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    Silver Samurai

    PL 10 (150)

    Abilities (52)
    STR 4 AGI 4 FIT 8 AWA 2
    STA 4 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 2

    Powers (37)
    Tachyon Kenjutsu: array (flaw: requires appropriate weapons -1) (14)
    - Chou shuriken: Damage +6 (extras: multiattack +1, range +1) [18]
    - Homura ken: Damage +10 (extra: seconardy effect +1) [20]
    - hyouga ken: Affliction +10 (Hindered & vulnerable/immobile & defenseless, fort resists, extras: cumulative +1, extra condition +1, flaw: limited degree -1) [20]
    - Hyakuretsutou: Damage +10 (extra: multiattack +1) [20]
    - Raimei ken: Damage +10 (extra: burst area +1) [20]
    Silvered armor: Protection +6 (flaw: removable) (5)
    Teleportation ring: Teleport +8 (extras: agile feint, change direction, turnabout, flaw: removable) (16)
    Versus jump: leaping +2 (2)

    Advantages (15)
    accurate attack, benefit 2 (status: yakuza, wealth), defensive attack, equipment 2, improved disarm, improved initiative, improved smash, improved trip, interpose, language (english, japanese native), power attack, startle, takedown 2, uncanny dodge

    Skills (24/48)
    close combat: swords +2
    deception +6
    expertise: bushido +8
    expertise: criminal +8
    expertise: Japanese culture & history +8
    insight +6
    intimidation +8
    perception +6
    persuasion +4
    ranged combat: archaic japanese weapons +8

    Defenses (22)
    TOU +10/4 DODGE +10 FORT +10 PARRY +10 WILL +10

    masterwork Katana: Damage +4 (str-based, extra: improved crit) [4]
    Shuriken: damage +1 (extras: range +1, multiattack +1) [3]

    Gaijin: Silver Samurai has a complicated history with Wolverine
    I DO NOT SUCK!: pointing out his bottom tier status tends to infuriate Silver Samurai to berserk rage
    motivation - Respect: Silver Samurai seeks to elevate himself and his clan through wealth, power and sometimes honor
    predictability: like all fighting game characters, Silver Samurai cannot simply "spam" out the same attack over and over again, as the opponent will expect the attacks, and be ready for them (and a counterattack). The third time he tries the same technique (or same combo of techniques) in a short span, he will be at -2 to Accuracy, AND to his Active Defenses in that round. All will decrease by 2 every successive round the same move is done.
    the code: Although he often falls very short, Silver Samurai tries to uphold the Bushido code of honor, especially when called out on it

    abilities 52 + powers 37 + advantages 15 + skills 24/48 + defenses 22 = 150

    first appearing in the pages of Daredevil, Kenuichio Harada, better known as the Silver Samurai, went from Journeyman supervillain to recurring threat when the Wolverine slew the crime lord Yashida Shingen, who had promised Harada (his bastard son) rule of the clan upon his death, only for Harada's half-sister Mariko to inherit everything he'd been promised. Allying with the terrorist Viper, Silver Samurai began a long and honestly mostly one-sided feud with Wolverine, becoming a recurring b-list menace in his rogue's gallery, and an obligatory foe to any marvel hero travelling to Japan for an issue in the 80's and early 90's.

    This build is technically not that man. THIS Silver Samurai is based on the version seen in Capcom's 1994 fighting game: X-Men, Children of The Atom, where he was included to fill out the roster, and was apparently the worst choice to play among its roster (a much more obvious position when he returned in Marvel Vs Capcom 2), such that in the fighting game votefic series Ultimate Video Rumble, he was given the running gag of absolutely flipping out in berserk rage if anybody said he sucked, or just said the word within earshot of him. due to the nature of the fic, this led to Sammy's other running gag of being the one to ring-out final bosses in said blind rage when the voting eliminated them, without realizing what he'd done.


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      PL 10 (150)

      Abilities (24)
      STR 0 AGI 0 FIT 0 AWA 2
      STA 2 DEX 0 INT 6 PRE 2

      Powers (61)
      gravitic aura: Protection +10 (extra: impervious 12, sustained +0) (22)
      gravitic lift: flight +2 (4)
      Gravitic mastery: array (34)
      - accretion: Damage +10 (extra: range +1, linked: affliction +10 [dazed & vulnerable/stunned & prone, dodge resists, fort overcomes, extras: extra condition +1, range +1, flaws: instant recovery -1, limited degree -1]) [36]
      - experimental barrier: create +10 (extras: impervious +1, moveable +1, stationary +0) [30]
      - gravitic flux: move object +10 (extra: burst area +1, selective +1) [30]
      - gravitic grasp: move object +10 (extra: damaging +1) [30]
      - hyperspheres: Damage +6 (extras: accurate 2, multiattack +1, range +1, precise, ricochet 2) [22]
      - kinetic grasp: deflect +8 (extras: reflect +1, redirect +1) [24]

      Advantages (6)
      fearless, improved initiative, language (english, dutch native), move-by action, startle, skill mastery (astrophysics)

      Skills (27/54)
      expertise: Astrophysicist +10
      expertise: music +4
      insight +6
      intimidation +10
      perception +6
      ranged combat: gravitic mastery +10
      technology +8

      Defenses (32)
      TOU +12/2 DODGE +8 FORT +8 PARRY +8 WILL +12

      infernal melody: Sigma is haunted by a strange melody that only he can hear, that can drive him to any number of reactions
      motivation - Music of the spheres: Sigma is a madman obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the universe
      of like minds: Sigma respects his fellow scientists, often treating them as peers instead of Talon's enemies
      patrons of the sciences: Sigma is grateful to Talon for supporting his research, either oblivious or uncaring that they see him as little more than a living weapon

      abilities 24 + powers 61 + advantages 6 + skills 27/54 + defenses 32 = 150

      Brilliant astrophysicist Dr. Siebren de Kuiper was changed forever when one of his experiments went wrong, briefly exposing him to the energies of an artificial black hole, giving him the power to manipulate gravity itself with just the power of his mind, but shattering his sanity in the process. Locked away both in mind and body as 'subject Sigma', Kuiper was forgotten until freed by Talon, both for his scientific genius, and for his terrible power

      not gonna lie, unlike most of my previous Overwatch builds I leant more into Sigma as a supervillain


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        Danny The Street

        PL 10 [75 EP]

        Traits (9)
        Size gargantuan
        TOU 16

        Powers (60)
        all are safe here: immunity +10 (extra: affects others +1) (10)
        Bona To Vada: Teleport +16 (extra: extended +1) (48)
        Danny the brick: immortality +1 (2)

        Features (16)
        communications, fire prevention system, garage, gym, infirmary, intelligent, laboratory, library, living space, personnel (Dannyzens, as bystanders), power system, secret, security system 2, self-repairing, workshop

        block party: Danny is sustained by the positive feelings of the Dannyzens. If they feel alone and powerless, this weakens Danny
        gentrification: there are those who find Danny an affront to 'normalcy', and seek to control or destroy them as a result
        if these walls could talk: Danny can only communicate non-verbally, through signs or leaf arrangements
        Motivation - Safe Space: Kind and accepting, Danny provides a home and refuge for all of society's misfits
        swanky digs: Danny is out and proud, and their genderfluid approach to their shops can make them stand out from regular streets

        traits 9 + powers 60 + features 16 = 75

        both iconic character and location from The Doom Patrol, Danny The Street is a self-aware, teleporting genderqueer street, home to such masculine properties as sports and hardware stores, which are decorated in pastels and taffeta, all centered around Peeping Tom's Perpetual Cabaret, a karaoke bar home to drag shows and whatever other live performance their Dannyzens, those freaks, outcasts and misfits of society who currently call Danny home, can provide.


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          PL 12 (180)

          Abilities (88)
          STR 16 AGI 4 FIT 8 AWA 2
          STA 16 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 0

          Powers (43)
          big fella: growth +2 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1) (5)
          in a single bound: leaping +6 (6)
          Graak: comprehend +3 (speak/understand/read languages, flaw: removable) (4)
          pretty much indestructible: impervious TOU +16 (16)
          thunderclap: Cone area on unarmed damage +12 (12)

          Advantages (13)
          assessment, chokehold, fast grab, fearless, improved grab, improved hold, improved initiative, interpose, move-by action, startle, takedown 2, uncanny dodge

          Skills (26/52)
          athletics +6
          expertise: soldier +10
          insight +8
          intimidation +12
          perception +8
          ranged combat: thrown +8

          Defenses (10)
          TOU +16 DODGE +8 FORT +16 PARRY +8 WILL +8

          Blood debt: for killing his son Anthony, a 'noncombatant', Konvikt serves the head of the Vitagglia crime family
          Guilty conscience: Graak is as crooked as they come, and tries to exploit Konvikt by giving him self-serving advice
          motivation - redemption: Konvikt wants to regain his lost honor
          offworlder: Konvikt is still learning the ways of earth and how they differ from those of his people
          silenced: Konvikt cannot speak, relying on Graak to speak for him
          The Code: Konvikt lives in strict adherence to his planet's code of warrior honor

          abilities 88 + powers 43 + advantages 13 + skills 26/52 + defenses 12 = 180

          An alien soldier seen only in the pages of the 2008 maxi-series Trinity by Kurt Busiek, Konvikt was once known as Xalitan Xor, a soldier turned laborer until the day he saved one of his planet's military leaders, and was made the man's family bodyguard. in his position, Xalitan fell in love with the general's daughter, but she only used and betrayed him, and in his rage, he killed her. for this crime, and extra influence from the general, the former soldier was sentenced to exile on a far away world, his voice silenced, to strive alone in some vague hope of regaining his honor, with only his 'advocate', a self interested creature named Graak to speak for him. his name stripped away, the newly dubbed Konvikt never reached his destination, instead finding himself on Earth where his attempts at self-defense were seen as a monster's rampage before he was stopped by the combined efforts of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. afterwards, Konvikt escaped prison upon learning one of the four people he'd killed in the battle was a civilian, hell-bent on keeping what honor he had left by serving the dead man's family. Unfortunately for Konvikt, they turned out to be mobsters, who quickly saw him as a devastating weapon


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            Jack of Hearts

            PL 10 (150)

            Abilities (20)
            STR 10 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
            STA 12 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

            Powers (94)
            scanalyzer implant: quickness +6 (flaw: mental only -1), eidetic memory (4)
            Zero energy aura: immunity +10 (life support) (10)
            Zero energy blast: Damage +12 (extra: range +1) (24)
            Zero energy enhancement: enhanced STR +10, enhanced STA +10 (40)
            Zero energy propulsion: Flight +8 (16)

            Advantages (4)
            holding back 2, improved initiative, move-by action

            Skills (14/28)
            close combat: unarmed +4
            insight +4
            intimidation +8
            perception +4
            ranged combat: Zero energy blast +8

            Defenses (18)
            TOU +12 DODGE +8 FORT +12 PARRY +8 WILL +8

            face card: half of Jack of Heart's body is a purplish-black hue
            motivation - acceptance: Jack of Hearts just wants to belong SOMEWHERE in the Universe
            no poker face: Jack of Hearts is an incredibly temperamental and argumentive young man
            misery poker: the universe just seems to love making Jack miserable
            zero hour: Jack of Hearts Zero energy must wear his distinctive costume to regulate his body's constant zero energy generation

            abilities 20 + powers 94 + advantages 4 + skills 14/28 + defenses 18 = 150

            A young man, Jack Hart was the son of a brilliant scientist who'd developed a formula to grant free energy to the world. unfortunately, agents of The Corporation a criminal syndicate based on corporate structure, saw the elder hart as a threat and murdered him, in the process destroying his lab and nearly drowning Jack in a flood the zero formula. empowered with strange energies, Jack struck down the assassins, then forged himself a costume from his father's collection of antique armor, and named himself Jack of Hearts after the man's other infatuation with playing cards, before waging a one-man war upon the Corporation. eventually, jack became and ally and apprentice hero to Iron Man, the two breaking the corporation wide open, before Jack's ever-increasing power forced him to leave earth. Not long into his cosmic odyssey, Jack learned he was half-contraxian, his mother a secret angent sent to earth to speed along his father's pursuit of Zero Energy, in the hopes that it, and now Jack, could re-ignite the Contraxian sun. Jack did so but rejected his mother's people, continuing his aimless odyssey.

            eventually, Jack would wind up on earth, and breifly become a member of the Avengers, before his power once again grew beyond his ability to control, and he committed suicide, only to be breifly resurrected by the then-insane Scarlet Witch to be used as a bomb against the Avengers.

            Later still, Jack of Hearts came back to life again, but as this was in the now played out Marvel Zombies sequels, no one noticed, nor cared


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              The Boy King

              PL 8 (120)

              Abilities (44)
              STR 2 AGI 4 FIT 6 AWA 2
              STA 2 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 4

              power (2)
              giant-rider: feature +2 (can quickly climb The Giant without a check, cannot be knocked from The Giant) (2)

              Advantages (24)
              benefit (status: King of Swisslakia), defensive roll 4, equipment, improved disarm, improved initiative, jack of all trades, language 2 (english, german native), Sidekick 16, uncanny dodge

              Skills (26/52)
              acrobatics +6
              athletics +4
              close combat: archaic weapons +6
              deception +4
              expertise: royalty +4
              expertise: streetwise +4
              insight +6
              investigation +4
              perception +6
              persuasion +8

              Defenses (22)
              TOU +6/2 DODGE +10 FORT +8 PARRY +10 WILL +8

              royal rapier: damage +2 (str-based) [2]
              swingline: movement +1 (swinging) [2]

              The Giant

              PL 10 (80)

              Abilities (-18)
              STR 14 AGI 0 FIT 6 AWA 0
              STA n/a DEX 0 INT n/a PRE n/a

              Powers (73)
              Giant statue: Growth +14 (extras: innate, continuous +1, impervious +1, flaw: permanent -1), immunity +30 (fort)

              Advantages (5)
              fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, interpose, move-by action

              Skills (8/16)
              athletics +4
              perception +6
              ranged combat: throw +6

              Defenses (12)
              TOU +14 DODGE +6 FORT n/a PARRY +6 WILL n/a

              motivation - His Master's Voice: The Giant obeys the commands of the rightful king of Swisslakia

              abilities -18 + powers 73 + advantages 5 + skills 8/16 + defenses 12 = 80

              motivation - Noblesse Oblige: The Boy King fights Nazi oppression in all its forms
              ruler in exile: Although he saved his people, The Boy King's home of Swisslakia has fallen to Nazi rule

              abilities 44 + powers 2 + advantages 24 + skills 26/52 + defenses 22 = 120

              a golden age comics hero who has since entered the public domain, the Boy King is young King David of Swisslakia, a veritable postage stamp of a European country bordering Nazi Germany. When the Nazis invade, Swisslakia's only hope for defense is for David to awaken The Giant, a mighty animate stone colossus. But while the Giant routs the initial invasion, the conquest of Swisslakia is inevitable, and so rather than risk a single life among his remaining subjects, King David uses the Giant to enable a mass exodus, pulling along a flotilla of ships to ferry the Swisslakian people to America and safety. While in America, the Boy King fights Nazi supervillains and becomes a crimefighter, as you do


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                PL 10 (150)

                Abilities (60)
                STR 6 AGI 6 FIT 10 AWA 2
                STA 6 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 0

                Powers (40)
                glory kill: regeneration +10 (flaw: source-killing demons) (5)
                Praetor armor: (flaw: removable) (15)
                - body armor: Protection +4 [4]
                - map function: senses +2 (direction sense, distance sense) [2]
                - sealed system: immunity +10 (life support) [10]
                - thruster boots: Leaping +1, speed +1 [2]
                once a mortal: immunity +1 (age) (1)
                Rip and tear: Damage +2 (str-based) (2)
                weapons of doom: array (flaw: easily removable) (17)
                - Chainsaw: damage +8 (extras: improved crit 2, improved smash, weapon break) [10]
                - heavy assault rifle: damage +8 (extras: multiattack +1, range +1) [24]
                - rocket launcher: damage +8 (extras: burst area +1, range +1) [24]
                - super shotgun: damage +8 (extra: penetrating +1, range +1) [24]

                Advantages (8)
                agile feint, close attack 2, fearless, improved initiative, move by action, quick draw, takedown 2, uncanny dodge

                Skills (26/52)
                acrobatics +4
                athletics +4
                expertise: Space Marine +6
                insight +8
                intimidation +10
                perception +8
                ranged combat: guns +12

                Defenses (16)
                TOU +10/6 DODGE +10 FORT +10 PARRY +10 WILL +10

                great communicator: Doomguy has stopped talking, letting his actions and expressions speak for him
                It was worth the risk: Doomguy has nothing but contempt for those who think they can exploit Hell for their own ends, no matter the intent
                knee deep in the dead: For all his unyeilding rage, Doomguy will try to save those he can, and most certainly avenge those he couldn't
                motivation - You Will Be Worse: Doomguy is singularly devoted to fighting the forces, alone and bare-handed, if need be
                the only thing they fear is you: Hell is terrified of Doomguy, and come up with new and elaborate ways in hopes of stopping him

                abilities 60 + powers 40 + advantages 8 + skills 26/52 + defenses 16 = 150

                the silent protagonist of the DOOM franchise and the original First Person Shooter, he has had many names: Marine, Corporal Flynn Taggart, Stan Blazkowicz, John Kane, The Hell Walker, Doom Slayer, DM1-5, DOOM Marine, The Slayer, Unchained Predator, and You. But but everyone who loves him calls him Doomguy.

                (the following is courtesy of captainsnoop of Tumblr)

                Once upon a time, Doomguy was a security guard working for the Union Aerospace Corporation. He was stationed on a remote space base on the Martian moon Phobos. He used to be in the Marine Corps, but he was dishonorably discharged after his CO ordered him to fire on unarmed civilians and he responded by putting his CO in a full-body cast. He spent most of his time as a security guard jerking off to porn on the clock, according to the original game’s manual.

                One day, his bosses at the UAC messed up super bad when experimenting with teleporters and opened a portal to Hell. Demons quickly swarmed the base, possessed Doomguy’s fellow security officers, and started taking everything over. Doomguy thought that wasn’t very cash money of the demons, grabbed a shotgun, and started asking them politely yet firmly to leave.

                Doomguy does this on Phobos for a bit, dies, finds himself on the Martian moon of Deimos which had been swallowed in to Hell itself, and gets right back to fighting demons. He rappels down from Deimos in to the depths of Hell, kills more demons, and then escapes through a portal in Hell to Earth.

                When on Earth, Doomguy discovers that the demons killed his pet rabbit Daisy. This motivates him to power through a bunch of extremely difficult levels designed by American McGee, a bunch of really [S]shitty[/S] [S]rushed[/S] ambitious levels designed by Sandy Petersen, three expansion packs designed by fans, a short jog through some levels designed by Nerve Software, and an entire game that was exclusive to the Nintendo 64. During these games he kills a lot of demons, saves humanity, stops the demonic invasion of Earth, and resolves to stay in Hell for the rest of eternity to make sure this never happens again.

                And… he does that. He spends eons traveling between Hell and parallel dimensions, putting a stop to demonic invasions across the multiverse. He does this for so long that the demons canonize him as a part of their weird demonic religious belief system, dubbing him The Doom Slayer. The demons chronicle Doomguy’s rampage in a collection of stories called The Slayer’s Testament. He meets an order of alien knights in Hell called the Night Sentinels, whose own home world was pulled in to Hell by the demons and who had become just as effective at killing demons as he had. He pals around with them for a bit but eventually the demons get the better of them all and all that’s left is the Doomguy. This pisses him off really bad, so badly that when he went on his latest rampage he didn’t notice that the demons were leading him in to a trap. The demons drop an entire temple on his head, knock him unconscious, and lock him in a sarcophagus.

                An undisclosed amount of time passes, and eventually the UAC from an alternate universe busts in to Hell by accident again. The UAC starts pulling natural resources and artifacts from Hell and using those resources to power all of their technology. Turns out, using Hell Energy to power your electronics makes people go crazy, and eventually this turns in to another full-on demonic invasion. This is where DOOM (2016) starts, with the Doomguy waking up from his nap in a UAC lab where they had been studying his sarcophagus. Doomguy realizes that he’s in a “same shit different universe” situation and gets to work stopping the demonic invasion and angrily ignoring the input of every single person that tries to talk to him. He’s seen all this shit before countless times and is sick of hearing excuses and monologues. He’s through with the niceties of it all.

                He’s seen all this before countless times and is sick of hearing excuses and monologues. He’s through with the niceties of it all. Characters tell him to “carefully deactivate” all of the different science machines that let humanity safely use Hell Energy. He smashes them to bits with his feet. Characters assure him that this was all for the “greater good,” he knows that the greatest possible good for humanity is not messing with Hell anymore. They don’t know what they’re messing with, he does, and he has to fix the problem in his own special way. He’s not gonna hurt these people because ultimately he’s fighting to protect humanity, but as far as he’s concerned he doesn’t owe anyone in this scenario the luxury of his politeness or respect.

                And for everything else, it's time to go forth, and rip, and tear, and not stop until the industrial metal stops playing.


                • Tammy and the T-Rex is also notable for being an early embarrassing role for Denise Richards, pre-Wild Things, but after her appearance as a Bond Girl, which nuked her career from orbit. Hilariously-bizarre idea for a movie, though.
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