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    PL 8 (120)

    Abilities (40)
    STR 4 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
    STA 4 DEX 1 INT 0 PRE 1

    Powers (34)
    Vampiric gaze: affliction +6 (daze/stun/incapacitate, fort resists, extras: cumulative +1, perception cone area +1, reaction [eye contact] +3, flaw: uncontrolled -1) (30)
    vampiric strength: Enhanced STR +4, (flaw: fades [recharge by vampiric gaze] -1) (4)

    Advantages (7)
    contacts, def roll 2, favored enemy: gangbangers, improved initiative, move-by action, well-informed

    Skills (17/34)
    close combat: unarmed +4
    expertise: hollywood agent +4
    insight +6
    investigation +5
    perception +5
    stealth +6
    vehicles +4

    Defenses (22)
    TOU +6/4 DODGE +10 FORT +8 PARRY +10 WILL +8

    Banzai: Gorgon blames himself for her death.
    face of the gorgon: Gorgon has to wear specialized goggles in order to keep from using his vampiric gaze on everyone. similarly, his vampiric gaze can be blocked by thick enough sunglasses
    South 17s: A street gang before the Exes, the 17's are now the Mount's nearest rival, and they hate gorgon in particular, especially their new leader
    motivation - responsibility: Gorgon is one of the world's remaining superheroes, and maintains law and order in The Mount

    abilities 40 + powers 34 + advantages 7 + skills 17/34 + defenses 22 = 120

    Nikolai "Nick" Bartamain was just another Hollywood agent, booking the affairs of the rich and famous, until while on vacation in Greece, he had an accident requiring a blood transfusion from a creepy old woman. soon discovering his new abilities, he thought them useless at first, unil he realized nobody could fight him without looking at him. thus was born the Grogon, the black clad nemesis of LA's worst street gangs. after the Zombaclypse and his powers useless on Exes, Gorgon accepted the duty as sheriff of The Mount
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      Re: Kreuz Control

      Rally digging your Ex-heroes run, Kreuz. I already used Gorgon in MTA (amped up for the Crinoverse-the real difference is just in how powerful his gaze is, because even in the books it didn't seem to have an upper limit), but Captain Freedom might work as an American government super the team runs into on a mission to Canada to deal with a certain threat.
      [I]Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart![/I]


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        PL 9 (135)

        Abilities (78)
        STR 12 AGI 6 FIT 6 AWA 4
        STA 12 DEX 1 INT 2 PRE 4

        Powers (27)
        bulletproof: Impervious TOU +12 (14)
        very big: Growth +4 (extras: innate, continuous +1, flaw: permanent -1) (9)
        whiplike tail: additional limb +1 (extras: ambidexterity, fast grab, improved trip) (4)

        Advantages (4)
        fearless, improved initiative, ritualist, takedown

        Skills (20/40)
        deception +8
        expertise: magic +10
        expertise: theology +4
        insight +4
        intimidation +8
        perception +6

        Defenses (6)
        TOU +12 DODGE +6 FORT +12 PARRY +6 WILL +6

        Sativus: Cairax is bound within the silver medallion he wears. if its removed, he reverts to Max Hale (lose all powers, STR/STA/AGI/FIT drop to 0, PRE to 2, lose all advantages but ritualist. Will goes up to +10)
        demonic heritage: being a demon, cairax is vulnerable to magical effects.he is especially weak to even the symbology of holiness, such as bullets blessed by a perfectly ordinary priest, or a cavalry saber that's inlaid with silver weilded by a good man
        Jeckyll & hyde: when in his Cairax form, Max's inhibitions are extremely lowered, to the point where he will act on instinct, even when its a FATALLY STUPID idea
        motivation - Fire down below: Cairax wants nothing more than to torture Max hale for all eternity for what he did. Max will do ANYTHING to avoid that fate
        motivation - Power: Max is an arrogant jerk who likes to be on top. luckily for everyone else, he sticks to creative outlets for this

        abilities 78 + powers 27 + advantages 4 + skills 20/40 + defenses 6 = 135

        the other heavy hiter in LA before Zombaclypse, Cairax was the amalgamation of two beings. the pale shadow of the Demon Lord Cairax Mullen, and the arrogant sorcerer Max Hale, who bound Cairax to the medallion for no reason other than to prove it was possible for a human to possess a demon. unluckily for Max, his own power was his undoing, as his demonic form got a little too close to a recently zombified Jessica Alba, and he didn't realize her bite was strong enough to bite the unarmoured bits of himself (he insists he "just gave her some tongue"), and so Cairax became a zombie, the one thing max's countless contingencies to avoid the REAL Cairax getting its hands on his soul did not account for
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          Agent John Smith

          PL 8 (120)

          Abilities (20)
          STR 0 AGI 0 FIT 0 AWA 2
          STA 2 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 4

          Powers (41)
          very persuasive: affliction +8 (entranced/compelled/controlled, will resists, extra: concentration +1, cumulative +1, insidious, perception area +1, selective +1, subtle, quirk: must ask a question) (41)

          Advantages (25)
          attractive 2, contacts, connected, equipment 10, minions 10, well-informed

          Skills (16/32)
          deception +8
          expertise: beareaucracy +8
          insight +4
          perception +4
          persuasion +8

          Defenses (18)
          TOU +2 DODGE +8 FORT +6 PARRY +0 WILL +8

          All Is Well!: Smith is so self centred that he rarely notices outside context problems until they're biting him in the ass
          disagreeable: those with the wills to resist Smith develop nosebleeds
          cerberus: Smith has a particular obsession with dr. Danielle morris
          motivation - man behind the man: Agent Smith's lust for power and control is kept in check only by preferring to remain behind the scenes

          abilities 20 + powers 41 + advantages 25 + skills 16/32 + defenses 18 = 120

          a power hungry entitled smug parasite, John Smith discovered that he could ask anyone anything, and they'd do it for him. granted, if he pushed them too hard they'd have an aneurysm, but enh, this things happen. interested in surrounding himself with power, Smith weaseled his way into the government, overseeing both the Cerberus armor and later project krypton, turning the base into his own private stronghold after the Ex Virus outbreak. upon learning about The Mount, Smith tries to add them to his kingdom too, unaware his plans had gone completely off the rails long before then
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            PL 9 (135)

            Abilities (14)
            STR 10 AGI 2 FIT 6 AWA 2
            STA n/a DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

            Powers (86)
            ex human: immunity +30 (fort) (30)
            failed supersoldier: enhanced STR +4, Protection +8 (16)
            mighty joe young: Growth +4 (extra: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1) (9)
            okay, that's new: Immortality +2 (flaw: limited-reincarnation -1) (2)
            walkin Dead: summon exes +2 (extras: controlled +1, horde +1 mental link, Multiple minions +14 sacrifice, variable type-zombies +1) [40]

            Advantages (2)
            startle, taunt

            Skills (15/30)
            close attack: unarmed +2
            deception +6
            expertise: gangbanger +4
            instight +4
            intimidation +8
            perception +6

            Defenses (16)
            TOU +12 DODGE +6 FORT n/a PARRY +6 WILL +10

            Gorgon: Peasy would happily let the rest of the Heroes into the 17s, but he wants Gorgon dead
            Moron: Peasy has no real grasp of tactics or imagination
            motivation - King of LA: Peasy has the singular goal of ruling what remains of Las Angeles
            word is my bond: when Peasy makes a promise, he keeps it, even for his enemies

            abilities 14 + powers 86 + advantages 2 + skills 15/30 + defenses 16 = 120

            Rodney Cesares was a low-life ex-army turned street punk, an enforcer for the South 17's, and the closest thing to Gorgon's nemesis. he'd have been dead in a gutter by now if not for two things: first, he was an early washout of Project Krypton, and in his veins with the original formula which would turn him into grotesque hulking mass of muscle. second, he was among the first, if not THE first victim of the Ex-virus, and not only did he enter undeath with his faculties intact, but he could control the walking dead around him. taking the name Peasy (spelt PZ, for Patient Zero), he takes control of the 17s enclave, and the first book centres around the heroes of The Mount learning of his existence and fighting his first concentrated attack. this results in his destruction, but Rodney returns in Ex-patriots, now able to transfer his mind between the Exes he controls, and takes up the name Legion
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              Re: Kreuz Control

              Liking Amethyst and Durga's back stories.
              I actually saw the EX-Heroes books not too long ago. What's your opinion on the series? OK? Great? I'm not too big on zombies, but I was looking for some good superhero fiction to read and this was all they seemed to have.


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                Re: Kreuz Control

                they're quite good, and quick reads too. unlike other zombie series, regardless of what losses the heroes take, there's a generally positive attitude to things, with the situation gradually improving as the books go on, even with Legion trying things like helmets, ladders and guns for his undead hordes. case in point, book 2 "ex-Patriots" opens with The Mount celebrating the 4th of July

                also unlike other zombie fiction, the works of George Romero do exist in the ex-heroes universe, and the heroes have developed a fair amount of genre savviness, such that when Zzzap learns about project krypton, the first words out of his mouth are that they should be careful, citing the "surviving military goes mad with power after the apocalypse" trope. likewise, the heroes are making a deliberate effort to stay away from "hard men making hard choices", and that compassion is indeed a strength in a world gone mad


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                  Re: Kreuz Control

                  Love the ex-heroes stuff! I ran a one off that was concurrent with the books for my group; they were based out of Florida and had turned Disney World (specifically the Contemporary Hotel) into their stronghold. I agree with you on the books, they've been a really solid, and quick read. If you like his stuff, I highly recommend reading 14, which has nothing to do with the ex-heroes universe, but is flat out awesome.


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                    PL 8 (120)

                    Abilities (40)
                    STR 4 AGI 2 FIT 6 AWA 2
                    STA 10 DEX 2 INT 0 PRE 0

                    Powers (56)
                    healing touch: Healing +6 (extras: persistant, restorative +1, stabilize) (20)
                    immortal: Enhanced STA +6, immortality +12 (36)

                    Advantages (3)
                    equipment 2, interpose

                    Skills (13/26)
                    expertise: medical science +7
                    insight +6
                    perception +6
                    treatment +7

                    Defenses (8)
                    TOU +10 DODGE +6 FORT +10 PARRY +6 WILL +6

                    heavy pistol: Damage +4 [8]
                    machete: Damage +2 (strength-based) [2]

                    easy way out: Regenerator wants to die, but his immortality has undone every suicide attempt
                    memento Mori: Regenerator is haunted by the memory of his dead wife
                    physician, heal thyself: after being bitten by an Ex, Regenerator loses his healing touch
                    motivation - Do No Harm: Regenerator's dark secrets are slowly driving him mad

                    abilities 40 + powers 56 + advantages 3 + skills 13/26 + defenses 8 = 120

                    the last of the original set of Ex-Heroes, Regenerator started his career as Immortal after discovering he could regenerate from any injury, changing his name to Regenerator after learning he could heal any injury, and his abilities were in high demand following the zombaclypse. this ended when he was bitten by an Ex, and his body's immortality devoted so much resources to keeping the infected wound in check he lost his healing, become nothing more than an immortal doctor. at the climax of the first book, however, it's learned Regenerator had a direct hand in the Ex-Plague and its resulting horrors, forcing his companions to lock him up until such time as things are stable enough to put him on trial for his crime. Regenerator escapes in Ex-Communication, but all involved parties are satisfied when he finally gets to die for good soon afterwards
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                      The Driver

                      PL 7 (105)

                      Abilities (28)
                      STR 1 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
                      STA 4 DEX 2 INT 0 PRE 1

                      Powers (41)
                      machine possession: affliction +10 (entranced/compelled/controlled, will resists, extras: affects objects +1, Continuous +2, cumulative +1, merge with subject +1, subtle, flaw: instant recovery -1, limited-machines only -1) (41)

                      Advantages (2)
                      def roll 2

                      Skills (14/28)
                      expertise: streetwise +4
                      perception +4
                      insight +4
                      ranged combat: guns +4
                      vehicles +12

                      Defenses (20)
                      TOU +6/4 DODGE +8 FORT +7 PARRY +8 WILL +7

                      Enemies of humanity: Legion, Smith
                      gridlock: Driver's powers are less than ideal after the Zombaclypse
                      Motivation - Thug life: Driver wants to make up for his life of petty crime

                      abilities 28 + powers 41 + advantages 2 + skills 14/28 + defenses 20 = 105

                      the of my Ex-Heroes writeups for now, Cesar Mendoza was an LA street punk who discovered that he could possess machines, and in that state, drive them better than anyone else. together with a friend to do the actual holdups, Cesar became The Driver, a nigh-uncatchable wheelman (well, until the cops got him with a spike strip, and he only escaped arrest by unmerging with the car after it was left in the impound lot). when the Zombaclypse went down, Cesar was a member of the South 17s until Peasy's defeat, at which point he and other gangers accepted St. George's offer to join The Mount. Cesar has since revealed his powers to the heroes, but with the post-zombaclypse streets littered with junked/abandoned cars and The Mount's fleet of vehicles having a full crew already, his powers aren't in very high demand, although he has operated the Cerberus armor in times when Danielle hasn't been able to suit up.
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                        PL 9 (135)

                        Abilities (60)
                        STR 12 AGI 6 FIT 6 AWA 2
                        STA 12 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 0

                        Powers (47)
                        bloated: Growth +4 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1) (9)
                        does whatever a spider can: Movement +3 (swinging, wall-crawling 2) (6)
                        six arms: extra arms +3 (3)
                        spin a web, any size: Affliction +8 (impaired & vulnerable, defenseless & immobile, dodge resists, extras: accurate 5, cumulative +1, extra Condition +1, range +1, tetherflaw: limited degree -1) (30)

                        Advantages (4)
                        chokehold, fast grab, improved grab, improved hold

                        Skills (16/32)
                        athletics +4
                        insight +4
                        intimidation +10
                        perception +6
                        stealth +8

                        Defenses (8)
                        TOU +12 DODGE +6 FORT +12 PARRY +6 WILL +6

                        motivation - monster: Arachnid a brutish thug and cannibal

                        abilities 60 + powers 47 + advantages 4 + skills 16/32 + defenses 8 = 135

                        one of the earliest villains introduced in Savage Dragon, Arachnid typically gets trotted out whenever Erik Larsen wants to take a particular jab at marvel and the spider-man franchise in particular
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                          Archer Gold

                          PL 10 (150)

                          Abilities (66)
                          STR 2 AGI 6 FIT 4 AWA 5
                          STA 3 DEX 4 INT 3 PRE 6

                          Powers (12)
                          Golden bow & Arrows: (flaw: easily removable) (12)
                          - Diamond tip: Damage +6 (extra: penetrating +1, Range +1) [18]
                          - explosive: Damage +6 (extras: burst area +1, range +1) [18]
                          - flare: Affliction +6 (vision impaired/disabled/unaware, fort resists, extras: burst area +1, range +1) [18]
                          - sonic: Affliction +6 (daze/stun/incpacitate, fort resists, extras: burst area +1, range +1) [18]
                          - web: affliction +6 (impaired & vulnerable/defenseless & immobile, dodge resists, extras: cumulative +1, extra Condition +1, range +1, flaw: limited degree -1) [18]

                          Advantages (10)
                          def roll 3, improved aim, improved initiative, inventor, move-by action, precise attack 2 (ranged cover/concealment), uncanny dodge

                          Skills (32/64)
                          acrobatics +4
                          expertise: streetwise +6
                          insight +6
                          intimidation +6
                          investigation +6
                          perception +10
                          persuasion +6
                          ranged combat: Archery +10
                          technology +4
                          Stealth +6

                          Defenses (30)
                          TOU +6/3 DODGE +14 FORT +10 PARRY +14 WILL +10

                          Alice, Queen of Hearts: as the killer of hs mentor and predecessor, stopping her is a personal matter for Archer gold
                          disability: Archer gold has no sense of taste or smell, due to a head injury as a child
                          last 3 arrows: Archer gold has a finite supply of arrows, and has had to face situations where he's had to make those last 3 arrows count
                          motivation - legacy: as the third man to bear the name, Archer Gold has a lot to live up to
                          real american hero: Archer gold is a patriot, defending both Washington D.C. and the values of the united States

                          abilities 66 + powers 12 + advantages 10 + skills 32/64 + defenses 30 = 150

                          a third generation hero from the Silver Age Sentinels rpg, Owen Robertson started out as the sidekick to the second Archer Gold, and took up his mentor's costumed identity after he was murdered by Alice, Queen of Hearts. while his main focus is on stopping the violent gangs in Washington DC. his original character sheet in the SAS sourcebook Shields of Justice doesn't go into his politics, but I get the impression he's a moderate right wing
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                            Re: Kreuz Control

                            Ok thanks for the book recomendation.

                            Arachnid...dang that's freaky! Course the only version I'm familiar with was from the tv show.
                            Seriously one of these days I have to get those Justice and Vile books for SAS.
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                              PL 10 (150)

                              Abilities (20)
                              STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 0 AWA 4
                              STA 0 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 4

                              Powers (87)
                              astral jump: Teleport +2 (extras: accurate +1, change velocity, easy, extended +1) (10)
                              psi-speech: comprehend +3 (languages 3) (6)
                              mind control: affliction +10 (entranced/compelled/controlled, will resists, extras: Cumulative +1, Perception area +2, selective +1) (51)
                              - telepath: Mind reading +10 (extras: cumulative +1, effortless +1, subtle) [41]
                              psi-senses: senses +6 (acute/accurate/analytical/radius detect minds) (6)
                              Psi Shield: Protection +14 (flaw: sustained -0) (14)

                              Advantages (5)
                              assessment, connected, fascinate (persuasion), skill mastery (persuasion), well-informed

                              Skills (12/24)
                              insight +8
                              perception +8
                              persuasion +8

                              Defenses (26)
                              TOU +14/0 DODGE +6 FORT +6 PARRY +6 WILL +14

                              Do no harm: Psi-renity is an absolute pacifist, who will never raise a hand or thought in anger, and will try reasoning even with nigh-mindless monsters or merciless invaders
                              kinda creepy: unlike other telepaths, Psi-renity does not recognize rules of psionic etiquette, such as the mental privacy of others
                              motivation - doing good: Psi-Renity has dedicated herself to bringing out the goodness in others through teaching by example

                              abilities 20 + powers 87 + advantages 5 + skills 12/24 + defenses 26 = 150

                              a deceased NPC in the Adventures Assemble PBP game run by Ysariel & Kenseido, Psi-Renity was among the heroes of Phoenix Bay prior to an alien invasion, best known for her devout pacifism and belief in the goodness of even seemingly mindless monsters, such as Grotesk. while her liberal use of telepathy made her extremely creepy (think River Tam as a social worker), there was no question that she was one of the good guys. tragically, Psi-Renity's life was cut short during the Armada Invasion, when she tried to communicate with the aliens, only to be cruelly gunned down on national television
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                                Sentinel, Model T-1

                                PL 8 (120)

                                Abilities (-2)
                                STR 10 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 0
                                STA n/a DEX 0 INT n/a PRE n/a

                                Powers (102)
                                arm autocannon: Damage +8 (extras: accurate 4, multiattack +1, Range +1) (28)
                                giant robot: Growth +4 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1) (9)
                                polymer design: Immunity +2 (magnetic effects) (2)
                                Mutant detector: senses +5 (accurate extended ranged detect mutants) (5)
                                machine: immunity +30 (fort), impervious TOU +10, Protection +6 (46)
                                VTOL systems: Flight +7 (14)

                                Advantages (1)
                                move-by action

                                Skills (5/10)
                                perception +10

                                Defenses (12)
                                TOU +10 DODGE +6 FORT n/a PARRY +6 WILL n/a

                                motivation - DESTROY ALL MUTANTS!: Sentinels are built to hunt down and kill anyone carrying the X-gene

                                abilities -2 + powers 104 + advantages 1 + skills 5/10 + defenses 12 = 120

                                the flagship product of Trask Industries, the T-1 Sentinel is a fully armed and autonomous human shaped harrier jump jet operated by the most advanced microcomputers 1973 has to offer, based around classified CIA intelligence reports regarding mutant involvement during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Trask industries has already completed 8 prototypes, and they will be shown off by President Richard Nixon himself at a televised press conference this week
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