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  • Bubbleland

    Current Update: Goblins

    My 2e Builds
    Power Levels in my campaign

    John McClane (PL6)

    Fantasy - Heroes
    The Raven of the North (PL11)
    Shane Gallows (PL8)

    Fantasy - Monsters
    Dragons (PL10)
    Goblins (PL2)
    Orcs (PL3)

    Wardaddy (PL6)

    Mharkonis (PL25)
    Nevara (PL14)
    Rothar (PL14)

    Hell on Wheels
    Cullen Bohannon (PL5)

    Dutch (PL7)

    Smokey and the Bandit
    Bandit (PL3)

    Sons of Anarchy
    Jax Teller (PL4)

    Superheroes - Originals
    Sarah Renfield (PL10)

    Supervillains - Originals
    Psyphon (PL15)

    Sherman Tank
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    Re: Bubbleland

    Sarah Renfield

    PL 10 (150pp)


    Acrobatics 2 (+5)
    Athletics 2 (+2)
    Expertise (Magic) 6 (+9)
    Expertise (Current Events) 2 (+5)
    Insight 4 (+10)
    Perception 4 (+10)

    Improved Initiative
    Ranged Combat 5
    Sidekick - Simon (talking cat)

    Lightning Bolt: Ranged Damage 12 (24pp)
    AE: Scrying: Remote Sensing 8: Visual, Auditory, Dimensional (1pp)
    AE: Teleport 12 (1pp)
    AE: Telekinesis: Move Object 8: Damaging (1pp)
    AE: Mind Control: Affliction 12: E: Ranged (1pp)
    AE: Fireball: Ranged Damage 8: E: Area Burst (1pp)
    AE: Communication 5: Mental - Mystical Sending (1pp)
    Eldritch Shield: Protection 12, E: Impervious (24pp)
    Flight 6 (12pp)
    AE: Movement: Dimensional Travel 3 - E: Portal (1pp)
    Mystic Senses: Senses 2 (Magical Awareness, Radius) (2pp)

    Lighting Bolt +8 (+12 Damage)
    Fireball (+8 Damage)
    Telekinesis +8 (+8 Damage)
    Unarmed +0 (+0 Damage)
    Initiative +7

    Dodge +8
    Parry +6
    Toughness +0 (+12 Force Field)
    Fortitude +6
    Will +12

    Responsibility: To her parents
    Hunted: By Darkhan

    Total: Abilities: 38 / Skills: 10 / Advantages: 11 / Powers: 69 / Defenses: 22 (150)

    Sarah Renfeild was born to Victoria and Jonathon Renfield. Jonathon was a doctor and Victoria owned her own small business, an occult shop. Both were taught in the art of magic's and even used their powers to fight evil, but they never told Sarah of their secret identities. Their main enemy was a demon named Darkhan who was after their very souls because of their meddling in his affairs over the years.

    Sarah's powers came out during her junior year in high school. She had been dating a boy named Tommy Sandler, the quarterback of the football team. They went to the lake one night by themselves and laid out on a blanket. Tommy and Sarah were making out when a creature came out of the lake. Darkhan had sent one of his demons to retrieve Sarah so he could use her against her parents. The creature headed straight for Sarah. Tommy got in the demons way to defend Sarah. The demon cut Tommy down right before her eyes. Something welled up in Sarah she had never felt before. Screaming Tommy's name, Sarah extended her hand and a giant lightning bolt lept from her fingers. The demon screamed in pain and fell into a crumpled pile on teh ground. Because of the shock to her system, Sarah collapsed into unconsciousness. Tommy got up, bloodied and battered and raced to Sarah's side. His brain could not quite comprehend what had happened. Once he found Sarah's pulse, he loaded her into his truck and drove her home as fast as he could. When he got to the home, he carried Sarah out of the truck and to her door. The parents were in shock as to the state of their child. They brought her in and put her in her own bed. Jonathon looked over Sarah while Victoria cleaned up Tommy. Tommy told them what had happened not thinking for a second that they would believe him. Much to his surprise, not only did they believe him but thanked him for trying to save their daughter. They sent Tommy home to get some rest and they took care of Sarah. When Sarah awoke, her mother and father told her what had happened. Sarah was relieved that Tommy was ok but she didn't understand what had happened. Her parents told them their secret. At first Sarah didn't believe them, but when Simon, their house cat began talking to Sarah in English, Sarah accepted her parents words.

    The next few months were both exciting and scary for Sarah. Her mother taught her of the occult and of their ties to witches. She trained Sarah on how to focus her mind and control the new abilities that Sarah had. Sarah and her mother practiced every day, and Sarah was an apt pupil. Her mother was amazed at Sarah's power and it easily dwarfed her own. Sarah balanced her training with her cheerleader responsibilities and her job at the Vet Clinic. Sarah found little time for herself. The attack by the demon left her and her parents wary but no more attacks came. Her father said it had to be Darkhan who sent the Demon after Sarah and he was sure that he would try again.

    More months passed and soon it was time for Prom. Tommy had accepted what he had seen and did not fear Sarah. He thought it was neat to be dating a superhero as he called her. Sarah leaned on Tommy during the last few months and he helped her get through the tough times. Booth kids went to Prom together but her parents were worried about the event. Her dad knew that Darkhan might try again but they couldn't shelter their daughter forever. SO they let the kids go with their blessing. Everything was perfect at Prom. Sarah saw all her friends and she danced her heart out. Tommy had never told anyone else what he saw Sarah do. This enabled Sarah to have a somewhat normal life. The Prom was almost over when they announced the king and queen. During the announcement, a group of demons barged into the room causing quite a panic. They rushed over to Sarah who was aghast at their intrusion. But this time Sarah was ready for them. She unleashed a lightning bolt into the head demon stopping it dead in its tracks. The others tried to attack Sarah but she summon a shield that protected her from their claws. She slammed another bolt into a demon and a second one fell. The other demons grew scarred and decided to flee. Sarah took out two more before the rest had gotten away. She felt triumphant about defeating the gruesome creatures that was until she noticed everyone looking at her. She felt very small all of a sudden.

    Sarah was expelled from school because of the Prom incident. The administration said it was too dangerous to have Sarah attend school. So her mother home schooled Sarah and had her help her in the store. Sarah spends her days helping her mom and hanging out with Simon. Tommy went off to college but he stays in touch with Sarah and they see each other during breaks. Sarah has recently discovered she can see into other planes and that she ahs the ability to visit these planes. Sarah often takes Simon with her on these excursions and the two usually have wild adventures. Sarah understands that her powers are to be used for good and that she has a responsibility to her parents.

    Sarah is my answer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I always wondered what would happen if Willow became powerful so that's why I made Sarah. At pl10, Sarah packs a wallop and she can defend herself pretty well. Simon is always by her side to give her advice and to help her out of dire situations.
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      Re: Bubbleland

      The Raven of the North

      PL 11 (165pp)

      Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 8, Dexterity 8, Fighting 12, Intellect 3, Awareness 2, Presence 0

      Acrobatics 8 (+16), Athletics 8 (+10), Close Combat: Blades 5 (+17), Deception 8 (+8/+10), Expertise: Streetwise 8 (+11), Intimidation 8 (+8), Perception 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Bow 4 (+12), Sleight of Hand 7 (+15), Stealth 8 (+16),

      Agile Feint, Attractive, Benefit (Ambidexterity), Daze (Intimidation), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 2, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical (Swords) 4, Improved Critical (Daggers) 4, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Seize Initiative, Takedown, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break,

      Immunity (Aging [Elf]; 1pp)
      Senses (Infravision [Elf sight]; 1pp)

      Unarmed +12, Close, Damage 2, Crit 20
      Sword +17, Close, Damage 5, Crit 16-20
      Dagger +17, Close, Damage 3, Crit 16-20
      Crossbow +12, Ranged, Damage 3. Crit 19-20
      Initiative +12

      Dodge +16
      Parry +16
      Toughness +2 (+5 w/ Defensive Roll, +6 w/ Armor)
      Fortitude +7
      Will +9

      Repentance – Raven seeks to repent, so she kills Evil wherever she see’s it
      Addiction – Raven is an adrenaline junkie. She will take the most insane risks just to get high.
      Hatred - Drow

      Total: Abilities: 72 / Skills: 37 / Advantages: 30 / Powers: 2 / Defenses: 24 (165)

      Crossbow (7ep)
      Sword (1ep)
      Knife (1ep)
      Leather Armor (1ep)

      Real Name: Adileina of House Morningstar Race: Moon Elf
      Height: 5.10 ft Weight: 130 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Green Age: 500+
      Distinguishing Marks: Large black raven tattoo on her back

      Adileina Morningstar was born in the Forgotten Realms, in the Elf city of Evereska. It was discovered at a young age that Adileina had a talent for swordplay. It was a talent that made her older brother , Joesephus, jealous. At age 30, Adileina went with her father and her brother to help guard a caravan. Hill Giants attacked them. Her brother fled as a coward. Everyone was killed but Adileina. The Hill Giants sold her to an evil merchant who then sold her to the Drow. She was a slave to The Drow for 10 years.

      One day The Drow House that she belonged to had an idea. They would use her to kill the ruler of Evereska. The Drow created another personality within her using Magics and Psionics (Mind Flayers). This personality was called Raven. Raven would be loyal to the Drow Elves and carry out their plan. When the personality was complete, it was buried deep within Adileina. It took 10 years to reprogram her. Then they sent her back home. She was welcomed back as a hero. The Drow then attacked the city of Evereska. When the Drow attacked, Adileina’s personality was destroyed and Raven became dominant. Raven went to the palace and killed the ruler of Everska. When the raid retreated, Raven was captured. She was exiled from the elves for her crime, forever. She could never again step onto Elvish soil. The Drow later reclaimed Raven.

      She spent the next 300 years committing murder for the Drow. She became known as The Raven of the North, a moniker that she keeps to this day. She would slip out from the depths and kill Elves, Humans, anything that The Drow considered a threat. She became particularly good at killing, creating quite a name for herself. The Raven of the North became the boogey man to many nations of the Realms. The Drow control over Raven was finally broken when a Paladin that she was sent to murder freed her with the help of powerful magic. They tried to bring out Adileina but all they were able to do was merge the two personalities. Because of this merging, Raven seems crazy. She is innocent one minute, sexy and deadly the next. She spent many years with the Paladin, until a powerful Vampire killed him. Raven killed the Vampire with the help of an adventuring company, The Companions of Silverymoon and she joined them. She spent many years with them, but finally decided to go out on her own.

      She spent the next 100 years dedicating herself to the art of the sword. It was during this time that she met many of her lovers and her convictions began to change. Thorn Bloodletter, Elizabetha, and Shane Gallows were among those who helped her see that her harsh ways were not always the right ones. She was famous for showing no mercy and butchering her opponents. The people in her life taught her that mercy can be a good thing. It is what allowed her to see that there were people in the world that needed her help. Raven had grown weary of her life and of the reputation she had earned over the last 400 years. She decided to try to atone for her past by helping commoners. Raven began to help commoners in their struggles with evil Nobles. She would hire herself out for room and board to commoners that had a problem with their local lord. Then she would solve the problem for them, this usually ending with the death of the lord.

      Raven is now a Hero to the common people, and they protect her whenever they can. Nobles hate and fear her, sending bounty hunters and assassins after her. Raven is wanted for the murders of hundreds of noblemen and rulers. Most cities will not even let her enter (not that she tells them.). Today Raven is one of the deadliest sword fighters in the Forgotten Realms. She has never been forgiven by the Elves and her name is considered a shameful word. Raven has learned to enjoy her times with the other races. She finds her own people aloof and unforgiving.

      Well here is my first 3E character. This is one of my most favourite NPC so I decided to do her first. I have also included her history so that you can get an accurate picture of who she is. I must say I liked how she turned out in 3E and I really like the rules so far. This incarnation is the truest of my versions of Raven (her Tattoo had powers at one point but I decided to just keep it simple.). You might also notice a lack of Magic Items on her. In D&D although Magic Items were a must, I like the M&M rules more becasue its more about your skill and not your equipment. In my game, she doesn't use Magic Items that often so I emulated that in the build.

      The Raven of the North is a borderline psychotic. She is this way becasue of the blending of the two personalities inside her. One personality is Adileina Morningstar, a sweet innocent Elf maiden. The other personality is Raven, a psychotic killer that revels in the death she casues. When the two personalities were merged, they formed a new whole. She chose to keep the name Raven. Although she does help the people, she dispenses her own form of judgment and she likes dispensing it way too much. Raven treats an opponent like she treats a lover. A fight is just another form of sex to Raven. There is foreplay and eventually the climax but to Raven, you never want to rush the foreplay. Raven will often draw out a battle to enjoy it that much more. She looks for any excuse to fight. Raven is one of those people that have no people skills. She has no bluff or diplomacy. She is blunt as a hammer. If she is sitting at a table and she doesn’t like someone, she tells them. She isn’t picky about her lovers and she will often have no qualms about sleeping with a lover’s best friend just to piss him (or her off). For lack of a better word, Raven is simply a bitch. Raven as an Assassin snuck into a place and killed her target. She never used Bluff, Diplomacy, or Disguise. She snuck in, killed her target, and snuck out again. She still gets off on doing this even to this day. Raven has no morals when it comes to dispensing justice. For an example, once she was hired by a local village to stop their evil lord who had slain a local family. Raven went in, killed his guards, his entire family and then finally killed him. She then burnt the keep to the ground and she had the time of her life while she did this.

      Notes on playing Raven
      - Raven seldom ever uses missile weapons. She likes to kill her opponents up close.
      - Raven is a hedonist. There is nothing (and I mean nothing) that she won’t try.
      - Raven is bisexual.
      - Raven has been captured and tortured quite often. At times she finds it funny.
      - Raven often times seems she has a death wish.
      - To Raven, fighting someone is like having sex and killing someone is the ultimate orgasm.
      - Raven plays with her victims, prolonging their deaths to enjoy the kill.
      - Raven works alone. Accept for the occasional lover, she has no need of company.
      - Raven likes to be dominated when it comes to her lovers. If she has to take charge then she isn't interested.
      - Raven is 450 years old
      - Raven has a tattoo on her back. It is of a large black bird. Some say she had the tattoo put on her to cover something.
      - Raven is one of the, if not the, greatest sword fighters in the Forgotten Realms. And she knows it.

      As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed!
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        Re: Bubbleland

        Shane Gallows

        PL 8 (120pp)

        Strength 6, Stamina 6, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 6, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 1

        Athletics 8 (+14), Close Combat: Swords 1 (+7), Close Combat: Axes 1 (+7), Expertise: Blacksmithing 6 (+7), Expertise: Nature Lore 4 (+5), Insight 7 (+9), Intimidation 11 (+12), Perception 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Bows 6 (+7), Stealth 4 (+5), Treatment 4 (+5),

        Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Equipment 2, Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Battle Axe) 4, Improved Initiative, Improved Hold, Interpose, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Startle, Takedown, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge, Ultimate Toughness,

        Thick Skin: Protection +3 (3pp)

        Battle Axe +7, Close, Damage +9, Crit 16-20
        Sword +7, Close, Damage +9, Crit 19-20
        Bow +7, Ranged, Damage +3, Crit 20
        Initiative +5

        Dodge +7
        Parry +7
        Toughness +6 (+9 w/ Thick Skin)
        Fortitude +8
        Will +8

        Fight for the common good
        Honor: My word is my bond

        Total: Abilities: 48 / Skills: 30 / Advantages: 24 / Powers: 3 / Defences: 15 (120)

        Bow (6ep)
        - Battle Axe (1ep)
        - Sword (1ep)
        Additional Equipment: 2 ep

        Shane was born in the Forgotten Realms near a village called Beronnaís Well. The village was located in the Savage North, North of Silverymoon. The Red Wizards of Thay captured Shane when he was young. Shane was sold to a Red Wizard and added to the Wizardís slave stables. Shane became a Gladiator. Shane excelled and soon was one of their best. He was named Shane of the Gallows because he sent so many men to their deaths. He later shortened it to Shane Gallows. He became quite famous.

        For many years, Shane dreamed of freedom. Shane escaped with the help of a female elf slave named Shalaeleia (Sha-Lay-Leia). They broke hundreds of slaves out. He and Shalaeleia got the slaves to the safety of Algarond. Shane then left them and headed West back to his home. In Cormyr, he joined an adventuring group called The Gauntlet of the North. The group travelled to Baldurís Gate and then to Waterdeep. It was there that Shane met The Raven of the North. He fell in love with her. Raven joined the group for a short time as they headed north. Finally the group arrived in Ten Towns, their new base of operations. Shane stayed with the group until he had differences with the groupís leader.

        Raven had decided to leave also so the two left together. Shane travelled back to his home. During this trip, Raven left without telling him why. Shane returned home and became a Champion of the town. For years he searched for Raven, sometimes finding her only to lose her again. He tried to marry her but she would never say yes. Shane had many adventures and his name became known (not fondly in some places) throughout the North. Shane has had run ins with Thorn Bloodletter from time to time. Thorn is another lover of Raven and for this reason (and maybe a few others) the two do not get along that well. Every now and then, Raven will pop in, spend a night of passion with him, and then be gone in the morning. Shane would like her stays to be more permanent but he doesnít know how to tie her down (she suggested using ropes one timeÖ).

        Shane travels the North, patrolling around Silverymoon and the surrounding cities. He always answers a call for help.

        Shane is one of my player's character and I include him on my thread because he played an important part in my games. Sometimes he was comic relief and sometimes he was an antagonist in the group. Shane was never dull, that I can tell you. If the group thought the room was trapped, they sent Shane in. If they heard a lot of Orcs in the room, they sent Shane in. If they needed to escape from a huge red dragon, Shane would hold it off. What I honestlynever saw coming was Shane and Raven (NPC). Shane and Ravenís love affair went on for many years. Although she has feelings for him, she is too messed up to actually settle down, let alone have kids. But Shane would always try, no matter what. Despite all his faults, Shane was a great player and I put him down on these threads to pay homage to him.

        Notes on playing Shane
        - Shane is incredibly pig headed. Itís his way or no way.
        - Shane is very much in love with Raven, she just isnít incredibly in love with him.
        - Shane will answer any call for help.
        - Shane usually leaves a mess wherever he goes.
        - Shane seldom gets along with rulers because he seeís himself as always right.
        - Shane is loyal to his friends to a fault.
        - Shane never takes no for an answer.
        - The ruler of Waterdeep and Shane do not get along.
        - Shane never looks before he leaps.
        - Shane lets everyone know his opinion.

        As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed!


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          Re: Bubbleland


          PL 3 (45pp)

          Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 1, Intellect -1, Awareness 0, Presence 0,

          Athletics 4 (+6), Deception 6 (+6), Intimidation 6 (+6), Perception 6 (+6), Ranged Combat - Bow 2 (+3),
          Stealth 5 (+6),

          All-Out Attack, Equipment 2, Great Endurance, Favored Foe - Elf, Tracking, Power Attack,

          Darkvision (2pp)

          Battleaxe +1 (+5 Damage)
          Bow +3 (+3 Damage)
          Initiative +1

          Dodge +3
          Parry +3
          Toughness +2 (+3 With Hide Armour)
          Fortitude +6
          Will +0

          Hatred: Elves
          Hatred: Daylight

          Total: Abilities: 12 / Skills: 15 / Advantages: 7 / Powers: 2 / Defences: 9 (45)

          Battle Axe (3ep)
          Hide Armour (Use Leather) (1ep)
          Bow (6ep)

          These are the dreaded Orcs. They come out pretty well at PL3. These are the lowest form of Orc that generally make up their base troops. You can also outfit them with spears (Pikes) and swords if you like.

          As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed!
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            Re: Bubbleland

            I'm going to be converting some of my 2e builds to 3e. I am also going to include some of my favorite monsters from D&D. Enjoy!


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              Re: Bubbleland


              PL 10 (144pp)

              STRENGTH 8 (-4)
              STAMINA 10 (-2)
              AGILITY 4
              DEXTERITY 4
              FIGHTING 8
              INTELLIGENCE 1
              AWARENESS 2
              PRESENCE 1

              Intimidation 10 (+11/+17)
              Perception 6 (+8)

              All-Out Attack, Diehard, Great Endurance, Power Attack,

              Dragon Wings: Flight 5 (10pp)
              Dragon Breath: Blast 10 E: Area Cone (30pp)
              AE: Lavastream: Blast 10 E: Area Line (1pp)
              Dragon Hide: Impervious 10 (10pp)
              Dragon Senses: Darkvision, Infravision, (3pp)
              Dragon Bite: Damage Strength 4 (4pp)
              Large Creature: Growth 12 E:Permanent (24pp)
              Tail: Extra Limbs 1 (1pp)
              Dragon Resistance: Immunity 5: Fire (5pp)

              Dragon Breath +10 Damage
              Lavastream +10 Damage
              Dragon Bite +8 (+12 Damage)
              Initiative +4

              Dodge +4 (+10)
              Parry +4 (+10)
              Toughness +10
              Fortitude +10
              Will +10

              Total: Abilities: 28 / Skills: 8 / Advantages: 4 / Powers: 88 / Defenses: 16 (144)

              These are the Dragons that Mharkonis uses in his armies. They are a generic form of Dragon not having any Dragon Fear and not being able to cast spells. They have basic intelligence and follow commands easily. Mharkonis uses the dragons to soften up a city or town he wants to conquer. Often Demons will ride on the back of the Dragon and fly down onto their prey. The Dragons live on the flying castles in caves along the bottom of the castle. The Dragons are loyal to Mharkonis.

              Design Notes
              Str started out as a -4 and Sta began at -2. Then I added the +12 due to growth.
              Dodge and Parry were a 10 and became a 4 due to the -6 from Growth.
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                Re: Bubbleland

                With Area attacks over rank 10, the Dragons break their caps.

                Other than that, those some like pretty cool beasties, either as major threats in a lower PL fantasy game, or as fun fantasy-flavored baddies for a traditional supers game.
                Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart!


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                  Re: Bubbleland

                  Originally posted by Arthur Eld View Post
                  With Area attacks over rank 10, the Dragons break their caps.

                  Other than that, those some like pretty cool beasties, either as major threats in a lower PL fantasy game, or as fun fantasy-flavored baddies for a traditional supers game.
                  Thanks Arthur! I went ahead and fixed it.
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                    Re: Bubbleland

                    Originally posted by Bubble Boy View Post
                    I'm going to be converting some of my 2e builds to 3e. I am also going to include some of my favorite monsters from D&D. Enjoy!
                    I have the vague suspect that those who remember her will be waiting for Psyphon.
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                      Re: Bubbleland

                      "Mortals fear the Gods. The Gods fear me."

                      Lord of Magic

                      PL 25 (594pp)

                      Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 5, Dexterity 5, Fighting 0, Intelligence 18 (7), Awareness 18 (7), Presence 0

                      Investigation 4 (+22), Intimidation 18 (+18), Expertise [Arcane Lore] 17 (+35), Expertise [Theology and Philosophy] 10 (+28), Insight 13 (+31), Perception 10 (+28),

                      Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Artificer, Assessment, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Eidetic Memory,
                      Extraordinary Effort, Fearless, Improved Aim, Improved Initiative 2, Power Attack,
                      Precise Attack, Ranged Attack 15, Ritualist, Seize Initiative, Takedown, Trance, Well-Informed,

                      Divine Awareness: Enhanced Trait (Intelligence 11, Awareness 11) - 44pp
                      Divine Resistance: Immunity 10 (Aging, Starvation and Thirst, Need to sleep, Suffocation Effects, Magic) - 10pp
                      Divine Life: Immortality 10 - 20pp
                      Flames of the Damned: Ranged Damage 30 - 60pp
                      AE: Telekinesis: Move Object 14 (E: Damaging, Perception, Precise) - 1pp
                      AE: Teleport 14 (E: Easy, Extended, Change Velocity) - 1pp
                      AE: Scrying: Remote Sensing 9 (Visual, Auditory; E: Dimensional 3) - 1pp
                      AE: Communication 5 (Mental - Mystical Sending) - 1pp
                      AE: Mind Control: Affliction 15 (E: Cumulative, Perception) - 1pp
                      AE: Illusion 14 (All 5 senses) - 1pp
                      AE: Mind Reading 20 (E: Cumulative) - 1pp
                      Shell of Lost Souls: Protection 30 (E: Impervious) - 60pp
                      Well of Worlds: Movement: Dimensional 3 (E: Portal) - 12pp
                      Wings of Demons: Flight 4 - 8pp
                      Divine Tongue: Comprehend (Languages 4) - 8pp
                      Regeneration 10 - 10pp
                      Senses 10 (Precognition, Postcognition, Time Sense, Awareness,) - 10pp
                      The Ring of Supreme Power: Magic - Variable Power 20 [100pp] (E: Reaction, F: Removable) - 160pp

                      Flames +20 (+30 Damage)
                      Telekinesis (+14 Damage)
                      Mind Control (+15 Damage)
                      Initiative: +13

                      Dodge +20
                      Parry +20
                      Toughness 0 (+30 Shell)
                      Fortitude +20
                      Will +30

                      Fear: Mharkonis lives in fear of technology. It is by technology that he will meet his final death due to a prediction.
                      Obsession: Mharkonis must be the most powerful god to exist. It's what drives him.

                      Total: Abilities: 48 / Skills: 36 / Advantages: 34 / Powers: 409 / Defenses: 67 (594)

                      Mharkonis began life a a mortal. He was sickly but incredibly Intelligent. He had a natural aptitude for Magic. One year when he was young, he grew very sick. He began to spout out a strange language. Horrified, his parents brought a mage by the name of Shlaindra to their house. She took care of Mharkonis and nursed him back to helath. She then decided to train him in the art. Shlaindra was a beautiful and powerful woman. Mharkonis fell in love with her but she rejected him. Mharkonis swore revenge and left. He went into the world to learn whatever magic he could. Many years passed. He decided to acquire magic by any means neccessary. He killed other mages for their knowledge. Soon the Mage Council decided to put a stop to him. But he had grown too powerful. He slaughterd the mage council in a great spell battle. Mharkonis killed the head of the Mage COuncil who he discovered was Shalindra's husband. He imprisoned Shlaindra in the dungeons of his tower for spurning him. Mharkonis took command of the Mage Sanctum, the head Tower of all Magic. Mharkonis did not stop there. He rose up and challeneged the God of Magic. Mharkonis defeated him and became a God himself. Then challeneged all the Gods of his world. In the resultant battle, Mharkonis was victorious but his world was destroyed. Mharkonis raised his capital from the ashes and used it as his home. He then decided to explore other dimensions for even more Magic. With each new dimension that he found, more gods died and he became even more powerful. As he invaded a new dimension, Mharkonis would find one evil God that would betray his fellow gods. Once he conquored a world, he appointed this evil god ruler of that world in his stead. Mharkonis first conquests were not terribly successful. Although he found new magic and new power, the worlds he tried to conquor would be destroyed in the process. He went about finding a new stratedgy that would spare the world and allow him to use it's valuable resources. He created the Black Death, a plague that would kill the magic using people of a world and also weakne the gods on it. With this weapon, Mharkonis began conquoring world after world. Soon Mharkonis began to dwarf the gods themselves. He discovered the secret to Immortality. His power was so great that even the Black Death was not needed to ensure his victory over the gods. His name became fear to gods across the planes.

                      Mharkonis has only one purpose. To gather as much Magic as he can. To this end he invades magically rich worlds and slays their gods. He then absorbs the gods knowledge and power. Mharkonis avoids worlds that have little to no magic. He especially stears clear of worlds filled with science and technology. There is a rumor that Mharkonis forsaw his death at the hands of technology.

                      When Mharkonis decideds to invade a world, he unleashes a plague that affects mages and clerics (his own people are immune to it as is he). This plague will kill the magic user in a few weeks. It also has an addedd effect of infecting their gods with it. When the follower of the god gets the disease, the god becomes weaker. The more followers that contract it, the weaker he becomes. While it will not kill the god, it will weaken him or her. Mharkonis usually arrives a few weeks after the plague has been let loose. Then he fights the gods while his followers conquor the worlds. Mharkonis himself almost never invloves himself with the conquoring of a world.

                      Mharkonis has conquored over 30 worlds. He has access to vast resources. He has 25 Gods (PL14) in servitude to him. When Mharkonis invades a world, he usually brings the following forces:

                      1 Flying City - has it's own Garrison
                      25 Gods (PL14)
                      25 Flying Castles
                      1,250,000 Assualt Troops - Humans (PL4)
                      625,000 Shock Troops - Demons (PL6)
                      2,500 Air Troops - Dragons (PL10)

                      The Flying City has the following troops:
                      100,000 Assualt Troops - Humans (PL4)
                      50,000 Shock Troops - Demons (PL6)
                      200 Air Troops - Dragons (PL10)

                      The Flying Cities troops usually stay with that city. The other troops are with their flying castles and are coordinated by General Rothar. Mharkonis can double the troops (not the gods) he has in a few days by calling in the reserves from his conquored worlds.

                      His Empire
                      Mharkhonis rules over 30 worlds. 5 are dead (these being the first ones he tired to conquor) and are used for prioners or magical testing. 25 of them have life and cultures. Each world is ruled by a PL14 evil god that has sworn fealty to Mharkonis. Every year they pay tribute to Mharkonis during a special ceremony held in the floating city. When Mharkonis goes to war, each God brings his troops and 1 flying castle. THey will stay with the army until Mharkonis dismisses them.

                      I redid Mharkonis to update him for the 3e rules. I weighed him down with more abilities and gave him a nifty ring. He packs a whallop and should hold his own against a group of heroes.

                      As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed!
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                        Re: Bubbleland

                        Nice stuff, Bubbles! Mharkonis is a nasty customer. Keep up the good work.
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                          Originally posted by Woodclaw View Post
                          I have the vague suspect that those who remember her will be waiting for Psyphon.
                          Sweet! I will begin work on her asap. I always liked her. Kind of an evil Prof. X.


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                            Re: Bubbleland

                            Originally posted by Thorpacolypse View Post
                            Nice stuff, Bubbles! Mharkonis is a nasty customer. Keep up the good work.
                            Thanks Thorpacolypse! I appreciate you stopping by. Always good to hear from you!


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                              Re: Bubbleland

                              “From this moment on, you belong to me.”


                              PL 15 (314pp)

                              Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intelligence 7, Awareness 7, Presence 5

                              Deception 15 (+20/+25), Expertise: Behavioural Science 13 (+20), Expertise: Buisness 18 (+25), Expertise: Technology 13 (+20), Intimidation 20 (+25), Investigation 13 (+20), Perception 13 (+20), Persuasion 15 (+20/+25), Technology 12 (+19)

                              Assessment, Attractive 2, Benefit 5 (Billionaire), Connected, Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 5, Fearless, Improved Initiative 3, Languages 4, Leadership, Seize Initiative, Trance, Ultimate Save [Willpower],

                              Illusion 15 (All Senses; E: Selective; F: Resistable by Will) - 75pp
                              DAE: Mind Control: Affliction 15 (1st: Dazed, 2nd: Stunned, 3rd: Controlled; E: Perception , Save vs. Will, Cumulative, Subtle 2) - 2pp
                              DAE: Mind Blast: Mental Blast 15 - 2pp
                              DAE: Psyphon Intelligence: Weaken 15 [Intellect](E: Perception) - 2pp
                              DAE: Dream Control: Affliction 15 (1st: Entranced, 2nd: Disabled, 3rd: Controlled; E: Perception, Save vs. Will, Cumulative; F: Target must be asleep)
                              Linked Damage 15 (E: Perception; F: Target must be asleep) - 2pp
                              DAE: Emotion Control: Affliction 15 (1st: Fatigued, 2nd: Exhausted, 3rd: Controlled; E: Perseption, Save vs. Will, Cumulative, Subtle 2) - 2pp
                              DAE: Memory Creation: Affliction 15 (1st: Impaired, 2nd: Disabled, 3rd: Transformed; E: Perception, Save vs. Will, Cumulative, Subtle 2) - 2pp
                              DAE: Remote Sensing 15 (Visual, Auditory; E: No Conduit, Subtle 2) - 2pp
                              DAE: Knock Out: Affliction 15 (1st: Fatigued, 2nd: Exhausted, 3rd: Incapacitated; E: Perception, Save vs. Will, Cumulative, Subtle 2) - 2pp
                              DAE: Frozen: Affliction 15 (1st: Impaired, 2nd: Immobile, 3rd: Paralyzed; Perception, Save vs. Will, Cumulative, Subtle 2) - 2pp
                              Communication 4 (Mental: Telepathic; E: Area, Selective, Subtle 2) - 26pp
                              Mind Reading 15 (E: Cumulative, Sensor Link, Subtle 2; F: Feedback, Limited by Language) - 30pp
                              Senses 5 (Awareness, Counters Illusions, Detect Life and Emotions, [Mental]) - 5pp

                              Special: Mind Control +15, Mental Blast +15, Weaken +15, Dream Control +15, Emotion Control +15, Memory Creation +15, Knock Out: +15, Frozen +15,

                              Dodge +5
                              Parry +5
                              Toughness +0
                              Fortitude +5
                              Will +20

                              Sadistic: Psyphon is cruel and vindictive. Her sadistic streak will always rear its ugly head.
                              Suspicious: Due to her upbringing, Psyphon rarely ever trusts anyone.

                              Total: Abilities: 38 / Skills: 66 / Advantages: 28 / Powers: 154 / Defenses: 28 (314)

                              Private Jet (19ep)
                              Jumbo Jet (1ep)
                              Helicopter (1ep)
                              Limousine (1ep)
                              Yacht (1ep)

                              Vanessa Redgraves was born into poverty. Her mother was a drunk and her father abused her. When Vanessa was 12 years old, her father came into her room for the last time. In her fear, her mutant powers surfaced and she drained her father’s will. She then literally melted his mind. Her mutant powers were unleashed and a Mind Blast killed him. Her mother came into the room screaming. Vanessa lashed out at her as well due to the fact that her mother let the abuse go on. Her mother fell dead next to her father. Vanessa huddles in the corner for hours, not knowing what had happened. She eventually called the police. When the police arrived, they didn’t know what to make of it. The coroner said that both individuals died of brain tumours and thus natural causes. Vanessa went to live with her wealthy Aunt. Her aunt spoiled Vanessa and her life began to turn around. Vanessa’s mutant powers revealed themselves at a freighting rate. She went from an average troubled student to a straight A (which isn’t hard when you can read the minds of the smartest students.). She went from little miss nobody to miss popularity overnight (she controlled all the popular people). She dated the hottest guys and received the best treatment from her teachers. She was accepted to an Ivy League school. Her college career went the same as her high school one. She made straight A’s and began developing friendships (thralls) that would last her a lifetime. She majored in Business and minored in Psychology. When she graduated, she took money that was donated to her (she made them give it to her) and began Siphon Industries. In a few years, her company was one of the largest in the world, specializing in the acquisition of properties. The company even owns a few third world countries. Vanessa was soon one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. She then decided to expand her power. She bought a mansion and started gathering others like herself (Mutants). She began to train her mutants, brainwashing them so they would serve her without question. They carry out her will, doing missions for her and Siphon Industries.

                              Psyphon never engages in physical combat. Her realm is that of the mind and that is where she fights. If someone can get the drop on her, she is pretty easy to take out. Psyphon is the spider in the web. Most of today’s events in the world can be linked to her. Little goes on that she doesn’t know about or control. Her company, Siphon Industries is the largest and richest of its type. She is the richest woman in the world, and the third richest on the planet (she could be the richest, but that would draw too much attention to herself.).

                              The World According to Psyphon
                              Psyphon is very fond of latex and wears it constantly. She dresses in power suits and skirts when she has to go to the office. She takes no guff from anyone. Psyphon is bisexual and will use people when it suits her whim (which is usually all the time). She looks at people as things for her amusement. To her the entire planet is her personal playground. She owns her students. They are tools, not individuals. They exists to satisfy her. She has no desire to better humanity ot save her mutant brothers. She wishes power, period. People are a means to a goal.

                              Using Psyphon
                              Psyphon is the most powerful Telepath in my campaign. Marvel has Professor X, I have Psyphon. She is also one of the most powerful villains that my gaming group has ever faced. So far, they have only dealt with her minions (in fact, only my female player has ever met her and she didn’t even know it was her.). Psyphon is not someone you challenge directly. You need a plan to take her out. Charging in will only get you killed or worse, transformed into one of her slaves. I know a lot of GM’s consider her abilities cheesy (Draining a players Will Save then using a power that forces them to make a Will Save.) but Psyphon is a great white shark among the powers of my world. She is the ultimate predator and a mastermind behind the scenes. As for her lack of physical abilities, Psyphon has taken a few martial arts courses but she disdains physical labour of any kind. She is the most powerful mind on the planet. If she needs someone to move furniture, she has minions for that.

                              Psyphon has thousands of employees, 10-15 PL10 Mutants, and access to all the money she could want. When using her, go crazy with her wealth. She is so wealthy she owns her own 747.

                              Build Notes
                              Well I have rebuilt Psyphon as close as I could get her to the original. I used Thorpacolypse Prof X build to help me some so props to Thor. She is everything I envisioned her to be.
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