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    PL 8 (120)

    Abilities (64)
    STR 4 AGI 8 FIT 8 AWA 2
    STA 8 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

    Powers (15)
    animal senses: senses +3 (low-light vision, actute/tracking olfactory) (3)
    healing factor: regeneration +5 (5)
    swift: leaping +1, movement +1 (safe fall), speed +1 (4)
    tooth and claw: Damage +2 (str-based, extra: improved crit) (3)

    Advantages (11)
    agile feint, attractive, close attack 2, defensive attack, evasion, language (hindi), move-by action, power attack, takedown, uncanny dodge

    Skills (24/48)
    acrobatics +8
    athletics +6
    insight +6
    intimidation +8
    perception +8
    persuasion +4
    stealth +8

    Defenses (6)
    TOU +8 DODGE +8 FORT +8 PARRY +8 WILL +8

    form of man: Vakeel not only loses all his powers when assuming his human form, but his physical abilities are halved
    motivation - acceptance: Vakeel wants to improve bonds between humand and the changing breeds
    Prejudice: In addition to being a changeling, descendant of a denizen of Faerie, and a wereleopard, Tom Lucci is of partial Indian descent. Some people might not take kindly to him in any form.
    Temper: Tom is a hunter at heart, and while he strives to never strike from rage, but rather from a place of cautious peace and wakeful awareness, there is a beast inside of him that wants to chase, hunt, and kill. If he loses control of his anger, or his fear he might just lash out at whatever's fighting him, or he could lose control of himself.
    Involuntary Transformation: Tom is not a wholly natural being. Certain effects, usually those magical in nature, could bring his transformation on against his will, or lock him in one of his forms, or prevent him from accessing his transformations altogether. Likewise, something that affects his mind or emotions could have similar results.
    Caste system: Tom is a member of the wereleopards, and while his small tribe in West Virgina knows no other Bastets (werecats), its possible certain long-lived members of other higher ranked groups (the were-lions and the self-proclaimed rulers of all Basterts were-tigers) may see him as overstepping his bounds.
    I'm holding that for a friend, officer: Tom does a lot of things to keep himself mellow. One of these things is to smoke a lot of pot. There are lots of people, some of them in positions of authority, that disapprove of this.
    Karoush, The Litany: The Lucci family are not too line line with other Bastet traditions, but they do value this simple code. What it boils down to is Honor yourself Honor Your Word Honor Your Kin and Kind Honor Your Earth Honor Your Silence.
    silver bullet: like many changing breeds, Vakeel is vulnerable to weapons of silver
    Yava: Bagheera (were-leopards and panthers) sleep deeply during the New Moon. Once they slumber, nothing short of violence can awaken them.

    abilities 64 + powers 15 + advantages 11 + skills 24/48 + defenses 6 = 120

    Tom Lucci is a man who has always worked hard to control the beast within. He learned from his father and uncles that this meant smoking a lot of pot. Tom has looked out for his brother Rob, but is actually somewhat afraid of him. Tom's great-grandfather was known to men as the Panar leopard. He lost his mind and killed more than four hundred people in his beast form-and that was just the ones people knew about. Since then, Tom's grandfather moved to America from India and his people settled in the forests of West Virgina. Tom's grandfather and father both cautioned him to respect the beast within, but to never lose sight of its power and bloodlust.

    They tried a lot of things. Regular, tightly regulated hunting in human and beast forms, yoga and other forms of meditation. Soothing music. Pot. Lots of recreational sex. Basically anything to keep stress levels low. With Tom, things were a bit different. He was the first Common Lycanthrope to be born to the family since their great grandfather, able to shift into leopard, man, and leopard man forms. Rob was the same, and Tom spent most of his life looking out for his little brother. But he soon realized, when Rob was seven, that he didn't have to look out for him. Tom's father Sanjay realized that Rob had the same bloodlust their grandfather had. He was barely able to contain himself. During a dispute with some racist neighbors of theirs, Rob lost control and killed two of the men before his family restrained him.

    The clan despaired of what to do. It was Tom who came up with the idea to be a superhero. He theorized (after reading a few books of philosophy while completely stoned) that part of what made their bloodlust so high-and for all lyncanthropes-was that normal people viewed them as monsters, so they hid who they were. This constant lying to the outside world created a very fundamental split deep inside them, and was the reason many of them became monsters. Tom believed this pop philosophy, more or less, and believed that if they could get other people to celebrate their most secret and personal part of themselves-their shifting nature-than they would reconcile the identity crisis they all had to some degree, and be able to live peacefully.

    When Rob turned eighteen, he decided the time was right to put his idea to the test. His dream was for his whole family, or, barring that-his elders were quite set in their ways, and most were very afraid of losing control of themselves, especially his grandfather-he and Rob to be superheroes together, earning people's adulation and thanks instead of fear and hate. So he gave his younger brother a gift, the gift of a pigeon, hoping to show that predator and prey could get along.

    Then he set out to Freedom City, a place where heroes were needed even in the 80s. He called himself Vakeel, indicating that he was an agent and representative of his people.

    Arthur Eld's character, Tom was the game's MVP when it came to fighting, but my proudest moment was when I was THIS close to getting him to sleep with Liane Cartman


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      Shining Spear

      PL 8 (120)

      Abilities (32)
      STR 2 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
      STA 4 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 2

      Powers (29)
      Eternal Hope: array (extras: restricted, flaw: removable) (26)
      - Consciousness of Eternal Hope: enhanced skill +2 (expertise: magic +4) [2]
      - freeze arrow: Affliction +8 (hindered & impaired/disabled & immoble, dodge resists, damage overcomes, extras: cumulative +1, extra condition +1, range +1, flaw: limited-degree -1) [24]
      - healing arrow: healing +8 (extra: range +1) [24]
      - rain of arrows: Damage +8 (extras: multiattack +1, range +1) [24]
      - spear form: Damage +8 (extras: affects insubstantial 2, extend reach, penetrating +1) [19]
      - telekinesis: move object +8 [16]
      - telepathy: Mind reading +8 (extra: cumulative +1) [24]
      magician: senses +3 (magic awareness, ranged detect magic) (3)

      Advantages (9)
      def roll 2, evasion, improved initiative, jack of all trades, luck, ritualist, takedown, uncanny dodge

      Skills (22/44)
      close combat: eternal hope +6
      deception +4
      expertise: magic +4
      insight +4
      investigation +4
      perception +6
      persuasion +4
      ranged combat: eternal Hope +8
      vehicles +4

      Defenses (28)
      TOU +6/4 DODGE +10 FORT +8 PARRY +10 WILL +8

      World Weary: At only 18 Rachel has been in the game for most of her life. And the entire time she's been fighting the things that languish in the dark of Lantern Hill. Having now graduated, she's eager to get out of Freedom City, and maybe see if there's someplace out there she can find something to rekindle the passion she once had.
      Motivation - I do it because I'm Dedicated!: But for all that, Rachel could never let anyone suffer. She'll always do her best to help anyone in suffering. For all that she needs to use her limited healing powers to patch herself up later.
      Don't mind him: Rachel's enchanted weapon is an ancient and intelligent device named Eternal Hope. His default form is that of a spear, but Rachel has learned to alter his form to a broach and a bow for long distance attacks. He's friendly, personable, and has a fondness for The King. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to talk around people that really shouldn't be aware he exists.
      But the other ones can go straight to Hell: Ever since she found Eternal Hope in a second hand store in Lantern Hill ten years ago, Rachel has had a number of beings interested in her. The first is the man who claims Eternal Hope is his, and demands it's return. The other, the talking white catlike creature that promises it could give her even more magical power. Both have long since become more nuisance than anything, and only more reason to leave Freedom.

      abilities 32 + powers 29 + advantages 9 + skills 22/44 + defenses 28 = 120

      On her Eighth Birthday, Rachel McKean found a small broach that caught her eye in a second hand store where her mother was shopping. It was cheap, and she had a little birthday money left, so she bought it. Over the next few days, while wearing it, she began to notice unusual things. Odd traces in the air, what she's sweat were creatures at the edges of perception.

      Eventually she learned that she could see into the magical goings on of the city. In those early days she used this to help out here and there, helping lay a ghost to rest,solve local mystical problems, settle disputes between arguing members of the common fae folk.

      Over time, she learned that the broach was aware, and an ancient artifact named Eternal Hope. With increased awareness of him, she learned to use some of his other powers, letting her read minds, and levitate things. As years passed on, she became a small time local hero, a minor detective of the magical world. She even got to meet Doctor Eldrich once or twice.

      As she entered her high school years, she found herself having to use force to defend herself and others more and more, and learned that Eternal Hope could become various weapons. And as her abilities grew, so she had to face more and more powerful creatures, because there were fewer and fewer people that could do what she could.

      Now, now she's just tired. At only eighteen, Rachel is tired and needs to be reminded why she does this. Why she went out of her way that first time to help someone. She's decided to leave Freedom. It has enough heroes no one will miss her. So she's packed her bags and looking for a way out of town.

      Yeoman's character, Rachael's artifact, Eternal Hope, is the very same magical device that was supposed to, and eventually did belong to Megan Connor. After losing Eternal Hope, Rachael would continue to fight the good fight as a supernatural detective for a while. at last consultation, they weren't sure if Rachael had either died in the line of duty, or had retired to run a supernatural bookstore


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        PL 8 (120)

        Abilities (28)
        STR 10/0 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
        STA 4 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 2

        Powers (48)
        Hydrokinesis: array (24)
        - hydro current: move object +10 (extra: damaging +1, flaw: limited-away only -1) [20]
        - hydro wave: move object +8 (extras: cone area +1, damaging +1, flaws: limited-away only -1, range -1)
        - oceanic strength: enhanced STR +10 [20]
        - shapes of hard water: create +8 [16]
        - water control: move object +8 (extra: range +1, flaw: limited-only water -1) [16]
        Liquid form: insubstantial +1, immunity +2 (critical hits, flaw: sustained +0), protection +6 (flaw: sustained +0), swimming +4 (17)
        water born: enviroonmental adaptation (aquatic), immunity +3 (cold, pressure, drowning), swimming +1, senses +1 (low-light vision) (7)

        Advantages (4)
        attractive, evasion, instant up, power attck

        Skills (22/44)
        acrobatics +4
        athletics +6
        close combat: unarmed +4
        expertise: earth sciences +8
        expertise: life sciences +8
        perception +4
        ranged combat: hydrokinesis +6
        stealth +4

        Defenses (18)
        TOU +10/4 DODGE +6 FORT +8 PARRY +6 WILL +8

        motivation - adventure: Aqua-current wants to go beyond Freedom City in order to grow as a person and make her mark on the world
        Enigma wrapped in a mystery: Rheas past is just that a mystery and one even Siren has yet to unravel. Her only clue was on a trip to Atlantis with Siren several people there reacted as if they had seen a ghost.
        family: Rhea cares very deeply about her adopted parents, they raised her as a healthy loving couple and while she fought and argued like any other teenager she cares deeply.

        abilities 28 + powers 48 + advantages 4 + skills 22/44 + defenses 18 = 120

        Rhea of Atlantis isnt from Atlantis--that she knows of--, shes actually from San Diego. Rhea was found one night as a baby less then a year old by a childess couple after a torrential thunderstorm deluged the San Diego Area. One moment their porch was empty, and the next a squalling infant lay there in a puddle of water. That they lived near the ocean was of no consequence at that time. The only clue they had was a small pendant of a golden material--Orichalcum-- that had her name engraved on it.

        Adopting the infant on the spot they raised her as their own, and only found out that their special daughter was even more special then they realized, when one terrifying day they found her at the bottom of the pool giggling like an infant. Rhea grew up like most normal teenage girls--boy crazy, listneing to music, homework etc--and was a popular friend to everyone even the so called outcasts. Rhea was a caotain of her swim team taking to water like a fish and always feeling most comfortable near water. Surfing or free diving she was drawn to the ocean.

        And it was drawn to her as she found out one day when a sailing accident nearly took her family from her. In a panic as she tried to free her parents from the overturned Sailing ship she caused a wave of water to flip the boat back on its keel and upright.

        It was after this that Rheas parents explained her mysterious heritage to her. Rhea continued on with her life even taking college courses in Oceanography and Oceanic Zoology which she excelled in. Going to Freedom City on a sabatical she met someone who would change her life.

        Siren of the Freedom league.

        Catsi's character, Aqua Current had her moments, usually playing off of her teammates. Unlike them, however, Catsi chose that Aqua-Current did not survive to the present day, being killed off during the Terminus Invasion of '93
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          PL 8 (120)

          Abilities (36)
          STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
          STA 4 DEX 2 INT 2 PRE 4

          Powers (31)
          Eye Lasers: Damage +8 (extras: accurate 3, Penetrating +1, range +1, precise) (26)
          platypus: senses +3 (acute/ranged detect electricity), environmental adaptation (aquatic) (5)

          Advantages (5)
          benefit (beloved children's entertainer), def roll 2, fascinate (performance), improved initiative

          Skills (22/44)
          deception +6
          expertise: children's entertainment +4
          expertise: current events +4
          expertise: platypus +4
          expertise: performance +4
          perception +6
          insight +6
          perception +4
          persuasion +6

          Defenses (26)
          TOU +6/4 DODGE +10 FORT +6 PARRY +10 WILL +10

          Household name: Despite the his fall from tv grace, Picasso is still a rather recognizable having spent years on children's television. Many Children and adults who grew up watching him will recognize him (a giant platypus is rather distinctive) making it harder for him to disguise himself or go unnoticed.
          motivation - comeback: Picasso is trying to put his life back together after developing superpowers tanked his career
          Think of the Children: Picasso loves children. This was one of the factors in his chosen career. This has two major effects on him to this day. The first is very little he will not do if asked by a child (within reason). He will stop for a photograph or an autograph, he will let young children poke him or tug on his tail, He will sing on request for them, He will not hesitate to give a child a hug (with parental permission) no matter how filthy, or sick. He will even let them wear his hat, which he is very possessive of. The second factor is that he lives his life in a manner that is as child friendly as possible. He does not smoke, swear, or drink (although the last one has been sorely tested in recent years). As such he does not approve of such behavior from others especially not in the presence of children.

          abilities 36 + powers 31 + advantages 5 + skills 22/44 + defenses 26 = 120

          Picasso is a four-foot humanoid Platypus who was uplifted from normal animaldom after being exposed to a meteorite made of Space Australium that landed in his zoo cage. following his gaining human intelligence, Picasso broke into the entertainment industry becoming a much beloved figure on children's television. Sadly the same magical space radiation that granted him human level intelligence ended his career years later when Picasso suddenly manifested destructive Eye lasers on set. While no one was seriously injured Picasso's career was finished as he was deemed too risky to have near children. Picasso took several months off to learn to control his powers but after that no one would hire him. As a result Picasso is in the middle of a mid-life crisis which has led him to begin a career in superheroing. where this will take him, no one knows.

          Played by Stavaros-The-Arcane, Picasso was easily the breakout character, such that he's been referenced and appeared in other games since then


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            Cain Bennet

            PL 8 (120)

            Abilities (32)
            STR 2 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
            STA 4 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 2

            Powers (42)
            magnetic force field: Protection +4 (extra: sustained +0) (4)
            magnetic sense: senses +4 (acture/ranged detect magnetic fields, direction sense) (4)
            magnetized hoverboard: flight +4 (flaw: limited-requires some form of metal to lift him -1) (4)
            magnetokinesis: array (23)
            - attraction and repulsion: move object +8 (extra: range +1, flaw: limited-metals only -1) [16]
            - EM blast: damage +8 (extra: range +1) [16]
            - EMP: nullify +6 (machines, extra: broad +1, simultaneous +1) [18]
            - read electric impulses of the brain: mind reading +8 (extra: cumulative +1, effortless +1, flaws: range -2) [16]
            - reversed attack: deflect +8 (extras: reflect +1, redirect +1, flaw: limited-metals only -1) [16]
            - shape metal: transform +4 (metal into other shapes, extra: range +2) [16]
            shockproof: immunity +7 (electric damage, magnetic effects) (7)

            Advantages (2)
            improved aim, precise attack (ranged cover)

            Skills (22/44)
            expertise: art +8
            expertise: artist +8
            expertise: history +4
            expertise: pop culture +4
            insight +4
            perception +4
            ranged combat: Magnetokinesis +8
            vehicles +4

            Defenses (22)
            TOU +8/4 DODGE +8 FORT +8 PARRY +8 WILL +8

            hey, it's that guy: Cain is publicly known both as a member of the wealthy Bennet Family and as an outed metahuman
            I have no son: being publicly disowned by his father is something Cain's still trying to deal with
            motivation - fresh start: with his old life in ruins, Cain has decided to leave Freedom City and make a life for himself on his terms
            where's a phone booth when you need one: Cain is still getting the hang of switching between his reguar clothes and super-costume

            abilities 32 + powers 42 + advantages 2 + skills 22/44 + defenses 22 = 120

            Cain is the son of Jacob Bennet, a powerful industrialist, and Eliza. His mother died in childbirth and Jacob treated Cain as the successor to his legacy from the get go, even after he re-married and had children with his second wife.

            Cain, however, was only ever interested in art. At the age of thirteen, he found he had the ability to control metal. As time passed, he slowly developed control over his magnetic abilities. He kept them a secret because his father was highly prejudiced against metas.

            When Cain turned 16, he told his Dad he wasn't interested in college; his father took it in stride. Having never graduated college himself, Jacob felt his son would do better working his way up to the top like he did. He put his son to work after school and in the summer in his business. Undaunted, Cain continued working on his art in whatever free time he could find.

            After graduating high school, he continued working at his dad's company until one day he witnessed a bank robbery. During the chaos, the escaping criminals lost control of their vehicle and was headed for a woman and her small child. Without thinking, Cain reacted and stopped the car in mid-air. Unfortunately, the whole thing was filmed and Cain's exploits made the evening news.

            Cain's father immediately disowned him and produced evidence that his mother had an affair and Cain wasn't his child. Abandoned by his family and ostracized by his public outing, Cain decided leaving Freedom City and exploring the country was a perfect way to start over and inspire new art.

            Kenseido's character, Cain's character arc in Truckin' Titans was pretty much a coming of age story, coming to terms with his decision to be a hero and putting the past behind him. Cain would ultimately adopt the supranym Ferrous, help found the Rangers Super team out of San Antonio, and years later, give his blessing and support to the foundation of the San Antonio Avengers


            • Re: Kreuz Control - Crinoverse - Avengers, Chicago Avengers, Truckin' Titans, San Antonio Avengers

              well, took a little longer than I expected, but we're just about at the end here folks, with the last of the 2nd ed Crinoverse superhero teams, the

              San Antonio Avengers

              Ran by Kenseido, SAA was a scaled back number compared to the main crinoverse games, focussing on its titular cityand plot ideas independent of the things common to the main crinoverse games, being one of the last games ran on the original Atomic Think Tank before being brough here to Ronin Army where it and most of its player characters made the jump to third edition, after a onceover of his house rules revealed that most of them were already part of 3rd's mechanics

              as most of the PCs were already updated to 3rd ed, I don't need to cover them, so instead i'll look at the PC's who had to drop out a few games in, these being Archer, Galen, and Texas Hurricane. there was Nemo, but Enigmaticone specifically requested I not cover him because he was barely in the game at all, so that's everyone worth mentioning.


              • Re: Kreuz Control - Crinoverse - Avengers, Chicago Avengers, Truckin' Titans, San Antonio Avengers

                One of my biggest complaints about 3e was it went the wrong direction, I prefer crunchier rules. One of the things that made me start thinking more about switching was how few of the "Crinos Crew" would apply to this game - or even the players I was familiar with, and the 2e status of the game was their listed reason. I suspect my long list of house rules was a detractor as well.

                So yes, Kreuz and I went through discussing each of the house rules. Many of the loopholes the house rules were meant to fix were in fact closed in 3e - even if not the same way I did it. As we reached the end, there were only two left, one bing how cheap Regeneration was and grappling. Regen is a way around PL if you let it get out of hand but as Ysariel taught me, don't play with PCs who are looking for the loopholes.

                Grappling is another issue. I spent a lot of time messing with the 2e Grappling rules trying to make them simulate real life grappling. They were a mess to begin with and I did not help that in any case. Then as I was talking with Kreuz, either I realized or he pointed out that the 3e rules for Grappling was basically an Affliction AP off Strength damage.

                Now this might seem confusing, but my brain is okay with that. While I don't agree with how simplified the rules are, they are at least consistent. And I can accept that.
                [HR][/HR][URL=""]Kenseido's Menagerie of Characters[/URL]


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                  Texas Hurricane

                  PL 9 (135)

                  Abilities (34)
                  STR 1 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 4
                  STA 4 DEX 0 INT 2 PRE 2

                  Powers (53)
                  Weather control: dynamic array (38)
                  - weather report: environment +7 (three points of effect, extras: dynamic, selective +1) [30]
                  - fog: concealment +2 (all visual, extras: concealment +2 (visual, extras: dynamic, attack +0, cloud area +2) [10]
                  - freezing ice: affliction +8 (hindered & impaired/disabled & immobile, dodge resists, damage overcomes, extras: dynamic, cone area +1, cumulative +1, extra condition +1, flaw: limited-degree -1) [26]
                  - Lightning strike: damage +10 (extras: dynamic, indirect 2, range +1) [24]
                  - wind blast: move object +10 (extar: dynamic) [20]
                  weather sense: feature +1 (able to predict the weather) (1)
                  wind-riding: flight +6, movement +1 (environmental adaptation-high altitude) (14)

                  Advantages (4)
                  defensive roll 4

                  Skills (18/36)
                  athletics +2
                  insight +4
                  intimidation +2
                  ranged combat: weather control +8
                  persuasion +6
                  perception +6
                  technology +2
                  treatment +2
                  vehicles +4

                  Defenses (26)
                  TOU +8/4 DODGE +10 FORT +9 PARRY +10 WILL +9

                  motivation - Legacy: each day, Texas Hurricane lives up to the example set by his father, the first Texas Hurricane
                  Prejudice - He's been openly gay since he was a teenager, and although people have come a long way this is Texas. Though he's always just believed that his sexuality is part of who he is and not something to have "pride" in, he still makes no secret about it. He wants people to realise that gay people, especially heroes, are just normal like everyone else.
                  Phobia - Tyler suffers from Scotophobia, a fear of darkness and the night. He finds it deeply embarrassing to suffer from what he considers a phobia for children. In the bright lights of the city and in company it's tolerable, but it's when he's alone he's most afraid.

                  abilities 34 + powers 53 + advantages 4 + skills 18/36 + defenses 26 = 135

                  Tyler Hopkins is the second Texas Hurricane; his father Burt was the original, now retired from his job as the municipal defender of their home town of Plano. His mother died when he was very young, so life with just the two of them is all that he knew for a long time, his father never remarrying. His own powers manifested during his teenage years, and ever since his father has trained him extensively in the use of his powers. Neither of them had any doubt in their mind from that point on that Tyler would succeed his father as a hero. Along with training in the use of his powers, Burt was mindful to teach Tyler how to be a good example to others, as well as basic public relations and aircraft piloting; being an airborne hero, he knew that his son would find it useful to know how 'planes and choppers flew.

                  Recent fortuitous timing meant that Tyler was able to move to San Antonio - a powerful new hero known as Iron Horse came onto the local scene, enabling Tyler to leave his home town without worrying it wouldn't be protected, as well as make his own mark in a new city.

                  He worries about being accepted in San Antonio, anxious about its atmosphere and its scale compared to Plano. Nevertheless, he's vowed to himself to make friends and work hard to be accepted in the fullness of time.

                  While Burt was a charismatic personality, every inch the boisterous cowboy, Tyler is a much more thoughtful and sensitive young man - while not shy, he performs his "duties" with a great deal of modesty and efficiency. He feels ambivalent about his 'hero' identity. While he's proud and honoured to take on his father's mantle, he also feels the "cowboy thing" is a little gimmicky, and tries to keep his speech as free from "y'alls" as possible. He never moseys.

                  Played by Levinwurth, who was gone before I came on, so I turn retrospective duties over to Kenseido


                  • Re: Kreuz Control - Crinoverse - Avengers, Chicago Avengers, Truckin' Titans, San Antonio Avengers

                    As for the team, the Crinoverse "Rangers" were based on the original PCs me and my friends ran in the Marvel SH RPG using the mini-adventure in the Avengers Coast to Coast supplement. I loved the idea of starting an Avengers Experimental Franchise in San Antonio, there was a big field behind my house where I envisioned the mansion being built, and U never liked playing pre-built characters, even if they were my favorite in the comics.

                    After a year or so, we got the idea of making ourselves superheroes. That is where Scott and Jon came into the game. We actually rebooted it once, giving ourselves different powers, and even had crossovers between the two alternate universes. The game had crossed into Champions 4th edition by this point.

                    Then we went on to Vampire and later 3rd edition D&D, until I found Mutants and Masterminds. We rebooted our SA Avengers game, starting over with ourselves back in their teens. This is the version that ended up as the Rangers in Crinoverse. The founders were still the original PCs that ran through the module and we joined as Jr Avengers of a sort.

                    The Former Avengers are all original PCs or NPCs to fill out the ranks, as there was often only 2 players in the game (there wer 3 of us, but most often only 2 of us were playing at the same time).

                    Ferrous and Orion were my PCs, with Orion originally being me (Scott is my middle name). Ferrous was randomly rolled up using the MSH game generator. Magentic control, electrical absorption, and telepathy. We didn't do a lot of rolling up characters after this one. Orion was actually Aries originally because I liked the name. I am, in fact, an Aquarius. He got renamed in the reboot.

                    Foxfire and Warlord were one of my friends. Foxfire was rolled, with Hyper-running (Ultimate Powers) and Flight of the same rank. He also had Telepathy and Cosmic energy blast - which he chose at random but constantly make me think we has an Eternal. Warlord was an obvious Thor-expy without weather control. The PC liked to say he would play him stupid to make his brother (Blader), but sadly all of his PCs suffered that.

                    Steel started out as Acron (a weird form of video chess that my friend liked). He was originally rolled randomly. Metallic form, kind of strong, with a chain blade because it looked cool. He was the first of the "self heroes" as he never had anyone else in this game. Well, there was that time he played a cyborg assassin who killed off most of the first team.

                    The second version of ourselves has Jon as a speedster and me as a Iron man expy. When we rebooted this last time, I started out as an armor guy and eventually moved back to Power bands.

                    Amazon and Coral were actually from the AEF story, I simply renamed them. The module included some extras to include in the tryouts and we used some of the to fill in the ranks. Amazon was actually Ms Mavel II (she hadn't gone She-Thing in the comics yet). Coral was Namorita.

                    Psi-borg was actually a PC, a friend who didn't join us to often. Literally the only thing I remember about him is his name and his powers: a telepathic cyborg. I have many off putting memories about the friend.

                    The current roster were all new members added after the Avengers revoked our charter in the second run, but Foxfire continued to fund us. The differences are Shey was actually a SHIELD agent and Captain Freedom was more comically stupid.

                    They also made the M&M reboot. Cap and Donna where Reserve Avenger with Steel and Orion when a giant robot attacked the city while the SA Avengers were gone. Rhegher thought he killed them. The reserve group came together and topped the robot, with Captain Freedom being in charge since well our PCs were 18 and 19 at the time. Then Orion got super-smart and the whole story went off the rails - but did include Captain Freedom turning on the team. Koria and Rhegher's fate did come from this version of the story and was actually something I had wanted to do.

                    Which was the main inspiration for the whole game.
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                      Originally posted by Kreuzritter View Post
                      Played by Levinwurth, who was gone before I came on, so I turn retrospective duties over to Kenseido
                      This was my first game with Levinwurth so there isn't much. But I do remember he really tried to bring in some characterization. I can't say that about Archer. Levinwurth actually gave me some elements to try and tie into the game. I was planning some legacy villains for him since he was a legacy hero. I think it would have been cool.
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                      • 2454


                        PL 9 (135)

                        Abilities (24)
                        STR 8 AGI 2 FIT 2 AWA 2
                        STA 8 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

                        Powers (62)
                        bio-manipulation: array (27)
                        - deabilitate: weaken +8 (physical abilities, extras: broad +1, range +1) [24]
                        - enhance recovery: Healing +8 (extra: energizing +1) [24]
                        - narcoleptic reaction: affliction +8 (fatigued/exhausted/asleep, fort resists, extras: cumulative +1, range +1) [24]
                        - pain receptors: affliction +8 (daze/stun/incapacitate, fort resists, extra: cumulative +1, range +1) [24]
                        efficient biology: immunity +2 (disease, poison), regeneration +5 (7)
                        performance enhancer: enhanced STR +6, Enhanced STA +6, Leaping +2, speed +2 (28)

                        Advantages (1)

                        Skills (24/48)
                        expertise: life science +8
                        expertise: pop culture +4
                        insight +6
                        perception +6
                        persuasion +4
                        ranged combat: bio-manipulation +10
                        technology +4
                        treatment +6

                        Defenses (24)
                        TOU +8/2 DODGE +10 FORT +10/4 PARRY +10 WILL +8

                        Prejudice: Galen is a mutant and there are several groups who don't like them.
                        Motivation -Claremont Rules: Galen uses his powers to help others in an effort to live up to the ideals instilled in him by the teaching staff at Claremont Academy.
                        Non-Cape Life: Galen isn't a full time hero, attending college and having a dating life.
                        Secret Identity: Galen tries to keep his heroic life seperate from his life as Alex Kale.

                        abilities + powers + advantages + skills / + defenses = 135

                        Alex Kale was a mutant whose parents feared what the world would do to him if his status ever became public knowledge and responded to an ad by a research firm saying they were trying to develope a form of therapy that would suppress the emerging powers of their patients. Unfortunately the research firm was simply a front for The Institute for Human Advancement, who took Alex and put him through a battery of tests to determine exactly what kind of powers he was manifesting as well as beginning the process of brainwashing him.

                        Fortunately for Alex members of the The Initiative, a newer class of students from Claremont Academy, had been captured by the IHA as well. However thanks to the training they'd already recieved at their school Cloud 9, Komodo, MVP, Armory, Hardball, and Boulder managed to free themselves as well as Alex and several others the IHA scientists had been working on while they proceeded to trash the facility. Only a few of the newly freed mutants choose to take Headmaster Summers up on his offer to attend Claremont, Alex among them.

                        Over the next four years he stayed out of trouble, not joining any of the more adventureous groups of students who had replaced the Next-Gen as the school's unoffical team, and did well in his classes. Alex pushed himself to be a good all-around student, holding a solid 3.0 grade point and many of the teaching staff thought he'd get into the hero business upon his graduation. But Alex surprised all of them when instead he choose to apply to college, specializing in medical science in San Antonio.

                        During the Invasion Alex did what he could, using his powers descretly to help those injured by the invaders and mentally cursing the Rangers for leaving the city vulnerable. In the aftermath of the Invasion Alex saw that San Antonio was lacking in active superheroes and knowing that he was probably one of the few people there who actually had the proper training for such work, put together a costume and began doing what he could to protect the city.

                        Tattooedman's character, Galen was still in play when I joined the game, but almost immediately thereafter, Tattooedman would swap him out for Beacon


                        • 2455


                          PL 9 (135)

                          Abilities (36)
                          STR 0 AGI 4 FIT 2 AWA 2
                          STA 4 DEX 2 INT 2 PRE 2

                          Powers (15)
                          bow & trick arrows: array (flaw: easily removable) (15)
                          - standard arrow: Damage +6 (extras: range +1) [12]
                          - grappling arrow: movement +3 (safe fall, swinging, wall-crawling) [6]
                          - grenade arrow: damage +6 (extras: burst area +1, range +1) [18]
                          - flashbang arrow: affliction +6 (vision & hearing impaired/disabled/unaware, fort resists, extras: extra condition +1, range +1) [18]
                          - smoke arrow: concealment +2 (sight, extras: attack +0, cloud area +1, range +1) [18]
                          - bolo arrow: affliction +6 (hindered & vulnerable/immobile & defenseless, dodge resists, extras: cumulative +1, extra condition +1, range +1, flaw: limited degree -1) [18]

                          Advantages (23)
                          agile feint, attractive, beginner's luck, benefit 4 (wealth 4), def roll 2, equipment 2, improved aim, improved crit 2 (archery), improved smash, improvised tools, languages 2 (german, russian, spanish) precise attack 2 (ranged cover/concealment), quick draw, taunt, uncanny dodge

                          Skills (35/70)
                          acrobatics +4
                          athletics +4
                          deception +8
                          expertise: business +4
                          expertise: science +4
                          insight +4
                          investigation +8
                          perception +8
                          persuasion +8
                          ranged combat: archery +10
                          sleight of hand +4
                          technology +4

                          Defenses (26)
                          TOU +8/2/4 DODGE +10 FORT +10 PARRY +10 WILL +8

                          body armor: Protection +2 [2]
                          night vision goggles [1]
                          penthouse apartment headquarters (per Gamemaster's guide, page 219) [5]

                          motivation - thrills: superheroics is a thrilling pursuit of Archer's
                          secret identity: no one suspects that the archer is secretly Heine Xanatos, millionaire playboy

                          abilities 36 + powers 15 + advantages 23 + skills 35/70 + defenses 26 = 135

                          The first worthy-of-mention step of Heine Xanatos' life began in January of 2001, when the untimely passing of his father left him as the majority shareholder of Xanatos Medical Technologies (his father's company) as well as an up-and-coming arms manufacturer and a software company specializing in robotic teaching aids.

                          Left with few to turn to, and even less to trust, a young Heine managed to stay afloat of hungry executives and a greedy board of directors through a mish mash of wit, intelligence, and sheer, dumb luck. Though many schemed against him (and continue to do so to this day), all eventually admitted to Heine's stunning abilities as a CEO. His commanding presence, charismatic personality, and ruthless attention to even the most minute details kept him, as well as his holdings, safe from greedy hands. But for some odd reason, being rich beyond the wildest imaginations of the average citizen never seemed to suffice.

                          Sure, the boardroom meetings were still just as cutthroat as before. And certainly, there was a sense of anticipation when closing a multi-million dollar contract. But none of those things held the same thrill that they once did to a now older and savvier Heine Xanatos. Pursuing sports did little to slake his thirst, and instead resulted in several Olympic-class trainers being thoroughly embarrassed in their respective sports. It was during this time of personal unrest, where neither mundane sports (like golf or archery) nor extreme ones (like base jumping or parkour) did little to satisfy the young CEO...

                          ...that he found his next thrill.

                          The city of San Antonio had been safe and (relatively) quiet with the constant presence of the Rangers. But after the Invasion, all manner of crimes began sprouting up within the city as if criminals had been biding their time for just such a moment. Every day the news would show some new headline about a criminal act gone unanswered and nowhere were the Rangers, or any other heroes, available for a statement.

                          Now, it would be a lie to say that Heine wasn't among the 1% utterly undisturbed by the criminal depravity that was beginning to grow rampant in the city of San Antonio. After all, copious amounts of money had created sort of buffer zone between the plight of citizens and his penthouse suite. But while surfing the web one day, he chanced upon a video of a young teenager dressed in an extremely green and yellow...leotard? Onesie?

                          Fashion-sense aside, the self-proclaimed super hero named 'Kick-Ass' inspired the CEO to rise up from his haunches and actually go seek his next thrill:

                          But if Kick-Ass's exploits had taught Heine one thing, it was that a onesie bought from Dick's Sporting Goods would hardly serve any purpose when fighting crime. A couple of favors and misplaced purchase orders later, Heine stood equipped with the latest that his respective companies had to offer. The thrill of what the board of trustees might think upon finding out that their CEO was out gallivanting as a masked vigilante was certainly amusing to say the least, but at the same time, as he began doing good for people not just from behind a cushy, Corinthian leather executive's chair, but actually face-to-face, he found the stirrings of some long hidden heroic fiber in his being.

                          And while he was certainly out of his comfort zone, with some well polished skills in archery, a wide repertoire of witty quips, and deep pockets, Heine Xanatos, donning the heroic moniker of "Archer", was beginning to do San Antonio some good.

                          Griever's character, though from what I've heard he didn't stick around long enough to make an impression


                          • Re: Kreuz Control - Crinoverse - Avengers, Chicago Avengers, Truckin' Titans, San Antonio Avengers

                            And that's it for the updated Crinoverse characters. that said, there were characters from Crinos' attempts at running horror games, but I think that'll do for now. now, for one last crinoverse PC to wrap things up...


                            • 2456


                              PL 10 (150)

                              Abilities (24)
                              STR 0 AGI 2 FIT 0 AWA 2
                              STA 10 DEX 0 INT 6 PRE 0

                              Powers (75)
                              electric control: array (29)
                              - ball lightning: damage +8 (extras: burst area +1, range +1) [24]
                              - blackout: nullify +8 (electric effects, extras: broad +1, simultaneous +1) [24]
                              - lightning bolt: Damage +12 (extra: range +1, precise) [25]
                              - magnetism: move object +10 (extra: burst area +1, flaw: requires metals -1) [20]
                              - Taser: Affliction +12 (daze/stun/incapacitate, fort resists, extras: range +1) [24]
                              electrosense & radar: senses +7 (acute ranged detect electricity, accurate radio) (7)
                              Electrostatic levitation and zapping about: flight +10 (20)
                              inexplicably hardy: enhanced STA +8 (16)
                              MRI vision: senses +4 (vision penetrates concealment) (4)

                              Advantages (4)
                              improved initiative, move-by action, power attack, skill mastery (science)

                              Skills (21/42)
                              expertise: mad science +8
                              insight +4
                              intimidation +6
                              investigation +6
                              perception +4
                              ranged combat: electric control +8
                              technology +6

                              Defenses (26)
                              TOU +10 DODGE +10 FORT +10 PARRY +10 WILL +10

                              motivation - SHOW THEM ALL!: Shockette wants to enlighten the world to the benefits of responsible mad science and superpowers
                              They called me mad!: Shockette acts much like the stereotypical mad scientist, such as crazed laughter and monologuing
                              water hazard: Shockette and her powers react badly with water

                              abilities 24 + powers 75 + advantages 3 + skills 21/42 + defenses 26 = 150

                              Not even Dr. Sabrina H. Oquette can recall exactly what experiment caused the lab accident it was that got her kicked out of the university's science department, the resulting EMP wiping all of her computer data as well as doing a number on her short-term memory. All she knew was that she now had paranormal abilities and a manic tilt to her personality that had several people confusing her for some sort of supervillain. Undaunted, the quickly dubbed Shockette has decided to expand the knowledge of meta-biology, by observing the abilities of herself and other super-powered individuals in actual field conditions rather than a laboratory's controlled environment, and using the heroics to both help others and rebuild her integrity and credibility for when she can publish her findings

                              my character in Crinoverse: Disaster Day, as run by Silvercatmoonpaw. one flaw to this design that became apparent in play is that I, for whatever reason, chose an area effect for her move object instead of single target


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                                up next are four characters I missed during my period of updating Freedom City characters from 2nd edition, the Newcomers, a team of young aliens who operated throughout the 1970s both as wandering heroes and a touring, semi-successful rock band