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    (The suit has a more organic chitin and muscle look, but this is close.)

    Alias: Biopunk, Yulian Bastil
    Real Name: Jason Creed
    Age: 27 yr.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 150 lb
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Black with dark green highlights (dyed)
    Relatives: None living.
    Ethnic Background: Caucasian
    Legal Status: US Citizen with crimal record (vigilante, medical crimes, cyber crimes).
    Occuptaion: Vigilante, Mercinary, former Bio-tech researcher.
    Affiliation: Annex (former member), Kirr Industries (former employee)

    PL: 10 PP: 150

    ABILITIES: STR 10 CON 10 DEX 10 INT 20 WIS 12 CHA 18

    SAVES: Tough +0(+12 with Armor) Fort +5(+8 w/Armor) Ref +5(+8 w/Armor) Will +12

    COMBAT: Base Attack +4 ; Melee Attack +4: Bio Weapons (+8 DC 27 Tough), Microbial Infection (+8 DC 22 Fort.) ; Range Attack +4: Bio-Weapons (+8 DC 27), Bio-Weapons (DC 18 Ref. DC 23 Tough) ; Defenses +8(+5 w/o Armor, +2 FF) ; +5 Int.

    SKILLS: Bluff 6(+10/+14 Attracktive), Diplomacy 6(+10/+14 Attractive), Discable Device 7(+12), Computers 7(+12), Craft [Chemical] 10(+15), Craft[Mechanical] 10(+15), Knowledge [Technology] 15(+20), Knowledge [Life Sciences] 15(+20), Medicine 9(+10), Notice 7(+8), Sense Motive 8(+9)

    ENHANCED SKILLS: Acrobatics 8

    FEATS: Attractive 1, Eidict Memory, Inventor, Improvised Tools, Online Research, Speed of Thought

    ENHANCED FEATS: Dodge Focus 3, Improved Aim, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot

    "Internal Organic Computer", Feature 1 [Computer]

    BIOPUNK SUIT, Device 18 [hard to lose] (Power Feat: Restricted 2 [Jason Creed DNA]) * 74 PP
    "Life Sense", Super-Sense 7 [Detect Life 3, Accurate, Acute, Analytical]
    "Life Support",Immunity 9 [Lifesupport]
    "Carapice", Protection 12
    "Chemical Thrust", Flight 8
    "Combat Inctincts"
    Enhanced Feats 7 [Dodge Focus 3, Improved Aim, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot]
    Enhanced Skill 2 [Acrobatics +8]
    "Bacterial Infusion"
    Enhanced Fortitude 3
    Enhanced Reflex 3
    "Bio-Weapons, Ranged", Blast 12 [Power Feat: Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]
    AP - "Bio-Weapons, Melee", Strike 12 [Extras: Penetrating (+1/r) ; Power Feat: Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]
    AP - "Bio-Weapons, Explosive", Blast 8 [Extras: Burst Area (+1/r) ; Power Feat: Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]
    AP - "Microbial Infection", Nauseate 12 [Power Feat: Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor 2 (Biological)]


    Normal Identity [Full Round Action] (-4 pts)

    Bad Boy [Reputation] - Jason is, by legal defanition, a criminal. He's hacked government computers (among others), performed unliscened medical procedures, and has no qualms with meeting out his own brand of justice.

    Transhumanist [Motivation] - Jason believes humanity should control their own evolutionary destiny through integration with technology and the mastery of biology; both their own others species.

    Annex [Relationship] - While no longer a member of the cabal, Jason maintains ties to the collective of transhumanist scientist known as Annex.

    He's been around [Enemy] - Jason has made his fair share of enemies in his varied careers. As a scientist his stance, and practices, haven't always made people happy. The same can be said his time working with corporations. There are also handfuls of criminals, rival mercinaries, terrorists ... and so on, that he has opposed or been hired to work in opposiotn to.

    Abilities 20 + SKills 24 + Feats 6 + Powers 75 + Combat 8 + Saves 21 - Drawbacks 4 = 150/150

    Jason was born into a low income family that was too busy trying to make money to notice him. As a kid he got into a lot of trouble, always exploring, pushing boundaries, and looking for answers to questions. Even as a child he had an amazing mind.

    By the time most young adults were entering highschool Jason was already in college flexing his brain. He was younger than his academic peers, but Jason saw it as a challenge to be overcome. A means of excersicing social skills and getting better at interpersonal relationships. Young Jason could have been anything he wanted to be. Such was his potential. His family wanted him to persue a high paying corporate or medical career. Jason had loftier goals. He wanted to change the world.

    While he continued to persue his education Kirr Industries recruited Jason to help bolster their budding bio-tech R&D. Admittedly, he took the job to exploit them. He didn't care about comercialization. Jason wanted access to their resources and personnel to further his own research. The corporation had its own shady dealing and Jason worked against them, in his own way, from the inside. Later he'd find out they were selling biological weapons to terrorists, and thwarted them with a proto-type of his Biopunk suit. The suit, which was built using Kirr's own resources as well.

    Once he saw what the suit could do Jason expanded his vigilante campaign and grew the attention of authorities as well as the transhumanist group Annex. The cabal was a collection of scientists and supporters that put their research to use. They were generally benevolent, and some might even call their endeavor's heroic. Like in the comic books. As he was beginning to break away from Kirr Industries - working with them was becoming too dangerous - Jason was invited to work with the group and took after feeling the group out joined them. He even operated with group of young firebrand adventurers that felt the need to go vigilante, like himself, for a while.

    As Jason's exploits grew Annex began to seem him as more of a liability than a boon to their organization. He drew too much attention. Without any hard feeling Jason departed from the group and underwent a period of solo endeavors. Eventually he was seeing the downside of not having a backer. With no paycheck his research slowed and Jason began taking various odd jobs from the well-to-do in order to keep money in his pocket. Mundane jobs were too boring, and didn't pay enough. Besides the merc work allowed him to test out some of his research in the field.
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      Phinelopy "Penny Dreadful" Whatley

      Alias: Penny Dreadful
      Real Name: Phinelopy Whatley
      Age: 28 yr.
      Height: 5'8"
      Weight: 143 lb.
      Gender: Female
      Eye Color: Green (blue contacts)
      Hair Color: Blonde (dyed black)
      Handedness: Right (ambidextrous with bionic left arm)
      Relatives: John Whatley (father), Jessica Whatley (mother), Vindicator aka Benjamin Whatley (brother), various members of the extended Whatley Clan.
      Ethnic Background: Caucasian
      Legal Status: USA citizen. Deceased.
      Occupation: Athlete (former). Adventurer. Criminal. To some she may be labelled an anarchist or terrorist.
      Affiliation: The Covenant (former), Whatley Crime Family (former)

      PL: 10 PP: 150

      ABILITIES: STR 3(8) STA 3(8) AGL 3 DEX 3 FGT 8 AWE 1 INT 1 PRE 2

      DEFENSES: Dodge 8(12) Parry 8(12) Fort. 3(8) Tough. 3(8) Will 8

      Initiative +3(+7)
      Grab, +12 (DC 23)
      Heavy Assault Blaster Pistol, +14 (DC 21/23/26 Tough, Crit. 19-20)
      Unarmed, +12 (DC 23 Tough, Crit. 20)

      SKILLS: Acrobatics 8(+11), Athletics 4(+12), Deception 8(+10/+12 Attractive), Insight 8(+11), Perception 8(+11), Persuasion 8(+10/+12 Attractive), Stealth 8(+11)

      ADVANTAGES: Attractive 1, Disarm, Equipment 4, Hide in Plain Sight, Power Attack

      ENHANCED ADVANTAGES: Assessment, Benefit 1 [Ambidexterity], Close Attack 4, Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Aim, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative 1, Range Attack 9, Quickdraw, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge

      Enhanced Advantage 1 [Improved Aim] * 1 PP
      Enhanced Skills 1 [Perception 2 ranks] * 1 PP
      Senses 6 [Normal Vision (Extended 2, Rapid), Infravision, Darkvision] * 6 PP

      Senses 3 [Normal Hearing (Extended 2), Radio] * 3 PP

      Enhanced Strength 5 [Quirk: Left arm only (-1 pp)] * 9 PP
      Enhanced Advantage 2 [Benefit 1 (Ambidexterity), Improved Grab] * 2 PP

      Enhanced Advantages 1 [Great Endurance] * 1 PP
      Leaping 3 * 3 PP
      Speed 3 * 3 PP

      Enhanced Stamina 5 * 10 PP
      Enhanced Advantages 1 [Diehard] * 1 PP
      Immunity 2 [Porsion, Disease ; Flaws: Limited "Half Effect" (-1/r)] * 1 PP

      Enhanced Dodge 4 * 4 PP
      Enhanced Parry 4 * 4 PP
      Enhanced Advantages 18 [Assessment, Close Attack 4, Improved Initiaitive 1, Range Attack 9, Quickdraw, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge] * 18 PP
      Senses 1 [Danger Sense, hearing] * 1 PP
      Enhanced Skill 1 [Insight 2 ranks] * 1 PP

      ARSENAL 20 EP
      "Heavy Assault Blaster Pistol" Ranged Damage 6 [Extra: Multi-Attack, Improved Critical 1, Accurate]

      Living Dead Girl - Penny is legally deceased, and has been for the past six years. This causes legal problems. No doubt should the wrong people find out she's still alive plenty of questions will be raised as well.

      Motivation (Thrills, Revenge) - Penny is a flamboyant action junkie. She likes danger and taking risks with a big reward behind them. She is the sort of person whose likely to pull of a dangerous maneuver because it looks cool, or seems fun.

      Thrills are short term though. Penny's long term motivator is revenge against Section 13 for what they did to her. This campaign of her's extends to everyone and everything that supports the organization. Whether those people know they do so or not.

      On Life Support - If Penny's bionics ever fail or are made inoperable due to an attack she obviously suffers serious setbacks, and may even die. Especially because her heart, left lung, and liver were replaced by bionics.

      Relationships (Annex, Family, The Covenant) - Annex is a mystery. Penny doesn't know this hacker's true identity but they helped her escape Section 13, and they have been aiding her ever since. Penny only ever interacts with them through phone calls or messages. Annex often provides Penny with information that will help her further her efforts against Section 13, and at times will ask favors in return for their long distance support of her campaign.

      Though they don't know she is alive Penny still cares about and will look out for her parents and older brother. The Whatley's are a complicated family though. John and Jessica are a long standing criminal duo and Benjamin is a government contracted ex-super villain known as "Vindicator".

      Penny also still has loyalties to her former Covenant members the heroic Deathwatch and Inquisitor. Even if she bounces between either side of the law, and will hinder them from time to time, she's loath to do them serious harm.

      Abilities 34 + Powers 69 + Advantages 8 + Skills 26 + Defenses 12 = 150/150

      Penny was born into a mid-western rural family. Her father and mother were, and still are, the patriarch and matriarch of a criminal organization that largely consisted of their extended family. Penny's brother, Benjamin, showed signs of being a meta-human early on. He was strong, durable, and could fly, but Penny never felt like she was in her older brother's shadow. To the contrary, they were an inseparable team throughout childhood all the way into adulthood. Ben was the muscle and Penny was the finesse.

      Still, having a veritable superman as a sibling pushed Penny to excel, and she trained hard to develop and maintain an athletic physique. While not a model student, as Penny fit the "bad girl" archetype quite well, she was indispensable on her school sports teams. That's actually what got her into college. On the side, she helped out with the family business. Acting as a face to accompany Benjamin when enforcing the family's influence in their area. Penny had a good thing going until one of her misadventures in crime got her killed.

      That's right. For a full eight hours Penny was dead. Her body was taken from the hospital she died at, however, and was taken to a secluded lab where it was a successful subject in implanting extraterrestrial bionic technology. Indeed, the technology even revived her from death. Penny woke, restrained on an operating table with alarms blaring beyond the room she was in, and a voice telling giving her instructing. It told her she what had happened. That she needed to escape. That the people involved were going to take away her free will and turn her into a weapon. Then the voice from the intercom told her how to escape.

      Penny freed two men during her escape. She needed them to make it work. They were held there against their will, like her. One was a test in creating psychics, while the other was a scientist forced to help create an arsenal of advanced weaponry. They would later become known as Inquisitor and Deathwatch. Later they, along with Benjamin Whatley would come together to form a team called the Covenant and through their adventures learn of what had happened to them and why. They also learned about Section 13, an insidious organization working with alien arms dealers to create living weapons they for a war beyond our solar system in exchange for advancements in technology.

      The Covenant didn't stay together forever though. Benjamin was caught by the authorities and both Inquisitor and Deathwatch found Penny's tendencies to hurting society as much as she helped it to go against their own benevolent inclinations. On her own, Penny tried to rescue her brother, only to discover after all her planning her brother had made a deal to work with the government as part of a group of "reformed villains". Utterly flabbergasted Penny walked away from the affair, and went solo. Or mostly solo.

      Unbeknownst to anyone else, ever since she escaped from the Section 13 lab Penny had been in contact with the voice from the intercom. A hacker who called themselves Annex. Annex had been supplying Penny information about Section 13 and it's operations. Or at least helping her find the information, and suggesting ways to hurt the people that had hurt her. Penny ate it up, and because of her attacks on Section 13, a lot of which is legitimate or appears to be to the undiscerning eye, Penny has gotten a reputation as an anarchist and terrorist attempting to tear down government and corporate institutions.

      Recently, Penny's adventures have taken her to Freedom City.
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        Faethor here is from a Star Wars universe set in the Old Republic era.


        Alias: None
        Real Name: Faethor Koegh
        Age: 21 yr.
        Height: 6'3"
        Weight: 195 lb.
        Gender: Male
        Eye Color: Orange
        Hair Color: Black
        Relatives: Janos (father, deceased), Lilian (mother, deceased), Thibor (brother, deceased)
        Race: Human
        Legal Status: Uncertain
        Occuptaion: Sith, Adventurer
        Affiliation: the Sith Empire (former)

        PL: 10 PP: 150

        ABILITIES: STR 20 CON 20 DEX 12 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 16

        SAVES: Tough +5(+8 w/ Armor) Fort +9 Ref +8 Will +8

        Initiative +1
        Defense +12 (+4 FF)
        Base Attack +10, Unarmed +10 (DC 20 Tough.), Lightsabre +12 (DC 18 Fort., DC 23 Tough.), Force Powers +12

        SKILLS: Bluff 4(+7), Climb 4(+9), Concentration 10(+10), Diplomacy 4(+7), Intimidate 10(+13), Knowledge [The Force] 8(+8), Notice 8(+8), Sense Motive 8(+8), Swim 4(+9)

        FEATS: Attack Specialization [Lightsabre] 1, Attack Specialization [Force Powers] 1, Dodge Focus 3, Equipment 1, Improved Disarm 1, Power Attack, Quickdraw 1, Startle, Takedown 1

        LIGHTSABRE Easy to Loose Device 4 * 12 PP
        Strike 3 [Extras: Liked to Drain Toughness (+0/r) ; Power Feat: Mighty (1 pp)]
        Drain Toughness 8 [Extras: Affects Objects (+1/r), Linked to Strike (+0/r)]

        Super-Senses 5 [ Detect the Force [Ranged, Free Action, Acute]; Danger Sense] * 5 PP

        "Telekinesis", Move Objects 8 [Power Feats: Subtle (1 pp), Precise (1 pp)] * 20 PP
        AP - "Force Push", Trip 8 [Extras: Knockback (+1/r) ; Power Feats: Improved Trip (1 pp), Subtle (1 pp)] * 1 PP
        AP - "Deflection", Immunity 40 [Ranged Attacks ; Flaws: Limited to non-area attacks (-1/r), Sustained Duration (+0/r) ; Drawback "Requires Lightsabre" (-2 pp), ] * 1 PP

        "Sith Armor and Robes", Prectction 3 * 3 EP
        "Sith Holocron", Feature 2 [Library, Small Size] * 2 EP


        Disciple of the Dark Side - While Faethor is no monster, he still follows the Sith Code and channels the dark side of the force. Force sensitives will be able to sense this, and some may have ideological differances that cause them to be prejudice against Faethor.

        Warrior Code - Faethor has a personal code. While it isn't strict, there are certain things he is loathed to do. Some examples are: break his word, kill non-combatants, and refuse the challenge of a worthy foe. He also repays his debts, even if he feels he owes an enemy something.

        Relic Hunter - Faethor's world was destroyed and he seeks to collect what meaningful pieces of it remain. He'll go to great lengths to hunt down Sith and Jedi artifacts.

        Abilities 28 + SKills 15 + Feats 11 + Powers 39 + Combat 38 + Saves 19 - Drawbacks 00 = 150/150

        Faethor was born into a family of slaves. Slaves under the undeer the opressive Sith Empire. At the age of five, it was discovered that he was force sensitive. Promptly taken from his family, Faethor was sent to Korriban, where he was trained at the Sith academy. His family saw it as a death sentance. Either he would die in training, or the Sith teachings would turn him into a monster. In any event, there was no choice. No other options.

        As a slave, Faethor was looked down upon by his peers. Some of who were sons or daughters of Sith Lords. If his instructors were hard on him, his fellow trainees were harder. He was harassed, and assaulted regularly. As long as no one died, the instructors did nothing to dissuade the students infighting. Even then as long as deaths discrete, looked accidental, or didn't draw too much attention; some still got away with murder. Before the end of his trails there was more than one death on Faethor's own hands too.

        Faethor spent the later years of his adolescence trekking through the crypts of long dead Sith Lords as his trials progressed. During the last of which Faethor faced a long time rival in the crypt of Darth Vendal. Their task was one and the same: retrieve the Sith Lord's lightsabre. The pair worked together, fighting off the creatures that lurked in the ancient tomb until they came upon Vendal's own sarcophagus. Used his knowledge of the force to open the sarcophagus when his rival could not. Then a duel erupted between the pair to see who would claim the ancient lightsabre.

        Faethor stood victorious. He took his prize and was allowed to keep the weapon after his trials. Finally, he was Sith. Though he has since modified the weapon, improving it, Faethor still wield Vendal's lightsabre. After his trials, the Sith Lord Agamen took him as an apprentice. Over the next two years Faethor performed many missions as Agamen's fist. From breaking the back of slave rebellions to cowing rivals. Then war came, and the Sith Empire clashed with the Republic. Faethor was the spear head of many battles, leading the way for squads of Imperial Troopers. It there in the machine factories of Belsavis that he faced his first Jedi too.

        The war went on, and amidst it Omega saw advantage. Both the Empire and Republic were caught off guard when the Terminus forces invaded. Faethor had been called back to defend the citadel on Dromand Kas in those final days, and was one of the last Sith standing in defense of the structure when the world ended. Overwhelmed, everything went black, and Faethor did not see light again for some time. When he did, it was aboard a prison ship in the Terminus itself.
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          Citizen Zero here is a super-sense focused character. Even his fighting is influenced by his senses. Part technique, part "weakness detection" he's able to pick up anything and turn it into a lethal weapon: hitting where it hurts most. Synesthesia was taken from the 3e sensory power supplement. With it he is able to see sounds, taste colors, and so on blending his senses.

          Originally posted by Sakuro
          Citizen Zero (Andrew Quest)

          Alias: Citizen Zero
          Real Name: Andrew Quest
          Age: 28 yr.
          Height: 6'
          Weight: 195 lb.
          Gender: Male
          Eye Color: Grey
          Hair Color: Black
          Relatives: Oliver Quest (father, deceased), Maria Quest (mother, deceased)
          Race: Human (Paragon)
          Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record
          Occuptaion: Student, Adventurer
          Affiliation: None.

          PL: 12 PP: 182

          ABILITIES: STR 18 CON 20 DEX 18 INT 18 WIS 18(26) CHA 16

          SAVES: Tough +5(+12) Fort +8(+10) Ref +8(+11) Will +8(+11)

          Initiative +12
          Defense +12
          Base Attack +12, Dmg DC 27 Tough.

          SKILLS: Acrobatics 7(+15), Bluff 3(+6), Climb 4(+8), Computers 1(+5), Diplomacy 4(+7), Knowledge [Art] 1(+5), Knowledge [Behavioral Sciences] 1(+5), Knowledge [Buisness] 1(+5), Knowledge [Civics] 1(+5), Knowledge [Current Events] 1(+5), Knowledge [Earth Science] 1(+5), Knowledge [History] 1(+5), Knowledge [Life Sciences] 1(+5), Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 1(+5), Knowledge [Tactics] 1(+5), Knowledge [Technology] 1(+5), Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 1(+5), Notice 4(+16), Search 4(+16), Sense Motive 4(+16), Survival 1(+9)

          FEATS: Acrobatic Bluff, Benefit [Status], Evasion 1, Improved Disarm 1, Improved Initiative 2, Instant Up, Power Attack, Redirect, Skill Mastery 1 [Acrobatics, Notice, Search, Sense Motive], Takedown 2

          ENHANCED FEATS Assessment, Defensive Roll 4, Tough 3, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

          Enhanced Wisedom 8 * 8 PP
          Super-Senses 1 [Danger Sense (Hearing)] * 1 PP
          Enhanced Feats 2 [Assessment, Tracking, Uncanny Dodge] * 3 PP
          Enhanced Will 3 * 3 PP
          Enhanced Skills 16 [Notice +4, Search +8, Sense Motive +4] * 4 PP

          "Synesthesia", Feature 2 [Variable Descriptor 2 (Senses) * 2 PP
          "Hearing", Super-Senses 6 [Accurate (2 pp), Analytical (1 pp), Extended 1 (1 pp)] * 4 PP
          "Sight", Super-Senses 6 [Analytical (1 pp),Extended 1 (1 pp)] * 2 PP
          "Touch", Super-Senses 1 [Analytical (1 pp)] * 1 PP
          "Taste", Super-Senses 2 [Acute (1 pp),Analytical (1 pp)] * 2 PP
          "Scent", Super-Senses 6 [Accurate (2 pp), Acute (1 pp), Extended 1 (1 pp)] * 4

          Enhanced Strength 16 [Limited to "Damage" (-1/r)] * 8 PP
          Enhanced Feats 7 [Defensive Roll 4, Tough 3] * 7 PP
          Enhanced Fortitude 2 * 2 PP
          Enhanced Reflexes 3 * 3 PP
          Enhanced Skill 4 [Acrobatics +4] * 1 PP



          Trust Fund/Family Estate - Andrew doesn't work. Instead he lives off his family estate, which is handled by lawyers. His education is paid for, and he gets enough to live on comfortably, but doesn't have any control of Quest Corp. With the emergence of his powers, Andrew has suddenly developed a desire to reclaim his family legacy.

          Motivation: Thrills/Responsibility - Andrew isn't motivated to do good things because he's self-less. He finds saving the world fun and exciting. Even though it hurts. Sure, he takes it serious, and he wants to help people. But if he wasn't having fun, he wouldn't be doing it. At least that's how it started and what he tells himself. In truth, until now he was aimless and without purpose. It feels like what he should be doing. As if he's finally found himself.

          Secret: Identity - Andrew doesn't wear a mask because it is stylish.It would generally be a bad thing if people found out Andrew was Citizen Zero. Aside from the bad press, he's fought evil Gods for a month now. The last thing he needs is people like that knowing where he sleeps.

          Globe Trotter: Relationships - Andrew has traveled the world a great deal. He's made many friends, rivals, and some enemies too. You could throw a dart a map of the world and he'd likely be able to name someone he knows that lives there, and tell you a few stories to go along with the names.

          Abilities 48 + SKills 11 + Feats 12 + Powers 55 + Combat 48 + Saves 7 - Drawbacks 00 = 181/182

          Andrew was born into east coast money. The Quest family was famous too, and had it's fingers in many a political pie too. The day he was born he became his parent pride and joy. As a child he showed amazing promise. It was no exaggeration to say he could have been anything he wanted to be. He was smart, athletic, charming. There was nothing he couldn't have achieved with guidance. As he grew he was groomed to take over the family business. He was the future.

          But as is often the case with exceptional people, finding something challenging enough to hold their interest is difficult. It wasn't long before the plethora of Olympic trainers, the martial arts instructors, and hordes of academic tutors ceased to hold Andrew's focus. He moved from one to another and kept going. After high school Andrew continued his education, but it wasn't his focus. He moved out of his family mansions and started traveling the world looking for adventure.

          While he was away Andrew's parents died in a vehicular accident. He mourned and he moved on. At the time he had no real interest in his family's business so he didn't fight it when he found out that he'd only be inheriting a trust fund set aside for him while Quest Corp's board of directors too control of the company. Nothing really changed his way of life, so Andrew kept right on living it the way he had been. But that wasn't going to last.

          When the world changed, Andrew was mountain climbing in South America. If perception is reality, then reality was forever altered for Andrew. He nearly fell off the mountain when it happened. The outing was cut short and after a visit to the doctor suggesting nothing was wrong with him, Andrew isolated himself in a country cabin while he adjusted to the new way he perceived the world. It was startling how much his senses effected everything. But he wouldn't let it turn him into a recluse.

          Soon he was out in public again. As fate would have it, empowered beings seemed to be everywhere he went. Hostile ones. The first time he fought one it was spontaneous. A rampage. The taxi he was riding in was picked up by a brutishly big man and was going to be throw at a building when Andrew daringly intervened. He didn't know how it would end, but he knew he was in immediate danger and running wasn't going to help anything. Andrew saw/felt/heard/tasted/smelled so many things about the man it came as instinct drilled in by martial training over the years when he struck out with brutal precision crippling the antagonist.

          Shocked, Andrew fled the scene and took some time to evaluate what had just happened. Never before had be been so excited. So alive. He had to do it again, and he did. Andrew retuned his training regime to account for his new awareness. He dawned a masked body suit and monitored Paragon activity across the globe. Using his trust fund be traveled to the hot spots and while he fought back the darkness he encountered others who for their own reason were undertaking the same task ....
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            Here is Annex and his virtual assistant SEVraS. They're made for a Wild Cards campaign. Annex is a Joker somewhat akin to Omniman's creator in that he has the potential to come up with things beyond modern science (a sentient AI, for example). While he's a competent combatant, he is built to be a computer specialist. His Feats and Device support his specialty. Before the build and background, a few notes:

            There is a custom Benefit "Ghost in the Machine". It is meant to reduce the penalty you receive while trying to conceal tampering with computers.

            Online Research is from the Mecha and Manga source book. It allows a person to use Computer for Gather Information checks.

            The "Promethean Custom Tablet" is a device Annex created. Basically a tricked out version of modern tablets. It has pre-set programs and acts as SEVraS's usual housing. It also has the "Security Clearance" Benefit. I'm not sure how you'll feel about that. It is meant to represent a sort of chameleon program that allows Annex to slip into backdoors he's created in a variety of systems during his history as a hacker. Basically giving him access to a lot of information normally reserved for people with high levels of Security Clearance.

            After Annex's sheet is one for SEVraS. She is an AI created by Annex, and isn't bound to a single computer, but can travel between devices.

            Devalin Brown

            [You'll have to imagine the Joke deformities.]

            Alias: Devalin Brown, Joseph Abrahms, Annex (hacker handle)
            Real Name: Devalin Brown
            Age: 25 yr.
            Height: 5'8"
            Weight: 155 lb.
            Gender: Male
            Eye Color: Green iris. Everything else is black.
            Hair Color: Dark green, almost black.
            Relatives: None known. Orphan.
            Race: Joker
            Legal Status: US citizen. Criminal record: assault, arson, a lengthy list of cyber crimes.
            Occuptaion: Anarchist, Cyber Terrorist (former), Cyber Security Consultant for US Government
            Affiliation: Twisted Fist, USCYBERCOM, FBI

            PL: 8 PP: 125 (5 freebies)

            ABILITIES: STR 10 CON 12 DEX 12 INT 20 WIS 12 CHA 12

            SAVES: Tough +2(+4 w/ vest) Fort +5 Ref +5 Will +11

            Initiative +1
            Defense +12, FF +6
            Base Attack +6
            Range Attack +11, Light Pistol DC 18 Tough. Stun Gun DC 15 Fort.

            SKILLS: Bluff 4(+5), Computers 13(+18), Craft [Electronics] 5(+12), Disable Device 5(+12), Knowledge [Streetwise] 2(+9), Knowledge [Technology] 5(+12), Notice 5(+6), Sense Motive 4(+5), Stealth 5(+6)

            FEATS: Attack Focus (Ranged) 5, Benefit 1 [Goverment Agent], Benefit 1 [Ghost in the Machine: -5 DC to conceal edivance/remain undetected during Computer checks], Defensive Roll 1, Equipment 4, Inventor, Minion 8 [SEVraS, Fanatical], Online Research, Second Chance 3 [Defeat Computer Security, Defend Computer Security, Operate Remote Device], Skill Mastery 1 [Computers, C. Electronics, Disable Device, K. Technology]

            ENHANCED FEATS Ultimate Effort [Computer checks, Benefit 1 [Security Clearance Information]

            "PROMETHEAN" CUSTOM TABLET Device 2 [Easy to Loose 10 PP Container, Restricted 2 (Only Annex)] 8 PP
            Enhanced Trait 2 [Ultimate Effort [Computer checks, Benefit 1 [Security Clearance Information]] * 2 pt.
            Quickness 12 [Flaws: One Task "Computer checks" (-2/r)] * 4 pt.
            Features 4 [Computer, Video/Audio Recorder, Always has WiFi Access] * 4 pt.

            "Bullet Proof Vest", Protection 2 * 2 EP
            "Hand Cuffs" [Toughness 10 and require a Disable Device check (DC 25) or Escape Artist check (DC 35)] * 1 EP
            "Earbud" * 1 EP

            "Stun Gun", [Fortitude save (DC 15) against a Stun effect. 5 ft. range] * 12 EP
            AP - "Light Pistol", Blast 3 * 1 EP


            Relationship: Twisted Fist - Annex was recruited by the Twisted Fist at an early age and has worked with them until a couple years ago. Even if the the government can't prove it, he still maintains communication with them.

            Relationship: SEVraS - SEVraS is Annex's closet companion and confidante. He wants her to reach her potential, and will would go to great lengths for her.

            Responsability: Aid the FBI - On loan from CYBERCOM, Annex is required to assist the FBI in their endeavors as part of his agreement with the government. Failing to do so could result in his return to prison.

            Prejudice: Joker - Annex is a Joker with obvious deformitie: freaky eyes, unnaturally pale skin, and black veins of "circuitry" cross cross under his skin. Government agent or not, he's subject to the same ill will directed at all Jokers.

            Abilities 18 + SKills 12 + Feats 33 + Powers 8 + Combat 36 + Saves 18 - Drawbacks 00 = 125/125

            Annex didn't have any real parents. A ward of the state, he grew up in fosterhomes across California. He was a freakish Joker baby. No one wanted to adopt him. Most only kept him around for the monthly check the government sent them. Even at an early age Annex showed a great aptitude with computers. Ever since he got his hands on one in elementary school. By his pre=teens he was hacking government databases with impunity.

            Angry, stifled, and tired of drunken foster parents Annex ran away from home at the age of thirteen. Money wasn't an issue. He could make ATMs belch cash if he wanted to. But security was an issue, and he eventually found it with the Twisted Fist. While he never became a hardcore terrorist like many, he respected that they stood up for Jokers, and helped them where he could. More often than not that was through his aptitude with computers and electronics.

            Working with the Twisted Fist in pro-Joker endeavors Annex traveled the globe. From the continental United States to locations such as Moscow, the Israel, and Tokyo. In addition Annex went on a campaign of digging up secrets governments were keeping from their citizens and made them public, as he felt everyone should know what their 'leaders' were planning behind their backs. Corporations were likewise targets for Annex's freedom of information campaign, and more than one he had made donations to pro-Joker charity's via transfers from Corporate accounts.

            All of this won Annex more enemies than friends, and he even inherited some from the Twisted Fist. It time it all caught up with him. While dealing with some enemies in the criminal underworld Annex found himself in the middle of a LAPD sting operation and was arrested. A short time after his sentence he was approached by USCYBERCOM and agreed to work for them as part of an agreement to avoid prison time. Though he helped improve the nation's cyber security, it was believed his experience in the criminal underworld would be useful in the field.

            After some training to make sure he was qualified for field work Annex spent a year with CYBERCOM before someone assigned him to a group being headed by the FBI.


            The Synthetic Evolving Virtual Sentience, SEVraS, is one of Annex's greatest accomplishments. As the name implies, SEVraS is an entirely virtual intelligence and is not to not limited by hardware. Though she does require it as a medium to interact with the corporeal, including communicating with people. Originally designed to assist Annex in his work, SEVraS has developed awareness and sentience. Since “her” creation, however (SEVraS has a female voice, image, and personality), she has evolved to become much more. Developing a personality all her own, SEVraS has evolved to become Annex's faithful aid and companion, taking great pride in organizing not only his life but his business affairs. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her creator, and habitually monitors his progress when he is operating in the field.

            PL: 8 PP: 120

            ABILITIES: STR - CON - DEX - INT 26 WIS 16 CHA 12

            SAVES: Tough +0 Fort - Ref - Will +11

            Initiative +8
            Defense +5
            Base Attack +4 (using computer-controlled weapons)

            SKILLS: Computers 6 (+14), Knowledge [Civics) 6 (+14), Knowledge[Current Events] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Earth Sciences) 6 (+14), Knowledge [History] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Life Sciences] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 6 (+14), Knowledge [Popular Culture6 (+14), Knowledge [Technology] 6 (+14), Search 6 (+14)

            FEATS: Eidetic Memory, Fearless

            ENHANCED FEATS:

            Communication 9 [radio, anywhere on earth] * 9 PP
            Comprehend 3 [languages: read, speak understand] * 6 PP
            Datalink 9 [radio, anywhere on earth] * 9 PP
            AP - Machine Control 8 [Flaw: Limited "must have computer component" -1/r] * 1 PP
            AP - Teleport 9 [Extras: Acurate (+1/r) ; Flaws: Limited "cannot transport any extra mass, including unwilling targets" (-1/r), Medium "electronic communications devices" (-1/r)]
            Immunity 40 [Fortitude Saves and Mental Effects] * 40 PP
            Insubstantial 4 [affected by electromagnetic pulses ; Flaw: Permanent (-0/r); PF: Innate (+1 pp)] * 17 PP

            Abilities -6 + SKills 15 + Feats 2 + Powers 66 + Combat 18 + Saves 8 - Drawbacks 00 = 120/120
            Roll Call thread: [url=]Character Cache[/url]


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              DARK BABYLON
              Power Level: 10 Scale: Regional
              Setting: Mega City Style: Dark Grayscale
              Long ago, too long for the new written record, scientists uncovered a dormant virus. It was known in ancient times, and produced incredible blights ranging from leprosy and insanity to superhumans that were the basis for mythology the world over. When the virus unpredictably spread from the confines of their laboratories to infect much of the country, the scientists hurry to find a cure. Most die. Some become monsters, and still others become superhuman. The world is in chaos, as whole governments crumble under the rigors of what had become known as the ancient plague, due to its origins. Enter Virodyne.

              A leading mega corp of its age, Virodyne was the first to develop a stopgap for the plague. They wouldn't cure it outright - treatment, after all, was money. So a drug, simply titled the Cure (commonly known as the Chain), was released. The stopgap drug required daily doses, which costed more than any other drug in history.

              The government fell under debt, civil unrest and domestic terrorism. Bastion, a mega city erected to hold back a twisted earth with potentially hordes of mutated freaks, is one of the last refuges of civilization in the world. Officially it is run by Stronghold Inc., an authoritarian mercenary law enforcement agency (a mega corp), but various factions, from meta-human gangs to crime lords to literal monsters rule over different districts.

              With Stronghold oppressing the citizenry, ostracized victims of the ancient plague struggling for survival and literal monsters running rampant through entire districts, Bastion has little hope for the future, unless someone steps out of the shadows and acts as a beacon for the city to follow.

              Inspirations: Judge Dredd, Marvel 2099, Shadowrun, Underworld, Batman Beyond and Final Fantasy: Advent Children
              Roll Call thread: [url=]Character Cache[/url]


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                Re: Character Cache

                Here is Irzu, the alien god. I aimed to build just that: a god. Someone who could, with a power stunt (Enviroment), effect an entire world. Irzu has some inspiration from the Angelus, Thor, and Superman with a focus on an innate mastery of energy as opposed to Thor's weather theme. Notably "cosmic" energy. The stuff of stars. So I built it as a "sun god" theme. Also of note is that Irzu is ancient, but that is due to spending most of his life in a place where time holds no sway and gives a limited fountain of youth effect as long as you aren't outside it too long. Irzu will live longer than a normal human, but he is by no means immortal.

                Star Lord

                Real Name: Irzu
                Age: Unknown (measured in millenia)
                Height: 6"9"
                Weight: 310 lb.
                Gender: Male
                Eye Color: Multi-colored "nebulas".
                Hair Color: Multi-colored "flames'.
                Handedness: Right
                Relatives: N/a
                Ethnic Background: Synthetic "god".
                Legal Status: Refugee
                Occupation: God, Adventurer
                Affiliation: Pantheon of Atilla (former), Extreme Unction

                Description: Irzu is a tall imposing figure with broad muscled shoulders that look as though they could carry the weight of the world. His skin is hard, smooth, and white like an oyster's pearl. Set in his sockets are eyes as dynamic and multicolored as the most breath taking nebulas. Atop his head is a short cropping of radiant flame in place of hair, just as vibrant as his eyes. Though there is no doubt Irzu is not human, one cannot help but take note of how perfect his form is.

                PL: 14 PP: 360

                ABILITIES: STR 18 STA 14 AGL 2 DEX 2 FGT 10 AWE 5 INT 2 PRE 7

                DEFENSES: Dodge 10 Parry 10 Fort. 14 Tough. 18 (17 Impervious) Will 14

                Initiative, +2 (+26 Super Speed)
                Grab, +10 Atk (DC 28)
                Unarmed, +10 Atk, (DC 33 Tough.)
                Energetic Mass, 30 ft. burst (DC 24 Dodge ; DC 22/29 Tough.)
                Energy Field, 30 ft. shapeable (DC 24 Dodge ; DC 22/29 Tough.)
                Energetic Discharge, +10 (DC 33 Tough.)
                Blinding Burst, 30 ft. burst (DC 24 Dodge Res.; DC 17/24 Fort. to overcome)

                SKILLS: Athletics 2(+20), Deception 1 (+8/+12 Attractive), Expertise [Navigation] 8(+10), Expertise [Music] 4(+6), Expertise [Art] 3(+5), Expertise [Politics] 4(+6), Expertise [Alien Cultures] 8(+10), Expertise [Warfare] 14(+16), Insight 5(+10), Intimidation 5(+12), Perception 5(+10), Persuasion 5(+12/+17 Attractive)

                ADVANTAGES: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Attractive 2, Benefit: Status (God), Diehard Extraordinary Effort, Fascinate, Great Endurance, Interpose, Inspire 5, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 8, Ultimate Effort (Toughness)

                Enhanced Strength 6 [400,000 Tons; Flaw: Limited to Lifting] * 6 PP

                SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT
                Senses Extended Vision 5 * 5 PP
                Senses Rapid Vision 5 * 5 PP
                Senses Vision Counter Illusion * 2 PP
                Senses Darkvision * 2 PP

                Feature 1 [Longevity] * 1 PP
                Protection 4 * 4 PP
                Impervious Toughness 17 * 17 PP
                Enhanced Advantages 2 [Diehard, Great Endurance] * 2 PP
                Immunity 10 [Life Support] * 10 PP
                Regeneration 3 [1/every 3 rounds] * 3 PP

                Flight 15 (64,000 mph/125 mpr; Extra: Dynamic) * 31 PP
                Super Speed Speed 14 (32,000 mph/60 mpr), Quickness 8, Enhanced Advantages 6 (Improved Initiative 6), (Extra: Dynamic) * 2 PP
                Movement 3 [Space Travel 3 (distant star systems and galaxies), Extra: Dynamic] * 2 PP

                LORD OF STARS
                Feature 1 [You can create minor, static holographic images within arm’s reach and no more than volume rank 1 in size (about a cubic foot)] * 1 PP
                Feature 2 [May apply Variable Descriptor to melee attacks (energy weapons)]
                Comprehend 3 [Speak, Understand, Understood in all languages] * 6 PP
                Immunity 20 [Energy ; Flaws: Limited to "Plasma, Electromagnetic, Heat, Light, Radiation" (-1/r)] * 10 PP
                Environment 5 [500 ft radius; Heat (extreme heat), Light (eliminates all concealment provided by natural darkness, counter darkness effects with Power Check), Visibility (-5 modifier to Perception checks); Extra: Selective (+1/r), Stacks with "Burn the Land and Boil the Sea" (+0/r)] * 15 PP

                ALIEN GOD
                "Anything He Desires" - Create 14 [Extras: Continuous Duration (+1/r), Variable Descriptor (energy converted to matter) 2, Indirect 4, Extended 5, Precise, Innate ; Advantages: Wealth 5] * 57 PP
                AE- "Energetic Mass" - Damage 14 [Extras: Burst Area (+1/r), Ranged (+1/r), Variable Descriptor (Plasma, Electromagnetic, Heat, Light, Radiation) 2 pp, Indirect 4, Extended 5, Precise] * 1 PP
                AE - "Energetic Discharge" - Damage, 18 [Extras: Ranged (+1/r), Variable Descriptor (Plasma, Electromagnetic, Heat, Light, Radiation) 2 pp, Indirect 4, Extended 5, Precise] * 1 PP
                AE - "Blinding Burst" - Affliction 14 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Visually Impaired, 2nd: Visually Disabled, 3rd: Visually Unaware, Extra: Area Burst (+1/r), Cumulative [+1/r] ; Flaw: Limited to "Vision" (-1/r), Precise] * 1 PP
                AE - "Burn the Land and Boil the Sea" - Environment 15 [4k mile radius; Heat (extreme heat), Light (eliminates all concealment provided by natural darkness, counter darkness effects with Power Check), Visibility (-5 modifier to Perception checks); Extra: Selective (+1/r), Stacks with "Lord of Star's Environment effect"] * 1 PP

                Arrogance - His power and status sometimes make him underestimate his opponents or get him into situations that could have been avoided. In addition Irzu is use to being worshipped. Enemies appealing to his god sized ego get a large bonus on Deception and other suitable checks.

                Imperian Steel (Vulnerability/Weakness) - During the God War a unique metallurgical process was developed that could allow even mortals to grievously wound one of the gods. The minerals are rare, and the process difficult. A weapon crafted of this "Imperian Steel" ignores Irzu's Impervious and he loses his ranks of Protection. Furthermore his Regeneration cannot heal the damage, and he must do so normally.

                Responsibility - To protect and defend the last remaining vassal world of the Atillan Pantheon: Earth, and it's people.

                Abilities 116 + Powers 190 + Advantages 24 + Skills 32 + Defenses 25 = 360/360

                Irzu was made, not born. In an age long past the people of the planet Atilla created synthetic beings of great power. Unlike on Earth wherein a War of Superhumans ensued, peace and prosperity was the result. The synthetics rose to the status of gods and Atilla became a utopian paradise. In a fashion they were servants to their followers. Separated from them until need of their blessings or protection arose. Loved but never close. Irzu, along with his kind, remained unaging in a pocket of sub-space referred to as the Aether, away from temptations of ambition. In later years, after dispatching alien invaders who had attempted to claim Atilla for their own, the gods looked outward and found other less developed worlds, many of which became protectorates to the pantheon, though Reyat their leader established a practice of noninterference with the primitive cultures.

                When Reyat died, the order he established fell apart. Ambitious gods who wanted more than worship, more then to serve and protect their following, began to take what they wanted. Alliances and ideologies formed that could not coexist. Worlds burned and god and mortal alike died. Ghalaman discovered Imperian steel and made an army to kill his kin. His army stormed Atilla, the homeworld of the pantheon, and there he found a device to seize total power through genocide of his fellow gods. It came down to a battle between Ghalaman and his legions against Irzu. The world shattered, the relic activated, and something forgotten there broke causing the Aether to fall.

                Irzu was alone, the last of his kind left after a galaxy spanning cataclysm. With the Aether gone, too, he began to feel the rigors of time. He searched what remained of a network of portals they had created and found only one world that was not scarred beyond recognition. Earth. Lonely and duty bound, it was the only thing that kept Irzu's light from extinguishing in the darkness of the void. He visited Earth, hoping for a reprieve from his ordeal only to find it consumed by a conflict that struck all too close to home. Unnoticed, Irzu initially took no part in the conflict. But the war soon came to him.

                Having had their initial effort to capture Port Moresby by a seaborne invasion disrupted by the U.S. Navy in the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Japanese attempted a landward invasion from the north via the Kokoda Track. The track travels primarily through the land of the Mountain Koiari people, which is where Irzu had come to dwell, taking the people there under his protection. Tesla tanks and gene-spliced super soldiers were no match for a god, and were rebuffed until Australian forces arrived to clash with the invading Japanese. They weren't hardened veterans, however, and suffered supply issues. At the request of the mountain people Irzu met with the leader of the understrength Australian forces, and after hearing out the Allies' cause, he lent them his strength.

                Irzu had seemingly come out of nowhere and the Japanese weren't expecting the Allies to have such a powerful asset in the area. The Australian forces, bolstered by Irzu, pushed the Japanese out of Paupa and New Guinnea in a matter of weeks. With withdrawal of the Japanese, the promise that the Mountain Koiari people would be protected and supplied humanitarian aid in his absence, Irzu aided Allied forces throughout the Pacific theatre. Towards the end of the conflict Irzu volunteered to lead the assault on the Japanese homelands and avoided a long and costly campaign with surgical strikes eliminating military installations that prevented civilian casualties. When word reached him that Emperor Hirohito planned to intervene and order the Supreme Council for the Direction of the War to accept the terms the Allies had set down for ending the war, Irzu knew there would be strong resistance and went to the capital where he helped counter a coup attempt. Afterwards he met with Emperor Hirohito in person and broadcast his surrender message to the Japanese public.

                Most of Irzu's time was spent fighting in the Pacific and Asian theatres of the First Superhuman War. The threat of a temporal device developed by the Nazi's drew all hands, however. Like all the other heroes of that war, Irzu was there. A beacon up hope for friend, and burning wrath for foes.
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                  Re: Character Cache

                  TAKEDA HAKARU

                  Age: 17 yr.
                  Height: 5'8"
                  Weight: 119 lb.
                  Nobility Rank: Vassal Lord
                  Relation to Crow Clan: Crow Clan Vassal Lord
                  General Appearance: Hakaru is a gaunt faced, wiry limbed young man. Pale of skin and dark of hair Hakaru possesses emerald green eyes that often have dark shadows under them. Hakaru's young brow is often furrowed in concentration over some matter no one else is privy to and his lips seems to wear a constant frown. Broad of shoulder, clothes seem to hang over him with room to spare. The youth tends to favor black and dark blues and purples in his wardrobe. He also has a fondness for silver engravings and many of his clothes have black bird or moon imagery fashionably worked into them.

                  PL: 6 PP: 105

                  ABILITIES: STR 0 STA 0 AGL 0 DEX 0 FGT 3 INT 3 AWE 2 PRE 4

                  DEFENSES: Dodge 5 Parry 5 Fort 5 Tough 0 Will 8

                  Grab, +3 Atk (DC 13)
                  Unarmed, +3 Atk (DC 18 Tough)
                  Throw, +0 Atk (DC 15 Tough)

                  SKILLS: Expertise [Art] 2(+5), Expertise [Business] 2(+5), Expertise [Folklore] 2(+5), Expertise [Geography] 2(+5), Expertise [Politics] 2(+5), Expertise [Religion] 2(+5), Deception 3(+7), Investigate [Gather Info. only] 6(+9), Insight 5(+7), Perception 3(+6), Persuasion 6(+10), Riding 4(+4)

                  ADVANTAGES: Connected*, Contacts*, Fascinate*, Nobility 7, Skill Mastery 1 [Persuasion], Ultimate Effort 1 [Healing]**, Well Informed*

                  Enhanced Skill 1 [Investigation ; Flaws: Limited to "Gather Information" -1/r] * 1 PP

                  DEATH AND RESURRECTION
                  Healing 6 [Feats: Ultimate Effort [Healing ; Extras: Resurrection +1/r ; Flaws: Distracting -1/r, Empathic -1/r, Limited to "Resurrection" -1/r] * 4 PP
                  AE - Comprehend 2 [Spirits - Flaws: Limited to "Ghosts" -1/r] * 1 PP
                  Immortality 6 [Flaws: Limited to "Empathic Resurrection" -1/r] *3 PP

                  HOLDINGS - 20 EP
                  Hakaru's holdings consist of an estate and the surrounding land. This includes a fishing village, the tradecraft and businesses there in, farmlands, and a local shrine. The people who live there, and the Lord's personal servants, attend to mundane matters while the Lord focuses his attentions on important affairs.
                  Size: Awesome [6]
                  Toughness: 6 [0]
                  Features: Defense System, Dock, Farms, Grounds, Gym, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Security System, Shrine, Stables, Workshop

                  Abilities 24 + Powers 9 + Advantages 8(+35 misc. from Nobility) + Skills 11 + Defenses 18 = 105/105

                  Well Known Secret - Most have heard stories about Hakaru's ability to return the dead to life as well as his ability to communicate with them. They are the sort of stories are whispered about and never in his presence, lest they be untrue or found offensive. Many pass it off as just that, stories.

                  Just a Boy/Expectations - Though Hakaru may be gifted, and be granted the Clan Lord's favor, he is still young and inexperienced. Some may think less of him because of this. At the same time there are high expectations for him given how much is invested in him and his abilities.

                  Insomnia - Hakaru has trouble sleeping and when he does sleep he dreams of being dead. He can't remember the dreams clearly, but he knows they're bad because he wakes in a cold sweat and with an intense fear gripping him. At the GM's discretion Hakaru may start a day with the Fatigued condition.

                  His father a being a third cousin to the Clan Lord, Hakaru was born into nobility. The boy's parents were contrasts. His mother very young and his father already old. Such that it was a surprise that Hakaru was born. This unlikelihood is also why his parents favored him so much. Hakaru's father had tried, with many wives, to sire a son but bore only daughters until Hakaru's birth. So he was doubly a blessing in the old man's eyes. Even if he didn't do much to raise his son personally. Hakaru's father was a solitary and distant man when he didn't have to play politics. Unfortunately, Hakaru was a sickly child and there were several occasions that he fell ill and nearly died.

                  Sometimes he thinks so many brushes with death at an early age made something of the other side carry over with him when he returned to the living. Whatever the explanation, for as long as he could remember Hakaru was been able to commune with the dead. His family thought it a flight of fancy. Childhood games that were discouraged, and later madness. It was a startling affair the first time he brought someone back as well. It was his youngest sister. Still older than him by two years. She had climbed a tree and fell from it breaking her neck. Hakaru had rushed to her aid and after shaking her and crying over her he died ... and she woke. The boy came to while his family was preparing his body for burial. There was such a clamor and such confusion. Everyone thought it was Hakaru who had fallen from the tree. It wouldn't be the last time Hakaru raised the dead, but each time he died in their place waking a day later. He chose to use the gift sparingly, not entirely selfless and not knowing when he wouldn't wake again.

                  Stories naturally spread and, for one reason or another, his family chose neither to squash them, nor take advantage. It was a touchy issue, and there was concern for Hakaru's wellbeing. Still, some in his own family blame him for his father's death. Or rather not saving him. The old man had been away to court when he died. It was a peaceful death, in his sleep. When his body was returned hold his mother and sisters expected him to raise the old man, but Hakaru could not. There was a grudging acknowledgement by those who knew of his ability. Either Hakaru had limitations, or the young man wanted his father's position so bad he was willing to refrain from action.

                  After his father's recent death Hakaru has assumed his position as head of household and Lord of the surrounding lands. Though educated, determined to make a difference, and full of ideas for the future Hakaru has yet to make any drastic changes or impact on the political affairs.
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                    Re: Character Cache

                    AIDEN BLACK

                    Age: 12 yr.
                    Height: 4 ft. 10 in.
                    Weight: 90 lb.
                    Concept: Trainer, Scientist Adventurer

                    PL: 3 PP: 45

                    ABILITIES: STR 0 STA 0 AGL 0 DEX 0 FGT 0 INT 5 AWE 0 PRE 0

                    DEFENSES: Dodge 4 Parry 4 Fort 1 Tough 0 Will 4

                    Initiative +0

                    SKILLS: Expertise [Chemistry] 3(+8), Expertise [Electronics] 3(+8), Expertise [Physics] 3(+8), Expertise [PokeMon] 3(+8), Expertise [Mechanics] 3(+8), Expertise [Life Sciences] 3(+8), Insight 7(+7), Perception 7(+7), Persuasion 6(+6), Technology 6(+12), Treatment 1(+6)

                    ADVANTAGES: Eidetic Memory, Equipment 2, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Online Research [Technology used for Gather Information], SKill Mastery 1 [Technology]


                    "Binoculars" 1 EP
                    "Flashlight" 1 EP
                    "Bike", Speed 1 * 1 EP
                    "PokeGear", Feature 7 [Camera, Cellphone (Smartphone), GPS Receiver, PokeDex, Video Recorder] * 7 EP

                    Just a Boy/Expectations - Though Aiden may be gifted, he is still young and inexperienced. Some may think less of him because of this. At the same time there are high expectations for him given his intellect.

                    Insomnia - Aiden has trouble sleeping and when he does sleep it isn't always restful. His mind is just too active, constantly running on overdrive. At the GM's discretion Aiden may start a day with the Fatigued condition.

                    Abilities 10 + Powers 0 + Advantages 7 + Skills 15 + Defenses 13 = 45/45

                    Aiden's parents weren't anything special, except the doctors told them they couldn't have a kid. They tried really hard though and after years they had Aiden. They doted on the child even before he was born. They'd done hours of research of baby development and used only the best ideas from their research to try and ensure their baby became the best person he could be. It was all very nice, in theory, but very constricting and oppressive when Aiden got older.

                    As he grew he chafed under the over affectionate, best intended, mapping out of his daily routine, education and ... well ... everything. It became worse when they discovered just how smart their little boy was. Eventually Aiden had a mini-rebellion and put his foot down. He was going to be a kid his way, and that involved running around on childish adventures that he probably shouldn't rather that spending hours in study after school had ended.

                    Aiden became the sort kid that encouraged others to join him on 'expeditions' into misadventure. He probably put more planning and thought into them than most kids his age, but adventure and fun were usually center stage. Even though he wasn't studying as much as his parents would have liked, his progress was undeniable. By the time he was ready to get his first pokemon and join his friends on the quest they'd been planning for months Aiden was already setup to take college level course via his net so he could travel and continue his education at his own accelerated pace.


                    PL: 5 PP: 75

                    ABILITIES: STR 0 STA 3 AGL 3 DEX 0 FGT 3 INT -2 AWE 0 PRE 0

                    DEFENSES: Dodge 5 Parry 5 Fort 5 Tough 5 Will 5

                    Initiative +3
                    Comet Punch, +5 (DC 20 Tough, Crit. 19-20)

                    SKILLS: Acrobatics 4(+7), Athletics 8(+8), C. Combat [Punches] 2, Intimidate 0(-2), Stealth 0(+7), Perception 6(+6)

                    ADVANTAGES: Favored Enviroment 1 [Flying: Open Spaces], Move-by Action

                    BUG/FLYING TYPE
                    Weak: Flying, Fire, Electric, Ice, Rock+ * -10 PP
                    Resistant: Fighting+, Bug, Grass+ * 6 PP
                    Immune: Ground * 5 PP

                    LADY BUG POKEMON
                    Shrinking 4 [Flaws: Permanent (+0/r) ; -1 STR, -2 Intimidate, +4 Stealth, +2 defenses, -1 size] * 8 PP
                    Flight 1 [Flaws: Wings (-1/r)] * 1 PP
                    Protection 2 * 2 EP
                    Senses 2 [Ranged Acute Olfactory (2 pp)] * 2 PP

                    DEFENSIVE MOVES
                    "Safeguard", Immunity 20 [normal ; All Status Effects ; Flaws: Sustained (-0/r), Standard Action to Activate (-2 pp), Quirk: Does not remove conditions, only prevents further conditions (-2 PP)] * 16 PP
                    AE - "Light Screen", Immunity 20 [ psychic ; Energy ; Flaws: Sustained Duration (-0/r), Half Effect (-1/r), Standard Action Activation (-2 pp)] * 1 PP

                    OFFENSIVE MOVES
                    "Comet Punch", Damage 5 [normal ; Extras: Multi-attack (+1/r)] * 10 PP

                    Abilities 16 + Powers 40 + Advantages 2 + Skills 10 + Defenses 7 = 75/77

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                    Battle With Nidoran(F) and First Catch! 2 PP.
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                      Re: Character Cache

                      Andilon is a psychic symbiote. I'm attempting to express his symbiotic nature with Communication Link and some powers that use that link as a conduit to reach his teammates. He also has mental blast, but it is visible as misty purple lightning, and doesn't move instantaneous at any range. That is why the power has normal Ranged extra and not Perception range. I also wanted him to be able to use Power Attack for really hard hitting mental attacks.

                      People who have played Geneforge will be familiar with the world Andilon comes from. Though the addition of Lorien Psi-Lords are a personal touch.


                      Height: 6'
                      Weight: 140 lb.
                      Gender: Male
                      Race: Lorien
                      Affiliation: Lorien Psi-Lords (former member)
                      Age: 33 yr.
                      Hair Color: N/a
                      Eye Color: Silver
                      Handedness: Right
                      Native Language: Thought Speak
                      Sponsor: Mind

                      PL:12 PP: 180

                      ABILITIES: STR 10 DEX 16 CON 14 INT 14 WIS 24 CHA 18

                      SAVES: Tough +2(+14 Armor) Fort +7 Ref +7 Will +17

                      Defense: +6(+10 Armor)
                      Base Attack: +5, Melee +5, Ranged +10
                      Mental Blast +10 Atk, DC 29 Will
                      Emotion Control DC 22 Will

                      SKILLS: Bluff 8(+12), Diplomacy 8(+12), Intimidate 5(+9), Knowledge [Politics] 5(+7), Knowledge [Social Sciences] 13(+15), Notice 1(+8), Sense Motive 8(+15)

                      FEATS: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, R. Attack Focus 5, Fascinate[Diplomacy], Leadership, Luck 1 [Power Stunting Only]Power Attack, Set-up 1, Skill Mastery 1[Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge [Social Sciences], Sense Motive ]

                      "Thought Speak", Communication 20 [mental ; Extras: Linked to "Mind Reading" (+0/r), Dimensional (+1 pp) ; Flaws: Limited to "Voice Range for those not Psychic Linked" (-1/r)], Mind Reading 1 [Extras: Linked to "Communication" (+0/r)] * 12 PP

                      "Psi-Sense", Super-Senses 2 [ Acute (1) Mental Awareness (1)] * 2 PP

                      LORIEN PSI-LORD ARMOR Hard to Remove Device 4 * 16 PP
                      Protection 12
                      Enhanced Defense 4

                      PSYCHIC SYMBIOTE Dynamic Array
                      Blast 14 [Extra: Alternate Save "Will" (+1/r)] * 42 PP
                      DAP - Super-Strength 2 [Extra: Affects Others Only (+0/r), Perception Range (+2/r), Linked to "Speed" (+0/r), Progression 4 ; Flaw: Limited to "Psychic Linked" (-1/r)], Speed 5 [Extra: Affects Others Only (+0/r), Perception Range (+2/r), Linked to "Super-Strength" (+0/r), Progression 4 ; Flaw: Limited to "Lifting" (-1/r), Limited to "Psychic Linked" (-1/r)]* 2 PP {0/24}
                      DAP - Healing 12 [Extras: Perception Ranged (+2/r); Flaws: Affects Others Only (-1/r), Limited to "Psychic Linked" (-1/r)] * 2 PP {0/24}
                      DAP - Sensory Link 12 [Extras: Simultaneous (+1/r), Sustained Duration (+1/r) ; Flaws: Limited to "Psychic Linked" (-1/r)] * 2PP {0/36}
                      AP - Mind Reading 12 [Extras: Effortless (+1/r), Subtle (+1 pp)] * 1 PP
                      AP - Emotion Control 12 [Extras: Subtle (+1 pp)] * 1 PP


                      Psychic Link - It takes time for Andilon to forge a link with someone, roughly a hour, and he must spend time in their presence for the duration. The subject must be willing as well. The link cannot be broken, except under exceptional circumstances. Such as death. In addition, Andilon can at times suffer the pains of those linked to him. When they fail a hostile effect by three degrees or more, he must make a Will save at the same DC as the original effect. Failing means he suffers the lowest degree of that effect (ex: -1 Tough for damage).

                      No Mouth - Andilon communicates via Thought Speak. Projecting and receiving thoughts that are freely shared. Though he has ears, and can understand audible communication, he himself has no sound-voice.

                      Abilities 36 + Skills 12 + Feats 11 + Powers 80 + Combat 22 + Saves 19 = 180/180

                      They were the Shapers. The most powerful and secretive of the magical organizations. They had the power to create life and mold it to serve their own needs. For millennia, their world feared and respected the Shapers above all others. Their creations could go everywhere, do anything, all according to the wishes of the Shapers and no others. If they needed a servant, they simply create it, and it would gladly die for them. Until foreigners stumbled upon secrets the Shapers tried to bury. This one event caused a chain of events that changed their world. Rebellion came, and some of the Shaper's own Creations came to wield their terrible power.

                      Andilon was brought into being, Shaped into existence by a group of rogue Creations, dragon-like Dracon who could wield the Shaper's power. He and the other Lorien crafted by the Dracon were experiments in group coordination. When the rebel Creations could hide no longer war with the Shapers came as they sent their servants to cleanse the rogue Creatures like a blighted crop that needed burning. Andilon and his fellow Lorien proved themselves early on in the war with the Shapers, and quickly took places of command. In time their influence in the rebel army challenged that of the Dracon even though they weren't physically powerful and did not wield the ability to Shape life like the Dracon did.

                      In fact it was Andilon and his fellows, Psi-Lords they called themselves, that lead the invasion of the Shaper homelands. They took half the continent by storm. After the first year of fighting the war ground to a stalemate. The rebel army lost momentum. It now had land to hold. Fortifications to build or repair. It had armies to feed and behind them came civilians who settled in their wake. These too needed to be protected. Boarders were drawn and skirmishes continued. But neither side could muster a decisive blow to finish the other. In this time of relative peace Andilon carved out a plot of land for himself: an important border pass that controlled smuggling routes into and out of Shaper territory.

                      Andilon himself was an active participant in politics and helped to hold the desperate factions within the Creation Confederacy together. But the Lorien and Dracon had developed a rivalry. When the Shapers became less of a threat they began bickering, and later fighting, amongst themselves. Their respective loyalists followed suit. While political tensions mounted Andilon learned of a new Shaper threat. One of their leaders was developing a plague to kill all Creations, allowing the Shapers to completely wipe out the rebellion and start fresh. Andilon gathered his men and rallied to him those allies who would listen to his plan: a feigned desperate charge at the Shaper lands to cover a smaller group's infiltration and effort to destroy the plague before it could be finished and released.

                      Andilon lead the infiltration force but a Dracon rival who refused to take part in the undertaking waylayed Andilon and his party. The Psi-Lord and his men outmaneuvered the ambushers despite their surprise and quickly gained the upper hand leaving Andilon and the Dracon to square off to settle their dispute. But before he could deliver the final blow a Shaper patrol discovered the quarreling parties. Forgoing their rivalry Andilon convinced the Dracon a to join forces with him. Together they defeated the Shaper patrol and went on, overcoming numerous more obstacles before finally reaching the Shaper compound where the plague was being created.

                      They were discovered, however, and while the Dracon and their men held off the Shaper's loyal Creations Andilon dueled the Shaper master himself. The battle was so intense that it leveled the Shaper compound. However, in doing so the containment room where the plague was being created had broken and it spread. Andilon's world was devastated, nearly every living thing was infected, and dying. But for some reason he survived ....
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                        Re: Character Cache

                        A work in progress.

                        Lovak Krill

                        PL: 10 PP: 150

                        ABILITIES: STR 2 STA 2 AGL 4 DEX 4 FGT 9 INT 5 AWE 3 PRE 4

                        DEFENSES: Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fort 6 Tough 2(+6 EV Suit) Will 14

                        Initiative +4
                        Unarmed, +9 Atk (DC 17 Tough, Crit 20)
                        Grab, +9 (DC 12)
                        Volshock Battle Rifle: Rifle's Bayonet, +9 Atk (DC 20 Tough, Crit 19-20)
                        Volshock Battle Rifle, +9 Atk (DC 20 Tough, Crit 20)
                        Mourning Star's Proton Cannons, +12 Atk (DC 23 Tough, Crit 20)
                        Mourning Star's Kinetic Cutting Beam, +12 Atk (DC 23 Tough, Crit 20)

                        SKILLS: Acrobatics 2(+6), Athletics 4(+6), Deception 8(+12), Expertise [Navigation] 4(+9/+14 Ship Nav. System), Insight 9(+12), Intimidation 4(+8), Investigation 0(+13 Gather Information), Perception 7(+10), Persuasion 4(+8), R. Combat: Guns 5(+9), R. Combat: Starship Weapons 3(+7), Stealth 8(+12), Technology 4(+9), Vehicles 2(+6/+14 Starships)

                        ADVANTAGES: Assessment, Benefit: "Crew Training" 6, Benefit: "Rank" 4 [Commander], Connected, Contacts, Equipment: "Ship" 15, Leadership, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Teamwork

                        Well Equipped, Feature 1 [may employ a free use of "on hand" equipment, as with a HP expenditure] * 1 PP
                        Personal Equipment, Enhanced Trait 4 [Equipment 4 ; Limited to "Personal Equipment"] * 2 PP
                        Pilot Training, Enhanced Trait 8 [Vehicle 8 ; Flaw: Limited to "Starships" (-1/r)] * 2 PP
                        Informant Network, Enhanced Trait 8 [Investigation 8 ; Flaw: Limited to "Gather Information" (-1/r)] * 2 PP

                        Volshok Battle Rifle, Damage 5 [Extras: Ranged (+1/r), Multiattack (+1/r)] * 15 EP
                        Alt - Rifle's Bayonet, Strength based Damage 3 [Extras: Improved Critical "Battle Rifle: Axe Head"] * 1 EP
                        Volshok Armored EV Suit, Protection 4 ; Immunity 10 [free Life Support ; Limited to "8 hrs." (-1/r)] * 4 EP

                        Originally posted by the Mourning Star

                        Size Rank: 2 Defense: 12 Toughness: 8
                        Thrusters, Flight 7 * 14 EP
                        Alt - Space Travel, Movement 1 [Space Travel] * 1 EP
                        Alt - FTL Engines 8 * 1 EP
                        Features: Cargo Hold, Computers (Free), Communications (Free), Fire Prevention System, Infirmary, Living Space, Navigation System
                        Life Support (Free)
                        Proton Cannons, Damage 8 [Extras: Ranged (+1/r), Multiattack(+1/r), Accurate 1 (+1 pp)] * 25 EP
                        Alt - Kinetic Cutting Beam, Damage 8 [Extras: Ranged (+1/r), Concentration Duration (+1/r), Accurate 1 (+1 pp)]
                        Radar, Senses 6 [(Radar, Accurate, Analytic, Extended 2] * 6 EP

                        Total EP: 75

                        Abilities 66 + Powers 7 + Advantages 28 + Skills 32 + Defenses 20 = 150/150

                        Volshok Raider - Before joining the fleet Lovak was part of the Volshok Star Nation. The VSN was a clan of raiders that lived as part of nomadic fleets and maintained a warrior culture. There isn't much of a VSN left now, but there may be some social and political conflicts due to his cultural origin and "barbaric customs".

                        Responsibility: Officer - Lovak holds the rank of Commander within the fleet and has duties and responsibilities as fit that station.

                        Relationship: the Mourning Star's Crew - Lovak has served with many members of the Mourning Star's crew for years, even before joining the fleet.

                        Thirty five years ago Lovak Krill was born on a Volshok cruiser. The Volshok were nomadic warriors and raiders who lived apart from the Terran Empire. Their mobility was a boon in the early stages of the war. A war Lovak grew up fighting in. His education consisted of skills that would lend themselves to a life aboard a ship, and fighting. At the age of fourteen he was considered a man, and left his home-ship to serve aboard one of Volshok cruisers retrofitted with insights gained from Ancient technology: the Mourning Star.

                        Through besting rivals in personal combat and distinction in battle Lovak ascended in rank rapidly. It was clear to him that the Volshok weren't going to win the war alone, however. When circumstances placed them in the midst of a three way battle between the Invaders and some Terran Empire forces, it was Lovak that convinced the Mourning Star's commanding officer to forge a temporary truce with the Empire ships. Together they annihilated the Invader force and paved the way for future joint efforts.

                        Lovak had been second in command of the Mourning Star for some years when the ship's commander died in battle, at which point Lovak took command amidst heated battle. Commanding a ship came with it great prestige in the nomadic Volshok Star Nation, and Lovak used his position to further ties with the Empire. He had no love for them on a cultural level, but he realized the need to form a united from against the Invaders. Most fleets didn't follow his example, but the fleet he was apart of maintained close ties to the Terran Empire's navy. Comparatively speaking.

                        The VSN was hit hard during the second wave of the Invasion. They didn't have the infrastructure that the Terran Empire did. Lovak's own fleet was nearly shattered, but he the surviving captains rallied a ship number of ships that would later join ranks with what has become Alliance fleet.
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                          Re: Character Cache

                          Ren "Ten"

                          Height: 5'7"
                          Weight: 141 lb.
                          Gender: Female
                          Race: Human (Clone)
                          Affiliation: N/a
                          Age: 19 yr.
                          Hair Color: Black
                          Eye Color: Brown
                          Handedness: Right
                          Native Language: Japanese/English (Bilingual)
                          Physical Description: Ren's body is fit and boyish with a nearly flat chest. Her frame is lean and toned without being hard. The woman's skin is fair, though bears blemishes that suggest either mistreatment or a hard life that has taken the softness from her. Ren's face bears features that suggest a Japanese ancestry she does not possess, such as earthy brown almond shaped eyes. Belaying her unnatural nature, Ren looks mundane. Average even. Routinely, black eye shadow and eyeliner is employed to make her eyes looks bigger, deeper, and darker. Normally pink lips are painted black as well. Ren's naturally black hair is cut in a short pixie style with blue highlights.

                          PL:8 PP: 120

                          ABILITIES: STR 14 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA 10

                          SAVES: Tough +2(+6 w/Armor) Fort +6 Ref +7 Will +6

                          Initiative +2
                          Defense: +10
                          Base Attack: +8
                          Blaster Rifle: +8 Atk, DC 23 Tough.
                          Grapple: +8 Atk, +2 Bonus
                          Unarmed: +8 Atk, DC 17 Tough.

                          SKILLS: Acrobatics 8(+10), Climb 7(+9), Notice 6(+8), Languages: 1 [English], Sense Motive 6(+8), Stealth 7(+9)

                          FEATS: Equipment 4, Teamwork 3

                          Duplication 8 [Extras: Horde (+1/r), Continuous Duration (+1/r) ; Power Feats: Mental Link (1 pp), Progression 6 (+6 pp) ; Flaws: Quirk "Limited Horde Size" (-1 pp)] * 37 PP

                          "Body Armor", Protection 4 * 4EP
                          "Blaster Rifle", Blast 8 * 16 EP

                          Relationship: Other Rens - To Ren, her duplicates are not just expendable fodder. They're part of her. If for some reason one is in danger and unable to be assimilated normally, she will go to great lengths to aid her duplicate. Likewise it is possible a duplicate might not want to assimilate with Ren, and decide to start it's own life. This could cause all manner of problems for Ren.

                          Vulnerability: Mental Attacks - It is possible for a mentalist to exploit the mental link between Ren and her duplicates, allowing them to affect more than one Ren at a time.

                          Non-Person - Ren isn't a legal citizen of ... any place. She's a clone. Grown to have her organs harvested for rich people that needed transplants. This means she has no legal identification or family. This also means there is a gene donor out there. The "real" Ren, who may just need some of her organs. Some people might see her as a freak or abomination because of her origins as well.

                          Abilities 16 + Skills 11 + Feats 7 + Powers 37 + Combat 36 + Saves 13 = 120/120

                          Ren didn't have a mother. She didn't have a father. Not a real father. She was grown in a vat of genetic stew by a scientist who had been creating clones of wealthy clients. The idea was to provide his clients with perfect transplant organs. Something was different about Ren though. She grew too fast, for starters. This was initially seen as a boon. She could be harvested sooner than anticipated, if his client had need. In the mean time she was treated like a normal person. If you kept a normal person in a small installation and regulated their life.

                          A new oddity arose when Ren reached adolescence. There were more of her. They just sprang out of her. New Rens were taken away. Experimented on and, when the scientist grew frustrated with being unable to figure out the mystery of Ren's duplication, he exploited her duplicated by harvesting their organs for other clients. Ren couldn't endure the torture and murder of her sisters. She had to escape. The escape was less planned, and more driven by desperate need. She and her duplicates overwhelmed one guard after another. Stealing weapons and security passes as they went. But escape wasn't enough. The madness had to end. They all agreed, and seen the sadistic scientist and his facility were up in flames with a mod of teenage girls fleeing leaving the destruction behind.

                          Police and angry organ hunger benefactor quickly took notice. Ren spent some time salvaging lootable and eventually scraped up enough money to smuggle herself out of the unregistered island she was on, to the United States. Her smugglers tried to entrap Ren, saying she had more to pay off. They tried to turn her into a slave. She put that idea to a quick and violent end. Ren had become an angry and untrusting young woman. She had no home and little resources. Seeing a world of takers and users, she decided the only way she was going to get what she needed to survive was to take it. So she did, and Ren's life of crime began.

                          Originally posted by Notes
                          Limited Horde Size and Progression - Ren can only have 10 duplicates active at a time. But she has a "stock" of 100 that she can draw from. Meaning if her first 10 get taken out, she can call out more to take their place until 100 have been knocked out.
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                            Re: Character Cache

                            "WARZONE", Henry Raynor

                            PL: 9 PP: 135

                            ABILITIES: STR 16 DEX 16 CON 16 INT 14 WIS 14 CHA 14

                            SAVES: Tough +3(+7 w/Armor) Fort +7 Ref +11 Will +11

                            Initiative +7
                            Defense: +11
                            Base Attack: +11
                            L. Blaster Rifle, +11 Atk, DC 22 Tough
                            Titanium Sword, +11 Atk, DC 22 Tough, Crit. 19-20
                            Stun Gun, +11 Atk, DC 17 Fort.

                            SKILLS: Acrobatics 7(+10), Bluff 6(+8), Climb 5(+8), Computers 6(+8), Diplomacy 6(+8), Disable Device 6(+8), Gather Information 6(+8), Intimidate 6(+8), Knowledge [Tactics] 10(+12), Notice 10(+12), Sense Motive 10(+12), Stealth 7(+10), Swim 5(+8)

                            FEATS: Assessment, Evasion 1, Equipment 4, Improved Initiative 1, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw 1, Skill Mastery 1 [K. Tactics, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth]. Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge [Auditory]

                            TRAINED CONDITIONING
                            Super-Senses 6 [Mental Danger Sense, Precognition 4 (Flaws: Limited to "Strategic, Tactical, and Combat situations" -1/r), Low Light Vision] * 4 PP

                            "Body Armor", Protection 4 * 4 EP

                            "Light Blaster Rifle", Blast 7 * 14 EP
                            Alt - "Titanium Sword", Strike 4 [Extras: Mighty, Improved Critical 1] * 1 EP
                            Alt - "Stun Gun", Stun 7 * 1 EP

                            Warrior Code - Warzone may do terrible things and enact great violence but he follows his own code. Some people may be able to exploit it. Some examples are: Warzone will not refuse a challenge from a worthy foe. Warzone also prizes loyalty. He won't leave a man behind. Even lowly henchmen under his command that are taken prisoner can be assured he'll make an effort to mount a rescue.

                            Legacy Villain - Henry Raynor isn't the first person to use the Warzone alias and costume. His former trainer was the original Warzone. A man with the ability to replicate any task he witnessed with equal skill: photographic muscle memory. He has since retired, passing down his mantle to Henry. Along with enemies and rivals who are unaware of the change. Henry also has a responsibility to maintain the Warzone reputation. Lest the Old Man decide to do something about it.

                            Abilities 30 + Skills 22 + Feats 14 + Powers 4 + Combat 44 + Saves 21 =135/135

                            In an older time Henry would have lead armies on campaigns of conquest as a general for one of histories' fallen empires. They would have thrown women and riches at him. As it was, he grew up in suburbia. His childhood and early adolescents were a waste. His potential untapped. Henry played sports: he was captain of whatever sport team he happened to be playing on. Henry also had a number of hobbies centered on war games such as paint ball: he took his team to national championships three years in a row. At one point he was training for the Olympics ... but he couldn't decide which field to focus on.

                            Henry was about college age when, while at an underground party, someone showed his an advertisement for Warzone's Academy. The martial nature of the advertisement appealed to him, and it seemed like something he could approach on his own terms unlike the military. Henry saw it as means of scratching that itch at the back of his mind. Always there, always burning. Henry wound up using his college tuition money to pay the bills for Warzone's Academy; where the villainous Warzone was training mercenaries for both legitimate and illegal services. By the time he was on training missions in the field, committing crimes of his own, it didn't matter. Henry's warrior soul was finally getting a taste of what it hungered for.

                            Warzone, noting Henry's innate talent, singled him out for advanced training even as the academy's notoriety began to decline. Warzone gradually geared back on the academy and mercenary group's out going missions, pouring more of his time into training Henry. He was preparing for both his retirement and the continuation of his legacy at the same time. Perhaps that was the original Warzone's plan for the academy all along, finding someone to pass his wisdom down to. When he finally passed his name down to Henry, the new Warzone shed his old life, and slipped seamlessly into the Warzone mantle. To the rest of the world Henry Raynor died in fire and Warzone was still fighting wars the general populace didn't even know where there.
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                              Re: Character Cache

                              Here is Crescent, a kinetic magnifier. My long term goal for his powers is following a similar model to Cyclops' damage-cannon approach. Nothing fancy. After the powers develop more he'd likely go on to be damage shifted.

                              CRESCENT (Andre Romero)

                              Age: 16
                              Height: 5'8
                              Weight: 154 lb.
                              Description: Andre is an athletically built young man of Mexican descent. His skin is fair despite the California sun. In contrast his hair and eyes are both a dark brown. Though he keeps his hair cut short, such that it is little more than stubble on his scalp. As Crescent, Andre doesn't have much of a costume, but it is functional. His chest is covered in a light hoodie, with the hood always pulled up. The material is lined with chainmail crafted with his own hands. Crescent's identify is concealed by a handkerchiefs that covers his face from the bridge of his nose down, while the rest of concealed by a reflective black visor. Two leather straps cross over his back with holsters for a set of boomerangs. Roomy black jeans, and matching glove and flat shoes round out his crime fighting attire.

                              PL: 7 PP: 105

                              ABILITIES: STR 2 STA 2 AGL 3 DEX 3 FGT 5 INT 4 AWE 1 PRE 1

                              DEFENSES: Dodge 9 Parry 9 Fort 5 Tough 2(5 w/ armor) Will 9

                              Initiative +6
                              Grab +9 Atk, DC 12
                              Unarmed +9 Atk, DC 19 Tough., 20 Crit.
                              Boomerang: Melee +9 Atk, DC 20 Tough., 20 Crit.
                              Boomerang: Ranged +9 Atk, DC 20 Tough., 20 Crit.

                              SKILLS: Acrobatics 5(+8), Athletics 6(+8), Expertise [Metal Working] 6(+10), Expertise [Mechanics] 6(10), Insight 6(+7), Perception 6(+7), Stealth 5(+8), Technology 6(+10), R. Attack [Throw]4, Vehicles 0 (+3/+9 Ground)

                              ADVANTAGES: Agile Feint, Evasion, Close Attack 4, Equipment 4, Power Attack, Range Attack 2, Takedown 1

                              SPECIALIZED SKILLS
                              "Driver", Enhanced Skill 6 [Drive ; Flaws; Limited to "Ground Vehicles" (-1/r)] * 2 PP

                              KINETIC CONDUIT
                              Damage 2 [Strength Based] * 2 PP
                              Alt. - Enhanced Advantage 2 [Throwing Mastery 2] * 1 PP

                              "Tablet Computer" [Features: Audio Visual Recorder]* 3 EP
                              "Multi-Tool" * 1 EP
                              "Chainmail Lined Costume", Protection 3 * 3 EP
                              "Boomerang", Damage 1 [Strength Based ; Extra: Ranged (+1/r)] * 2 EP
                              Alt. - "Boomerang Melee Strike", Damage 1 [Strength Based] * 1 EP

                              MOTORCYCLE * 10 EP
                              SIZE: Medium STR: 1 SPD: 6 DEF: 10 TOUGH: 8

                              Legal Minor - Andre lives with his single parent father. Having an adult looking over your shoulder making sure you're home on time, among other restrictions due to age, can pose an issue for an aspiring superhero.

                              Motivation: This Is My City! - Andre is territorial. In a vague sort of way he is also civic minded; feeling a responsibility to better and protect his community. When criminals and powered threats, or even natural disasters endanger his city, his people, he has to at least try to do something about it.

                              Relationship: Hector Romero - Hector, Andre's father, is the only family he has in the city. Hector also has a lot of baggage. He was once a notorious heel in masked wrestling but alcohol abuse ruined his career. Now he's cleaned up, managing a junkyard that he and Andre live out of.

                              Untrained - Andre's mutant abilities involve magnifying kinetic potential. That's about as much as he really understands about them.

                              Abilities 42 + Powers 5 + Advantages 14 + Skills 25 + Defenses 19 = 105/105

                              Andre was a happy mistake. His father was a wrestler and his mother an aspiring actress. They were busy, but they made time for him. While there was love in the family, it wasn't easy. Hector, Andre's father, often drank to ease chronic pain he endured from his profession. He loved the art, culture, and athleticism of it too much to give up. It also meant he couldn't bring himself to give up the drink either. Hector was a good man, except when he drank.

                              One night after an evening out on the town to celebrate his mother getting a leading role in an upcoming film tragedy struck. Hector had been drinking and insisted on driving. There was a traffic collision and Hector's mother was killed in the crash. Hector and Andre survived with broken bones, but they survived. The only thing that kept a guilt ridden Hector from suicide was Andre. After that he quit wrestling, stopped drinking, and settled into a much less lucrative job as junk dealer and eventually scrapyard owner. Which is where he and Andre can to like: a junk yard.

                              Andre use to be a lively boy. After his mother died that changed. He became quiet and internalized most things. This proved a detriment as when he got upset he wound up exploding on people. After an incident at school where he hurt a bully more that self-defense alone could justify, Hector began teaching him discipline the same way his father had: martial arts. Other things acted as stop gaps too, such as when he was introduced to blacksmithing and metal working at a school craft fair. Hitting people wasn't socially acceptable behavior, but pounding metal into a work of art was.

                              This was the pattern. A pressure built, a need for release developed, and Andre found an outlet to pour his creative and intellectual energies into. As a teenager he felt the need for increased independence, and to get away from things. Motorcycling became appealing and he undertook many off road activities with a bike he salvaged from the family scrap yard refurbished himself. Hector didn't have a lot of money, but the scrapyard was open to Andre he only studied and developed the skills necessary to exploit it.

                              Andre's mutation first made itself known when he was testing the durability of a throwing knife he had made. With one throw he had split a log in two, as though he had taken an axe to it lengthwise. It was startling, but Andre didn't take any real initiative until after he disable a pair of muggers accosting an old women with the use of some marbles. That one event lit a fire in him. Soon after he was sowed chainmail into an outfit he'd made, fashioning a set of boomerangs, and modified his motorcycle both to prevent people from recognizing it as well as increasing it's street performance. Andre was going to clean up San Francisco's streets. Or so he thought.
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                                Re: Character Cache

                                I am presently working on an Envy-spawn idea. The concept sprouts off of a blacksmithing artificer with inborn mystic knowledge. Some kind of "genetic memory".


                                Joseph Abrahms

                                PL: 8 PP: 120

                                ABILITIES: STR 20 DEX 10 CON 20 INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 12

                                SAVES: Tough +5(+8/w armor) Fort +8 Ref +8 Will +8

                                Initiative +4
                                Defense: +8
                                Base Attack: +4
                                Melee Attack: +8
                                * Unarmed +8 Atk, (DC 20 Tough., Crit. 20)
                                * "Cutting Edge" +8 Atk, (DC 18 Fort., DC 23 Tough., Crit. 19-20)
                                * "Soul Strike", +8 Atk, (DC 23 Will., Crit. 18-20)

                                SKILLS: Bluff 7(+8), Climb 3(+8), Craft [Mechanics] 7(+8), Craft [Metalworking] 11(+12), Diplomacy 7(+8), Drive 8(+8), Gather Information 7(+8), Intimidate 7(+8), Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 0(+13), Notice 8(+9), Sense Motive 8(+9), Stealth 8(+8), Swim 3(+8)

                                FEATS: Attack Focus [Melee] 4, Artificer, Equipment 1, Evasion 1, Improved Disarm 1, Improved Initiative 1, Takedown 1, Quickdraw 1

                                DEMONIC PHYSIOLOGY
                                Immunity 8 [Aging, Disease, Poison, Fire Damage] * 8 PP
                                Super-Senses 2 [Darkvision] * 2 PP

                                BORN WITH CURSED KNOWLEDGE
                                Enhanced Skill 12 [Knowledge Arcane Lore 12] * 3 PP
                                Enhanced Feat 1 [Artificer] * 1 PP

                                "TITHE", THE HELLFORGED SWORD Easily Removed Device 3 [15 pts.] * 9 PP
                                "The Cutting Edge", Drain Toughness 8 [Power Feat: Improved Critical 1 (1 pp) ; Extra: Affects Objects (+1/r), Linked to "Strike" (+0/r) ; Flaw: Instant Recovery (-1/r)], Strike 3 [Power Feat: Mighty (1 pp), Improved Critical 1 (1 pp) ; Extras: Linked to "Drain Toughness" (+0/r)] * 14 pts.
                                AP - "Soul Strike", Strike 3 [Power Feat: Mighty (1 pp), Improved Critical 2 ; Extra: Alternate Save "Will" (+1/r)] * 1 pts.

                                "Chain-mail", Protection 3 * 3 EP

                                2 unused EP

                                Envious - Joseph is not a thief. He does not care about things people might possess. What stirs his demonic nature is other's achievements, or their personal traits. Things he can never have for himself. A handsome face. The ability to create something good and meaningful that people love. Sometimes this gives him a competitive drive. This also gives Joseph a desire for recognition and be remembered for doing something great. Something he can never really achieve due to his own personal curses.

                                Forgettable - People tend to forget the good things Joseph has done. Sure, someone may remember him stalking down the street covered in gore on a bloody rampage, but they'll forget that he saved their life from a pack of werewolves and it is those antagonists whose bodily fluids drip from his blade. Or if he is not in constant contact they may forget anything meaningful about him at the GM's discretion.

                                Cursed Craft - Every magical object Joseph creates is cursed, or has some kind of demonic "dark side" to it. The GM is free to decide what these may be, and keep them a secret as long as needed.

                                Abilities 26 + Skills 19 + Feats 10 + Powers 23 + Combat 24 + Saves 18 =120/120

                                Joseph was found by a recently married couple, discarded in a dumpster. They adopted him and raised him as their own. His father was a wrestler and his mother an aspiring actress. They were busy, but they made time for him. While there was love in the family, it wasn't easy. Hector, Joseph's father, often drank to ease chronic pain he endured from his profession. He loved the art, culture, and athleticism of it too much to give up. It also meant he couldn't bring himself to give up the drink either. Hector was a good man, except when he drank.

                                One night after an evening out on the town to celebrate his mother getting a leading role in an upcoming film tragedy struck. Hector had been drinking and insisted on driving. There was a traffic collision and Hector's mother was killed in the crash. Hector and Joseph survived with broken bones, but they survived. The only thing that kept a guilt ridden Hector from suicide was Joseph. After that he quit wrestling, stopped drinking, and settled into a much less lucrative job as junk dealer and eventually scrapyard owner. Which is where he and Joseph can to live: a junk yard.

                                Joseph use to be a lively boy. After his mother died that changed. He became quiet and internalized most things. This proved a detriment as when he got upset he wound up exploding on people. After an incident at school where he hurt a bully more that self-defense alone could justify, Hector began teaching him discipline the same way his father had: martial arts. Other things acted as stop gaps too, such as when he was introduced to blacksmithing and metal working at a school craft fair. Hitting people wasn't socially acceptable behavior, but pounding metal into a work of art was.

                                This was the pattern. A pressure built, a need for release developed, and Joseph found an outlet to pour his creative and intellectual energies into. As a teenager he felt the need for increased independence, and to get away from things. Motorcycling became appealing and he undertook many off road activities with a bike he salvaged from the family scrap yard refurbished himself. Hector didn't have a lot of money, but the scrapyard was open to Joseph he only studied and developed the skills necessary to exploit it.

                                Joseph was never really normal. He had horn, claws, sharp teeth, oddly colored eyes, and his skin was red and black bearing shapes and markings that had to have some meaning. But these were all external. The internal changes began with puberty. He felt the pull of Envy inside. He had nightmares and visions of fiery forges in hellish landscapes with screaming people being melted down and crafted into items. Joseph was compelled to work the forge and found himself knowing horrible things no one should. He just knew them.

                                There was a time when Joseph did some pretty bad things. He blacked out, only half remembering them as nightmares. The kid got the sense that he may have hurt, or killed people. But after the nights of nightmares he found himself in possession of things he needed for his forging. His unholy craft. Hector noticed something was amiss and together they worked through the blackout issues. They're over now. But after Tithe was made, they stopped anyway. It was as if the weapon wanted, needed, to be brought into the world. Years have passed. the demon-boy is now a young adult. Hector has died recently, leaving the junkyard to Joseph. Alone now, the blade Tithe calls to Joseph. Almost willing it's maker to wield it.
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