leak students as Johnny himself at just 23 years of age took over as the new Master of the Liang School. Johnny has been master of the school for roughly four years now and the school has found some stability, he even shared some spotlight when he assisted a group of heroes in a fight against the mythical Brass Army of Dorian Grey, gaining a little press along with it and placing the Liang school back in the spotlight.

                          Connection to the One: Johnny needs to spend a significant amount of time around other people in order to strengthen his connection to the essence from which he draws his power. If he ever spends time completely alone, around no one else at all he'll slowly begin to lose his access to all of his powers. He'll retain his martial arts knowledge but just won't be able to draw on the One for anything else.

                          Honor thy Master/Father: Johnny's father, Louie, was a card carrying member of the Guardsmen and upon his death The Paladin passed that same membership onto Johnny. Johnny's Father was the Master of the Liang School of Martial Arts, teacher to hundreds of students and one of the most honored men in the Martial Arts world and upon his Death Johnny became the Master of the Liang School of Martial Arts. All the prestige and the responsibilities that Louie Liang spent a life time procuring were passed to Johnny in a single day. He struggles to meet those challenges and sometimes he might try a little to hard to live up to his fathers legend.

                          Johnny Liang

                          Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 156/158

                          STR: +4 (18), DEX: +5 (20), CON: +4 (18), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +1 (12)

                          Tough: +4/+6, Fort: +6, Ref: +12, Will: +10

                          Skills: Acrobatics 10 (+15), Concentration 4 (+7), Diplomacy 9 (+10), Knowledge (martial arts) 10 (+10), Knowledge (theology & philsophy) 6 (+6), Medicine 4 (+7), Notice 7 (+10), Search 8 (+8), Sense Motive 11 (+14), Stealth 7 (+12)

                          Feats: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, Assessment, Attack Focus (melee) 10, Blind-Fight, Cunning Fighter, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Defensive Strike, Dodge Focus 6, Elusive Target, Equipment 1, Evasion, First Strike, Follow-Up Strike, Improved Critical 4 (Chi Strikes (Strike 1)), Improved Initiative 2, Luck, Monkey Climber, Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Tiger Leap

                          Tapping into the one (Emotion Control 7) (DC 17; Burst Area (35 ft. radius - General), Selective Attack; Limited to Emotion (Calm))
                          . . Chi Strikes (Strike 1) (Alternate; DC 20, Feats: Improved Critical 4 (Chi Strikes (Strike 1)); Penetrating [4 extra ranks], Autofire (interval 2, max +5) [4 extra ranks]; Mighty)
                          . . Healing 10 (Alternate; DC 20)

                          Equipment: The Liang School of Martial Arts

                          Attack Bonus: +5 (Ranged: +5, Melee: +15, Grapple: +19)

                          Attacks: Chi Strikes (Strike 1), +15 (DC 20), Tapping into the one (Emotion Control 7) (DC Staged/Will 17), Unarmed Attack, +15 (DC 19)

                          Defense: +14 (Flat-footed: +4), Knockback: -3

                          Initiative: +13

                          Languages: English

                          Totals: Abilities 34 + Skills 19 (76 ranks) + Feats 38 + Powers 23 + Combat 26 + Saves 16 + Drawbacks 0 = 156

                          Created With Hero Lab® - try it for free at!
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                            Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

                            The Owl


                            Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 155/155

                            STR: +3 (16), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +3 (16), INT: +5 (20), WIS: +5 (20), CHA: +3 (16)

                            Tough: +3/+8, Fort: +7, Ref: +9, Will: +8

                            Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+10), Bluff 7 (+10/+14), Computers 4 (+9), Concentration 1 (+6), Disable Device 3 (+8), Disguise 1 (+4), Escape Artist 1 (+5), Gather Information 5 (+8), Investigate 7 (+12), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 3 (+8), Knowledge (streetwise) 1 (+6), Medicine 1 (+6), Navigate 2 (+7), Notice 5 (+10), Search 3 (+8), Sense Motive 5 (+10), Sleight of Hand 1 (+5), Stealth 8 (+12)

                            Feats: Beginner's Luck, Benefit (Alternate ID), Dodge Focus 4, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 12, Evasion, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical 2 (Many-Section Staff (Strike 5)), Improved Disarm 2, Improved Pin, Luck 2, Power Attack, Ritualist, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Disable Device, Investigate, Stealth), Taunt, Uncanny Dodge (Audio)


                            Magical Boosting (Variable 2) (acquire: multiple powers, limited to: magical powers; Action (full))
                            Magical Sense (Super-Senses 2) (detect magic)

                            Equipment: Cloak and Cowl, Magic ID, Utility belt

                            Cloak and Cowl
                            Computer (Features 1) (Notes: Computer built into Cloak and Cowl)
                            Cowl Lenses (Super-Senses 3) (infravision, low-light vision, ultravision)
                            Kevlar Lined (Protection 5) (+5 Toughness; Subtle 2 (unnoticable))
                            Misc Tools (Features 1) (Notes: As the feat 'Improvised Tools')
                            Winged Cloak (Flight 3) (Speed: 50 mph, 440 ft./rnd; Gliding; Subtle 2 (unnoticable))

                            Utility Belt
                            Bolos (Snare 8) (DC 18; Constricting; Tether (800 ft.))
                            Explosive Owl'rang (Blast 10) (DC 25; Explosion Area (20-100 ft. explosion - General); Action (full); Progression, Decrease Area 8 (-8 ranks), Triggered 2 (any trigger))
                            Flashbang (Dazzle 8) (affects: 1 type + visual - visual & audio, DC 18; Perception Area (General))
                            Grapple Line (Super-Movement 4) (slow fall, swinging, wall-crawling 2 (full speed))
                            Many-Section Staff (Strike 5) (DC 23, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Many-Section Staff (Strike 5)), Improved Disarm 2, Improved Pin; Autofire 2 (interval 1, max +5) [3 extra ranks]; Mighty)
                            Owl'rangs (Blast 5) (DC 23; Penetrating; Mighty 3 (+3 to damage))
                            Smoke Bomb (Obscure 3) (affects: visual senses, Radius: 25 ft.; Progression, Increase Range (max range x2, 750 feet))
                            Taser Owl'rang (Linked)
                            . . Blast 8 (Linked; DC 23)
                            . . Stun 8 (Linked; DC 18; Range (ranged); Limited (No effect if no Damage))

                            Magic ID
                            Magic ID (Enhanced Trait 3) (Traits: Bluff +4 (+14), Diplomacy +4 (+7), Feats: Benefit (Alternate ID); Custom (Bluff and Diplomacy only for passing ID checks))

                            Attack Bonus: +12 (Ranged: +12, Melee: +12, Grapple: +15)

                            Bolos (Snare 8), +12 (DC Ref/Staged 18)
                            Explosive Owl'rang (Blast 10) (DC 25)
                            Flashbang (Dazzle 8) (DC Fort/Ref 18)
                            Many-Section Staff (Strike 5), +12 (DC 23)
                            Owl'rangs (Blast 5), +12 (DC 23)
                            Taser Owl'rang (Blast 8), +12 (DC 23) & (Stun 8), +12 (DC Fort/Staged 18)
                            Unarmed Attack, +12 (DC 18)

                            Defense: +12 (Flat-footed: +4), Knockback: -4

                            Initiative: +4

                            Languages: English

                            Totals: Abilities 46 + Skills 16 (64 ranks) + Feats 27 + Powers 14 + Combat 40 + Saves 12 + Drawbacks 0 = 155

                            Background: For Oracle's Eyes Only.

                            Hero Lab® and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
                            Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition is ©2005-2012 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.
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                              Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

                              Special In memoriam

                              Femme Fatales The Wanderer

                              Original picture by el-grimlock. I had to shrink it and flip it horizontal for it to fit in board standard.

                              Code Name: The Wanderer
                              Real Name: Valaera Mosous'a
                              Alignment: Lawful Neutral
                              Age: 18
                              Height: 4 foot 10 inches
                              Weight: 90 pounds
                              Build: athletic and toned
                              Hair: brown
                              Eyes: grey
                              Skin: tanned
                              Ethnicity: fantasy human (comparable to Earth's China)

                              Valaera has spent every waking moment of her life in the monastery. All she has known is her brothers and sisters. They trained her not only in the ways of being a warrior, but also how to interact with the world around her. All this would come into fruition when she left the temple. She was to become an adventurer. A protector of her home and native land from the forces of chaotic beasts and overzealous rulers. She joined up with a band of adventurers, for there was strength in numbers. For two years she and the "Knights of Roku" were successful in their ventures. It was not until she and her team ran into Kurai, shapeshifting master of evil, that their luck ran out. Slicing down the band of adventurers, Kurai spared Valaera. The shapeshifter said that they would meet again, but now was not the time. Now was not any time. Kurai tore open a portal and Valaera fell through, landing in our dimension. She was amazed as much as she was angered. She would find a way back home to defeat Kurai. Though she still had duties to attend to while she was here. She would not end her quest., she would find a new band of like hearted souls.


                              Code of Conduct - Lawful Neutral. She must perserve peace and order.

                              Out of Her Element - This world is new and strange. She must learn it's customs if she is to fit in.

                              Str 16 (+3)
                              Dex 20 (+5)
                              Con 14 (+2)
                              Int 10 (+0)
                              Wis 12 (+1)
                              Cha 14 (+2)

                              Tou +12 (+2 without force field)
                              Fort 6 (+8)
                              Ref 5 (+10)
                              Will 7 (+8)

                              Acrobatics 8 (+13)
                              Bluff 8 (+10)
                              Climb 8 (+11)
                              Concentration 4 (+5)
                              Diplomacy 8 (+10)
                              Intimidate 8 (+10)
                              Notice 8 (+9)
                              Profession 4 (+5)
                              Sense Motive 8 (+9)
                              Sleight of Hand 4 (+9)
                              Stealth 8 (+13)

                              Accurate Attack
                              Acrobatic Bluff
                              Attack Focus (melee) 4
                              Critical Strike
                              Defensive Attack
                              Elusive Target
                              Evasion 2
                              Improved Critical (strike)
                              Improved Defense
                              Improved Disarm
                              Improved Initiative
                              Improved Sunder
                              Improved Trip
                              Power Attack
                              Takedown Attack 2
                              Uncanny Dodge (auditory)

                              Force Field 10
                              *Healing 5 (Extras: Total, Flaws: Personal)
                              *Insubstantial 2

                              Leaping 1 (x2)

                              Speed (10 MPH, 100 ft per round)

                              Strike 5 (Extras: Autofire 8, Feats: Mighty, Improved Critical)
                              *Strike 5 (Extras: Penetrating 8, Feats: Mighty, Improved Critical)

                              Super-Senses 5 (Accurate Auditory, Dancer Sense [auditory])

                              Attack +8 (+12 melee)
                              Damage +3 (unarmed), +8 (strike)
                              Defense +8 (+4 when Flat-Footed)
                              Initiative +9
                              Dr. Silverback has wryly observed that this is like trying to teach lolcats about Shakespeare

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