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    Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

    Dr. Silverback has wryly observed that this is like trying to teach lolcats about Shakespeare

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      Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

      Dr. Silverback has wryly observed that this is like trying to teach lolcats about Shakespeare

      [URL=""]Showdown at the Litterbox[/URL]

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        Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

        All right, time to make this official, I bring you...

        Colonel Dusk

        Colonel Dusk Bio

        Former Rank: Colonel (NOTE: closest equivalent to common Earth military ranks)
        Name: Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar
        Gender: Female
        Age Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color
        30 7'9" 537 lbs Purple White

        Colonel Dusk Crunch

        Power Level 10
        Abilities = 52pts
        *Due to enhanced trait
        Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
        7* 7* 2 0 5 1 7 1
        Powers = 42 points

        Mag'Nar Physiology: Growth 2 (+2 Mass, STR +2, STA +2, +1 Intimidate, -1 Dodge & Parry, -2 Stealth; perm, innate) = 5pts

        Fast: Speed 3 (16mph), dynamic = 4pts
        • Alt; Strong Legs: leaping 3, dynamic = 2pts

        Elemetal Colonel's Amor: Protection 3, impervious 2; removable (-1pts) = 4pts total

        Elemetal Shield: Removable (-3pt) = 12pts Total
        • Alt; Shield Attack: strength-based damage 3 (ranged 10; throwing), feature 1 (returns to thrower) = 14pts
        • Shielding: enhanced defense 6 (dodge 3, parry 3), improved defense = 1pt

        Elemetal Sword: Easily Removable (-6pts) = 10pts total
        • Sharp: improved critical (elemetal blade) = 1pt
        • Elemetal Blade: strength-based damage 3 linked to weaken toughness 6 (affects objects also) = 15pts

        Translator Headband: comprehend 3 (languages; read, understand, understood), removable (-1pt) = 5pts

        Advantages: accurate attack, all-out attack, benefit 1 (ambidexterous), close attack 3, defensive attack, fearless, improved disarm, improved feint, improved initiative, inspire 5, interpose, leadership, luck 5, power attack, quick draw, set-up, startle, takedown, teamwork = 29 points

        Skills: Acrobatics 1 (+3), Athletics 0 (+7), Close Combat: Blades 2 (+10), Close Combat: Others 0 (+8) Deception 0 (+1), Expertise: Soldier 5 (+6), insight 3 (+10), intimidation 13 (+15), perception 3 (+10), persuasion 0 (+1), Ranged combat: Throwing 10 (+10), stealth 0 (+0), technology 4 (+5), vehicles 4 (+4) = 17 points

        Defense = 15 points
        Dodge 7/10
        Parry 7/10
        Toughness 7/10
        Fortitude 10
        Will 10
        Initiative +6
        Unarmed +8 Close, Damage 7 (DC22)
        Elemetal Blade +10 Close, Damage 10 (DC25), Weaken 8 (DC18), Crit 18-20
        Elemetal Shield +8/+10 Close/Ranged, Damage 10 (DC25)
        Throwing +10 Ranged, Damage 7 (DC22)
        Abilities: 52 + Powers: 42 + Advantages: 29 + Skills: 17 + Defenses: 15 = 155 points


        Mag'Nar Physiology: [Physical] [Innate]The Mag'Nar are physically imposing humanoids; both males and females tower over average humans and have matching strength and endurance to boot. They also possess pointed ears and skin-tones that range from a stone-like brown to many shades and hues of red or orange, purple blood, and hair and eye colors of wider ranges.

        Fast: [Physical] [Movement] Mag'Nar such as Ab'Ril are capable of sustaining speeds of 30 MPH, more if they sprint.
        • Strong Legs: Their leg strength allows them to leap impressive distances in a single bound.

        Elemetal Colonel's Amor: [Metal] Standard issue protection to field officers in the Mag'Nar Empire made from Elemetal, the empire's uniquely created metal that reflects colors akin to sunset. Ab'Ril has kept and maintained her armor in decent shape. It provides her already tough body extra protection.

        Elemetal Shield: [Metal] [Blunt] Shields made from Elemetal afford their wearers extra protection and are magnetically bound to an arm brace on the shield-bearing arm, used to help fasten the shield to the bearer's arm. Ab'Ril likewise uses the shield for protection though she isn't afraid to bash someone with it when the situation calls for it, she's even gotten quite handy at throwing the shield and then using the magnetic pairing to bring it back to her arm.

        Elemetal Sword: [Cutting/piercing] [Metal] This sword made from Elemetal is exceptionally sharp and well-maintained by Ab'Ril; the blade is capable of good cutting power that can even pierce all about the absolutely toughest defenses. Despite possessing blaster technology there is still a large number of Mag'Nar who prefer close-range combat with weapons such as these, but with their prodigious strength it's a small wonder.

        Translator Headband: [Comprehension] Since the Mag'Nar have assembled a large empire in the cosmos they necessitate translation technology. Ab'Ril's headband enables her to read and understand other languages while also translating her words with accurate meaning. That said the headband does require some time to adapt to a new language and this has given Ab'ril trouble before.

        Beyond all of this Colonel Dusk is a trained fighter and a fearless leader who inspires troops to victory, fights well with others, and has more than a little luck on her side.


        Motivation - Liberation: After fighting for the wrong side more times than she cares for Ab'Ril is dedicated to freeing herself from those mistakes and her enemity with the Empire, while also enabling others more freedom.

        Alien: Ab'Ril is a Mag'Nar, her stature, skin-color, and other alien features make her stand out like a sore thumb; moreover she has very limited knowledge of some aspects of Earth culture.

        Soldier and Fighter: First as a gladiator who struggled for her life, and then a soldier who lead from the front-lines. If Ab'Ril is not fighting, training, or planning she tends to become restless and irritable unless she can be distracted.

        "Piece of Kjnu!": The headband is not perfect, if there is a language Ab'Ril has not encountered yet the best she can give and receive are garbled communications of unfamiliar language to both parties.

        Honor: Despite combat methods that would seem pragmatic or even outright brutal to some Ab'Ril has developed a sense of honor. She is a front-line fighter (though not above playing distraction if necessary), she does not kill already beaten foes, prefers clean deaths if such are necessary, and finds endangering non-combatants infuriating. Ab'Ril's military history has often taught her that sometimes ugly choices have to be made, but that doesn't mean honor should be abandoned outright. More importantly so long as her associates maintain similar levels of honor she is steadfastly loyal to them (part of what made her treason below so heart-breaking).

        Traitor to her Homeworld: Ab'Ril committed treason and fled the Mag'Nar Empire before going on to raise resistance movements on other planets, placing her firmly among the Empire's most wanted. Deep down Ab'Ril's feelings are not as straight-forward, as she still considers the Empire her home and part of her hopes that the Empire can find a new sense of integrity without the mindless conquest its military seems to have devolved into.

        Arachnos: Her first contact with humans were with the clandestine terrorists known as Arachnos. Taking advantage of her confused state and imperfect understanding of Earth languages the Arachnos deceived her into assisting them with a number of operations requiring a more "head-on" solution. She has since learned better and vowed to destroy the organization.

        Colonel Dusk Backstory

        She didn't even have a name at first, she was just one of many children born to slaves who were unlucky enough to survive a childhood of slavery to make it to adulthood. Though luck would be on her side, ironically enough, when she was passed over as a concubine for the soldiers to be selected for the gladiatorial arena where the number of slaves who survived it could be numbered on one hand. No weapons? The beasts had fangs she could rip out to use. No armor? Just kill them first. No chance? Dead wrong. Eventually an observing General decided that it would be a waste for her to die and had her selected to receive training as a soldier. It was as a soldier she adopted her name Ab'Ril, "Harbinger."

        As her prowess grew and her expertise with elemetal equipment, the unique mineral of the Mag'Nar system that reflects the colors of a sunset, she climbed the ranks. Ab'Ril wasn't the strongest or the swiftest, she wasn't event the most intelligent or the most charismatic; but few could lead as well as she could. She would pick up her allies when they fell down, she would take risks knowing others were watching her back, Ab'Ril would unite soldiers behind her to claim new planets for the Empire! It was upon becoming Colonel that she was given her full name Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar "Harbinger of the End Hunt."

        Like many officers Ab'Ril enjoyed privileges within the Empire, including access to their slaves, and for a while she reveled in it as much as any officer - after all she climbed up from the bottom with her own strength, so should they. A hierarchy was only the natural way of things no matter how its looked at, especially when you yourself led the conquest that burned homes, killed families, and made off with the spoils. It was all to bring glory to the Mag'Nar Empire. Things only changed when she took charge of a failing corp.

        Colonel Dusk, shortened of course, turned around their operations and forged those soldiers into a success but unlike the men she'd led and served with for so long these men and women knew no restraint. Those who surrendered were butchered instead of imprisoned, those who were defenseless were brutalized before being tossed aside, groups that were corralled were burnt instead of being reeducated. It was in that inferno that Colonel Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar saw a shade of what she could become, what she was already becoming... not a soldier but a monster. Thusly in an effort that nearly killed her, and broke her heart, she turned against her own soldiers and killed them, a bloody and tearful way to commit treason.

        So it was that "Colonel" Dusk would flee to other worlds, attempting to rally resistance against imminent invasions from the Mag'Nar; at first she was lucky they didn't kill her, but eventually they listened. Unfortunately every resistance only bought time against the mighty Empire, forced the Empire to commit more resources than normal but otherwise little changed as they expanded. Hopefully one day there will be a world that can fight back, and hopefully by then the Empire's expenditure will not be made up for by the resources gained. Unfortunately a navigation error caused Ab'Ril Dusk'Chosar to crash land on a strange planet in a far-flung solar system.

        Colonel Dusk was for the longest time, simply fighting off the wildlife and trying to survive. Eventually she was found by a strange group of aliens, and with the language freshly encountered her translator could only gather a few bits and pieces of what they said, but eventually communication was established and they reached an agreement; she would aid her rescuers, The Arachnos, and they would enlighten her about Earth. It was almost a return to her days as a soldier, a comfort of old habits for a while - but once her translator had adapted to the language Ab'Ril proved less "savage" than the Arachnos expected of her and their partnership ended violently (as a few destroyed bases can attest).

        Since then Colonel Dusk has been working with Aegis, directing field troops to any Arachnos bases she knew of, or that which Aegis could find, and leading the charge against their defenses. Though Ab'Ril respects the professionalism of Aegis there was still a lack of a true rapport between her and these small, well-equipped yet normal, humans; as though slightly alienated. A small part of her worries they may not have taken her warnings on the Mag'Nar too seriously (though admittedly the Mag'Nar weren't likely to reach this planet before other worlds ripe for conquering), and lately she has also sensed that something big is going on with the Arachnos - finding them and rooting them out has become almost too easy; they've been more active, and something's brewing.

        Colonel Dusk knows that if this becomes a hidden war she's going to need more than an agreement between herself and some agency she's barely a part of, she needs real allies who she can trust and can trust her to lead them into battle. If Colonel Dusk is going to succeed against the Arachnos it is going to take a team as loyal to her as she is to them, and may the stars have mercy on anyone who gets in their way.

        Whew... let me know if anything's off!
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          Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

          Magus Errant
          Thomas Flynn
          Pl 11 170pp

          ABILITIES 52pts
          STR 0 AGL 1 FGT 4 AWE 6
          STA 1 DEX 3 INT 6 PRE 5

          POWERS 67pts.
          Astral Projection: Remote Sensing 10 (21 PP) - Affects: 3 Types, inc. Visual - Visual, Aural, and Mental, Range: 4 miles; Side Effect 2: always - physical body is defenseless and immobile
          AP: Magus Mantle
          •Levitation: Flight 4 (8 PP) Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round
          •Mage Armor: Protection 12 (12 PP) +12 Toughness; Sustained
          Everwatchful Eye of Idris: Senses 6 (7 PP) - Awareness: Magical, Danger Sense: Vision, Danger Sense: Magical, Darkvision, Radius: Vision, Advantages: Uncanny Dodge
          (39 PP)
          Ephemeral Form (35 PP)
          •Enhanced Trait 3 (7 PP) - Stealth +10 ( +11); Affects Others
          •Immunity: Immunity 2 (4 PP) - Suffocation (All); Affects Others
          •Insubstantial 4 (24 PP) - Incorporeal; Affects Others
          AP: Conjuration: Create 10 (1 PP) Volume: 1000 cft., DC 20; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Duration: continuous, Precise, Subtle 2: invisible
          AP: Key Mastery: Nullify 11 (1 PP) - DC 21; Accurate 3: +6, Effortless, Simultaneous, Subtle 2: undetectable; Limited: Binding, Barrier, & Imprisonment Effects, Reduced Range: close
          AP: Mystic Bindings: Cumulative Affliction 10 (1 PP) - 1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 20; Accurate 3: +6,
          Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Alternate Resistance (Resisted by Dodge/Overcome by STR/Damage), Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree
          AP: Mystic Bolt: Damage 10 (1 PP) - Magical, DC 25; Accurate 3: +6, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Range: ranged, Variable Descriptor 2: broad group - Magical

          ADVANTAGES 9pts
          Artificer, Equipment 3 (HQ: Nowhere In Particular), Ranged Attack 3, Ritualist, Speed of Thought, Uncanny Dodge (from Everwatchful Eye)

          SKILLS 17ptsClose Combat: Unarmed 0(+4), Deception 7(+12), Expertise (AWE): Magic 6(+12), Expertise: Science 4(+10), Insight 6(+12), Intimidation 5(+10), Investigation 4(+10), Perception 6(+12), Persuasion 5(+10), Ranged Combat: Spellcasting 0(+3), Stealth 0(+1/+11*), Technology 4(+10), Treatment 4(+10)

          DEFENSES 25pts
          Dodge 8
          Parry 8
          Fort 8
          Toughness 13
          Will 13

          Key Mastery +11 Close DC 21
          Mystic Bindings +12 (Resist: Dodge/Overcome: STR/Dam)
          Mystic Bolt +12 DC 20
          Unarmed +4 DC 15
          Throw +3 DC 15

          ABILITIES 52 + POWERS 67 + ADVANTAGES 9 + SKILLS 17 + DEFENSES 25 = 170pts.

          Motivation: Doing Good

          Motivation: Responsibility
          He Only Knows The Names: As Flynn comes from an alternate reality, some of his knowledge isn't applicable to the current continuity. For example, the Champions that he is familiar with are Giant, Flare, Icestar, Rose, and the Marksman.
          Altered Arcana: A new arrival in this dimension, Flynn has found that Magic works...differently than he is accustomed to. While certain basic spells appear to be omniversal, many of his more advanced (and most reliable) castings are not translating as they should. Flynn must make a Expertise: Magic check to change the Variable Descriptors in his Spellcasting Array

          Parallel dimensions. Alternate timelines. These are just different ways of saying Somewhere Else. Somewhere Else, Thomas Flynn was known as the Arch Magus, the premier mystic guardian of Earth. For many years, he fought the forces of evil, arcane and otherwise, along side the other heroes of his world. Many times, he joined forces with teams such as the Champions and Strike Force to save the world, most often from the man known only as Destroyer. The last and most terrible of the Destroyer's schemes culminated in the utter destruction of Detroit and threatened to consume the world. Sacrificing himself to contain the damage, Flynn was flung across an untold number of mystic planes before landing on this strange reflection of his home. Having no way back to his original Earth, Thomas Flynn has chosen to adopt and defend this one as the Magus Errant.

          HQ: Nowhere In Particular

          Toughness 10, Size Huge
          Features: Concealed 1, Dual Size: Medium, Laboratory, Library, Living Space,
          Personnel, Sealed, Security System 1, Self-repairing 1, Workshop
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            Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall

            Photon (Colin Ford) - PL 11

            Strength 1/12, Stamina 10, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 5, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 2

            All-out Attack, Attractive, Connected, Contacts, Interpose, Leadership, Luck 2, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 2, Teamwork, Well-informed

            Acrobatics 1 (+3), Athletics 1 (+2), Close Combat: Adjustment 3, Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+10), Expertise: Current Events 4 (+6), Expertise: Tactics 4 (+6), Insight 4 (+6), Investigation 9 (+11), Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 9 (+11), Ranged Combat: Adjustment 2, Ranged Combat: Photonic Energy Control 5 (+8), Technology 3 (+5), Treatment 3 (+5), Vehicles 3 (+6)

            Energy Absorption
            . . Immunity: Immunity 20 (Very Common Descriptor: Energy; Limited - Half Effect)
            . . Regeneration: Regeneration 10 (Every 1 round; Fades)
            Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Stamina 7 (+7 STA)
            . . Immunity: Immunity 10 (Life Support)
            . . Protection: Protection 4 (+4 Toughness)
            Photonic Bands (Removable)
            . . Photonic Energy Control
            . . . . Photonic Blasts: Damage 11 (DC 26; Increased Range: ranged)
            . . . . Photonic Burst: Burst Area Damage 11 (DC 26; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 21)
            . . . . Photonic Dazzle: Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 11 (1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Unaware, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 21; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 21, Cumulative; Limited: One sense)
            . . . . Photonic Shield: Create 11 (Volume: 2000 cft., DC 21; Impervious; Reduced Range: close)
            . . . . Photonic Strength: Enhanced Strength 11 (+11 STR)
            . . Photonic Flight
            . . . . Flight: Flight 10 (Speed: 2000 miles/hour, 4 miles/round)
            . . . . Movement: Movement 2 (Space Travel 2: other solar systems)
            . . Restricted: Feature 2
            Quick Change: Feature 1

            Initiative +2
            Grab, +5 (DC Spec 11)
            Photonic Blasts: Damage 11, +10 (DC 26)
            Photonic Burst: Burst Area Damage 11 (DC 26)
            Photonic Dazzle: Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 11 (DC Fort 21)
            Throw, +5 (DC 16)
            Unarmed, +10 (DC 16/DC 27)

            Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 12, Toughness 14, Will 10

            Power Points
            Abilities 40 + Powers 83 + Advantages 13 + Skills 20 (60 ranks) + Defenses 19 = 175

            Motivation: Doing Good: Colin is motivated to helping people in trouble anywhere. He is especially fond of helping the underdog.
            Reputation: Colin has a long and a bit checkered past as a superhero. While mostly good, his mistake, retirement, and stand offish years are remembered by some.
            Weakness: Any Drains against his bands energy also drain his Enhanced Stamina and Invulnerability.

            Colin Ford was an ordinary junior high student until his best friend gained superpowers during a field trip that accidentally encountered a superhero battle. Colin was excited for his friend and tried to help his friend start his superhero career. Colin spent months covering for his friend, so he could go out and fight villains and generally help people as the hero Steel.

            It was during one such event that Colin met the strange alien with the Photonic Bands. Colin didn't understand what the alien was saying, but the alien was a cop who came to Earth to track down a criminal known as Koria. She and her men had ambushed him and he was dying. He wanted Colin to use the bands to destroy his ship so Koria couldn't leave the planet. But with the Universal Translator out, Colin didn't understand. When he saw the bands were weapons, and some of Koria's enforcers arrived, he thought the alien wanted him to stop the criminals.

            Unfortunately, the bands were minor weapons and Colin was nearly gunned down by the criminals. It was here when he discovered he had the ability to absorb massive amounts of energy. Still overmatched, he was saved when Steel arrived and helped him route the bad guys. Unfortunately, Koria found the cop's ship and escaped.

            Over the next months, the powers provided by the bands began to grow quickly. The bands ability to channel even the smallest amounts of solar radiation coupled with Colin's ability to absorb energy proved to be quite a potent combo. He eventually joined Steel as a junior member of the local super-team, the Rangers, and they had many adventures together. As some of the founders stepped away, Colin - now called Photon - and Steel found themselves the most experienced members of the teams. And even though they were still school age, the others were often turning to them for info about past villains and missions. And even though he was still in High School, Colin found himself in a quasi-leadership role.

            Until Koria returned. Colin led the team onto Koria's massive ship in a fairly aggressive attack. Unfortunately, things proved too much and the team found themselves trapped. The team only escaped because Steel sacrificed himself so the others could escape. Full of guilt and shame over his failure, Colin retired from super heroics, finished school, and left to California for college.

            It was during the Ursurper's attack, that Colin realized he couldn't stand by any longer. He put on the bands and saved as many people as he could. He went back to the hero life but refused to work with anyone. Even for short term missions.

            Then Koria returned. Colin attacked Koria's ship, and this time he was ready for anything she threw at him. Or so he thought. The whole thing was a trap to take him out, and he was hit with the same disruptor weapon that killed Steel. As the disruptor ray overtook him, he closed his eyes and waited.

            When he woke up he was in a different land. The disruptor ray didn't kill him, but it sent him to another dimension. And there he found his friend Steel. Steel had made a life for himself and was very happy. Time passed more quickly on this dimension, so while only a few years passed for Colin, twenty had passed for his friend. He had found a way back home years ago, but he had a family and good life here. So after recovering from his injuries, Colin was sent back to his world.

            He arrived back on Koria's ship seconds after he left, and took down the space pirate. He even met other space cops who took her into custody and said they were proud to call him a colleague for dealing with such a major threat on his own.

            Exorcised of his demons, Colin returned to the world of superheroing in full force. And not a moment too soon. It was shortly after this that Viper made their big push, and Colin was part of the coordinated effort to put them down.

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              Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Rolecall


              Real Name: Princess Valvalla Leota Shard
              Alias: Valerie Bright

              I am Princess Valvalla Leota Shard, 7th born of King Leotus, and last heir to the broken throne of Illuminar.
              Our priests say that the Light was a gift to the royal line of Shard from the Goddess as a means to defend Illuninar from the Darkness, and to guard its people from its enemies. As a princess of Illuminar, the Light was my birthright, and my responsibility. I was trained as a warrior, just as my brothers and sisters before me to stand as part of the Illuminarian Royal Guard, sworn to the protection of Illuminar and its people, to serve with honour and courage. The burden and the responsibility of all Illuminarian’s born with the Light in their veins. I was honoured to be counted among them. The youngest and newest member of the Guard. To serve and protect. It was a time of pride as I helped maintain peace and prosperity within the realm. That was until the day Darkness descended upon my world.

              There was a coup, led by one Fenris Shard, brother to our King and my uncle. Though older then our Lord Leotus, Fenris had been born without the Light, and as such lacked the power to protect our world as a sovereign is required to do, and as such could not become King. He had grown bitter and resentful over the throne he had been denied, and had spent years scheming and plotting, and had formed a pact with a long forgotten enemy, a great Darkness, who promised him his throne. All that was asked was that the Light of Illuminar be extinguished. The attack came seeming from nowhere, without warning or mercy. Cities and villages attacked seemingly at random while Fenris, with a legion of nightmare creatures at his back fell upon the palace. We fought valiantly, we fought bravely, but one by one my siblings fell. Even my father, one the mightiest warriors our world had seen fell to the attackers.

              I am would have died as well, if it wasn’t for the Master of Arms, who while not blessed with the Light was a fierce and skilled fighter, and a mentor to us all. He pulled my injured body to safety, and literally carried me from the battle to an emergency one man space pod. He proceeded to strap me in, despite my protests. I was badly wounded, and lacked the strength to offer much of a fight. The last thing he said to me before sealing the pod was that the Light must continue to shine, even if it must do so far from Illuminar. I slipped into unconscious, either from my injuries or as the ships cryo-hibernation systems took effect, as the vessel shot itself into space, aimed for only the Light knew where. As I drifted through space away from the world that needed me, I slept and dreamt of a planet in flames.

              I don’t know how long I slept, or how far my ship travelled, decades, centuries. I have no way to be sure. Eventually however, my vessel found landfall. I don’t remember the crash, simply waking and climbing from the battered pod in a smoking crater on an alien world known by its inhabitants as Earth. By the grace of the Light, I was able to observe this new world and its inhabitants. Disguised, I walked among them while I searched for any indication of a way home. It became quickly apparent that return to Illuminar was next to impossible. Between the limited space travel available and with no point of reference to where to find my home among the stars of this alien sky, I resigned myself to be exile. Unsure if Fenris would send someone to follow me, I remained hidden among the humans, took up a human name and identity. I missed home, and the guilt of my failure was a constant companion, but I have found some measure of peace on this new world among its people during my short time here. It is peaceful and safe here, so I thought for a long time

              That was until I witnessed a criminal robbing a bank. Not just some thug holding the place up, petty crime is hardly unique to earth, but this was a powerful individual, a warrior of this world turned to assaulting and stealing from his fellows. A supervillian. I witnessed his cowardice as he turned his power against the regular people, and I saw those who came to stop him. True warriors of Earth, locally titled superheroes. They stood against him and brought him low after a hard fight. I was ashamed to say at the time I stood by and did nothing more then watch, though I have no doubt I would have been a match for him. After that day I began to notice, in the news, the papers, TV and talk in the street, these villains were everywhere. This peaceful world was at war under the surface on many fronts. Only its champions stood against these numerous forces of chaos. I had made a vow to defend my world and protect its people. While the world of my born is lost, Earth has become my new home, and I will stand as one of its champions, my duty as a daughter of the house of Shard.

              From my observation of the humans culture, it is custom that their heroes to carry a moniker to serve as symbols for the heroic ideal. I am an agent of the Light. It shines through me so I may channel it, focus it. Such on this world are known as prisms. So Prism I shall be as I wield the Light as I have sworn to do. To stand again the agents of Darkness, not matter what form it may take.


              Humanoid in structure, Prism has indigo skin and long, wild, ivory hair. Her large eyes are solid orbs of amber gold that glow with in inner energy. With a slender figure, crystal Implants are visible on the back of her hands, feet and the centre of her stomach. A small crystalline horn protrudes from the centre of her forehead.
              She wears gold bracers on her forearms and shins, gold tank top, short pants and a long sash down her front from her waist.

              In her human disguise, Valerie Bright, she appears as a lean female with short, wild brown hair. Wearing a long worn coat, she peers at the world from behind a pair of rectangler spectacles, most of her face hidden behind a collection of scarves draped around her neck.

              PL11 / 170

              Strength 1
              Agility 6
              Fighting 5
              Awareness 2
              Stamina 2
              Dexterity 4
              Intellect 0
              Presence 2

              Skills: Acrobatics 8(14), Athletics 4(5), Intimidation 3(5), Investigation 4, Perception 8(10), Ranged Combat: Energy Control 4(8), Insight 6(8), Persuasion 3 (5)

              Advantages: Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All out attack, Leadership, Power Attack, Benefit: Illuminarian Royal - Heir to the Throne


              Light Control - [38]
              Energy Blast (Ranged Damage 14, Dynamic)
              DAP: Light Construct (Create 14)
              AP: Dazzle (Cumulative Ranged Affliction 14, Resisted by dodge, overcome by Fortitude, Impaired/Disabled/Unaware, Limited to one sense – Visual)
              DAP: Telekinesis 14
              AP: Energy Blade (Damage 14, Accurate 3, Penetration 11)
              AP: Light Flare (Cumulative Affliction 11, Burst Area of Effect, Resisted by dodge, overcome by Fortitude, Impaired/Disabled/Unaware, Limited to one sense – Visual)
              DAP: Enviroment Control – Light 14 (Full light – 2pts per rank)

              The Royal Tongue: Comprehend 3 (Languages – understand all, understood by all at once)[6]

              The Light Protects Me: (Immunity 10) Life Support [10]

              Forcefield (Impervious Protection 12, Sustained) [26]
              AP: Invisibility Veil (Concealment 2, Normal Sight, Affects Others, Area of Effect Burst, Selective)
              AP: Holographic Disguise (Morph 3 – humanoids)

              Flight 7 [14]

              Dodge +8, Parry +5, Fort +7, Tough +2/14(with FF), Will +8

              [44]+[14]+[6]+[94]+[12] = 170


              Motivation: Responsibility. Prism has been raised, and sworn an oath to uphold the principles of the Light of Illuminar; Honour, Courage, Serve and Protect

              Alien: Prism is an alien. While usually not an issue for a superhero, her understanding of human culture has gaps. Her inhuman origin can make others uncomfortable or suspicious. There may even be an organisation or two interesting in her physiology for malicious and ill intended interests.

              The last Light: The old enemy still seeks to extinguish the Light of Illuminar, no matter how far it has run or what world it is hidden on.

              Secret Identity: In order to blend into human society, Prism maintains the human identity of Valerie Bright, a mysterious young lady seen volunteering at local soup kitchens and shelters, bringing words of comfort to the needy, despite, as far as anyone can tell, living on the streets herself.
              Valerie maintains a number of friendships, including Father Conner Macdean a Priest active in his local communtiy, as well as a a number of the homeless.

              Iliterate: While perfectly versed in the written language of her people, her grasp of written Earth languages, including english is very limited.