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  • JamieTH's random builds thread

    Though less so than in the days of ATT, due to having actually played in a couple of games since then and even GMing one, I'm still very much a newb when it comes to building M&M characters, so these builds here are ought to contain some issues - both flavor- and mechanic-wise; critique and advice are certainly appreciated.

    Index, for use in case this thread ever grows past a single page:

    Mockingbird (PL 8, Hero High)
    Starlight Jester (PL 9, Frills of Justice)

    Futari wa Precure


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    Re: JamieTH's random builds thread

    MOCKINGBIRD (Megan Dawson)
    (PL 8, 120 pp)

    ATTRIBUTES (25, 50 PP)
    STR 0 AGI 7 FGT 5 AWE 2
    STA 0 DEX 5 INT 3 PRE 3

    SKILLS (40, 20 PP)
    Acrobatics 11 (+18)
    Athletics 10 (+10)
    Expertise - Circus 4 (+7)
    Expertise - Video games 2 (+7, DEX-based)
    Ranged Combat - Buzzer 5 (+10)
    Sleight of Hand 5 (+10)
    Stealth 3 (+10)

    Agile Feint
    Attractive 2
    Benefit: Ambidexterity
    Defensive Roll 4
    Evasion 2
    Grabbing Finesse
    Improved Trip
    Move-by Action
    Prone Fighting
    Quick Draw
    Skill Mastery (Acrobatics)
    Ultimate Effort (Acrobatics)
    Equipment 2

    POWERS (16 PP)
    Acrobat's tricks Array, 4 PP +2 AE
    • Contortion - Shrinking 4, Innate, Concentration, Check required (Acrobatics DC 12)
    • Tumbling - Movement 2, Sure-footed
    • Handy Feet - Extra Limbs 2, Impoved Grab, Quirk: Dex 0

    Buzzer Device, 10 PP (14 PP +2 AE -6 Easily Removable)
    • Zap! - Ranged Damage 6, Diminished Range 2 (30/60/150 ft), linked to Ranged Affliction 6 (Vulnerable/Stunned, Resisted by Fortitude), Diminished Range 2 (30/60/150 ft), Limited to 2 degrees, Descriptor: Electricity
    • Swing! - Movement 1, Swinging
    • Grab! - Move Object 1, Limited Direction: towards self, Quirk: Reduced mass (6 lbs)

    Smartphone (modern) - Camera, Cell Phone, Commlink, Computer, GPS, Video Camera, Video game

    DEFENSES (15 PP)
    Dodge +12 (5)
    Parry +5 (3)
    Fortitude +2 (2)
    Toughness +4 (+0 w/o Defensive roll)
    Will +7 (5)

    Initiative +7
    Buzzer +10, Damage 6 & Affliction 6
    Unarmed +5, Damage 0
    Throw +5, Damage 0
    Grab +5, DC 15

    Motivation - Thrill
    Motivation - Doing Good
    Quirk - Showoff: Megan is prone to choosing a way of dealing with problems that emphasizes her acrobatic talents, even when safer and more efficient alternatives present themselves.

    Megan is a girl of average height, slim and fit, with bright green eyes and brown hair reaching slightly below her shoulders. In civilian identity, she primarily wears t-shirts and either shorts or leggings, never ever skirts or dresses, and her footwear of choice is slip-on sneakers. As Mockingbird, she dons an orange full-body tights with several red and white details, and an eyemask of the same color. Her favorite "toy" looks like two yo-yo-shaped devices connected by 120 feet of carbon string; each of the yo-yo pieces can be magnetized, clinging to metallic surfaces with enough strength to hold Megan's weight; they can also be commanded to discharge the electric energy, "zapping" whoever is touching them (for safety reasons, each yo-yo's button activates the "zap" on the opposite end only)

    Considered a prodigy in the local gymnastics club, Megan always felt restricted by the rules, leading to her dropping out of the sport at the age of twelve and becoming a circus acrobat. It provided Megan with the thrills she wished for for three years, bringing her two Cirque de Demains trophies in the process - and, again, a disappointment over not being allowed to peform without a safety net. So, when she herd about St. Ambrose, she felt it was the opportunity to finally really test her skills in the no-holds-barred environment - and the fact that it did offer a top-notch education was a strong argument for the family.

    -Megan was initially created for a Teen Titans game that never took hold; there, her motivation for joining the team was that she had a crush on Robin - not knowing his real identity - and took to superheroing to get closer to the Boy Wonder; thus, her choice of calling herself Mockingbird. Later, I applied Megan for a Hero High-style game on another site, and having lots of fun with it.
    -The most obvious advantage Megan in her initial form lacks is Set-Up, able to spam DC 28 Feints at will, but unable to capitalize on them, being precision-shifted as is. This is intentional; she was supposed to grasp the idea of teamwork during the first adventure and buy the advantage with her first PP earned.
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      Re: JamieTH's random builds thread

      STARLIGHT JESTER (Laura Giambolli)
      (PL 9, 120 PP)

      ABILITIES (11, 22 PP)

      STR 0/3 AGI 4/12 FGT 1 AWE 2
      STA 0 DEX 3/6 INT 0 PRE 1

      SKILLS (28, 14 PP)
      Acrobatics 6 (+10/+18)
      Athletics 4 (+4/+7)
      Expertise (circus) 5 (+5)
      Insight 4 (+6)
      Persuasion 4 (+5)
      Sleight of Hand 5 (+8/+11)


      Agile Feint
      Defensive Roll
      Fascinate (Acrobatics)
      Grabbing Finesse
      Improved Grab
      Move-by Action
      Throwing Mastery 1
      Equipment 1 (3 ep)
      Languages 1 (Italian native, Japanese)
      *Skill Mastery (Acrobatics)
      *Ultimate Effort (Acrobatics)
      *Defensive Roll 3
      *Evasion 2
      *Favored Environment (High and narrow/unstable surfaces)
      **All-out Attack
      **Improved Critical (Juggling Clubs)
      **Improved Disarm

      * - Acrobat Unmatched
      ** - Master Juggler

      EQUIPMENT - 3 EP

      Smartphone - 2 ep
      Wheelchair - 1 ep

      POWERS - 75 PP

      Soul Gem Device, 0 PP (8PP -2 Removable, Free)
      Warmth of Soul, cold of Void: Senses 2 (Mental Awareness: beings of Void, other Magical Girls) [2]
      SoulSpeak: Communication 1 (Mental, 100 ft, Limited: with other owners of Soul Gems) [3]
      Lingering Magic - Tools of the trade: Create 1, Increased Duration - Continuous, Innate, Precise, Limited to circus and stage magic props)

      Soul Unlock - Starlight Jester Alternate Form, 75 PP (77 PP -2 Standard Action activation)
      Acrobat Unmatched 39 PP
      Enhanced Agility 8
      Enhanced Strength 3
      Enhanced Parry 5
      Enhanced Advantage 8
      Leaping 4
      Master Juggler 32 PP
      Enhanced Dexterity 5
      Enhanced Advantage 3
      Juggling Clubs Array, 19 PP (17 PP base +2 AE)
      Club Throw:Blast 8, Accurate 1, Split 1, Ricochet 1, Diminished Range 2
      Juggling Party I: Blast 8, Accurate 1, Multiattack, Diminished Range 2, Distracting
      Juggling Party II: Area Blast 7 Cilinder 1, Selective, Diminished Range 2, Distracting, Check Required: Sleight of Hand 2 (DC 12)
      Jester's Tricks Array, 6 PP (5 PP base +1 AE)
      Jester's Mallet Damage 10, Distracting
      Pie to the Face Ranged Affliction 5 (Visual Impaired/Disabled/Unaware, resisted by Dodge), Diminished Range 2, Limited to one sense (Visual)

      DEFENSE - 0 PP

      Dodge 12/4
      Parry 6/1
      Fortitude 0
      Toughness 4/2/0
      Will 2

      Initiative +12/+4
      Unarmed +1, Damage 3/0
      Grab +8/+3, DC 18/13
      Throw +8/+3, Damage 4/1
      Club Throw +10, Damage 8, Split 1, Ricochet 1, Crit 19-20, Range 40/80/200
      Juggling Party I +8, Damage 8, Multiattack, Crit 19-20, Range 40/80/200, Distracting
      Juggling Party II, Damage 7, 30 ft cylinder, Range 35/70/175, Distracting
      Jester's Mallet +1, Damage 10, Distracting
      Pie to the Face +8, Affliction 5, Range 25/50/125


      Real Name: Laura Giambolli
      Alias: Starlight Jester
      Occupation: Junior High School student, ex-aerial acrobat, magical girl
      Base of Operations: her parents' home.
      Date of Birth: 18 Mar 1998 (Age 14)
      Height: 5' 1"
      Weight: 97 lbs.
      Eyes: Green
      Hair: Blue
      Notable Relatives: Bruno and Valentina Giambolli (parents)
      Identity: Secret


      Disability (crippled): When not in her Starlight Jester form, Laura is wheelchair-bound
      Power Loss: Laura needs to hold her Soul Gem to transform into Starlight Jester
      Showoff: Laura tends to use excessively flashy acrobatic moves whenever there's an audience
      Motivation (thrill): Laura dons the frills for the ability to dance through the air once again at least as much, if not more then for ability to save people
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        Re: JamieTH's random builds thread

        Black: "Emissary of Light, Cure Black!"
        White: "Emissary of Light, Cure White!"
        Both: "Together, we are Precure!"
        White: "Servant of the Dark Power..."
        Black: "Return to the darkness from which you came!"

        CURE WHITE (Yukishiro Honoka)
        (PL9, 132 PP)

        ABILITIES (6, 12 PP)
        STR 0/5 AGI 0/8
        FGT 0/7 AWE 0
        STA 0/5 DEX 2 INT 3 PRE 1/2

        SKILLS (10, 5 PP)
        Expertise (earth and life science) 5 (+8)
        Persuasion 5 (+8)

        ADVANTAGES (4 PP)
        Wealth 1
        Status (Class president, Science Club president)

        POWERS (99 PP)

        Emissary of Light 67 PP (69 PP base -2 Standart Action activation)
        Enhanced Strength 5
        Enhanced Stamina 5
        Enhanced Agility 8
        Enhanced Fighting 7
        Enhanced Presence 1
        Enhanced Advantage 8
        Agile Feint
        Defensive Roll 5
        Enhanced Skills 10
        Acrobatics +7
        Close Combat +3
        Leaping 4
        Flaw: Activation -2 pts
        Magical attacks 32 PP Array (31 PP base +1 AE)
        See below

        DEFENCE: 12 PTS
        Dodge +8 (+0 untransformed)
        Parry +7 (+0 untransformed)
        Toughness +10 (+5 w/o Defensive Roll,
        +0 untransformed)
        Fortitude +5 (
        +0 untransformed)
        Will +12 (12)

        Initiative +8 (+0 Untransformed)
        Unarmed +7; Damage 5
        Marble Screw +8; Damage 10
        Rainbow Therapy -; Damage 8

        Relationship: with Nagisa.
        Responsibility: Honoka treats her position as a class president very seriously, and is always involved in some kind of extracurricular activity.
        Enemy: Dark King and his underlings.
        Power Loss: to transform into their Cure identities and use any of their powers, Nagisa and Honoka must chant the incantation while holding their Card Communes - a cellphone-shaped devices - touching each other.

        CURE BLACK (Misumi Nagisa)
        (PL 9, 123 PP)

        ABILITIES (6, 12 PP)
        STR 1/6 AGI 2/7
        FGT 0/7 AWA 0
        STA 1/6 DEX 2 INT -1 PRE 1/2

        SKILLS (10, 5 PP)
        Expertise (lacrosse) +5
        Athletics 3 (+4)
        Intimidation 2 (+3)

        ADVANTAGES (2 PP)
        Status (Lacross team ace)

        POWERS 92 PTS

        Emissary of Light 60 PP (62 PP base -2 Standard Action activation)
        Enhanced Strength 5
        Enhanced Stamina 5
        Enhanced Agility 5
        Enhanced Fighting 7
        Enhanced Presence 1
        Enhanced Skills 10
        Acrobatics +7
        Close Combat +3
        Enhanced Advantage 7
        Power Attack (unarmed)
        All-out Attack
        Defensive Roll 4
        Leaping 4

        Magical attacks 32 PP
        See below

        DEFENCE (12 PP)
        Toughness +10 (+6 w/o Defensive Roll, +1 untransformed)
        Fortitude +6 (
        +1 untransformed)
        Dodge +7 (
        +2 untransformed)
        Parry +7 (
        +0 untransformed)
        Will +12 (12)

        Initiative +7 (+2 untransformed)
        Unarmed +7; Damage 6
        Marble Screw +8; Damage 10
        Rainbow Therapy -; Damage 8

        Relationship: with Honoka.
        Responsibility: as a star of a school's lacrosse team, Nagisa has a tight schedule of practices and games, not to mention other extracurricular activities.
        Enemy: Dark King and his underlings.
        Power Loss: to transform into their Cure identities and use any of their powers, Nagisa and Honoka must chant the incantation while holding their Card Communes - a cellphone-shaped devices - touching each other.

        Magical Attacks
        Array: 32 Points
        Marble Screw incantation wrote:
        Black: "Black Thunder!"
        White: "White Thunder!"
        White: "Our beautiful souls..."
        Black: "shall crush your evil heart!"
        Both: "Precure Marble Screw!"
        Precure Marble Screw! (12 pts)
        Blast 10, Precise 3, Limited (must be used by both Cures together, only when in Cure form), Flaw – activation (Move action)
        Rainbow Therapy incantation wrote:
        Black: "Black pulsar!"
        White: "White pulsar!"
        White: "One that is cursed with Dark Powers..."
        Black: "...We shall now break the chains that bind you!"
        Both: "Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy!"
        Precure Rainbow Therapy! (31 pts)
        Blast 8, Area Burst 60 ft, selective (only damages denizens of Dark Zone), limited (must be used by both Cures together, only when in Cure form), Flaw – activation (Move action)

        These builds are for Cures around the middle of the first season. With Rainbow Bracelets, they are probably boosted to PL10, with increases in STR, STA, AGI and FGT, and Rainbow Storm added to the array. Storm I'm seeing as the Penetrating Line Blast 10 (not once was it dodged or resisted, only occasionally countered by Belzei and Juna)


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          Re: JamieTH's random builds thread

          BANDETTE (Real name unknown)
          Created By:
          Paul Tobin & Collen Coover
          First Appearance: Bandette #1 (July 2012)
          Role: Cat Burglar, Teenage Adventurer
          Group Affiliations: -
          PL 8 (120)
          0 STAMINA 1 AGILITY 6

          Acrobatics 10 (+16)
          Deception 9 (+14)
          Expertise: Art 7 (+10)
          Insight 8 (+11)
          Perception 5 (+8)
          Ranged Combat (Throwing) 5 (+10)
          Sleight of Hand 7 (+12)
          Stealth 7 (+13)

          Agile Feint, Animal Empathy, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Improved Disarm, Redirect, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics), Taunt, Throwing Mastery 3, Uncanny Dodge

          Unarmed +5 (+0 Damage, DC 15)
          Throw +10 (+3 Damage, DC 18)

          Dodge +11 (DC 21), Parry +11 (DC 21), Toughness +1 (+5 D.Roll), Fortitude +1, Will +9

          Motivation: Thrills
          Rival: Monsieur. Bandette and Monsieur agree that they are two best thieves in the world; it’s the exact order that’s constantly discussed.
          Relationship: Daniel
          Enemy: Bandette had ruined many a plan of the criminal organization FINIS and its leader, Absynthe, who ardered her assasination on numerous occasions.

          Total: Abilities: 56 / Skills: 58--29 / Advantages: 18 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 17 (120)

          -Bandette is the star of her own series written and drawn by the husband and wife duo of Paul Tobin and Coleen Coover. She’s a teenage costumed thief/adventurer with a heart of gold living in a city that’s never explicitely stated to be Paris. She’s also awesome.

          - Reading Bandette is quite a strange experience, actually; it’s as if the author, for some weird reason, decided that the comic should be, you know, fun. Bandette’s world takes some level of suspension of disbelief, admittedly; it’s the world where the police inspector can simultaneously hunt for a costumed thief and call her on the mobile to ask for help dealing with bank robbers, and of the mafia’s two top assasins one’s an idiot and the second has an MO of slowly walking towards a victim and strangling them with his bare hands.

          - That, of course, leads to the fight keeping to pretty much Disney levels of violence, which, honestly, was such a relief from the darkness-filled Nu52 that the first collected volume of Bandette was the first comic I bought in paper form – with overseas shipping and everything – just because I wanted to support creators.

          (Also, check her changing scene – simple, realistic… and, shockingly, really somewhat effective in making her look different!