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  • Originally posted by kenseido View Post
    Penetrating is +1/rank modifier.
    is there an errata somewhere? because in the book and the d20 Hero SRD as well, it's stated as a Flat 1pp per rank. Doesn't he have Penetrating 1? Or is that +1 meaning that he has Penetrating 9? Even so, isn't the cap on Penetrating equal to the Effect Rank (in this case, the Damage 8)?
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    • It's a carryover from 2e rules. Its how Kreuz builds it.
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      • Originally posted by kenseido View Post
        It's a carryover from 2e rules. Its how Kreuz builds it.
        Ah, I see, I haven't played 2E, so I didn't knew that. So, it's basically Penetrating 9?


        • No it's Penetrating 8
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          • 2815

            Jason Praxis

            PL 9 (135)

            Abilities (36)
            STR 4 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
            STA 4 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 2

            Powers (59)
            IT GAVE ME POWER!: array (26)
            - electric shock: affliction +12 (daze/stun/hindered, fort resists, extras: range +1) [24]
            - Lightning bolt: Damage +12 (extra: range +1) [24]
            - neuroelectric telepathy: Mind reading +8 (extra: cumulative +1) [24]
            electric levitation: flight +4 (8)
            electric shield: immunity +5 (electric damage), protection +8 (extra: impervious 12, sustained +0) (25)

            Advantages (2)
            improved initiative, move-by action

            Skills (18/36)
            expertise: police detective +6
            insight +8
            investigation +8
            perception +8
            ranged combat: IT GAVE ME POWER! +6

            Defenses (20)
            TOU +12/4 DODGE +6 FORT +8 PARRY +6 WILL +10

            motivation - REVENGE!: Jason wants revenge for the murder of his entire family

            abilities 36 + powers 59 + advantages 2 + skills 18/36 + defenses 20 = 135

            a ridiculously obscure DC character created in 1989, Jason Praxis was a police detective (who secretly had psychic powers), up until a freak accident gave him potent electrical powers which he used to become an openly superpowered detective after a VERY short stint of superheroics before vanishing into comics limbo.

            however, Jason was pulled from obscurity this week for a guest spot on the M-rated Harley Quinn animated series, where he was the only survivor of his family reunion's massacre by the servants of the Queen of Fables. devastated, Jason attempted suicide by grabbing the heavily electrified fence of nearby STAR labs. but instead of frying him to a crisp, IT GAVE HIM POWER! Power he used alongside his detective skills to track down the Queen to exact his revenge or die trying.


            • 2816


              PL 6 (90)

              Abilities (20)
              STR -4 AGI 0 FIT 2 AWA 2
              STA 2 DEX 2 INT 0 PRE 2

              Powers (42)
              mouse: shrinking +12 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permenant -1), senses +4 (accurate hearing, acute smell, darkvision) (30)
              tiny machine gun: Damage +4 (extras: multiattack +1, range +1, restricted-size, easily removable) (8)
              scurry up walls: movement +2 (wall-crawling 2) (4)

              Advantages (4)
              improved initiative, language (english, french native), move-by action, uncanny dodge (hearing)

              Skills (14/28)
              expertise: mercenary +6
              insight +6
              investigation +4
              perception +6
              ranged combat: military weapons +6

              Defenses (10)
              TOU +2 DODGE +10 FORT +6 PARRY +10 WILL +6

              If it's not lasers, it'll be lung cancer: Mousenary constantly chain-smokes unfiltered human-sized cigarettes. that can't be healthy
              motivation - mercenary: Mousenary's loyalty is to the highest bidder

              abilities 20 + powers 42 + advantages 4 + skills 14/28 + defenses 10 = 90

              a semi-original character based on a short gag sequence on the Harley Quinn animated series, Mousenary is a tiny mouse with the mind, skills and attitude of a veteran professional mercenary


              • 2817


                PL 10 (150)

                Abilities (-14)
                STR 12 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 0
                STA n/a DEX 0 INT n/a PRE n/a

                Powers (128)
                belt of bombs: damage +10 (extras: burst area +1, range +1, flaw: removable) (24)
                hypnotic lights: affliction +10 (dazed/compelled/controlled, will resists: extras: cumulative +1, range +2, flaw: sense dependent -1) (30)
                giant robot: growth +12 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1), immunity +30 (fort) (55)
                mining robot: burrowing +5 (5)
                remote operation: senses +1 (mental-link-headquarters), feature +1 (loudspeaker) (1) (2)
                Whonium armor plating: impervious TOU +12 (12)

                Advantages (2)
                improved initiative, move-by action

                Skills (14/28)
                athletics +4
                close combat: unarmed +4
                expertise: mining robot +6
                perception +6
                ranged combat: thrown +8

                Defenses (20)
                TOU +12 DODGE +8 FORT n/a PARRY +8 WILL n/a

                glaring design flaw: Mechani-Kongès control systems are disrupted by the very radioactive mineral it was designed to dig out
                motivation - his master's voice: Mechani-Kong is the robot monster of the nefarious Dr. Who

                abilities -14 + powers 128 + advantages 2 + skills 14/28 + defenses 20 = 150

                From the 1960's Japanese monster movie "King Kong Escapes", Mechani-Kong is a giant robot ape built by the nefarious Dr. Who (no relation to the beloved UK TV franchise) to mine the radioactive Element X, only for its radiation to fry Mechani-Kong's circuitry and render it useless for the very job it was made for. Undaunted, Who repurposes the robot to mind-control the real King Kong into doing the work, and later to pursue the great ape when he lives up to the film's title and escapes Who's facility to flee to Tokyo. but eventually, despite the seeming advantages, Mechani-Kong is ultimately destroyed


                • Originally posted by Setothes View Post
                  I love the artwork for Raptor Red, Coppertop, etc. down to Flamebait. Nice clean black and white.

                  Flamebait's backstory is a riot. The ultimate victim of a 'flame war' that got too hot IRL. (Now I kind of want to see someone else who spent too much time 'trolling' online and pissed off some witch who cursed him to become an *actual* troll! As an added bother, he can only rest and recuperate from his wounds when under a bridge...)
                  yeah, Gramercy Island was such a step up in quality from the rest of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited line

                  Ah, that Chaoticus art. Champions Online has such a distinctive style, I recognized it even before reading the backstory. I like that the mace is summonable, and has a significant amount of range, helping him overcome some of the traditional limitations of being a melee weapon-using superhero.
                  and to think. he's only in the game to hawk the 'brutal' lockbox and model its unlockables


                  • 2818


                    PL 6 (90)

                    Abilities (24)
                    STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
                    STA 4 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

                    Powers (15)
                    Skrull: morph +3 (humanoids) (15)

                    Advantages (9)
                    def roll 2, equipment 2, hide in plain sight, languages 2 (interlac, kree, skrull native), improved initiative, move-by action

                    Skills (28/56)
                    deception +8
                    expertise: spy +6
                    insight +6
                    perception +6
                    persuasion +6
                    ranged combat: blasters +4
                    sleight of hand +4
                    stealth +6
                    technology +4
                    vehicles +10

                    Defenses (14)
                    TOU +6/4 DODGE +6 FORT +6 PARRY +6 WILL +6

                    light blaster: damage +4 (extra: range +1) [8]
                    outdated scouter: (as smartphone) [1]

                    Come the Accuser: Shirin and Seiba are on the run from Ronan The Accuser and his fleet, who've chased them to another galaxy
                    I can be green here: Shirin often has to conceal her identity both as a skrull and shapeshifter, and relishes chances to be herself
                    motivation - home: Shirin wants to live as quiet and peaceful a life as she can
                    Spaced: Shirin was nearly killed by being blown out an airlock into space, and while Seiba saved her, the trauma remains
                    super hot, super strong puppy: Shirin is in love with Seiba, and is relived that with their new friends, she doesn't have to be the brains of the duo
                    traitor: Shirin is pretty sure there are also Skrulls looking for her
                    trust is a luxury: Shirin has lived a lonely, paranoid existence, and is getting used to trusting people

                    abilities 24 + powers 15 + advantages 9 + skills 28/56 + defenses 14 = 90

                    An adolescent Skrull spy, Shirin was glad to infiltrate a Kree Training academy to find some rumored 'superweapon' where she could live far away from the front-lines of the endless Kree-Skrull War. What she did not expect was to not only fall in love with said living weapon, a Kree girl named Seiba, but for Seiba to pick Shirin herself as her "side" in the war, the two of them fleeing through an unstable wormhole ahead of a very angry Kree Accuser fleet in the hopes of finding a new life together away from the war.

                    Instead, they found themselves surrounded by new friends and on some cosmic quest, and Shirin's the only one of her teenaged friends to actually know how to pilot a proper starship


                    • 2819

                      Tammy's T-Rex

                      PL 7 (105)

                      Abilities (14)
                      STR 10 AGI 2 FIT 4 AWA 2
                      STA n/a DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 0

                      Powers (61)
                      animatronic dinosaur: growth +6 (extras: continuous +1, innate, flaw: permanent -1) immunity +30 (fort), protection +4 (47)
                      bulletproof: imperious TOU +10 (10)
                      somehow able to sneak around the neighborhood unnoticed: concealment +2 (normal sight, flaw: passive -1) (2)
                      surprisingly fast: speed +2 (2)

                      Advantages (6)
                      fast grab, improved hold, improved initiative, interpose, move-by action, takedown

                      Skills (14/28)
                      athletics +4
                      expertise: high school football +6
                      insight +4
                      intimidation +6
                      perception +4
                      persuasion +4

                      Defenses (10)
                      TOU +10 DODGE +4 FORT n/a PARRY +4 WILL +6

                      it's a dinosaur: Michael is a mobile animatronic dinosaur. besides being easy to spot (GM can cancel his concealment), his tiny hands are only useful when its funny
                      motivation - Tammy & The T-Rex: Michael just wants to be reunited with his girlfriend Tammy
                      REVENGE!: Michael wants revenge upon his would-be killers and the mad scientist who made him this way

                      abilities 14 + powers 61 + advantages 6 + skills 14/28 + defenses 10 = 105

                      title character of the very obscure 1994 horror comedy "Tammy & The T-Rex", Michael was your typical good natured and good looking high school football star who'd just started seeing Tammy, the hottest girl in school. Unfortunately, her crazy ex-boyfriend took exception to that, and he and his buddies not only beat him senseless with a drive-by beating, but then threw him to be mauled by lions at the local zoo. and then things got worse, when the attending doctor at the hospital falsely declared Michael dead so that he could harvest the boy's brain and put it in the body of a robotic dinosaur.

                      Michael escaped the lab, tried to get back in touch with Tammy to explain what had happened, and hijinx and dubious hilarity ensued


                      • 2820

                        Revenant of Firefight

                        PL 10 (150)

                        Abilities (-6)
                        STR 4 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 0
                        STA n/a DEX 0 INT n/a PRE n/a

                        Powers (132)
                        burning man: damage +8 (extra: reaction +3) (32)
                        eternal flame: immortality +1 (2)
                        fireflight: flight +6 (12)
                        firepower: array (26)
                        - fireball: damage +8 (extras: burst area +1, range +1, secondary effect +1) [24]
                        - flamethrower: Damage +12 (extra: range +1) [24]
                        - wide flamethrower: damage +10 (extra: cone area +1) [24]
                        fireproof: immunity +5 (fire damage) (5)
                        firesight: senses +1 (infravision) (1)
                        undead: immunity +30 (fort), protection +12 (extra: impervious +1) (54)

                        Advantages (2)
                        improved initiative, move-by action

                        Skills (14/28)
                        close combat: burning man +8
                        insight +6
                        perception +6
                        ranged combat: flamethrower +8

                        Defenses (8)
                        TOU +12 DODGE +8 FORT n/a PARRY +8 WILL n/a

                        His master's voice: Firefight is compelled to obey whoever summons him
                        I was a hero: reminders of who he was in life confuse and infuriate Firefight
                        motivation - Rest: Firefight's existence is pain, and only by his destruction or completing his task can Firefight return to the grave
                        thrash of the lich king: for making him an undead monster, Firefight HATES Takofanes with every remnant of his being or anything affiliated with the Lich King

                        abilities -6 + powers 32 + advantages 2 + skills 14/28 + defenses 8 = 150

                        Scott Derkins was a firefighter for the Detroit Fire Department, who was granted amazing power while fighting a blaze in a warehouse full of unstable chemicals. He heroically rushed in to rescue endangered warehouse workers, just as the roof collapsed and half a dozen vats of different chemical compounds washed over Derkins…changing him forever, With amazing new pyrokinetic powers, he dubbed himself Firefight, and become even more dedicated to saving lives.
                        Unfortunately, his heroism came to an abrupt end during the Battle for Detroit, when Firefight’s life was extinguished by a merciless Dr. Destroyer. Worse yet, decades later he was among the undead heroes summoned by the lich-king Takofanes to be his bodyguards and enforcers during one of his attacks on Millennium City. While Firefight and the others were freed, sadly, the means to summon a revenant of Firefight as a destructive servant fell into the hands of other dark wizards, denying the hero his eternal rest