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    PL 12 (180)

    Abilities (44)
    STR 4 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
    STA 4 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 0

    Powers (65)
    - burning aura: Protection +8 (extra: duration +0) [8]
    - fireproof: immunity +6 (extreme heat, Fire damage) [6]
    - flashfire fist: array [39]
    - burning fist: Damage +10 (str-based) {10}
    - fireball: Damage +12 (extra: burst area +1, range +1) {36}
    - hell spider: Damage +12 (extras: cone area +2) {36}
    - jet burn: Damage +12 (extra: multiattack +1, range +1) {36}
    - liftoff: flight +6 [12]

    Advantages (9)
    assessment, contacts, improved initiative, move-by action, startle, takedown 2, uncanny dodge, well-informed

    Skills (32/64)
    close combat: unarmed +6
    expertise: Pro Hero +10
    insight +8
    intimidation +12
    investigation +8
    perception +8
    ranged combat: Flashfire fist +12

    Defenses (34)
    TOU +12/4 DODGE +12 FORT +12 PARRY +12 WILL +12

    Burning rage: Endeavor's lost temper is terrible and fearsome to behold
    Gendo Award Winner: Endeavor has finally realized how he greatly wronged his wife and children for years, but it may be too late to make amends
    Motivation - Just Watch Me: Endeavor struggles to fill the void left by All Might, knowing he's not up to the task
    Overheat: while normally immune to fire, Endeavor can suffer heatstroke from overuse of his own Quirk
    SHOTO!: Endeavor has a very rocky relationship with his youngest son in particular
    That's All Wrong!: Endeavor has no idea how to be a hero of the people

    abilities 44 + powers 65 + advantages 9 + skills 32/64 + defenses 34 = 180

    the second most controversial of the heroes in My hero Academia, Todoroki Enji is the Flame Hero Endeavor, whom for all his power and dedication to the job, making him among the greatest heroes in the world, he's still a distant second to All Might. While the public is aware of how Endeavor has built a one-sided rivalry, hoping to one day surpass the Symbol of Peace, what they don't know is the lengths Endeavor has gone to. years ago, Endeavor, realizing he never could unseat All Might's fame, hit upon the idea that his successor could. to this end, Endeavor entered a questionable practice of Quirk marriage, marrying a woman named Rei on the sole qualification that she possessed a powerful ice-based Quirk, and the idea that their children would inherit the best of both those Quirks. Of all their children, the only one of them to live up to this ideal was their youngest son, Shoto, born with power over both heat and cold. Endeavor trained the boy so harshly that it was abuse in all but name, a toll so great that it affected Rei as well. Her pleas to let their son enjoy his childhood fell on deaf ears, and the suffering caused her to snap one day, permanently scarring Shoto's face in a moment of madness, and resulting in her being institutionalized.

    Years passed, and Endeavor continued to be a hero to the public while hated by his children. But then everything changed. All might, the Symbol of Peace, burnt out his Quirk in order to bring down a villain unlike any other, forcing himself into permanent retirement, leaving Endeavor as the new number one hero at long last. and as instantly, that long awaited victory Endeavor had built his life around turned to ash, that he achieved it by succession than on his own merits, before finally starting to grasp the impossibly high standard All Might had set, and how Endeavor was painfully inadequate for the job. But refusing to quit, Endeavor struggles to do the best he can, even if in his heart of hearts, he's only just another hero.


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      PL 10 (150)

      Abilities (20)
      STR 14 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
      STA 14 DEX 0 INT -4 PRE 0

      Powers (96)
      bulimicus: Damage +12 (extras: range +1, secondary effect +1) (37)
      - you can't do that on television: Damage +10 (extra: cone area +1, secondary effect +1) [30]
      do you really need to point out something as big as a mall?: Growth +12 (extra: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1) (25)
      He's in a different movie! You're never gonna hit him: Impervious TOU +12 (12)
      If only he had wings so he could fly away: Flight +6 (flaw: limited-wings -1) (6)
      Or he's returned to a model of the sea: Swimming +6 (6)
      Talkin bout re-generation: regeneration +10 (10)

      Advantages (2)
      improved initiative, move-by action

      Skills (10/20)
      athletics +2
      close combat: unarmed +2
      perception +8
      ranged combat: bulimicus +8

      Defenses (22)
      TOU +14 DODGE +6 FORT +14 PARRY +6 WILL +6

      motivation - Now he's eating stop motion cartoons: Reptilicus is a man eating monster

      abilities 20 + powers 96 + advantages 2 + skills 10/20 + defenses 22 = 150

      In April of 2017, Mystery Science Theater 3000 made its triumphant return to television via Netflix, and to kick things off they celebrated by riffing Reptilicus, Denmark's own giant monster movie, with noted Danish comedian Dirch Passer as a bit part. the story itself is your typical fare, with scientists accidentally reviving a prehistoric monster. But what made Reptilicus different is that while more or less immune to bullets, artillery and explosives were actually effective. Unfortunately, because of Reptilicus' regenerative powers, blowing it to bits bore the unacceptable risk of causing those bits to eventually grow into a horde of Reptillicuses, thus forcing the military to use a compound they say is supposed to put the monster to sleep, but in fact proves fatal to Reptilicus. too bad they forgot they already blew off one of the monster's legs halfway through the picture...